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Roleplay - Books of power by death22881 / death22881

OKay this is a story i am using to write a book. here is how it goes down. THere is a country surrounded by a wall and the wall is armed and resently the wall was breached and orges, golbins and the sort are attacking on behalf of one of the goodies turned bad. THis is attacking a united series of kingdoms within the walls- night elves, river elves, wood elves, mountain and mining dwarves, Humans, mages, Skyiths.
the books are as such- element books the usual 4
Book of souls, death, shadows, destiny, chaos and hate are the dark ones
light, births, Elemental (combined elements make this one0) flora, fauna and spirits.
all books are missing except the evil guy has desiny. dwarf- earth Skyyith- air human- fire elves- water.

Roleplay Details

Okay pretty much anything you want to do you do.
Skyith is a elf like creature with leathery wings and huge amounts of magic. you can be magic but only to the extent of your race kind. um k so go for it and have fun.
by the way there are other books the lesser books basicly make em up and use their magics.


death22881: Tearian the Skyith was waiting on the edge of the battle feild where the battle was being fought she would not go in not till it was nessisary at the least. Tearian would not join in a battle of such waste and hate, Man and orge which was fouler Tearian wondered. In the midst of it all was one elf Tearian saw only one fighing for his very life. That was it the signal for her she took off and swooped down pulling the elf from danger and placing him in a place with less enemies and more chance of survival. Tearian swooped in and out killing and tearing into the enemy. No elf would fight for nothing as proud as they are. The battle was raging at the walls that surounded the country of 4 kingdoms, Titas had turned and was driving hoards of orges and goblins to burn and destroy the lands with in the walls. Tearian would not let him win though maybe not take action till the humans all died after all they were the worst of all races she could think off with in the counrty that should be in the country.
bloodwing: A skyith by the name of Falion flies high over a large castle. He waits until nightfall, and enters. He has heard rumers of the book of shadows abiding in this castle, but once he has entered he senced nothing. His long white hair blows in the wind, and his large black wings are folded inward. He looks into the castle with his deep grey eyes and finds nothing.
"Waste of my time..." Falion says and flys off. As he leaves he shoots a black bolt of lightning from his hands. The castle is struck and the westward towar collapses.
"Have fun cleaning up..." He says and smirks devilishly as he flies off into the night.
Kenji Light: A human by the name of Albion Siniskell watches the battle from on top of the wall. He wore a black silk robe and carried with him a scythe. He smirked as he watched the other humans falling and the ogres dominating them easily. He soon was upon them, slashing away at the ogres that came for him.
bloodwing: It was sunrise, and Falion was still flying above the land. He came across a battle and many putrid rodents scurrying about being slain by ogres and such. He laughs as he lands on the wall surrounding the country. He looks at his weapon, 4 large claw like blades attached to his left wrist and knuckles. Falion lowers his weapon.
"There is no reason, not benafit for me if I slay these beasts...Except it might feed my bloodlust for a while." He laughs and his shaggy white hair dances in the wind as his wings pick him up. He flies higher, and swoops his weapon. Blades of shadow lash out from his claws and slice many of the worriors. As their blood splatters the battle field he hears a horn from off in the distant.
"That rechid sound is the human battle cry. Stupid cavalry...."
Falion flies over them, and sees more humans, their numbers in the hundreds.
"Heh, I will let them live, this time."
He flies away and hears the cries of humans, and ogres alike.
Kenji Light: Soon Albion's bloodlust was sated, but he saw something that caught his eye. A flying elf. He followed him with great interest, making his movements as silent as possible, as though being this man's shadow. He saw the weapon the man had and smirked knowing his weapon would prove very effective against it if they found themselves entangled in a battle.
"So this must be the race called the Skyith. Its very interesting, but I'm afraid that with my power it will prove to be no challenge at all."
His eyes flashed with a brilliant, but ominous light. He reached within his robes and produced a book, the fabled Book of Shadows that he had stolen from the castle. The rumours had been true, but the Skyith had arrived too late. But Albion was nothing more than a mere human, and he couldn't comprehend everything withheld inside the book, nor could he know of the startling effects of the book's evil power, though he was undoubtedly under its spell. But, he only used this spell book's most basic magic, which was the manipulation of shadows, nothing of great severity, though he shouldn't be underestimated.
bloodwing: Falion senced his treasure near. He looked down to see a creature with a scythe and cloak. He sniffed the air.
"A rat has my book..." He turned and shot down a ball of black fire towards the rodent, but it was a swift rodent, and dodged the blast.
"Damn pest, you will soon regret not taking the easy way out." Falion swept down and locked himself in battle with the mortal. Although the rat's weapon was suitable, his powers were no match for the skyith's. Falion flew back and started chanting elvin words and black vines arose from the ground and started to bind and whip at the human. Falion now drew his right arm, and drew a whip of darkness fromt thin air, and it wrapped around the book, unfourtunately, all the vines broke, and the human sliced the whip away. He tried to cast a spell on Falion, but human magics have little,if no effect on elves and skyiths. Although Falion was blown back by the shadow thrown at him, he was not wounded. Soon, again they were locked in combat. Just as Falion was ready to decapitate the scum, a massive ogre had crushed the ground benieth them. Falion reached for the book as the mortal fell, but the rat's grip was too tight. The rodent had escaped and the book was lost again. Falion looked down and saw the mortal escape the canyon made by the ogre unharmed, and watched as he disapeared into the night, almost like he had vanished.
"He must be harnessing the books power... Foolish creature, you will fall like the other rats who had tried the same." Falion flew up into the sky.
Kenji Light: "So, that Skyith packs a little more power in his punch than he lets on. Well, I'm prepared to give him everything I've got the next time we meet, maybe a more powerful spell would be in order."
He smiled and delved his eyes into the book. The man's vine attack was very similar to a certain spell he had found within the book's contents, though these would prove to be quite devastating.
"Ah, this will prove that the shadows will encompass everything else. I believe this spell of mine will be able to beat even the most fit of the elven warriors, even that gnat will bow to my power soon enough."
death22881: "Skyith in trouble oh great thanks uncle for this stupid spell i dont want to know other peoples problems." Tearian whined and took off towards to source netherless. The man was about to cast a deadly spell from the book of shadows Tearian could feel it. calling Tearian summoned the book of souls the most drainng one of all it could kill reader as easily as prey. The book flicked open to a page of its own accord and Tearian began to read as she glided down to the wall landing a hundred meters from the man she walked forward imersed in her reading. A white tower appeared on the man a ladder to the sky that dead souls twisted around. Tearian screamed the last words and the mans souls left his body. sweating at the effort Tearian continued to read and the tower gleamed and then faded. Tearian colapsed book in arms her legs to weak to support her. The man was gone and Tearian summoned the book of shadows to her. it was evil she could feel it, she tucked in away in a place with a tug of her mind both books left.
ooc:hehehe i killed a charater sorry but some books are more powerful than others especialy if distracted. try a new character the good ones usually live for a while but loads die in this.
bloodwing: Falion senced a change in the books position.
"The foolish one is gone.... I knew his luck had to run out. Now the book will be mine, and mine alone." Falion said as he flew out again.
ooc-lmao, sorry, this just cracked me up, you kiled him, wow, so am I going to die now too?
death22881: Tearian looked up and saw a rouge skyith who had ingaded the foolish man. Right no one of my kind will be so damn foolish again damn it. Tearian thought and took off after the Skyith cursing him in every language she knew.
ooc: yeah um sorry about that but hey i am the author and i do kill alot of charcters well i need characters to kill and ones that betray and love and all that stuff. Listen if i kill anyone it is not personal just come up with a new character. i need the head trouble maker he is like unkillable at the moment. name Titus. lol excues me if i kill you.
bloodwing: Falion saw another skyith fallowing him, he tried to evade her, but it was of no use. He turned and aproached her.
"You posses my book, seeing as how you are not a rat, we could join or fight to the death. Wich would you prefer, a partner, or a place in hell?" Said Falion as he looked the woman in the eyes.
ooc- Yeah, it's kewl, if you do decide to kill this guy off *sob* I can just do that whole "love/kindness" deal, or something along those lines, just thought I'd try out a more villainous character for once.
death22881: "Mmm let me think about that (sarcastic) i got a deal! how about i take your book if you have one which i doubt it. you are too low for even the minorest of the books. how about i kill you and then continue on my little way. in case you did not notice i am Tearian Shadower. I am daughter of the high councilman and i will kill you regardless beacuse Skyiths who betray are no use to our kind. " Tearian shot forward like a javelin and sword forming a sharp tip dived and swerved after Falion with deadly menis in her eyes.
ooc:umm try eviler and not around someone bigger than you. i suggest either die now and become Titus or run off and join Titus or make him rescue you. either way stuff happens.
bloodwing: Tearian lunged towards Falion and jabed her blade into his heart. Just as she did so, Falion swept his blades and took off her right arm. Falion's bloody body fell to the ground, as Tearian cursed the corpse. Also, the book of Chaos lay by Falion's corpse, and a minion of Titus took off with it. Tearian could not capture this theif, and so the book of chaos was lost to Titus.
ooc-Heh, I don't think I will be Titus, I like the lesser, renegade villians better. Oh, and sorry about that right arm thing- stuff happens.
death22881: Cursing in every language she knew which was a lot Tearian flew toward the forest and landed clumsily.
"Stupid renegade idiotic evil gits." Tearian mumbled and called forth one of her books. the book of flesh and blood.
"okay book what you got for lost arms?" Tearian mumbled and one handed put the book in her lap and let it fall open. it fell open to a page on elementals hands. it would do Tearian was loosing a lot of blood. Reading carefuly making slight adjustments that only a well experience person in the languages of the books would be game to make. slowly an arm was formed fire, earth, air, water and life was added to it till it fitted onto the stump of what was left of Tearians arm. it was not a normal arm in fact it seemed to have a mind of its own.
" Great an arm with addittude." Tearian said and passed out. she was found by a group of elves who bore both book and skyith to their hidden elvish city.
bloodwing: A young mage hid in the forest just as he saw a skyith and what seemed to be quite a few books taken away by a few elves. This mage had curly brown hair, and wore black pants, and a grey shirt. All of his clothes were very baggy, and he was armed with the fabled "Bleeding Sky". The bleedin sky was a red rod with a crescent blade at the end and a black stone inside of the crescent. His name was Wallace. He tried to follow the elves, but it seemed as though they had vanished into thin air. Wallace quite searching at nightfall, and slep underneath a tree, with only leave and dirt to sleep on.
death22881: "I really must thank you Lord Forthin you got me out of a tight spot there." Tearian said to the lord of forest elves.
"THat is quiet alright cousin after all you saved my son from a tight spot in the battle he told me not long before my elves spotted you." THe lord said in a deep kind voice.
"Now concerning the books you carry, i wish to offer a safe hold for some of them. i will make the unplottable and unfindable. i wish also to offer a nether place for the others too." THe lord said.
"Excellent i have been putting them into space but nether places are better. can you hide for me lets see.. Chaos, shadow and hate for me? and um nether place for flesh and blood, spirit and flora. i know you have fauna let them rest together. the rest i shall keep in the other planes for summoning quicker than nether place."
"Certainly i must also comment on what an excellent arm you have aquired." THe lord said humourly as Tearian pulled a lopsided grin and shoulder shrug in return.
THat night Tearian left the strong hold and made for the mountains to negosiate for the book of Earth that no one could get out of their grubby safe holds.
ooc: Nether place- in accesiable except by those who the item belongs to. unless given permition by the owner. it is another place it does not exist on real time and space. same with other planes which few can access and also the various spaces which take very long complex spells to hack some are up to it most die for it.
Kenji Light: Titus watched over his dark castle from his throne room. He wore no crown, just long black robes. He carried with him a staff made of fine steel. There was an orb affixed to the top of the staff. It was black for now. He was a human sorcerer with great powers that were manifested at an early age. He now was searching for the books because he longed to harness their powers then destroy them all before anyone else could use their power to defeat him. He currently had only one book on his person and that was the Book of Location. It would seek whatever the reader was looking for, as long as the right spell was read. He decided to search for a powerful book, the Book of Death. He began to read the incantation.
"I call the spirit of the book,
To come out and have a look.
For you know you are duty bound,
To come forth and have a look around.
There's nothing that you cannot find,
For a master who is in a bind.
Now go forth and locate what I need,
Go forth undetected but still take heed.
Book of Location I command thee to find the book of death!"
With that he saw in his mind's eye the location of this book. He would have to travel to the swamp of Vera Starslayer, an assassin that once lived there. He nodded and closed his book. He then took his staff and got to his feet. He exited the castle and stood within the courtyard. The orb in his staff turned a brilliant shade of blue as the skies parted and a blinding light was cast upon him. He was soon transported to the book's location. He saw it embedded within its sacred place. It was bound by mighty tree roots that to any normal person would seem impervious. Titus just aimed his staff and watched the orb become black again as the roots turned to sand. He then knelt and picked up the book and walked out of the swamp. He then performed the teleportation spell and arrived back at the castle to try and locate more of the books. His searches were in vain because the books he was looking for were hidded in Nether place. He could see them, but he could never find them.
"I see, so the gnats are going to make this interesting. Those pests will regret referring to the rest of us humans as rats when they fall to the power of Titus, the most powerful sorcerer to ever live!"
death22881: Some where far away from the castle Tearian fell to her knees. Titus had the book of death and Tearian felt his eyes searching for the other books having touched them she knew he was frustrated and could feel him searching for the books. unless he had her name he could not find her.
With a grim smile Tearian took to the skies no one knew her name and no one would Tearian was the fake name that suited her. The books were far away and safe that is what counted now to go to the mountains of Gridstone and convince the dwarves to hand over Earth.
bloodwing: Wallace awoke to the sound of wings, he saw a skyith above him.
"Oh, that's something you don't see everyday."
He watched as she flew away. He went back on his way. He soon found himself out of the woods, and above a cave, that was being mined by dwarves. He took a look around and attempted to speak with one of the miners, but was ignored. Most dwarves were very head strong and had too much pride. He was ignored. It was midday and he was hungry and had no idea where the next town was. He could easilly use a locating spell but dwarves could sense magic, and were not fond of it. He was left stranded amongst ignorant dwarves, with no food, and little water.
death22881: Tearian banked what was someone who was not a dwarf be doing here. Tearian landed on a rock behind Wallace.
"And you are doing what here?" She asked making him jump and turn.
bloodwing: Wallace was frightened, he had not heard the girl come from behind him.
"I don't want any trouble. I am only here to find food and water, but I my luck has fallen short." Said Wallace as he turned to leave the mining site.
Kenji Light: Titus saw who the books belonged to. He had heard thatt a Skyith woman had been collecting the books and defeating his lesser minions easily.
"So, she is using the power of the books against me. I suppose that something must be done about this. But if I take her head the books that have already been collected will be lost. If I let her live she may grow strong enough to defeat me. Only the book of death will help me then."
Titus decided it was time to begin a new search for a book. He took the book of location and repeated the incantation he had spoken before, but he changed the desired item to the Book of earth. He saw in his mind's eye that it was concealed within a dwarven society.
"So, the book has been taken by runts? Well, this shall prove no challenge, yet quite an easy way to test this new power of mine."
With that Titus opened the Book of Death and opened to a page that advocated mass deaths by one powerful attack. He began to read the incantation aloud.
"Oh book of death that controls the reaper,
That delivers souls to Peter the gate keeper.
Let darkness enshroud and encompass,
The souls of which have been targeted thus.
Oh powerful thome let the inscription take,
And leave death within its wake.
I have a select target for this spell,
Send all dwarven guards to hell."
He finished after inserting the targets into the last line. It was a simple spell that would prove quite effective because he had to destroy the guards in the inner sanctum of the town. This was where his book was being kept.
bloodwing: As Wallace was walking away, all of the dwarves were killed by their own shadows. He did not know of this magic. He raised his staff, and resited an incantation. Soon he droped the crescent blade to the ground. The bleeding sky started to drip blood, the droplets soon formed a name.
"Titus" Was written in the ground.
"This 'Titus' person is the caster of the spell.
The name sounds familiar...." Said Wallace. He looked at the skyith as she cursed at the sky.
Kenji Light: Titus got up from his seat and wandered out of the castle. He performed a teleportation spell that he had used earlier and soon arrived at the Dwarves' village. He entered and watched the scared dwarves dart into their houses as he passed. There were bodies of Dwarven guards strewn about the city. He soon saw Wallace and Tearian and he used a spell to disguise himself. He walked over to them in the form of an elven sorcerer.
"Tearian I presume? I have been sent by Lord Forthin to accompany you on your journey. We had better get the book and leave quickly before the dwarves muster the strength to oppose us. They surely would think that we have something to do with this. Oh, and my name is Rint the elven sorcerer. I am at your service."
death22881: "liar Titus you would think your own sister would be fooled? guess you were wrong wingless one." Tearian cursed took to the sky calling the air to her and she vanished in a blur of speed.
circling in and around she took the book of Earth and fled to the darkest reachers of the forest to contempt why she had just told her brother that he was really a skyith left to humans because he was born wingless.
"stupid me now he wont rest till he knows the truth." Tearian cursed and then lay protections to sleep in peace and security.
Kenji Light: Titus reached behind him and felt his back. There were no wings, no trace of what he really was. But Tearian, his enemy, told him that she was her brother. He sat to ponder this among the dwarven bodies that lay scattered about him. He was trying to slay his own people now. A new thought came to his head. Knowing he was no human he would be able to use an even greater power now, and he would rule over his people, his natural people as their King.
"I am the wingless one, but not the powerless one. Perhaps once I learn of my sister's people I can find a way to penetrate her defenses and take back her books. Dear sister, someday soon you will bow to me."
death22881: Tearian awoke in a soundless forest and yawned but then proptly flinched as the breaze returned the smell of morning breath to her face. SHe had handed Titus a weapon and she had to undo it. Taking to the air she metally moved all teh books to the nether places and then headed for the skyiths hidden homes.
bloodwing: "Ummm, excuse me, Titus, is it? I was just a tad bit curious what is going on here?" Said Wallace, for apparently, everyone had forgotten him. He watched the wingless skyith look at him.
Kenji Light: Titus got to his feet with a displeased look upon his face. He walked over to Wallace and reached out quickly. He took hold of Wallace's neck and began to strangle him with his strong grasp.
"What goes on here is my business and my business alone understand? But, I'll tell you my plan, because I know you won't be able to stop me. I'm going to research my real family and inquire as to what my sister's real name is. Then, as soon as I know her true identity I will take all of her books, manifest their powers and become the strongest Sorcerer alive. I'm going to rule over this pathetic planet and all of its inhabitants will bow before me." With that said he released his grasp. He threw Wallace aside and used his teleportation spell to return to the castle, he left no trace of himself behind.
death22881: "Tearian" Tearian mumbled she had to know she flew faster and faster till she reached her home hidden on an island in the oceans surging waters.
"Father is my real name TEarian?"
"What is the great skys name? TEarian?" A tall eldery skyith said turning to the landing dock on which his daughter had just landed.
"TEll me quick i blew it Titus knows who we are he knows i am his sister."
"Great gods no. my dear you are not TEarian nor is Titus Titus he is Galia and you i shall not tell you that."
"You must if i dont know then i cant weild magic as well as i could my gods i have more power than this? maddness! tell me quick before he comes."
"Yalis" her father whispers in her ear.
"Like the god?" TEarian whispers back her father nodded.
Taking her fathers leave TEarian sets out to kill her brother and right a past wrong.
Kenji Light: Titus was back at the castle and he had performed the spell that stole the power of the book of death and of the book of location. He knew his sister would come for him, to perhaps try to stop him from doing what he planned but he knew that with the powers of the books she could not hold a candle to him.
"Come my dear sister. Our true battle will begin as soon as you arrive. I understand that I could destroy you with the book of death but no, I choose to burn you alive with my most powerful of magick spells."
He stood to await his sister's arrival. He folded his arms and set his staff at his side. He was standing before his throne and large silk tapestries covered the wall behind it. His castle was made of stone and was incredibly thick and strong, but he gladly opened his doors for his sister's visit. He awaited her patiently ready to settle the score.
death22881: In a blaze of powers and books TEarian must battle her would first occupy Titus a little by sending the united army and then cover them with books to stop him casting the book of death. then she would get the book of destiny off him and read how to end him.
Titus had read this part himself and had no intention of not letting TEarian read this book. after all it said he was to live forever more why not let he girl read that her mission would fail. THe book was of not use now anyway no one could ead from the book twise.
Kenji Light: "I see, so my sister has sent an army for me. This'll be quite interesting. But I see that the book of death will be of no use to me because they all are protected against it. Well, I see that I shall have to call out the orc riders to attack them."
With that Titus got to his feet and removed a ram's horn from his belt. He blew into it and it blared loudly throughout the castle. It emminated through the walls and reverberated back to him. He heard the gates of his castle open and the hooves of horses as they departed to battle the army that was closing in. He was a well prepared leader, and even if the orcs were all slain he had the ability to battle with the army until his sister arrived.
"Lets see how well my sister's army will fair against mine. Perhaps I should use a summon spell for dragons to aid my warriors from above. No, that would be overkill for my army of orcs. Besides, their death is of no great importance for those simple creatures cannot comprehend what my true intentions will be."
With that he returned to his seat and awaited his sister. She would come for him he was sure of it. He would be prepared to stop her though, but only after she read the book.
death22881: Tearian was alblaze in power and was at the head of the army rather than fly to her brother she would walk as a reminding piece or irnony to the wingless one. grimly smiling Tearian lead her army right into the other one with the force of a small earth quake the two met in the clashing of weapons and srceams of dying.
Tearian walked steadly forward slashing and killing as she went. Tearian knew the true names a great weapon over anyone was to know their true name. only skyiths consealed theirs and that was for magical purposes.
On a steady march Tearian did not stop but cut and killed on the move few dared to touch her in the blazing power that rippled in an unseen force around her. they could feel it and feared it above all else it was pure and someting they could not have.
Kenji Light: "Come now sister, you aren't going to fly to me? If she is the one that chooses to fight on foot then I shall have to deliver the book by way of the sky. I'll go my self, on the back of a dragon to deliver it."
Titus got up from his throne and stepped out into his courtyard. He used a summon monster spell and before him was a large silver dragon. Tucked under his arm was the Book of Destiny. He took off through the air and soon found himself watching the battle from above. He soon saw his sister, who steadily approached unceasingly. He flew toward her and dropped the book at her feet. Then, he was among the armies. He struck them down with his staff while casting powerful spells of immobilization. His dragon struck whatever got in its way down with fire expelled from its throat. It also sharpened its talon-like claws on the living warriors that crossed its path. None came into contact with Titus for fear of his power, much like Tearian he was not likely to be touched by anyone, but his power was not like the Skyiths' power, for it was artificial.
death22881: "mmm not nice are you" Tearian mumbled and cast out with her own powers not that of a book freeing she soldiers she culled half Titus's army and sneered at him picking up the book she tucked it away in nether space for a while and continued her walk. killing all of the enemy she could reach without moving a step from her path.
Kenji Light: Soon the brother and sister met amongst the battle. It raged around them as they stood in the center of the armies. The bloodshed seemed not to bother them as they looked upon each other.
"Ah, my dear sister, will you not read the book? I can tell you ahead of time that your plan is destined to fail. You see, I've read that book, and it will be your downfall that is reality and it is my rule that shall be eternal."
death22881: "oh i do love a good read but i would rather be in a more comfortable place that here dont you think?" Tearian drawled at him and continued to walk and arrived at Titus's gates which sprang open despite many spells and bindings. continuing Tearian idly walked right into the library and settled her self in a chair with Titus in tow who stood at the doors.
"now lets see book of destiny."
Kenji Light: "I'm sure you'll find it to be of your liking my dear sister. But it is terribly predictable."
With a silent motion he reached for his staff, he would probably end up fighting his sister here in the library after she had read what she needed to read. He wasn't anxious or afraid for he knew what was to come. He patiently waited for his sister to finish reading.
death22881: "well this is not nice to read be a dear and sit still while i read it." TEarian said idly and opened to the right page and began to read. what she read brough tears to her eyes and made her heart ache. all would fall once he started the earth would end it would destroy its self.
Kenji Light: "Oh? My dear sister is shedding a tear for this worthless planet? Don't worry, I'm sure you'll enjoy being one of my minions, there's no need to cry."
In all actuality Titus had never read far enough in to realize he would cause the destruction of the entire planet. He only knew that his objectives would be achieved with minimal flaws and all would bow before him if he was given enough time.
"Well? Won't you at least thank your brother for leaving you a place within these castle walls? I'm taking you in and making you a member of my army, you won't be able to think for yourself but at least you'll be part of my great empire."
death22881: "Dear brother dont you see the cost of what you will do to this place?" Tearian said standing and laying a hand on her brothers cheek.
"You will kill us all Titus is that what you want a short victory and a long death?"
Kenji Light: "Blasphemy my dear sister. Worry yourself not, for I will live forever. Do not fear for your brother, he can certainly take care of himself." Titus smiled, still oblivious to the actual truth that would befall everyone.
"Also, sister," he said while taking her hand. "Don't forget that not all things are set in stone, only the weak and the foolish will become the stone figures for my garden. Take my advice and join me, otherwise I may have to decorate my garden with your body as well. Do not be a fool, do not live oblivious to the power of your brother."
death22881: "now you underestimate your sister Titus. you think i will let you end us all? you have read you are immortal? except for one place in victory you die. now Titus meet the power of your sister."
Tearian stepped back but still held her brothers hand and let the power roll on down her arm and lace her brother like fire. ones magic is death to another. she would not kill his he could not die just keep him and bay and in his place.
Kenji Light: "Dear sister, why must you resist me? You know that this will be your downfall as well, surely you've read what your fate must be?"
Indeed her power did burn him as if he were ablaze. He in return matched it with his own, powerful yet artificial magick.
"Tearian, one question remains, what forces you to attack your only brother? Is a free will that precious that you would sacrifice your own life for it? I must confess dear sister that I do not understand how you think and feel. Before your final hours why not enlighten your brother, introduce him to your emotions and let him realize everything he cannot feel?"
death22881: "allow me to enliten you" Tearian said and placed a hand on his forhead and let the magic roll showing image and feeling after feeling. from birth the joys and sorrows of being day by day. laughter and tears. Tearian shared it all, Titus could not help it he was hungry for it and soon felt even emotion drawing more and more like a thirst man drinks a well dry.
Tearian poored it forth love and hates, no stops at all the shames and the memories. Tearian searched inside him as she flowed this forth she found the reason for magicless and winglessness. no heart felt emotions.
WIth a delicate tounch Tearian took part of her own heart and gave that emotion and feeling sliver to his heart.
Kenji Light: "Hmm, I'm beginning to understand what my actions cause you to feel my sister. I'm sorry, I could not comprehend the pain that others felt, for I've never been able to feel. My sister, will you forgive me for what I've done?"
His eyes showed with a sincere light that danced within the depthless orbs, hoping for his sister's mercy.
death22881: "you are always forgiven in my heart blood brother. will you stop what you have begun?" Tearian asked looking up into those strangly bright eyes. they still carrry shadows but in time could the light shine through?
ooc:i have to best idea for an ending either way but mostly you need to stick to what the book of destiny said after all it is always right!
Kenji Light: ooc- I see, well, I know that it will have to be unstoppable by Titus, but perhaps Tearian could be successful.
ic- "I'm sorry my sister, but I've long since casted a detrimental spell. I've been trying to reverse its effects ever since you arrived here and showed me how true emotions really are. I've grown weaker since I've seen what I've been lacking and I do not have the strength or the magick ability I once did, and I'm afraid I am not able to stop it. I'm sorry my sister."
death22881: ooc:i have the solution we fight it out and then you wait till you see how i got a way out of this pickle!
ic: "I am so sorry brother but if you cant stop then i must die trying to stop you." Tearian stepped back with a tear sparkling in her eyes and drew her blade it was blue metal as pure and gleaming as the moons light on water.
Kenji Light: "So, you wish to do away with me for what I've done? I still don't feel as though I've done anything to wrong you, so I will not die in vain, you can have at me, but I will have at you as well."
He threw his staff down and stretched his right hand to the sky. His body glowed and he materialized a blade from thin air. He threw the sheath aside and drew the sword. Its hilt was black, the blade a strong steel.
death22881: "impressive but magic swords fail against real stuff." Tearian swung and Titus blade shook with impact and a large crack appear. stepping back Tearian watch as the blade crumbled.
Kenji Light: "Then I'm afraid I have no choice but to take yours." With that he started to run toward her with a blind ambition. He went unarmed toward his sister, but his right hand was flat and there seemed to be a strange energy flowing from it.
death22881: "try it." Tearian said and let pure magic of the sword and her own intertwin the sword was as much her by now that they seemed as one in battle. Taking a stance Tearian leveled the blue blade with Titus's heart and glared at him.
Kenji Light: "Run the blade through my chest sister, but know you will not survive if you do so. Then there would be nothing left but two corpses followed by the destruction of everyone and everything else on this worthless planet."
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