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Roleplay - Conspiracy thingy by bloodwing / bloodwing

This takes place in more of a fantasy based world. The world is kinda like a Pangea with some small coastel islands. The ruling powers consist of the human kingdom Raindorel-ruled by King Simon the sixth, and the high elf counsil, residing in the hidden elven city of Guarendine. There is also the smaller kingdom of Naurella, ruled by Queen Cynthia Elledor. King Simon the sixth, and the high elf counsil are conspiring against Naurella, very few know about this. There are human renegades, and dark elves who are working alongside Queen Cynthia to stop the conspiracy.

Roleplay Details

Okay, so Raindorel is on a large continent, northeast of everything else. Gaurendine is hidden on a small island just south of Raindorel. and Naurella is on a moderately sized continent, southwest of Gaurendine and Raindorel. Human types consist of Mages, knights, nobles, spys, and battle mages(mage/knight). Elven types are wood elf, river elf, and dark elf. You can be any type of person, have anykind of weapon-(I'd prefere if we strayed from japanese culture on this one, no katanas, shurikens, etc.). We need nobles and renegade forces. Have fun with it, and design any kind of character you like. For the rules, no godmoding, and don't kill other players without their consent. I can't really think of anything else, there aren't any strange races, only humans and elves.


bloodwing: Lynn, a dark elf, was sent to spy on the counsil of high elves with his group. His comrades consisted of one mage, two elves, and himself, a dark elf. Lynn was sent ahead to follow Granith, and old lady, and Rissan, a young man, both nobles, and part of the counsil. Lynn heard nothing of any importance between the two, only small talk. It stayed the same until the time he was to rondezvous with his team. He made his way to the location of the meeting, but only found his friends' slautered corpses. Lynn saw no one, and found no traces to whom could have done it. He had infered that a noble elf had found them, and left them and killed them. Lynn would have to flee, for elven guards would soon arive at this place to secure it, he hadn't any time. He fled into a sacred forest on the edge of the town. Inside the forest was the exit place from the forbidden city and the outside world.
bloodwing: ooc- I just realized that the setting contridicts the xtra info, hah, I am such a nerd, oh well, let's go with the xtra info for the Atmosphere and such, sorry bout that- why am I posting this, no one is playing anyway---
bloodwing: Lynn found the passage that lead to the outside world. He wished he had been able to give his team a proper funeral. He left the secret elven city of guarendine through an enchanted tree, deep in the forest. This tree was unlike all others, it had no bark on it's trunk, just words engraved on it. They were written in elven, but in english, they spoke "Open now, the path to our memories." Lynn spoke the words, and was warped from the elven forest, to a small island off the coast of Naurella. The tree looked the exact same on both sides. He know was to return to shore for his boat. But when he got there, he found something quite unexpected...

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