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Roleplay - Gundam by Tensu / Tensu

The Earth has gone baren from mankinds expansions into space. Several military powers have formed since Mobile Suits have gone into mass production.
What will you do with your life, will you fight against the armies, or will you join them, the choice is yours.

Roleplay Details

Its an open rp, so join if you want, no matter what your character is they must at least be able to pilot a mobile suit. No god moding, no strong ass beam weapons to start with, and no killing other players, imprisoning can be done but you have to catch that person first.


Tensu: Tensu climbed out of his suit only to have rifles pointed at him.
"I hope I didnt crush anyone when I fell." He joked as he put his hand up as he got out, his Mobile Suit was in shambles as a result of a long battle, the Gtaling Gun was out of ammo, he was out of missiles, and the only weapon he had left was the blade on his beam shield.
"Be Gentle with Blitz, she been through hell because of your guns."
Psi: Akira was in space looking over space colony 578. "Gramps.." The colony was in shambles. *Memory scene* "Akira go to the basement look behind the water heater and press the red button!" His grandfather had said to him. He was standing in shock that the colony had been attacked."Go!!" his grandfather yell. He quickly followed the instructions and a secret lab was reveiled. Then he heard his grandfathers voice "Get unit 03 and run!!" He was suprised that he never knew about this but he went along. "Auto pilot engaged" a monotoned robotic voice said when he got inside. "Ahhh" Akira screamed as the mobile suits jets were activated and he got out of the colony just in time to see the bombs go off. *Back to regular time* "*Sigh* why didn't you run gramps."
Tensu: Tensu woke up in a cell block with the guards outside watching some zero g game.
"Hey could you flip it your hanger's security camera so I can see what they're doing to my suit?" The guards tired of the game, turned the channel to the security feed from the hanger, where Tensu could see that the weapons were laying on some platforms near Blitz along with enough missiles to restock her.
"Thanks, Can I speak to one of your commanding officers, I'd like to talk with him." The larger guard grunted and picked up a phone and within ten minutes, the commanding officer of the base was infront of him.
"I'd like to join your little army, you dont have very good pilots, and I am now out of my last job, so lets cut each other a deal, it looks like your restocking Blitz and repairing the damage, I lead you mobile suit forces and you let me out of here."
"How about we let you out of your cage and you lead my troops and we fit an explosive device to your suit as a security measure incase you backstab us." Tensu thought for a moment and answered
"Whats my first target and how many units are going to be with me?"
Psi: "Hmm lets see" He looked at the suits data. "Heh nice gramps nice you did very well but why did you keep this a secret." He piloted the suit away. Then he saw the base where Tensu had been captured. "Are those the scum that destroyed my home." *Memories* "Oh you would like to poilot a Mobile suit like me eh? Well I'll teach you." Akira as a kid said "Thank you gramps thank you!" *Normal* "Gramps..." *Whoosh he bolted towards the base.
EclipseIV: ((mind if i join you in this?))
EclipseIV: ((oops, never mind, lol)) A large ship was aproaching the colonies at a very low speed, it was a rather bulky looking ship (comparable to home 1 from Starwars Episod 6)it had a navy blue color but was laden with marks from many battles past, it was apparent that the captain did not allow the ship to be stripped of its marks, for it would have a fear effect. rectangular hangers hanged off the sides of the ship. its name was still visible "Storm Faust."
Psi: "Memories." Then Akira shot a beam laser at the base's core.
EclipseIV: The stormfaust silently crawled towards the colonies, its engine sounds could not be heard, but it was visible. the ship spotted an MS and guns all along the ship locked onto it. [inside ship] "shall we fire sir?"
"no, we cant lose the element of suprise, go to active cloaking and order all pilots to their suits, this operation should trigger unrest among the other colonies"
EclipseIV: The StomFaust reached its target colony, no more than a good 1000 feet from its target, not even the gunners noticed the ship creeping up on them. "on my mark" spoke the captain. "when the pilots have entered their MS's and are deployed, i will deploy ten to fifteen minutes after, so have my new mobile suit readied"
Psi: "Are we going to fight or run?" Akira asked holding his laser beam at the ships core.
Psi: <<I meant aiming at the ships core>>
Psi: <<Um i meant core by the thing that runs the ship>>
EclipseIV: The StormFaust halted. "sir we've been spotted"
"im aware of that, but were within the range that i want to be in, it will soon be time to give the federation a strike they'll never forget." The ship decloaks, revealing its massive blistered hull and gigantic hangars. a series of green scanner lights went along the walls of the colony, constantly moving back and forth, then suddenly, stopped. and the ship remained still as a rock, almost lifeless.
Psi: <<Haven't u ever watched gundam some laser beams are strong enough to pierce though the armor of a ship all the way to the other side and make it explode.>> Inside Akira pulled out a scope and started to aim.
EclipseIV: The StormFaust remained powered down, but deployed a small drone that floated harmlessly into the surface of the colony wall, but then magnetically stuck itself to it, with loud rapid beeps, it detonated, and at the same exact time, the Stormfaust powered up and began deploying MS suits, these suits, once deployed, formed up in groups of four in diamond formations, in a near flawless militaristic display. almost twenty suits had been deployed when the stormfaust released more of its kamikaze drones towards the guns. the attack was sudden but did not throw off the defense to much.
Psi: <<Um doesn't almost every beam have that ability just wonderin>> "They are attacking." Akira told Tensu. "Hurry do we fight back or run?"
Psi: When Blitz jolted Akira used the jets on his feet to get away so he was going backwards to watchout for and attacks. "What's wrong?" Akira turned around. "Oh." Just then Akira quickly dashed down at an angle going under the MS then drew his beam saber and uppercut slash one in half. "Let's get this battle started."
EclipseIV: The StormFaust fired back, releasing more Mobile Suits, and at the stream, a crimson red bulky mech came out of the hangar bearing no weapons, on the global com the pilot said. "time for a test drive" and it dove right into the line of fire of the colony defenses.
Psi: "Yes, I agree." Akira said as he continued to use his beam saber.
EclipseIV: The crimson red mech came at one of the turrets with at a great velocity, he landed next to it, and with one hand, gripped the cannon, and chrushed it. He then turned around to tensu and akira. it launched itself at Tensu, one hand open, and the other in a fist.
Psi: Akira shot his twin head shots at it with full force knocking it off course but barely denting it. "Damn."
EclipseIV: The mech, slightly dazed by the blast, righted itself and kept coming at Tensu, seeming to pick up speed, activating a laser sheild to protect from the laser fire that had first knocked it back. "not this time, foolish pilot"
Psi: <<Tensu since u aint defending ur MS i'll have to rught it up a bit.>> Akira lowered his chest guns to the lowest posible and shot Tensu knocking him out of LOF then bolted over the mech and grabed Blitz.
EclipseIV: The mech stopped its advance and turned ti oersue, even if the pilot knew he couldnt go as fast as the lighter MS he was chasing. "disengaging" spoke the pilot as he moved back towards the fight.
Tensu: "Thanks Akira." Tensu put the gatling gun in its slot just below the flight pack and activated the energy blade on his shield and started an attack on the red mobile armor that had tried to tackle him.
EclipseIV: The crimson MS let the first hits contact its chest, leaving some moderate scratches, but parried some of the others, and swung at the lighter MS. "hmm. slow response time on the limb control, but excelent excelleration." he said with a laugh. The Storm Faust released two mor HE drones that in the same fasion floated towards the colony wall, detonating near the first wound to make a larger one. [2nd in command] "a large enough hole has been ripped in the colony wall, now its time to get this war really going. these bastard federationists will pay for casting us out as violently did...."
EclipseIV: [open com] "no but this will..." he dispatched his sheild and pulled out another one, this one was solid and could deflect such fire, but during the change, a few stray rounds hit the wrist the left arm and disabled it. "damnit" said the pilot as he put his ballistic sheild up to defend againts the unending hail of shells from the gatling cannon, the fire slowing his advance, while his sheild got chewed up.
[Storm Faust] "sir, weve done our damage lets retreat!"
"what damage? were here to recapture something from them and bring it to those zeon people..."
"thats not what they told us sir, we were told to at least have twenty enemy casualties on the federation's side..."
"order all units to cease fir and retreat!!"
"we are killing innocent people, we've been deceived, their using us as a cover for their new secret war againts the feds!"
the pilto wasnt awar he was still on an open communication channel.
"all units retreat, were being framed by the zeons!"
Psi: Akira stoped the MS as it retreated and kicked it towards Tensu. He took out a laser and shot a few beams at it.
EclipseIV: [StormFaust] "sir weve subdued the 2nd in command under suspision that he is one of their bribed contacts" "enmy zeonic ship 6.5K and closing fast sir!"
"activate sheilds and get ready to fire on them, i will not stand for this! i will not let those zeons hurt innocent people using us as their sword!"
EclipseIV: The MS quickly boosted pushing tansu out of his way, heading back towards the stormfaust with great haste.
EclipseIV: Eclipse had no time to maneuver and was caught in the blast, but just before it hit, he had braced himself. the blasts streaking off his armor as it cut away at it, he managed to get away from it but had ended up with deep gashes in the thick armor.
Tensu: "Holy shit, Hang on Akira." Tensu activated the retro thruster and got as far away from the battle as th rockets would carry him. When they stopped the found a large carrier waiting for them.
"Well aren't you a sight for soar eyes."
EclipseIV: The large MS thrusted towards the Stormfaust and grabbed onto what looked like a large handle. "turn to port and fire on those damn zeons"
Psi: "Yes, I agree with you." Akira told Tensu.
EclipseIV: Eclipse entered the storm faust and ordered them to follow the carrier that had recenlt left, hoping that by taking the same route, they wouldnt meet up with any zeon forces.
Psi: "Ah" Akira said as he steped out and took off his helmet.
EclipseIV: The Stormfaust came out of hyper jump right behind akira and tensu, entering with great haste. "cease fire" lights were flashing atop the tower bridge as the ship came to a complete stop.
Psi: Akira got back into his MS. "What are you doing here?" Akira thrusted toward him pushing him away from the carrier.
Tensu: "Hang on Akira, lets see what he wants first." Tensu activaed the blade on his shield, incase the red MS wanted to try anything.
Tensu: "Pilto of the crimson Mobile Armor. (A larger mobile suit that can take more punishment) Identify yourself and your purpose being here and we will let you live." Tensu knew that if he went head to head with this MA, even though he disabled one of the arms, would probably die trying to kill him.
EclipseIV: "this is the mobile armor type 010 code named: "Hell knight." we are a mercenary group known as the ghosts of colony 006." The name was well known as one of the best federation millitary legions, the legendary legion that defended colony 006 in one of the zeon's biggest assaults of the first zeon/federation conflict. "we have been fooled into starting a war between the zeon remnants and the federation, but we were told that we were taking a regular millitary colony, but discovered that we were destroying a colony chock full of civillians. and we want payback for this treachery!"
EclipseIV: "heh, kill the concept protoype, and you wont be able to see the finished version" he said as the Stormfaust towed him towards the group.
Psi: Akira waited till it was safe to get out of his MS. "What do you think of him? I don't trust him for shit." He asked Tensu quietly.
EclipseIV: Stormfaust in respect, kept its distance from the other ship, and would not permit anyone from it to go within 600 meters of the other ship. The Hell knight returned to dock, and was transported to the rpari bays at the back of the ship's docks on a hudge automated conveyor belt, similar to ones you would find in a car wash.
Psi: "Yeah, whatever, but if anything happens im blaming you." Akira said walking to his quarters
EclipseIV: Eclipse appeared on a small deck over looking the docking bay. one of his officers asked "do you think it wise we ally ourselves to ones hwo we made our enemy" Eclipse replied. "no, i dont, however, were not in the best posistion to choose sides, considering that the zeons were framing us, and the federationists gutting our ms suits like pigs. because of our assult zeon has put us on a shoestring, we have to pick carefully who we can trust. in the meantime, i wnat project titan to resume as planned, and with the upmost security and secrecy that this ship can do, untill we can return to our home base back at colony 006, i want all wiring to be monitored to make sure there are absolutely no tapping frequnecies, i want every single form of communication on the titan project to be closed channels, open only by a password that changes every twelve hours i want all doors leading to the titan double lcked with blast resistant surfaces. this titan will change the history of mobile suits and armor as we know it, but we must be determined and less reliant on technolodgy to win this war."
Tensu: "Captin, we can head back to colony 128 now, we're done here." Tensu headed for his quarters and thought back on the mechanic he saw in the hanger.
Psi: When Akira reached his quarters he changed into his uniform and left his jacket open like always even tho he knew it pissed off the captain. Then he went to the cafeteria.
EclipseIV: The light on the stormfaust, which was green, now turned to red, indicating that an enemy ship was aproaching. "we have one zeonic carrirer just entering radar. what is your order captain? deploy our archangels and ready the hell knight, were going to stand our ground. its time we went back to the old days men, the ghosts of 006, lets show them why thats our name"
EclipseIV: When the Archangles launched, the HellKnight loaded onto the catapult, and when it launched, by shear weight, the StormFaust lurched backward from the force, some of the deck launch officers were already worried that the titan's launch would break the catapult." Units 02-04 form on me, 05-07, 08-011 and 012-014 form up in flying V-formation, i want spitfire light MS suits 01-016 out in four groups of four, in diamond ghost formations." At the same time, the zeon carrier was launching mobile suits in groups of four, using a standard diamond formation, with leads protected in the rear.
Tensu: Tensu got a green light from the launch control board and wass hurled into space and saw the carrier the red suit went to launch several MS's andthe red MA, he also watched the Zeon carrier launch its suits, several of the squads focused on him and the former OZ carrier he just left while the rest focused on the other.
"Lets see what these factionists can do." he took aim on the closest group to his suit and fired three shots, killing the lead suit and damaging the other three.
"Akira! you better hurry up or your gonna miss the........" his message was cut short due to fire from a group that snuck up behind him and tried to destroy the Beam Rifle and him with it.
Psi: "Ready captain!" Akira said as he input some data on his suit. Then he went to back up Tensu.
EclipseIV: "let see, thats just a fraction of the force, likely two more carriers filled with mor suits, one probably holding a mobile armor... hehe.. tis a good day to die!" he said galantly has he boosted head on into a group of enemy mobile suits, knocking them from his path, grabbing the lead and crushing his head, disabling his sight
EclipseIV: He kept knocking suits out of the way, leaving them for the Archangles and Spitfires, he did damage, but only enough to leave a heavy dent, and maybe singe some systems. he was B-lining to the carrier, completely unarmed, just his fists. "its payback, we should have stuck with the feds when we had the choice, and our choice led to the deaths of the innocent...i will not stand for such treacthery!"
EclipseIV: Eclipse cleared the onslaught of mobile suits, coming out dented, scrathced, crimson color tarnished in some spots, he went right into the carrier, he hit it with such force, that with the momentum, he began to dent and cause the ship to curl in on itself, but he slowed to a stop, only warping the launch docks enough to disble them, but he just kept throwing fist after fist, after fist.
EclipseIV: With the rumble and destruction, the engines, now off, eclips began pushing the carrier away, while rippping away at its hull, finnally pushing it off, the other suits were being rounded up and corraled into the Stormfaust as POWs
Psi: "What the?!" Akira said to himself as he saw a Red MS jet towards him. "Unit 03:Proto! Thats my Gramps' suit!" Akira was enraged and jetted away from the battle about 25 kilometers and met the suit. "Ah Unit 03:Zero." The other suit said to Akira. "Give it." He said. Then Akira answered."No. You give that to me!" Akira shot a laser from his beam rifle.
EclipseIV: He turned his head to se tensu jetting at him. "what the? what in sam hell are you doing?" the Hellknight backed from the zeon carrier and braced himself for Tensu's fevered attack.
Aion Kiori: "watching the battle from afar, his Xero Gundam standing still. Aion raised an eyebrow. "Interesting, seems like the battle still rages on, years after." He smirked, piloting the Gundam torwards the battle. "I guess as long as theres war....I'll be needed...."
DragonNinja / Shikyo: (Is anyone using the burning Gundam from G Gundam?Because i really want to join this Rp and i just want heads up first before i do something stupid.)

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