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Roleplay - Realm of The Frost by Kenji Light / Kenji Light

Its all disclosed within the first post.
Hey Childoutspoken, sorry it took so long and I'm sure you weren't expecting it, but I wanted to bring this one back.

Roleplay Details


Kenji Light: A forest covered in ice. All around there is nothing but trees, mountains, valleys, rivers, and all blanketed with snow. The skies are a constant grey, and snow falls daily. There is a black stone castle in the east, a glittering tower to the west. Full of monsters and dangers, also clans of people who have adapted to the cold in various ways.
Xtra Info: Notes: This RP is taken from an RP I did with a friend that we had discussed opening to the public, also it is from a book I am writing. Characters: Please base all your characters on the settings and how they would really react to something like the extreme cold. Atmosphere: Dangerous yet not always. The castle is more of a social place, the tower more for the lonlier type of people.
Author: Lyra Veraquea :: 2004-06-09 ::
RP: :: Lyra sat in her room in the tower. It was quiet here, always quiet. She liked that of course, it was more her style. She sat on the window sill, watching the snow fall outside with a soft sigh. She wondered how so many had survived this cold, she had done it only because she'd had a lot of help and a few adaptions, but she was wondering more about the animals anyways::
Author: Darkbane :: 2004-06-09 ::
RP: *Richtor knocked at the door*
Being a tower guard of course he was responsable for the sftey of the princess, with the recent fued between our teritory and the castle to the east, he worried for her saftey.
"Princess Lyra!"
*Richtor knocked at the door again*
"Princess Lyra, I beg you open the door!"
"Are you alright?"
*Richtor kneels as the door opens*
Author: Childoutspoken :: 2004-06-10 ::
RP: :: Lyra glances to the door and smiles slightly... She was rather amused by the guards.. She stood from her place at the window and nodded to him.::
"There is no reason to worry about me. I can defend myself well enough. Go bother some of the other patrons."
Author: Darkbane :: 2004-06-10 ::
RP: *Richtor stood up and backed away*
"I wan't two guards posted at this door at all times, we cant trust those from the east, If they manage to take the princess the king would have to give up our land to them."
The guards stood next to the door and staired into the the stone wall in front of them.
Meanwhile Richtor headed down the sprial stair case towards the sub levels where most of the citizens lived, the cold was so fearce up top that a special heatign system was created underground.
The tower was merly an observatory so the guards and royalty could keep watch, and of course as a midway point for the workers who chopped wood, and the hunters who brought in the meat.
When Richtor reached the bottom of the stairs he was greated by lower ranking guards, and of course some of the colony folks with there daily problems, his day woudl be bussy as he tryed to sort them all out.
Author: Viana de Magpyr :: 2004-06-10 ::
RP: Viana ran into Richtor head on. "Watch where you're going!" she snapped, before she realized who she was talking to. "Hey Richtor! Sorry man. Wasn't watching. How's the princess?" Viana adjusted her pack with her sword to be a little more comfortable. She had just come in to town from a few weeks out in the forest, hoping hoping hoping that Richtor would be in a good enough mood to let her talk to the princess. It wasn't urgent, but it might be important.
It wasn't urgent yet.
Author: Lyra Veraquea :: 2004-06-11 ::
RP: :: Lyra headed to her closet quietly and pulled out a velvet wrapped parcel. She smiled slightly as she laid it on the bed, undoing the ribbon tied around it. She gently lifted the items inside. Two long, thin, and deadly looking blades. Smiling happily she laid them down and tied their sheaths to her waist then slid the blades home.:: "Being a princess sucks... I never get to have any fun." :: She grinned and turned heading out of the room, walking swiftly past the guards.::
Author: Darkbane :: 2004-06-13 ::
RP: Richtor glanced at Viana, not realising that princess Lyra had snuck right past him and the other two guards, "The princess is very busy Viana..."
He was cut off swiftly by Viana's pleas of quickening urgency.
"Fine, but this is the last time, and don't take her out of the colony!"
Richtor motioned to the guards to let Viana pass, and adjusted his helm slightly over his eyes. Before the door had closed to the princes' chamber he was snoring again.
Author: Lyra Veraquea :: 2004-06-14 ::
RP: ::Lyra laughed softly at Richtor and then looked to Viana. She motioned for Viana to follow her as she slipped quietly into another room. She waited just inside the door, wondering what Viana could want.::
Author: Darkbane :: 2004-06-22 ::
RP: Rictor opened his eyes....
"The princess?" he thought...
He opened the door to the princes' chamber, but found her no where.
"GUARDS! Search this room!" He commanded.
"YOU! Search that room over there!" He barked out the order to a young soldier. "We must find her now." His thoughts raced.
Richtor walked towards the stratigy room prepared to form a strike team on the castle to the east, if they had taken her, he preyed they would find her quickly.
Author: Childoutspoken :: 2004-06-23 ::
RP: ::Lyra groaned as she heard them yelling... She wished she wasn't so high up... some things could be done about that though. She looked to Viana and shook her head::
"If they come and ask you where I am... you HAVEN'T seen me"
::Growling softly she headed towards the window and pushed it open.. leaning out.::
"Here we go."
:: Stepping onto the ledge she looked down and then jumped... thanking all the gods listening for the heavy snow at the bottom as she landed lightly. She took off quickly towards the forest.. trees were safety.. She knew she was running from her allies... but she was more of a warrior than any of them::
Author: Darkbane :: 2004-06-28 ::
RP: From the window Richtor watched Lyra run, he started to turn and then stopped. He let the girl go.
"I can't force her to stay here" his thoughts wondered. "Perhaps if I don't chase her this time, she will come back on her own free will." - "What am I thinking..." "Ga!" Richtor managed to get the first cilybal out before Viana drug the knife deep into the fleash and swiftly across his throat. As he lay on the ground bleeding she began to speak, "You know, you realy should have let her go, it's inevidable you know, she will be captures, and I will get the good life that was promiced to me, you just lay there and bleed, I'll be on my way" The huge smile on Viana's face disapated when she heard the chatter of aproaching guards...
Author: Childoutspoken :: 2004-06-29 ::
RP: ::Lyra smiled sweetly. The castle wasn't too far from the tower... that was where she was headed. She'd heard rumors that there was a hunt on for her and she intended to make the hunters the hunted. She'd done it once before, it had been nothing but a game for her, and now she had a chance to play again. She leapt from the ground and grabbed hold of a low tree branch, swinging herself up onto it. Smirking she climbed a bit higher and then began to jump from tree to tree, her tracks in the snow disappearing and stopping all together. She hoped they had smart hunters.::
Author: Darkbane :: 2004-06-30 ::
RP: Viana ducked behind some tattered clothing just as the guards marched throught the door, she peaked and saw one guard run to Richtor's lifless corpse. "Seal the room!" one guard bellowed out, the other yelled "The cptains been murdered!". Viana crouched quietly waiting for her chance for escape, but that chance would not come. As the guard pulled back the tattered garments, Viana leaped at him with the bloody knife, he evaded her attack and elbowed her swiftly on the right sid eof her head. Viana lay unconcious as the guards carried her toward the dungions.........
Author: Kenji Light :: 2004-07-09 ::
RP: A boy of sixteen years of age enters the tower. He's wrapped in a black overcoat to shield himself from the cold. It does an excellent job of concealing his dark, brown eyes. His silver hair is hidden underneath a fedora-type hat. He looks around at all the people before making his way toward the dungeons. He enters through the door into the dungeon and sees Viana. The guards were sleeping peacefully while they were supposed to be on duty. He removes his hat and sets it upon the stone floor. Then, he quickly finds his lock-picking tools in his pocket and sets to work quietly releasing the sleeping girl. His name was Shay, and his mission was to free her. He was sent by the castle.
Author: Childoutspoken :: 2004-07-21 ::
RP: :: Lyra walked a little quicker now... the castle wasn't too far away and she wanted to get this over with as quickly as possible. This war had to end once and for all... it was tearing this pieceful and serene world apart. She growled softly as she leapt from tree branch to tree branch, the snow shifting and falling lightly to mix with the other snow on the ground. Lyra sighed as she dropped from the trees again, landing crouched in the calf deep snow with a small sigh... she stood up and stretched out a bit, looking around::
"I'll be damned if I let this war go on any longer.."
Author: Allise :: 2004-07-21 ::
RP: "Hey, princess!! Come here, got somethin' to tell ya!!" A white-clad figure shouted to Lyra.
"What?? Who are you, anyway??" Lyra replied walking towards the figure.
"Allise Fear, guardeswoman at the castle. Shay should be here with your friend Viana any moment. Here they come now." Allise informed her, breaking into a run.
Author: Kenji Light :: 2004-07-22 ::
RP: Shay was still holding the sleeping Viana in his arms. He ran up to the other two people he saw, one he recognized as Allise, a guard at the castle, the other could only be Lyra, the princess.
"So, you say you want to stop this war huh? Well, I'm afraid that its going to be a little more difficult than that." Shay exclaimed as he finally caught up to them, he was barely winded, but he was certainly cold. His long coat was wrapped around the sleeping girl in his arms, he was in nothing more than black armor now, you could see his once-hidden weapons strapped to his sides. A wakizashi that appeared to be handled well because of the low amount of wear upon the sheath and hilt.
"I take it you're princess Lyra. As you know I am Shay from the castle. I'm sure we all wish for an end to this war, but it'll take some time, so please help us to do so. Though I must thank you for coming here to us, it would seem much like an invasion if we were all to go to the tower."
Author: Allise :: 2004-07-22 ::
RP: "You know Shay, you should come better supplied, I mean there hasn't been a summer since before Lyra was born." Allise announced to him. Shay gave her a dirty look "Don't give me that llok, Shay, I'm better trained than you are. Here take this, you idiot." Allise replied, taking her white coat off to reveal an even heavier brown one. Alisse gave Shay the brown one and put the white one back on.
"What do about her??" Shay questioned, motioning toward the sleeping Viana in his arms.
"Give her to me stupid. I'm every bit as strong as you are, if not more." She answered him taking Viana so he could put on the coat.
"Why do you insult him like that?" Lyra asked, surprised, "Why does he take it??"
Allise gave Shay a dubious look while she Viana back to him, then leaned towards Lyra and whispered; "I think he'd get upset if I told you, and believe me, Shay is not some one you wanna get upset."
Author: Darkbane :: 2004-07-22 ::
RP: And like that the Snow Puma was apon them all. It gave a ferocious scream and batted its paw at them. Snow Pumas were one of the last living animals, only animals witht hick fur could survive the frigid tempruatures, wich made for alot of hungry Snow Puma's with only humans and other living animals in there diet, this one looked as if it hadn't eaten in days, and wasn't about to give up without a fight. Swat! Another swat and a miss, the Puma drew back exposing its long fangs, letting out another scream, it lunged at them again, this time determined to taste blood.........
Author: Kenji Light :: 2004-07-23 ::
RP: He grabbed one of his daggers and stood before everyone.
"I'll take care of this thing it'll be a great work out! The guards at the tower didn't make it as interesting as I thought they would. Turns out they'd all fallen asleep by the time I even got there."
Then, in a flash he and the Snow Puma were locked in battle. They both circled each other, both trying to stare down the other. Shay was quickly searching for the Puma's weaknesses. He spotted the beast's ribs, though its fur was thick, it was still too skinny to hide them. He knew that that would be a better target than any. So he darted to the Puma's side at the last second and ran forward, thrusting the dagger into the beast's side.
"Gotcha!" he cried as the knife plunged through the Puma's flesh. Now all he'd have to worry about was whether or not this was to be a wound that could bring down this beast, that and whether its hide would make a suitable coat for him later on.
Author: Siren Mengana :: 2004-07-23 ::
RP: Viana had awoken just as the Snow Puma lunged at them. "Uh, wha...?"
"Well, Viana you got yourself in trouble again, didn't you??" Allise said reproachfully.
"Allise! How did you get here?? The last time I saw you, you were a servant to Lady Dendra." Viana, clearly surprised, exclaimed.
"That old bag Dendra died almost a year ago. Seriously, little sis, how do you expect Hal and I to treat you like a Fear if you don't listen to the news of the Kingdom??"
"Don't tell me you killed her, Allise-"
Allise cut her off. "Poisoned her actually, although I got the poison from Hal. And, Princess," she turned to Lyra "I had to do it, she was going to kill your father. We were in your Kingdom, well Viana and I, but we wanted the war to end a little sooner. We, I actually, told Hal to stay as one of your father's personal gaurds. Then we left."
"Hold on," Lyra told her "Hal, as in Halodius Fear??"
Allise nodded
Author: Lyra Veraquea :: 2004-07-27 ::
RP: Lyra watched the boy and the Puma and waited, poised and ready to spring forward and help if he needed it. She was only half listening to the girls talking until the name Hal came up in the conversation, that sparked a little interest. She turned her attention fully to them. A vague thought in the back of her mind reminded her that if one Puma was nearby then others would follow, and behind them would be the relentless Skorpio. The giant lizard like creatures that were Lyra's friends. She wondered if the patrons of the castle here knew them like she did.
Lyra was one of the last of a dying race called the Cryonites. A race of people that could create and control the ice and cold, and that could live in the frigid temperatures with little to no clothing at all. Lyra was one of the few that wore a body suit and a cloak simply because the suit kept her body cooler than the outside temperatures did and the cloak was just for fashion.
She listened to the girls, watching for signs of the Puma's and Skorpio...
Author: Kenji Light :: 2004-07-27 ::
RP: With a pained growl the Puma fell to the ground. Shay walked over to its body and removed his dagger. The beast was lying upon the ground with its chest heaving, struggling to hold onto the life it held so dear. He watched the beast's last dying breaths and sighed. He wiped away the blood that was still drizzling forth from a small cut on his cheek made by the beast's claw. It was just a minor scratch but this frigid air made the pain intensify. He turned and glanced at the others who were still lost in their conversation. He knew it rude but he couldn't resist joining in with perhaps just one question.
"So, what are we going to do with our little friend here? Should we take him with us or just leave him here? It certainly would stop the predators from advancing, at least for a while if we left it here, but then again, if we took it with us we could easily have his hide turned into a cloak or something."
Author: Siren Mengana :: 2004-08-02 ::
RP: "No, leave it here, Shay. The quickest way to the castle is the Phalcons." Allise said calmer than usual, then made a Phalcon call. The response echoed across the woods, and 4 large shadows descended apon them.
Author: Kenji Light :: 2004-08-02 ::
RP: He nodded and looked up at the descending shadows. He calmly allowed them to fall knowing it was all part of the plan.
"These things are rather strange aren't they? Allise, just how quickly will they be able to get us out of here?" he asked inquisitively.
Author: Siren Mengana :: 2004-08-03 ::
RP: "Well, of coarse!! These are the only birds that were able to survive the Freeze without hibernating." Allise replied, smartly, "Well, if we leave before the rest of the pack shows up, we'll be in the castle within a matter of minutes."
Author: Kenji Light :: 2004-08-03 ::
RP: "Well if that's the case then lets get out of here before they do. I'm certainly looking forward to the castle, its alot warmer there. At least the indoors has a fireplace, can't say I've ever liked the forest much." he said.
Shay marvelled at Allise's intelligence. She obviously knew quite a bit more than he did. He wondered if she was just some perfect person. She bested him when it came to fighting and when it came to intelligence he couldn't hold a candle to her. He never could beat her, no matter what he had tried to do so.
Author: Darkbane :: 2004-08-04 ::
RP: Another Snow Puma lept from a tree branch landing on the back of a Phalcon sending it sailing the last few feet to the ground, and before the group had any time to dispatch it, it quickly executed the Phalcon with giant fangs penatraiting the birds neck, it died almost instantly. Suddenly like a high pitched whistle an arrow flew past the group and into the pumas chest, it fell back into the soft white snow, turning it moist and red. From behind an old tall tree an archer emerged, "My name is Torin, Torin of Somsmoor and you are Princess Lyra of the tower" he pointed at the Princess, "I don't belive I know anyone else here" he pulled the thick puma fur cloak back over his shoulders and waited for the introductions of the others...
Author: Siren Mengana :: 2004-08-04 ::
RP: "Can we just get out of here?? I can hear the Snow Pumas coming. Jump on a Phalcon, Sir Torin, we'll do introductions later." With that Allise grabbed Shay and Viana and dragged them and herself on a Phalcon while the princess climbed on another. "Come on Torin!!, get on or stay there!!!" Allise screamed at the delaying archer. Torin obviously decided that he wanted to live and jumped on the third Phalcon.
Author: Kenji Light :: 2004-08-04 ::
RP: "What a shame. That poor little Phalcon was mauled to death." Shay said. "I suppose its for the best though. No more Pumas can catch us now that we're airborn and they'll find the Phalcon to be quite a delicious treat when compared to the flesh of a human."
He rode on with his coat flapping violently in the wind. He was glad that he borrowed it from Allise because had he not this cold air would have given him a serious case of frostbite by now. The arctic wind was lashing his face and that small wound stung with incredible pangs of pain, but he was enjoying himself.
Author: Siren Mengana :: 2004-08-05 ::
RP: Allise made a Phalcon call and all the Phalcons turned to the right. "Shay, do you hear that?? The whistling??" Allise called to Shay.
"Now that I'm listening, yes, I hear it." Shay replied.
Bright blue light exploded below them.
"Shay, what knid of sheild have you got?? I can't use any magic until I rest. The Darbians are being stupid, AGAIN." Allise screamed.
Shay searched his mind for a sheild symbol that would protect them from Darbian magick.
Author: Kenji Light :: 2004-08-05 ::
RP: "Well, it appears that I have a shield that is impenetrable by any magick used as a projectile. I do belive they are using a projectile type of magick so this will work quite well."
Shay tapped into his magick power and conjured up a shield. It engulfed everyone within their group inside of it. This shield was visible as a giant sphere of yellow energy. Objects could pass out of the sphere but any magick projected to the shield would be deflected without effort.
"This should do quite nicely. What do you think Allise?" Kenji asked with a look of feigning concern for the magick that was being directed toward them.
Author: Darkbane :: 2004-08-06 ::
RP: Torin let sevral arrows fly from his bow down toward the masses of castors, each time there projectile magic hit the sheild he noticed Kenji's power wain. Although the magic never penitrated the sheild it would knock the bird off course at times. Torin continued to shoot until half of his arrow supply was gone, with minimul damage to the ground forces he decided to save his ammo, But he did have one 'little' suprise for them, he droped the poured the purple liquid from the flask on a pouch, it sounde dliek it had beans inside, he dropped the pouch and as it hit the ground flames erupted. Slowly the flames spread over more of the Darbians, and Torin focused his attention back on the skys ahead.
Author: Kenji Light :: 2004-08-08 ::
RP: ooc- Wow, I messed up. Sorry about that I play too many characters. Ignore that I called myself Kenji and know that my character is Shay. I really am sorry about any confusion I may have caused because of this.
ic-"I see, so you aren't afraid to make any enemies with a great power like that are you Torin?" said Shay with a hint of jealousy. "Perhaps you'll make more trouble with these flashy tricks of yours. I'm sure the Darbians won't just forgive us for it and I'm sure they know who we are, for even though they're barbaric they have great eyesight, for the mostpart. But it was a powerful little trick wasn't it?"
Shay turned to look back at the Darbians. As he did so an arrow came flying out from the brush, a simple, non-magick Darbian arrow. But just as it would have penetrated Shay's shoulder he caught and snapped it, tossing the remnants back to the ground.
Author: Siren Mengana :: 2004-08-08 ::
RP: "I can see the castle!!" Allise declared. "But something's wrong. We'll have to land behind the stables." She made another Phalcon cry and the birds gracefully landed in the stable yard.
Author: Kenji Light :: 2004-08-08 ::
RP: "So Allise, what is wrong? Why did we have to land here? There must be an attack or something here. I'll go on without you to defend the castle if that's the case. So, what's wrong so that I may know what course of action to take against the predicament?" inquired Shay in a worried tone.
He drew his small Wakizashis and prepared for Allise's answer. If the castle was truly under attack he would be there first to stave off the enemy forces. He was anxious for a battle anyway. The guards at the tower had all been asleep so no blood had to be spilled, perhaps now things would get more complicated, or to Shay, much more fun.
Author: Siren Mengana :: 2004-08-08 ::
RP: "You don't have to defend the castle, Shay, it's empty. The reason we had to land here is because the landing area hasn't been cleared and the guardes would've seen the Phalcons fly down from the mountains." Allise answered Shay. "If we walk in there we'll find nothing, it'll look like no one's occupied it since before everything changed."
Author: Kenji Light :: 2004-08-09 ::
RP: "That's quite strange. You'd think there would at least be someone around." Shay looked at the castle puzzled and sheathed his weapons. He then started to walk toward the castle, leaving the rest behind. It was his inquisitive and curious nature that got him into the most trouble, but you could always count on him to be the first person to inspect anything.
Author: Siren Mengana :: 2004-08-09 ::
RP: "Shay stop!!" Allise yelled, running after him, "You're not going without me, after all I am a guard. Plus, you're not the only curious one." Shay hated it when Allise did, no matter what their task was, fighting, knowledge, even curiousity, she got the upper hand.
"Are you sure your not a noble??" Shay had asked her once.
Author: Kenji Light :: 2004-08-10 ::
RP: "I have to go, I can't spend my life waiting for other people to make up their minds. My mind is set and my plan is in motion, I can't stop now."
Author: Siren Mengana :: 2004-08-11 ::
RP: "Well, then come on." Allise said, starting to walk ahead of him. Shay sighed and followed her, after all he had no choice.
When they had entered the castle Allise started to act differently. Shay didn't know what it was but something had changed her, immediatly, because she was calmer more serene than Shay had ever known her to be. Usually she was commanding, stubborn, impatient, willful, basicly everything a woman shouldn't have been.
Author: Kenji Light :: 2004-08-11 ::
RP: Shay looked upon the change in Allise and smiled. He'd never known Allise to have ever calmed down. She always acted the same no matter what and her will was never broken, and neither was her spirit, which reminded him of wild horses that he'd read about. He'd known that they had existed long before everything frosted over but he figured that the cold must have killed them all off.
"Perhaps even a wild horse's spirit can be calm once and awhile." he said aloud as he walked. He didn't realize he had said anything at all. He still wandered behind her lost in thought, pondering this sudden change that had come over her.
Author: Siren Mengana :: 2004-08-12 ::
RP: "What's that about wild horses??" Allise asked. "My father, when he was still a boy, rode a horse. He said it was black, like the Phalcons. It ran like the wind, in fact it was almost as fast a bird called an eagle..."
Shay looked at Allise, wondering why she just trailed off.
Author: Kenji Light :: 2004-08-12 ::
RP: "Oh, it was nothing Allise. No worries at all about what I have to say, its not important."
He walked on behind her pondering the reason she had just trailed off. It was very interesting to hear about the times before this was a frozen wasteland. He liked to explore the past of this place a great deal and Allise had sparked an interest then just stopped.
"Could you tell me more about what you were mentioning Allise?" he usually wouldn't have been brave enough to ask but his inquisitive nature had taken hold of his tongue once again.
Author: Siren Mengana :: 2004-08-12 ::
RP: "Telling you...? Oh yes. The eagles died off just before the freeze. My father said they were fast and fierce, that they hunted the rivers and lakes for fish. Fish called bass, and trout, completely different from the Yeana and Deres fish that populate the frozen waters of these times. My father died a year and a half before Viana was born. We, Hal and I, missed him so much. Six months after he died my mother married an inkeeper, Denyu Tavis, Viana's father. Hal hated him, and Denyu was always trying to marry me off because I wasn't his." Allise stopped talking and started to hum a song Shay hadn't heard before.
Author: Childoutspoken :: 2004-08-12 ::
RP: OOC note: Been really busy lately! sorry guys! Can't rp!
Author: Kenji Light :: 2004-08-13 ::
RP: He listened to the song with a smile and continued walking. He wondered when they'd get to wherever it was they were supposed to go. He was lost in thought and totally forgot to ask about the song she was humming, at least, for a little while until his curious nature naturally came back to inquire about it.
"Allise, what is that song you are humming. I like the melody but it is quite strange that I have never heard it before. You see, the music now adays is known by everyone because the selection is very limited, so its strange that you would know a song that I would not. Would you mind informing me about it?"
Author: Siren Mengana :: 2004-08-13 ::
RP: "Hmm...? Oh, It's 'Der Clu Valdermon'. A Derilian song, I don't think I've heard before either." Allise told Shay, she started singing "Ena scavena porheedion, hel levorn iatra, jek inon kildermon, der clu valdermon." Then she started to dance, like the they would at a castle ball.
Author: Kenji Light :: 2004-08-13 ::
RP: "Strange steps you've learned." Shay said in regard to her dancing. "You know, it isn't proper for someone to dance alone, perhaps you could use a partner?"
Shay bowed with a smile at his mock proposal. He remembered such occasions as this when he would dance will random girls at castle balls. He was a bit of a romantic but that seemed to be what attracted them to him, at least back then anyway.
Siren Mengana: "There was a war here once you know, here at the castle." Allise said her attitude changing.
Kenji Light: "A war? Between who?" Shay looked to Allise puzzled.
Childoutspoken: OOC: *grin* Hello Frosties (oh... new word for the players here lol) no really.. I've been absolutely busy and yeah... ^.^ Thank you Kenji for bringing this back! I wanted it back up!
Lyra Veraquea: OOC: Before I post I just wanna make the note that I have NO clue whats going on so Imma drop Lyra in... somewhere ^.^!
Lyra went slowly through her regular training routine. She was in a quiet grove of the forest, battling a shade of herself that knew her every mood. Sweat glistened slightly on her brow as she made a lunge for her foe, slipping in the snow and tripping, she rolled to the side before the Shade's stave came down and impaled the earth where Lyra had been moments before.
"Did you really think I'd let you win?" Lyra said as she got up laughing sofly. She did this every now and then, and often enjoyed the challenge but she preferred real people to her own shades.
Siren Mengana: "Between Lyra's people and someone else, not the ones they're fighting now, but a fire people." Allise answered.
Kenji Light: "Too bad there aren't any more fire people around. The world wouldn't be frozen if they were." he replied shivering slightly.
Childoutspoken: Lyra yawned softly and raised her hand abover her... the shade was becoming more real as the session continued... her fingertips became outlined in a dull blue glow... She grinned at her shade and reached forward, touching its face... it froze at once, the ice working its way down the body until the shade was a block of ice. With a grin of triumph Lyra did a simple round house kick... shattering the being.
"Too easy..." She sighed and straightned herself up... heading back towards the tower. As she walked she tilted her head back, looking up towards the sky as the snow drifted down lazily, speckling her dark blue hair with white but not melting as if Lyra was as cold as the snow itself.
Siren Mengana: "They had the most beautiful songs."Allise started to hum again, this time a different song.
Childoutspoken: Upon reaching the tower Lyra shoved past the guards and made her way up the winding stairs to the lounge at the very top. Her mood had changed abruptly, and she wanted all these soldiers out of her home.
"GET OUT! EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU GET OUT! I CAN DEFEND MYSELF!" She screamed, about ready to pull her hair out when she saw her lounge filled with men. They all snapped up from their seats and bolted from the room. Lyra sat down in her favorite plush chair by the fire, resting for a moment.
"I MEAN OUT! OUT OF MY TOWER COMPLETELY!" She called after them, closing her eyes until she heard the main doors shut.
"Much better..." She smiled and relaxed. Though there was a fire burning, there was no real heat to warm the room.
"Aye, Ay 'gree wit ya Lyra, much betta." Taylz, Lyra's aunt, piped up from behind the bar, laughing at her neice's short temper.
Childoutspoken: Lyra looked over to Taylz and shook her head.
"Don't you start Taylz Seretaly... I will beat you to death." She grinned though, a sign that she was just teasing. Taylz laughed and came over to sit with her.
"Aww bu' Lyra, ya know Ay love ya... an' Ay jus like ta tease ya!" Taylz sat down across from Lyra, crossing her legs. Taylz looked just as old as Lyra did, about 20 and possibly younger. In fact, Taylz was nearing a rather old age that no one knew exactly. She was darker than Lyra though, with lightly tanned skin, and long black hair.
"Aye, I know you like to tease! You and that Lazy lizard half.. its all you sit and do!"
~Lazy Lizard? Lyra I'll have you know... I do much more than you do... you brat!~ The voice echoed through both Taylz and Lyra's minds, a serpentine hiss undertoning it. The voice was of Kyri, Taylz' dragonsoul.
Taylz chuckled softly and rolled her eyes.
"Aye so wha' ef thas all we do... at leas' we can do somethin withou' a zillion men watchen our ever' move."
"Shut your hole Taylz. I can't help it if they think I need protection," A wry grin spread across Lyra's face as she thought about that, "I should show them how well I can take care of myself... dismantle them... bit by bit.."
"Oh Lyra! Thas gross and horrible!"
"Oh well."
Kenji Light: Shay listened to her hum and he immediately felt warmer. He wondered what their next move was going to be. It was not his nature to learn every detail about their missions before hand, but now it was as if he were lost.
Siren Mengana: Suddenly the frost on the walls began to go away. It felt like a summer that Shay'd never seen.
"So, my father was right, my song DOES have the power to go through time." Allise smiled at Shay.
Kenji Light: He stood looking in amazement at what transgressed. His mouth swung open in dumbstruck awe. "A-Allise? What's going on?"
Siren Mengana: "What's going on? I'm one of the Estra people, the time-travelers. Every one of us has a way to travel through time." Allise explained and quickly ran off.
"Allise!" Shay yelled and ran after her.
Kenji Light: "Why does she always have to leave me behind like this?" he whined to himself. He struggled to keep up with her but soon he was able to reach her. He couldn't have matched her in speed so he knew that she had slowed down for him. He smiled and continued running. "So, where are we headed?" he asked her curiously.
Siren Mengana: "To see the summer my father always talked about." She replied as they came to a door.
Kenji Light: "So you're telling me that you took us into the past so that you could get a tan?" he said confused.
Siren Mengana: "No, so we could found out why, why this war started." Allise's face was damp with sweat from all the clothing she wore to keep warm. So she stripped down to her last petticoat and corset. Allise shredded the petticoat up to mid-thigh put the weaponsbelt and boots back on, took her long, brown hair out of it's knots, to let it hang loose and looked at Shay quizicly, who was somewhat surprised, "What?"
"You're not very modest are you?" Shay asked.
"No, I just don't care." she answered.
Siren Mengana: "No, so we could found out why, why this war started." Allise's face was damp with sweat from all the clothing she wore to keep warm. So she stripped down to her last petticoat and corset. Allise shredded the petticoat up to mid-thigh put the weaponsbelt and boots back on, took her long, brown hair out of it's knots, to let it hang loose and looked at Shay quizicly, who was somewhat surprised, "What?"
"You're not very modest are you?" Shay asked.
"No, I just don't care." she answered.
Kenji Light: "Well I suppose that there's no other choice. It certainly is hot enough to make that a need, but what about when we have to go back? We aren't to live out the rest of our days here are we?" he asked as he removed the coat she'd let him borrow, leaving his weapons and armor exposed. He continued to carry the coat, a gift for Allise when they returned.

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