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Roleplay - NARUTO! by Astarael / Astarael

Twelve years ago, a giant demon fox with seven tails attacked the village of Konohagakure, where the stealthiest ninjas in the world are trained. Defeated by the Hokage, the village champion, the demon's soul was sealed into the body of a newly born human boy; Naruto Uzumaki. Feared and mistrusted because of the evil spirit inside him, Naruto grew up to become a troublemaker with one driving goal: to become the greatest ninja that Konohagakure has ever known, and to be recognised as the next Hokage.

Roleplay Details

Main characters:
Lord Hokage
Master Iruka
Master Mizuki


4tune8: I look foward to see where this is going what does naruto's name mean?
CynicalxDreamer: ooc: ...its an anime reference. Seems the person is a bit behind on their info though. Where the series is at...the Hokage is...well..I won't spoil it.
ketsu: ketsu was a member of the uchiha caln and was out when itachi killed them all i wonder how sasuke is doing he thgout to him self i have bean gone from the vill way to long i think its time to come home he thought as he steped foot inoto the gate of konoha
Crimsonfire / Hyuuga Kachina: Hyuuga Kachina was out walking, once more tired of everyone in her clan telling her to do everything for them. She heard footsteps behind her and then whirled around to see Uchiha Ketsu. "Ketsu!" she gasped. Ketsu had left the village years ago and she was suprised to see him.
ketsu: ah its so good to see a friendly face said ketsu his anbu mask at his side so tell me how have you bean the last 5 years
Crimsonfire / Hyuuga Kachina: "I've been fine," Kachina said, lying a little. She hadn't been fine, she had been treated like crap, but she didn't want to tell Ketsu this. "We were worried about you, you know. Where were you?"
Sasukegirl247: ooc// Ummm... im new here so can i have some help
Kakashi Hatake: Kakashi looked around and said," So... " , He picked up his book and brought it to his eyes reading and leaning against the tree.
moy98 / avenger: "naruto let me think he was the son of the forth hokage demon posest no friends."
demonfox / foxangle: <can I jion>
SasukeGirl96 / Sakura Itsuna: hi
AlexhanderXIII / Syayoran Cross: OCC: Is anyone here?
akyo / akyo naikumo: hi
Razz / Ashley Yamada: http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/133811
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