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Roleplay - Under the Cherry Blossom(need more people) by Hikari Matsumoto / Midorininja

In Kyoto, Japan, There has been rumors of blood sucking creatures. So many people have called in with false information, the police take these calls lightly until one of there staff goes missing.

Roleplay Details

Vampires and Humans, Any other creature.


Midorininja / Madison Twilight: Madison walked down the street and sniffed the air. The scent of the Cherry Blossoms lingered in the air. She loved Cherry Blossoms so much, they surrounded her home. She walked into a store and bought pocky. She began walking again munching on her pocky. She heard footsteps following hers. She turned around.
Midorininja / Madison Twilight: No one was there. She kept walking and put her headphones on. She began mouthing the words.
Midorininja / Madison Twilight: No one was waling on the street. Madison felt alone and bored. Her head phones only drowned out the siclence.
xxemowolfxx / Halez: <join?>
Midorininja / Madison Twilight: <<Yeah>>
xxemowolfxx / Halez: Halez walks around the town looking for something to.
Midorininja / Madison Twilight: Madison seen a girl walking down the other side of the street.
xxemowolfxx / Halez: Halez looks across the street and sees another girl and she waves at her.
Midorininja / Madison Twilight: Madison was a little creeped out but she waved back.
xxemowolfxx / Halez: Halez laughs at the other girl's expression and then crosses the street and walks next to her. "I am not goin to hurt you."
Midorininja / Madison Twilight: "Hi." She smiles.
xxemowolfxx / Halez: Halez bows her head slightly. "Hello. Nice to know I am not the only wandering the streets alone."
Midorininja / Madison Twilight: "It's a depressing street." Madison Laughed.
"I'm Madison."
xxemowolfxx / Halez: "Yeah you are right." She smiles. "Nice to meet you Madison, I am Halez."
Midorininja / Madison Twilight: "So, What brought you to town?" Madison asked.
LanndonJames / Mick Bosner: -May I join?-
xxemowolfxx / Halez: "My adoptive parents thought it would be better for us to leave town, so that we can bond more. Pfft, like that will ever happen. What about yourself?"
Midorininja / Madison Twilight: <<yeah, Enter randomly unless you find a sport to comein.>>
Midorininja / Madison Twilight: "Heading to the library, I live a block that way." She pointed.
xxemowolfxx / Halez: "Oh, so... Do you mind if I join you?" Halez asked hopefully.
LanndonJames / Mick Bosner: -Kays thank you.- Mick was walking down the opposite street, his head up with one earphone in as his white eyes searched for someone. His eyes rested on two girls talking across hte street. He shrugged.
Midorininja / Madison Twilight: "No I Don't mind. Hey look another person on the depressing street! Lets wave!" Madison yelled.
LanndonJames / Mick Bosner: Mick turned his head to look at the girls across the street. HE smiled to himself, he wasn't going to be alone, it looked.
Midorininja / Madison Twilight: Madison waved to the guy on the other side of the street.
LanndonJames / Mick Bosner: Mick waved back smiling. He walked across teh street.
Midorininja / Madison Twilight: Madison smiled back.
LanndonJames / Mick Bosner: "Hi I'm Mick." He said walking closer smiling.
Midorininja / Madison Twilight: "I'm Madison. Where are you headed?" She asked poiletly.
LanndonJames / Mick Bosner: "Just walking," He said.
Midorininja / Madison Twilight: "Exciting!" She jumped.
LanndonJames / Mick Bosner: "Yep." He smiled at her.
Midorininja / Madison Twilight: Madison smiled back. "The depressind cuiet street." Madison sighed.
xxemowolfxx / Halez: Halez smiles and says, "I am Halez."
Midorininja / Madison Twilight: Madison turns up her head phones so everyone could hear.
Midorininja / Madison Twilight: Madison looked to see if anyone else was walking donw the street.
Sereniasiren / Serenia: <Join as vampire?>
Midorininja / Madison Twilight: <<sure.>>
Sereniasiren / Serenia: <Where are you guys?>
Midorininja / Madison Twilight: <<walking down the street, I'm the only one on of the three of us.>>
Sereniasiren / Serenia: <Alright.>
Serenia sighed, her breath was heavy and warm as it hit against the cold hair that danced around her. Her velvet scarf wrapped around her smooth, pale neck, and half of her face, covering her fangs and most of the snowy white skin. Her hood wrapped around her head, coating her beautiful, brown hair. Her coat was speckled with blood from her last meal of four little girls, although it wasn't the best blood she had tasted, she was full and she was pleased.
Midorininja / Madison Twilight: Madison seen another person walking down the street. She waved at her. Smelling the air she realized they were alike. She smiled.
Sereniasiren / Serenia: Serenia watched the strange girl at the corner of her eyes, after seeing and sensing she was a vampire, just like her, she ignored her. Although the sighting of a vampire was rare for her, she didn't care, she was full, she was happy, she didn't need company, at least not now. She nodded to her in reply, her emotion was dull and grim, it was very well shown in her eyes. She walked away, but slowing her pace down a bit.
Midorininja / Madison Twilight: Madison then crossed the street to the vampire girl.
"Hi!" She said happily.
Sereniasiren / Serenia: "What do you want?" she asked, her breath was warm visibly, but her tone was cold and agressive. She hugged herself tighter, wrapping the blood stained coat and scarf deeper, her hands tugged inside her coat pockets.
Midorininja / Madison Twilight: "Nothing. Just saying hi." Madison smiled.
LanndonJames / Mick Bosner: Mick's lips hid over his fangs as the vampire girl had come up. He knew her. Just he didn't know if she remembered him.
Midorininja / Madison Twilight: Madison looked at the vampire girl kindly and hoped she would walk and talk with us.
Sereniasiren / Serenia: "Hi," she said, her voice was still low and grim, her expression unchanged. "There, you got what you wanted. Now leave me alone," she said as she turned at a corner, walking at the same, slow pace.
Midorininja / Madison Twilight: Madison shook her head and walked back to Mick and Halez.
Sereniasiren / Serenia: Serenia listened, the girl's footsteps and trailed off, she was relieved, yet still depressed. Her lonely figure strided across the street, back to her abide. She sighed again, and the warm breath was visibly seen in the cold air.
Midorininja / Madison Twilight: Madison was depressed now. She was bored too.
xxemowolfxx / Halez: "Wow, I can not believe there is nothing to do." She sighs slightly.
Midorininja / Madison Twilight: "Lets party!" SHe smiled at her idea.
xxemowolfxx / Halez: "Let's!" She smiles excitedly.
Midorininja / Madison Twilight: Madison began to dance and sing randomly.
Alegra / Samatha: <<Can I join?>>
Midorininja / Madison Twilight: <<yupp.>>
Alegra / Samatha: <<Cool thanks so were is everybody? Do you need a vampire or do you need a human>>
Midorininja / Madison Twilight: <<We are walking down an empty street and I don't believe any one is on.
xxemowolfxx / Halez: <anyone?>
Midorininja / Madison Twilight: madison jumpped in circles. "I am dizzy!!!!" She fell to the ground.
xxemowolfxx / Halez: Halez laughs at Madison.
Milky / Mirara: (( can i join))
xxemowolfxx / Halez: <i guess but this is not my rp>
Milky / Mirara: (( oh ill wait then))
Midorininja / Madison Twilight: <<You may.>>
"Dance with me!" Madison spun around more.
Midorininja / Madison Twilight: Madison grabbed Halez's hands and spun.

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