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Roleplay - The Light by Arkinon / the heartless

A short fantasy roleplay, about a kingdom in the northrend parts of the world. A few recent days ago there were reports sent to the king about "Undead" attacking several small villages and farms. The Kingdom of, Arsless, has learned these undead have a master mind. Several generals known as Death Knights. The Kingdom's forces rally to fight against this army and put an end to the unholy attackers.

Roleplay Details

No God Modding
You can be human or undead
This is more of an adventure medivel rp
If you are human and you are slain, you can choose to be risen as a dead, or a death knight
If your are a death knight, and die....thats kinda it, you can bring in another character tho, just not another death knight.


the heartless / Arkinon: Arkinon was a Paladin and Knight of the Kingdom, Arsless. He stood proud upon one of the towers outside the kingdom's main gate. As he looked over the lands. He smiled seeing his people in peace. He looked over to one of the soldiers there accompanying him. "Let us take leave and move on to the next outpost." He was running inspections on all the outposts. As he got to the bottom floor and walked out the door. He smiled as the sun hit his brown hair and his face. He took a few steps out, before he was haulted by a messenger. "Sir Arkinon! The general has sent you a message! "Undead" are attacking!" As Arkinon eyed the messenger making sure he wasn't just fooling, his eyes opened wide with shock. "Undead?" the messenger nodded. "What is this, a joke?" The messenger shook his head no, and Arkinon sighed and looked over to a few of his soldiers accompanying him. "Lets mount up and go talk to the General ourselves." As he climbed on his horse they took off to the gates of Arsless.

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