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Roleplay - My First Dance..With A Vampire..!?(remade)(one on one) by Dilila / Kemy542

Dilia is now a senior as it is a week from the high school prom.She is panicking cause she has yet to find a date.That all changes when a mysterious new transfer student joins the school.He is handsome but something seemded weird.But he asked Dilia out to the dance and thats all she cared about so she didn't pay attention to nothing else.At the dance she finds out that her first dance is with a vampire as she makes hsi way to get a sample of her blood.What will Dilia do?

Roleplay Details

vampire boy-male needed
atleast 4 sentences
cursing is allwoded
no cybering
no character controlling
no gming
other than that have fun^-^


Kemy542 / Dilila: Damn it!"Dilia said as she looked at the school board.There was a crowd and sounds of excitment from the teens crowding around the board."I forgot about teh dance.."She said as she looked at the poster.As the people left she sighed as she rubbed her head and went to her next class."Who am I going to find this late now?"She said as she sat down in her desk and pouted."Great.."She said as she took out her notebook.
coralinejones72 / --Josh--: <join?>
Kemy542 / Dilila: (Sure I thougth you quit so I started over @-@)
coralinejones72 / --Josh--: <no. i didnt O.o>
Kemy542 / Dilila: (i thought you did im sorry =3 well we weren't that far in so lets just start again ok?)
coralinejones72 / --Josh--: < its ok do u want me to just reply to the first post then?>
Kemy542 / Dilila: (yes=)
coralinejones72 / --Josh--: Josh sighed as he walked to class, seeing people rush to the poster for the dance. "Oh great... I forgot." He said and sighed, walking to class and sat down. (i I was actually looking forward to this dance... but I have no one..) Josh thought
Kemy542 / Dilila: She stood up as she went to the teacher."Here's my assignment...May I go to the bathroom?"She said as she wanted to roam the halls a little bit.She saw the crowd from ealier."Ugh.."She said quietly as she walked past.
coralinejones72 / --Josh--: Josh saw a girl go leave the room. He wondered if she was trying to find someone for a date or soemthing. Josh then went up to the teacher. "Um... I need to use the restroom" He lied and walked out as he saw the girl.
Kemy542 / Dilila: She walked slowly as she reached the water fountain and stopped to take a drink.Her pink hair getting in the way as she bended down to drink and placed a strand of hair behidn her ear so It would not get wet.
coralinejones72 / --Josh--: He saw her get a drink of water. Josh saw the sign and sighed. (i Ugh, if I had a date this wouldnt be a problem..) He thought to himself.
Kemy542 / Dilila: She saw a boy staring at her as she raised herself from drinking the water.She blinked slowly as she looked at him for awhile before she turned and walked away as her skirt danced and waved as she walked.
coralinejones72 / --Josh--: He sighed to himself and stared up at the poster. (i She probably thinks I'm a stalker..) He thought madly to himself.
Kemy542 / Dilila: "Stupid!!!There's your date!"She said to herself as she turned before she exsited the room and winked and smiled at him as she walked more slowly."Thats it use the femine charm."She said talking to herself in her head.
coralinejones72 / --Josh--: He smiled back at her and winked also. (i Maybe she doesnt think I'm a stalker...) He thought a bit more happily and smiled some.
Kemy542 / Dilila: "I wonder if he'll follow me..."She said as she took a turn in the cafeteria and sat down waiting to see his response."Come on..."She said quietly.
coralinejones72 / --Josh--: He smirked seeing her go in the cafeteria. "Huh.." Josh said and made his way in the cafeteria, seeing her sit down. "Hey" He greeted softly to her as he smiled
Kemy542 / Dilila: "Ello"She said as she smiled at him twisting her pink hair as she looked at him."Yay it worked!"She said in her head to herself as she looked at him.
coralinejones72 / --Josh--: He sat down directly across from her. "And what might you be doing in this lonely and empty cafeteria?" He teased and smiled at her
Kemy542 / Dilila: "Errm...Trying to escape time from class."She said as she giggled and looked at him."And May I ask what are you doing out here?"She said as she looked at him.
coralinejones72 / --Josh--: He chuckled. "Same as you." Josh said softly to her and smiled still at her. (i Very nice girl..) He thought
Kemy542 / Dilila: "Are you sure its not cause you were part of the crowd and you need someone to go to the dance with?"She smiled and giggled as she got up and sat next to him.
coralinejones72 / --Josh--: He smiled. "Well, maybe that's... some of it." Josh admitted and chuckled then smiled wider as she sat next to him.
Kemy542 / Dilila: She giggled."Same here partner..."She said as she joked and giggled with him.(He seems really nice...)She said as she looked at him.
coralinejones72 / --Josh--: He chuckled and smiled back at her. "Well, do you want to stay here, or go to class? i doubt the answer will be class." Josh said smiling.
Kemy542 / Dilila: She smiled and giggled as she stood up."Well lets go somewhere else...Like lunch?The food here sucks."She said as she smiled at him and waited for his response.
coralinejones72 / --Josh--: He stood up and smiled. "That'd be nice." Josh said softly to her and grinned at her.
Kemy542 / Dilila: "Ok"She said as he grabbed his hand as they left the school and heaed to the town near the school."So what do you like to eat?"She said as she smiled at him and looked to see what his response would be.

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