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Roleplay - Vampire/Demon Role-Play by Selene le Boursier / lasingingangel

Demons are living in a Human world. Humans have become extremely violent towards demons, forcing the demons to live far away from them, in forest, swamps, ect. All the violent action has angered the demons causing their payback more painful and excruciating. Many men, woman, and even children have gone missing, and either not found, or found dead. This human world, is slowly changing into a demon world.
Time: A cold and rainy day, a little bit after 2am.

Roleplay Details

1) Use ooc and other things while talking.
2) do NOT ask to join.
3) You can be human, vampire, demon, heck you can even be a unicorn for all I care. Just make things interesting.
4) Have fun. =)


lasingingangel / Selene le Boursier: Selene
Eye color: Red, or Green
Hair color: Black
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race: Vampire
Other info: Cold hearted, smart mouth, and beautiful at first glance.
lasingingangel / Selene le Boursier: *Selene sat in a tree with her hoddie well over her face. She swung her legs back and forth keep her ears sharp*
lasingingangel / Selene le Boursier: *She closed her eyes and leaned back still swinging her leg*
lasingingangel / Gabriela: <<any1>>

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