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Roleplay - Isolation (( Need people)) by Osiris DeathJudge / Osiris

Present Day:
Two hundred travelers were on a plane which had crashed into the Pacific Ocean, only eight survived by being washed upon the shore of an island out in the middle of no where. The survivors remain on this island contains of a teacher, a doctor, a cop, an actor/actress, a singer, a mayor of a small town, a runaway, and a drug addict. Each must put away their differences in order to survive the deadly tropical island and its elements. Their must fight against the weather, starvation, insanity, and the dangerous wildlife in which they are surrounded by.

Roleplay Details

4 Male, 4 Female!
Cop- Shino Aburame
Actress- Amelina
Singer- Me
Runaway- Nera
Drug Addict-
Have Fun, I will narrate, so I will tell what surrounds you and help you if you get confused or lost.


Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: <Any?>
Oblivion_770 / Alucard: << hey Osiris can i have the Cop >>
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: (( Yep.))
Oblivion_770 / Alucard: << cool, thx but i am gonna use a different profile >>
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: (( As whom? I will fix.))
Oblivion_770 / Shino Aburame: << this one >>
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: (( Got you hooked up.))
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: can i join?))
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: (( Yes. As what?))
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: ((uhh... runaway lol))
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: (( Alright.))
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: ((thanks ^_^))
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: ((wait so if im the runaway why am i a runaway?))
Oblivion_770 / Shino Aburame: << cool, so now that makes three people >>
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: (( For some reason that you choose, a bad life, bad childhood, spoiled brat, etc. You get to pick your past, same with everyone why you choose the occupation is up to you.))
Sereniasiren / Amelina: <Join as actress?>
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: ((hmmm... bad past and also nera is kinda a loner and doesnt help much but she is very strong))
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: ((hehehe i like shino he is cool))
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: ((ok so how old is every1 cause nera is 22))
Oblivion_770 / Shino Aburame: << Shino is 21 >>
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: ((cool ok so when do we start? lol))
Oblivion_770 / Shino Aburame: << i dont know >>
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: ((lol i guess we just start where ever))
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: (( Yes, you can be the actress, Amelina. We will start as soon as I get situated so I will be able to get things ready.))
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: ((ok then))
Oblivion_770 / Shino Aburame: << cool >>
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: ((*dies*))
Oblivion_770 / Shino Aburame: << * brings Nera back to life * >>
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: ((wat did ya do that for?))
Oblivion_770 / Shino Aburame: << i felt like it, it was just something to do for now >>
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: ((o ok... oh i could have been killed yesterday XP))
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: (( Okay!!))
The plane 236 shook in the sky, the turbulence was out of control! People were screaming, babies were crying the captain's voice could barely be heard over the noise. Osiris sat there in a slight panic, he had already hated to fly and now this, from across the aisle he saw many people, some fans some completely oblivious to who he was...
Oblivion_770 / Shino Aburame: << fine dont take my help, lol >>
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: Nera just sat in her seat next to Osiris completely emotionless and not scared at all
Oblivion_770 / Shino Aburame: * he was walking up and down the aisle way makeing sure there was no trouble *
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: Osiris could see the cop from *City?* walking the aisle, no doubt he had been on many planes, Osiris should have chosen to drive but no-his agent said he should fly to California, he didn't even have to pack much... A girl sat beside him, she seemed meek and didn't talk much.
Oblivion_770 / Shino Aburame: * he went to an open seat and sat down *
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: Nera saw the cop and slid down in her seat a bit in hope that he wouldnt notice that she was the runaway that was reported on t.v.
Sereniasiren / Amelina: Amelina panicked. Her face completely flushed with fear and sickness. She held a paper bag in her hand, breathing in and out of it, she usually stayed calm with this method. Her agent sat next to her, screaming for his life while squeezing her hand in terror and frenzy. She was too, she was supposed to be heading to California to finish her new movie, but she wasn't sure if she would ever make it now. The entire plane shook, which made Amelina even more sick and cold feeted.
Oblivion_770 / Shino Aburame: " damn, i hate taking vacations "
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: The plane swooped toward the deep blue ocean, many screams erupted, Osiris nearly jumped to the ceiling if not for the seat belt. There was silence for one second and then all hell broke loose, a wing was ripped off from the siding leaving a great hole in the side. They hit water, ice cold, freezing water, Osiris panicked, he ripped his belt from the seat and swam to the great gaping hole.
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: Nera didnt have a seat belt on so when the plane was falling she held onto her seat then the plane hit the water and she started to swim out of the plane
Oblivion_770 / Shino Aburame: * he started swimming for his life and swam out of the hole in the plane and up to the water surface *
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: on her way out Nera got cut on her leg by a peice of metal sticking out on the plane but she made it to the surface
Sereniasiren / Amelina: Amelina shrieked as her agent let go of her hand, the wind from the open wound blew like madness. She kept her seatbelt on, disabling her from falling into the water. A flight attendent hurridely pat her shoulder, telling her it was time to get off, staying locked in your seat would only bring death. Obediently, she took her seatbelt off and followed the attendent.
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: The plane drug down, Osiris swam for his life, when he burst out into the air there was nothing but blue salty water. He coughed and shuddered in the cold water.
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: she went and crawled onto the top of the water like it was ground and she stood up but then fell and grabbed her leg where the deep cut is
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: Osiris floated, from where he was he saw at least seven other people around him, all pale and chattering in the cold. The cop survived and so did the girl, an actress, a doctor, a teacher, a pitiful mayor, and a drug addict all survived. A drug Addict for gosh sake! The cop should have had him/her in custody!
Oblivion_770 / Shino Aburame: * he swan for the shore of an island *
Sereniasiren / Amelina: <Gotta go ;o>
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: she thought to herself "im to hurt to swim or walk but i cant do anything to big or unatural infront of these people" she was planning on calling for her pet but she was afraid it would be too much of a shock for the others so she stood up and started to limp to shore
Oblivion_770 / Shino Aburame: * before he got to the shore he looked back to see if anyone needed help * " does anyone need help "
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: (( Umm, there is no special powers in this RP...It's just natural.))
Osiris finally landed upon the soft golden sand of an island, there everyone collapsed of exhaustion and fatigue. There they slept upon the sand for hours. ((Including everyone.))
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: ((well animals r natural which she has a pet)) she fell into the water and started to sink not being able to swim cause of her wound
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: (( Okay now I'm confused, Alucard which char are you? Shino is the cop.))
Oblivion_770 / Shino Aburame: * he swam toward her and pulled her up on to his shoulders and swam for the shore *
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: (( Okay, are we all caught up or do I need to back up my posts?))
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: she was passed out and she had taken in alot of water ((sorry it took so long to reply. my bro got in trouble))
Oblivion_770 / Shino Aburame: << i think u need to back it up a bit, ok >>
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: (( Everyone get to the shore, Osiris is already there!!))
Oblivion_770 / Shino Aburame: * he carried her to the shore and layed her down and did cpr *
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: Osiris could see the cop do something to the girl, but all it looked like to him was heaving on her chest.
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: she coughed up water then opened her eyes and sighed "i didnt need your help" she said then got up but winced in pain cause of her leg
Oblivion_770 / Shino Aburame: " let me take a look at that cut "
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: The girl finally coughed but Osiris was busy trying to ring out his own clothes, they were special!
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: "no im fine just leave me alone" she commanded then started to limp away
Oblivion_770 / Shino Aburame: " stop, now sit down so i can look at the wound on ur leg " * he demanded *
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: Osiris looked over at the others, they were either out cold or near to it, he shuddered but couldn't stand due to the stress and weakness of the crash. So he just sat there..
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: she turned around and punched him in the face with all her strength and she had an angry look on her face
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: "'Ey, don't do that! He's a cop!" Osiris yelled across the sand.
Oblivion_770 / Shino Aburame: * it didnt hurt him * " now sit down so i can look at that wound on ur leg or do i have to make u "
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: "dont touch me or ill kill you" she said with a growl
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: (( Okay, do I play the other characters or what?))
Oblivion_770 / Shino Aburame: " do u know i am a cop, and i have a set of handcuffs "
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: Osiris finally stood up, "Hey, just let her be if she wants it to become infected and fall off that's her problem, cop. Where are we?"
Oblivion_770 / Shino Aburame: " i dont know where we are at "
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: "Oh man! And I've got a concert at noon tomorrow! Do you know what that would do to my career?!"
Oblivion_770 / Shino Aburame: " easy easy, i am sure that we will be found "
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: "Don't you tell me to take it easy, all you do is sit in the station and eat donuts!" Osiris was near hysterics with fear.
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: ((crap im so sorry guys my computer fucked up >_<))
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: ((yall still here?))
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: ((*sigh* i guess not))
Sereniasiren / Amelina: <I'm back >.<''>
Oblivion_770 / Shino Aburame: << anyone on >>
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: (( Here. Waiting for you to post against my 'Donuts' comment, Shino...))
Oblivion_770 / Shino Aburame: " hey i do sit around and eat donuts all day "
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: "Exactly! Which is why you can't help us!! No one can, we're doomed, DOOMED!!!!" Osiris got up and began running from the shore to the edge of the trees then back to the shore.
Oblivion_770 / Shino Aburame: " settle down now "
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: Osiris didn't hear him, he was in a panic now, throwing his hands in the air and kicking the sand as he ran. He babbled on and on about the stupid plane and crash and everything that had tied into it.
Oblivion_770 / Shino Aburame: * he walked up to Osiris and punched him in the gut * " now settle down "
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: Osiris fell, stunned, into the sand, he coughed out something like "I'll sue you for that" But it was muffled from his pain.
Oblivion_770 / Shino Aburame: " next time listen to what i say. now calm down "
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: Osiris just laid upon the warm sand, it felt good to his soaked clothes.

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