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Roleplay - Soul Mates by / NewYorkAlleyCat

Soul mates. Such a powerfully small phrase, yet so much power within it. So many people go crazy just trying to find that one person to complete them. They strave themself of love and care until the person comes,some even die from it. What makes a soul mate so important? Why do so many people have a buring hole in their heart, for someone they've never met before?

Roleplay Details

1. This is a romance RP, try to keep it that way.
2. Keep this rated Teen.
3. Shipping is allowed.
4. Cursing is allowed though at a reasonable extent.
5. No one-liners please or at least keep them minimal.


NewYorkAlleyCat / Mei Lin: Mei Lin grumbled softly,kicking her feet as she rested on the railing of her schools roof. She hated coming back here and being stared at. It was always somehting different everyday. Sometimes for her clothes, for the way she talked, and sometimes for no good reason at all. She huffed and lowed her eyes, willing the tears away. She was not going to cry just because the school was full of jerks, she'd wait for a better reason then that.
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