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Roleplay - Katana by Suzuki Amaya / TheUndetected

In the 21st century, Japan; being a warrior didn't mean anything anymore. Katanas were just a joke and true hand-to-hand combat, was turning into gang ways of abusing people. Luckily, a private institution far off in the counrty side still believe in the old ways and accepted students to become a true warrior. Suzuki Amaya were one of those students and she was at the top of her class, she was happy about too. Until a new student came along and took her spot, since he did; they've been rivals until they realize how much they really love each other. But, when their parents find out, they find out that in the old ways; their clans were sworn enemies.

Roleplay Details

Suzuki Amaya- Me.
New boy student- Taken.
Suzuki's best friend- Taken.
New studen't friend- Taken.
Anybody else- Open.


TheUndetected / Suzuki Amaya: [ It doesn't seem like anyone's going to join, so I'll start. ] Suzuki had heard from her best friend that the headmaster was allowing a new student to join the school and he was rumored to be extremely talented. And of course, if he was talented, Suzuki knew she had to see him first. Suzuki was at the top of all her classes and she wanted to know exactly what she's up against for the title. Yeah, it was selfish to always be on top. But, that was who she was. Suzuki sighed as she leaned against the wall next to the gates, waiting for the boy. 'Hurry up and come!' Suzuki yelled in her head.
evare / evare zeraven: evare walked up to the class and stood there. "this should be great." he said sarcasticly
TheUndetected / Suzuki Amaya: Suzuki looked up with a smirk. She saw a kid she didn't recongnize and knew it was him. "Hey, new kid. Over here," Suzuki called out to him. Suzuki liked to seem... innocent with some people who were known to be difficult to fight against, she liked to screw with their minds.
evare / evare zeraven: he walked over and stood in front of her as he pulled out his katana. "what? he asked standing still and his hair glitened in the light and his perect purple eyes gleemed from the sun
TheUndetected / Suzuki Amaya: Suzuki's smirk grew wider, but her crimson red hair covered her face, except for parts of her eyes. "You can put your katana away," Suzuki paused and laughed quietly. "I'm not the 'bad guy' right now. Maybe later. Anyway, heard you were strong. Is it true?"
evare / evare zeraven: "i dont no if your good or bad and personally i dont care" he said as he wlaked in the room. "i dont know if im good, why dont you find out" he said
TheUndetected / Suzuki Amaya: Suzuki laughed. "Wonderful sense of humor," Amaya's grin turned into a devils smile. "I just might have to do so. We usually have spars in an hour. I'll see if the rumors are true. Doubt if they are, though," Suzuki's eyes flickered with amusement, awaiting for his comeback.
evare / evare zeraven: "well, we'll just have 2 see now wont me,. " he said. "what are you anyway a teachers pet or something " he said laughing
TheUndetected / Suzuki Amaya: Suzuki laughed. "Quite the opposite. I'm just the one on top around here. Kids here screw with the teachers, not adore them," Suzuki paused and sat on top of a desk behind her. "Were you a teachers pet from where ever... you came from?"
evare / evare zeraven: "i never had a teacher, i taught myself." evare said as he layd down
TheUndetected / Suzuki Amaya: "Nobody at 'home' to teach you?" Suzuki asked, slightly quieter than normal. Suzuki didn't have anybody at 'home' since her family rarely spoke with her after an incident a few years ago, she just started speaking with her family for once when she was accepted into this school. Since then, Suzuki wasn't always... as confident at the subject.
evare / evare zeraven: "i dont have anyone to live (B with)" he said
TheUndetected / Suzuki Amaya: Suzuki's eyes darted around the room the whole time they had this conversation, until he said that. "Same," Suzuki replied blankly. Suzuki never remembered what happend all those years ago, somehow her brain blocked out all the bad memories in her mind. "Is there... a reason for that?"
evare / evare zeraven: "a reason i dont want to talk about." he said standing and walking around
TheUndetected / Suzuki Amaya: Suzuki nodded and kept silent. For some reason she didn't have the thought of determining if he was stronger than her, the conversation pushed her to the point of actually thinking of her family. Suzuki bite her lower lip of boredom and lack of a conversation.
evare / evare zeraven: "........"
TheUndetected / Suzuki Amaya: Suzuki looked at the boy for a moment and sighed. "You never told me your name," Suzuki called out, not having anything else to say.
evare / evare zeraven: "its evare" he said ooking in her eyes
TheUndetected / Suzuki Amaya: Suzuki lowered her eyes, noticing his. She moved a strand of hair out of her face and looked back up at him. "I'm Suzuki. It's... nice to meet you," Suzuki replied akwardly.
evare / evare zeraven: he couldnt stop looking in her eyes for some reason. he just stared
TheUndetected / Suzuki Amaya: Suzuki lowered her head, but still met his gaze. Luckily her hair was blocking most of her face, so he couldn't see how much she was blushing at his stare.
evare / evare zeraven: "your blushing i can tell" he said almost laughing for a first time.
TheUndetected / Suzuki Amaya: Suzuki blushed even more, but a small small crossed over her face. "Your staring is the reason of it," Suzuki replied, with a touch of amusement in her voice.
evare / evare zeraven: "hmph, fine ill just stop." he said looking away.
TheUndetected / Suzuki Amaya: Suzuki sighed deeply and shook her head, mummbling to herself. Suzuki was never the best with boys and everything she thought was 'okay' to say, didn't work out. Suzuki just stared at her feet, slightly dissapointed in her words.
evare / evare zeraven: evare ealized the guilt he put in her and felt bd. "dont feel bad, im just a differant type of person" he said staring agian
TheUndetected / Suzuki Amaya: Suzuki smiled slightly. "As am I...," She replied quietly and looked up to see him staring again. Suzuki stared as well, blushing incredibly again.
evare / evare zeraven: "heh" evare saw her blush. he walked up to her and kissed her softly
TheUndetected / Suzuki Amaya: Suzuki blushed even more, but was happy that her hair wasn't in the way for this moment. Suzuki returned the kiss and even though she barely knew him, somehow it was like they were close for some reason.
evare / evare zeraven: "evare smiled for a first time and kssed hr agian
TheUndetected / Suzuki Amaya: Suzuki smiled and kissed him back again, deepening the kiss. Suzuki was flushed, she had never felt a sudden warmth or so... suddenly free.
evare / evare zeraven: evare looked in her eyes. "your beautifull, you know that." he said holding her hips
TheUndetected / Suzuki Amaya: Suzuki smiled. "Thank you. You're quite handsome yourself," Suzuki replied, her arms wrapped around his neck.
evare / evare zeraven: he kissed her reapididly and smiled. "thanks"he said laughing
TheUndetected / Suzuki Amaya: Suzuki giggled quietly. "No problem," She said and kissed him multiple times again.
evare / evare zeraven: evare started making out with her. his eyes turned baby blue as his hair breezed though the wind
TheUndetected / Suzuki Amaya: As Suzuki made out with him her normally redish honey colored eyes turned into a soft hazel brown. It had not been that way since she was actually accepted into her family.
evare / evare zeraven: evare backed off as the teacher came in
TheUndetected / Suzuki Amaya: Suzuki smiled to herself and took out her katana, holding it beside her body. Suzuki suspected that they would learn how to 'properly' use a katana again. Suzuki sighed in dissapointment that the teacher had to come in when he came in.
evare / evare zeraven: "ok students, we have a new student toda." the teacher stated. "suzuki, i would like you to spar him" he said as he backed away
QueenVictoria / Liza (real pic): (Can I be the new kid's bestie?)
TheUndetected / Suzuki Amaya: [ Yes, you can. ]
Suzuki stared up at the teacher with a sharp look in her eye, but nodded respectfully. Suzuki stood up and walked a good 15ft away from Evare, facing towards him. "If you would please, start first."
evare / evare zeraven: evare raced towards her. he swung his foot unde her tripping her to the gound and put his sword at her throat
TheUndetected / Suzuki Amaya: Suzuki smiled and did a small back flip, kicking his sword at him. Suzuki stood up and held her katana close to her side, ready to defend or attack.
QueenVictoria / Liza (real pic): Liza put her hand on Evare's shoulder. "Don't waste your time Ev." She said calmly. She turned her head to see Suzuki and glared. She knew about the rivalry and she wasn't about to take some stranger's side of things
evare / evare zeraven: evare jumped over her and stuck his sword toher back but let go and tripped her agian but this time he jumped back
TheUndetected / Suzuki Amaya: Suzuki stood up and smirked at Liza's glare. She gripped on her katana tightly and ran towards him, but slide on the ground below him. Suzuki smiled and threw her katana up while kicking his back, then hitting the pressure points on his ankles slightly. Suzuki jumped back, her katana back in hand.
evare / evare zeraven: evaer looked at liza then jumped back and blocked the attacks. "hmmmm? he asked liza
QueenVictoria / Liza (real pic): Liza stood back, but glared at Suzuki none the less. "Drop it Ev! There is no need to waste your time on someone way less tanelted than yourself." She said loudly, but still that cool calm in her voice.
TheUndetected / Suzuki Amaya: Suzuki rolled her eyes. "It's no fun when you talk to... her and just trip me the whole time," Suzukie called out, leaning on the wall a bit. Suzukie looked at Liza. "You're pretty stupid to talk, not even close to either one of our league."
QueenVictoria / Liza (real pic): "The name's Liza and I suggest you use it when addressing me, Low-life." Liza said with a cold tone. Her eyes were like brown ice spheres and they stared right through Suzuki.
evare / evare zeraven: evare got a little mad and ran towards suzuki ignoring liza's words. he put his sword at her thraot. "if you move, the sword will slice your thrat. "evare sais
TheUndetected / Suzuki Amaya: Suzuki smiled. "The next time you say something stupid like before, think. I didn't ask to fight your... friend. It was an order from the teacher," Suzuki said with a laugh. "Now, if you want to make a comeback, it's likely to not to about yourself. You're the only low-life." Suzuki looked at him and smiled. "Go ahead. What's stoppin' you?"
QueenVictoria / Liza (real pic): Liza unsheathed her own katana. It was white gold and very sturdy. She had decorated the handle with herclans colours. Silver and blue. There were ribbons of those colours wrapped around it and a little bow of the two tying off the end. She stood next to Evare supportively. There was no way that she would let this... Thing hurt her best friend
TheUndetected / Suzuki Amaya: [ Okay. Whoever's on, just reply. ] Suzuki smiled to herself. "I'm just one person. I don't see the need for you to join in with your... friend. I'm just talking, it's not my fault it effects him so," Suzuki said, her eyes back to crimson red. "And besides, a small little spar like this shouldn't be so... personal."
XxjusxmexX / Mya Amaya: Hearing everything Mya stepped over to Suzuki's denfense and whispered in a low tone. "Best friend or wanna be gf? Whats up with getting all touchy?" She looked over at the two. And opened her mouth as if to say something but didn't.
TheUndetected / Suzuki Amaya: Suzuki shrugged. "Best friend, but you never now. It surely seems like both, huh?" Suzuki replied to her best friend, Mya. The second ranked in the whole school. Suzuki looked at Liza and smiled to herself again. "She seems like a wannabe girlfriend, huh?"
XxjusxmexX / Mya Amaya: Mya smiled. "Oh yeah. Big time. Getting all touchy over and claiming to be "best friends" but then you never do know." Mya looked over Liza then turned back to Suzuki.
TheUndetected / Suzuki Amaya: Suzuki laughed quietly and quickly remember what annoying little thing was on her neck. Suzuki gently held her katana to his and pushed him back. "Such a filthy katana, it's a wonder why you use it." Suzuki looked at Mya for a moment. "Would you like to sit down in the back with me?"
XxjusxmexX / Mya Amaya: Mya smiled at Suzuki and nodded. "I'd be honored."
TheUndetected / Suzuki Amaya: Suzuki nodded her head to the two annoyances in front of her humorously and headed over to the back. Suzuki was leaning on the wall, her katana in hand. Suzuki was thinking of what occured earlier and now strongly regrets it.
XxjusxmexX / Mya Amaya: Reading the expression on Suzuki's face, Mya sighed and walked up to her best friend. "Whats wrong?" she asked queitly knowing that either way Suzuki could hear her.

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