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Roleplay - Dying Rose by / BlackWingedAnge

It has always been a love/hate relationship between them. One human, another vampire. She hated him, but loved him, because he knew who she truly was inside. He loves her, but is afraid she would kill him, but stays by her side because he can never let go...

Roleplay Details

-Anyone is welcome to join. Whether as a friend or family or as another part of the story.
-Any races are allowed. Preferably Vampire and Human though.
-No GM please.
-Romance is encouraged.
-Type at least 5 sentences using proper English please, with proper spelling and grammar.
-In third person please.
-have fun!
Vampire Girl: <taken> BlackWingedAnge
Human Boy: <free>
Human Boy's Sister: PerkyGoth
Others: <free>


BlackWingedAnge / Shahira Anderson: Shahira sighed, leaning onto the wall. She didn't know what she was doing here, she didn't know what she was to do. She felt so lost.
Rain poured from above, thoroughly soaking her to the bone. She was in her human form then, and shivered. She hated feeling vulnerable but she could only go around this way. The night was dark and cold. She had to find her way back.
PerkyGoth / Lastiyah: ( May i be the boy's younger sister?If that's okay. . )
BlackWingedAnge / Shahira Anderson: ((of course. ))
PerkyGoth / Lastiyah: ( Tell me when i may start. And how i should. . . )
BlackWingedAnge / Shahira Anderson: ((Maybe you see me? and ask to help? lol. its really up to you. you could come up with just about anything. =] ))

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