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Roleplay - Blinded By The Silence Of A Thousand Broken Hearts. by / RetroDuctape

In a land where all weathers are accepted, all conditions are to be survived through. There is no escape, but always an entrance.
A group of creatures live in this dimension, where there is only one land. And four waters.
The waters are in the four corners, top left bottom left top right bottom right.
The land is everywhere else.
There are different sections of land, each extrememly different.
There is an Antartic land, full of snow and ice. This is where the ice creatures lay. Many have the element of ice, and are vunerable to fire attacks. They can also have the air element too, though only a selected few have both.
The air element is to create the sharp winds of the blizzards, and the ice is for the snow and such. This, does have one of the main four waters. Though, it's frozen. It would need the fire element to drink or use. This is top left land.
Also, there is a desert. This is where the more heated creatures come to play. Often the fire element, or sand for the sand storms. The sand can be deflected by the air element, and paused in time by the ice, though. If the fire is large enough then the ice would have no effect, and air would only feed it.
Here, there are mostly reptile creatures. Part snake, park lizard... Though it may have a small Oasis here and there, it does not have a large waters. Located in the centre. Creatures would most likely pass through to get to opposite lands.
Another with one of the four waters, is the rainforest. A land overtaken with tree's, plants and insects of such, the creatures here possess either the water element or earth. Rarely both. The large waters is in the centre of the huge forest, it's a massive, clear water lake. Most creatures come here to drink, for the hot, yet humid weather.
The ice creatures could not survive there for long.This is the bottom right lands.
Growing lands. This is much like farming feilds, where the nature creatures live. There are many oak and pine tree's here, and this is where most foods are grown and made. Some is sent to the other lands that do not have their food provided - Desert or Ice. - These places are often at peace, and work together.
Darkness. This is where the shadow element and mind trickers come into the story. This place has a constant stench of blood, and often any strays would be attacked and savagly eaten. Though not all the demons who survive here, some have kinder personalities. But all are evil in one sense or another, due to the way they have grown. This has it's own big waters, located in the bottom left corner. Though it's stained red with the blood of victims, and most who would dare to drink from it would die. Unless demonic, of course.
Clouded Paradise. This is for only the purest, the element of light and sound is here. The music that comes from the angelic creatures instruments, ((Often flutes, harps, or other angel symbollic instruments.)) is hypnotising, often putting others in trances that can only be broken if the hypnotised one is that of pure blood, no intention of hurting others with their purpose. The scene of this is just white, gold, silver and other pure, light metals. The clouds are low down, causing fog in the winter and autumn, half through spring, and the grass is white. This also, has a large waters. The top right.

Roleplay Details

Antartic Land Livers :
crazyhusky - Cara Bartly
Desert Land Livers :
Rainforest Land Livers :
RetroDuctape - Tsuchi Mizusaki
Growing Lands Livers :
Darkness Land Livers :
Clouded Paradise Livers :
Rach94 - Ereila
1) Nobody is invinsable.
2)If you wish to have a special power, seperate from the ones I have given, then please ask.
3) No Romance. Being married, with or having a family with another is fine. But no constant kisses and hugs. Please and Thankyou.
4) There is only five people from each land that is allowed to harness both elements that I have given. Want them both, ask.
All in one post, please.
Eg. :
((Join?)) Person walks around the ice land, kicking at the snow and watching kids play, his/her past has been so dramatically horrible and this that the other whatever. He/she is aiming to head for the Growing lands to receive food for his/her tribe, he is going to blah blah yada yada.
Got it?
6) Please, use grammar. No internet slang. And atleast four sentances. I have made this RP to improve my writing skills, and I need something to work off.
7) No godmodding. If you god-mod your post will be deleted without warning and I will ask for you to re-write it. Sorry, but I don't want people running in, thinking they can be all supreme.
8) Want to kill someone? Ask either them or me. Thank you.
9) Please, no arguements unless it's in character.
10) Keep ooc to a minimum, thank you.
------ crazyhusky IS IN CHARGE WHILE I AM AWAY.--


RetroDuctape / Tsuchi Mizusaki: Tsuchi was leaning over the Rainforest scene, much like a hawk would over a cliff edge, waiting for their prey to come into veiw. The woman was the leader of the Rainforest tribe and gave most advice or guidance when needed. Though she can be quite a nasty peice of work, get on her good side and you'll be just fine.
She was waiting for the next traveller. She knew one was about to wander into the Rainforest land, and would not move from her post until they did. She was blended right into the vine covered, green scenery surrounding her. Her body almost perfectly still, not even a single sign of breathing was shown. Practically invisible to the naked eye. The slow, soothing, humid breeze of the Rainforest land brushing through her short, dirty green hair had made her slip into her silent thoughts.
Her family wasn't anything special, infact she didn't know why she was leader like this. The woman was only a mere eighteen years old when she was made a leader to this Land. She knew that some of the creatures in this natural enviroment thought her way of things were not appropriate, sometimes just plain idiotic. Her parents had died when she was 13, though she shown no emotion for her family. She never spoke with what was left of it much now.
Only having an older sister and brother - twins - And a younger sister now, she was the one who had to makesure their living places were comfortable.
People lived in treehouses, made from what they could find. If the creature couldn't build or didn't like it, they often slept on leaves or branches.
crazyhusky / Cara Bartly: <Join?> Cara blinked slowly, trying to get the snow out of her eyes. She sighed, her brother and his friends and sent hundreds of snowballs at her, again. She brushed out the snow out of her equally white, maybe whiter, hair. She looked towards the house, she really didn't want to go back. She liked her parents and all, but it was just to chaotic right now. Dad was on the fritz for some unknown reason. With Runt on her side, she decided she would go on a walk.
When she got to one of her favorite places she began to think back, how it was with the wolves. How they took her in when she was a baby. How they nursed her. She smiled at the thought of them. She did miss them, alot. Her pale eyes looked around. She was sitting on the cold, fresh snow. Runt was bouncing around, he saw something. < Further info on my chary is in her chary description>
RetroDuctape / Tsuchi Mizusaki: Yes. Any abilties you'd like to add? )) Tsuchi was snapped out of her trail of thought as she heard the squelching of the swamp beneath her. She turned her leafy green gaze down to a man, dressed in white clothing, a white thick coat tied around his neck by the arms, and a sword tied firmly to his hip.
She called out to him, but still didn't move. "State your purpose." Her voice rung out between the tree's. He jumped, realising he had a presence. The man had pointed ears, much like her own, and pure white skin, he looked much like one from the Antartic lands. (r "I've come to give a message. The leader of this land is to report to the Antartic lands immediantly. That is all.") She waved her hand, not only giving away her position, but transporting the lost-looking man outside of the Rainforest land, and closer towards his home. Presuming he'd been from the snow lands himself.
She jumped down from the branch, her bare feet sinking deep into the mud. ::I'll leave at sunrise.:: She thought, pulling her feet out from the ground with ease.
crazyhusky / Cara Bartly: < Could I have the Air and Snow abilities? < Cara was making snow doodles in the snow when she saw someone from her own tribe, coming from the Rainforest. She couldn't tell who it was, because of the white cloak. She tugged at her own so the crisp air couldn't get to her. It was starting to snow again, little flakes fell from the sky. She smiled as she caught some with her mouth.
She figured she was going to head back, the flakes had begun to fall a little faster. Her cheeks were red, she had been out for a while now. Anytime now, her brother would be sent out to come and find her. She entered the igloo stomping off her shoes. The fire was burning and she noticed her brother actually reading. That was very strange.
RetroDuctape / Tsuchi Mizusaki: Yes. )) Tsuchi was dawdling her way back to her treehouse, when she remembered.
That means it must be important. Great, just another thing to take care of. She quickened her pace, and climbed up a tree with Ivy climbing up it, shaped into a triangle of sorts. As she reached the top, she entered the wooden room, emptying our her bag and refilling it with new supplies. Warm food wrapped up, a spare change of clothes, a knife - She always carried one.
And then begun to get changed into warmer clothes, she didn't have much. So after she'd done, she picked up her bag and set off to another treehouse, the travelling storage one. There she found white clothes, much like the man was wearing. She skipped most of it, only taking the coat and boots. But she didn't put them on.
Instead, she carried them along with her, with some effort. While carrying so much, she couldn't just transport herself without assistance. There were other creatures that would help, but unfortunately most came out at night, and it was midday.
Once she reached the border, where the tree's thinned and the mud began to get covered with dirty snow. She dropped the boots on the floor, and slipped her thick with dirt feet inside, and the coat over her head. She then, continued to walk.
Soon enough the tree's disapeared, and replaced by igloo's and snow creatures.
crazyhusky / Cara Bartly: Cara heard Runt barking and howling. She really wanted to go and see what was going on. but her dad insisted on her staying indoors. Cara took a sip of her hot chocolate. She at the mug down and moved closer to the fire, tonight was colder then usual. She shivered and took another sip of her coco.
The barking never stopped, she scolded her self for peeping out side to look at the mystery figure. She couldn't make it out so she went back inside.
RetroDuctape / Tsuchi Mizusaki: A girl manached to catch her eye, her hair must have been the whitest, brightest thing she's ever seen in her life. This is why she hated it here. It was all white, and she looked odd in her swampy green outfit, the only thing she had with her that was from here was a coat and boots.
The messanger hadn't told her where to go. So she sat down in the middle of one 'group' that looked rather like a village, she sat next to the fire, unsure of how it got there. Maybe they had a truce with the desert land? Why wasn't she informed? They might have found their own way of making flames.
Then again, the desert land isn't the only place where they could have gotten fire.
crazyhusky / Cara Bartly: When Cara thought about the person in the snow, the more she worried. The person wore green, which ment they were from the rain forest tribe. Cara stepped out again, with her cloak on she walked out with Runt. She tried to remember where she saw the figure.
She cam upon the place where footprints stayed. She was unsure at first then followed the foot steps. Runt barked and ran ahead. She frowned and tried to follow him.
crazyhusky / Cara Bartly: < g2g bbl >
RetroDuctape / Tsuchi Mizusaki: Tsuchi looked down at the wolf cub that ran towards her, barking and howling away. She couldn't see the other figure behind the cub, since everything and anything was white. Besides Tsuchi, of course. She reached out a hand to pet the wolf, but it began to growl and it's fur stood on end.
She took the hint, and sat to face it, just looking at it instead. After a moment, it had calmed down, and sitting in the same, calm fashion as Tsuchi was. It was like a staring competition, nobody moved. It was only then when Tsuchi heard snow crunching in the distance, and turned her head to look up at the almost invisable figure before her.
crazyhusky / Cara Bartly: < okay,im back > Cara gasped when she found Runt, she had thought she had lost him. She was happy that he had finally stopped and sat down. She noticed a person. She was in green. Rain forest tribe, most likely. Runt looked as if he was concentrating on something. Cara smiled warmly at the stranger, though she was always the shy type, she was always friendly. " Are you lost?" she asked
RetroDuctape / Tsuchi Mizusaki: She shakes her head, "I'm just looking for someone. I was sent here by a messanger, a few hours ago." She stood up to her feet, her eyes scanning over the others features. She could tell she was shy from the way she spoke. Tsuchi always told alot about people by the way they present themselves.
Almost obvious the girl had a hard life so far, so Tsuchi made sure not to be rude.
crazyhusky / Cara Bartly: "Oh, this way then." she smiled ,this must have been the girl her father was talking about. Runt ran ahead towards the Igloo where her father waited. "Are you.. the Rain forest leader?" she asked, hoping she wasn't being rude. She waited aside, waiting on the girl to follow her.
RetroDuctape / Tsuchi Mizusaki: She nods, following the girl. "Yes. I am Tsuchi Mizusaki. I suppose you know why I'm here, then?" She asks, smiling politely at the woman. Tsuchi glanced around, before crawling into the Igloo. She had almost no idea what was going on.
Of course she wasn't being rude. Tsuchi thought trying to kill her was 'rude'.
crazyhusky / Cara Bartly: "I have no idea your here. Father dosent tell me much." She brushed her bangs out of her eyes. Runt whined at the igloo entrance, he wanted in. She frowned and called for her father.
The Igloo was quite big and roomy.It wasent small either, it had 4 bedrooms, a kitchen, and a family room.
Father came in and greeted Tsuchi with a hearty hand shake. "Hello Tshuchi Mizusaki." he said with a smile, "Why don't we come into the Family room." he said, that was a sighn for everyone to go to thier rooms.
RetroDuctape / Tsuchi Mizusaki: She nods, following after the people. "Why have you called me here, and sounding so urgent? Have you and the desert lands had another arguement?" She knew that she couldn't sort out any arguements, and so did they. So why was she here?
A war? Resources? What would she possibly have to offer to help this strange, white land?
crazyhusky / Cara Bartly: < Do you have any ideas, lol, i cant think of anything.. >
RetroDuctape / Tsuchi Mizusaki: Me either. Uhh, o.o ))
crazyhusky / Cara Bartly: < well... this sucks *thinks* maybe, we hit this gold mine and half of it was in your land.. >
RetroDuctape / Tsuchi Mizusaki: Nah. Umm. Global warming? XD ))
crazyhusky / Cara Bartly: < okay, we could make that work.. maybe > Martin <his name :P> smiled and sat down, "Would you like anything to drink or eat?" she asked, hie eyes glowed warmly, and he smiled a crooked smiled.
Cara shushed Runt, wanting to hear what they were saying.
RetroDuctape / Tsuchi Mizusaki: Tsuchi shook her head "No thank you. I came here because I was asked to, not for a drink." Though her words had a sarcastic hint to them, she gave a polite smile, and placed her hands in her lap. "Just tell me why you have brought me here."
crazyhusky / Cara Bartly: Martin sighed, "Global warming." he said, sounding depressed. "It is melting out snow, and well, we, as in our people, was wondering if you knew how to help us in anyway.."
Cara gasped and petted Runt's head. "It's okay." she whispered.
RetroDuctape / Tsuchi Mizusaki: Tsuchi sighed, shaking her head. "I can't. Global warming isn't as fast as what it was in the last dimension, because we have not got the tehcnoledgy. But it is getting worse. There is no way I can reduce it, the only thing I can say is get the ice elements and keep working at it."
crazyhusky / Cara Bartly: Martin nodded, he understood. "Okay, thank you, that was all i needed." he smiled at her. Runt scampered down to the kitchen, wagging his tail at Tsuchi. He licked her foot then trotted off somewhere. < g2g for a hour>
RetroDuctape / Tsuchi Mizusaki: Okay. )) Tsuchi nodded, quickly making her way out of the Igloo, and across the snowy ladscape. She hated this enviroment. Just wanted to get back to her own. Rushing across the snow, the air heated up and she soon hit the tree's again, slipping her coat and boots off she walked across the rest of the way, hours passing before she reached the main of her home land.
Rach94 / Ereila: ((Join?))
Ereila slowly walked through the thick, dense green around her. Her dainty bare feet sunk slightly into the damp grass around her. Looking around curiously, Ereila began to hum a small tune her Elder Angel had taught her back at Clouded Paradise before she had gone exploring. Here she was, deep into the Rainforest, her heart light with curiousity and excitment with the potential adventure.
RetroDuctape / Tsuchi Mizusaki: ((Yes.)) Tsuchi paused, spotting a blue, angelic figure in the distance. Instantly she backed up against a tree trunk, becoming invisable with her surroundings. She didn't move, there was no sign of breathing nor heartbeat. Many sounds filled the enviroment, chirps, squarks, crickets, rustling, and the little scatters of insects may be heard from those with brilliant hearing. This was no place for the purely innocent if they were weak, and unwilling to kill for food.
Rach94 / Ereila: Ereila decided to stop as her feet were getting tired from walking all day, and there wasn't enough room for her wings to spread with all the trees and such. A small log was lay on the ground. Ereila smiled and clasped her hands together, her wings fluttering slightly. "Perfect!" she exclaimed, her sweet voice quiet in the loud rainforest. She slowly sat herself down on the log and closed her eyes, listening to the sounds around her and humming her tune again.
RetroDuctape / Tsuchi Mizusaki: She chuckles, shaking her head slowly at the girl. Tsuchi slowly shifted towards her, apearing behind her before whispering in her ear, "State your busniess." She hoped to make the girl jump, and it would probally work too, knowing the girl thought she was alone. She then continued, "And I wouldn't advise yelling like that in a place of this sorts, you might disturb the unwanted."
Rach94 / Ereila: Ereila slowly opened her eyes and looked at the person in front of her. She wore all green, and Ereila knew she was an inhabitant of the rainforest. Ereila's eyes brightened as she smiled up at her, extending an arm slowly. "I am Ereila. It's a pleasure to meet you." she said, her voice dripping with genuine kindness.
RetroDuctape / Tsuchi Mizusaki: Tsuchi stood up straight, returning the smile as she shook the hand firmly. "I'm Tsuchi, leader of the Rainforest land. Pleasure to meet you, too." With that, she let go of her hand and sat on the log beside her. "I would advise getting some new clothes, since you stick out like a sore thumb anywhere around these parts."
crazyhusky / Cara Bartly: < Back!> Cara slowly entered the Family Room, her father looked sad. She knew why to, and that pleased her. She took Runt in her arms and walked outside.
It would soon be getting dark. She scolded herself for going to far away from the Igloo. She frowned for she wasn't aware of her surroundings. She kicked up snow with her boot. She watched a hare dart around until settling down. Runt knew his role. It looked as if he was almost smiling.
Minutes later, Runt came back with the hare in his mouth. She felt the air around her get warmer, and she saw tree's in the distance.
Rach94 / Ereila: Ereila glanced to her outfit and raised her eyebrows, her eyes sad. "You do not like my clothes?" she asked, smoothing down her top. "But I do not have any more with me." She felt upset a bit, but pouted slightly. "Excuse me for saying this, but you would stick out where I live also." she said quietly, laughing very quietly.
RetroDuctape / Tsuchi Mizusaki: She nods, "I know. I stick out most places, exept here. I blend right in. And I suggest you go to the travelers supply room, that has plenty." Tsuchi chuckles at the way the girl tried to keep her voice down. First, she leant forward, and let the girls hair down. "Your hair most definately won't fit in tied up. We're more like animals out here."
crazyhusky / Cara Bartly: Cara saw the way Runt watched the tree's. "No." she hissed. He didn't listen. She sighed and walked after him. Her boot trudged through the dirty snow. She had a disgusted look on her face. "How could you have dirty snow.." she said ashamed.
Minutes later, Cara had lost sight of Runt. she looked desperately through the tree's and bush's. She thought she felt eyes on her, but then again, every time she turned around, there was nothing there.
Runt was now covered in mud. He licked himself, but that just spread the mud. He heard voices ao he went to investigate.
Rach94 / Ereila: Ereila gasped slightly as she felt her hair come loose. She never wore it like that, but she admittedly felt a bit more free with it down. "Like animals?" she repeated, taking a quick glance at her surroundings again. There was life in every corner. Her wings fluttered a tiny bit in the wind as she took a deep breath in. This place was a lot different to what she was used to.
RetroDuctape / Tsuchi Mizusaki: Tsuchi turns, spotting the wolf cub from before. "Oh lord, what happened to him? I wonder if that girl knows." She held out a hand to the wolf, offering for it to come closer. She moved over the log, laying down in the mud, letting it sink up on her chest and stomache, her legs lay on the log, still. Tsuchi nodded to the angel. "Yes. Animals. You know, panthers, bears, monkeys? Birds? Take your pick. You can still have manners, and some sign of humanic features, but just learn to cut loose a little, join as one with nature."
crazyhusky / Cara Bartly: Cara sighed, she tugged through the forest. Now her white clothes where all dirty. Something thorny had snagged her and now she had cuts all over her. "that mutt.." she mumbled under her breath. She sighed as she sat down beside a tree trunk.
Runt came forward, pouncing on her. He licked her face, covering it in a mixture of wolf slobber and dirt.
RetroDuctape / Tsuchi Mizusaki: Tsuchi laughed, rolling onto her back as she picked the wolf up into the air. "Where's that girl? She should be missing you by now. Go find her." She sets the dog back down, letting him run off to find his owner.
Most would think he'd just run off and never return. Tsuchi knew animals were smarter than that, though. He should probally realise where his owner is, and run along.
Rach94 / Ereila: Ereila was a bit taken aback at her words. She had never been told anything like that. The angels were very high class, and had never been compared to animals. But Ereila always did hae a soft spot for animals, and her eyes lit up when she saw the wolf. "How beauitiful." she whispered.
crazyhusky / Cara Bartly: Runt understood. He ran straight for Cara, believe it or not, she was very close.
A few minutes later, Runt found Cara, and dragged her to Tsuchi. She smiled, "Oh my gosh, am i so glad to see you!" she exclaimed and hugged her. "I thought I was lost, the Runt, he ran off." she flipped her white hair in relief.
RetroDuctape / Tsuchi Mizusaki: She raised her eyebrow at the girl, before nodding. "Lost once Lost forever. I suggest you never get lost in these parts." She smiled, looking back at the other...
Wow. Two outsiders in at once, this should be interesting. Tsuchi was just glad that another stray demon hadn't ran into the rainforest again, that would be troublesome.
crazyhusky / Cara Bartly: "I think he likes it here." she said talking about Runt. "i think there are more things to sniff." she said smiling as runt looked up. She really didn't care about her clothes at this point. She sat down in the mud.
Rach94 / Ereila: Ereila took a step forward to this newcomer. "Hello," she greeted her, with a gently smile. "I'm Ereila. Your wolf is lovely." she commented, her gaze now on him.
crazyhusky / Cara Bartly: Cara smiled, "Hi. Im Cara." She also smiled, "Trust me." she said looking down at Runt, "He is even cuter when he is CLEAN." she smiled at Runt. She patted his head.
RetroDuctape / Tsuchi Mizusaki: Tsuchi nodded, "Indeed there is. He's probally got a few insects on him too. Never the less, it's far too hot here. He should go back to his homeland within three times of the sun to cool off. He isn't used to it." Three times of the sun was three days. But there wasn't night and day here. Just dark and light, in the more demonic places there was dark, and in the safer, secure places there was light.
Rach94 / Ereila: Ereila smiled, but then her face became puzzled. "What brings you here? I take it you are from the Antartic Land." she said. She knew that she wasn't from around there either but it still puzzled her. Usually no-one ever adventured outside their territory. She had only done so because her father had told her she needed to have more experiences, and everyone listened to her father. He was the ArchAngel after all.
crazyhusky / Cara Bartly: "I came because of him." she said pointing to Runt, "He ran off." she sighed, "He did have food with him, im not sure what he has done with it." she touched his nose, "What did you do with that hare?" she asked him, he whined in response.
RetroDuctape / Tsuchi Mizusaki: Tsuchi slipped away from the scene quietly, "I have busnuiss to take care of. There should be other creatures coming out very soon. If you get lost, ask the Ivy.." With that, she backed into a tree, becoming almost invisable once more, then, amazingly, melts into the bark.
Ask the Ivy? What in the world would that do? Ivy's just a plant, a weed of some sort...It wouldn't do anything...Would it?
((Cara you're in charge until I get back.))
Rach94 / Ereila: Ereila sighed, feeling a bit unnerved. "The ivy?" she repeated, her voice innocent. "I did not know ivy could talk..unless Ivy is a person..?" She looked at Cara, as if for some sort of inspiration.
crazyhusky / Cara Bartly: < okay > Cara blinked, "The IVY?" she laughed, "What will that do?" she picked up Runt." Would you like to come to my Fathers land?" she asked Ereila
Rach94 / Ereila: Ereila hesitated. To the Antartic Land? She had never been so far away from home. But her curiosity once again got the better of her. "I would love to." she replied, curtiously. Her wings opened slightly in excitment, the breeze swirling around them.*
crazyhusky / Cara Bartly: "Cool." she said as she sat Runt down, "Runt, will you please take us to the Igloo?" Runt nodded and trotted towards the tree's. "Come on."she said gesturing with her hand.
Rach94 / Ereila: ((brb))
crazyhusky / Cara Bartly: < kays >
tigergirl44 / lilly p.: ((Can I join?))
crazyhusky / Cara Bartly: < From what tribe? and could you please post your opening paragraph to ? >
3L3m3ntal / Elemental: ((Join?)) Kaiyuga stood outside of a local tavern in the Darkness Land, smoking a cigarette quietly, waiting for his mark to come out drunken and loud. He was hired to kill an old corrupted politician who had a drinking problem. No big deal to him, but This politician seemed different. He had influence, and his morals seemed right. (I Then why the hell am I so bothered by this?) He asked irritation rising within himself. He had been alone since his younger brother died. He did what he could to support himself and blythe, That's when he found Alexander Kraus. He took them in and taught them ways of assassins. "Politicians are wrong for us, they corrupt us as they are corrupted themselves." He spat out, But when Blythe died, Alexander had turned sour, and in time killed himself, leaving everything to Kaiyuga. Who became known as the Elemental Blade. Time moved slowly, and the cigarette burned out, and he lit another one just as fast as the first, slowly waiting.
RetroDuctape / Tsuchi Mizusaki: Baaack. Sorry, Had to take care of something. Didn't take aslong as I thought. And yes, you may Join. ))
crazyhusky / Cara Bartly: < what is it with you and you cigarettes tim? > Cara walked alongside Ereila, they were heading back to her Igloo. She saw her Father, he looked mad that she had left without telling him. She half smiled, while Runt ran towards him. She chuckled light.
crazyhusky / Cara Bartly: < maybe you could wander into somewhere >
RetroDuctape / Tsuchi Mizusaki: Tsuchi comes back out of the tree's, at the rim of the rainforest. She looked out over the snowy scene,rubbing her dirty, brown hands into the pure white snow. She was turning it all a dirty brown and grey colour, and she didn't seem to care. The woman was wearing the boots and coat once more.
She stood up straight, carefully heading across the snow, feeling it crunch and shift beneath her shoes. She hated those things, shoes. She perferred much more bare feet. And to be so clean just made her squirm with descust. Why was she straying away from her own enviroment again? Was there something calling her, waiting for her?
crazyhusky / Cara Bartly: Cara sighed as she was lead into the Igloo. Martin exploded. "You cant just runoff and go into others lands. Do you know how bad i worried for you." he frowned. Cara nodded. The rest of what he said was tuned out. She really didn't want to listen to what he had to say. "Do you understand?" he asked, she nodded once. "Good." he said then walked off. Cara sulked out from the house and sat down on the snow after changing into better clothes.
3L3m3ntal / Elemental: Kaiyuga abandoned his mission and went to the Antarctic Land. He needed time alone for solitude, and thought. As he wandered around, he heard some yelling coming from a small igloo and saw a man storming out of it. Curiosity struck a chord with Kaiyuga so he walked towards it and walked inside. "Everything alright?" He asked gently.
crazyhusky / Cara Bartly: Cara looked at him strangly, "Why are you in my family's Igloo?" she asked, rudely. though she hadent ment for it to come out like that. Runt barked at him, like a crazed maniac.
3L3m3ntal / Elemental: "It's an igloo, easy to get into. I just heard some arguement." He said slightly quicker than he wanted. "My name is Kaiyuga." He said, holding out his hand as a kind gesture. "I just came to this land for some peace." He explained, hiding his past.
crazyhusky / Cara Bartly: "But this Igloo is my family' house.." she said, crossing her arms over her chest. "Here." she said walking towards the door, "We should talk outside."
RetroDuctape / Tsuchi Mizusaki: Tsuchi turned her head at the barking, recognising instantly who it was. She quickly headed over to the Igloo, stopping outside as she heard them heading out anyway. "Cara, is everything allright around here? I heard barking and, you get my point." soon enough, she'd see a young man.
Demon. She held her hands behind her back, and stared at him, with a sour look on her face. No demon was to be trusted. No demon was ever up for just a game of poker - Whatever that was. - Demons just wanted war, blood, flesh...
crazyhusky / Cara Bartly: "Yeah, everything is fine. I just met this man. He cam and checked on me. Wasent that nice?" she said and Runt whined. Cara watched Tsuchi, she wasent very happy looking.
3L3m3ntal / Elemental: "Well, Aren't you a bit on edge?" He asked looking at the girl in green. "Fine, outside sounds good." He said calmly, with a smirk on his face. "While I'm on the record, I'm not here to fight or anything, just for some peace." He said, with his hands up and a gentle smile.
RetroDuctape / Tsuchi Mizusaki: Tsuchi looks at Cara, almost in a glare. "Seen the symbol? He's a demon, Cara. Don't you know what that is?" She hissed, starting to move away. Against him she was defenceless, she had none of her elements around her. The water in the air was far too cold to use, and there was no nature around for a mile or two. It'd take up half of her power to just bring it here.
She directs her gaze back to the demon. "Lies. Demon's always cause pain or trouble wherever they go. It doesn't matter how kind you are, demons are cursed with it. You will cause trouble no matter what you do, and you can't do anything about it."
3L3m3ntal / Elemental: "That's right, you have nothing here. When I could easily..." He started to say, grabbing a large amount of snow and whicking it around, making it water, then snow again. "That's why I'm the Elemental Blade, Surely you've heard of me. But, as I said, I'm tired and want peace." He said firmly.
crazyhusky / Cara Bartly: Cara smiled, "Why would you judge someone on what they are. Im sure all daemons arnt that mean. Anyways, other then him coming into our Igloo, he seems nice." she said, walking over towards Tsuchi
RetroDuctape / Tsuchi Mizusaki: She shakes her head, she'd already heard about him. Already knew. He was trouble. ((If you wanted to add any extra powers and such, you should have asked. >.< I already stated the demons are Darkness and mind tricker elementals, so if you wanted water, ice, wind, or whatever you should have asked when you tried to Join. ))
Tsuchi shook her head, "Liar. Liar Liar Liar!" She wasn't having any of it, fists forming behind her back, her mouth beginning to hang open. She didn't want a demon on anyone's land but it's own.
3L3m3ntal / Elemental: ((My apologies.)) "Listen now. I'm not looking for trouble, You should know I've been abolishing the corruption in my own land. So please have reason with me." He asked, pleading with her almost.
crazyhusky / Cara Bartly: Cara looked ath er surprised, she whispered to her, "I wouldn't bother with him, he may be dangerous, but right now, he is in a good mood and wont kill us."
RetroDuctape / Tsuchi Mizusaki: Tsuchi laughed at Cara's words, before continuing "I still have no reason to trust you." Though, he had a point. So Tsuchi held out her hand. This was quite a big sign of respect for her. "But first sign of trouble and you won't gain anything worth while from me. Got it?"
3L3m3ntal / Elemental: "Fine by me. And don't expect trouble." He said with a smile, shaking her hand. He was happy he had some scceptance from the two. "So, any names I can call you two since you know about me?" He asked
crazyhusky / Cara Bartly: "Cara." she smiled, "cara Bartly." she pointed to runt, "This is Runt." THen she sighed, "And that was my.. Dad. that you saw storm out." Runt whined and licked Cara.
RetroDuctape / Tsuchi Mizusaki: Tsuchi only gave a first name thinking Cara was an idiot to give her full. "Tsuchi."She dropped her hand back down to her side, and looked around, before sitting down on the snow. There's be a dirty mark where she'd sat, but she didn't care.
It seemed like she'd never had a wash anyway. Though, she had. Not to long ago, actually.
crazyhusky / Cara Bartly: Cara doodled in the snow. She really didn't ave anything to day. She put up her hood, for the snow was falling again. Runt rolled around. Cara brushed her bangs out of her eyes.
3L3m3ntal / Elemental: "Well 'tis a pleasure to meet you two." He said kindly. He sat in the snow, thinking of something to say to break the tension. "Not all Demons are the same." He said, quietly.
crazyhusky / Cara Bartly: Cara looked up from her snow cat she was drawing. "I figured that.." she mumbled, going back to drawing. Behind her, she was secretly making a ton of snowballs. When she had enough she was going to fire.
RetroDuctape / Tsuchi Mizusaki: Tsuchi glared up at him, though she didn't realise. "I think they are." She simply states. She'd always had something against demons. Just hated them. She stood up, turned, and walked away from the scene. She couldn't take it anymore, she'd shook hands with...That thing.... She might aswell have dipped it in snakes venom.
3L3m3ntal / Elemental: Kaiyuga let out a sigh, "If they're all the same then why did they turn me (I into) one, as well as my brother, then (I kill) him!?" He called loudly, angered, and deeply saddened. A tear fell from his eye silently.
crazyhusky / Cara Bartly: Cara watched Tsuchi leave. She thought about getting up, but that make it worse. So ,she took a snow ball and threw it at her head. She sat back down quickly, and returned to her doodle.
RetroDuctape / Tsuchi Mizusaki: Tsuchi stops in her tracks. The creature turns around slowly, and shoots a killer glare, right at Cara. "And what, was that for?" She could only just be heard from the distance, though it was absolutely obvious she was livid, right to the bone. She could easily calm herself, if the right words were said. But it was unlikely, if it was Cara who spoke next.
crazyhusky / Cara Bartly: Cara blinked, "Cause..." she said casually. She hugged her self and watched her doodles fade away. She looked at Tsuchi, wondering if she shouldn't have thrown the snowball.
RetroDuctape / Tsuchi Mizusaki: Tsuchi crouches down in the snow, never taking her eyes off of Cara. She opened her mouth, as if to mutter something quietly, before bellowing out "Answer me!!" She usually had a cool temper, it was all fine. But once she got annoyed, then a simple action or sentance could make her kick off.
One more wrong move, and Cara would have most definately lost all her respect from Tsuchi.
crazyhusky / Cara Bartly: Cara smiled, "So i could do this to!" she threw a snowball at Kaiyuga, it hit him between the eyes. She chuckled slightly while Runt ran over to Tsuchi, whimpering. Please don't get mad at her, his eyes said. She had never had real friends before.
RetroDuctape / Tsuchi Mizusaki: Tsuchi didn't look down at the pup, but sat down in the snow, her features softened slightly. "How does she do that...?" She mutters under her warm, steamy breath. She started playing with the snow, trying to make it into a ball. The same question whirled in her head each time she failed.
3L3m3ntal / Elemental: Kaiyuga was shocked by the blow between the eyes and wiped the snow away calmly, and remained as he was before. Kaiyuga grinned for a minute, bent down and attempted to make a snowball, only having it fall to pieces or melt from the heat of his hands.
crazyhusky / Cara Bartly: Cara smiled and sighed, both of them, they didn't know how to make a snow ball. "Here." she said walking over to Tsuchi. She handed her a snow ball. She bent over and gathered a mount of snow. She padded it up until it was a ball. "That is how you do it."
RetroDuctape / Tsuchi Mizusaki: She nodded, looking down at the ball. She set it to the side, before quickly scooping up some snow and padding it into a small ball. Realising it was too small, she attempts to make it bigger.
Okay, so the ball was rough around the edges. But she made one. She picked up both balls, and flung one at Cara, then the other at Elemental.
crazyhusky / Cara Bartly: Cara let it hit her, but she could have easily dodged it. She smiled, this was going to be fun. She immediately ran over to her pile and picked up some more, flinging them at the others.
Runt sighed and pranced over to the pile, flinging him self into the snow balls.
3L3m3ntal / Elemental: Kaiyuga thought about joining in on the little snowball war, and a thought crossed his mind, A bit of an abstract one, but it reminded him of his brother. He felt disturbed, and hated, and hatred towards what he fought for. Kaiyuga sat down, and started smoking quietly.
crazyhusky / Cara Bartly: < yay you posted *Hugs* > Cara watched Kaiyuga. Why was he so upset, "whats wrong?" sh asked. She was very concerned. She crossed her arms over her chest and sighed. She sat down ext to him.
3L3m3ntal / Elemental: "Nothing..." Kaiyuga said, looking away, taking a long drag on his cigarette. "I'm not going to stop smoking I need this." Kaiyuga said, noting Cara's presence
crazyhusky / Cara Bartly: Cara sighed, "I wasent going to ask you to not smoke.. But i just to help if i can." she frowned. She shivered in the cold as Runt was still rolling in the snow. She doodled a bit.
RetroDuctape / Tsuchi Mizusaki: Tsuchi crawled over to Elemental, sitting at his side. "People smoke when they're stressed, upset or celebrating. You look more troubled than happy, so we can cross celebrating off the list. What's got you down?" She asks, in her usual tone, the words slotting together, causing her sentances seem like one long, slurred word.
She stood back up, as if it'd help her get away from the snow. "It's too cold here..." She mutters while standing, a shudder running up her spine.
crazyhusky / Cara Bartly: Cara smiled, "It is PERFECT!" she flipped back and laid down in the snow. "Snow angles anyone?" she asked, spearing her arms and moving them around in the white powdery snow.
RetroDuctape / Tsuchi Mizusaki: Tsuchi looked over at Cara, shaking her head as if the girl was insane. To her, she was. I mean, rolling in snow? Throwing things at people to calm them down? And what was with those clothes?...
Okay. So the throwing (i may ) HAve worked, but that was just by chance. And the clothes (i might) Make some cover, but,
Why on Earth would she roll in snow? It's far too cold.
crazyhusky / Cara Bartly: Cara sighed and looked up confused, "No?" she scowled, "Any one got any other suggestion?" she asked. Standing up. She brushed off the snow and sat back down.
Runt ran his cold nose over Tsuchi's arms, licking them. He yipped a bit then ran over to Cara.
RetroDuctape / Tsuchi Mizusaki: As the dog ran off, Tsuchi began wiping her arms, frowning. "Yuck.." before she looked over to Cara. "We need somewhere to go. Besides here. It's too cold."
crazyhusky / Cara Bartly: "To the rain forest!" she shouted loudly. She jumped up, and shoo all the new snow off her. Picking up Runt, she started in the direction. OR at least, she thought the direction
RetroDuctape / Tsuchi Mizusaki: Tsuchi rolled her eyes, amazed at how Cara's 'lucky guess' guided her into the right direction. Soon enough she followed, mumbling "Thank lord I'll get out of this white prison..."
crazyhusky / Cara Bartly: Cara stared at her, "It's not a prison." she said flatly. She was also amazed by how she was going to in right direction. She giggled and ran towards the forest, "Come on slow pokes!"

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