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Roleplay - a beast with in beauty by sheliewolf / sheliewolf

There lived a beautiful charming prince in witch captured the many hearts of women in his kingdom.Though this prince wasnt interested in the women but there blood type,for secretly he was a vampire.And if the public knew of this there would be an uproar.Until one day a young girl not from this kingdom wondered about his palace....

Roleplay Details

characters so far: vampire prince-hideki-me


HighPriestess / Niva: ((join?))
sheliewolf / hideki sohma: yes>
HighPriestess / Niva: ((Cool. where do I pop in?))
sheliewolf / hideki sohma: you can just start were ever since its new>
HighPriestess / Niva: ((Fun!)) Niva walked into the palace. It was large and luxurious and she was very curious of what was there.
sheliewolf / hideki sohma: hideki was in his bedroom trying to take his morning nap , but couldnt help but capture the sent of a human girl
HighPriestess / Niva: Niva walked into the other hallway and saw a dazzling view of the city. She walked over to the window and gazed out.
sheliewolf / hideki sohma: hideki smirked abit and got up out of his bed and changed into more formal cloths then his morning wear.he began to head towards the girl in his palace
HighPriestess / Niva: Niva sighed and looked at the sun rise come up over the horizon. It was lovely. Niva turned away, curiousity getting her again.
sheliewolf / hideki sohma: hideki looked over at the sun and glared abit.though he was a full blood vampire the sun light didnt nessisarily burn him,rumors like that were only in myth.though he was still a night creature.he then came to a hall were he spotted a girl from a distance.
HighPriestess / Niva: Niva turned and saw the prince. Niva dropped to the floor in a bow. "Forgive me. I was curious. I'll leave at once."
sheliewolf / hideki sohma: he grinned abit slyly"hmmm no need to leave so soon.after all its not very often i get visiters"he remarked
HighPriestess / Niva: "But I thought..." She stuttered and then she remembered. Who cares what she thought! "Yes sir."
HighPriestess / Niva: GTG
sheliewolf / hideki sohma: "now then why dont you come to the dinning room with me ill get you something to eat since you look rather famished"he offered though there was a trick he had hidden in his sleave.it had been awhile since he tasted fresh human blood
sheliewolf / hideki sohma: -k-
sheliewolf / hideki sohma: yes
marissa039 / ikoshima&: lets get started
sheliewolf / hideki sohma: so start?
marissa039 / ikoshima&: bella was just coming from her house when she suddenly saw a beautiful castel. she wanted to go in but she hesitated.she was scared.
sheliewolf / hideki sohma: hideki looked out from his balcony and smirked seeing a girl out in the distance.wondering if she would enter
marissa039 / ikoshima&: step by step slowly bella walked down the path to the castel.
sheliewolf / hideki sohma: hideki smiled grimley,he hadnt tasted fresh blood in while.and he was hoping to get some
marissa039 / ikoshima&: bella walked to the door where she slowly knocked three times.she quickly stepped back and hoped nothing bad would happen.
sheliewolf / shelie: the maid answered the door"hello may i help you?"she spoke kindly
marissa039 / ikoshima&: she paused.... then she asked if she could look around the house because she grew up in a castel
sheliewolf / shelie: "why of coarse"she answered letting her in
marissa039 / ikoshima&: slowly bella entered the castel and then she saw hideki and blushed a little bit.
sheliewolf / hideki sohma: hideki smiled his always charming smile "hello there its been awhile since weve had guests"he remarked
marissa039 / ikoshima&: "i am just looking around i love castles and i love the......... she paused looking at a picture that looked just like the one she saw when her mom died. she dropped to her knees she started to cry.
sheliewolf / hideki sohma: "are you alright?"hideki asked abit worried by her sudden tears.
marissa039 / ikoshima&: she layed her head and beagan to tell him what happend thet night of her mothers death
sheliewolf / hideki sohma: "i see.....so she used to live here?"he questioned abit
marissa039 / ikoshima&: "yes" she answered weirily then she sked if she could sit down for a while
sheliewolf / hideki sohma: he nodded and offered her a seat on the couch
marissa039 / ikoshima&: she sat down and foleded her legs and just showing a little bit of skin made hideki crave more blood
sheliewolf / yuuki kuran: hideki licked his lips abit at the site of her skin
marissa039 / ikoshima&: bella got sleepy and asked if she could sleep at the castel tonight.she looked at hideki with her dark brown eyes
sheliewolf / hideki sohma: hideki nodded"be my guest"he offered
marissa039 / ikoshima&: she asked where the bedrooms were but the she noticed some thing she saw a fang on hideki and she got scared.
sheliewolf / hideki sohma: "come ill show you"he said but he hadnt noticed that she saw his fangs
marissa039 / ikoshima&: she walked by his side alert and focus she walked to the bed room and layed down for the night
sheliewolf / hideki sohma: "call me if you need m anything"he confirmed as he closed the door
marissa039 / ikoshima&: she sigh as she layed down on the bed and she thought that he could a vampire.....
sheliewolf / hideki sohma: he waited by her door for her to sleep
marissa039 / ikoshima&: she grew sleepy and she finaly fell asleep and did not notice hideki come into her room
sheliewolf / hideki sohma: hideki crept up to her bed as she slept barring his fangs
marissa039 / ikoshima&: she awoke in terror
sheliewolf / hideki sohma: he quickly sunk his teeth in her neck
marissa039 / ikoshima&: she screamed and then threw hideki off of her
sheliewolf / hideki sohma: hideki snarled abit licking the blood from his lips
marissa039 / ikoshima&: bella run for the door but she did not make it.
sheliewolf / pein: he shut the door and blocked it befor she could get out
marissa039 / ikoshima&: she ran into him and fell to the ground pleading to let her go
sheliewolf / hideki sohma: he shook his head and smirked pulling her to him
marissa039 / ikoshima&: she looked away and said"what do you wan't from me"
sheliewolf / hideki sohma: "your blood"he answered
marissa039 / ikoshima&: she pushed away but he was too strong.
sheliewolf / hideki sohma: he held her tightly and bit her neck again
marissa039 / ikoshima&: she pulled his hair and then got away
sheliewolf / hideki sohma: get back here!"he yelled chasing her
marissa039 / ikoshima&: she ran as fast as she could but he was faster
sheliewolf / hideki sohma: he pounced at her
marissa039 / ikoshima&: he missed and and she ran twords her hose
sheliewolf / pein: "damm it..."he mummbled as he watched her get away
marissa039 / ikoshima&: g2g bye
sheliewolf / mylo: k
sheliewolf / yuuki kuran:
sheliewolf / priest:

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