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Roleplay - Three Species ((JOIN!! Need Vampires, Elves and Humans!!)) by Calah / Rach94

The three species. Humans, Elves and Vampires.
Though different, they are alike. Humans desire power over all else. Elves fight for honor and nature. Vampires believe in their own race alone. Yet all three feel. They feel emotion. Happiness, sadness, determination. All three are ready to fight.
Suddenly, the silent bitterness of those three species towards one another erupted. The Vampire Lord declared war on the Human King and the Elven Master. War broke out, hundreds killed, countless injured.
The Elven base lies deep within the Forest of the Elves, shrouded in trees, hidden my Mother Nature herself.
The Vampires lie in the cold, snowy mountains of Vuori. A cave at the peak of the white mountain.
The human warriors' headquarters lies in Manhatten. An old run down apartment block that no-one would suspect.
Who's side shall you take?

Roleplay Details

Well of course we need some elves, some vampires and some humans!! Good or evil, it doesn't matter.
- Cussing is allowed. Freedom of speech!
- Romance is allowed. Cyber isn't, and if you do decide to swing that way please leave a good lot to the imagination.
-No killing other characters without permission.
-No Godmodding.
-NO ONE LINERS!!! Please keep it semi-literate. A good few sentances per post.
-Besides that, there are no rules! Ah the freedom!
Enjoy! JOIN!!! And Don't ask!!


Rach94 / Calah: Calah sat in the tree, barely moving a muscle. They were right beneath her. Holding her breath, she carefully and delicately reached for her bow and arrow, which sat next to her on the branch. Her face was calm, she felt completely focused. Gripping her weapons, she looked down again at them. She suspected they were vampires, but she did have a hard time telling them apart from humans. However, she was certain they were not Elves, and they were tresspassing far too close to the base. She held her bow steady, waiting for the right moment.
KillSwitcHH / Haru Lee: >> I would like to join, One question though. Whats the time frame? <<
Rach94 / Calah: ((Emm well I spose since there's vampires and elves it would be sort of...well I don't know what time frame to call it but the kind of time frame that J.R.R Tolkien used. Lol does that make any sense at all??))
KillSwitcHH / Haru Lee: >> Right then, Well I don't know who that is, But I assumed it was modern due to the fact that Humans had technology. <<
Below the canopy of the trees, It was easy to see a mass of figures walking towards the Elven base, It was hard to tell whether or not they where human or vampire but they sure where not elf. What they did not see, Was in the shadow of a large oak tree their was a red ember emitting from it, It was small, just about the size of eraser of a pencil. There was a slight noise, it was likely that anyone else but another elf could hear, It was the pulling of a bow string and the sound of an arrow being drawn.
IomiiCatDemon / Apocripha: OOC: Vampyre?
Rach94 / Calah: ((Sure no need to ask just join. And yeah the humans are modern but I thought that maybe the elves an vampires could still be sort of fantasy-like, just to be different!))
KillSwitcHH / Haru Lee: >> Yea, I was tempted to use a sniper rifle for my opening post :P <<
Rach94 / Calah: Calah immediatly heard the other weapon. She felt her gaze redirect to the trees opposite her, looking through the shroud of green leaves. Narrowing her eyes slightly, she kept her eyes fixated on that spot and made the sound of a bird. An old trick her grandfather had taught her, to let other elves know she was there without other species being any the wiser.
KillSwitcHH / Haru Lee: Haru looked around trying to find the source if the bird call, He made a whistling bird noise back at who ever might have called it, It was difficult as he had a cigarette in his mouth. He looked down without moving his neck to see one of the figure below walk right within firing range of his bow. their was a quiet wisp of air followed by a yell of pain by the figure bellow who now had an arrow lodging in his chest. Ig all went as plan the figures bellow would have no idea where that came from.
IomiiCatDemon / Apocripha: Apocripha sat in the cold cave the Lord, and others have claimed as the safest place to put their base. Apo thought this was a good idea. Only the numb and senseless would travel this mountain to see a hallowed rock.
The snow was heavy, landing at Apocripha's feet. His black boots stepped on a scurrying roach. He smiled to the crunching sound it made.
Now, Apo isn't a cruel or insane vampyre as the rest. He's actually pretty shy. Though between Humans and Elf's, the definition of shy varies. To Humans, something like; to withdraw, or be quiet. To Elves, well, he didn't quite know. But to his kind, it meant, to like smaller, or stand alone. To seem weak, and hopeless, always falling victim.
He sighed from boredom, looking out over the snowy mountain, nothing to see, nothing to hear. The others must be out. Not like they needed to be. They had all the hunt they needed. Rats, cow meat. Anything to quench thirst and feed hungers.
He shook his head. He really was a shy one. Everyone else stood for this war, and any oposed, died. He didn't fight the war, nor did he fight for the war. He still didn't like it though.
Either way, he was sitting alone, and bored out of his mind. He looked for any sign of a fellow...Maybe foe.
OOC: Hope that's okay >.>..*Writes a lot*
LanndonJames / Alizee: -Vampire please?-
Rach94 / Calah: ((Oui Lanndon! And CatDemon that's good. Sometiemes I write that long but I'm getting a bit of writers block! Ugh!))
Calah was admittedly surpised as the arrow shot out of the trees, but she reagained herself immediatly and an arrow sprouted from another one of the figure's necks within a half a second of Calah releasing it. She let out a silent sigh, glad she had stopped at least one person from disrupting the peace that had been in the forest for the last few days. Some humans had infiltrated the base a week beforehand, but Calah along with some others had taken care of that.
LanndonJames / Alizee: Alizee was sitting against a wall of the cave not quite motovated yet. She opened her white-creme eyes further seeing Apo sitting by himself. She was always the loudest vampire around and hte most hyper. Her white hair bounced as she stood running ovver to him and jumping to sit next to him. "Good morning." She smiled at him. Then she looked out the cave waiting for him to answer. She fidgetted with her hands wondering when they would go out and attack again. She didn't like the fighting but if it was for their race she would fight. She turned her small head back to Apo and waited.-Sorry getting new pic-
KillSwitcHH / Haru Lee: Haru was not so worried about being quiet, but still being stealthy he was, He dug into his quiver which was hanging from belt, He grabbed an arrow and fire it at another figure on the ground. This arrow had a wood tip with a silver barb massed around the wood tip, It was unique, One of Haru's trade marks though. The wood tip was anything but dull, As sharp as any arrow. Now the arrow he fired hit one of the figure right in the sternum, and went in about 5 inches.
crazyhusky / Arria: < join? >
Rach94 / Calah: ((Sure))Calah felt a small smile playing on her lips. She didn't know who was firing those arrows, but she felt now as if they were just trying to show off. (i Well two can play at that game) she thought to herself, and within seconds she had planted arrows in the backs of the two remaining intruders, all now fallen on the ground. Calah sighed slightly, her smile fading. She had never thought the war would come to this. When it had broke out, she had thought that it was only the Vampires getting worked up again and wanting a bit of a brawl, but not a full out war. She remembered her father's words before he went to the battle of Grenolt. (i "My darling Calah, no matter how hard it gets, remember I am always with you.") She felt her eyes well up slightly as she tried to recall his features. His kind hazel eyes and his crinkled smile. She hadn't seen him since.
IomiiCatDemon / Apocripha: Apo jumpped slightly to the arrival of Alizee. He nodded her a 'hello' and looked out at the snow again.
He didn't know Alizee well. He actually didn't know many people. He just happened to be Ali's choice, not that he could blame her. He was about the only other around, and in her veiw.
"Pretty, is it not?" He had a strong voice, echoing with British accent to it.
Sereniasiren / Serenia: <Join as vampire?>
SillyBilly13 / Starlit: Starlit was at the edge of the Elfen Forest. From a distance, she could hear the arrows of the elves pierce the skins of some humans farther in. The smell of their blood was strong but she wasn't going to let her thrist get her ambushed. Though her skin was as tough as marble, Elves had speaical weapons for her kind. (( Hope this is a good start.))
LanndonJames / Alizee: "It is. It's very beautiful. If we were not in a war I'd concider painting a picture of it." She said smiling lightly, remembering when she use to paint pictures. Decades from before her pictures were once famous but, under different names. "Do you remember, when that war first started and there were so many slayings at our numbers went down?" She asked quickly regretting the topic.
crazyhusky / Arria: Arria stumbled through the forest, tears streaking down her face. She never liked war, nor did she like watching people die. She fell over a fallen tree, she got up quickly and looked around. Her dirty tears stained on her face, she winched as she looked down at the wound she got when she was ambushed. She pinned her blond hair up. She tore off a bit of her dress and tied it around her leg, to stop the bleeding. With the twigs and leaves in her hair she ran off, trying to find anyone.
Rach94 / Calah: ((Selenia you can join, but I'd prefer a sort of anime picture if possible! If you'd rather not it's fine!))
Sereniasiren / Serenia: Serenia trudged along the white snow, it seemed dirty to her, but the whole world at once seemed dirty to her when the war started. She gutterly hated the war, but wouldn't dare say a word, she had witnessed her brothers and sisters inhumanely killed because they were against it. She shook her head, trying not to remember those horrible memories at this time. It was getting late, but no one could tell, the snowy white ground and sky stayed the same always, at night, at day, at afternoon. There was no sun here, and she liked that part, but everything else about this place gave her bad feelings and bad memories.
Sereniasiren / Serenia: <Alright, I'll find one now :]>
KillSwitcHH / Haru Lee: Haru jumped down from the tree he was perched in, He put his hand to the ground as he braced himself and he stood straight up, He was a tall elf, with Dirty blond hair and He stood about 6"3. He looked around before he took the light cigarette in his mouth out and put it out in the dirt, He stuck the cigarette back into the front pocket of his dress shirt and he slowly made his way over to the bodies. he knelt down to the first one he had shot and turned him over on his back. It looked like a human to him. He put his foot on the chest and yanked the arrow out of the mans chest cavity and he then spun it and put it back in his quiver before walking over to the second one he had shot and doing the same.
Rach94 / Calah: ((K Thanks! Gr8 Intro!))
Calah looked around again, running a hand through her hair as she felt the leaves shake with the wind. Almost nervously, fearfully. They sensed something. Swiftly leaping off the tree, Calah landed on the forest floor silently, her gaze on the elf who had jumped from the tree seconds beforehand. She didn't want to touch the bodies like him, she didn't enjoy killing people. It was only to protect her loved ones. "Who are you?" she asked him, having never seen him before.
IomiiCatDemon / Apocripha: He smiled to he scene. Quickly he began to frown. "Sadly, milady, i do." He said, a slight growl. His bared his fangs to the memory of Elieen, his care taker, dieing within his cold grasp. A necklace on his neck, a little silver box, holds her ashes.
He grasped the box, and looked out, his cold, different colored eyes, gazing upon the one, untouched land.
Invaded by Elves and Humans, feet stomp everywhere in the snow.
Smaller vampyre's losing the lives of care takers and family.
(I "Elieen. . ." He whispered softly, a prayer for her grace.
crazyhusky / Arria: Arria saw two elves. She sighed in relief. She walked up behind a girl and tapped her shoulder, "um excuse me." she said hoping she wouldnt turn around and knock her out. She took a step back just in case.
LanndonJames / Alizee: Alizee let her head hang down. "So do I, it was a horrible time." She said sadly remembering the first night she had heard about the war then an Elf killing her twin brother. She sadly sighedstaring at her fingers. "I'm sorry for bringing it up."
Sereniasiren / Serenia: <Is this OK? It might just be temporary.>
Rach94 / Calah: ((Of course! It's up to you what you want it to look like!))
SillyBilly13 / Starlit: Getting tired of waiting, Starlit entered the forest. She would the find bodies the elves had finished off and bring them back to the cave for the others. Knowing very well the elves were porbably still there, she would take the chance for the well being of her commrads. When she was about 10 yards away, she stopped and watched the three elves from the distance to see their reactions to her presence.
Rach94 / Calah: Calah turned to face the young elf, but immediatly turned right back around again. She sensed another presence, one she didn't like. Sure enough, there stood a vampire only yards from her. Calah drew her bow and arrow and pointed it directly at her. "What brings you here?" she called, her voice firm.
IomiiCatDemon / Apocripha: He nodded "Do not fret, cheri. We all lost, and yet, have gained from this war of stupidity." He looked out once more, "Who knows what could happen. Who knows what really did start this never ending quarrel, i feel sorry it must live within the minds of the character, holding it."
He looked behind him, in order to find more company, and maybe the company of another male. Either would suffice, but being alone with one other, is not as comfortable as one would think.
KillSwitcHH / Haru Lee: >> Sorry, bleaching clothes <<
Haru looked up at the women and was fixing to reply to her question on his name when he noticed a girl walk up behind the women, He straightened up to get a better look at her, It just appeared to be a normal dirty and battered girl. then he noticed the wound on her leg "what happened?" He asked calmly with a look of concern, He looked from the girl to the women then down to the bodies, he sighed deeply as he looked around the trees and then began to drag the bodies into a pile.
Haru dropped one of the bodies he was dragging and he quickly drew his bow and loaded an arrow and aimed it at the figure of the vampire, He was lighting fast on the draw, He was ready to fire.
SillyBilly13 / Starlit: Starlit said nothing but pointed to the bdies at their feet. She didn't feel like wasting her breath trying to justifiy her presence and they'd be smart enough to figure out the blood was what she wanted. Either they let her close enough to get the bodies or they didn't.
LanndonJames / Alizee: Alizee nodded. She felt his uncomfortable feelings and stood. "I think...I'm going to go." She said quietly and hused, very abnormal for her. She looked down as she turned the beautiful black dress had acouple of blood stains onthe white lace. She began to walk to the corner of the cave to try and settle down about the past.
crazyhusky / Arria: < i g2g for a hour! > Arria sighed, "Vampire." she said, sitting on the ground. She watched the vampire with large eyes. A small frown played on her lips but she kept her mouth in a straight line.
Rach94 / Calah: Calah understood. She knew that most vampires only desired one thing, and she wasn't going to fight pointlessely. But still, she didn't lower her weapon. "I shall allow you one." she replied, her hair blowing gently as the wind picked up again. "Then you shall leave." She backed up a small bit, towards the other two. From what she gathered the young elf was injured, so it would be best not to linger too long with this vampire.
Sereniasiren / Serenia: Serenia looked around as she unloaded the war material into the soldier's tent, she didn't like this job, because she knew what she held in her hand would cause hundreds, if not, thousands of people to die. Looking out into the blank canvas of snow, she sighed to learn that nothing would change until one kind wins.
KillSwitcHH / Haru Lee: Haru swung his bow around to his back and he twirled the arrow back into his quiver. he stood stone faced looking at the vampire he, had lowered his bow but he had his hand of his short sword. He began to step away from the bodies and he simply watched the vampire, He was never comfortable around them.
SillyBilly13 / Starlit: "Agreed." She replied. She calmly walked to the bodies not paying attention to the arrow pointed in her direction. She picked the body with the mildest wound. After lifting it over her shoulder, she bowed to the elves and started to walk away.
Rach94 / Calah: Calah let out a shaky breath, hopeful that would be the last she would have to see of that vampire. She took another step back, only to accidentaly step on the other elf's foot. Jumping slightly, Calah released the arrow. It whizzed past the vampire's head, missing it my millimetres. Calah gasped as she slightly stumbled backwards. She never became this flustered but the presence of a vampire unnerved her.
LanndonJames / Alizee: Alizee walked back to where Apo was sitting and climbed out of the cave and jumped landing on her feet with a loud smack. It shook the ground slightly making a loud snapping noise. She shrugged and continued on.
KillSwitcHH / Haru Lee: Haru shot a look at Calah and then turned to the vampire, Then looked back At Calah. He sighed deeply and then watched the vampire intensely to see that the vampire reaction would be. The last thing he needed was a vampire being pissed at him and the Women But he hoped that it would not cause to much of a problem...he hoped.
IomiiCatDemon / Apocripha: He sighed, and waved a bye, not that he wanted her gone.
He pulled his red hair, pulling into a low ponytail, long and silky, over his left shoulder. A scar, deep, seeming old, ran from that shoulder, to below his right lowest rib.
He sighed, combing his finger's through it. No knots, like usual. His collar bone had a red, flower like design towards the center. It was odd, and looked to be burnt their.
It was given to him by a human, to teach him 'his place as a lower class blood-sucker' which he learned to ignore. That's until someone stares.
His green(Left) and purple(right) looked at Alizee as she walked away. "Sorry, milady. . ." He didn't have a reason to apologize, he just did.
SillyBilly13 / Starlit: As the arrow went passed her head, her eyes widened. She turned to face the elves and growled. She looked at the elf with the bow in her hand. Trying to keep her cool she ask, "I hope you had a good reason for that." She glanced to the mountains. "I don't feel like coming back with more."
Rach94 / Calah: Calah regained herself, though she did feel a bit stupid. er grip tightened on her bow, her free hand ready to snatch another arrow if needs be. "I never miss," she began slowly, her voice clear. "Consider it a warning." Of course it hadn't been any sort of a warning whatsoever, just a slip up curtesy of herself. Her grandfather used always tell her to show your enemies that your confident, even if, inside, you feel like running away.
LanndonJames / Alizee: Alizee wondered where the other's were not wanting to be out here alone with many elve's and human's running around. She wanted someone to be here. Before she left she said bye to Apo and shrugged but smiled at him. Now she was walking aroundon the ground her combat boots attracting snow to cling to them.
Sereniasiren / Serenia: Serenia heard footsteps approaching, they were slow, threatening ones. Picking up a random dagger, she walked out of the tent, loaded with many other weapons she could use and searched for any sudden movement. She really didn't want to hurt anybody, she just needed to have self defense.
Sereniasiren / Serenia: <Well you're the only vampire that's really around, so sure :o>
Sereniasiren / Serenia: <LOL, yes :P And dw.>
LanndonJames / Alizee: -Sorry DX I forgot- alizee saw the vampire come out of the tent she instantly relaxed. "Shit, are you trying to give me a damn attack?" She asked her hand on the place where her heart would have been.
Sereniasiren / Serenia: Serenia let down her guard, realizing that the stranger was one of her kind, she had seen her around the area, but never talked to her. "Sorry," she said, a little dumbfounded. She walked back into the tent quitely and put the dagger away, she returned to her assignment without protest.
IomiiCatDemon / Apocripha: Apo stood, and stretched his back, arms above his head.
He stood only 5'4", short for his family. His brother, said to be deceased, but actually missing, stood six foot even.
His brother ran, telling Apocripha that (I 'Even the strongest can feel fear, and weaken. I am running. But i am running for thr rights. You will understand.') And to this day, Apo still didn't get it. . .
He walked to the edge of the cave, and looked down. "I suppose, leaving would be a good idea." Hands in pockets, knees bents, he sprung from the top, flipping, unintentionally, and landing calmly, walking without a second thought, into the forest.
LanndonJames / Alizee: Alizee walked around the tent being odd. "Are you incharge of this? I've always wondered who did this job." She said.
SillyBilly13 / Starlit: "Your warning's coming soon enough." She hissed through her teeth. "You better hope I don't cross your path again." She smirked, "You looked familiar, like an old elf I saw long ago." Her smile grew showing her fangs.
Sereniasiren / Serenia: Serenia glared at the stranger with cold, vampire eyes. "Yes," she said, her tone was dull and uninviting, "What's it to ya?"
LanndonJames / Alizee: "Oh I was just wondering." The vampire shrugged. "I'll leave." She said walking off (I Looks as if I'm not welcomed anywhere) She thought to herself as she walked further into the woods.
Rach94 / Calah: Calah felt herself tighten up. She had never seen this vampire before in her life...had she? This girl was really getting under her skin, which Calah was not familiar with. She could usually easily keep her composure, to come across calm and collected. But now, she felt frustrated. Like a flashback, old emotions flooded to the surface. The helplessness, frustration, the pure anger she had felt when her father, grandfather and fiancee were killed in battle. Without thinking, Calah whipped out another arrow and teamed it with the bow, pointing it again. "Leave."
Sereniasiren / Serenia: Serenia sighed with deep, thinking eyes. She just wanted to finish her job, which she hated, and go hunt for her next meal. She was tired, she was angry, and she was annoyed. After re-ordering the many packages of war gear, she held her stomach in tiresome and hunger.
IomiiCatDemon / Apocripha: Apo walked aimlessly. He wondered to the Elven lands, a bit to close to the base than intended, not like he intended to wonder to the Elven part at all. He looked around quickly. He noticed no one.
He could be a hero if he were to sneak in and invade. But he's not for the war, so he wasn't going to. But at least he knew where he was.
SillyBilly13 / Starlit: She snapped her fingers, "Now I remember," She took out a locket she had hidden in her choker. "you're the girl in this locket, aren't you?" She opened it and tossed it to her. "I got it off the younger elf I fought with the old elf." With that said she disappeared into the woods, going back to the mountains.
LanndonJames / Alizee: Alizee sat against a tree trying to be hidden as best as she could. Her eyes shut to pretend she was sleeping.
KillSwitcHH / Haru Lee: Haru looked at the locket on the ground and then at the Women, He watched the vampire leave from view and he then took his hand off his sword that was still sheathed. He made his way over to the women and then continued to look around for any other vampires that may have been lurking. He was quiet for the most part, he was not sure how the Women was feeling, he assumed that the vampire took the soils of war from one of the women family, So he awaited to see her reaction.
Rach94 / Calah: ((brb))Calah's cursiosity got the better of her. As soon as the girl had dissapeared, she ran to where the locker had been thrown. Kneeling deilicatly on the grass, she felt almost scared to pick it up. She knew what it was, that was why she felt so terrified.
Her thoughts rushed back to a few months beforehand, to the same day her father had left. The same day her grandfather had, and the same day her fiancee Ancil had proposed to her. He had given her a ring, promising her he would see her in a week. She remembered crying with happiness as she agreed to marry him, to grow old and have children with him. She had also given him the locker that lay on the grass beside her, to remind him of her as he fought against the vampires and the humans. When he had been pronounced dead, her whole world had come crashing. And here it was happening all over again.
Unable to stop herself, she burst into tears, streams rolling down her cheeks as she sobbed.
((umm basically I'm in the woods now with Haru and Starlit has just left. There's a few other stories going on as well.))
KillSwitcHH / Haru Lee: Haru was not that good with words, or with comforting people. He watched the women break into tears and he looked back to the place where the vampire had vanished. He knelt down next to her and looked at the locket in her hand , he asked a stupid question but it was the only thing that came to mind "whats wrong?" he asked with a concerned look.
Rach94 / Calah: At the sound of his voice, Calah managed to choke back her sobs, but the tears kept flowing. She knew she had to be strong. Ancil was gone now. "It-it was my fiancee's." she whispered, her voice hoarse. She didn't really know what else to say. The elf was a perfect stranger.
KillSwitcHH / Haru Lee: Haru looked at her trying to hold strong and he sighed deeply "I'm sorry to hear that.." He looked around one more time before looking down to the women and standing up. He tried to speak with a warm and calm voice "Are you going to be okay? We really need to get back to town, its not safe out here." he was concerned about this women, Though he did not know her well but Haru knew good and well Large animals and vampires would be around soon to pick off the corpses left from the ambush. And he for one did not want to be around when they came.
Rach94 / Calah: At first Calah did not answer. Her eyes remained fixated on the silver locket as her vision blurred slightly. The locket seemed to come to life right before her eyes. Sniffing quietly, she wiped the tears away, and pulling a strand of hair from her face. Slowly, she extended her right hand and delicatly picked up the locket by the chain, dangling it in front of her. "How did she get it?" she asked aloud, referring to the young elf that had been with them before. And how did the vampire get hold of it? Sighing deeply, Calah tried to stand up but felt dizzy. She stumbled backwards slightly, the locket still in her grasp.
KillSwitcHH / Haru Lee: Haru looked at her stumble back and he swiftly got up behind her and braced her from falling, he asked again " do you think you are well enough to make it back to town?" Haru was quiet concerned about this women being out her and sounded slightly rushed. He heard the sounds of leafs rustling out int he distance and the sound of snorting, Likely a boar scavenging. Which made him still more concerned about being in the wilderness.
SillyBilly13 / Starlit: Starlit walked up to the cave entrance and threw to the body to the ground. She looked around to see if anyone was there then took a seat on a rased rock. Looking out over the forest through the snow and clouds, she could see the figures of the elves she had encountered there.
Rach94 / Calah: For a moment Calah relaxed, feeling more secure with someone else there. But as the coldness of the silver item she held in her hand seemed to seep to the rest of her body, she broke free from him and took a few rushed steps forward before turning around to face him. She was tired of feeling like this, tired of missing all the loved ones she lost. "I don't need anyone to help me!" she said to him, her voice shrill as if she were on the verge of breaking. That's how she felt as she felt all the jumbled emotions coming up again, calmping up her throat. "I don't need anyone.." she said, her voice cracking slightly. Against her own will, a small tear slid down her cheek which only angered her more. She groaned aloud and turned again and began to walk unevenly deeper into the forest, more tears coming to the surface. "I don't need ANYONE!" she repeated, shouting into the trees.
LanndonJames / Alizee: Alizee walked back towards hte cave jumped up until she reached the topa nd saw Starlit. She smiled weakly and took a seat in the abck of hte cave.
KillSwitcHH / Haru Lee: Haru took a step back and he held his hands in front of him "whow, hey, easy." He looked at her and shook his head "Hey, I was trying to help you, No need to flip on me." Haru looked at her as she stormed away. he rubbed the bridge of his nose and said calmly at a tone she could hear "Listen, if if you don;t need anyone it stupid to go run off into the woods where you will undoubtedly be killed, Lets just calm down, go back to village and you can cut yourself off from society for all I care." Haru was not a People person and was likely just making things worse but he had to say something, He couldn't just let he storm through the wilderness.
SillyBilly13 / Starlit: "Hello Alizee, how has your day been?" She asked as she past her, not taking her eyes off the elves. She smiled seeing the girl elf losing it.
Rach94 / Calah: Calah turned to face him, her eyes darkening. "You have absolutely no (i idea) what I'm feeling right now! Don't try to get me to do what you want, because I won't do it!" she yelled at him, pausing slightly. "I'm tired of..just everything." Her voice became considerably softer as she closed her eyes momentarily and took a deep breath. She had never opened up to her emotions like this before, it was a whole new experience.
LanndonJames / Alizee: "Absolutly Horrible, what about you?" She asked sitting next to her. She picked up acouple rocks off of hte ground and threw them out of hte cave each landing next to two people downo nthe ground.
KillSwitcHH / Haru Lee: Haru shook his head " No I don't know what your feeling, All I want you to do is go back to the village so you don't get killed. But if that is what you want, then I'm not going to stop you. Sorry for giving a damn about a stranger." Haru spoke calmly though he was slightly flushed with anger, The women clearly was upset and not thinking rationally, But Haru had no ides how to talk to people like this. He hitched up his quiver on his belt and he began to walk back towards the village, Hoping the women would be Okay with what ever decision she chose.
SillyBilly13 / Starlit: Starlit chuckled, "Mine has been interesting. If you're thirsty I brought back a snack." She pointed to the body lying next to her. "Why has your day been so horrible?"
LanndonJames / Alizee: "Because I learned that a vampire like me is very unwanted." She said eyeing hte human. "It doesn't smell right. Almost like poisin."
Rach94 / Calah: Calah watched him for a while as he walked. She cocked her head slightly, trying to make sense of everything. Holding up her hand again, she looked at the locket for a few seconds. "I'm sorry, Ancil." she whispered, before planting her lips gently on the locket. With one more pained glance, Calah threw it into the forest, watching as the silver spec grew smaller and small before it dissapeared. Somehow, she felt much more calm now. It was the way she dealt with her feelings, to get rid of them completely. It was what her mother always criticised her for, never caring how it affected Calah. With the elf still in sight, Calah began to walk in his tracks, a bit quicker than his pace.
KillSwitcHH / Haru Lee: Haru was keeping a slow pace down a dirt path with many leaves littering it, he could hear the sounds of footsteps behind him and found it to be likely to be the women. He sighed deeply, and turned his head to see the women walking down the path. he said nothing but looked back forward and continued to walk. He pulled it down a little bit down his neck and he took his goggles from atop his head and lowered them down to his neck, He fidgeted with his goggles fro a moment before he looked back forward and continued to walk.
SillyBilly13 / Starlit: "Must have been the arrowheads." She said throwing the body back to the elves. "Who told you you were unwanted? I enjoy your company." She said, watching the body land back where she got it from.
LanndonJames / Alizee: She shrugged. "You know how I can feel the emotion's of people. Well that's what I felt." She said sadly.
Rach94 / Calah: Calah watched him as he took down his goggles. Se did find them to be a bit strange. But suddenly she ran up level to him and began to walk with him. "I'm sorry about before..I just..." her voice trailed off slightly as she kept her gaze forward, determined not to let her emotions arise again. "And I'm Calah, by the way." She felt stupid for not even having introduced herself to him before now. She quickly ran her hand through her hair and took in a deep breath. The day was getting darker now as the sun fell lower in the sky.
SillyBilly13 / Starlit: "Well, i'm sorry about that. Perhaps they were having an unpleasent day." She consoled her friend. "I'm going back out to try to find something to eat. Would you like to join me?"
LanndonJames / Alizee: "yes, please." Alizee said wanting to get out of hte cave really bad. She stood waiting for her friend.
KillSwitcHH / Haru Lee: Haru looked at her and then back forward " Don't worry about it...you where drought..." he said simply, he sighed before he moved the goggles back up on top his head and looked at her "Mines Haru...." he said with a blank tone "Good to meet you..." Haru looked back as the village came into view, he let out a sigh of relief as the sun was starting to sink and was positive that the forest would be deadly that night, with the bodies out and such. He looked back at Calah and said "I'm getting a drink or two....Care to join me?"
Rach94 / Calah: Calah raised her eyebrows. It had been a while since she had 'gone for a drink.' She usually had so much to do. Organising things for missions, helping the nurses who had so many causalties a day. A small smile came to her as she realised she did need a break. "Alright. Why not?" she replied, feeling as if a weight had been lifted. It had been so long since she had felt carefree, and getting a taste of it again felt good.
IomiiCatDemon / Apocripha: OOC: sorry, i was gone. What did i miss?
Rach94 / Calah: ((Emm..well basically Calah had a bit of a breakdown because she found a locket that belonged to her dead fiancee but now shes more relaxed and Haru and her are just walking back towards the Elven village beside the forest.))
SillyBilly13 / Starlit: She stood and walked out the cave. "Lead the way." She told her friend. "They've got some large animals in the forest, but they're somewhat close to the elf base."
KillSwitcHH / Haru Lee: Haru nodded and sighed as he began to walk down a street in the village, he looked until he found a wooden building, with a hanging sign that read "Tavern" in elvish. Haru made his way into the dimly light and smokey, He looked down to the bar which had a few people sitting at it. He sat down at one of the bar stools and said "two shots of vodka, straight...and what ever the girl would like, But it on my tab." Haru sounded slightly dull as the bartender put down two shot glasses and poured vodka into them. Haru sighed before he took down one of the shots like a champ.
Rach94 / Calah: ((brb))
LanndonJames / Alizee: She giggled. "I haven't seen any elves in couple days shall we visit?" She asked jumping down landind with another loud crack.
KillSwitcHH / Haru Lee: >> I'll be back in like...15, 20 minutes, I need to go take a shower. <<
IomiiCatDemon / Apocripha: Apo had at some point, fallen asleep behind the Elven base. He was tired from the aimless walk, and took a seat. He knew where he was, but only barely. He knew he wasn't home, and that whoever this belonged to, would surely attack him in his sleep. Hopefully a bit courteous, and wake him for a fighting chance.
SillyBilly13 / Starlit: "Let's." She replied. "It might be fun if we run into my company from earlier." She said. "Plus if we're lucky we just might get an elf snack."
LanndonJames / Alizee: "mmm.. YOu're making me starving." She giggled begining to run now. "You're company? What happened?" She asked while running.
Rach94 / Calah: Calah took her seat at the bar and shuffled in her seat. "I'll just have water," she said a bit softly. She wasn't much of a drinker, she didn't see why elves were taking up a poinless habit used by humans. "And I can pay for myself." she added, a bit too firmly. She didn't want him to feel sorry for her or anything. She could take care of herself. Besides, she was the only thing she had left.
SillyBilly13 / Starlit: Star smiled. "Nothing important. I just found something of thiers and gave it back to them." She ran with Alizee, "If we find them you might get the rest of the story."
LanndonJames / Alizee: "Yay!" Ali said giggling. She stoppeed quickly and sniffed. "We're getting really close." She said happily.
SillyBilly13 / Starlit: "Then perhaps maybe we can take it slow and ease our way into the town." She suggested. "Seeing the elves reaction when we stroll into their town. It'll be interesting."
LanndonJames / Alizee: "It will." She said slowing to a walk. She couldn't wait, she didn't like Elves since acouple took her twin captive when the war first started. She giggled as she pulled her hair back into a ribbon.
KillSwitcHH / Haru Lee: >> back <<
Haru looked at her and her choice of drink and said "That's fine..I guess, I was just trying to be polite and buy you a drink." He took a deep breath before he took that last shot and shook his head. he sighed and he looked around the Tavern and then at Calah. He sighed again before leaning on the bar.
SillyBilly13 / Starlit: After a few minutes they were at the edge of the town and she could hear and see the elves running around. "Ready for some fun?" She grinned.
LanndonJames / Alizee: Ali giggled wickedly. Her crimson eyes locating on the base ahead of them. "Of course." Her voice was different now it was sharper and high pitched.
SillyBilly13 / Starlit: Star walked ahead and saw the elves appearing at the gate and on top the walls. "You want to go first or shall I?" She said crouchung to run.
Rach94 / Calah: Calah shifted slightly. She was starting to feel a bit obnoxious now, not accepting the drink. But she couldn't take it back now. She sipped her drink silently for a while, before clearing her throat. "Sorry, I know you were.." she murmered, regretting it as soon as the words left her lips.
LanndonJames / Alizee: "You can. I'll watch then play." She said crouching also. Wickedly smiling at a couple Elves at the gate.
SillyBilly13 / Starlit: "Okay then." She said, then launched herself at the fence on elves blocking her way. She sliced one's throat with her nails, tore another's shoulder with her teeth. She enjoyed what she did a little too much sometimes. But who cared.
KillSwitcHH / Haru Lee: >> hey, I've got to go for a few hours, 4 maybe 5, I hate to leave you hanging but I have to go. See you tonight or when ever I see you hopefully. <<
Rach94 / Calah: ((Ok..Well it's quarter past 8 here now at night so...! I'll see you when I see you))
SillyBilly13 / Starlit: (( later.))
Rach94 / Calah: ((bumpety))
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: (( Is the Vampire Lord taken?))
Rach94 / Calah: ((Nope! You can have it!))
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: (( YES! What's happened so far? Did we kill anyone yet?))
Rach94 / Calah: ((Lol..well nothin too important has happened basically right now me and Haru and in a bar in the Elf village and the vampires are trying to sneak in))
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: (( Mhwuhahahahahaha!!! No one will escape my wrath!!))
Vladimer rose up from his seat, the high council arguing on which to strike first, "SILENCE! You know very well that we have many a soldier in the Elven Kingdom as we speak, rushing in to declare our superiority. We will breach the Elven wall then we will go to the human cities of old, breaking, burning and destroying all who stand before us! None will survive if they dare to revolt against us." The council seemed satisfied at the firm words of their leader. The vampires were proud clans and cared to make all see that.
rosealiehale / darcy: <<vampire??????????>
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Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: (( Lol, were you in before the new switch, Darcy?))
rosealiehale / darcy: <<no... i just thought this looked cool ... so can i join?>>
LanndonJames / Alizee: Alizee giggled as she followed after Starlit. Her fangs showing as she tackled three elves to the ground because they were blocking her away.
KillSwitcHH / Haru Lee: >> well I'm here...<<
Haru looked at her and said "Hey, relax, It's fine." He sighed deeply, He was only slightly buzzed by the alcohol, He did not feel like drinking much more but he would not have the chance . It was not long that an attack alarm rang in the form of a bell across the village, It was still dawn and most attacks happened at night, the few who where foolish enough to attack where likely slaughtered by archers but by the tone of this bell it sounded as though they got over the wall, Haru rushed to his feet and grabbed his bow off his back and brushed his hair away from his right eye, for a split second you could see a strange tattoo around his eye, one not seen by this elven village for some time. Haru rushed out the door along with three other men also with their bows in hand. Now the main gate was dead ahead of the street down the bar and on top of the wall it was easy to see that their was commotion on top of the wall. It was a good 500 meters out from where he stood so he darted down the street waiting to be in range of who ever was causing all the trouble.
LanndonJames / Alizee: -me too.- Alizee was running through the base looking for something to terrorize when she saw an elf with blonde hair. She giggled minacingly. SHe stepped her speed up and turned up behind him in amoment and had a finger at his chin. "Trying to be brave?" She asked giggling again.
KillSwitcHH / Haru Lee: Haru slid to a stop as the women but her hand to his chin, It took him a split second to look at the ears and facial features to realize she was not an elf, He threw a swift right hook punch right at the woman's face. He did not wait to sling his bow onto his shoulder dropping the arrow that was loaded in it and drawing his short sword.
LanndonJames / Alizee: The vampire giggled again as he hit her. "You know it's not nice to hit girls." She said putting her finger nail on his chin and cutting it.
KillSwitcHH / Haru Lee: "vampire girls don't count in my book" He said in a deep rough tone before he threw a deep stab at her stomach, ignoring the cut on his chin as his adrenalin was pumping he did not even feel it become cut. He did not know who this cocky vampire was but he was sure he would kill her with ease.
LanndonJames / Alizee: She smiled taking the blow easily as she moved so she was jumping over him. She Giggled her hand cutting lined up and down his back and through his shirt. Her stomach showed some blood but not much. She looked at him. "You can't beat me, buuuut I might let some of your little Elves live." She said taking a bloody hand to her chin.
KillSwitcHH / Haru Lee: Haru held his back as the cuts ran down it, he dropped to one knee as blood began to flow from the cuts. With rage he parried his blade quickly drew his long sword, With rage he threw a swift 1,2 Strike with the blades directed at her neck. Haru would let rage take him over in hand to hand battle. Haru was two people when fighting, When he was in close quarters he could be vicious and strong and not use his wit as much. When using his bow he would be smart, stealthy and cunning.
>> Sorry, I did not get the last post and made a wrong reply ^^" <---- Nervous face <<
SillyBilly13 / Starlit: Starlit caught up with Alizee to find her fighting with a familiar face. "Congrats Ali, you found one of them." She said from a few feet back. "But he's not the one who can finish the story."
LanndonJames / Alizee: Alizee giggled at the sword. "Oh really?" she asked in a high pitched voice. "So I can torcher him?" She asked gigglinga t the sword again. "YOu're going to need something else to kill me, unless that's real silver." She said rubbing a finger on the sword. Her red eyes now look different almost apologetic.
ReinaNight / Meyena: <<May I join? As an elf?>>
Islyn: (I'll join when I get home :P)
ReinaNight / Meyena: <<Is anyone here?>>
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: (( Here.))
Vladimer stood out at the window, his red eyes gazing out at the bleak landscape as the moon lit up like a beacon of surrender to the darkness, he smiled. "Marcelo, get me my horse and armor, 'tis time for me to pay a little visit to our-distant cousins..." Vladimer laughed cruelly, his hollow and dead laughter rang out from the towers as the wind carried the blasts to the sky.
KillSwitcHH / Haru Lee: Haru Missed the swings at her neck and he began to become enraged at this overly cocky vampire, He listened to her words for a moment "My blades aren't, But I have something that is!" he drew from his quiver a wood tipped arrow with the silver barbs on the edge of it. He stabbed at the women with the arrow with a swift and powerful thrust hoping to strike somewhere critical to quickly dispatch his opponent, Not many other vampires he had faced had been this hard to kill, Most where half blooded and died as easily as humans or elves alike.
>> I'm sure your aloud to join. Unless I'm mistaken the owner wound have no problem. <<
LanndonJames / Alizee: The silver hit her right arm but, it didn't hurt her as much as she thought the cuts on hs back were hurting him. Her eyes turned hard as she smiled. Again apologeticly. She jumped over him cutting a small but deep cut on his neck.
SillyBilly13 / Starlit: "Toture him all you like, Alizee. This might be his last chance to fight someone as strong as us and be careful about his arrows. Remember some if not all are poisoned." She smiled at her friend. "It's good to see that you've finally gotten the fighting spirit. Normally you seem more reluctent to fighting." Star commented.
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Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: Vladimer rode across the bleak land, fully armored and stocked he beat his stallion to the limit. The surroundings whizzed by his face, cities, forests, and animals darted here and there before him. From afar he saw the capital of the Elves, still distant their towers rose against the blue skies.
Islyn / Adara: (What's happened so far?)
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: (( Umm, I am the Vampire Warlord, and I am racing to the Elven city to raise some Hell...))
Islyn / Adara: (Lol souds like fun XD. do you know what anyone else is dong?)
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: (( Nope...Not really... G2G anyways I have lunch now, mmm food..))
Islyn / Adara: (Lol alright)
KillSwitcHH / Haru Lee: >>fucking over powered vampires, So far there is two other vampires in the city that Haru's (my character is fighting). That's pretty much it as not many other people have posted recently. <<
Islyn / Adara: (What are you? Human? Elf?)
KillSwitcHH / Haru Lee: >> *points to ears* Elf <<
Islyn / Adara: (I was going to join as an elf anyways)
Islyn / Ythriana: (This elf lol. But what excatly is your character dong?)
KillSwitcHH / Haru Lee: >> Fighting a vampire in the middle of the village near the base. Just read back a page (not that much) and you should be up to date. <<
Islyn / Ythriana: (ok I will but i g2g for now. I'll be on after school.)
KillSwitcHH / Haru Lee: >> k.. <<
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: Closing in on the Elven city, Vladimer slowed his horse down and noted one what had previously happened, composing himself he raised an olive branch, a symbol of peace while he is in his stay, and knocked upon the heavy doors.
Islyn / Ythriana: Ythriana wandered the elven city in search of something to do.
LanndonJames / Alizee: Alizee rolled her eyes. "I was bored, anjd yeah yeah the arrows I know." She said lying. She hadn't wanted to fight. She never does, just she doesn't want to seem like the younger vampire, who knows nothing. Her attention back on the male elf.
Rach94 / Calah: ((Sorry I haven't been on! School and stuff, and I've been at away at my Aunt's...family stuff and they believe in not having the internet...-.- And anyone can join! No need to ask))
Calah had been waiting inside the bar, her weapons at the ready listening to what was going on outside. From what she could gather these vampire's were pretty tough to kill. She knew she would have to tread carefully. Thoughts buzzed around her brain (i 'Should I just lay back here until they're gone?') Of course she couldn't do that. (i 'Maybe I could hide somewhere and fire arrows'), she couldn't do that if they wouldn't be affected. There was only one option left. An option Calah knew most vampires didn't respond too. Negotiation. She drew her sword and quickly stepped out the bar. Sure enough, there were the two vampires. Calah stayed where she was, but watched them intently, hanging back.
KillSwitcHH / Haru Lee: As the vampire jumped over him cutting his neck he dropped to his knee and held his neck where it had been cut, He checked if his could still breath. He was thankful that she missed his jugular, He was beyond pissed now. He was at close range but he drew his bow and loaded five arrows onto the string and fired them at about 15 meters away from the vampire. Once those where off he drew his silver short sword and threw a swift thrust at her chest.
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <g2g..be back in a few hours>
Rach94 / Calah: Calah's eyes widened as she saw Haru lose his temper. She rushed forward, blocking his path. She knew him getting frustrated wouldn't help anybody in this situation. "You know that won't make a difference!" she told him, her voice shrill. Her grip tightened on the sword as she watched the vampires from the corner of her eye. She had to keep her guard up.
Islyn / Ythriana: Ythriana heard some commotion somewhere in the city and ran towards it. she saw a few vampires and some elves. A fight? She walked forward as quietly as possible taking out her katanas.
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: Charity looked around the forest in search of some civilization. She then heard some noise not far off and ran towards it. Skidding to a stop she sees people of her kind and vampires fighting
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: Vladimer was seen at the gates and was turned away, despite the olive branch which he held, again he knocked up the heavy doors extended the peace branch. "Bare me entrance upon the peace of the olive branch!"
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: Crystal silently moves among the trees not really wanting to get in the fight. She scanned the area trying to find a place to watch at a safe distance
SillyBilly13 / Starlit: When Star saw the female elf, she grabed Ali and pointed to her, "She's the one. She can tell you the rest of the story."
LanndonJames / Sapphire Moon: alizee got hitin the chest and went down grapped at her chest with her claws. She began to cry, after hearing what Starlit said she looked up before passing out.
SillyBilly13 / Starlit: "Alizee!?" Starlit said, still holding her in her arms. "Are you okay?" She stood and glared at Haru. "You're going to pay for what you've done." She growled.
LanndonJames / Alizee: The cuts in her chest were trying to heal but couldn't. She let out a scream as her eyes squeezed shut.
KillSwitcHH / Haru Lee: Haru would have shot another arrow at the vampire jumping to the help of the first one but he was stopped by Calah, He stopped and listened to her but rage was consuming him, He said with anger shaken in into his voice "Yes it will! it's my duty to defend this village and kill any intruder that makes it through, I Will be DAMED if i shun my duty!." His breath was heavy but when he looked At Calah his rage for these intruders slowly began to fade down a level, He keep his eye on the wounded vampire and the one helping, His grip on his bow tinging as the one yelled at him.
Islyn / Ythriana: Ythriana watched the scene confused and quickly darted to Haru's side. "Hold up! You guys are the ones who came into the city in the first place. He's only doing his job! Why should he pay for your stupidity!"
Islyn / Ythriana: (Sorry I wasn't on yesterday... I had to sing at my schools coffee house)
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: (( Welcome back, now someone let me in so that I can "discuss" my terms with the elven kingdom... :Evil Grin:
Rach94 / Calah: Calah felt her breath calm, as she turned around to look at the vampires. She recognised the one with the dark hair from the forest. The one who had given her the locket. Calah's breath seemed to stop working at that moment. Half of her wanted to ask the vampire why she had taken the locket and the other half wanted to shoot her down with a few arrows. But she couldn't do that now, not after what she had said to Haru. She was many things, but not a hypocrite.
Instead, she raised her bow and pointed it at the vampires, her eyes gleaming as the last glimpse of sun dissapeared on the horizon. "What are you doing here?" she asked them, her voice deep and threatening.
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: She continues to weave through the trees in silence. While still keeping and eye on the vampires and where shes walking she moves with swift speed
SillyBilly13 / Starlit: "We came down here on a hunting trip and my friend wanted to hear the story to why that locket gave you an emotional break down." She paused and lifted Ali in her arms, "We were watching you from the mountain."
Rach94 / Calah: Calah stayed silent. She tried to hide her surprise but she could feel her eyes widening as the vampire spoke. They were watching her the whole time? That sent a small shiver up Calah's spine as the grip on her bow tightened. "I think you'd better leave now.." she said, through gritted teeth.
LanndonJames / Alizee: Alizee gripped her chest tighter. "I'm..sorry..." She screamed her voice changing into a high pitched scream. "I really am!" She glared at the other elf who had entered. "Shut up! It's none of your Damned business what's going on over here!" She screamed at her. Her eyes glaring at her.
KillSwitcHH / Haru Lee: Hrru's Arm was shaking slightly from anger when he spoke up darkly " the poison in my arrows will soon surge through her heart and kill her in the most painful way possible. Take your little friend, the hell out of here, Or I will end you both here and now...." He was directing his speech to the one still not wounded. He drew his bow and dug into his quiver and and lined up the shot with the still unwounded vampire.
LanndonJames / Alizee: "I'd gladly die.." Alizee muttered when her screaming tantrum was over. She looked at the elf. "If you're gonna kill someone kill, me not Star. Because see I was the one with the idea of coming here." She said with a smile. -She's like bi-polar O-o-
allyyellow11 / Yoshiko: can i be a fairy goddess
Rach94 / Calah: ((Yeah you can join))
Calah took a deep breath in, her heart independantly pumping madly. It was probably the vampire's willingness to die that scared her most. She couldn't match that kind of strength. "We will kill both of ye if you don't leave. Now!" she yelled, standing beside Haru, her arrow alligned also.
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <Back>
She has a vampire in view and slowly walks out of the trees. She then pulls out her bow and arrow and aims it at its head. Right before it notices shes there she fires and the arrow flies straight into its head
LanndonJames / Alizee: Alizee giggles. "But go ahead and shoot." She said smiling like she wasn't getting two bows pointed at her.
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: She look towards Alizee thinking shes nuts
LanndonJames / Alizee: Alizee turned her head to see another Elf. Her eyes saddened. "Seriosuly if you guys have to kill someone, kill me. Star didn't do anything I talked her into it."
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: She takes her finger and puts it to her mouth. Then she gets another arrow ready and aims it at one of the vampires
Rach94 / Calah: Calah gritted her teeth and clenched her jaw. She hated this banter between them, as if they were enjoying it. "GET OUT!!" she found herself screaming. She hated their presence, and everything about them. She couldn't help herself. Pulling the arrow back as far as she could she let go, watching it spin directly at the vampire.
LanndonJames / Alizee: She smiled as the arrow hit her in the arm. She screamed once. "I can't get OUT if you keep hurting me." She said.
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: She watches in silence as the vampire get shit with an arrow then shrugs and walks off
Rach94 / Calah: Calah found and felt her rage taking over. How dare they intrude on her village and treat them with such direspect? She suddenly dropped her bow and drew her sword, charging at the vampire and piercing her stomach with all the force she could muster.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: <<Are rouge human's allowed? and can I have a summary?>>
Rach94 / Calah: ((Sure! And basically not much has happened, but now Starlit and Alizee have intruded on the Elven village and we're getting a bit pissed with them!))
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: She stops moving and turns to where the vampire is. Then she notices a fellow elf with a sword in the vampire. Charity takes out her bow and arrow then aims it at the vampire once more
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: <<Yayy, and the vampire that is getting hurt, since she is losing blood she could feed on my guy and turn him? XD>>
LanndonJames / Alizee: Alizee coughs up black blood as she began to cry again. She looked at the elf in front of her. "I'm sorry...I don't like war.." She whispered.
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <Wow..Gruesome yet totally cool>
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <I feel like I was left alone>
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: <<I'm waiting for a response from the vampire to what i said o-o>>
LanndonJames / Alizee: -Oh I don't mind.-
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: <<yayyy I like getting turned, just tell me when you leave the city>>
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <This could be interesting>
LanndonJames / Alizee: -Okkies I will when I get off of the sword XD I'm onna go ahead and do that..- Alizee pulled away from the sword and began to trudge off into the woods alone smering her blood all over the tree as she walked. SHe fell into a pile of leaves and coughed up black blood.
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: She went back into the trees and followed the now dying vampire
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin sighed as he wondered in the tree's near the elf's area. He wasn't accepted at the human's head quarters because he did some...things.
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: Stops when she sees a human not far off. She stands there and watched him and the vampire in silence
LanndonJames / Alizee: Alizee coughed up some black blood and saw a human boy. She reached her hand out. 'Help.."
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin saw alizee, He quickly went up to her kneeling down. "What happened?" He asked surprised at the extent of her wounds, not really knowing she was a vampire
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: <<interfere after he's bit XD>>
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: She moved slowly forward hoping that the vampire wouldn't do anything
LanndonJames / Alizee: "Elves.." She said gripping his shirt with her hands.
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <Ok>
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: "where? How can I help?" justin asked
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: Glares at the vampire and continues moving forward
LanndonJames / Alizee: "B-Blood.." Alizee said before coughing up some more black colored blood onto the pile of leaves her fingers left trails of blood on his shirt.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: "What?" justin asked, he couldn't quiet hear her, He kneeled down closer to her. "say that again"
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: Her fingers grip the tree as she watches the vampire. Though fully aware of what she should do, she stays where she is
LanndonJames / Alizee: "I..need blood..I'm..so sorry..I didn't..want to hurt them.." She said gripping tighter as she cried more.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: "I don't really have any blood to give, I'm human, not a vampire" He said not realising what abad position he's in
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: Her nails begin to tear into the tree as she watches "Why am I just standing here" she said to herself
LanndonJames / Alizee: "I-I'm vampire..Your blood..Please..I need it.." She cried looking up at him with her crimson eyes.
LanndonJames / Alizee: -Justin, can you play Words Cut Deep. Or something like that? Please check it out we need a boy.-
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin froze he didn't know what to say. "W..what?"
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: She knew very well that she should move in to stop the vampire, but she didn't want to hurt the man next to her. So she stayed where she was and took a deep breath to calm down
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <Ok..I think I'll create another RP see where that leads>>
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: <<ok>>
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <I'll let you know when its finished>
LanndonJames / Alizee: "Please. I need t live or..or I'll die agian..I know I'm not needed in this world but please.." She begged crying. Most vampires wouldn't ask they'd just go ahead and tkae hte human's blood.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: "Uh...ok, sure" justin said not knowing that getting fed would most likely turn him, he cranned his head down infront of her his neck exposed
LanndonJames / Alizee: Alizee looked at him. "Are you sure?" SHe asked before an answer she moved closer to him. HIs bit into his neck as his warm, and sweet blood filled her mouth. She drank until she felt the venom enter him when she pulled back quickly.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin winced a bit feeling her bit him, He let her drink not knowing the venom went into his body, he would feel the pain...very soon
LanndonJames / Alizee: She lookeda t him sadly, "I'm sorry.." SHe whispered in a quiet voice her big crimson eyes looked at him as her stomach began to heal.
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: Her grip tightened but she remained where she was, waiting till the vampire was done feeding
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin felt the pain in his chest causing him to lay down, He held his chest. "W..what..did you do" He said before wincing again feeling the pain spread,
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: She now moved swiftly down to where the vampire and the now turning human was. She looked down at him and glanced at the bite marks and shook her head
LanndonJames / Alizee: "I..didn't mean to.."She cried looking at him. "I'm..I'm just sorry.." -Brb.-
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin let out a scream of pain as the pain spread through his entire body, He winced and twitched feeling mass pain as his heart started to stop
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: Kneels down beside him and checks the bite marks "I know I shouldn't do this, but..." she trails off and takes a vile out. "This will stop the pain" she poured the vile down his throat and waited in silence
LanndonJames / Alizee: ALizee looked at hte elf "WHat do you want? To tourcherm e more? To show me how unwanted I am in this Godforsaken wrold?" She growled unsure if she should trust her.
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: "No..I'm here to try and help this human which you have almost turned into one of you" she stands up. "And as for your growling, there is no need for that"
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: <<wait am I tured or not? cause I want to be XP>
LanndonJames / Austin Lee: "I can't trust your kind so leave. This is not of your bisnuess." She said the pink ribbons in her hair almost falling out.
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <Your turning>
"You can't trust my kind, but you can trust me..I have no reason to hate you or fear you..All I do is travel" she looked down at the man. "If he needs something to ease the pain again, I wont be far off"
LanndonJames / Alizee: "Fine.." She said in a quiet voice and looked at him. "I'm sorry.." She said to him not knowing if he could hear her or not.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin's breathing stopped, his heart stopped beating, he was silent for the moment
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: She looks at the vampire, "I'm sorry for the pain my people have caused you" she turns wand walks away
LanndonJames / Alizee: She looked up almost thinking she was talking about her and her brother, but reliesed that she was talking about being almost killed. She shrugged.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin sat up rubbing his head, "Am..I.. a vampire?" he asked
LanndonJames / Alizee: Alizee nodded sadly. "I'm truely sorry." She said.
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: She disappears into the forest
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: "It's...actually ok.... I was... kicked out of the human headquarters.." Justin admitted
LanndonJames / Alizee: Alizee looked down. "It can't be okay, I technally killed you." She said fixing hte ribbons in her hair.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: "But I still live, so it's ok" justin said to her.
LanndonJames / Alizee: -Will you post in Words The Cut Me Deep, Justin?- She looked at him."But.." She shoook her head looking down again.
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: She weaved through the trees till she came to a clearing. Then she sat down and watches the trees sway
Rach94 / Calah: ((Yeah you can join!))
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <Hey>
Rach94 / Calah: ((Hiya..what have i missed?))
KillSwitcHH / Haru Lee: >> YAWN!! I'm here....still waiting for the other vampire to post...theres not much I can do... <<
Rach94 / Calah: ((Sounds interesting..I suppose I'll just randomlypost a comment then...))
Calah glared as she watched the vampire leave. Perhaps she had finally persuaded her to get lost, or at leas thats what Calah hoped she had done. Sheathing her sword, she walked slowly back to retrieve her bow and arrow that lay on the grass. Her eyes were clouded over, dark, her face stony. That was the last thing she had wanted. The war was now showing itself more and more frequently, and Calah knew it was time she accepted that.
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: Charity got back to where the fight was and watched in silence. Not really wanting to interfere again
KillSwitcHH / Haru Lee: >> Sorry, I was cooking. I'll post. <<
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <I thought for a while there I was abandoned..Oh well>
Bloodhavenking / Crinichian: can i join?as a werewolf helping the elves?
Rach94 / Calah: ((Sure))
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <So, umm..This is fun>
Bloodhavenking / Crinichian: ooc:yessssssss
Crinichian hiding in his hollow tree looked out of the owl hole that was at eye level.He saw nothing until he noticed two figures walk right infront of the tree. Unable to recognize their ethnicity, Crinichian scratched his way through the tree to the top. He then climbed out of the hole in the top. Taking out his blow-dart-gun, he aimed it toward the back of the heads of the figures.
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <back and g2g..Bye>
Bloodhavenking / Crinichian: ooc:SOMEBODY ELSE POST!!!!
Rach94 / Calah: ((Yup feel free))
KillSwitcHH / Haru Lee: As Haru watched the Vampires retreat he sat down on the ground, he was breathing hard. Haru placed a hand on his back and around the back of his neck and stood back up before he began to unbutton his shirt that was riddled with claw marks from the vampire. he sighed deeply before he went deep into though, mainly beating himself up for even letting Vampires get into the village.
Milky / Mirara: (( thanks))
Mirara sit up in her bed with a scream as she looks around she had the nightmare agin she sighnes and trows herself back in the bed again with her hand on her forehead it alwaysed seemed so real something inside her would grow and grow and become evil and kill her friends and family she sighned then closed her eyes and smiled to herself she was living with the elves everyone knew she was diffrent but that really didnt matter she had alwaysed been one off them she lived with her mom a full blooded elv and well no one else.
she giggled on trew the blancket off her bed and jumps up ready to start the day
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: "It's fine" Justin said standing up weakly and starting towards the elfs village
Rach94 / Calah: Calah's eyes travelled to Haru, who looked pretty beat up. Frowning, she picked up her weapons and put them away, walking over to him and kneeling in front of him. Her eyes studied the cuts for a moment, looking at every line, every spot of blood. "That looks painful.." she said aloud, but really to herself. She reached out almost absent-mindedly and placed a finger delicatly on one of the marks.
Bloodhavenking / Crinichian: Crinichian, after a close call with killing a human, decided that the fugures were infact human. He hopped to the next tree and the next until he was right above the humans. He followed them and tried to listen to what they were saying.
Milky / Mirara: mirara grabed some breed from the table as she ran out the door she was going to the battle field with some off the others and see how thigs was going so she was in a hurry she eat the final bit off the bread as she came out from the forest and looked around all those people that was laying around she looked confused around she coudnt see any one else off ehr frinds around
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <back>
KillSwitcHH / Haru Lee: Haru watched her walk up and said, Flinching when she touched one of the cuts "Yea...It dose a 'lil." He sighed before he looked at Calah who was sitting right in front of him and he stood up. As he looked around he said " I'm heading back to the Inn....I need to relax a little bit" He picked up an arrow that had fallen from his quiver and stuck it back in and he made his way down the road to the Inn.
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <On second thought..No I'm not..I have to go again..Bye>
Rach94 / Calah: Calah withdrew her hand into her lap as she watched him walk back to the inn, sighing. She deiceded she wasn't going to bother getting back up, so she brought her knees in front of her and hugged them lightly, her face turned towards the now dark sky, and the brilliant, glowing stars. Her mother had told ehr that the spirits of loved ones lay within each star, and that if you wished upon one, that loved one would grant you the wish in the way they wanted to. Her eyes fell on the brightest star she could find. It dazzled beautifully, out-shining the others by far. Thinking for a moment, Calah finally whispered. "I wish this war would end," she said. "I wish it would all just...stop." She sighed again, looking down at the grass, her eyes misty.
Milky / Mirara: mirara saw somone on the move further away form her she started to run she wanted to know how things was going with the fight she wanted to make sure that no human could come to find her mom she was very worried about her mom she hated humans mirara ran over to the woman " um.. hi " she said as she tried to calm herself down after the run she had had
lasingingangel / Cedric aka Ced: <<Anything needed? >>
Rach94 / Calah: ((We could use a couple more vampires?))
lasingingangel / Cedric aka Ced: <<Alright, I'll join as a vampire. Please tell me what is going on so I can join in.>>
Rach94 / Calah: ((Ok so basically most of us are in the Elven village or sort of scattered around it in the forest or whatever, I think, and two vampires had just invaded but we'd managed to get them out. And right now Calah is just sitting in the grass, and Haru has gone to the inn/bar. And it's night btw!))
Milky / Mirara: (( sorry XP))
Mirara looked at the woman in front off her " um.. hi can i ask something " she asked as she tried to get contackt to her she really didnt know have to even if it was pretty late she hadden figured out how the war was going all she wanted to ask was in a hurry so she hadden found someone to answer her
lasingingangel / Cedric aka Ced: Cedric, aka Ced. He was no more than 233 years old, trapped inside the body of a 25 year old. He was strong, and heartless. His black hair always hovered over his grey eyes.
*Ced kept himself invisible to an elf who was sitting in the grass. He gazed at her up and down contemplating if he should waste his time by attacking her. He licked his lips as the aroma of her flesh came his way.*
Rach94 / Calah: Calah looked to the girl, her eyes surprised. She hadn't thought anyone else had been there. For a moment she stayed silent, studying the girl, but then layed her legs flat on the ground and replied, "Sure, go ahead." with a slightly forced smile.
lasingingangel / Cedric aka Ced: *Ced gazed at the second woman, Mirara, he stayed hidden in the shadows of the tree listning in to their conversation.*
<<is Mirara an elf as well?>>
Milky / Mirara: mirara smiled brightly finaly someone would talk to her and answer her she sat down on her knees infront off the Woman " um.. well... how is the battle going " she asked a little shy she didnt know if the Woman would eb affended by some girl just coming asking things out off the blue with no adults with her
Milky / Mirara: (( i am half human half elf))
Rach94 / Calah: Calah raised her eyebrows at her, curious at her question. "Well..it's over." she replied, as if it were obvious. "It has been for a while now." She paused for a minute. "The village is safe now." she added, thinking that the girl must have been scared or something.
Mireya / Alya: -join as an elf?-
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin could smell the elfs, and there blood seemed very appealing to a new born.
Rach94 / Calah: ((Sure))
Milky / Mirara: mirara made a glad noice off relife " good then mom is gonna be just fine... i hope she will come home soon " miraras mom was a good healer and she was out helping the hurt soldiers " um.. can i ask for your name miss " she asked as her blue eyes made a kind blink off realife as she now could talk freely and didnt have to worry about all the others
lasingingangel / Cedric aka Ced: *Ced chuckled to himself as the girls continued their conversation.* 'Safe.' *He thought.*
Mireya / Alya: -how should i come in?-
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin jumped into a tree right outside the elf's village, "Blood" he said quietly about ho jump over
Rach94 / Calah: ((Any way you want!))
Calah decided it was rude to be sitting down while introducing yourself. She quickly got to her feet and gave the girl a quick, short bow. "I am Calah." she told her. "And you are..?"
Mireya / Alya: -K-
Alya walked slowly through the villiage to the entrance. She wandered by the surrounding area, not knowing there were others around. She sat at the foot of a tree.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin smiled seeing alya <<if that's ok>> "Someone alone" He said quietly he approached the tree trying to look normal
Milky / Mirara: mirara almost fell back over by her surprise then she blushed and got up herself and bowed back " i am Mirara " she said and let her black her fall down over her shoulder but then she got up again with a big smile " um.. so Calah are you hungry... my home is near here and we have some good food there.." she said and smiled kindly
Mireya / Alya: Alya looked up at the boy that was approaching her. "Hello." she said quietly. She stood up to greet him, not knowing he was a vampire.
lasingingangel / Cedric aka Ced: *Ced jumped in the tree to get a better look at these two. As he jumped the branch made a small crack. He quickly ducked make sure the two didnt hear the sound.*
Rach94 / Calah: Calah hesitated and looked towards the Inn. She wasn't sure why she did that, but managed to look back at Mirara and give a small smile. "That would be nice." she said, genuinly. Her body ached and she was starving. A bit of rest and relaxation couldn't hurt. But before she could make a move, her head moved sharply as she heard a loud crack coming from the trees. Her hand instinctivly moved to her bow and arrow as she whipped them out, pointing to the source of the sound.
lasingingangel / Cedric aka Ced: *Ced noticed the girl heard him. He jumped out of the tree, still hidden. Then he walked out from behind the tree with his hands up.* "No threat here." *He lied with a smirk across his face. His lie was so believable that he almost fell for it.*
Milky / Mirara: mirara looked confused at the man she had never seen another elf that had dark hair like her " um.. hi " she said with a low voice as she moved a little so she better could take a look at him he seemed not like a elf at all
lasingingangel / Cedric aka Ced: *Ced gave Mirara a smile back.* "Hi yourself." *He charmed her.* "Sorry for starring, but I have never seen anything so beautiful as you."
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin smiled at her trying not to show the fangs. "Hello, I'm Justin, WHo might you be?" He asked trying to be friendly
Rach94 / Calah: Calah's eyes widened as she saw the man emerging from the bushes. Although he said he wasn't a threat, Calah could sense otherwise. That cold, unnerving feeling she got whenever she was in the prescence of a vampire returned, much to her dismay. But still, she wasn't going to let blood shed without it needing to. She alligned her arrow with his neck, prefectly on target. As most elves, Calah's archery skills were near flawless. "Why should I believe you?" she retorted, her eyes now narrowing, her frown evident.
Mireya / Alya: "Im Alya." she said softly. She was backed up against the tree and no weapons. She could sense something not right about this guy, but she didnt know what.
lasingingangel / Cedric aka Ced: *Ced shrugged.* "I dont know, why should you believe me? After all we just met." *He gazed at her.* "So kill me if thats what your instincts say, but can you live with the conscious of killing an innocent man?"
Milky / Mirara: mirara bluhsed slightly but tried to hid it as much as she could " um.. your name.. please " she said and tried to make the felling off joy at seeing someone like her go away there was no time to be happy and silly now
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin grin widened showing his fangs. "You smell quite attractive' HE smiled
lasingingangel / Cedric aka Ced: *Ced looked back at Mirara.* "Where are my manners?" *He gave a bow and stood up.* "Cedric. And if its not to bold of me to ask, what might your name be?" *he asked both of them.*
Rach94 / Calah: Calah dug her elbow subtly into Mirara's arm. "He's a vampire!" she whispered to her impatiently through gritted teeth. "Don't (i flirt) with him!" She returned her gaze to him. "What business do you have here?"
Mireya / Alya: Alya gasped when she saw his fangs. "You are a... a vampire." she said stating the obvious. She back away from the tree, wanting to run, but frozen with fear.
lasingingangel / Cedric aka Ced: "My business here is the same as yours, to live in peace. Away from death, and battle. My mother was part vampire, and my father part elf." *He pretend to feel ashamed and put his head down.*
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin grabbed her. "And your an elf" He said making the obvious a joke, He brushed her hair aside. "With blood"
Milky / Mirara: mirara looked confused at him " a v-v-v-vampire " she said that was why he looked like ehr he was something more like a human that was why he could ahve the same color hair as her the thing that normal Elves have a hard time getting she moved behind Calah becouse she didnt have any weapons and she didnt want him to talk to her anymore he made ehr feel calm and that was not good
Rach94 / Calah: Calah's frown deepened, but her bow dipped a little. How could she trust him? She knew she couldn't, but she had nothing against him right now. She took a step forward, lifting her chin up. "Well I'm sorry to inform you you cannot just waltz in here and expect to be accepted. You are from the opposite side, the enemy. A (i vampire)." She spat the last word, as if she were disgusted.
Mireya / Alya: Alya let out a small scream, that only the nearby area could hear. She tried to pull away from him. "Let me go," she screamed, trying not to let her fear get to her.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: "Hmm, i think not" Justin said running his hand on her necck. "ah, so much sweet blood"
Mireya / Alya: She struggled to get away from him. She was able to back up a few steps. "Please..." she said quietly.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: "And what do I get if I let you live?" justin asked with a smile
lasingingangel / Cedric aka Ced: *He looked at her, then heard a scream.* "Well accuse me later, but right now I think someone is in danger." *He looked over at Mirara.* "Excuse me." *She started to run into the direction of the scream thinking this could earn their trust.*
Mireya / Alya: Alya shook her head. "I...I dont know..." she stuttered.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: "Well then, your life is worthless, now isn't it?" Justin said with a grin walking towards her again
Mireya / Alya: She backed up more and turned to run. She hoped she could get away, but there was little hope in her right now.
Rach94 / Calah: Calah watched him go, her face puzzled. A vampire actually (i helping) someone besides themselves? She had never heard of such a thing. But he did have a point, she had heard the scream too, and if Cedric had managed to breach the walls of the village she didn't want to imagine who else might of. She took in the same direction, her weapons at the ready.
Milky / Mirara: mirara looked at the place the scream came form and started to run too she wanted to help who ever was in danger she wanted to help elves and make peace but she was just a little girl.
she ran up and saw another black hair man and a elve girl " stop hurting her " she yelled as she ran towards them
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin smiled, he lunged and tackled the girl baring his fangs. "Don't run" he said with a chcukle
Mireya / Alya: Alya looked up at him, and a tear ran down her cheeks. "No..." she mumbled, struggling to get away.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: <<Ok is someone going to attack me? lol>>
Milky / Mirara: (( i will...))
Mirara ran over and pushed him away from the girl " stop it " she yelled and pulled in the girls arm so she could get away from him and free " stay behind me " she wisperd not sure what she would do if he attacked them
Rach94 / Calah: ((Lol I will!))
Calah rushed forward, her bow pointed directly at the vampire, ready to plant an arrow in his skull. "Don't move!" she shouted at him, her voice threatening.
Mireya / Alya: Alya stayed where she was. She was so scared. She touched her neck, thanking god that it was whole.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin froze hearing the elf behind him. "shit" he said quietly. He didn't move. "Fine I give"
Rach94 / Calah: Calah nodded. "Now move away from her!" she directed him, pulling the arrow even further back, her eyes fixated on the back of his head. "And tell me why you came here."
Milky / Mirara: mirara took the girl up to her worried " are you alright " she asked in a gentle voice as she looked on her neck and hands to see if she was hurt
lasingingangel / Cedric aka Ced: *Ced stood behind Calah as if 'getting her back.' He took a look at Justin and realized he new him. He gave just a sly wink as if telling him to not recognize him.* "Move away from the girl." *He hissed.*
Mireya / Alya: Alya shook her head. "Im fine," she said quietly, knowing she was contridicting herself. She just sat there.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin moved away not showing him a response. "I came here, because I was just turned and I needed blood" justin growled
Milky / Mirara: mirara moved gently her heand on top off the girls head and patted her head " you are gonna be just fine now " she said with a gentle and kind voice then she looked confused at Ced as he seemed to look strange at the other man she didnt say a thing she just watched him
lasingingangel / Cedric aka Ced: *Ced gazed at mirara and smiled.* "That was very brave of you to attack like that, crazy, but brave."
Rach94 / Calah: Calah let down her bow and slung it over her shoulder. If he needed blood, he must be hungry. And if he was truly that hungry to have to break into the village for blood, he must not be at his strongest. "Well I hate to have to inform you that you will get no blood here." she told him, her voice much more confident than she felt. She could sense Cedric behind her, and it gave her a shiver. Having a vampire so close made her feel ... well, she wasn't sure, but it wasn't a good feeling.
Mireya / Alya: Alya nodded slightly, watching Justin carefully. She didnt know what to do, her body telling her to run but her mind not letting her.
Milky / Mirara: mirara blushed sligtly then looked away from him she didnt want to talk with him he seemed strange and he was a vampire but she keep glaring to him then slowly moved her lips " thank you i guess..." she said and looked down again realazing he didnt know her name at all she almost said it but then shut her mouth and looked down again
lasingingangel / Cedric aka Ced: *He lifted her chin.* "I didnt get your name."
Rach94 / Calah: Calah's face morphed into one of disgust. She slapped Cedric's hand away, her face angry. "Don't push it!" she warned him in a growl.
LanndonJames / Alizee: -Catch up..?-
lasingingangel / Cedric aka Ced: *Cedric nodded.* "Sorry, I not mean to offend you, it was not my intention."
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: "Why won't I get blood?" he growled at them all
Milky / Mirara: mirara looked surpised at him and Calah as she bluhsed again " um... " was all she said not wanting Calah to get mad at her and scold her she just looked down again then smiled kindly to the girl again making sure she was alright
Mireya / Alya: Alya sensed the same feeling fro Cedric from Justin. She backed up on her hands frightened.
Rach94 / Calah: ((g2g))
Mireya / Alya: -bye-
lasingingangel / Cedric aka Ced: *Ced walked over to Justin inches away from his face.* "You are not going to get blood from anyone here." *He growled. He could feel himself laughing on the inside.* "Ever harm another elf, I will be forced to hunt you down and kill you. Do you understand?"
Milky / Mirara: (( k later girl))
LanndonJames / Alizee: -Okay nevermind then- Alizee sat in the woods scared to go back to the vampire base. She was waiting for someone to find her, instead of her finding them. She rested her chin on her hands as she waited letting out a yawn.
aika039sshinigami / Leisly lovare: <<join as human???>>
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin nodded, knowing that he was stronger than him. "Fine"
aika039sshinigami / Leisly lovare: Leisly coughed more blood and panted harder stoping not far from justin and dizzzingly walked back to hum and collapsed on him
Milky / Mirara: mirara got up form the ground and brushed her shirt gentle as she looked at Ced and the other guy " um.. my name is mirara " she said in a low voice as she offerd her hand to the elf girl so she could get up form the ground
lasingingangel / Cedric aka Ced: "Apologize to the Miss." *He pushed Justin up to Alya. He was trying to let Justin show his good side, so he could stay and trick the elfs into their blood.*
LanndonJames / Alizee: -aika039sshinigami I'd wait until the owners on.-
Mireya / Alya: Alya got up but backed up instantly when he pushed Justin toward her.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: "I'm sorry, for... my reaction" Justin said bowing slightly
Milky / Mirara: mirara putted her arm around the girl as a defends even if she was no older than her she tried to ackt more calm and not them scare her " its alright " she wispered with a smile to the girl
lasingingangel / Cedric aka Ced: *Ced smiled to the girl.* "Dont fear Miss, I wont allow him to harm you." *He said with a charming smile.*
Mireya / Alya: Alya didnt know. It seemed that Mirara was on their side to her. She backed up another step
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin backed up near ced again, He was dying of thirst, but couldn't attack with so many aroud
Milky / Mirara: mirara looked at the elf girl " no need to be scared off me i am a elf " she giggled and showed her teeth where there was no fangs " just like you... and i wont let them hurt you " she said in a calm tone
lasingingangel / Cedric aka Ced: *Ced thought of a plan he hoped would work. He looked at Mirara with a frown.* "I was not accepted with the vampires, and I can see that I am not accepted here. It was nice meeting you Mirara, but I do not wish to scare you any more." *He turned around and started running in his direction hoping Mirara would follow him.*
Mireya / Alya: Alya still stayed where she was. She sighed tryig to calm down.
Milky / Mirara: mirara turned around and looked sad at Ced then followed him as the silly little girl she was " please dont go... i didnt mean it like that " she really knew what it was like to be the out sider and she hated that feelling " she ran fast after him and grabed his hand as she tried to make him stop running
Mireya / Alya: Alya realized she was be herself with Justin again. She backed up.
lasingingangel / Cedric aka Ced: *Ced smiled to himself, perfect, he thought. He stopped running as soon as he reached a lake. He looked at Mirara with a sad expression.* "Do you ever get the feeling that you dont belong anywhere and your better off dead?"
Milky / Mirara: mirara smiled a little to him as she walked over and sat down on her knees by the lake " yes... i am not like others and i know that " she said gently as she putted her finger down in the water " you know sometimes... i wished that i would just be fully one thing not a mix.." she said sad then looked at him with her gentle eyes
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin smiled at her grabbing her and putting his hand over her mouth. "Now" he smiled
Mireya / Alya: Alya tried screaming. She started to kick him but nothing was working.
lasingingangel / Cedric aka Ced: *Ced felt like vomiting, but he played along. He walked over to her and sat down next to her.* "Well, from my opinion." *He removed the hair from her face.* "You seem perfect as a half and half." *He smiled.*
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin smiled sticking his fangs into her neck drinking her sweet blood
Mireya / Alya: Ayla struggled to get away. She was losing energy and her body started to become still.
Milky / Mirara: mirara suddenly felt weird he seemed scary " um.. i must go now " she said and moved away from him he seemed to much like a vampire right now her body felt unsure it must be her elf part reachting she started to think off things she would do if he came after her as she got up from the ground
lasingingangel / Cedric aka Ced: "I did it again didnt I?" *He spoke as she walked away. He kept his head foward starring at the water. He stood up still starring at the waters and crossed his arms.* "Bad vibes, I dont know how to control them."
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin stopped feeding, he didn't want to give the girl venom. "Very sweet blood" he said kissing her cheek and standing up
Mireya / Alya: Ayla just laid there. She lost too much blood. Her eyes started to close.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: <<Is she dieing?>>
Milky / Mirara: mirara looked at him " i need to know something.... did you know the other vampire " she asked in a almost sure voice that he did she didnt know how toy trust him what a fool she was for following him " um... why do you even want to talk to me " she asked confused
Mireya / Alya: -no just fainting-
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin sighed, putting her body into the tree, and started walking away
lasingingangel / Cedric aka Ced: *Ced turned around and faced her.* "Yea, I did know him. We use to be friends when we were young, but as we grew, he was more in touch with his vampire side, and I, well I was more in touch with my Elf side." *He took looked at the floor and forced himself to blush when he said.* "I like talking to you, because I feel like we have some kind of connection. You seem to understand how I feel."
Mireya / Alya: Ayla opened her eyes a bit later. She tried to get up but she was too tired. "ANYONE?!" she yelled weakly. She looked around.
Milky / Mirara: mirara looked at him then started to giggle " if you liek talking to me that much... why dont you ackt like yourself " she didnt know why but she knew he didnt was himself and it bugged her he made a ackt a good one she didnt see it but she felt it
lasingingangel / Cedric aka Ced: *Ced forced a laugh.* "That happens to a lot of people I meet, they always think I am not being myself, when in reality I am. They see the fangs, but not the personality to match and they automatically accuse me of acting."
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <Hi>
Mireya / Alya: -ello-
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <What did I miss>
Mireya / Alya: -well alya was bitten by a new vamp and is laying in te forest and cedric and mirara are talking.-
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <Ah>
Milky / Mirara: mirara walked closer to him " no i dont think you ackt couse your fangs... it something in your eyes... you look like all you do for me is a pain and you hate it " she said and grinned a litle that was the thing she had seemed was weird about him
Mireya / Alya: Alya lifted herself up. She touched where he bit her. She shuddered and leaned up agaist the tree.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin was in a tree shadowed otu watching alya
lasingingangel / Cedric aka Ced: *He gave a confused face.* "Not at all." *He said meeting her eyes. He took a step closer to her and put his cold hand on her shoulder.* "I hope you believe me."
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: Tired of watching she goes back to where she helped a turning vampire...She sees others there now and sees someone being turned again
Mireya / Alya: Alya was happy she was alive. She sat down again and sighed. She thought someone was watching her and she looked around.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin watched quietly. "Glad your alive" justin said quietly
Milky / Mirara: mirara blushed as he touched her then looked confused up in his eyes " dont just say that... like that... i mean what do you give me to trust " she asked and looked confused at him again
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: She looks at Justin and the new vampire but remains in the trees "What happened here" she muttered to herself
lasingingangel / Cedric aka Ced: "I hope this will work." *He leaned in and planted his lips on hers waiting for her reaction.*
Mireya / Alya: -shes still an elf.-
Alya caught a glimpse of what she thought was Justin. She stood up and backed up and turned to run.
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <But also a vamp now too>
Milky / Mirara: miraras eyes became big as he kissed her but she didnt move from him she just stodd there and let him kiss her she didnt know why he did that or why she felt warm inside when he did it when she had the felling he really didnt care about her
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: <<No she isn't i didn't give her venom>>
lasingingangel / Cedric aka Ced: *Ced pulled away after a one sided kiss and placed his hands by his side.* "Im...sorry." *He blushed.* "It, it just happend."
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <Excuse me while I try and untangle my brain>
Milky / Mirara: mirara blushed even more then removed his hand " i am sorry... i know you wont like it " she said and pushed her lips on his forcefully with closed eyes as she held his hand her own was shivering strongly as she kissed him
lasingingangel / Cedric aka Ced: *Ced pulled away again and placed one hand on her cheek.* "Why are you shivering?" *He whispered and he brought her hand up to his chest.*
Mireya / Alya: Alya looked back and ran toward the lake. She just wanted to not see him. She stumbled on roots as se ran.
Milky / Mirara: mirara blushed stronly " um.. i think i am nervouse... i just kissed someone that might not love me and might suck my blood... and it was my first kiss soo " she said and smiled gently as she looked down and grabed his shirt with the hand she had on his cheest
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <Yea, nope..I'm still confused>
Mireya / Alya: -lol he fed off me but stopped before the venom-
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <Oh..I feel so blonde and I'm not even a blonde>
Mireya / Alya: -lol-
lasingingangel / Cedric aka Ced: "Dont be nervous." *He said smiling as he pinned her against a tree and wrapped his hands around her waist, he closed his eyes again and placed his lips on hers again. He new it was time to bite her, but he didnt feel like it for some odd reason.*
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <I have no clue what to post now..I so fucked up>
Mireya / Alya: -its ok gtg-
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <Bye>
Milky / Mirara: mirara blushed as she felt the tree behind her she moved her arms around hid neck and held him close to her as she kissed him back the warm felling became bigger and bigger now she almost felt like her stommack was gonna burn
lasingingangel / Cedric aka Ced: *He slid his hands down her waist as he forced his tongue down her throat. He pushed himself against her so that there was no distance between them whatsoever. He didnt know if he was being to rough, so he pulled away to look at her reaction.* "You alright?" *he asked.*
Milky / Mirara: mirara nooded and took his hands around her again " um... i am just fine" she said and putetd her own arms around him with a smile and kissed him again slowly putting her own tongue in his mouth she blushed
lasingingangel / Cedric aka Ced: <<sry i share an account with my stupid sister, and for some reason her character logged in>>
*He enjoyed the feeling of her tongue in his mouth, he greeted it with his own. Ced allowed his hands to wonder her body. 'Bite her dammit.' he kept telling himself. But instead he caressed her body over and over again.*
Milky / Mirara: (( its alright XD ))
mirara pulled him closer to her so her body touched his she felt his tongue against her own it felt soft and somewhat really warm she had her esey closed as he kissed her and touched her she really didnt mind if it was him she didnt mind
lasingingangel / Cedric aka Ced: 'Ced stop it and just bite the whore!' *He kept telling himself over and over. He wasnt going soft, he just didnt want to, and he wasnt quite sure why. Maybe kissing her was more fun than drinking her blood. His hands started squeeze her hips and he slowly got turned on. He moved back and licked her lips, then dug his tongue in her mouth again. 'Bite her! This is not going to lead any further' he told himself again, but he refused the voice in his head*
Milky / Mirara: mirara pulled her body close to his fast and made them both tip and land on the ground " ouch... oh you alright Ced she asekd him as she gently putted her hand over his cheek and kissed him again with her tonngue in his mouth she felt so good doing this but she knew hi might not mean thise he might just want to bit her but she couldnt stop herself at all
lasingingangel / Cedric aka Ced: *Ced turned over to where he was ontop of her. He pulled away and gazed at her.* "You still dont feel safe with me do you?" *He asked.*
Milky / Mirara: mirara looked down then looked up in his esey " i do fell safe around you... couse i like you " she said and blushed strongly she never toughed those word would leave her mouth
lasingingangel / Cedric aka Ced: *He started laughing.* "Seriously" *he asked her still laughing.*
Milky / Mirara: mirara shut her mouth together and tries to get away from him " yea really... but i can stop doing it really " she felt hurt he had laughed at her she brushed her skirt gentle as she faced away from him
lasingingangel / Cedric aka Ced: *He laughed as he pinned her arms down on the ground.* "Elfs, you are almost as bad as humans." *He gazed into her eyes.* "You should always trust your instincts though." *He said showing her his fangs.*
Milky / Mirara: " no let go off me ..." she said and looked confused at him why did he do that it hurts around her arms " let me go... " she said her human part had made her like someone she hated it she hated her human part it was filthy " let me go " she begged again
lasingingangel / Cedric aka Ced: "Oh stop struggling kid, its only going to hurt more. 'you make me feel different'" *he mocked laughing hysterically.* "Are you serious? Im a vampire no girl can make us change our feelings, please."
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: Hears some voices not to far off and heads towards it..She sees two people, one pinned to the ground and a vampire looking about to bite her. "Let her go" she stated in a firm voice and exited the trees
Milky / Mirara: mirara looked at him sad " i hate you... you liar and disiver " she said sad as a tear fell form her eye and she started to move again " help me... " she yelled when she heard somone coming
lasingingangel / Cedric aka Ced: *Ced heard the voice and quickly bit into her neck drinking as much warm blood as he could before he stood up.* "Hello, care to join in?" *He asked with blood dripping form his chin.* "I'm all done, her blood wasnt as fresh as I though, maybe its because she's a half bread." *He said mocking her self esteem.*
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: She pulled out an arrow and aimed it at him "Not everyone's blood is perfect" she walks forward keeping a firm grip on the arrow, "You've had your fill..Now leave"
Milky / Mirara: mirara screamed out loud and got up and smacked him " i hate you... i will kill you " her eyes turned deep red as she talked something inside her became more and more evil forgeting all she cared about she just hated him " she hit him again and again " i hate you " she yelled not noting the blood form her neck
lasingingangel / Cedric aka Ced:
*He bowed at the new elf.* "I was just on my way." *He smiled.* "Oh and your a decent kisser Mirara, I mean for it being your first." *He then turned around and walkd off satisfyed.*
<g2g byee!>
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <bye>
"The only reason your now on your way is because your a coward..No shame in that..But it seems to me that your afraid to face me" she snapped at him angry from him biting an innocent person
Milky / Mirara: (( k later XP ))
Miraras eyes turned back to normal as she looked at the other elf " i am a fool " she said and started to cry hard all the thing she toughed she felt was being cried out she just hated him now a low and evil hate that was in her hearth
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: Looks at her, "Sit..We need to take care of that bite" she told her as she walked forward and put the bow and arrow away
Milky / Mirara: mirara does what the Woman tells her with out saying anything " i am a fool" is all that comes from her lips ones in a while
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: She kneels next to her, "No your not, your just a girl who wanted to feel safe." She takes out a vile and tilts the girls head to get a better look at the bite. "The venom hasn't gotten to far..If your lucky, this will stop it." She then pours the liquid form the vile on the girls neck and covers it with a cloth from her bag
Milky / Mirara: mirara dosnt say ouch or anything she just looks down " i hate him " she wispers the thing comes form deep inside her deep inside her human mind and hearth
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: "That much I can understand..He did make you like him then he turned against you" she commented as she put pressure on the bite
Milky / Mirara: mirara nooded " i was a fool" she says again thise time with more feling to it
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: "You really should stop saying that..People make mistakes"
Milky / Mirara: " i guess " she said and sighnes a little off herself
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: Removes the cloth and the bite is healed, "You should be ok now..But if you start getting a burning sensation then the venom isn't gone." She stood and put the empty vile in her bag. "I'm Charity Crystal by the way," she told her before she began heading back to the trees
Milky / Mirara: mirara gets up and follows her " i am Mirar " she said and smiles " thanks for helping me
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: "Its nice to meet you" she stops and looks at her. "Why are you following me exactly"
Milky / Mirara: mirara blushes " well i dont want to be alone " she says shyly and looks down
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: "Ah, well..Ok then" she begins walking again
Milky / Mirara: mirara follows her again with out sayin a word
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: She begins weaving through the trees with ease. Then she stops in a small clearing and sits down
Milky / Mirara: mirara followes her and looks at her with a smile as she stops
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: Looks at her, "Why are you smiling"
Milky / Mirara: " oh i just fell happy again... i guess being with someone nice does that " she says and smiles again
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: "Oh," she closes her eyes and begins meditating.
Milky / Mirara: mirara smiles and sits down beside her and do the same
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: Hears movement in the trees but continues meditating. Fully aware that this area contains vampires
Milky / Mirara: mirara keep as calm as her and tries to hear the nature around herself
Vampirexlove / Ryku: -Hey,could you post on Outcast woods please Milky-
Milky / Mirara: (( k sure XD ))
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <back>
Milky / Mirara: (( that was fast shower))
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <They usually are>
Milky / Mirara: (( why??))
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: She feels the wind blow past her it ruffling her hair. She opens her eyes and watches the trees move
Milky / Mirara: mirara helt her eyes closed as she lisned to the tree and the earth under her
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: She silently moves to grab her bow and arrow as a vampire comes into sight. Then she aims and fires watching the arrow connect and the vampire fall
Milky / Mirara: mirara opned her eyes as she heard the arrow flew off " what the " she says as she sees the vampire goes down into the ground
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: "Shh" she puts her fingers to her lips and stands up
LanndonJames / Alizee: Alizee also saw hte vampire hit the ground and smushed closer into the tree trying to hide.
Mireya / Alya: -what i miss?-
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <Not much>
Mireya / Alya: -ok. how should i join?-
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <don't know>
Milky / Mirara: (( you could say you also was attacket by vampires))
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <But she was attacked by a vampire..Sorta>
Milky / Mirara: (( i guess..... she could be atticked again ??))
Mireya / Alya: Alya heard voices close to her. One sounded like the girl from before. She tried to hide the bite marks by tieing a cloak around her, also covering her blood stained dress. She walked slowly over to them. "Hello." she said sweetly.
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <g2g>
Mireya / Alya: -bye :( -
Mireya / Alya: -we gonna continue?-
Milky / Mirara: (( sure XD ))
Mirara turned her head and saw the girl from before drenced in blood " oh god what happend " she asked and ran over to her
Mireya / Alya: Alya looked at her. "Im ok, well sorta..." she said sitting down slowly, trying not to fall. She looked horrible. She tried to smile a bit but it wasnt working.
Milky / Mirara: mirara sat her down on the ground " oh.. i am so sorry... well i guess we both got tricked " she said and remebert her hate for him now something normal elfs dosnt fell " so lets get you home to me and wash up " she said and helped her back up and away from them all over to her own house
Mireya / Alya: Alya nodded and walked with her. "I didnt get tricked though..." she said softly. She looked around catiously. She was more alert and skittish.
Milky / Mirara: mirara didnt say anything she helped her up in her own bed and started to take the dirty cloth off and wash her wound and body
Mireya / Alya: "Thanks for being nice." she said softly to Mirara. She smiled a bit at her/
plop / Violet Valentine.: <Join as Vampire?>
Mireya / Alya: -um the creators not here, so you should wait-
Milky / Mirara: mirara smield gently back " no problem... i am here for the same " she said and walked down int he kitchen where she made somw hot soup to her and brought a plate to her " here you go " she said and gave it to her
plop / Violet Valentine.: < oh ok. =] >
Mireya / Alya: She took the bowl and started to eat a bit. "Oh, by the way, Im Alya" she smiled at her.
Milky / Mirara: " well hello Alya nice knowing your name at last " she giggled and sat down on the bed watching her eat
Mireya / Alya: "Arent you hungry?" she asked sitting up more. She suddenly felt alot better.
Milky / Mirara: mirara shoke her head " no not really... theni would have taken to... you seem to be better " she said and smiled
Mireya / Alya: "Yeah," she smiled as she finished the bowl. She looked around the room. " Its nice here." she smiled.
Milky / Mirara: mirara looked around " well thanks.. by mim made thise house for us two.." seh said and walked over to push to her own glass bowl where she could have fish in
Mireya / Alya: Alya stayed quiet. She kept thinking of Justin. Why was he glad I was alive? she kept asking herself.
Milky / Mirara: mirara looked at her " somthing wrong? " she aske Alya had looked so toubled
Mireya / Alya: "No... Im fine." she said, telling partly the truth. She smiled at her and stood up. She streched a bit, and looked at her.
Milky / Mirara: mirara smiled kindly and took the plate as she walked down to wash up
Mireya / Alya: Alya looked out of the window. She put her cloak in her bag and sat back on the bed.
Milky / Mirara: mirara finished up and came up with some verbes that should be good and some tea that was healing from her mothers things
Mireya / Alya: Alya was looking up at the ceiling. She knew she should get home, but she was now afraid of the forest.
Milky / Mirara: " here thise should help" she said and tried to seem vise but it was just something her om had givin her
Mireya / Alya: "What do you do with them?" she asked looking at the stuff.
Milky / Mirara: " well you eat it " she said and gave her the tea..." put it down there then drink it all and every drop must be drinked " she said and purred some tea up
Mireya / Alya: Alya nodded. "ok." she smiled at her.
Milky / Mirara: " it tastes alright " she aured her
Bloodhavenking / Crinichian: ooc:so um what happened while iwas gone?
Mireya / Alya: Alya took the tea and started to drink it. She finished it, and sighed.
Milky / Mirara: (( well... we are right now at my home she is hurt but fine now there are some vampires around that is that ))
Mireya / Alya: -lets continue-
Milky / Mirara: mirara smiled " was it good enough " she asked and filled the cup up with normal tea
Mireya / Alya: "It was." she smiled. Her wound started to heal. She touched her neck and realized it was gone.
Milky / Mirara: mirara smiled " it works fast " she said and giggled
Mireya / Alya: Alya nodded, "Yeah..." she smiled at her.
Milky / Mirara: (( G2G later XD ))
Mireya / Alya: -bye-
Mireya / Alya: -anyone?-
Rune / Yokino: ~Join?~
Mireya / Alya: -idk the creators not here-
Mireya / Alya: -anyone?-
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: <<Heree>>
Mireya / Alya: -wanna continue?-
kitana / Ielita: <may i join>
Mireya / Alya: -idk the creators not here-
kitana / Ielita: <damn ok>
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: (( Okay so did anyone respond to my post of requesting entrance to the Elven Palace on a "Peace Talk"? I got lost from my last post.... ~Vladimer, the Vampire Warlord.))
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <I dunno>
Rach94 / Calah: ((Anyone who asks een when I'm not here can join!!))
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <I'll keep that in mind>
Rach94 / Calah: ((What have I missed? I'm sorry I'm not on too often it's just school and training and stuff. You know))
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <Yea..Its ok..School sucks anyway>
Rach94 / Calah: ((I guess I've missed a lot O.o))
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <Sorta..I'm in class now and the bell is about to ring..So I have to go..BBL..Bye>
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: (( O.O Okay, now I see where I was, but no one even let me in the Palace, is anyone in there?))
ReinaNight / Meyena: <<Here! =^.^=>>
Mireya / Alya: -here-
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <Hi>
Mireya / Alya: -YAY! someones here!-
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <Yep>
Mireya / Alya: -^^, how r u?-
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <Good>
Mireya / Alya: -thats good.-
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <And you>
Mireya / Alya: -pretty good.-
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <Thats good>
Mireya / Alya: -yep^^-
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <So..What now>
Mireya / Alya: -idk, we could rp or just talk...-
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <RP..I'll get Mirara>
Mireya / Alya: -kk-
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: She stood up and walked over to where Mirara and another girl was. "So, umm.. Hi again"
Mireya / Alya: Alya looked up. "Hello." she says smiling slightly.
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: She notices that shes the girl from before, "Let me look at the bite"
Mireya / Alya: "Its gone..." she said, lifting her hair to show a light scar.
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: "Well hell..I was hoping to get a look at a bite that didn't have have venom put in it"
Mireya / Alya: "It didnt." she said quietly. She smiled a bit, "He stopped before..." she trailed off.
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: "Hmm..Oh well"
Mireya / Alya: She curled up, wrapping her arms around her knees.
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: "Whats wrong"
Mireya / Alya: She shrugged. "Just still shooken up, and afraid..." she said quietly, looking out to the forest.
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: "Oh..Well, I just hopefully saved someone from being turned"
Mireya / Alya: She smiled at her. "I dont like them..." she said. She was a bit clueless about vampires, her parents being protective, until tonight. She stood up and streched.
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: "So how come you were out here all alone anyway" she asked confused
Mireya / Alya: "I wanted to get away for a bit." she said quietly. She definitly wasnt going outside the villiage by herself again.
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: "Ah..Well, not safe to go out by yourself"
Mireya / Alya: "I realized." she said giggling a bit.
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: "Well, I'm always outside the gates of the city..So if you ever wander out, come find me"
Mireya / Alya: She nodded a bit.
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: Looks around for Mirara, "I wonder where she ran off to"
Mireya / Alya: She looks around. "I dont know, she was here a few seconds ago..." she sighs.
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: "I give it 20 minutes before that liquid I poured on her bite, knocks her out cold"
Mireya / Alya: She looks at her confused. "Liquid?" she asks
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: "Gets rid of the vampire poison..Kinda something I created after I killed a vampire and tested its blood"
Mireya / Alya: Alya nodded at her. "Oh.." she said quietly.
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: "It was fun experimenting on vampire blood" she commented and laughed a little
Mireya / Alya: Alya giggled a bit. She scanned the area a bit, still looking for Mirara.
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: "Still no sign..Guess we have to go look for her"
Mireya / Alya: Alya nodded.
(Where is she?)
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <No clue>
Begins walking
Mireya / Alya: She followed her and looked around.
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <I think shes typing..BRB>
Mireya / Alya: -ok-
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <Back>
Mireya / Alya: -kk-
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: She silently weaved through the trees and keeps a lookout for other vampires
Mireya / Alya: Alya walked fast to keep up. She stayed close, just in case.
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: She stops and looks around scanning the area carefully
Mireya / Alya: Alya held her bag close and kept looking.
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: She turns around and puts her fingers to her lips "Shh"
Mireya / Alya: Alya nodded slightly, and tries to stay quiet.
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: She pulls out her bow and arrows. Then she aims at a vampire and shoot. Begins walking again once it connects and the vampire falls
Mireya / Alya: Alya stops for a second and looked at the vampire. she shuddered and followed quickly.
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: "We need to get you back to the village..Safely" she told her before she began weaving through the trees again
Mireya / Alya: Alya looked at her and nodded. "Thanks." she said quietly.
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: "Come one"
Mireya / Alya: Alya followed close behind.
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <Wow this has gotten boring>
Mireya / Alya: -yep, with no one else...-
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <So..Now what>
Mireya / Alya: -idk... mirara is rping somewhere... and the others idk-
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <Mirara is RPing in Vampiric Nightclub>
Mireya / Alya: -yep-
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <You should go in there..Its fun>
Mireya / Alya: -i dont have any vampire characters. When im about to make one, i cant find a good pic...-
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <I'll find a pic..You get a name..I'll PM you the links so you can look at them>
Mireya / Alya: -haha kk-
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <Sent>
Mireya / Alya: -kk-
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <K>
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: (( Someone let me in the freakin' palace! I'm trying to talk with others of-some important matters....not really I just want in so I can kill people....lol, J/K.))
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <Hey>
Mireya / Alya: -ello-
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <Hey..I will only be on for another 5 maybe 10 minutes>
Mireya / Alya: -okie-
Rosodara / Charity Crystal: <K>
Mireya / Alya: -here-
ReinaNight / Meyena: <Here>
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: (( Here.))
ReinaNight / Meyena: <Here. People needed for rp Power of the Pack>

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