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Roleplay - Hamster Piano Pet Shop by Legato Alecto Crayon / LegatoCrayon

This story takes place in an old broken down pet shop deep in the south side of Chicago. Large cracks in the wall create little ones. Like a plague spreading, water drips from the roof, mold takes on a new life where light dose not travel, in the dark corners of the shop. The dilapidated state of the building has won it many ghost stories, none having been verified- or disclaimed. The exterior appearance of the building welcomes only those looking for the most exotic species, assuming they are still living somewhere in the confines of those walls... This is... the HAMSTER PIANO PET SHOP where only animals seen in the books of cryptozoology are sold. A help wanted sign dangles limply on the paint chipped door of the pet shop. A man waits to see who might enter.

Roleplay Details

No cybering, because that's just just weird.
No god-moding
No killing of the hamsters in the pet shop- especially if it's on a goddamn piano.
Lastly, have fun!!!


LegatoCrayon / Legato Alecto Crayon: Legato sits behind the front desk reading a book called "Aliens for Breakfast" he reads the tattered pages of the book lost in the story.

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