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Roleplay - Angelic Slave ( Need ) by Chosie / IomiiCatDemon

Angels, graceful and beautiful, correct?
Humans, vary from rude and cruel to, kind and sensitive, correct?
Well, the human race had succeed in enslaving the small population (That they know of) of all the Angels.
Sad for straight men, they're all boys.
Raging from set ages of 15-27, the four Angel's enslaved are sold on a black market to girls, or boys, of the respected ages of 20+.
What are they used for?

Roleplay Details

1- (B Shinjii Otakina [iomiicatdemon])
Bought and owned
1 Shinjii is owned by
2 is owned by
3 is owned by
4 is owned by
Yaoi encouraged, romance encouraged, cyber is to be taken elsewhere.
Cussing [yes]
Cyber [X]
Romance [yes]
Angels only (As slaves) Humans too, owners though.


Asokora / Durin Raplyin: (I OoC: My presence is here!! Mwahaha! You have been warned!)
IomiiCatDemon / Shinjii Otakina: OOC: Uploading picture, posting, and going BRB XP
Asokora / Durin Raplyin: (I ooC: Alright... Sees you then :3)
IomiiCatDemon / Shinjii Otakina: There he was, out of sight, flying through the air, smiling, giggling. Shinjii, a happy, young, and venturous Angel.
He's flying low over a building, appearing abandon. He's next to one of the windows, fixing his pale blond short hair from his light blue eyes. He saw something, someone moving, and looked closer. He squinted, his wings flapping strongly, keeping his petite, feminine framed body a flight.
He knew he saw something. Next thing he knew, though, he was flying quickly, panicky, away. Not quick enough. Breaking through the window, a net, collapsing on top of him, stopping the flapping of his wings.
He screamed, as he fell from the sky, face up. Tears fell from his eyes, the salty water drops falling upward as he fell. He desperately flapped, but the net stopped him. He fell through a tree, a branch snagging on his white jean pant leg (Left) ripping it off from below his ass. It cut his outer thigh slightly, and turned him, falling now, face first.
He moved his hands, to block his face, and twisted so he would land, on his side. Which he did. Bleeding slightly from such a fall, he struggled with the net, and keeping conscious. But soon enough, he heard footsteps, and shouts, calling out for the other creatures that just kidnapped him. His vision blurred, and soon, went black. . .
Now he wakes to the sound of gasping and laughs. He panicked again, and scrambled far from the creatures pointing at him, only to hit his back on some cold metal bars, and to be poked by a creature with lumps on it's chest. Some men shook their heads. He backed away, into a corner of this caged, his slender arms rose above his head, hiding his frighted look and tears. He cried hard, no idea what was going on, why the creatures took him to such a place. His pant leg still torn, showing the white of his untouched thigh. His pale skin gleaming in the warm sun of this odd, dusty, and outdoors set up.
Shinjii stayed in the corner, curled in his ball, as many groups of creatures walked by, some it odd clothing, nothing but cloth that hung to knee's or ankle, some shorter.
Shin's never seen a female before. He had over hear a man talk, saying 'Elven female'. He supposed, because the 'female' had different ears, and just about the same expression, this place capture creatures that aren't them.
Shinjii couldn't stand this place, no kindness anywhere. Nothing pure. Nothing king. Evil. Black. A market of some sort. A Black Market. . .
Asokora / Durin Raplyin: The low rumble of the car made durin sigh as his friend's car came to a stop at the entrance of the market they were supposed to be at right now. After hearing his technical best friend tell the driver to meet up with them back at the entrance in about an hour, Durin made his way out of the car. He sighed not really wanting to be here as much as his friend wanted him to, because his friend was making him get a 'partner.' Which in Durin's opinion wasn't nessesary at all, he could manage on his own without a partner. All of Durin's other friends all had girlfriends and maybe the occasional boyfriend, but Durin insisted on being single. But with his friends childish ways, he had to get one or they'd give his picture of him being being drunk, naked and playing sexual games with a stuffed animal ((I Ahh! No flaming about this xD)). He sighed again when his friend placed a hand on his shoulder and said, "Come on. I'm sure it won't be that bad."
Durin just gave him a slightly cold stare before walking off without his friend quietly to go looking at the selection of people they had to off at this market.
Asokora / Durin Raplyin: Durin walked through the market his annoying friend trailing not to far behind, and made his way towards the area of the slaves. It wasn't really compfortable for him to be here and he didn't like the idea of anything being in a cage so he didn't like the atmosphere here. Made him angrier and angrier with each step towards the slave area, and he was ready to take his anger out on his friend when they got back to the car. He'd beat the guy to a bloody-pulp as well as his other annoying, blackmailing friends.

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