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Roleplay - Deadly Requiem by Nanalee / Rae

What started out as a harmless dare turns into a nightmarish experience. Four teenagers decide to sneak out and spend the night in an abandon mansion previously owned by a talented musician. The Tellafero estate harbors deadly spirits and demons along with a serial killer. With the resourcefulness of four teenage misfits and the deadly skill of a killer combined, can they escape the death trap?

Roleplay Details

3 girls
-Me (nanalee)
ghosts and demons:
demon of fear
demon of sickness
demon of adultery
ghost of Mrs. Tellafero
ghost of Mr. Tellafero
serial killer:
preferably a male
controlling other characters: no!
instant kill: no
injuring: yes
swearing: keep it to a minimum
cybering: no
romance: keep it to a minimum
violence: yes...duh
have fun: please do
You don't need to ask to join just tell me your name and what role you want to play.


xxemowolfxx / Halez: <join?>
Meatloaf / Samael Coudray: <<join as 1 boy name Samael>>
Aiji / Gael Walker: ((Ill join =P))
Rae / Nanalee: (Nanalee one of the six teens)
She sat on the curb in front of the mansion with her backpack beside her. She was beginning to think nobody was going to show and that it was all a joke on her. Nanalee snorted, "Figures." she mumbled to herself.
Rae / Nanalee: ((Awesome, just jump right in you guys :D))
Meatloaf / Samael Coudray: Walks towards Nanalee "Well I guess if yousaid is true im nobody"sits down by her to try and make her think he actually isn't there because of what she said.
xxemowolfxx / Halez: Halez walks up the driveway and sees Nanalee and runs up to her with her back pack on her back. "Hey Nanalee! I thought I was going to be the only one to show."
Aiji / Gael Walker: Gael groaned after his big brother dropped him off at the sidewalk parallel to the big mansion, He slowly walked up the group of "friends" and sighed "I cant believe you guys got me into this" his backpack was saggging at on one side of his shoulder his other carryed his guitar.
Meatloaf / Samael Coudray: "Nope there are three of us now.I hope the others are coming because I dont want to be the only guy here" Samael said looking in the road for the others.
Sakuranbopop / Kaminari (:: ooc:I'll join (Kaminari)
xxemowolfxx / Halez: Halez rolls her eyes, "Look there is Gael, and do not be such a wuss. It is not like we bite... And if we do you would like it."
Rae / Nanalee: Nanalee sighed inwardly. "Haha you're not the only one Halez." She felt a little better about the situation. About half the people showed up. Nanalee looked behind her at the mansion. It was huge to say the least. The white brick had faded into a decaying grayish color. Vines crawled up the walls and over the roof so that it almost looked as though the earth was trying to swallow the building whole. Windows were broken or boarded up and she shuddered at the sight. "I'm surprised they haven't torn this place down yet." she stated more to herself.
xxemowolfxx / Halez: "It would be a shame because it is a beautiful structure." she sighs as she admires the architecture.
Meatloaf / Samael Coudray: " no I wouldnt .Were is he I dont see him?!? why do you always have to have such a big mouth?"Samael says looking at her waiting for an answer.
Aiji / Gael Walker: Gael walked across the street and shook his head in annoyance at Halez. he walked over to Nanalee and stared at the building too "Do we really have to do this?" he asked, he gripped his belongings tighter.
Rae / Nanalee: ((jump right in kaminari))
xxemowolfxx / Halez: "Because everyone loves my big mouth." She smiles sweetly at Samael and winks then starts to bust out laughing.
xxemowolfxx / Halez: "Why are you shaking your head at me mister." Halez said as she walked to him and puts her hands on her hips.
Meatloaf / Samael Coudray: "Yeahim not even liking your big mouth right now so I pretty much hate yuor big mouth".
Rae / Nanalee: Nanalee giggles at Halez. She turns to Gael, "Hell yeah we're doing this. It beats going to the pool or the mall or any other establishment that's over flowing with kids who don't get us." she smiled, "And besides, It ain't gonna kill us."
xxemowolfxx / Halez: "Oh Samael why do you have to be so mean?" Halez pouts.
Meatloaf / Samael Coudray: "You kwhat it looks like we wont even be going in because looks like the Earth is eating the mansion".
Meatloaf / Samael Coudray: "Ha Ha"
Aiji / Gael Walker: Gael didnt like any of this, he turned his head to Halez and rolled his eyes with a smile. "why cant you guys just be normal for once? Play basketball for entertainment, go to the arcade!!" he said as he followed Nanalee.
Rae / Nanalee: "Guys, just lay off. Halez is here because I like her big mouth, alright? Too much silence makes things creepy ya' know?" Nanalee defended.
xxemowolfxx / Halez: She sticks her tongue out at Samael and sighs in defeat.
Meatloaf / Samael Coudray: "The arcade is boring to many video gamesand video games SUCK!
Rae / Nanalee: "Life's not fun when you're normal Gael." she commented as she opened her backpack. "You all brought flashlights right?" she asked as she took out hers and zipped up her backpack.
xxemowolfxx / Halez: "Because we are not mindless drones. We have our own minds." she sighs as she looks at Gael.
xxemowolfxx / Halez: Hales takes out her flash light and when she turned it on it was purple. She laughs lightly.
Meatloaf / Samael Coudray: "I do takes out a his flashlight".
Aiji / Gael Walker: Gael rolled his eyes at all their freakish comments. he unzipped his backpack and took out his own flashlight
Meatloaf / Samael Coudray: "So are we going in or what?"
xxemowolfxx / Halez: Halez smiles happily for the first time in a long time. "I am ready! Are you guys?"
Rae / Nanalee: Nanalee rolls her eyes at Halez's flashlight. "Could you make the situation anymore creepier Halez?" she joked. Nanalee turned to Gael, "You gonna be okay?" she asked him. "I mean you didn't have to show up." she gestures to everyone else, "None of us did, but we're here now so we might as well get this thing done."
Meatloaf / Samael Coudray: Trips over nothing and starts bleeding badly"Ouch that hurt".
Aiji / Gael Walker: "It doesnt matter now, Im here so lets just go" he held his flashlight and zipped up his backpack following the rest of the group.
xxemowolfxx / Halez: "Ya i could Nanalee." Halez smiles at Nabalee
Rae / Nanalee: ((just so you kno im deleting all posts that don't have to do with the story))
Meatloaf / Samael Coudray: "dOES ANYBODY HAVE A BANDAIAD?"
Rae / Nanalee: Nanalee sighed and pulled out a bandaid from her jacket pocket and offered it to Samael. "Dude, you gotta be more careful."
xxemowolfxx / Halez: Hales digs through her bag. "Found one! I have a bandaid."
xxemowolfxx / Halez: "Oh well." she puts the bandaid back into her bag.
Meatloaf / Samael Coudray: "Sorry"crys.
Rae / Nanalee: Nanalee exhaled slowly and began walking up the steps to the front door of the mansion. She looked behind her to see if her friends were following and then put her hands on her hips when she realized they weren't. "Come on, let's get this over with."
Meatloaf / Samael Coudray: "Okay"runs up to door almost knocking Nanalee over.
xxemowolfxx / Halez: "Im coming Im coming Ms. Impatient." Halez sighs and then smiles in excitement.
Aiji / Gael Walker: Gael grumbled to himself but followed his friends up the stairs.
xxemowolfxx / Halez: Walks to Gael and grabs his hand. "Come on." She lightly pulls him along.
Meatloaf / Samael Coudray: ((i gotta go))
Rae / Nanalee: Nanalee smirked at her friends. They were such a bunch of misfits. "Alright then." She turned to the door and opened it. She was surprised to find it open and inspected the lock. It was broken as if someone had kicked the door in. 'That's odd.' she thought to herself, but she shrugged and went in.
Rae / Nanalee: (alright)
Meatloaf / Samael Coudray: ((i bye))
Aiji / Gael Walker: Following Halez, Gael ends up at the top of the stairs along with everyone else who just blankly stared at the big mansion.
Rae / Nanalee: "It smells like shit in here." Nanalee commented. She flicked her flash light on and looked around the front room. Everything was covered in a thin layer of dust. Rats scurried around in corners and spider webs hung from ceiling corners and the grand chandelier. "Ew."
xxemowolfxx / Halez: Halez still holds Gael's hand and lightly squeeses it. "Are you ready Gael?"
Aiji / Gael Walker: He slowly walked in, blushing at the softness of Halez's hand He took a breath and coughed. "Ugg, your telling me we have to sleep here?"
xxemowolfxx / Halez: Halez covers her mouth and nose. "It smells grody in here."
Rae / Nanalee: Nanalee laughed nervously, "Maybe we should have brought a broom." she joked. Carefully, she traveled further into the mansion. The house groaned and creaked and Nanalee tried hard not to freak out. 'It's just a really old nasty house Lee. Nothing to be afraid of.' she thought to herself. "We'll find a cleaner place to sleep." she said over her shoulder.
xxemowolfxx / Halez: "I hope so." She laughs lightly still covering her mouth.
Aiji / Gael Walker: "Eehh" Gael said with a disgusted look on his face after looking over some of the spiderwebs and rats crawling everywhere.
xxemowolfxx / Halez: "Wow this actually looks worse than my room." She says jokingly.
Rae / Nanalee: "Suck it up you guys. What did you expect?" Nanalee teased. She began walking down the main hall into what looked like a waiting room. The furniture was covered in plastic which was covered in dust. A weird odor came from the carpet, but other than that the room was relatively clean. "See, look at that." she flashed the light in the little seating area. "There's enough couches for everyone to sleep on. Nanalee strolled over to a couch by the far wall and carefully lifted up the plastic. Dust lifted into the air, causing her to cough hysterically.
xxemowolfxx / Halez: "That is why I brought Pledge! Just kidding!" She says laughing lightly.
Aiji / Gael Walker: Gael chuckled at Halez's remarks. He put his things down onto the dusty floor and walked over to pick his "bed". he picked a decent size sofa that was a dark green and removed its covering shielding his eyes and nose from the flying dust
xxemowolfxx / Halez: Halez walks over to a love seat, even tough it was small she is used to sleeping in cramped places. The love seat was maroon before she lifted her sheet up she puts her hand over her mouth and nose. The dust still got in her nose and she started coughing.
Rae / Nanalee: "Let's order pizza!" Nanalee suggested as she flopped down onto the couch. It had an ugly pink and white floral design on it, but she didn't mind. She opened up her bag and pulled out 12 candles. She lit each one and placed them around the room.
xxemowolfxx / Halez: "Oooo, lets do a Seance!" She says excitedly.
Rae / Nanalee: "Um....no." Nanalee rejected, "You remember the last time we did a stupid Seance?" She shuddered at the memory. "Tell me you left the board at home."
xxemowolfxx / Halez: "Nope! I never leave home with out it." She pulls it out of her back pack.
Meatloaf / Samael Coudray: "We should do it .Ther are probally spirits wanting to talk to us or something.Nanalee please order pizza!"
xxemowolfxx / Halez: Halez laughs in agreement with SAmael. "Please Nanlee!"
Rae / Nanalee: Nanalee looked at her friends as if they were nuts (which they are), "You guys are crazy! If there really are spirits here I think they'd be pretty ticked that we are disturbing their sleep with stupid questions." she said. Nanalee crossed her arms in annoyance. "I'm going to order the pizza and have my brother drop it off." She pulled out her cell phone, "I'll be right back." she said as she walked down the hall and out the door so that she could get better reception.
xxemowolfxx / Halez: halrz sighs. "oh well..."
Meatloaf / Samael Coudray: "Come on we can ask if there is a spirit wanting to talk before she gets back,Halez".
xxemowolfxx / Halez: "I do not know..." she says unsure
Meatloaf / Samael Coudray: "Please"?
kitana / Ielita: <join>
xxemowolfxx / Halez: She sighs "ok..."
Meatloaf / Samael Coudray: "Yes !wait!Nanalee is comin back you wasted to much of our time"!
xxemowolfxx / Mitzuki: "Oh shut your trap you ass"
xxemowolfxx / Halez: "Oh shut your trap you ass."
xxemowolfxx / Halez: (?)
Meatloaf / Samael Coudray: wre is everyone???????????????????

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