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Roleplay - All my dreams... They are fading... by Killi / Killi

She loved him... he would hold her and brush the tears away. His job was dangerous, and she knew this from the start. Her job was just as dangerous, sometimes more, but in a different way. He was an officer of the law (you can pick what type), she, was a hostage negotiator.
For once, after the 3 long weeks they have known each other, they can go out, have a nice dinner and be in peace from their jobs...
-beep- beep-
Kate looked up at him, his pager...
-beep- beep-
now her own, she looked down at it, a frown as she looked at him. They were off call. It had to be something big.
The O'Hare airlines was a place of chaos. A bomber had come in and pulled off his coat, showing rows of explosives strapped to him. In his hand was the trigger, as long as he did not lift his thumb from the button the people were alive.
A woman held her crying child. "Shut that kid up!" He yelled at her.

Roleplay Details

anyone is welcome
Kates bf
bomber would be nice to have
have fun and be respectful!


Killi / Kate .: Kate had been so happy only a minute ago! The sound of her pager at her side, and the mixed beeping of his was almost ready to give her a heart attack. The waiter came back, bringing the drinks. The boy was young, a worried look almost on his face.
Kate was a negotiator and just last week had a young boy with a gun on the roof of the apartment building. He thought his life was nothing, and Kate knew alot of things of feeling worthless
Asokora / Walter Hadji: <<Um, don't know if I should do this but can I join, maybe as the bomber?>>
Killi / Kate .: ooc lol sure, sorry i was gone
Asokora / Walter Hadji: <<It's fine, are we going to wait for other chracters?>>
Killi / Kate .: ooc:: do not matter up to you
Asokora / Walter Hadji: <<Well, do you want me to start, or you? Sorry , I'm just wanting to make sure of these things.>>
Killi / Kate .: ooc:: its ok, well i posted a bit, if you would like to post and say why you are and such with a bomb
Killi / Kate .: ooc:: umm, I was thinking more like a bank or airline (see setting) but I like the back story :)
Asokora / Walter Hadji: <<See I'm so bad xD, I'll remake it.>>
Killi / Kate .: occ;: sorry to put you through the trouble... :(
Asokora / Walter Hadji: <<O_O I just saw that part, sorry!>>
Holding his hand on the button, Walter Hadji was nervous as hell, but he needed to do this, or else his family would pay for it by 'them'. He didn't mind if he died in the process, he always, meaning always said 'Family comes first,' he either had to do this or pay the ransom, 100,000$, which he couldn't afford.
"I need 100,000$ or I'll blow this place to the ground," Walter yelled. His head was hurting from that baby still screaming, he yelled angrily, "Shut that freaking baby up, or else." He looked at the woman, his eyes as serious as they could be. He then looked around then said, "If you just give me the money, I might just let you go now hurry up."
<<Is this any better?>>
Killi / Kate .: ooc:: great ^_^
bic:: Kate pulled up, having left her date. She looked for Jim, her boss, who would have the updates. "Kate!" She was the best they had and by the looks of it, it was a good thing she was here. Jim handed her the folder and told her about what was going on as she got herself ready.
Once ready Kate walked up the yellow line. She crossed and walked to the doors slowly so he might see her.
Asokora / Walter Hadji: "Hurry up!" Walter yelled feeling more and more impatient every second, he just needed his family to be okay, not caring aboout the consequeces of the lives of the other people. He saw people looking behind him, they had hope in their eyes so he turned around making sure to have a tight grip with his thumb on the button. He saw a woman walking towards the doors then yelled, "Yo-you go away! I want no one in or out!" He wasn't sure if she heard him or not.
Killi / Kate .: kate raised her hands and took two more steps before stopping. "Just let me in, I can't take my boss anymore." She said and started walking again, now at the door, she did not open it, but waited for him to either kill her or allow her in. "Kate, we have the shot." The voice in hr ear said, there were guns all around, and if something happened, the man would be shot down.
Asokora / Walter Hadji: "What are you saying?" Walter said hesitantly moving closer to the door. He was now scared out of his mind, here comes this random woman out of the blue wanting to come into a building with a bomber inside of it. Was she crazy?
Killi / Kate .: "Yopu speak good english for one who doesn't understand it." She crossed her arms and watched the man. The report said his name was Walter Hadji. "Can I have a word with you? inside if you wish."
Asokora / Walter Hadji: "Shu-shut up," Walter said nervously, sweat trickling down his face, he wasn't sure if he could hold this much pressure. He thought for a few moments then asked, " Why do you want to come.. in you better not be planning anything or I'll blow the whole place! It'll all be over in a matter of seconds."
Killi / Kate .: "i understand that." Kate said. "May I come in, I only want to sit on the side and out of your way." She didn't think telling him she was cop was a good idea, she looked like an average person almost.
Asokora / Walter Hadji: He calmed himself as much as he could slowly sliding the one door open not at all trusting the woman but knew if she slipped up they would all die. Sure he would die in the process even if he got the money to them but it was worth it, he just needed them to get the money quicker, he yelled, "where's my money?" as he locked the doors behind the woman
Killi / Kate .: Kate looked back at him. "It wil be here in two hours, it takes time to gather that much money." She said as she stood watching him, he was so nervouse.
Asokora / Walter Hadji: "I don't have that much time!" Walter exclaimed, yelling angrily at the woman.
Killi / Kate .: "The best we can do is two hours, it may be shortened later on." Her voice was calm, almost bore sounding as she watched him. Kate heard her boss in her ear. "Find out why he is there." Kate noted it and didn't move.
ooc:: did you leave Heartland?
Asokora / Walter Hadji: <<Yeah I did.>>
Walter growled in anger, he was not prepared to have a stall in his plans. He was about to yell again when his cellphone rang, he jumped but shakelily pulled it out of his pocket and answered it, "hello," he mumbled and another voice came through, it was the kidnapper,
"Why isn't my money here yet?"
"I-I need more time, two hours at leasts, just hold on," he said into the phone, more sweat trickled down his neck. He heard the man scoff and then say a short okay then hung up.
Killi / Kate .: "Old friend?" Kate asked as she sat on a chair close by, the people in the bank looked at her was almost fear, she didn't care, her job was to talk this man out of blowing up this place and killing all these people.
Asokora / Walter Hadji: "Yeah..Just an old collage buddy," Walter replied dazed at the phonecall he'd just received. He was even more afraid now because 'they' were getting even testier and he didn't know what kind of torture they were putting his family through.
Killi / Kate .: "Something tells me you two are not on the best of terms by the way your eyes hazed over and you broke a new sweat." She said watching him more closely, she was getting closer to the topic, and it was only a matter of time. "Kate, we have the money, but we need more info." Kate closed her hand as a small signal to show she understood.
Asokora / Walter Hadji: Walter looked at her, his eyes becoming angry as he asked, "And how would you know, he just tld me a bad joke, yeah a really bad joke..." He was trying to get off the subject so badly so no one could find out his reasons for him bombing an airport.
Killi / Kate .: "What? He dared you to get $100,000 as a joke?" She almost wanted to laugh. "You said you needed two more hours, funny how that fits in with the puzzle." Kate was still in a sour mood since her dte was broken up. Her boss buzzed in her ear. "Be careful Kate! We don't know what this guy could do."
Asokora / Walter Hadji: "It was a joke I swear, stop testing me!" walter practically screamed, this woman was getting on his nerves because he couldn't get his thoughs straight with her talking.
Walter walked over to a food store which had several people cowering behind it, he ordered a cola to help him calm down, he did pay for it. He doesn't know if teh cola would calm him but it sure did quench his thrist.
<<Sorry the cola thing was just random.>>
Killi / Kate .: ooc:: tis ok :P
bic:: Kate watched him. She said nothing and just stared at him, watching everything, memorizing his features so she could pick him out of anywhere. She was in such a bad mood and knew he was to blame, she was upset and was letting her personal emotions get in the way.
Asokora / Walter Hadji: He took a long sip of his cola, then thrw it away, he turned his attention to a random clock at the top of the aiport's plane locators and was becoming more and more impatient, so he asked, "Jeez, it's too quiet in here, why doesn't anyone talk."
He knew his actions weren't making any sense but right now he could care less, he just needed that money.
Killi / Kate .: "Well then, what was the joke?" She asked him witha smug look, it was not the best tactic, but it worked sometimes, and she knew that he didn't want to hurt anyone, no one could sweat that much and act like this if they were set on killing.
Asokora / Walter Hadji: "We-well, a man walked into a bar and said 'I'll give you 10$ if you eat this shoe. He held up the shoe...." Walter was beat, he had no clue how he would get out of thsi one now...
Killi / Kate .: "What did he really say?" Kate said in a rude tone. She had enough of this guy trying to save a man that was going to most likely kill him if he didn't get the money. "Or better yet, what is 'your friends' name?"
Asokora / Walter Hadji: "Why should I tell you?" walter replied rudely, he new if he said one thing bad or stepped out of line 'they' would kill his family.
Flash Back:
A man dressed in black holding a gun to Walter's Mother's head, it was the worst thing he could ever see in his life. The man said to walter's father, "Get over here with the child or I'll kill you." By child he was referring to walter's lttle sister, Anya. The man then said to Walter, " red this when you wake up then do what it says or else I'll kill them. I mean it."
End flashback:
When walter snapped out his daze he wasn't sure if he had siad anything about his flashback while init, but let it slide.
Killi / Kate .: Kate shrugged "Up to you..." She yawned and looked around, the people were still up tight, but were relaxing. He was now in code yellow, almost green. "So you got any family? Girlfriend?"
Asokora / Walter Hadji: "My mom and dad are outta town and my sisters with them..." Walter said absentmindedly not realizing his actions.
Killi / Kate .: Kate watched him. If he let his thumb go, they were all dead. "By the way, what should I call you?"
Asokora / Walter Hadji: He was about to say his real name but decided against it and said, "Jack Aaires," instead just to keep on the safe side.
Killi / Kate .: "Got it, thanks kate!" Kate smiled more ot herself. "Nice to meet you Jack." She said. "Kate Jenson. So have you read any books latly? I hear there are some good ones that jut came out."
Asokora / Walter Hadji: "No I don't read," Walter was growing calmer and calmer with ach passing question that Kate asked, they were nice questions that seemed to make him feel better for no apparent reason.
Killi / Kate .: "No? I love books, just read the new Sword of truth book, so good!" She thought while she talked, what wouldl do for another topic. "How about movies?"
Asokora / Walter Hadji: " Never heard of that book," Walter said looking at Kate again, she seemed to be very nice. "Movies? Harry Potter was my last one."
Killi / Kate .: "Really? Good one, I liked the ending best." She said with a smile. "After I watched it I went out with some friends to eat some italian food."
Asokora / Walter Hadji: "Italian, not my favorite, but it's fine..." walter said but then at sudden realization she realize what was happening so he raised his hand in the air, the on with the button on it, getting ready to push the button in like a half an hour, "I want my money now..."
Killi / Kate .: Kate cursed to herself. "Kate you did good, we have his real name, its Walter, and we have reason to believe that he was forced to do this, maybe family.." Jim said in her ear. Like she didn't know that... Kate stood up, her hands in the air. She had no choice, we would have to fiht him for it...
Asokora / Walter Hadji: <<Sorry, I have to go, I'll be back tommorow.>>
Killi / Kate .: ooc:: k cya ^_^
Asokora / Walter Hadji: Walter was getting ahead of himself, he needed to calm his thoughts, clear his head of negativity if he was actually going to do this anytime soon. He watched Kate get up and that's when he panicked, she had her hands raised.
"What are you doing?" He asked aggravateed, "If you don't sit back down then I'll blow this place up. If I get my money, I'll let you all go. That's all I'm asking."
Killi / Kate .: "Your 'friend' must have something you care alot about..." She said. She watched him then sat back down. With a flick of her hand, Walter would be dead. "So do you have a brother or sister?" Her voice casual.
Asokora / Walter Hadji: "My friend has nothing,"Walter said his voice irritated from all his yelling. He looked at Kate with anger in his eyes. Why did she keep asking him all these questions?
"My sister is with my parents on vacation." He said begrudgingly.
Killi / Kate .: Kate felt confident and crossed her leg. "Well before you blow us all up into pieces, anyone you want to say good bye to?" Her face was nutral, like she didn't care.
Asokora / Walter Hadji: "No..." He replied, he just wanted the freaking money, he didn't care after all this that he would either die, go to jail or whatever just as long as they were safe. "How much longer! The money.'
Killi / Kate .: "OK Kate, we are good, tell him to come and get it..." Kate nodded and stood. "They have it for you outside." She said. "And if I might ask, how do you plan on getting out of here?"
Asokora / Walter Hadji: "I have my ways..." walter replied remembering that he made escape routes before he did this disasterous choice. He had everything planned except this annoying woman.
He walked to the door and saw a man holding two bags, full with money. The money was all their when he check so he closed, locked the doors and walked back into the clearing of the airport.
Killi / Kate .: "Now are you going to let this mother take her child home?" Kate asked. her arms were folded, and her thumb was ready to tell Dave to shot Walter, btu not until the people were out.
Asokora / Walter Hadji: "Just go, all of you," walter yelled as he ran to the back of the airport where there was a vent at the bottom of the room, he began unscrewing the bolts one by one.
Killi / Kate .: As he ran kate called into the mic on her sleeve. "he is on the move! Heading deeper in, I am following!" "Kate.. be careful, we are sending in the FBI and SWAT." Kate nodded to herself and ran after him, he was no the ground and seemed to be fixing something. She ran up behind him, planning on tackeling him.
Asokora / Walter Hadji: before she got to him, he pushed the bags in and then shoved himself in the vent, climbing as fast as he could, he just needed to find a way to get to the second floor through this vent, he needed to rememeber his escape route....remember.... He saw kate running for him before he enetered the vent which scared the crud out of him making him almost let go of the buttion which could've been fatal. "Don't follow me," he screamed in the vent.
Killi / Kate .: "He is in the vents! Jim you hear me? In the vents!" She looked around. "Near the pizz place and the waiting area, tell me where this thing goes!" She yelled. Jim was typing away, and looking on blueprints. "Kate calm down!" He found a new print and smiled. "Ha! Found it! It goes either to the basement, or the second floor. Kate we are telling the groups to split, one on main, one down, and the other one up, we need you to stay on the main floor." Kate wanted to scream. "Jim We Do Not have time!!" She took off running to the stairs to go up.
Asokora / Walter Hadji: Walter climbed the vent about half way upstairs making sure his thumb was still on the button, he had expert climbing skills since he was sixteen. He climbed until he saw another opening, but he heard voices coming from outside the vent so he unscrewed them slowly and ran for his life the two bags at his side.
Killi / Kate .: "There he is!" Kate yelled. "Jim, he is on the run!" kate tried to sprint, and she was very fit. She was slowly gaining on him, btu what about the trigger?
Asokora / Walter Hadji: "I will still blow the place down!" Walter screamed as he ran to the stairwell, his face looking worried. Why can't they just let him go? He only wanted the money, he let everyone go, he wasn't intending on really hurting anyone. "I can still do it." Still they persued him.
Killi / Kate .: "Police! Freeze!" kate yelled at him. "I order you to stop, Walter!" She yelled back She had faith in him, she believed he would not hurt anyone.
Asokora / Walter Hadji: Walter would have froze, if he hadn't been scared. How did she know his name, he gave her a false identity, no his real one. " I can't stop! And if you shoot me I'll let go of the button then blow you all up..." He was hesitant before saying this but he did.
Killi / Kate .: Soon, sweat trickled down her neck. This was getting old, and she was starting to slow down. "Jim, I got to get out of here, everyone does!" Her boss resonded to it and soon all the people were out of the airplane terminal. Kate felt bad about letting the man get away, but she knew he would, if he was forced...

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