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Roleplay - .:Death is only immagination:. by Leif / KILLHANNAH

Lightning strikes out across the sky showing only a glimpse of the vampire inside. He knows your outside. He wants you to come in. Come in. Come in. See what he wants with you. See what he does with you.
Fait is a vampire, one of the strongest. When a few humans come to his land he falls for one. His vampire friends don't realize it, until he makes it obvious. Fait's having a nightmare and he ends up kissing the human girl. Will someone find them before he goes to far.

Roleplay Details

1. Fait
Human Fait falls for (open)


KILLHANNAH / Fait: Fait stood at his window. It was raining and it was as dark as a raven's feather. Lightning lit up the sky but only for a moment, then everything went back to its darkened self. Thunder. Loud as a darkangels cry for the fear of dreams. More lightning flashed and Fait noticed some lurkers outside his front gate. Teenagers, but still they carried blood. (i Let them come to me) Fait thought (i Let them find out why no one sees me.) Fait kept standing at the window as the thunder rumbled and the lightning flashed.
ikoshima / Catherina Renardo: Catherina stared at the gate, a little worried. She bit her lower lip and looked around nervously as lightning flared. "Um...guys, don't you think we should head home?" she asked. "Oh, don't be a goody two shoes!" one of the guys teased.
NotFallenAngel / Umi: umi approached the gate walking slowly tring not to slip "its so c-cold" she said wraping her arms around her
ikoshima / Peter: Peter laughed at the girls and nudged his friends. "Hey, why don't we see what's the commotion about going past the gate huh?" he laughed jokingly. His friends went along with it."Sure, let's make the girls go with us!" one of them chimed in.
KILLHANNAH / Fait: Fait chuckled as he watched the goup of kids begin to protest going inside. (i They know they want to.) He thought, (i everyone does.)
ikoshima / Catherina Renardo: Catherina shivered. "Guys, come on don't do this! This is trespassing!" she said huddling next to Umi."Come on, I have a relly bad feeling about this place!" she said seriously.
NotFallenAngel / Umi: umi looked up at the house as a flash of lightning went off. umi screamd "i dont care where we go lets just get out of this rain i hate lighting"
ikoshima / Peter: Peter hoisted Catherina over his shoulders, and simply had another of his friends do the same for Umi. "Glad you agreed!" he said, ignoring Catherina as she kicked and screamed. He and his friends somehow managed to open the gate.
KILLHANNAH / Fait: ((ok, I have to go take a shower... No one picture my hot wet body...lol))
NotFallenAngel / Umi: umi didnt squirm as they approached the house. her feet hurt from walking and was quite happy to have some one carry her.
Darien / Sachi: ((not sure if the OK was a yes or just a choice not to notice my asking...but if I'm not welcome you can just delete this post.))
Sachi walked up now from behind them scratching the back of her head her hair sopping wet and her jacket barely keeping her dry. "Damn don't you two ever shut up...it's not the house that's scaring you...it's the weather." She said and walked over to Pete and his friends along with Catherina and Umi. she flashed a quick smile. "Oh by the way...sorry I'm late... mom wouldn't let me out...I had to sneak out." She stated with a smirk. "But I'm here...let's do this." She said. Sachi looked rather fair and dainty with pale Ivory skin and bleached out Hair that she had dyed pink. A little rebelious but all the same a brave, smart girl. She stuff her hands in her pockets and up to the gates looking up at them with interest.
NotFallenAngel / Umi: another flash of lightning went off. umi screams "hurry up lets get inside i really hate lightning" she yells
Darien / Sachi: (thank you!))
Sachi looked around and sighed. "Well since none of you babies are going to open the gate-" she flashed a challenging glare at Peter. "I'll open them." She said and taking her hands from her coat pockets she pushed the large iron gates open trudging forward. The creaked with every move they made and every step she took. The long creak chilling to the bone...or maybe that was just the rain. Finally getting them open she brushed hands off with eachother and smirked at them. "Well come on." She said standing there callenging them to follow her up the path and tothe front door.
NotFallenAngel / Umi: "yes go" umi called out "if we are struck by lightning im blaming you"
Darien / Sachi: Sachi just turned around shrugging her shoulders as she did when she didn't care about something -like ones words for blaming her. "You won't get struck by lightning." She said with no emotion to her voice. she tudged up the path as the rain pelted down on her hair causing the pink dye to fade slightly and stain her jacket. Finally making it up to the front door and looked back at her friends. "Well when you all are ready...I'll just knock on the door." she said jokingly
ikoshima / Catherina Renardo: Catherina finally managed to get Peter to let her down. "This is ridiculous!" she said angrily, pushing Peter. "You guys are all idiots!" she said, walking up to the door. "(r I'll) knock, if it will make them stop." she said coldly, knocking as loudly as she could. "Oh..." she hesitated backing up."Maybe I shouldn't have..." she trailed of, her anger gone.
Darien / Sachi: Sachi smirked. "Who's the idiot now?" she asked smugly and with a slight chuckle. She crossed her arms and waited putting her weight onto one foot.
KILLHANNAH / Fait: Fait finally heard them knock. He went down the stairs and opened the door. The door creaked and he smiled. "May I help you?" Fait said creepily, like one of those mad sceintists.
Darien / Sachi: Sachi stopped being an antoginistic brat, a cocky bitch and turned into a face of regret. She slowly turned being one of the first to get a good look at the man standing in the doorway. HEr face was swet at she surveyed him. Pale skin, perfectly structured face, masculine jaw, whispy hair and his eyes. SHe blinked a few times and pulled her hands out of her pockets. "WEll ummm...shit..." Her voice left her. She was never good with words or explanations. She looked away hoping to find some kind of distraction and that her comrades would say something to bail her out since she was the closest to the door now that Catherina backed away from it. He would most like think it was her who had knocked on the door. She smiled a fake smile as if she was trying to get out trouble...which she was.
NotFallenAngel / Anael: "whats wrong sachi" umi asked as sahe stood there motionless at the door.umi look at the boy squinting to see in the dark.lightning went off again but she didnt scream her eyes where locked on the sudden glimpse she had of him. 'he looks kinda scary' she thought to herself.
KILLHANNAH / Fait: "Oh, great, I love being greated with shit. Makes me feel good about myself." He joked with his british accent. His red eyes searched for the one that rang his doorbell. He figured it wasn't the pink headed girl, since she was the first to speak.
Darien / Sachi: Sachi stood there "well" she started and spoke quickly. "I guess if you...uh well want to be angry yell at that one." She said pointing over to Catherina. "she did it" Sachi smirked pushing the other girl forward
NotFallenAngel / Umi: umi giggled at how suddenly shy sachi had gotten. She figured it was because of the boy."CUTE" she called out then quickly clasped her hand over mouth "oops" she said quietly.
Darien / Sachi: Sachi glared over at Umi. Cute was not the word she would have chosen...perfect or beautiful would have been more fitting "Hey I have two strikes already one more and I'm getting shipped off to Military school." She hissed to Umi
KILLHANNAH / Fait: Fait blushed but only slightly. "Would you ladies like to come in? You are soaked and I have food."
Darien / Sachi: Sachi stopped pushing Catherina forward and glaring at Umi. She always picked on them, but if she ever fell from her high horse and lost her (i tuff skin) persona, they would hit her down more and generally not even know it. She just stared ahead at Fait lost in his eyes again.
NotFallenAngel / Umi: umi smiled. she haddent noticed how soaked she was not to metion cold and food sounded nice. she was about to say yes when another flash of lightning went off. umi screamed and ran in the house but sliped and fell "oww" umi said as she lie on the ground
Darien / Sachi: Sachi's eyes didn't move as the lightning flashed across the sky, move to watch Umi flip out and trip over her own two feet. They went straight to Fait's face...for a quick sudden glance at his features.
KILLHANNAH / Fait: Fait noticed that the girl with pink hair kept looking at him. He smiled and knelt down holding out his hand toward the girl that fell. "Are you ok."
ikoshima / Catherina Renardo: Catherina stared at Fait for a moment, fidgeting. "I..um..." she muttered quietly. "Well, I knocked." she said thoughtlessly. She felt stupid for saying that. Of (r course) she knocked! "Well, I am (b very) sorry. Maybe we should just leave?" she suggested.
NotFallenAngel / Umi: umi blushed as she realized how stupid she must have looked. she sat herself into an upright position "umm sorry bout that" umi said shyly "i really hate lightning"
Darien / Sachi: Sachi stopped pressing Catherina forward and side stepped stuffing her hands back in her pocket. "Sorry, but I don't think entering your home..on a night like this...would be the wizest Idea. Especially since these two are a couple of scardy cats." She said pointing over to Umi and Catherina. Sachi would never admit it but this man intimidated her...nothing ever initimdated Sachi, she was one tuff girl. "Besides we just trespassed all over your land...why would you be so welcoming? Why not call the cops on us for being (i reckless)?" she asked staring him down trying to set her face in anger instead of awe.
NotFallenAngel / Umi: "hey" umi called out scrambling to her feet "im not a scardy cat i just hate lightning thats all" she said angerly.
KILLHANNAH / Fait: "How old are you all?" Fait asked them with a questioning gaze. He let them inside and closed the door.
ikoshima / Catherina Renardo: Catherina looked around, not quite sure if she should be there. "Um..." was all she could manage. She turned to Fait. She wasn't really sure if it was safe to tell a complete stranger how old she was. "I'm..." she started off, hesitating. She looked to Umi.
NotFallenAngel / Umi: umi completely forgot the boy she twirled around to face him "im 17" she said happily but then froze as she looked at him. now in the light she could see him 'wow he is really cute' she said to herself and began to blush
Darien / Sachi: Sachi only walked in as far as the front door and leaned on the door once it was closed. "I'm 18." Her voice was cold her arms crossed over her chest. If she had to and this guy...the perfectly beautiful guy...man -with a velvet voice...crossed her and friends she would kill him. She didn't trust his hospitality.
KILLHANNAH / Fait: "Reckless teenagers like I. Welcome to my home." Fait felt tension in some of the girls. "Why don't you guys trust me?"
Darien / Sachi: Sachi frowned. "I just don't." She said. "You look too..." She searched for the word but perfect was still the only one that came to her mind. "Good to be true." She stated
KILLHANNAH / Fait: "Good to be true? What do you mean by that?" Fait questioned.
Darien / Sachi: Sachi crossed her arms and looked away. "Forget it." She said "You're just too nice. People aren't nice when others tresspass on their land." She snapped
KILLHANNAH / Fait: "I'm not some old guy with a cane that yells you young yipper snappers get off my lawn. Techniclly you didn't trespase, cause you rang the doorbell and now are visiting me i myhome." Fait retorted.
Darien / Sachi: A low growl formed in the depth of SAchi's chest as she glared at him. If it was just her, she would have left but she wouldn't dare leave the other girls by themselves
KILLHANNAH / Fait: "If you want to leave leave. Every minute I spend with you, I am thinking I should tell you to get off of my land. You company to me is no longer satisifying." Fait walked to the door and opened it, revealing a cold blast of wind and more lightning. "So if you don't like it here leave now, or forever hold your peace."
Darien / Sachi: Sachi stared him in the eyes. "I'm not leaving the other girls here alone with you." She said coldly surveying him
KILLHANNAH / Fait: Fait slammed the door. "Then try to make me not want to throw you out of here." Fait gave her a cold stare that frezes his prey.
Darien / Sachi: Sachi shifted her weight staring right back. When the door slammed she didn't flinch she just stared him down. She had seen scarier and worse things in her young days.
NotFallenAngel / Umi: ((im back sorry it took me so long ive been busy))
Usagilove / Usagi Korosake: (May I be the human Fate falls for?)
KILLHANNAH / Fait: ((tis taken sorry))
Fait looked at her, his eyes changing color to gold and then back for a slight second.

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