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Roleplay - i cant think of a name lol (join please) by Umi / NotFallenAngel

a regular school and regular neighborhood with regular people romance and drama who will get with who, will you past that test next period...lets role play and see :D
characters are below :)

Roleplay Details

umi(me) age:16 gender:female
was attacked by a man at 13 and now really fears men.she is shy but kind hearted really clumsy and emotional.
taruko(taken) age:16 gender:male
the only boy umi doesnt fear. he is really popular and handsome. he really likes umi but knows she fears men so he keeps his feeling to himself. he is really protective of umi.
nanarashi(taken) age:16 gender:female
umi's best and only girl friend she is really pretty and really flirty always has drama with boys. knows that taruko likes umi and always tries to hook them up
ryonashi(taken) age:16 gender:male
taruko's best friend known as a perv. umi somewhat fears him. he is quick to crack a joke and flirt with girls. he rally like nanarashi but thinks she doesnt like him. also knows that taruko likes umi.
:no cybering if you want to do a time skip thing
:you can change the names if you want those were just names i thought of really quick lol
:eventually everyone is going to get together we will decide how long that takes.
!the story will start about half way through the school year every one rides the same bus and every one is waiting at the bus stop!


Asokora / Nanarashi Rinioyko: <<Hope you like her, here is Nanarashi...>>
NotFallenAngel / Umi: ((ok ^^))
umi stood at the bus stop waiting for the bus *sigh* she tried to take her time this morning but still ended up there before everyone eles. she looked down at her watch.
crazyhusky / taruko: Taruko was driving his car to school. He saw Umi waiting for the bus.He had a great idea, he pulled over. "Um, hey, do you want a ride to school?" he asked her.
Asokora / Nanarashi Rinioyko: Nanarashi walked down the side walk and spotted Umi, her best friend since were little(Is that okay?). She quickly ran over and gave her a hello hug and said enthusiastically, "Hello Umi!"
Asokora / Nanarashi Rinioyko: She just now was noticing that Taruko had stopped and she said, "Hello!."
crazyhusky / taruko: Taruko smiled, "Would you like a ride to?" he asked Nanarashi
Asokora / Nanarashi Rinioyko: "I'll go, only if Nanarashi is!" She said happily, today she seemed almost too happy for some unknown reason.
NotFallenAngel / Umi: "sure" umi said and smiled then walked over to the back door and hopped in skooting over so nanarashi could get in "thanks taruko" she said smiling
hopelesslove / Ryonashi.: <<okay can I join as Ryonashi?>>
NotFallenAngel / Umi: sure thing just join in
crazyhusky / taruko: "No problem." he said smiling, he adjusted his mirror and waited for Nanarashi
hopelesslove / Ryonashi.: "hey guys wait for me!" she said running up to the car. His red hair bouncing up and down in front of his pretty boy face. His white shirt showed off his nicely toned body as he moved. "trying to leave me I see" He said flashing a quick smile at Nanarashi.
crazyhusky / taruko: Taruko shrugged, "Im sorry guys, i tried to leave him. I guess i wasnet fast enough. Don't touch the radio Ryon."
hopelesslove / Ryonashi.: "hey Nanarashi why dont you sit by me?" he asked as he climbed into the back of the car and padded the empty seat next to him with his hand.
Asokora / Nanarashi Rinioyko: She smiled at Ryonashi sweetly and took his offer, she said, "Thanks!"
<<Sorry I was doing another post and forgot to change the character.>>
crazyhusky / taruko: Taruko rolled his eyes as he watched what Ryon did. He turned up the radio an bit.
NotFallenAngel / Umi: umi squirmed in her seat as ryonashi got in. she trusted ryonashi more that other boys but not that much more.
hopelesslove / Ryonashi.: "so...Nana..." he said in a seductive voice and doing the whole stretch and put your arm around them skit. He leaned his head over near her and blew on her cheek. He moved his free hand onto her thigh massaging it softly.
crazyhusky / taruko: Taruko sighed and steped on the gas, hoping to knock Ryon's head against the seat. He looked back hopeful.
Asokora / Nanarashi Rinioyko: "Ryonashi....." Her eyes turned to flames, she grabbed his hands and shooed them. She like Ryonashi but...she didn't need people to know that.
LegatoCrayon: ((join?))
hopelesslove / Ryonashi.: Ryonashi leaned over towards the window sighing loudly. "fine! I dont like you anyways" he said in an angry voice his red hair falling in front of his left eye.
crazyhusky / taruko: Taruko sighed, it hadent worked. He drove on to school.
NotFallenAngel / Umi: umi let out a quiet giggle at nanarashi's angry action
Asokora / Nanarashi Rinioyko: Her heart sank, but she kept a smile on her face, she didn't want him to say that. She needed him not to say that. But like everything else she let it go. She just said, "whatever."
hopelesslove / Ryonashi.: Ryonashi turned towards Nana an evil look on his face. "I just cant wait to get to school so I can love my fans" he said in his almost perfect voice speaking of all the girls that had crushes on him.
Sakuranbopop / Kaminari (:: ooc:I can join right?
crazyhusky / taruko: Taruko snorted, "Those poor girls.." he mumbled, pulling into the school parking lot.
NotFallenAngel / Umi: (yeah you can join but you got to think of a character)
umi giggled again at taruko's comment
Sakuranbopop / Kaminari (:: ooc:...Never mind ill wait I dont want to feel like im some nerd or something cause no one likes me lol
hopelesslove / Ryonashi.: Ryonashi quickly jumped out of the car door and walked over to a random group of pretty girls. "hello ladies" he said in his seductive voice. "anyone of you have plans tonight?...you see im free" he said in that perfect voice of his. "what do ya say?" he asked cooley.
Asokora / Nanarashi Rinioyko: "Well I'm sure all the guys I was hanging out with yesterday sure want something to do with me," Nanarashi said sticking her tounge out at him.
hopelesslove / Ryonashi.: <<you can be one of my fangirls!>>
NotFallenAngel / Umi: umi also got out and looked over at ryonashi already flirting with girls "that figures" she said in a quiet voice
crazyhusky / taruko: He smacked the back of Ryon's head. "Come on.." he flashed a grin at the girls, "Sorry, girls. You can thank me later." he dragged him towards the school doors.
Asokora / Nanarashi Rinioyko: <<sorry my posts are late >_>;;>>
Sakuranbopop / Kaminari (:: ooc:... -.-; hahaha so funny. no
hopelesslove / Ryonashi.: Ryo glanced at Nana making sure she was watching her. He was always doing things to make her jealous or impressed but she never seemed to care. "well ive got to go ladies...I bid you all farewell" he said walking out of the adoring young women. He let out a great sigh to see that Nana didnt care.
Asokora / Nanarashi Rinioyko: Nanarashi elbowed Umi in the side and said, "come on we have to get to homeroom." Her words were sounding angry at Ryo's display. She was glad Ryo wasn't paying attention so he could hear her.
NotFallenAngel / Umi: umi giggled and walked over to nanarashi "you ok" she said in a soft voice she knew she wasent happy with ryonashi's actions
NotFallenAngel / Umi: occ: Kaminari you can be a new girl in school that we befriend is that ok?
Sakuranbopop / Kaminari (:: ooc:Sure I guess >.>
hopelesslove / Ryonashi.: Ryo begrudgingly walked over towards the school building motioning the call me sign with his hand to the girls he passed by. He flipped his red hair and unbuttoned a few of the buttons on his black jacket..."that should do" he said admiring his own self in the school window.
Sakuranbopop / Kaminari (:: Kami rolled her eyes as she passed Ryo. "What a pretty boy." she said quietly to her self. Her light purple hair was folowing behind her.
NotFallenAngel / Umi: umi walked along side nanarashi trying to avoid the boys that walked past her. she stood as close to nanarashi as she could.
Asokora / Nanarashi Rinioyko: She strutted, making sure to show off her ass to the guys that passed by her, a smirk on her face. When she passed ryo she made a "Hympf" sound and walked towards a really hott guy, but not as hott as Ryo guy.
crazyhusky / taruko: Taruko jogged over to the girls, "Do you girls want a ride home?" he asked them, looking at Umi
Asokora / Nanarashi Rinioyko: "Only if Umi wants one, if not I'm walking, skipping the dang bus..." Her happy day was riuned but she didn't care.
NotFallenAngel / Umi: umi sighed at nanarashi's action 'there so stubborn' she thought to herself. she look to taruko "sure a ride would be nice" she said in a soft voice
Asokora / Nanarashi Rinioyko: <<I got to go, sorry guys!>>
crazyhusky / taruko: "Okay! " he smiled happily. "See you after school!!" he said jogging off to class.
crazyhusky / taruko: < g2g >
hopelesslove / Ryonashi.: Ryo caught up to Nana and groped her butt. "you really shouldn't be waving it around for show" he said in a seductive voice in her ear.
hopelesslove / Ryonashi.: "Nana Im sorry" he yelled running after her. He finally caught her and wrapped his arms around her from the back. "im sorry Nana" he whispered into her ear. He turned her around so that her eyes met his bright blue ones and he kissed her soft lips lovingly. His red hair fell into his face even more than it already was as he kissed her passionately holding her to him in a soft embrace.
NotFallenAngel / Umi: umi blushed as she watched them kiss
Asokora / Nanarashi Rinioyko: She was surprised at his actions, but slowly adapted to his kiss, so she started kissing him back, with little hesitation. She enjoyed the kiss very much but then realization hit and she pulled away.
hopelesslove / Ryonashi.: Ryo looked into her blue eyes his ice blue eyes looking at her back. He continued holding her a bright smile on his face. "Nana I...." he was interupted by the sound of the bell and released her running to class.
Asokora / Nanarashi Rinioyko: Nanarashi grumbled for a moment when he left but immidiatly started walking to class, she didn't really care if she was late but she still wanted to get their, she had science first and she had a small crush on the teacher.
<<XD this teacher thing is from RL experience LOL.>>
NotFallenAngel / Umi: umi stood motionless still dazed from the passionate kiss nanarashi and ryonashi just had. she didnt hear the bell ring
crazyhusky / taruko: Taruko came up behind Umi, "Come on or you will be late for class. Oh wait, yeah, the bell rang. Let's hurry up before we are TO late."
Asokora / Nanarashi Rinioyko: "I'm sorry I'm late," Nanarashi said to the teacher as she hurriedly walked in the classroom. She looked around to see that she wasn't the only one late, a few of the other random people were that she noticed weren't thier. She sat down as quickly as she could to stare at her hott teacher.
NotFallenAngel / Umi: umi jumped not noticing taruko coming up behind her then laughed quietly "i didnt hear it ring" she addmited
crazyhusky / taruko: "Really?" he asked, taking her hand, leading her to her class. "Why didn't you hear it?"
NotFallenAngel / Umi: umi blushed as his hand touched hers "well you see" umi stared fidgiting with the bottom of her skirt "nanarashi..and ryonashi..well then just kissed" she said shyly "and i never seen a girl kiss a boy before at least not like that"
crazyhusky / taruko: "Oh.." he said, opening the door to the classroom. He gave the teacher his "note" and went to take his seat.
NotFallenAngel / Umi: umi followed suit and walked to her seat and sat down begining to flddle with the pencils on her desk
NotFallenAngel / Umi: ((ok we have now time skiped to the end of the school day yay one of you posy kay))
Asokora / Nanarashi Rinioyko: Nanarashi had practically forgot all about the kiss, thinking it was just a flook in the day. She was happier than ever now, because she was headed to the mall right when she got home, she was going to try to drag Umi, Taruko, and even...Ryo with her so she wouldn't be alone.
<<Is this good?>>
NotFallenAngel / Anael: ((thats good :) ))
umi sighed. another day done. she walked down the hall out to meet taruko for the ride home she felt somewhat happy and smiled.
NotFallenAngel / Umi: oops wrong persong sorry
Asokora / Nanarashi Rinioyko: Nanarashi stepped out infront of Umi and went on her knees all childish-like and begged, " Could you go to the mall with me, and convince Taruko and....Ryo to come, Paaaahleaaaase?"
NotFallenAngel / Anael: umi sighed again. she hated going to the mall especially with ryo but she couldnt resist nana's puppy beg and caved in "you know i cant say no when you beg like that" umi said rolling her eyes but smiling
Asokora / Nanarashi Rinioyko: "Thanks! I love you!" She jumped up hugging Umi as she went to tell the others.
<<Hey do you want to wait until Taruko and ryo get back?>>
NotFallenAngel / Umi: ((sorry bout the sudden leave you guys still here))
crazyhusky / taruko: < Back > Taruko looked at his watch, waiting for everyone to come to the car. His fingers tapped against the hood.
hopelesslove / Ryonashi.: <<hey back is Nana here?>> Ryo walked out of PE the school day over his beautiful face was covered in sweat his red hair falling into his eyes. "uhhh" he moaned out as he walked over to the group. He saw Nana and his face heated up slightly remembering the kiss. His jacket was unbuttoned to about the middle so he was giving everyone a nice view of his body.
NotFallenAngel / Umi: ((im not going to be on for very long))
umi walked twoard the car with nanarashi beside her. she had a somewhat upset look on her face as she approached taruko.
crazyhusky / taruko: Taruko saw Umi's face. "Whats wrong?" he asked
Asokora / Nanarashi Rinioyko: Nanarashi skipped to Taruko's car merrily not really getting why she was so happy, maybe she was on something...'did I do that...no, she thought to herself laughing at her stupidity.
NotFallenAngel / Umi: umi looked up at taruko and sighed "nana managed to get me to go shopping with her" she said unhappily "she wants you to go to, sorry" she said softly
crazyhusky / taruko: Taruko chuckled, "Why would you want me to come shopping with you?" he chocked out. Opening the car doors for the ladies.
hopelesslove / Ryonashi.: Ryo walked up to his car also. "where are we going?" he asked in a much more kinder voice then usual as he looked into Nanas perfect eyes.
Asokora / Nanarashi Rinioyko: "I don't know, don't wanna go by myself I guess," Nanarashi said with glee. She waited patiently for Umi to get in the car so she could get in before Ryo did.
crazyhusky / taruko: Taruko smiled and laughed, "Okay, i will go, how bout you Ryo?" he asked, getting in the drivers seat.
hopelesslove / Ryonashi.: Ryo sighed and got into the car before anyone and sat in the back a large frown on his face. 'she doesnt remeber' he thought to himself as he looked out the car window.
NotFallenAngel / Umi: umi climbed in a sat patiently waiting for nana
crazyhusky / taruko: Taruko started the car and turned up the radio. "Everyone, put on your seat belts. "he waited for Nana to get in
Asokora / Nanarashi Rinioyko: Nanarashi got in and qlicked her seatbelt on as quick as she could so they could get on their way, she pulled out her cellphone and asked, "Does anyone need this to call home...?"
NotFallenAngel / Umi: umi buckled her belt and began to fiddle with her skirt nervously "no im fine as long as im home before 10:00"
hopelesslove / Ryonashi.: Ryo glared at her and pulled out his own cell phone. He began dialing a number but it wasn't his parents. "hey baby" he said in his beautiful voice a smile spreading across his face. "yeah..." he muttered into the phone. "okay...I'll see you tonight sweetie.." his face turned bright red at what the girl had said to him and he closed the phone.
crazyhusky / taruko: Taruko shook his head. He had his own cell. He pulled out from the parking lot and onto the road. "To the mall?" he asked
Asokora / Nanarashi Rinioyko: Nanarashi just shook her head at Ryo just now remebering the kiss and she pouted then looked out the window turning into Ms. PoutyPooter.
NotFallenAngel / Umi: umi sighed again she could almost feel the tension between nana and ryo and it was just making her more nervous she began to twiddle her fingers."yeah the mall" she said nervous.
she looked over to nana.
crazyhusky / taruko: "Kay." he said. He hit the gas, he knew that something was up with Ryo and Nana. He was soon at the mall. He parked at one of the closet parking sports he could find.
hopelesslove / Ryonashi.: Ryo leaned over Umi and wrapped his hand softly around Nanas head. "its okay sweetheart" he said in his soft and perfect voice turning her face to face his. He smiled at her his face so close their noses were practically touching his warm breath hit her lips his beauty overwhelming as he once again laid his lips onto her giving her a soft and loving kiss putting as much of his love into it as he could bear. His toned body still leaning over Umi.
Asokora / Nanarashi Rinioyko: Nanarashi's face went bright red as he kissed her again, twice in the same day, she felt his warm breathe and it sent shivers down her back. It felt natural to be kissing him but it was only the second time.
hopelesslove / Ryonashi.: Ryo continued kissing her taking everything out of the world except her. He opened his blue eyes and grinned as he kissed her. He finally pulled back his hand still around Nanas neck a large grin on his beautiful face.
hopelesslove / Ryonashi.: <<im gonno have to leave soon>>
crazyhusky / taruko: < g2g, will you just pull my charry around ?>
NotFallenAngel / Umi: umi tensioned as ryo's body touched her eyes widened and she clenched the seat with both hands.she didnt even notice them kissing
NotFallenAngel / Umi: ((i g2g 2 lol we will start back up later ^.^))
Asokora / Nanarashi Rinioyko: <<My last post for this rp until everyone gets back.>> A blush still on her face, her eyes were looking at his beautiful ones, she wanted more but wasn't going to beg if he didn't want to give.
hopelesslove / Ryonashi.: Ryo gently pushed Umi to the other side of the car so he was sitting next to Nana. He closed his eyes and laid his lips back on hers for a soft kiss and then pulled away his eyes piercing into hers. "I love you Nana" he said in a very serious yet soft voice his blue eyes piercing right through her soul.
Asokora / Nanarashi Rinioyko: <<Or not..xD>>
Nanarashi enjoyed the kiss and his loving words as he spoke them with such seriousness but with the softness of the fur of the fur of a kitty cat(bad metaphore).
hopelesslove / Ryonashi.: <<wow..your the guy from the other rp...hey its Illiana *waves* anyways>>
hopelesslove / Ryonashi.: <<no its just kinda weird cuz in this one im a guy and your a girl and in the other one your a guy and im a girl and then in the neko and wolf one your a wolf and im gonna be a neko...your everywhere!!! GET OUT OF MY MIND!!! lol jk>>
NotFallenAngel / Umi: ((im back sorry it took me forever lol))
crazyhusky / taruko: < SO, is this DEAD? >
Asokora / Nanarashi Rinioyko: OOC: Anyone here? Ever...?
crazyhusky / taruko: < yup, this is dead -_- >

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