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Roleplay - Samurai Warriors random RP by Mitsunari / Mitsunari

The Sengoku era of japan, many powers trying to overcome one another. Several Daimyo have risen to the challenge to become Shogun. Will you be the Shogun?

Roleplay Details

totally historically inaccurate, characters from warriors orochi 2, preferably the samurai warriors type-esqe characters. I will be Mitsunari and will play around with any other characters excluding Orochi. Heck, I'd even take fan-based characters, as long as they have an oriental name and a background that fits in.


Mitsunari: "Who the heck are you supposed to be?" Mitsunari askes as he taps his fan in his hand, "and why are you inside MY castle disturbing MY dinner?"
Mitsunari: (anyone joining)

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