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Roleplay - elves by Cedie / ced

the eleves live in peace and friend ships and humans threaten thier existance and this is a struggle one elf takes to hide her human soon to be husband.

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anyone can join(dont ask you can jump in no gm)
1. Cedie_ has hidden human


ced / Cedie: she hides in the darkness crying looking into the eyes of the one she loves and says "we need to hide you i need you".
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: (( What is the social ladder? Any ranks or such?))
ced / sprinkles.: yes but we can deside that more as we go along
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: Osiris looked out of his archway, voices from down the hall could be heard, but he did not understand them...
ced: she looks deeper in the eyes of her love and heard someone she glanced away from him and said "i must leave you here ill be back my love "and she locked the door and thought hed have more things then he needed and walked to the direction she heard someone.
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: Osiris heard rather than saw footsteps upon the marble floors, he quickly averted his eyes to the sound.
ced / sprinkles.: she walks and sees this man and looks at him then turns red as he looks at her she looks away blushing deeper
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: Osiris saw the woman, but his mind did not register, being half blind it was both a curse and a blessing. He gently bowed, showing her respect in order. "May I help you, child? The time of day is waning..."
ced: "nnno sir i am all set thank you."she said feeling odd looking into his differnt colored eyes
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: Osiris could feel her uneasiness yet he did not let it show, "Hurry you are in, where are thou headed?"
ced / Cedie: i am heading to the Gardens".she said as she looks at the male into his eyes do you want to acompany me?
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: "A companion would be nice." Osiris smiled, he gave her his arm to take if she wished.
ced / Cedie: she looked and smiled at him and took his arm and wondered silently what kind of friendship she could have with him he seemed wize.
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: Osiris led her out to the garden, the morning sun just peeking through the cherry blossoms, roses and adornments of flowers covered the soft lush ground. Osiris smiled, though the lady was on his blind side, he still felt her presence. "What is thy name, child? Many call me Osiris." Osiris laughed, "Or they just say 'Prophet!'..."
ced / Cedie: "My Name is Cedie thank you for accompanying me." she says looking at the beautiful sky and the nature around her she wondered was it right to leave her human inside on a day so beautiful she felt uneasy and looked at Osiris "beautiful day isnt it a day everyone should thank the heavens for." she smiled at ease with him he seemed very real and wasnt sure what to say next.
Seria / Cysha: Cysha's wings tripped her up and she fell down the small grassy slope and into a heap in a beautiful garden. She looked up to see a woman standing before her, accompanied by a man.
Maybe she'd taken a slight wrong turning. "Uh...hi."
ced / Cedie: she saw a girl flying and looks up in shock "hello? my name is Cedie were did you come from" she said in awe is this the angle from the heavens that blessed this day? she ponders and she looks intensely at the girl.
ced / Baby lee: (osiris theres another forsed love it got deleted so wanna join again?)
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: (( Thanks.))
Osiris nearly jumped back, not seeing the winged girl fall from the sky, still he bent down, with much difficulty in his older age, to help her up, "I greet thee, child of the sky, for what business do you come so hurriedly?"
Seria / Cysha: Cysha shot upright, cringing back from the hand. This was a bit humiliating. "Uh...sorry about the whole...falling from the sky thing. I didn't come to...well, actually-" Cysha fumbled for words. "I've come to seek employment of some kind of warrior status."
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: Osiris pulled his hand back, not used to jumpy movements. "Of warrior status you seek, yes child? From many reasons people come to me of things to explain, to see. Warrior, say you..." Osiris was lost in his mind, how many eons ago had he himself asked the general that question? He did not know...
Seria / Cysha: Cysha glanced at Osiris in confusion. "Um, I know I am a bit young-ish but seriously, I can protect any kingdom. I have learnt the Elements, I can fly, become invisible and shapeshift." Cysha stood at her full height (Only around 4 ft) and looked into the man's eyes.
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: "Age is just a number, child, the weight of the burdens thee carry is what measures thou in age. Walk with me and explain of thy heritage if you will to enlighten me of thy journey's conclusion." Osiris nodded to Cedie for a moment, wanting to grasp the situation a little more.
Seria / Cysha: Cysha was immediately wary. Could she trust this man? Or even that Cedie girl.
Her heritage? Where did Cysha begin? The moutains, the step-father, the years of hunger, the first time she tasted blood or flew. This was probing into her deepest heart.
"Well, I'm not-I don't really..." Cysha sighed. "If you like." She stepped forward. "Let's walk.
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: Osiris walked through the vast trees and fragrance of the flowers drifting through the air. "Where were you born? Let's start there, if you'd like we can exchange journeys to make you at ease." Osiris automatically felt her unease.
Seria / Cysha: Cysha bit her lip and looked down. "I was born...um, in a ditch. I mother had around six or seven other children-there were so many and most of them were half-blood to me. We were all vampires. But I stood out cos I was the half angel one." Cysha sighed and fingered the hilt of her sword. "I couldn't unleash my anger on anything, my-"
Cysha paused. Why was she telling him all this?
"My step-father was...short tempered." Cysha shrugged. "But it happens."
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: Osiris only nodded solemnly until she paused, "I, myself, was born within a shed, I was the eldest of nine. My father died when I was ten, leaving me to care for my youngest of the family, all being only a year apart, my life was full. Till at the age of fourteen my mother died of an illness, to support my family I had enlisted within the army, leaving the house to my sister Elaina. It took twenty years till my family's debt had been paid by my hands... Within that time I had found that only four remained, including me, of nine. Thirty-four years old and all for nothing. I chose to give up on life, causing what was left of my life to die out-" Osiris could not continue until she had continued with her own journey.
Seria / Cysha: "yes," Cysha stared at him. So...so she wasn't really alone-Cysha shook off that feeling angrily. She was ALWAYS alone and she would have to get used to it. Cysha decided not to go in with how her step-father had treated her. Painful memories still lingered unhappily on her.
"I am not as stong as you. After a little bit too much of a mishap with my step father I left my mother and siblings. I needed to make a name for myself." Cysha felt herself wandering back into memories. "I always wanted to be a dragon rider or something, you know, and the armies wouldn't take me cos I was a girl." Cysha sighed irritably. "I joined a warrior group but a couple of guys...well, I had to show 'em I could fight as well."
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: "Courage and strength are one, it does not matter how you achieve it, it will always be there." He chose to continue with his story exchanging his memories with her, "-In many centuries of which I lived I had been driven down to that of a beggar, nothing above nor below me, I had lost my sight in my right eye, but in exchange for the humility the Gods granted me the foresight of the future, many people come to see me whether for good or bad, I am the barer of their stories... At the age of fifty-seven I was summoned to this court to be employed as the seer of ages. Here I reside with no wife, child, siblings, nor parents-it is a hard life but many have I seen that bare worse than I. By the grace of the Gods I had been given life again from my desolation... What is it that thou seek to gain from such a life-endlessness or grace?" He had asked after he had finished and awaited upon her story and answer.
Seria / Cysha: Cysha gulped. "I ain't lookin' for no grace or endlessness, sir." She said, not completely seeing his meaning. She struggled to speak nicer like him. "But...but I know one thing, in my life I can't really complain cos it made me who I am. After the whole warrior group failure I fell on sorta hard times. I taught myself to..." No, she shouldn't mention anything about her brief theiveing career. "I taught myself how to fly and use the Elements and such. I knew there was a palace here and a princess or something." Cysha looked at Osiris directly. "Princesses need protecting, right?"
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: "Yes, they do, but on the first time of enlisting thou will not get such an honored duty, like me, you will have to prove thyself of honor and prove in what you believe in. What is the meaning of life?" Like years before her Osiris had asked many soldiers the question to see where their hearts lie. It was a trick question, but he needed to know of her heart, and he had foreseen that she had not told him all of her past, like he had done.
Seria / Cysha: Cysha shook her head. "There is no meaning except to go on. To keeping surviving. All I know is that I will prove myself in any way I can." Cysha looked round at Cedie in the distance. "People like that have an honoured existance, where as the likes of me have a harder go at life. Cos we have to. It's my choice to be a warrior and if I was anything else then it wouldn't be living. It would be survival."
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: Osiris sighed, her aim was bad, not unto others but for herself, he could only advise her of such perils. "The road and path you seek to follow is hard. Thy dishonesty will be thy death, for many soldiers have answered the same question and have failed because of it. Though this is just a prophecy, you can make your own destiny, however, it will follow you until it is fulfilled." He had seen her destruction but would not reveal it for it would change her life for the worse, so he waited for her to understand his words.
Seria / Cysha: Cysha sighed. "I have had a hard begining. I suppose a hard end would be fitting." She looked up at him. "For now I just want to...to be what I always wanted to be."
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: "This does not have to end as such, my life is an example of it. But what you want to be is a warrior yes?" Osiris focused on her with his good eye, her face was firmly set, though some worry he had seen.
Seria / Cysha: Cysha smiled. She was better at business. She had learnt to bribe, bargin and if they paired her up against another guard she could defeat a hulking, brainless thing like them easily. "Yes, sir. A warrior. Of any sort. Protector, assasin..." Cysha leaped around a little too wildly. "I'm not very picky."
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: Osiris glanced at Cedie in contempt, but sighed as his defeat was clear, this child wanted a life of adventure, and this was what she would get... Reaching within his bag at his side he pulled out a contract, for what he had not explained was he was the recruiter of soldiers and their leading commander. "You will read this, sign and when you have settled in upon this land you will report to me."
Seria / Cysha: Cysha stared at the contract in horror. So many words...that she couldn't read. "Ah, of course." She studied it like she knew what it was saying. "Right, I gettit." She looked up, hiding the confusion in her eyes. "You have a pen or something?"
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: Osiris nodded, not seeing the flash of horror for he was turned away with his right eye facing her. "Here, you are to sign here." Osiris pointed to a long thin line at the bottom.
Seria / Cysha: Cysha gulped. A signature? Did he mean her name?
She stared at the quill in her hand and began to scratch a 'c' onto the paper, feircely concentrating.
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: Osiris glanced down in confusion, why was she taking so long? "Are you alright, child?" (( G2G, sorry.))
Seria / Cysha: Cysha nodded as she tried a 'y'. "'Course I am, it's this quill." (Ok)
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: Osiris raised an eyebrow but let her be.
ced / Cedie: Cedie fallowed and listened and realized that her only trobles were fights with her mother abut her human she was of noble birth and loved a human and was still cared for by her family she almost asked them what they thought about her but just stood there listening wondering could she trust them
Seria / Cysha: Cysha wondered how to draw an 's', she looked around as if she had someone that could help her. She tried to force down her pride, but finally she scrawled in some random scribble and passed the contract back to Osiris. "Um...here you are."
ced / Cedie: she looked at them and was wondering should she say anthing about the war or about who had to fight it she only knew the basics and looked the strange girl in the face and said "do you need a place to stay".
Seria / Cysha: Cysha nodded and bowed. "Yes, milady. But I was expecting a soldiers quarters or somethin'. Nothin too fancy for the likes of me."
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: Osiris barely glanced at the signature, seeing how hard a time she had to write it, he just folded it and smiled, "Well, it would be improper for a young lady to be bedded with ruffians like the soldiers we have. Though in time, they will learn of thy strength."
Seria / Cysha: Cysha looked up at him. He really seemed to care about her.
She felt a blush crawling up her face. "Well, I don't know about strength, sir. But I'm fast. I'd dodge 'em before they moved, sir." Cysha smiled.
Young Lady, he had called her. She'd been called all manner of things in her life apart from that.
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: "Fast say you? We could use a fast runner..." Osiris chuckled, not many had seen this good of him. "Do you have luggage? Keepsakes, heritage emblems perhaps that thee would like safe?"
mettemouse / Sammyli: (( can i join??))
Seria / Cysha: "Don't go in for trinkets, I don't. Those things are for ladies and folk who can afford it. Just me and my sword, sir."
Seria / Cysha: (I think you can join, Sammyli, but you'll have to wait for Cedie to get here)
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: (( Back, but only for one post...))
"I see, well, what of clothes?" Osiris looked around but he saw nothing of the sort except the ones on her back, this would not do, he would have to send her to the tailor to get some new pairs.
Seria / Cysha: Cysha stared up at him. A blush crept up her face. "Um, clothes? Well, I haven't really got many-uh-"
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: "Hm, very well...I will usher you unto the tailor and blacksmith, I would not doubt any recruit needing of such nessesaties(SP)." Osiris nodded to himself and offered the girl his arm to be escorted to once again choose if she wanted.
ced / Cedie: (yes you can join anyones free to join(= )
ced / Cedie: "ok ill see to it you have a place to sleep andas for clothes i can help you if you wish my mother doesnt waste any clothes soo i have some that might fit you unless you want armor than i can request some."
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: Osiris nodded and smiled, such a nice girl, if only he had a son-nevermind, this was not the place nor time to think of such tradegies...
blooddrainer / ice raven: >>join<<
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: (( IDK, not my RP.))
Seria / Cysha: Cysha looked at Cedie. "Real armour? For me? And you'd share your clothes with me, my lady?" Cysha suddenly looked uneasy. "Ahem, I'm not good with dresses."
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: "Dresses are only fit until times of war, if you need to think of a dress like pants without the closed leggings." At this Osiris found funny and he laughed.
blooddrainer / ice raven: >>when shall the owner return?<<
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: (( I know not, I am sorry.))
blooddrainer / ice raven: >>thank you anyway<<
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: (( You're welcome...))
Seria / Cysha: Cysha thought he was laughing at her. Trusting someone didn't come to her naturally. Immediately her guard rose rapidly. "Whatever's best, sir." she said, shrugging.
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: Osiris only nodded to her curt answer and ushered the two women inside, "Now, you should go with Cedie and get-um-dressed properly and I will put you in record." Without giving them a chance to object he left, carrying the contract with him.
Seria / Cysha: Cysha turned to Cedie after turning away from Osiris. "My lady, I don't want to ruin your clothes or anything." Cysha felt embarassed with now nice these people were being. A part of her almost wished that someone would come along with a will to mistreat her so she could be more like herself. But for the most of her she was unused to being grateful for kindness. But she was happy she'd found 'friends'.
Meatloaf / Schyler Kehl: <<JOIN>>
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: Down in the recruiters office on the far side of the armory Osiris bent over quill and paper, he held a patch of frozen water over his blind eye, it was acting up again and he found it best to put coldness on it.
ced: "never mind that they are yours to keep and do as you wish and as for the armor my brother...she paused has some you can keep he has died in war but a noble death.""come with me and you all can come just stay outside the doors to the room."
<anyone can join they just cant do everything like have every power so if anyone asks to join then they can>
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: Osiris had judged and submitted the girl into the ranks, saying she was a fast runner he had first positioned her at the rank of scout. Until she could prove herself worthy she would not be actually placed upon the battlefield.
nighttingale / Nighty: (( can i be a monkey?? ))
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Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: (( No...Okay, yes....Wait.....I dunno.))
nighttingale / Nighty: << uhh O.o ok im just gonna be the way i am >>
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Seria / Cysha: Cysha followed Cedie, feeling slightly uncomfortable. "Your brother?" She blinked. Then she shut up. The lady probably didnt want to talk about it
ced / Cedie: she had tears still in her eyes and said "fallow me" and hpoed the subject was Dismissed. they walked down the path to the hall ways to her brothers chambers she turned to her new friend and said "we havent clearned his room yet so whatever you want you can have" she smiled slightly as they walked into the dooor and it was a mess but she knew this room was exactly as it was left and knew it by heart.
Seria / Cysha: Cysha stared. There was so much stuff. "No, Ma'am." She said in a small voice. "I couldn't take any of this stuff. It's too good for me. It would feel like stealing."
ced / Cedie: "if you want to stay alive i want you to take it its for you please you need it to stay alive.she said feeling horrible" her brother refused to wear it too.
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: After a few minutes of knocking around the scrolls and parchments Osiris was caught up, and left the recruiting room to travel the vast halls to his own quarters. They were simple, perhaps the most expensive thing was his full armor, holding the thickest metal and strongest weaponry made.
ced / Cedie: Cedie looked into the eyes of the girl and said "please if you need to be in this war i need to Supply you with this stuff my brother wouldnt want his things wasted he told us to give them away when he was alive now just take them please i must leave here to ..."she stoped talking she almost talked of her human and look at the girl that was angel like "i will return at least take the sword please.."she added with a look that most couldnt refuse and walked don the halls with lights shinning all around her she was off to see her human and thought it would be best her new friends never found out about that.
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: Osiris sat down and stared at the glinting metal, the golden sun reflected off the crimson black breastplate, made especially for him he was the one in war with the frenzy, a berserker you could call him. But he knew that was many centuries ago and he was positive he could not muster such furious actions again.
ced / Cedie: she walked down the hall way the sun was shining and she had to bring her human water and food she walked dow the hall and saw that the water she set out was gone she looked around afaid and then realized that the maids had picked up the mess and she had to go to the well and gat more water and she steped out side and the sun heated her skin in the sun she felt beautiful. she walked over to the well and looked at the rusty metal that held the bucket and made a mental note to ask for it to be replaced. she droped the bucket down and pulled it up it was heavy she walked to her human and placed the bucket in the door and realized he was sleeping she wispered" sweet dreams"and locked the door again so noone could get in.
ced / nikita: (theres not many characters so im joining this one as a warier )he steped out of the halls and walked along the halls he walks to his quarters andwalked to his bed he knew it was only midday but he was trierd and wanted to sleep there was nothing for him here so he went to sleep.
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: (( Is he in the army like Osiris? What rank?))
Osiris finally got up and began donning his majestic armor, surprisingly it still fit him. Last thing to put on was the breastplate and helmet but he only put the plate on, fully armored Osiris walked out of his quarters, feeling as though he was two centuries younger.
ced / nikita: (yes hes in the army but im not sure what rank to make him)
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: Osiris had went unto the courtyard where many training equipment had been set. Osiris inhaled, and sat down on a bench looking the newest knights and squires training away for the war to come.
ced / nikita: he walks around train ehh more boring than he ever thought.
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: Osiris noticed the fresh knight Nikita wandering around, he seemed bored, "Nikita, come over here!"
ced / nikita: he hears Oriris and stiffens and looks and walks over and responds "yes sir?" and waits for an order. its such a beautiful day outside.
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: Osiris smiled, his blind eye turned away from the younger knight so he could look at him. "How long have you been a recruit?"
Seria / Cysha: Cysha looked around the stuff and finally took up the sword and attached it to her belt. Then she picked up some armour and a dress. She didn't think there would be much need of it but she took it anyway-just in case
ced / nikita: "not long" he said thinking " mabe a few months" (sorry i havent been on i lost power)
Osiris / Talca Doom: "Practice much, have you?"
ced / nikita: "yes i am not the best but i can hold my own". he said looking at who was adressing him.
Osiris / Osiris DeathJudge: "Would you care to give your officer a fair bout?" Osiris smiled and unsheathed his crimson blade, but with a friendly air.
ced / nikita: "not at all sir"said with a grin pulling his blade out it waqsnt as good as his but that does not matter

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