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Roleplay - When Worlds Colide by Nera / Peinsgirl25

Vampire Knight, Death Note, and Naruto. What happens when these 3 shows colide? We'll see...

Roleplay Details

Nera-me(if u dont no who nera is thats cause i made her up. duh...)


Peinsgirl25 / Nera: pein u here yet?
sheliewolf / yuuki kuran: here
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: ok so r u gonna start as yuuki?
Midorininja / Matthew Raven: <<Join?>>
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: cause id usually be nera
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: sure u can join. so who do u wanna be?
Midorininja / Matthew Raven: <<A vampire or a ninja ^w^, I can change my chcracter.>>
sheliewolf / yuuki kuran: yuuki and by the way im using psp to be online so i might replie slow
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: u can be both and if there is a character from vk or naruto u like u can be them
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: its ok. well i guess ill start with zero then
Midorininja / Matthew Raven: <<ok I'll make a new character, Brb>>
Peinsgirl25 / Zero kun: kk
sheliewolf / yuuki kuran: yuuki sits on the bench and sighs
Peinsgirl25 / Zero kun: zero walks past yuuki and doesnt even look at her
sheliewolf / yuuki kuran: "z....zero...?"she slightly wimpers
Midorininja / Akimichi Choji: <<joinage?>>
Peinsgirl25 / Zero kun: he looks at her then looks back and keeps walking
Peinsgirl25 / Zero kun: ((lol yay choji XP))
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): (('sup ya'll, join?))
sheliewolf / yuuki kuran: sure>she sighs
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): ((what's the setting here?))
Midorininja / Akimichi Choji: Choji wandered the grounds eating candy bars.
"I wonder what they're serving for lunch." He took another bite of his chocolate.
Peinsgirl25 / Zero kun: yep. what show u gonna be from?)) he stops "im gonna be gone for a while yuuki"
sheliewolf / yuuki kuran: <right now were at cross school>
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: nera sees choji and stops walking and stares at him
sheliewolf / Llawliet: L eats ice cream on a bench
Midorininja / Akimichi Choji: <<<omfg!!! L!!!!! *Glomps!*>>
Choji starred at the girl as he took another bite.
Peinsgirl25 / Mello kun: ((grrr)) mello walks down the sidewalk eating a chocolate bar ((lol))
sheliewolf / Llawliet: <lol>L looks at choji from a distance still eating ice cream
Midorininja / Akimichi Choji: Choji sees mello and smiles at him hold up his chocolate bar. Then he sees L and waves.
Wow! so many people eating sweets! My wish came true!!!! Choji thought.
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: nera walks past mello and accidentally bumps into mello and keeps walking then mello pulls out a gun and aims it at nera
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): Mr. Death moved a branch aside, he loved watching people. He looked down at the minor confrontation and chuckled to himself. He scratched at his face and frowned.
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): ((btw He's not in his armor, scratch the vest, kneepads and mask, he's still wearing like combat fatigues just not armor))
Midorininja / Akimichi Choji: Choji walked up to nera.
"It's not nice to point a guy at a girl." Choji turmed to mello.
Peinsgirl25 / Mello kun: "tch like i care... she bumped into me" he replied
sheliewolf / Llawliet: L looks up and sees hunk
Midorininja / Akimichi Choji: "That's the only reason you have? Take this and it never happened." Choji handed him a supersized chocolate bar.
Peinsgirl25 / Mello kun: mello shoots the gun at nera and it goes through her head and she falls to the ground then he takes the chocolate bar
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): Mr. Death glanced down at L and grinned. He waved a gloved hand in greeting and returned his attention to the confrontation.
Midorininja / Akimichi Choji: "Fine! you don't get my Chocolate!" Choji walks away.
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: neras body poofs away and the real nera tackles mello to the ground and takes the gun away
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): Mr. Death laughs gleefully and raises a one-man round of applause. He starts to cheer quietly but stops himself.
Midorininja / Akimichi Choji: Choji turns around and smiles at nera.
sheliewolf / Llawliet: L watched wide eyed as the girl got shot
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: she takes out a kunie about to stab mello with it
Midorininja / Akimichi Choji: <<G2G>>
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: ((ok bye))
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): ((bai))
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: nera stops then gets away from mello "i must stay focused and find the leader of the akatsuki" she starts to walk away
sheliewolf / pein: pein jumped down from a tree
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: she turned towards him and narrowed her eyes at him
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): Mr. Death's applause got to his climax and he toppled out of his tree onto the ground. "Ooof...." He sits up on his knees and rubs his head, painfully.
Peinsgirl25 / Mello kun: mello sits up and snickers at hunk falling out of the tree
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): Mr. Death looks around, finds the source of the laughter and grinned at Mello. He waved a gloved hand at him as well and started to laugh himself.
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: she took out a kunie and got in a fighting stance and glared at pein
sheliewolf / pein: pein looks at nara ciriously
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: "i must kill you for all the suffering you've caused" she yells
sheliewolf / pein: "hmm what suffering?"he questioned
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: "some of the demons you've captured were in people and those people had families and friends!"
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): Mr. Death looked up, wide eyed at the two. No killing, those were the rules. He stood up and watched them closely.
sheliewolf / pein: "i see but do you really think your a match for me" he smirked
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: she smiled "of course i do" she laughed a bit
sheliewolf / pein: "oh really well c about tht"he confirmed summoning his 6 bodies
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): HUNK growled under his breath and stepped in front of Pein. He put up a finger and shook his head slowly.
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: she closed her eyes and bit her thumb and she opened her eyes "i hope ur ready kuroro!!" she put her hand on the ground "summoning jutsu!" a big cloud of smoke appeared infront of her
sheliewolf / pein: pein glared at hunk"what do you want"he snarled all while trying to see what the summoning was
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): HUNK glared at him. His face was contorted into a snarl. "Stop...." His voice was low, but oddly commanding.
Peinsgirl25 / Kuroro: the smoked settled and nera was sitting on a huge white tiger who was growling at pein
sheliewolf / pein tiger form: "no one tells pein what 2do"he growled pushing hunk aside going into tiger form
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): HUNK growled and gripped both Pein's and Kuroro's heads. His grip looked like it required no effort from HUNK but felt like it could powder a rock instantly.
Peinsgirl25 / Kuroro: nera and kuroro disappear and reappear behind pein and kuroro goes to scratch him
sheliewolf / pein tiger form: pein pulled away from hunk and backed up from kuroro
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): Hunk gripped his fists together and aimed a punt at Pein's face.
Peinsgirl25 / Kuroro: kuroro runs to pein with his teeth showing and nera throws some kunie at pein
sheliewolf / pein tiger form: pein gets punched and hit with kunie but laughs as the other bodies attack
Peinsgirl25 / Kuroro: nera falls off kuroro then kuroro goes to attack one body while nera goes for the real pein
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): HUNK stared at Pein. That kick shattered bones and killed men. He cocked his head and span around one of other Peins and held his neck in a tight grip. "Stop or he dies."
sheliewolf / pein tiger form: "hes already dead"he smirked"and so are all the other bodies.infact the real me aint here"
Peinsgirl25 / Kuroro: she widened her eyes "what do you mean?" she questioned
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): HUNK scowled and snapped the bodies neck. It took him no effort at all. It just snapped like a twig. He moved to the next one. "I'll break this one's spine...."
sheliewolf / pein: the body still moved after its neck got snapped"exactly what i said,the real me aint here and the bodies are dead but can only move because the piercings are chalkera sensores that i use to control them with"he explained
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: "then tell me where the real you is!" she demended
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): Hunk scowled. "Even if I can't kill it. Let's see it move without any working bones." He placed his foot on the other one's back and snapped it's spine in half. He then proceeded to break every bone in its body.
sheliewolf / pein: "hmph as long as the piercings are intact they can still move and i do not plan on telling were im currently located"he remarked
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): Hunk snarled again and started to rip the piercings out of the bodies skin. He ignored the blood and kept at it. "There...." He stood up. "Now it's dead."
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: "if u tell me where u are... i promise i wont try to kill you" she remarked
sheliewolf / pein: the body that got the piercings ripped out finally died and immediatly began to decay"hmph i highely doubt that"he snareld
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: she looked in his eyes with no emotion in hers "i said i promise"
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): "Stop the fighting." Hunk span over to the body with the broken neck. "I will kill them all."
sheliewolf / pein: "hmph looks like these bodies are running out of time with hunk killing them well fine youll find me at the temple in the rain village"he answered
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: she nodded then arm up and snapped and kuroro came and she jumped on his back and he carried her to the rain village and to the temple
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): Hunk snorted and stood up from the body. "Good...." He stepped away and disappeared behind a wall.
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: kuroro disappears and nera searches the temple with a kunie in her hand
sheliewolf / pein: the real pein had longish black hair ,pale milk skin and no piercings.he wore a black kimono that resembled the akatsuki cloak.he laid asleep in a bed of cherryblossum petals,he had a slightly frail look about him and was nothing at all like the pierced bodies.the real pein was flawless and beautiful
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): HUNK strode into the temple grounds. He looked around through the goggles of his signature Gas Mask. He was Mr. Death but no one was dieing today. He adjusted the strap on his SMG and walked inside.
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: she saw him and didnt think he was pein so she narrowed her eyes at him thinking "this isnt pein, but y would he be here? i only promised not to kill pein anyways so..." she charged toward him about to stab him
sheliewolf / pein: he woke up immediatly and with gracefull movement stepped out of her way"i thought you werent going to kill me...."he sighed
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: she widened her eyes then stood up and put her kunie away "im sorry i didnt think that someone so beau... well someone like you would be the leader of the akatsuki" she replied
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): Hunk watched through a window. The barrel of his gun poked through. If anyone made a move to kill anyone he would stop them.
sheliewolf / pein: he chuckled abit,it was quite clear he was quite the spoiled and arragant type despite his pure beauty."hehe yea well this is me only konan knows of this form"he remarked
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: she smirked and pulled out a kunie behind her back and walked towards him looking around at everything
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): Hunk growled, muffled by his gas mask no one heard it. He flicked his laser sight on and pointed it at Nera's arm.
sheliewolf / pein: pein smirked knowing that hunk was there also knowing that nara had a kunie behind her back figuring she was gonna try and kill him,he didnt attempt to move
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: she got behind him then put the kunie at his neck and smirked
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): Hunk snorted and let out a single shot. It punctured Nera's wrist grazing over Pein's head. He pointed to his eyes then to them and ducked out of the window.
sheliewolf / pein: "oh how i saw this coming"he laughed
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: she dropped the kunie and turned away holding her wrist
sheliewolf / pein: "tsk tsk that was rather reckless of u little girl"he smirked
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): Hunk chuckled under his breath and started to scale the walls. He lay down on the roof and watched through the skylight.
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: she looked at her wrist and sighed then it started to heal instantly and she turned toward him "i wasnt trying to kill you" she responded
sheliewolf / pein: "then what were you doing?"he questioned
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: "i was trying to see if u knew i had the kunie the whole time but that bitch shot me"
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): A small snicker can be heard from the ceiling but HUNK was no where to be found. His laser sight, however, could be. It seemed to come from nowhere and pointed at Nera's forehead.
sheliewolf / pein: "i see well i new very well but perhaps you should watch yourself"he remarked refuring to the light
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: she sighed "go ahead and shoot me u little bitch"
sheliewolf / pein: pein looked to see were the light was coming from
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): The laugh can be heard again. "Oh, I won't only if you try to hurt him." The light moved to Pein's forehead now. "And I'll shoot you if you try to hurt her." The light disappeared but then reappeared in a completely different position. "Call me a peacekeeper eh?"
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: she began to grow impatient "SHOOT ME NOW!!"
sheliewolf / pein: "hmm i suppose your a neutral then"he remarked
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): "Hmf, only when I'm told to be." A small scratching noise can be heard then silence. "Names Hunk but ya'll can call me Mr. Nex whenever I'm workin'"
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: she held a kunie to peins neck again "now shoot me or ill kill him"
sheliewolf / pein: "why do you want to get shot so bad?"
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: "if he shoots me ill show u" she said angrily
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): The light blinked out of existence and a crack can be heard. A bullet speeds at Nera's left kneecap from behind her.
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: she quickly turned her head with wide eyes and did a back flip and caught the bullet with 2 fingers then landed on her feet and smirked "easy"
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): Hunk's laugh echoed through the building again. "Look at yer feet gorgeous." At Nera's feet was a small round parcel with a flag coming out of it that read. 'If this was a real grenade you would be unconscious right now.'
sheliewolf / pein: pein laughed abit
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: she laughed a bit "thats what u think isnt it?" she picked it up and crushed it in her hands "i knew it wasnt real but if it was i would have picked it up and used another special technique"
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): "Sure ya would've princess, sure ya would...." Hunk chuckled again and poked his laser sight through a hole in the floor, he was in the basement of the building.
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: she shook her head and walked towards pein then she put her hand on his shoulder and whispered to him "this guy is hopeless"
sheliewolf / pein: hmm y dont you come out stranger"pein suggested
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): "That's Mr. Nex, or Mr. Death to you!" Hunk stepped through the front door, bowed, then vanished again. "And I don't make many public appearances."
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: she had been so distracted she forgot how much she didnt like pein and how she had a mission to find information on the akatsuki and kill the leader if necessary and she remembered so she started to walk around ignoring the 2 others and looking for anything worth telling tsunade about
sheliewolf / pein: "i see so mind if you remove that mask?"pein asked
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): "Oh, very much so." This time Hunk stepped in through the window. "If I let you see my face, It'll ruin my reputation."
sheliewolf / pein: "well i just ruined my reputation by revialing my self"he remarked
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): "Well then, that makes me much more subtle than you." Hunk walked around the room, hands behind his back and SMG laying lazily at his side. He also has several grenades of various colors and sized attached to his belt.
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: she started looking through a bunch of stuff and pulling out papers from a stack of folders
sheliewolf / konan: the papers randomly started flying around
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): Hunk started to hum and looked at Pein's face. "So, why don't you have any of these funky piercings?" He holds up a string of the piercings he ripped out of the other body.
Peinsgirl25: she narrowed her eyes at the papers and backed up wondering wat was going on
sheliewolf / pein: pein was a devil with the face of an angel"because i dont need them those are only used to move the other bodies"he answered
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: ((AHHHH Y WONT GRIMMJOW GET ON!?!? and yes i no this isnt the never ending palace rp))
sheliewolf / konan: the papers formed into konan"hmph"
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): Hunk shrugged and held them out to Pein. "Guess these are yours then." His goggles flashed a deep red for a second then changed back. He resumed his humming and walked around the room again.
sheliewolf / konan: lol ya>
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: nera sighed then started to walk away from her not interested
sheliewolf / konan: "why are you here"she sneared
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): Hunk jumped at the new voice and swung his SMG into ready position. His laser sight went right through Konan. "What the hell...?"
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: she did not fear konan and simply told her the truth "im here on a mission for information on the akatsuki"
sheliewolf / konan: "well you do not belong here"she snarled as she then noticed the layzer and smirked
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: she walks up to pein "come with me" she walks out of the room
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): Hunk just stared at the figure. "What are you?"
sheliewolf / konan: pein nodded and followed her as konan grinned"why im an angel"she answered
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): Hunk breathed deep. This was starting to shake him. He'd seen some freaky things but this took the cake. "Oh yeah? That's cool, what's it like to be an angel? I've never talked to one before."
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: she looked at pein "i have been sent here to get information on the akatsuki and eventually kill you..." she looked away "but i dont want to do that now so i cant go back to konoha and i was wondering if i could join the akatsuki"
sheliewolf / konan: "its alright i suppose"she remarked
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): "That's cool, so what do you do as an angel just hang out in papers all day?" Hunk was starting to lower his gun, relaxing a little.
sheliewolf / pein: he smiled abit"why of coarse you can join"he said smiling
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: "do i have to do anything to get in or are you just that soft?" she said laughing a bit
sheliewolf / konan: "i guess well i work with pein who is a god"she answered
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): "Oh yeah? That's cool." Hunk looked outside at the two then back at Konan. "I'm Hunk if you haven't heard before."
sheliewolf / pein: "i guess im just soft"he chuckled
sheliewolf / konan: "i see well arent you the zombie hunter or something?"she asked
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: she poked him in the stomach a few times then smiled "yep ur right u are soft" she sighed with a serious look on her face and looked away
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): Hunk chuckled. "Didn't know I'm that famous. Not a hunter, just had a couple run ins with 'em. They're nothing too hot." He sat down on a bench. "Just pop 'em in the head or break their necks and they drop." He puts his fingers to his head in the shape of a pistol and makes it look like he dropped the hammer.
sheliewolf / pein: he giggled abit from the pokes but then got serious"are you ok?"
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: "ya im fine and i dont mind leaving konoha but id miss 2 people there" she closed her eyes and saw their faces in her head
sheliewolf / konan: "were did the zombies come from?i mean pein and i got bit sometimes from them but we werent effected"she remarked
sheliewolf / pein: "yea and who are they?"
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): "Long, boring, story." Hunk waved his hand through the air. "Involving a rouge super serum, you probably weren't affected cuz, no offense, but you two aren't human."
sheliewolf / konan: "hehe yea well im glad cuz i wouldnt wanna be one anyway"
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: she looked at him with -_-" look "umm kakashi hatake and naruto uzumaki"
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): Hunk chuckled. "Yeah, I would prefer if I didn't have to kill you."
sheliewolf / pein: "i see..."
sheliewolf / konan: "me to so are u immuned?"
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): Hunk chuckled. "Nah, don't like needles." He tapped his leather-covered neck. "Not like they can get me anyway."
sheliewolf / konan: "well thats good ,well hopefully theres not to many more out there"she remarked
Peinsgirl25: "naruto is like my son" she looks up and smiles remembering all the times she bought naruto ramen cause he ran out of money and helping him with his training "and ive always liked kakashi" she looked down sad
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): "Oh, there are plenty!" Hunk sighed and scratched the back of his neck. "There's a ton, I never get any sleep cuz of them, you would think the others would be able to handle 'em but noooo, they always send me..."
sheliewolf / pein: "i see so when was the last time you saw kakashi?"he asked
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: ((g2g im getting yelled at))
LaundryMonster / Robert Kanhaiden: ((peace))
sheliewolf / konan: "i see well i havent seen any around the rain village or konaha region but then again peins kinda like a necromancer"she implied
sheliewolf / konan: noooo
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): Hunk looked up, surprised. "You mean, there may be some here?" His hands instinctively reached for his gun.
sheliewolf / konan: "what do you mean some here?"she asked worridly
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): "You're saying he's a necromancer which means there could be some of them here?" Hunk stood up and looked about nervously.
sheliewolf / konan: "oh but he has full control of them as you can see they are the ones with the piercings"
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): "Oh....good...." Hunk sat back down, resting his SMG on his leg. "If he was creating monsters I would've had to kill him...."
sheliewolf / konan: "hehe yea well its peacefull here"she commented"so you can relax"
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): Hunk snorted and scratched at his gas mask. "You relax, you die. I learned that the hard way." He looked at his hands and sighed.
sheliewolf / konan: "what do you mean?"she asked abit concerned
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): Hunk clenched his fists, the leather gloves crinkled echoing throughout the building. "Long time ago.....just after that zombie crap happened....." He rubbed his face and sighed. "Someone I cared about very much died....eaten alive before my very eyes.....I was careless back then, I'll never let that happen again." He collapsed into his hands and he started to breath deep and slowly.
sheliewolf / konan: "i see well im very sorry that happened"she frowned and put a hand on his shoulder for confert"is there anything i can do?"
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): "No....there's nothing anyone can do.....they're gone and that's that, my....family...my brother, my mother, my father....they'll never come back." He looked up at her and scratched at his gas mask again.
sheliewolf / konan: "i see well i f know how u feel"she looks down sadly
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): Hunk reached out and took her hand. "It's horrible.......don't tell anyone okay?" He reached up and undid his mask and took it off, setting it down next to him.
sheliewolf / konan: she nodded and looked at his face sternly
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): Hunked grinned, very white teeth at her. He pushed long, greenish hair out of his face showing white, colorless eyes. "Don't scare ya now do I?" ((sorry I don't have a pic of HUNK without a helmet))
sheliewolf / konan: its k>"no you dont look bad at all"she smiled
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): Hunk grinned up at her. "Thanks, it's all the crap that comes outta their mouths. Messes up your face, it's supposed to be poisonous that's why I wear that." He motioned to the mask.
sheliewolf / konan: "i see well they are quite nasty creatures arent they"she commented
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): "Horrible, but let's stop talking about death shall we?" Hunk scratched a his scalp and pushed his hair back. "Let's talk about life, can never get enough of it. What do you do when you're not wooing over people who walk into your house?"
sheliewolf / konan: "i pretty much practice on oragami"she answered "and u?"
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): "Oragami!? Wow, not many people do that." Hunk scratched his neck and grinned nervously. "You might think it's creepy but I watch people, not like stalk them I people watch y'know? Observer habits and actions of other people....I've got this, fascination with life because I deal with death so much."
sheliewolf / konan: "hehe yea well thats pretty understandable"she remarked
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): "Yeah, until you start watching the weirdos.....then it gets creepy." Hunk smiled, pushed his hair back again and tied it up with a band from a pocket in his vest.
sheliewolf / konan: "yea i bet it does,so how long do u plan to stay in the rain village?"she asked
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): "As long as I possibly can." Hunk sat back in the bench. "It's nice here, I'm gonna try to stay until they call me out."
sheliewolf / konan: "yea well like i said perhaps you should try and relax here"she commented
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): Hunk smiled and laughed a bit. "Alright, I'll try. But, my best friend never leaves my side." He patted his SMG.
sheliewolf / konan: "alright well thats good"she remarked"well are you hungry?"she asked
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): Hunk looked down at himself. "Yeah, I guess, what do you eat here? As long as it's not liver I'll be fine."
sheliewolf / konan: "well we eat many staple foods really.like curry and ramen"she answered
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): "Oh, well anything but liver, bad story 'bout that." Hunk smiled and stood up.
sheliewolf / konan: "hmmm well ok come with me ill make you something"she offered
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): Hunk smiled. "Thanks, I can make it myself, it's no problem."
LaundryMonster / Kamidale Drake: (( I gotta run sorry, cya tomorrow ))
sheliewolf / konan: "are u sure i mean l wont have a problem with making it u no"she confirmed
Midorininja / Akimichi Choji: <<Back!!!>>>
sheliewolf: yay
Midorininja / Akimichi Choji: <<where did you leave off?>>
Oblivion_770 / Itachi Uchiha: << can i join >>
Midorininja / Akimichi Choji: <<ITACHI!!!!!!!!! *glomps*>>
sheliewolf / pein: lol well nara joined the akatsuki and konan was talking to hunk about zombies
sheliewolf / pein: sure =3
Midorininja / Akimichi Choji: <<possible for me to join in soon?>>
Oblivion_770 / Itachi Uchiha: << cool and thx, so where are you at in this rp >>
sheliewolf / pein: everyones at rain village but ull be able to jump in anywere
Midorininja / Akimichi Choji: <<random entering.>>
Choji walked through the forest with another chocolate bar in his mouth. He really didn't know where he was. He looked around and seen a shadow moving in the trees.
sheliewolf / pein: pein was stalking around the trees as he headed to konaha
Oblivion_770 / Itachi Uchiha: * he was sitting on a rock metatating(sp). think up new jutsu to use * " damn "
sheliewolf / pein: pein looked over at itachi and smirked"focused as always eh itachi"he commented
Oblivion_770 / Itachi Uchiha: * he opened one eye and looked over to Pein * " yea i am "
sheliewolf / pein: what are you tryin to do?"he questioned abit ciriously
Midorininja / Akimichi Choji: <<Gotta go. Class ending!>>
Oblivion_770 / Itachi Uchiha: " think of a new jutsu, got something in mind " * he got up *
sheliewolf / pein: k cya> "hmm how bout a sexy no jutsu"he joked ,though pein had always put out tobe so serious he was really quite playfull and friendly just never showed it
Oblivion_770 / Itachi Uchiha: " naa, that wont work for me "
sheliewolf / pein: "i see well what about summonings"he suggested now more seriously
Oblivion_770 / Itachi Uchiha: " what kind of summonings " * he was wondering what Pein had in mind *
sheliewolf / pein: "hmm how bout horses or perhaps a hyena"he said putting out a few examples
Oblivion_770 / Itachi Uchiha: " hmm, sounds good " * he was thinking again *
sheliewolf / pein: "yea after all those animals do fit you quite well"he chuckled abit
Oblivion_770 / Itachi Uchiha: " i got it, how about a Loin "
sheliewolf / pein: "thats good lions symbolize intelligence and power"
Oblivion_770 / Itachi Uchiha: " thanks for the idea Pein "
sheliewolf / pein: "eh no problem i mean we are allies after all"he remarked
Oblivion_770 / Itachi Uchiha: " now what is going to be the name of this jutsu "
sheliewolf / pein: "hmmm how bout lion summoning jutsu"
Oblivion_770 / Itachi Uchiha: " what do u think of this name, summoning jutsu: black loin "
sheliewolf: thats good"he remarked
Oblivion_770 / Itachi Uchiha: " thats good, now i need to practice summoning it "
sheliewolf: "alright well i can help with that"
Oblivion_770 / Itachi Uchiha: " i dont know what will happen though "
sheliewolf / pein: "well you should get a scroll first"
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): (('sup ya'll!))
Oblivion_770 / Itachi Uchiha: " ok, so where do u think i can get one "
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): ((what'd I miss?))
sheliewolf / pein: is chibi here sorry i was at the store
Oblivion_770 / Itachi Uchiha: << i have no idea >>
sheliewolf / pein: k well wanna continue
Oblivion_770 / Itachi Uchiha: << sure, btw u are next to post >>
sheliewolf / pein: k>"perhaps if we go to a store of some sort"he suggested
Oblivion_770 / Itachi Uchiha: " even i know stores dont sell scrolls like that "
sheliewolf / pein: well we can get supplies to make one"
Oblivion_770 / Itachi Uchiha: " who would know how to make one "
Oblivion_770 / Itachi Uchiha: << g2g, ttyl >>
sheliewolf / pein: k
Peinsgirl25 / Naruto_Uzumaki: ((hehehe))
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): ((back))
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: ((hayo))
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): ((hello, is anyone here?))
sheliewolf / pein: here
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: ok so u want me to start now?
sheliewolf / shelie: sure
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): ((sureios 'n milk))
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: she sighs remembering all the times her kakashi and naruto went on missions and now its all gonna go away
sheliewolf / pein: "when was the last time you saw kakashi?"
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: "a few months ago... ive been on this mission the whole time" she frowned
sheliewolf / pein: "i see"he sighed
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: "but i guess im staying here now" she slightly smiled "so who is my partner?" she asked
sheliewolf / pein: "hmm i suppose either hidan or zetsu"he suggested
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: ((sorry i was on chatango for a sec)) "hmmm a loud mouth immortal or a canibal? ill take the loud mouth" she laughed a bit
sheliewolf / pein: "he he well ok"he chuckle<its k>
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: she looked in the other room at konan "so do u like her?"
sheliewolf / pein: "eh i guess but only as a friend"he remarked<hey u should get a psp for chrismas>
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): (( I have a PsP ))
sheliewolf / pein: me to XP
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): ((lol sorry, I killed it >.<))
sheliewolf / shelie: killed wat O.O
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): ((lol I interrupted the conversation))
sheliewolf / shelie: lol its k
Oblivion_770 / Itachi Uchiha: << back, what did i miss >>
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): ((hello, everyone))
sheliewolf / yuuki kuran: k
sheliewolf / pein: u here peinsgirl?
Peinsgirl25 / Subaku No Gaara: ya sorry the computer froze up
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): ((be back in an hour))
sheliewolf / shelie: ok well yea i was logged on ur account yesturday hope u dont mind i was mainly just lookin at ur characters nothing bad and uvd probably noticed more rps on ur list
sheliewolf / shelie: k
Peinsgirl25 / Subaku No Gaara: ya its ok so u wanna continue
sheliewolf / yuuki kuran: ya
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: "o...i see. i thought u would have liked her as more than a friend but ok" she smiles
sheliewolf / pein: "hehe yea well nope ,im dont quite like anyone at the moment,well sexually anyway.cept for my lovely peirced bodies"he explained
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: she nodded then started to walk out of the temple
sheliewolf / pein: "so were are you going?"he questioned
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: "just going outside to look around" she said "i like to be outside at night"
sheliewolf / pein: "ah i see,well so do i"he smiled
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: she looked around outside and all of a sudden achain wrapped around her and she looked around and saw a sound ninja smirking at her
sheliewolf / pein: peins eyes widened"hey let her go!"he growled
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: sh just stared at the ninja then smirked and disappeared and his eyes widen "hey where did she go?!" he yelled
sheliewolf / pein: pein narrowed his eyes at the ninja"hey who are u!?"
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: he was about to reply but nera yelled "FIRE STYLE! FREBALL JUTSU!" then a huge fireball burned him to death and she jumped onto the ground and watched the fire
sheliewolf / pein:
sheliewolf / pein: who was that!"
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: "i dont no but he is gone now" pein noticed that he had seen itachi use that jutsu before
sheliewolf / pein: "wered u learn that jutsu?.."he questioned
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: she looked at him and smiled "wouldnt it make since that a uchiha would no fireball jutsu?"
sheliewolf / pein: "itachi taught u that?"
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: she closed her eyes then opened them and she had the sharingan "i tought myself. im itachis older sister" she smirked
sheliewolf / pein: "oh really i never woulda guessed"he remarked
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: "ya well itachi doesnt no he has an older sister yet and i dont no how he will take it" she frowned
sheliewolf / pein: "i see well i guess youll have to tell him when he gets back"
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: "ya but u might have to hold me back fom killing him" she got angry
sheliewolf / pein: "why would you want to kill him?"
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: "i dont care that he killed our clan... i just care that he hurt my other brother" she closed her eyes and clenched her fists "my little sasuke"
sheliewolf / pein: "yes well in truth itachi loves saskue"he informed
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: "tch ya right" a tear ran down her cheek "i wanted more than anything to meet sasuke and itachi when i found out they were my brothers but i was given to another family when i was little cause our father wanted a son so i wasnt allowed to go near them or they would no the truth about me... then itachi killed our clan and i hated him and i kept watch over sasuke making sure he wouldnt be killed by itachi if they met again"
sheliewolf / pein: "i see well truly u have a misconnception about itachi"he explained"do u even no y he killed the clan"
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: "no and i dont care!" she punched a tree and it snapped in half like a toothpick
sheliewolf / pein: "he did it on the 3rd hokages commands.... the upper class of konaha demanded that he kill everyone including saskue but he didnt have the heart to kill his brother so he was kicked out the village"
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: tears rundown her cheeks and she yells "I SAID I DONT CARE!!!" she starts to run away
sheliewolf / pein: "wait!"he runs after her
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: brb
sheliewolf / pein: hurry
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: nevermind)) she keeps running then gets to a cliff and looks over the edge then back at pein and stars to back up to the edge like she is gonna jump
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: im gettin yeled at g2g love u
sheliewolf: awww ok ttyl
sheliewolf: i love u 2
LaundryMonster / H.U.N.K. (Mr. Death): ((hello everyone))
Peinsgirl25 / Hidan the Immortal: where the fuck is everyone!?
sheliewolf: here
Peinsgirl25 / Shikis Girl: yay ^_^
sheliewolf / shelie: lol did u notice new characters on ur list
Peinsgirl25 / Sasuke_Uchiha: ya
sheliewolf / shelie: lol
Peinsgirl25 / Naruto_Uzumaki: heehe FDP
sheliewolf / naruto uzumaki: lol
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: AWWW!!!!
Peinsgirl25 / Mello kun: ya... sure go away and leave me here -_-
sheliewolf / naruto uzumaki: here sorry been getting yelled at
Peinsgirl25 / Kuroro: i hate people
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: i wish you were on the computer
sheliewolf / yuuki kuran: ya
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: i would ask if u wanna continue but im afraid if we do then my mom is gonna come down stairs and say i gotta get off but u might think i dont wanna continue >_<"
sheliewolf / yuuki kuran: well its up to u and by the way how do u feel about living in canada
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: y?
sheliewolf / yuuki kuran: well i wanted to move to canada b4 moving to japan
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: ok sure but umm... does it matter to u where in canada we live (that is if we live together <=3)
sheliewolf / yuuki kuran: no it dont matter =3
Oblivion_770 / Itachi Uchiha: << back, what did i miss >>
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: lol hey itachi im ur older sister nera XP
sheliewolf / yuuki kuran: lol sure =3 but we'll also be living with my friend drack
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: really? he is gonna live with us?
sheliewolf / yuuki kuran: ya and also someone else but i dont wanna tlk about it with others present so ya i wanna tlk 2 u bout it in private unless u delet every post i make about it
Oblivion_770 / Itachi Uchiha: << can i get an up date >>
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: uhhh >_< ok im scared now
sheliewolf / yuuki kuran: nara wants to protect saskue
Oblivion_770 / Itachi Uchiha: << i see, thx for the update >>
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: from you itachi/// ok i guess lets talk on pm
Oblivion_770 / Itachi Uchiha: << so i am after him to kill him >>
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: i hate all girls but amy and alex so i might accidently but seriously kill her -_-
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: well no but nera is mad at itachi for killing their clan so she has been keeping watch over sasuke in fear that if u and sasuke meet again that you will kill him
sheliewolf / yuuki kuran: ya me to i hate her guts shes an ugly fat piece a shit bitch
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: y does she have to live with us >_<"
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: y is she a slave
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: ok then ill just ask fdp if i can live in their place... im sure they'd like a new member
sheliewolf / yuuki kuran: wait so u dont want to live with me.....
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: i do but after all thats happened ill be damned if a stupid girl is gonna ruin us living together
sheliewolf / yuuki kuran: she aint gonna ruin it since u and me will have our own room and drack will keep her under control
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: thats low even for me -_-
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: an id like to be friends with fdp not scare them away
sheliewolf / yuuki kuran: sorry........
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: tch whatever i dont care how stupid the slave thing is i just thought id be nice to have more than 3 friends but i guess that wont happen
sheliewolf / yuuki kuran: well still have more friends since my other friend anthony and his gf might live with us to
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: >_<" ya ill pass and just wait for you in japan
sheliewolf / yuuki kuran: wait y
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: i dont really get along with most people anymore and its not like any of my 3 friends have plans on living with me in canada
sheliewolf / yuuki kuran: what do they wanna do?
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: idk but they probably wont live up there with me... what am i saying? nevermind ill stay with you... like i said a long time ago... i would willingly be your slave and do whatever you want
sheliewolf / pein: yea well i wouldnt treat u like a slave more like a madona
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: whatever you want
sheliewolf / yuuki kuran: ok
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: -_-
sheliewolf / yuuki kuran: wats wrong
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: nothing im ok so u wanna continue?
sheliewolf / yuuki kuran: ya
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: ok she was about to jump off a cliff so its ur turn
sheliewolf / pein: "wait dont jump!"he called out
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: she bcked up to the very edge of the cliff then she closed her eyes and fell back off the cliff
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: ((>_<"gaaaaahhhhhh))
sheliewolf / yuuki kuran: wat?
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: >_<" nothing just continue i guess
sheliewolf / pein: pein went after her<wat is it tell me>
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: she kept falling and tears floated in the air as she fell ((FLORIDA!!!??? FLORIDA!!!!!!!??????????????))
sheliewolf / pein: ya i moved remember>he tried to catch her
sheliewolf / mylo: wered u c tht at any way
Peinsgirl25 / Nera: YOU TOLD ME YOU WERE MOVING TO NEW YORK AND THAT U USED LIVE IN GEORGIA)) she opened her eyes and pused him away then she turned over and was almost to the ground so she pulled her hand back and when she got there she punched the ground and dust rose as the ground cracked and the cliff started to crumble to the ground
Peinsgirl25: fls just temp and ya i am moving to ny
Peinsgirl25: and i did live in go

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