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Roleplay - Heartland by Wild Thunder / Black_rose1718

Every year the new warriors get to choose a horse that they will train with and each year the horses get wilder and wilder. This year a new herd of wild horses was brought in,now the warriors have to train extra hard,not only because of the horses,but because of the up coming war.

Roleplay Details

You can be a horse or a warrior or regular person
Mythical times...so the horses can be unicorns and so on....but ask me before joining.
Have fun with this
no Gm


Black_rose1718 / Wild Thunder: Wild Thunder was in a pen seprate from the others. He was the herd stallion and wildest one among them. He snorted and stomped his hooves any time a human would come near. He was unsure why he was he or what the humans wanted from his and his herd.
Mireya / Salouda: Salouda looked around the pen, frighetened. Where was she? She started to snort a bit and ran away when a human came near her. What did they want? She looked around for Wild Thunder, but realized the stallions werent with her.
Killi / Lexis: Lexis held a rope in her hand, she had not been to her elven home in many years, according to humans, and so acted more like a human then what she was born. She watched the horses run an panic, some were snorting or pawing, others were get terrified. She couldn't blame them. She looked and saw a grey mare by the looks.
Mireya / Salouda: Salouda kept trotting around. She whinnied as she ran. She stopped for a few seconds and looked around at the humans. She wanted to be free again, not locked up.
Killi / Lexis: Lexis walked to the pen that had the mare (Salouda). She raised her hand as she enetered under the fencing. She made her way to the center, the horse looked paniced and worried, also mad.
Mireya / Salouda: Salouda backed away from the human. She whinnied at her, trying to get her away. She stomped her foot at her.
Black_rose1718 / Wild Thunder: Wild Thunder reared on his back legs and whinnied loudly. He didn't like this at all. He could hear the frightend calls of his herd. He couldn't do anything for them.
Killi / Lexis: Lexis watched, her hands up, and only lightly holding the rope. She stomped her foot back. She could heard the heartbeat of the horse, and she looked at its eyes. Her hearing and sight, well overall was better then a humans. Being an elf had its benifits. She looked back at the stallion. "Is he your friend?"
Mireya / Salouda: Salouda looked at the human. She kept backing up from her. She stomped and whinnied again. She just wanted to leave. She heard her speak but didnt understand her.
Killi / Lexis: Lexis hooked some of her sliver bvlue hair behind her ear, showing her pointed ears, not many knew she was an elf, but knew she was different. "Calm... Easy girl..." She aid softly.
Mireya / Salouda: Salouda looked over at Wild Thunder. She didnt know if she should trust this... well, she thought it was a human. She looked back at the elf catiously.
Killi / Lexis: "Easy... you are alright, i do not wish or want to hurt you..." Her voice was soft and relaxed. She had done this before, she was after all 65 years old.
Mireya / Salouda: She calmed down a bit, but quickly trotted to the other side of the pen. These fences were starting to get annoying. She looked back at her.
Killi / Lexis: "I know you want out..." She looked back at Wild Thunder, he was her second pick if this one didn't work out. Lexis watched the grey mare. How long until the horse broke and threw its self at the fence? it had happened many times.
Mireya / Salouda: Salouda looked at the girl. She slowly eased up and snorted a bit. She stayed still looking at her.
Black_rose1718 / Wild Thunder: Wild Thunder gave the elf a glare from hell. Not only was she messing with his mare,but she kept checking him out. The rest of the stallions stayed in a group on the other side of the large pen. He snorted and stomped in contempt.
Killi / Lexis: Lexis froze, not moving a hair and stared into the horses eyes. Lexis slowly strightened up her back and relaxed her shoulders. the stallion was starting to become a bother and could cause much trouble, but could be a great aid if under control.
Mireya / Salouda: Salouda knew she wouldnt leave the herd behind. She walked around slowly, a lot calmer now. She knew Wild Thunder didnt like it, but she kept calm.
Killi / Lexis: Lexis turned so she was always facing the mare. "Thats a girl." She said with a smile as the horse relaxed and calmed.
Mireya / Salouda: Salouda whinnied lightly at her. She trotted smoothly around the pen, starting to get used to it, but still hated it.
Killi / Lexis: "Easy girl..." Lexis said raising her hands. If the horse go stressed again she would have to work harder, btu so far this was amazing good. lexis smiled, the horse was a nice mover.
Mireya / Salouda: Salouda stopped trotted and came to a stop at the water. She looked it and nosed the water. She shook her head when her nose touched it. She started to drink.
Killi / Lexis: It as a great sign. Lexis let the horse drink for a bit, then slowly walked to the horse from the side her hand out to show no threat and so she might touch.
Mireya / Salouda: Salouda continued to drink and looked up, a bit startled to see the girl next to her. She felt that she meant no harm, but still backed up out of instinct.
Killi / Lexis: Lexis smiled and slowly started to chase her a bit, nothing scary or to scare her, but so she would learn who was in control here, and maybe trust her.
Mireya / Salouda: Salouda trotted away from her, always keeping an eye on her. She made a full circle and stopped quickly.
Killi / Lexis: Lexis stopped and started to chase the other way. A smile tainted her lips as she did so. Her head band held most of her hair back, and the human male clothes were dragging on the ground.
Mireya / Salouda: Salouda didnt move this time. She stayed still and held her ground.
Black_rose1718 / Wild Thunder: <<No Its fine...The others are just off>> Wild Thunder stomped and started trotting in cirles snorting as he went. His lightening white eyes watched the elf. His muscles rippled under his black coat. The red markings on his coat seemed to glow.
Killi / Lexis: lexis started to swing the rope now tha the mare didn't move, almost every horse she had met would run at the sght of one.
Mireya / Salouda: Salouda still stood her ground, but she was on edge again. She didnt understand this. She wished Wild Thunder could help, but he couldnt.
Killi / Lexis: Lexis clicked her tongue and snapped the rope behind the horse waving her other arm.
Mireya / Salouda: Salouda backed up again, not knowing what to do.
Killi / Lexis: "No!" Lexis called and she flicked the rope, hitting the mare on the rump.
Mireya / Salouda: Salouda was so confused. Why couldnt they just leave her alone. She stepped forward, whinnying. She stomped her foot out of frustration.
Killi / Lexis: Lexis started to charge at the horse, trying to get it to move. "YEA!" She yelled as she ran for it, the rope flying around her.
Mireya / Salouda: Salouda spooked turned around and stomped her foot again.
Killi / Lexis: Lexis jumped back to the center of the ring. She turned her back to the mare and waited.
Mireya / Salouda: Salouda looked at her. She slowly walked up to her and muzzled her on the back.
Killi / Lexis: Lexis smiled and slowly turned, reacing to touch the horses muzzle. Her chest swelled with joy and pride.
Mireya / Salouda: Salouda sniffed her hand, hoping there was food.
Killi / Lexis: She smiled. "If that is what you want..' she reached into her pocket and took out a carrot. "This is the hand you want." she laughed.
Mireya / Salouda: Salouda sniffed the carrot and ate it. She whinnied out of satisfaction.
Killi / Lexis: Lexis ran a hand down the neck. "Good girl.." She said sweetly.
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Mireya / Salouda: Salouda walked away from the girl and joined the other mares. She finally was able to get away from her.
Sereniasiren / Amelina: Amelina sighed as she rested her head into her palm, she held a few pieces of carrots in her hand, but that seemed to go nowhere in the beginning, she was kicked and shoved to the ground by those wild savages. How was a petite girl like her supposed to train these monsters and go into war with them? Her family was crazy, they cared about nothing but making her into a strong warrior and train her horse to become the greatest. She blew her light brown locks out of her face and stroked her cheek roughly with her fingers, she watched the horses trot along in their giant pens. Some wondering where they are, and some being hauled along with their new masters.
CasamaiSonichi / Ichiro: Ichiro was on his armor plated horse, "This war.. will be interesting" He smiled,
<<What teams are there?>>
Coripa / Dreams Nightmare: <<Sorry I didn't get them! Every time I checked theys where deleted.>>
Dream stood staring at a girl with carrot peices in her hand. She nickered shyly, they smelled really, really good.
Sereniasiren / Amelina: Amelina still sat there, her eyes scanned the pens for her 'perfect' horse. None of them were perfect, they were all savages, they were all primitive, they were all beasts that could kill her in a tromp. She shook her head, wanting to just go home and leave those stupid horses behind, leave that stupid war behind. It wasn't her future, at least not the future she wanted. She let the carrots hang down freely from her grasp, she didn't even pay attention to the carrots, she only wanted her horse.
Coripa / Dreams Nightmare: Dream walked up to Amelia, normally she wouldn't have dared walked up to a human but those carrots. Those wonderful, crunchy carrots seemed to beckon her closer and closer to the girl.
Black_rose1718 / Wild Thunder: <<The enemy its Tripol and the good is Annlee....>>
Sereniasiren / Amelina: Amelina didn't turn her head, she just stared blankly at the rest of the horses. She sighed, her head still rested on her palm, which was rested on her knee. "Muts," she uttered to herself as she stared at one horse sniffing at the stern of another.
Asokora / Sharyina Twolo: Sharyina Twolo stalked around the stalls, searching for her horse, her horse needed to be fiece, hardheaded and stubborn because Sharyina always wanted a challege like this. Her eyes scanned the each horse over and over, they all looked fierce but she still couldn't decide which she wanted.
She had trained seven horses throughout her life, they were challeges, but she needed a better, bigger one this time.
Black_rose1718 / Wild Thunder: Wild Thunder jogged around the paddock in contempt. He glared at the man who caught him eveytime he passed him. The man just gave a bellowing laugh that spooked some of the other horses.
CasamaiSonichi / Ichiro: Ichiro was on the tripol side. He slowly walked through the tree's on his horse. "Me and you, will have a lot of fun" He smiled, not able to be seen through his helmet
Killi / Lexis: Lexis looked around, she had left the mare to look at the other horses, most of the trainers were here now and were trying to tame the wild horses, some laughter could be heard farther down, but Lexis ignored it and walked along, she looked at Wild Thunder, he was a great horse, there was a man there.
Mireya / Salouda: Salouda wandered around the other mares.
Black_rose1718 / Wild Thunder: Wild Thunder snorted at the elf,then the man who caught him growled at her "Sorry missy this stallion is for guys only!" Wild Thunder snorted his approval and then glared at the big man. The mans name was Jax,he was a very tall,very muscular ex military general with a temper. Thats as much as he knew.
Killi / Lexis: Lexis could only smile. "A monster for a monster... fitting I would say." She said still watching. The man was handsome in some way, but he was far to human natured...
Kiandra / Butterfly: Butterfly snorted as she watched her stallion be approached by a man. her wings flared, and she tried opening them, but they had een pinned to her side. she threw her head down, then took off on a run towards one of the fences. she tried jumping it, but a forcefield held her back. she whinnied high as three men came toward's her, a rope whistling in the air. panic filled her, since she didin't know what was going on.
Mireya / Salouda: Salouda trotted up beside her and knocked the ropes away. "you ok Butterfly." she asked to her. They were in the same herd and it was nice to see a familiar face.
Kiandra / Butterfly: "Yeah... i think... they have something ontop of the fence to stop fliers... it doesn't help that my wings are tied up. why are we here?" Butterfly asked looking at salouda then at their stallion in his pen.
Mireya / Salouda: "I dont know." she said worriedly. She started to think that the humans didnt want to harm them.
Coripa / Dreams Nightmare: Dream streached her neck out and tugged at one of the carrots. The black mare stepped back when the carrot didn't budge. She snorted clearly frustrated but didn't move. She lifted her massive head and swished her long wavy tail.
Kiandra / Butterfly: Butterfly looked at the rest of the herd then back at salouda. "do you think you can free my wings? they are cramping."
Mireya / Salouda: "I can try" she said. She started to use her teet to get at them but the knot was strong. She managed to loosen it a bit.
Kiandra / Butterfly: Butterfly felt it loosen a bit, and told salouda to back up. suddenly her wings sprang open, breaking the rope. "Thanks... should i take off and fly around, and see if we can get free... nah, nevermind... i'll stay here..." she trailed off and looked around as the three men surrounded her again.
Mireya / Salouda: Salouda nodded and stomped her feet at the men. She whinnied fiercly at them and they backed away.
Kiandra / Butterfly: "Thanks..." she said as she stretched first one wing then the other. "that feels much better." she sighed then looked at the pen where wild thunder was in. "He doesn't look very happy."
Coripa / Dreams Nightmare: Dream's Nightmare looked at the people that wanted her as their steed, she pinned her ears and stopped a huge hoof in warning. The mare looked back at the carrot briefly then trotted away. She had a calm demenor compared to many of these herd horses but she would not look like a fool tamie, as she called the trained horses, begging for food.
Mireya / Salouda: "No, and I am worried." she sighed. She was a wise horse and knew everyone in her herd inside out.
Kiandra / Butterfly: "yeah, that makes two of us. hey dream... did you get any carrots?" Butterfly asked looking at the black horse that walked over to them.
Coripa / Dreams Nightmare: "No... I was starting to look like those tame horses, and I can't have (I that)." she admitted flicking an ear to the men nervously, "Any try to tame ya?"
Mireya / Salouda: Salouda nodded. "Yes, I got a carrot. They think it will be so easy" she said softly. She was still wild at heart and nothing would change that.
Coripa / Dreams Nightmare: "No one's come close to me since I dragged one half way across the pen." She did a full body shake happy about what she had done.
Mireya / Salouda: Salouda nodded with approval. "We shouldnt hurt them. They might return it." she said to them as she thought. She was worried for the herd and especcially the young ones, she didnt want anyone hurt,
Coripa / Dreams Nightmare: "Ha! If they return it they'll regret it, a good swift kick in the face outta teach them to lay off." Dream snorted, looked over to the colts and fillies, "They'll get worse if the dare touch the younglings." she promised Salouda.
Mireya / Salouda: Salouda nodded, but still worried. She looked at the pen of the foals. She still feared for the safety of the herd.
Coripa / Dreams Nightmare: Dream blinked, "Don't worry so much, my colt is with 'em, he'll protect the babes." She hated to see Salouda so worried, this was the horse she had idleized ever since she joined the herd, "And so will the rest of the older foals."
Mireya / Salouda: Salouda nodded at Dream. "Thank you." she said trying to relax herself.
Coripa / Dreams Nightmare: Dream smiled a horsy smile. Once again she looked at the men and women watching them.
Mireya / Salouda: Salouda watched carefully. She was still on edge but tried not to show it. I have to remain calm she kept telling herself.
Coripa / Dreams Nightmare: A muscular man hopped over the fence as slowy started to approach them. Dream pretended not to notice and lowered her head to graze. (I Not till he gets cocky, then I'll show him why I'm called Dream's Nightmare.) She thought with a swish of her tail.
Mireya / Salouda: Salouda looked at the man. She snorted at him, giving him a warning. She grazed a bit, always keeping an eye on him.
Coripa / Dreams Nightmare: Dream looked at he man lazily, apprearing tame and gentle. She saw the guy she had dragged mouthing warnings. She lowered her head again and took another bite of the grass.
Mireya / Salouda: Salouda stayed calm and continued to graze.
Coripa / Dreams Nightmare: "This going to be good, and you'll get to see me in action." Dream whispered exictidly as the man drew closer. She watched him, waiting for him to raise the lasso. Once again she lifted her head this time nickering kindly.
"Ha you aint no meanie like they said, you where just scared the first time weren't you?" the man cooed, making Dream almost feel bad for what she was planing to do...almost.
"Ready?" Dream asked Salouda.
Mireya / Salouda: Salouda nodded at her. This man was getting annoying.
Coripa / Dreams Nightmare: Dream reared up suddenly, squealing. Her massive hooves cut through the air making whooshing sounds. Once her feet hit the ground she pinned her ears and charged, her nosterals flared. He man dropped the rope and hightailed it back to his buds. Dream ran faster catching up with the man and ramming his with her head. He flew over the fence and hit the groud with a thud.
Dream raised her tail and her head high as she trotted back and forth, "Don't mess with Dream's Nightmare!" she bellowed triuphantly, "I will never be tamed by you fools!" the mare nighed before cantering to the opposite fence.
"Sorry bout leaving you out Salouda...you know how I get... next one's yours, I promise."
Mireya / Salouda: Salouda snorted a bit. "Its ok, I know how much you like that." she said looking at the man and then to Dream.
Coripa / Dreams Nightmare: "What?" Dream asked slowly looking back at the man she had chaced.
Mireya / Salouda: "Nothing." she smiled at Dream.
Black_rose1718 / Wild Thunder: Wlid Thunder watched Dream's display and shook his head slightly. As the man got up,Jax yelled to him "Hey! Maybe we should start killing off the foals! It might make those mares less resistant!" Wild Thunder snorted at this. None of the foals were his,they were his dead brothers. He didn't like that plan at all.
Mireya / Salouda: Salouda heard the men and started to snort. None of them would be killed. She trotted to the side closet to the foals to watch them.
Sereniasiren / Amelina: Amelina turned, her carrots had disappeared - without her even knowin? She turned to her grandpa, who was one of the workers at the stable, "Pa, why do I have to do this? Look at me, I'm barely 18," she grumbled, dropping the heads of the carrots to the ground and getting up.
"It's a tradition, it won't be that bad, just pick your horse," Pa explained, walking off with his rope and sadle with a bright but determined expression on his face.
Amelina rolled her eyes, shifting her sight back to the horses.
Coripa / Dreams Nightmare: Dream narrowed her eyes, they wouldn't dare! She pawed the ground, watching the foals closly "I promised no harm would come to them, I promised...instead I brought forth danger..." she told herself.
Kiandra / Butterfly: Butterfly stretched her wings out in warning, and one of the men noticed she wasn't tied up anymore.
Mireya / Salouda: Salouda looked at Dream. She was filled with guilt. "Its not your fault." she reassured her. It was no ones fault. The ways of the human were weird.
Coripa / Dreams Nightmare: Dream began to trot arounf her pen, she was a pretty horse and she liked to make the humans wish she would be their steed. She looked at Butterfly with a smile then looked at the human she had almost gotten the carrots from.
"I know..." she whispered with uncertainty.
Kiandra / Butterfly: Butterfly watched as the men tried to lasso her again to tie her wings closed. she snorted as it missed her completely. "Fools, do they really think i'm going to allow them to lasso me again. my wings still hurt."
Black_rose1718 / Wild Thunder: Wild Thunder reared up in hate as the man Dream hit pulled a sword and chose the youngest foal. It was a small bay filly named Heart Song. "Do you like this you stupid mare!" he yelled as he cut the fillys throat.
Mireya / Salouda: Salouda whinnied. She looked away. She tried to jump the fence, in attempt to save them. She fell though. She kept trying.
Coripa / Dreams Nightmare: "If I had known this was going to happen I wouldn't have do it!" Dream snapped at the stallion, "(I My) colt is in there!" she ran as close to the foals as she could. She leaned against the fence, hopping her weight would break the wood.
Kiandra / Butterfly: Butterfly spread her wings adn sprang into the air. she flew around the pens once then landed on top of the man screaming her outrage. she was furious, adn she quickly struck his head with her hooves. he died quickly, but it was too late, Heart Song was dead. Butterfly reared up in anger and sprang into the air again, and circled the pen with the foals in it, not letting anyone get close.
Black_rose1718 / Wild Thunder: <<Easy Butterfly....your close to gm...>> Wild Thunder shook his head. "Clam down! If you act this way it will only make it worse!" he commanded.
Mireya / Salouda: Salouda listened to Thunder. She calmed down and stopped jumping. She was tired anyway.
Coripa / Dreams Nightmare: "What am I suppose to do! I'm the one who did this!" the mare's eyes wher wide in a mixture of anger and fright.
Kiandra / Butterfly: "So we're supposed to let them kill the foals?" Butterfly asked landing next to his pen but keeping a close eye in the foals pen. she looked up at him, with tears in her eyes. "Heart Song was my sister's filly... my sister was killed so technically she was mine... what are we supposed to do... watch them kill the foals... none of them are mine... but it still hurts all of us..." she said, the tears falling. <i actually am crying but it's cause my mom's cooking onions right now... oh and i'm sorry:)>
Black_rose1718 / Wild Thunder: "Look Butterfly,just go back in the pen! You want to end up like them!" he said in anger to her before nodding to a pen full of broken mares. Each and every one of them had had their wings hacked off.
Kiandra / Butterfly: Butterfly's eyes widened and she heeded his advice. she landed back in the mare's pen. she looked down then back up at him, a fierce look in her eyes. she nodded to him and then folded her wings against her back. she looked at the people around the pen but didn' move. finally one caught her eye. an elf was looking at her carefully.
Coripa / Dreams Nightmare: Dream lowered her head and walked to the middle of her pen and layed down. Her heart was filled with guilt, "I'm so sorry Heart Song...you where to young to die...way to young." She sighed a tear tricked down a black cheek. She looked at the stallion bitterly, how she got into the herd she didn't know, he hated her...at least it felt like it.
Mireya / Salouda: Salouda trotted up to Dream and muzzled her neck. "Its ok" she said softly to her.
Kiandra / Butterfly: Butterfly walked over to dream and nuzzled her back. "it's not your fault dream." she said then walked away. she looked over at the forest which was reallly close to the pen and trotted over to look over the fence. she stared at the darkness underneath the trees, and the tears began to fall.
Coripa / Dreams Nightmare: "If I hadn't hurt that man she'd still be alive...not that it matters...Wild Thunder still would have blamed me for it..." She closed her eyes, "He hates me...I'm just not able to fit in with any herd..." Dream tried not to remember how many times she had to leave herds. She looked at Salouda out of the corner of her eye.
Kiandra / Butterfly: Butterfly heard her and turned back around. "Dream, it's not that... he doesn't hate you... and you do fit in... quit whining and get up... we have people all around us and i'm not letting you cry just because you feel sorry for your self... they think they can have us... well... maybe they will but it's going to be a long hard fight... adn you have to give it to them." she said stalking over to them. "Wild Thunder can't help us... the old fleabag, so we are going to have to help oursleves. that filly wasn't yours... it was my sisters... she's dead, heartsong was just killed and i'm not going to be in a pen witha whiny mare who's afraid that her stallion doesn't like her... so get up and quit whinying." Butterfly trotted up to the fence and snorted into the guys who hadn't moved faces. she was pissed tired and sore, adn that put her in a dangerous mood. she hoped wild thunder hadn't heard what she had said aout him being a fleabag, he was her stallion and she hadn't meant it. she watched as the humans watched her carefully adn she slowly opened her wings scaring them, at least the few that were really scared. they backed away but a few remained.
Black_rose1718 / Wild Thunder: Wild Thunder watched as three men came into his pen and put three ropes around his neck. He reared and snorted as they dragged him out of the pen. They tied him to a post and Jax started looking him over from a distance. Wild Thunder's white mane and tail blew in the wind softly as the glowing red marks on his black hide seemed to glow brighter. His lightening white eyes watched everything.
Kiandra / Butterfly: Butterfly watched wild thunder be dragged out of his pen.
Coripa / Dreams Nightmare: Dream got up, her eyes weren't as bright as they once had, "I fought back I attacked that man that killed Heart Song before he killed her. He wanted to break me and I should have let him. I hurt the herd." She stated watching Wild Thunder.
Black_rose1718 / Wild Thunder: Wild Thunder looked at her defiantly. He was a strong minded, strong willed 2 year old that took over for his older brother,Sand Storm, after he had been killed by the humans. He didn't much care for the attitude that some of the mares had about this.
Kiandra / Butterfly: "so... now you use that to help you stand up again. come on dream..." Butterfly finished saying that as they put a noose around her neck. "Not again..." she said but she stood stock still as the men got closer to her. about a yard away from her, she reared up and spread her wings.
Coripa / Dreams Nightmare: Dream looked at the human and snorted her muscles grew taunt. She watched closely, this was Butterfly's fight not her own, she'd only intervene if Butterfly was on the losing side or if they went after her.
Black_rose1718 / Wild Thunder: <<K Justin...your traitor...I gtg>>
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: <<How am I traitor/ XP>>
Kiandra / Butterfly: Butterfly watched them as they scattered then came back around her. she kept her wings outstretched as they tried to push them in to her side to keep the humans from tying her wings up. she took off and flew in a small circle around them and they pulled on the rope, bringing her crashing down. she screamed in protest as they piled ontop of her. "Clip them." one of the men said. Butterfly immediately screamed again, and tried to throw them off.
Kiandra / Celest: an elf named celest said as she walked up to them, "Let her be. she'll be mine to challenge." the men slowly got up and let butterfly go. she flared her wings as Celest watched her quietly.
Mireya / Salouda: Salouda watched the elf who was helping Butterfly. A elf helping one of us? Why? she wondered to herself.
Kiandra / Butterfly: Butterfly looked at the elf cautiously. she bowed her head slowly thanking the elf then backed up. the elf watched her then walked back out of the pen.
Mireya / Salouda: Salouda watched Butterfly. She stayed where she was but smiled. It would have been horrible for Butterfly to loose her wings.
Kiandra / Butterfly: Butterfly watched the elf but walked over to Salouda. "What do you think that was about?" she asked quietly nickering
Mireya / Salouda: "That was interesting, A two-leg helping us." she said watching the elf in disbelief. After the foals, she started to judge them, but this one changed her mind a bit.
Kiandra / Butterfly: "I wonder why..." Butterfly said looking back at the elf. the elf smiled at butterfly, and she snorted shaking her head.
Mireya / Salouda: "They are unpredictable." she concluded as she continued to watch the elf. She turned her attention back to Butterfly as she looked back at her.
Kiandra / Butterfly: Butterfly sighed then layed down in the middle of the field to roll around on the grass.
Mireya / Salouda: Salouda looked down at Butterfly. She laid down with her, and looked out to the forest. Her mind went back to the memories where they roamed the plains, wild and free.
Kiandra / Butterfly: Butterfly finally stopped and looked around. it seemed that the herd had finally calmed down. she looked around for wild thunder but didn't see him.
Mireya / Salouda: "Where is he." she said looking around for Thunder. She was worried about him/
Kiandra / Butterfly: Butterfly stood up slowly and looked around craning her neck for their stallion.
Mireya / Salouda: Salouda looked around, but he was nowhere to be seen.
Kiandra / Butterfly: "Do you know where he is?" Butterfly asked suddenly anxious.
Mireya / Salouda: Salouda shook her head slightly.
Kiandra / Butterfly: "Salouda... what do you think is going on?" she asked nervously.
Mireya / Salouda: "I dont know" she said nervously. She feared for her herds safety.
Kiandra / Butterfly: Butterfly stretched her wings quietly and looked around to make sure the herd was okay.
Mireya / Salouda: Salouda looked a the ground trying to think of a way to get out of here.
Kiandra / Butterfly: "Salouda?" Butterfly asked as she looked at her and looked at their surroundings.
Mireya / Salouda: Salouda looked up at her. "Yes?" she asked.
Kiandra / Butterfly: "what are you thinking?" she asked as she looked at her. <G2g...>
Coripa / Dreams Nightmare: Dream laid down on her side again, Butterfly was safe and Thunder was no where to be seen. She closed her eyes and sighed contently. For some reason she was calmer when Wild Thunder wasn't near her but after a while it started to get on her nerves.
Black_rose1718 / Wild Thunder: Wild Thunder trotted to just outside the mares pen "Hello ladies!" He said playfully. No ropes tied him down and no men were coming after him. He trotted over to the foal pen and messed with the lock until he got it. " Dancing Star,Take the foals back to the high lands away from the humans!" he said to the oldest foal. She was a weaned filly that was as black as night with a light yellow star in the middle of her forehead. She nodded once and looked at him for futher instruction. "Once you get there find your mother,Falling Star and Silver Brook,these foals will need food." he commanded. Dancing Star nodded and trotted off with the foals. Falling Star and Silver Brook acted as surrogate(sp?) mothers for foals who had no mothers and no aunts to care for them.
Mireya / Salouda: Salouda heard Thunder's voice. She looked around and saw him. He was free. Salouda trotted over to him excitedly. "How?" she asked him.
Black_rose1718 / Wild Thunder: "They deemed me to wild for them, their taking me over enemy lines as a gift." he said quietly as he tossed his white mane. He stood just outside the pen looking at them. "I must leave you guys here though..." he said in a low tone. With that Jax roped his neck and walked to his buckskin mare,getting on her. Jax rode just a mile over enemy lines,dragging Wild Thunder every step of the way. He tied him to a tree and then rode like hell. Wild Thunder knew that in 2 weeks the war would start.
Mireya / Salouda: Salouda watched him be edragged off. "No..." she whispered to herself once he was far away. They had to escape from here but how?
Kiandra / Butterfly: Butterfly watched him be dragged off, and panic set in. "They can't... what are we going to do, noone can get out of these pens!" she said not remebering that she could fly.
Mireya / Salouda: Salouda looked at Butterfly. "You can. Go, fly free." she said softly to Butterfly. "Then you can help us from the outside."
Kiandra / Butterfly: "Hey... that right..." she said softly as she spread her wings quietly. "I'll open your pens unless i can't then i'll just follow Wild Thunder." she jumped into the air and took off. she reached the gate but it was pad-locked so she couldn't. she flew around once as a goodbye then flew towards the direction Wild Thunder had been dragged. <g2g...>
Mireya / Salouda: "Good bye, my friend." she whispered as she flew off. She stood up and looked around the pen, trying to think of a way out.
Coripa / Dreams Nightmare: Dream jumped to her feet clumsly, "Whats going to happen to our stallion? And Butterfly?" She asked, clopping over to Salouda. She pawed the ground the feathers on her feet left snake like trails in the sand.
Kiandra / Butterfly: Butterfly flew over the trees following them at a safe distance.
Mireya / Salouda: "Thunder is gone and i told butterfly to go as well." she whinnied to Dream
Black_rose1718 / Wild Thunder: Wild Thunder tugged at his ropes for a moment,then watched as five men from the enemy came galloping up on horses. "Looks like they left us a pretty gift." said the leader stupidly. Wild Thunder reared and snorted evily as they grabbed his ropes. He planted his feet as they drug him back towards their camp.
Coripa / Dreams Nightmare: "Why did they yake him?" Dream was starting to act like a curious foal rather than the cocky and stubborn mare she was suppose to be.
Mireya / Salouda: Salouda looked at her sadly. "He was deemed to wild and is on the enemies side now..." she said to her.
Coripa / Dreams Nightmare: Dream's head dropped and she sighed heavily, "But what if the enemies mistreat him or actually tame him? Will the herd have to be unloyal to him?" her dark eyes closed in sadness, she wanted things to be back to they way they were, even if that ment living outside the herd.
Mireya / Salouda: "I dont know." she said honestly to her.
Kiandra / Butterfly: Butterfly fluttered over them quietly, her wings making no noise. darkness had begun to fall along with clouds so she was completely covered and could not be seen.
CasamaiSonichi / Ichiro: Ichiro walked out to the group of men. "Who is this?" He asked looking at the horse. "One of our own? or wild?"
Kiandra / Butterfly: Butterfly watched as she floated by. thankfully no one looked up at her so she stayed quiet. she landed in the forest without making a sound and watched from underneath the trees.
Black_rose1718 / Wild Thunder: The five men looked at their leader "Its a wild one sir. The enemy sent him to us.There was a note." said the leader of the group. The note read " To the leader of the enemy. Here is a gorgeous stallion as a gift,his name is Wild Thunder. He was to wild for us,so now he is your problem. He is a very special stallion indeed. He has the powers of the storms. They will be useful to you if you can tame him."
Kiandra / Butterfly: Butterfly's ears pricked with interest as she edged closer carefully.
CasamaiSonichi / Ichiro: Ichiro smiled. "Throw him in with the rest of the "Special" As they say" Justin said motioning his head to a group of stallions. "We'll break his spirits soon"
Kiandra / Butterfly: Butterfly watched from the forest as they led him away. she edged away from the edge of the trees and followed them around to the pen.
Black_rose1718 / Wild Thunder: Wild Thunder's lightening white eyes looked at the apparent leader of the enemy and snorted. He reared and as his hooves hit the ground there was a crash of thunder that shook the ground.
Kiandra / Butterfly: Butterfly trmebled a bit with the earth, but she spread her wings and glided over the land hovering in the forest as she watched quietly.
CasamaiSonichi / Ichiro: "Keep that up, And you'll be in a world a pain" Ichiro said, his expression un told cause of the helmet he wore. "If you want to be a special one, then don't act crazy and try to resist, only more pain" He smiled under his helmet
Black_rose1718 / Wild Thunder: Wild Thunder jerked loose of the held ropes. He looked at the enemy leader. The leader didn't know that Wild Thunder could do something no other horse in the world could do. Speak. Because the truth was,even his own herd didn't know about his past. He wasn't a regular horse,a unicorn or even a winged horse. He was a demon stallion and the one horse he called his brother wasn't even related to him. "You think you can cause a world of pain,but you have no idea what pain is!" he said in an eerie demonic voice that was his normal voice. In truth he was over 300 years old,though he told most other horses he was 2 years old in horse years. With that he snorted and walked towards the stallion pen,dragging his ropes behind him.
CasamaiSonichi / Ichiro: "Possibly, but if your going to act like a crazed stallion that will not cooperate..then You can leave now.. You are no need to me, no matter how special you are if your just a insane horse." Justin said
Black_rose1718 / Wild Thunder: Wild Thunder turned to him and gave him an indignant look. "Well imagin first thing in the morning a bunch of morons rope you and your herd,then drag you away before sticking you in pens and trying to tame you! It has not been the best of days! I am willing to work with you,but only if you dont try and tame me. Also if we work as equals and no one is to know I can speak." he said in his eerie demonic voice to where only the guy could hear him.
Mireya / Salouda: Salouda walked around the pen. (i How are we gonna get out?) she wondered, starting to loose hope.
CasamaiSonichi / Ichiro: "Fair enough, you are my equal, and you will not be tamed, only if you don't fight against the others unless they disrespect you, fair?" he asked
Black_rose1718 / Wild Thunder: Wild Thunder thought about this for a long moment "Yes I suppose so. Now get these damn ropes off of me." he said with a growl like a tiger.
CasamaiSonichi / Ichiro: Ichiro smirked under his helmet, dismissing his men and taking his sword to the ropes quickly. "Happy?" He asked.
Black_rose1718 / Wild Thunder: Wild Thunder stomped his hoof,causing another thunderous shake. "Yes,I hate those things. Now get on for a moment...I want to see how you ride." he said eeriely. His muscles bulged under his black coat as the red mark seemed to glow brighter.
CasamaiSonichi / Ichiro: Ichiro looked at thunder. He got on him, trying to find a good position to hold on, but not look like he was holding on for dear life. ".....ok.."
Black_rose1718 / Wild Thunder: Wild Thunder quivered,it felt weird to have a human on him. He was a quite large horse,weighing 1800 Lbs,and standing as tall as a clydes dale. With a snort he started off at a slow trot, then moved to a canter. After a few moments he burst into a full run. He had the speed of the winds.
CasamaiSonichi / Ichiro: Ichiro held on, this horse would be much use to him in battle, ...very very sueful
Kiandra / Butterfly: Butterfly stared at them trying to figure out what wild thunder was doing. she didn't hear the men who were behind her until it was too late. "HEY!" she jumped and flew out of the forest into plain view. she gained altitude but everyone could still see her. she circled the camp, as a roped arrow landed in her wing. she screamed in pain, but she could still fly, she just couldn't get away. she flew around the camp tied.
Black_rose1718 / Wild Thunder: Wild Thunder ran even faster, then came to a sudden stop. "Watch this." he said. A demonic scream came from his throat and it began to pour down rain. He stomped both hooves and thunder shook the ground.
CasamaiSonichi / Ichiro: "elemental horse..interesting" Ichiro said. "You (I will) be great use to us" He added
Kiandra / Butterfly: Butterfly continued to fly around the camp, the arrow lodged in her wing. she couldn't get free, but she wouldn't land either.
Black_rose1718 / Wild Thunder: "They told you I have the powers of the storms, but they have no idea what I can do. This is just foal play here." he said in that eerie voice.
Kiandra / Butterfly: Butterfly was silent as she continued to fly around the camp caught. she started gliding since her ing was bleeding. blood dripped down onto the camp.
Black_rose1718 / Wild Thunder: <<Bump>>
Black_rose1718 / Wild Thunder: <<Waiting for Justin's post....<_< >>
Kiandra / Butterfly: <hello? any one?>:

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