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Roleplay - they are after me again? (please join, first RP, =^-^=) by Maika / Rivereleon

Maika shifted in her sleep, well it wasn't really sleeping. she was knocked out. she opened her eyes and saw that she was in a dungeon. there was other people-well magical creatures- in the dungeon with her.

Roleplay Details

you can be any type of magical creature and what not. ANYTHING can happen. its like an action/romance/adventure genre
the set plot thing is that there is an organization called KMC (killing of magical creatures) the name explains it all...so we start off in the dungeon because we have been captured. more shall be revealed as the RP grows.
Maika-(rivereleon)-silver/red dragon


Coripa / Shadow Walker: <<Join? I'm a drow.>>
Lawshenk: <<may i join>>
Rivereleon / Maika: (yes you may just post)
Lawshenk / Vykki: << when ur playing let me know and i will join>>
Coripa / Shadow Walker: <<Yeah :D>>
Umbryn's stark white hair was drapped over his face and his red eyes darted from person to person. The lighting was perfect for his light sensitive eyes but he feared what would most likly come.
ikoshima / Catherina Renardo: Catherina was cuddled in a small corner of the dungeon, shaking. She was terrified. "Where am I....?" she asked herself quietly, her neko ears twitching.
Lawshenk / Nykki: looks at Cathrina " locked up darling are u ok "
Coripa / Shadow Walker: Umbryn's long elven ears twitched at the sound of voices, but he didn't speak. He just listened closley.
ikoshima / Catherina Renardo: "Yes..." she said quietly, a few tears falling. she was a very gentle neko creature, she was very sweet and sincere. She was scared easily, she was very vulnerable."I'm just...scared..." she said quietly.
Rivereleon / Maika: Maika watched them all as some began to talk. she moved out of the shadows so she could see everyone.
Lawshenk / Nykki: "it's ok im like you im a neko and i'm still sacred i hate this place" i smile at you
ikoshima / Catherina Renardo: Catheirna nodded. She looked over to Maika as she appeared and jumped, holding back a scream. "You scared me..." she said with a whineing tone. "What are you?" she tilted her head to the side as her neko ears twitched. Maika looked human to her...
Lawshenk / Nykki: "have toy always be nekko"
Rivereleon / Maika: Maika sighed, "i am a dragon."
Coripa / Shadow Walker: Umbryn snorted, "I do believe the elven races are more advanced then you cat demons." he hissed in his barely-above a-whisper voice.
ikoshima / Catherina Renardo: Catherina sighed, troubled by Umbryn's comment. She had fairly good hearing."Dragon..." she said, crawling over to Maika. Her tail swished excitedly.
Lawshenk / Nykki: "i was born human got brought a ring woke up in here "
Coripa / Shadow Walker: Umbryn stood up and walked over to the dragon girl. He was really curoius about her now.
Rivereleon / Maika: Maika smiled at her as she watched the cats tail. she looked over at the elf.
Rivereleon / Maika: Maika looked suspicious of him. "what?" she growled
Lawshenk / Nykki: " i was kindda hoping for some help form u all to find out what happened to me"
Coripa / Shadow Walker: Ubryn cocked his head, his blood red eyes seemed to glow as they reflected what little light was in the dungon, "Nothing..."
ikoshima / Catherina Renardo: Catherina was immediately distracted by Ubryn. She turned to him, and started to crawl over to him. She didn't favor walking on two feet, even though she could do it fairly gracefully. "Pretty....ears...." she said, mesmerized. She wanted to touch them, but she was truthfully afraid of Ubryn.
Lawshenk / Nykki: "any one"
Coripa / Shadow Walker: "That is one commet drow rarely get, most consider us the more evil of elves." Umbryn said cooly, "Your's are nice as well."
ikoshima / Catherina Renardo: Catherina blinked, turning to Nykki. She nodded helplessly. She coudln't help but reach out and touch Ubryn's ear. She didn't care if she got in trouble for it, she was simply happy to finally be able to touch them. She talked to him as her fingers gently examiend his ear. "My ears? You can touch them, if you'd like." she said.
Rivereleon / Maika: Maika laughed at the cats comment. "i am Maika, of the red dragon clan as well as the silver." she introduced her self. stories have been told of an opposite dragon being born. the silver dragons were kind and helping while the red were cruel and murderous.
Coripa / Shadow Walker: "I don't think so." He looked at Maika, "Half silver, half red? How interesting."
Rivereleon / Maika: "what's so interesting about that?" he hated it as both clans didn't except her when she was younger. her parents ended up hating each other. her father had killed her mother. and in return Maika had killed her father
ikoshima / Catherina Renardo: When Catherina was finally satisfied, she crawled over to Maika, laying down cat-like. It was a habit that she had yet to break. Her tail brushed against the back of Maika's neck. "DraMai...." Catherina said quietly. She had already formed a nickname from Maika."Where are we? I'm scared." she said, hiccuping to keep herself rom crying.
Coripa / Shadow Walker: "Silver dragons are know for their kindness and red dragons are...well...like most drow, evil." Umbryn said bordly.
Coripa / Shadow Walker: <<G2G>>
Rivereleon / Maika: Maika sighed, "we are in the dungeons of the dungeons of the MCK society" she rubbed the cat's head. she looked up at the drow, with a smile
ikoshima / Catherina Renardo: <<Back. Anyone?>>
Coripa / Shadow Walker: <<Here.>>
Umbryn sighed and looked up at the ceiling, "We're going to die if we don't get out soon." he said to himself, his tone was calm as if nothing where wrong. But he was a drow and use to people trying to kill him and francly he didn't think death was something to fear.
Rivereleon: Maika continued to watch the Drow. she found him interesting also. she couldn't bring herself to look away.
<be back soon>
Coripa / Shadow Walker: Umbryn walked back into the shadows, "You'd think I'd be less nerous down here...we are under the soil after all." He whispered to himself. Even he thought he sounded alittle too calm to be nervous but he was.
Rivereleon / Maika: Maika watched him. she heard his whisper from the shadows. "why do they want us dead?" she asked no one in particular
Coripa / Shadow Walker: Umbryn shook his head, "We are different, too different for them to accept in their world...our world."
Rivereleon / Maika: Maika heard something off behnd the closed door. people were talking. she moved next to it and listened.
Coripa / Shadow Walker: Umbryn's sharp eyes flicked to the voices. He crept further into the shadows, his eyes never broke away from their cold stare. The drow sat down, back against the wall. It was there that he picked up a pebble and started to toss it up and down.
Rivereleon: Maika listened to the voices, they said that they would face the Creature against each other to separate the strong from the weak; they were going to use them, in battle
Coripa / Shadow Walker: Umbryn looked at Maika, (I What do they mean?) he thought. Although his hearing was sharp he still only got snippets of the conversation due to the door and his distance from it.
Rivereleon / Maika: she shrugged at his question. but she knew what they wanted. yhey would end up fighting each other
Coripa / Shadow Walker: For the frist time Umbryn looked concerned. The drow didn't want anything bad to happen to the first companion he had ever had in years.
Rivereleon / Maika: Maika sighed as she heard footsteps draw closer to the door
Rivereleon / Maika: (bump)
Kiokure: (('Elloz! Kio-can would like to know if she could join.. o.o''))
RyanTheDamned / Ryan Kiako: (Can I join?)
Rivereleon / Maika: (you both can join)
Kiokure: ((Arigatou! ^^''))
You could hear someone getting closer and soft whimpering as one of the guards((?)) unlocked the cell and shoved Kio inside of it. He quickly locked it and grinned, "Hope you like your new home." He said nastily then turned and walked away. Kio was shaking, her left eye, the right one had a bandage over it, was a glowing ultraviolet as she was extremely terrified. She stiffened as she noticed she would not be alone in the cell. Kio did not turn she was too afraid.
Streampelt / Shadoweye: ((join?))
darkenangel / shimi tojo: (( join ?))
Rivereleon / Maika: (you both can join)
(oh from the 26th to jan 11th i might not be able to get on here (but i will try) so you can still continue the RP but please dont go to into the story plz)
Streampelt / Shadoweye: ((okies)) Shadoweye woke up in the cell. she was a mistwolf, a werewolf that can turn into mist. she tried to turn into mist and go through the bars of the cell, but apparently she couldn't turn into mist while she was in there. "well they thought of everything didn't they?" she grumbled to herself. a thin layer of mist surrounding her as always, that's as close as turning into mist she would get in there. she looked at all the others in the dungeon. she had heard the conversation the guards had. she saw the frightened kio. she herself was pretty frightened but refused to show it because it would give the guards a sense of fulfillment. she didn't want to do that at all. she sat back against the bars of the cell and observed the other creatures in it. she wanted to know what she was dealing with. its not that she felt a sense of competition its just that her family always told her to do that every time you walked into a room. her whole family was killed and for some reason she was spared.
RyanTheDamned / Ryan Kiako: Ryan was bound by golden cahins that kept him suspended from the wall. He had dried blood that had covered his face from the guards who enjoyed beating on him daily. He stared at the ground his steel gray hair hiding his face. He was wearing a black shirt that was full of stab holes. As well as a pair of black jeans that was full of holes. he hung there limp not moving but still breathing. He stared at the ground in silence listening to the other around him. "...."
Streampelt / Shadoweye: Shadoweye stayed leaned against the bars and didn't say a word. she wasn't used to being around all these creatures. she was usually a loner and very seldom made friends, for their own safety. all of the people that she becomes close too gets killed by somebody else.
RyanTheDamned / Ryan Kiako: ryan continued to dangle from the wall without speaking or moving. he sighed lightly as he began thinking deeply. He could rip the chains from the wall. But that might cause a scene with the guards. He closed his eyes thinking. "...."
Streampelt / Shadoweye: shadoweye began to quietly sing a song her mother sang to her when she was little, loud enough for the creatures in the cell to faintly hear, but not loud enough for the guards to hear. it always seemed to soothe her and a lot of the creatures looked like they needed relaxing. she herself felt calmer as she sang it.
"Bed is too small for my tiredness
give me a hill with trees,
tuck a cloud up under my chin
and lord blow the moon out please.
rock me to sleep in a cradle of leaves
sing me a lullaby of breeze.
tuck a cloud up under my chin
and lord blow the moon out please."
her voice was lovely even if it was so quiet.
RyanTheDamned / Ryan Kiako: "..Lord...Do you mean..god..." Ryan asked his voice very cold but quiet. Atleast to the guards. The others of the cell could hear him quite well. "..."
Streampelt / Shadoweye: shadoweye shrugged. "i'm just repeating what my mother sang when i was young. i'm not sure who she was talking about when she said lord." still too quiet for the gaurds to hear. ((g2g i'll get on tommorow.))
RyanTheDamned / Ryan Kiako: (kk) "...I see..." He said keeping his head down. "..Id becareful..The guards may come and beat you for making noise..Like so.." He said as he whistled loudly. a few moments after 3 guards had surrounded him kicked punching and stabbing him. "..."
Streampelt / Shadoweye: ((back)) once the guards left shadoweye shrugged and said quietly, " I've been beaten much worse before, i can handle another one."
RyanTheDamned / Ryan Kiako: "..I cannot stand to see w woman beaten..So please..If not for your sake for mine..Stay quiet.." He said just before returning to his silent and still state.
Streampelt / Shadoweye: shadoweye was too tired to be stubborn so she stayed quiet and soon after fell asleep.
RyanTheDamned / Ryan Kiako: Ryan sighed as he jerked his arms forard pulling his chains from the wall. He pulled down with his neck and feet. As the chains fell from the wall. So did he. He shook his head as he sat down aginst the wall. "...Why do the humans capture mythical creatures..?" He asked himself thinking deeply.
hunnabunn2000 / Sumari Yeghitari: SUmari stretched as she got off of her bed and walked over to her window. SHe wondered what she might have wanted to do.
RyanTheDamned / Ryan Kiako: Ryan sat in the dungeon waiting. Figureing the guards would have noticed he was off the wall and would come to give him a beating. He shrugged. "Oh well..Not like they do any real damage to me anyway..." He said yawning and stretching. "...So boreing down here...."
hunnabunn2000 / Sumari Yeghitari: she notice a boy off in the distance, wonder who that is... she thought to herself
RyanTheDamned / Ryan Kiako: Ryan yawned again as he laid down stareing up at the dungeons ceiling. His steel gray hair made his stand out a little in the darkness of the dungeon. "....Boredom....."
hunnabunn2000 / Sumari Yeghitari: Sumari tilted her head a little and swuinted her eyes to get a better look at him, she walked cautiously over to him and noticed that althugh his face was young his hair was steel grey, "Hello" she spoke at last.
RyanTheDamned / Ryan Kiako: Ryan sat up and looked at her. "..Yes...Can I help you..?" His eyes matched the color of his hair and his voice was very cold. almost to the point of emotioless. "...What do you need...?" He asked her.
hunnabunn2000 / Sumari Yeghitari: She tilted her head again and was almost in a trance as she looked into his eyes... noticing that she was starring she tried to look away, but it was too tempting, she had to look, her lower lipped dropped a little and showed the tips of her shinny white teeth.
RyanTheDamned / Ryan Kiako: "Well...what do you want...?" He asked her as he stood up. He was 6'3 and medium build (Incase you didnt know..lol) He looked at her. "Is there anything I can do for you?"
hunnabunn2000 / Sumari Yeghitari: She looked at him, but had to raise her head a bit. Her greeen eyes shimmered in the small ray of sun that came from the window behind him, she was speechless but she mangaed to squek out a word, "Hi"
RyanTheDamned / Ryan Kiako: "...Hi..." He said to her before walking to the window. He looked out the window. ".....This is ridiculous...." He said to himself. He cracked his neck and continued to watch out of the window.
hunnabunn2000 / Sumari Yeghitari: She walked beside him and she too looked out the window, peering over at him she snickered "Whatcha lookin at"
RyanTheDamned / Ryan Kiako: "The world..." He said as he walked back over to where he once hung from the ground in silence. he looked at the shackles on his wrist and began to pull them off with ease. He done the same to the onces on his ankels and the one on his neck. "...."
hunnabunn2000 / Sumari Yeghitari: "Why do you where those shackels?" she asked him with curious eyes
RyanTheDamned / Ryan Kiako: "Because the humans put them on me to keep me 'Imprisioned'" He said with quotations. "Basically they think they are better than magical creatures..." He said softly as he leaned on the wall. He slid down and sat there aginst the wall.
hunnabunn2000 / Sumari Yeghitari: "humans do silly things" she looked away from him and down at her tail, clenching it between her hands she fiddled with it a bit.
RyanTheDamned / Ryan Kiako: "Yes they do..Soon a war is going to break out between magical creatures and the humans..." He said sighing. "Once again..They will lose.."
hunnabunn2000 / Sumari Yeghitari: She dropped her tail and looked up at him once again, "How can you be so sure..." she looked at her tail once again
RyanTheDamned / Ryan Kiako: "Look at what they are doing....If they start captureing Elves or orcs...They will fight back..It will cause a war.." He said looking at her.
hunnabunn2000 / Sumari Yeghitari: THe sun was beginning to set and her face began to darken, she clasped her hand to it and turned away from him so that he would not see her, "Uhhh... I have to go..." she turned to look at him one last time.
RyanTheDamned / Ryan Kiako: "Uh huh..." He said airily. He didnt really care..The only thing he cared about was getting out here...And maybe killing a few guards along the way. He yawned as he twirled a chain around in circles "....."
hunnabunn2000 / Sumari Yeghitari: Before long her hair was growing in and her fangs were appearing, she fell to the ground and the transformation began. She yelled to him with pain, "Protect yourself!!!"
RyanTheDamned / Ryan Kiako: "Yeah Yeah...Not like it matters...I dont die anyway...." He said sighing. "If I could..I would have long ago..." he said as he twirled the chain. "..."
hunnabunn2000 / Sumari Yeghitari: As he stood there she tranceformed into a beautiful black panther, her natural form, she groweled at him and pounced.
RyanTheDamned / Ryan Kiako: Ryan sat there and looked at her as she pounced. He opened his armss. "Have at it..If you can kill me then by all means..Please do..." He said sighing softly still twirling the chain around.
hunnabunn2000 / Sumari Yeghitari: She knocked him to the ground and snarled in his face, she went to bite him but something inside of her stopped her. Instead she starred deeply into his eyes.
RyanTheDamned / Ryan Kiako: Ryan stood up. "..Just as I thought..." He sighed heavily and sat back aghinst the wall. "..Come on...If your going to do it just do it already./..Dont make me wait..."
hunnabunn2000 / Sumari Yeghitari: She backed away from him and sat down, starring up at him, her eyes narrowed and she let out a settle purr
RyanTheDamned / Ryan Kiako: He looked at her. "If your not going to do anythinhg then go away...." He said looking at her.
hunnabunn2000 / Elsieana: She walked over to him and took his hand in her mouth, pulling him behind her she motioned him to follow her.
Streampelt / Shadoweye: Shadoweye woke up and saw what was happening. she really didn't care. she closed her eyes and softly hummed a song.
RyanTheDamned / Ryan Kiako: Ryan was pulled by her. He followed her but said nothing. "...."
Kiokure: Kio finaly turned and slid down the bars, her shirt tearing slightly as she did so. Her knees were tight to her chest with ehr arms wrpped around them to keep them there. Kio rested her chin on her knees, not looking up. She listened quietly, hearing all though she did not wish to. Kio could tell that her small wolf ears were there as well as her tail that swished lightly. She is a half vampire ans she is a half wearwolf, dispite the conflict from both sides.
RyanTheDamned / Ryan Kiako: Ryan yawned softly as his large black angel wings and his black halo appeared. "..Finally..I get to stretch them.." He said to himself. His wings fluttered softly shaking off a few loose feathers "Much better..." He said.
Streampelt / Shadoweye: Shadoweye had fallen asleep again. when she woke up she yawned and stretched her arms. while stretching, she turned into mist. even though she knew the bars were magic proof, she tried to go through the bars again. of course she couldn't as always. " stupid magic proof bars." the guards soon came in and tried to beat her. she laughed and taunted them, " Hey dumbheads! Don't you know you can't beat mist!" eventually they gave up and walked back out. she soon after turned back into a girl. the guards didn't bother going in and trying to beat her then, because they knew she would just turn into mist again. she smiled, "That was fun." she leaned back against the bars and daydreamed.
RyanTheDamned / Ryan Kiako: "If you want out of those bars just let me know.." He said as he walked over to her.
Streampelt / Shadoweye: " nah, i just like messing with the guards," she said with a smile.
RyanTheDamned / Ryan Kiako: He shrugged and laid down on the floor. "Alrighty then.."

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