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Roleplay - Samurai of the Era <please join!!!> by Mitsunari / Mitsunari

This story is of Daimyo in the era of warlords such as Hideyoshi, Shibata, Shingen, and Nobunaga. How will the conflict in this new era where loyalty to the throne seems meaningless? play the role of ur favorite daimyo, or made up character.

Roleplay Details

No mystical powers, though this era was known for that, lazers didn't really exist. Ninja did exist, but not naruto ninja, please, though he is cool, he didn't exist. i will be Mitsunari Ishida, and this story has no real historical significance, so do whatever.


Mitsunari / Mitsunari Ishida: "My friends and Lords, welcome to my castle this evening in celebration over our enemies, please, enjoy yourselves." Mitsunari said as he and his guests sat down for dinner in a large room normally used for training.

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