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Roleplay - Warrior cats by Megan Usuki / Moogan1010

.......Um go with the flow.In a City by a huge lake and caves three clans are alive ......what will happen?Will kitty Pets become wild ? Who Knows?Tune in and finbd out

Roleplay Details

clans- Shadow
leader- (serina)
she cat warrior-Corpia
warrior -
warrior apprentice- Lionpaw
warrior apprentice-
medicine cat-
medicine apprintence-
medicine apprintence-
kits-spiderkit, Magnum,Cometkit ,Angelpaw
warrior apprentice-Mitzune
warrior apprentice-Lunerpaw
medicine cat-lonewillow
medicine apprintence-Kiku
medicine apprintence-
River Clan
warrior - brokenwing
warrior app.-
warrior app.-
medicine cat-
medicine app.-
medicine app.-
Thunder Clan
warrior app.-
warrior app.-
medicine cat-
medicine app.-
medicine app.-
Corpia or Saika or Serina or Ash in charge when im gone!!!!


Moogan1010 / SpiderKit: spiderkit smiled walking around in cave
Sereniasiren / Serenia: <Heeyyy ;D>
Moogan1010 / Jessica Fox: <hey serina! wat u want to be? do you want to be someones mom?>
Sereniasiren / Serenia: <Eww D: So old >.<'' I'll be anything else.>
Moogan1010 / Jessica Fox: <um how about the leader of shadow clan? and you can be young and still have spider kit as your kit!>
Sereniasiren / Serenia: <Umm . . . sure ;]>
Moogan1010 / SpiderKit: spiderkit ran in circles and cooed "momma ,momma?"
saika / Saika Kimidatsu: <<oh this is sooooo cute can i join?>>
Sereniasiren / Serenia: <Do you need me to get a cat picture or a neko, or something? ;o>
Moogan1010: <cat>
Moogan1010: <yes you can join ,wat you want to be?>
saika / Saika Kimidatsu: <<oh morgan this is ur stuff? you did good. i'll b leader of the thunder clan>>
Moogan1010 / Lionpaw: Lion saw the kits and then he thew some fish on the fur of a bear on thefloor and sat by serina
Moogan1010 / Lionpaw: <ok ,um you want a kid or are you expecting kits?>
Moogan1010 / Lionpaw: Lion paw laid down
Moogan1010 / Lionpaw: <hello?>
saika: <<oh sorry i was looking at the cat it soooooo cute>>
Moogan1010 / Lionpaw: <hehe its my bff's cat ,shadow ! so are you a learder who hasa a kit or wat?>
Moogan1010 / Lionpaw: my b-day party is on fri. but my real bday is nov 18 ,on my bday party im takin a pic of me and my cat :D >
saika / Saika: <<i don't want kids no kittens for me sorry>>
Moogan1010 / Lionpaw: <okay>
Sereniasiren / Serenia: <Woot!>
Moogan1010 / Lionpaw: <well angelpaw is an orphan kit in the thunder clan lol>
saika / Saika: <<oh this is soooo racist what i just did>>
saika / Saika: <<i'm black and i have a black cat for a RP thats bogus...so who starts>>
Sereniasiren / Serenia: <Eh? BTW, Saika, you were needed in Vampires Attack ;[ YOU DITCHED US! D:>
CasamaiSonichi / Magnum: SHADOW WARRIOR APP HERE >>
saika / saika sairena: <<sorry i got forced off the comp plus we blew a fuse in our house and they made me fix it>>
Sereniasiren / Serenia: <If you say so xD>
CasamaiSonichi / Magnum: MY CAT MAGNUM IS YAYYYY Or may I be a kitty pet who gets put inot a lcan?>>
saika / Saika: <<lol my mom is tellin me to calm down XD>>
Sereniasiren / Serenia: <Lol, I think we should stop OOCing before this gets banned xP>
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: <<can I be a kitty pet that joins shadow? In other words gets ambushed>>
Moogan1010: <sure u can>
Moogan1010 / Megan Usuki: <helllo?>
Sereniasiren / Serenia: <Sorry D: I'm trying to finish an essay T_T>
CasamaiSonichi / Magnum: rawrrr>>
Moogan1010 / Megan Usuki: <rawrr!>
saika / Saika: <<omg attack of the kats lol>>
Moogan1010 / AngelPaw: <.lol saika start!>
saika / Saika: <<idk whats going on don't put me on the spot like that meow>>
Moogan1010 / AngelPaw: <well ur the leader of thunder clan check on the only kit ,which is angelpaw>Angel paw meowed in her sleep and scratched her face she had claw scratch marks on her nose.
saika / Saika: Saika walked over to angelpaw and lightly pawed her nose to see what was on it, and meowed lightly.
Moogan1010 / Megan Usuki: she opened an eye "owie it stings"
saika / Saika: "how did you get that?" she asked sitting down.
Coripa / Lionfang: <<I'll join with tw charries if thats okay. And why are there two Thunderclans?>>
Moogan1010 / Megan Usuki: <hey corpia! and no only on thunderclan,and yes u can have more than 1>
Coripa / Lionfang: <<Then I'll join as a Thunerclan Medicine cat (Lonewillow) and warrior (Lionfang).>>
Moogan1010 / Kiku: <there is a gir;l cast of mine that couldlike lonewillow ,she is app. medicine cat named kiku>
Coripa / Lionfang: <<Okay.>>
Moogan1010 / Kiku: kiku rubbed her wet nose and laid down
Coripa / Lonewillow: Lonewillow blinked with slight confusement, he ran a single white paw over his ears as he thought about his choice of apprentice. Starclan had sent a rather confusing message, but he didn;t know if they actually approved of her.
Moogan1010 / Megan Usuki: she looked at lonewillow then looked in the nursery ,angelpaw was bleeding "LONEWILLOW!" she said loudly
Coripa / Lonewillow: "What?" he asked jumping over to his herb stach.
Moogan1010 / Megan Usuki: "look " she said pointing to the bleeding kit
Coripa / Lonewillow: Lonewillow slumped, "I'll take a look..." the black tom walked tward his latest paitent to examine the scratch. It didn't look too bad, "How long has it been bleeding little one?"
Sereniasiren / Serenia: <Yay <33 I finished :}>
saika / saika sairena: <<cool so did i>>
Sereniasiren / Serenia: <With what? o.O>
saika / saika sairena: << my figgen 10 page report>>
Sereniasiren / Serenia: <Oh, haha xD Essays are harder, but mine was 5 pages +.>
Moogan1010 / AngelPaw: <i gtg in 15 mins.!> she said "all day" she answered
Valgonis / Sylas: << mind if I join in on this little Tea Party? >>
Moogan1010 / AngelPaw: <lol sure but i gtg soon>
Valgonis / Sylas: << As for everyone else? >>
saika / Saika: <<wow...so what going on so far since i wasn't paying attention much>>
Sereniasiren / Serenia: <I'll be on for a while :}>
Moogan1010 / AngelPaw: <no people are here, and angelpaw gettin checked out by lonewillow and kiku ishelping>
Valgonis / Sylas: << Well i'am extemely bored and need some RP. >>
Moogan1010 / AngelPaw: <okay wahat u wanna be ?>
Valgonis / Sylas: << In terms of? >>
Moogan1010 / mitzune: <which clan (thunde,river,shadow) wat rank ,and wat char?>
Moogan1010 / mitzune: Mitzune came with a huge fish inher mouth and dropped it ,their wasa loud thud and she tied todrag it to lionfang
Moogan1010 / mitzune: <gtg in10 minutes or less so hurry hurry>
Moogan1010 / SpiderKit: Gtg>
Coripa / Lonewillow: Lonewillow sighed, "Kiku, fetch me some burrdock and poppy seed." He softly ordered his apprentice. Not only was he a small cat but he was also a soft speaker and rarely ever sounded mean. His faith in Starclan also set him appart these days now that Windclan had been killed off...
He watched his apprentice with hawk like eyes as he waited for her to do as he asked.
Coripa / Lionfang: Lionfang had been sleeping in the sun for at least an hour, blowing off his warrior duties you could say. He opened his eyes to the sound of freash kill hitting the ground. The orange tabby tom jumped to his feet as he saw a she-cat tring to drag it some place.
Moogan1010 / SpiderKit: <this she-cat is also a warrior apprentice!> she dropped it next to him i was done flipping and it was huge and bleeding ,meanwhile kiku brought the stuff to him wand sat
Moogan1010 / Kiku: kiku rubbed her nose and laid by him sniffing
Coripa / Lonewillow: "Kiku! I told you to get me some burrdoc and poppy seed!" Lonewillow snaped, his voice still soft but louder.
Moogan1010 / Kiku: <hello corpia!>
Moogan1010 / Kiku: <no she did she was waiting duh!>
Coripa / Lionfang: <<Hi :)... um how many cats can one person be? Cause I just counted how many cats I had as RP character and I've got four others.>>
Lionfang looked at the fish with a raised brow, "Umm...where'd you manage to get that?"
Coripa / Lonewillow: <<Oopsie...lol>>
Lonewillow bowed his head "Thank you, now before I apply these to her nose can you tell me what they are for?" he asked, wanting to see if she remembered.
Moogan1010 / Kiku: "river" lionpaw answered <over one i dont really care>
Moogan1010 / SpiderKit: <:D>
Coripa / Lionfang: <<Sweet! Cometkit in whatever clan Spiderkit is in, Raptorfern, Shadowclan she-cat warrior, Lunarpaw in Thunderclan (Lionfangs apprentice), and Brokenwing in Riverclan as a warrior.>>
"Huh..." Lionfang said with a yawn. He streatched carefully, not wanting to open up the scar on his left shoulder.
Moogan1010 / SpiderKit: <she is also a warrior apprentice!>
Coripa / Cometkit: <<I know silly billy.>>
Moogan1010 / SpiderKit: <lol>
Moogan1010 / AngelPaw: Sparkpaw sat on a patch of bear fur ,still tired
Coripa / Brokenwing: <<Lolz>>
Borkenwing stepped out of the warrior's den. He shook his handsom head and stalked out of the camp to patrol the borders by himself. He didn't need cats asking him why he had stopped talking ten months ago, even his apprentice still asked, and that bugged him mare than when the warriors did.
Moogan1010 / AngelPaw: she was very hurt from the bear attack and moaned
Coripa / Brokenwing: Brokenwing halted before he had chance to get more than five tail lenghts away from the Riverclan camp. He turned back to see if his leader was in her den and how she was doing. The bracken tom had always been loyal to her but he still never spoke to her, just like he did with the others.
Moogan1010 / Sparkpaw: Sparkwas gentle and soft but still mateless and she got up and groaned "ow " her wounds where filled with dirt and burning
Coripa / Brokenwing: <<G2G>>
Brokenwing walking into her den, a worried look on his face. He wished he hadn't vowed to stop speaking for the rest of his life...maybe he could make an exception. No he couldn't not until he kew if his daughter, a half kittypet, was thriving in the clan he had left her in. He prayed that Thunderclan had found her in time and was raising her to be a brave and cunning warrior or a wide ad gentle medicine cat...if she was still alive.
Moogan1010 / Sparkpaw: <awww mannn! when u gunna be back?>
Coripa / Cometkit: <<Tomarrow.>>
Moogan1010 / Sparkpaw: <awwwwww,:(>
Sereniasiren / Serenia: <Hey, what's going on?>
Moogan1010 / Jessica Fox: <well spiderkit is tired and angelpaw is laying by spider,spark is sleepin corpia is alot of people ....umm....>
CasamaiSonichi / Magnum: <<kitty pet time>>
Magnum hopped off the fence slowly walking towards the tree's. "Hmm" he mewed quietly.
Moogan1010 / AngelPaw: Angel paw walked over and saw magnum ane purred jumping in the river and came bake up with two small fish she ate one and left one there walkingto a tree annd sat on the lowest branch
CasamaiSonichi / Magnum: Magnum continued walking till he saw a fish. "wah?" he mewed quietly looking side to side
Moogan1010 / AngelPaw: She mewed "hiya!"
CasamaiSonichi / Magnum: "hi" Magnum mewed. "Who are you?"
Moogan1010 / AngelPaw: "im an orphan ,no clan or parents..."
CasamaiSonichi / Magnum: "What's a clan?" Magnum asked her titling his head
Moogan1010 / AngelPaw: "um i think a group" she said as she jumped down she landed inthe water and popped up "brrrrr"
CasamaiSonichi / Magnum: "brr?" He asked. "ARe you cold?" he mewed
Moogan1010 / AngelPaw: " yes " she said struggling to climb up on land
CasamaiSonichi / Magnum: "Uh, we can go back to the house" Magnum mewed
Moogan1010 / Megan Usuki: "I dont have a house"
Moogan1010 / Megan Usuki: she got up and jumped over the fence and saw a huge house <well tall>
Coripa / Brokenwing: <<Back.>>
CasamaiSonichi / Magnum: "I have a house if you want to come" Magnum mewed at her
Coripa / Raptorfern: Raptorfern stalked through the forest, she listened for for the scuttle of prey darting across the forest floor. Insted she heard the voices of two young cats, younger than her. The slender warrior sniffed the air to pin point their location. Once she locked on to their sent she stalked to them. (I A kittypet?) she thought in alarm.
Moogan1010 / AngelPaw: Angel paw said "okay..."her nose still bloody
CasamaiSonichi / Magnum: Magnum started to walk out of the forest slowly. "Who own you?"
Moogan1010 / Megan Usuki: "no ome" she answered softly
CasamaiSonichi / Magnum: "Then what do you eat?" magnuma sked
Moogan1010 / AngelPaw: grasss"
CasamaiSonichi / Magnum: "ew, that stuff makes me gag" Magnum said
Moogan1010 / Leianne: "I kow right?"
Coripa / Raptorfern: Raptorfern rocked back on her haunches she had locked onto the kittypet and the rouge kitten. Her slender body cut through the air without a sound. She landed by the two kits by mistake, she had misjudged her jump and lost the element of surprise.
Moogan1010 / AngelPaw: shelooked at the cat that landed by them "Huh?"
Coripa / Raptorfern: Raptorfern snarled, "A kittypet and a rouge in Shadowclan territory? Ths can't be." she flexed her long claws and her muscles rippled with her power.
Moogan1010 / SpiderKit: "well um my mom was the old shadoclan leader now im anorphan"
Coripa / Raptorfern: <<G2G, see ya tomarrow.>>
Raptorfern's hackles raised, "Then explain the kittypet." she growled bitterly.
Moogan1010 / Tsukuyomi: "idk he was here!"
Coripa / Raptorfern: Raptorfern pinned her ears, "Your a Shadowclan kit! Nevermind that, your a (I clan) cat! He's a (I kittypet)!" she growled darkly turning to Magnum.
CasamaiSonichi / Magnum: "W..what..are you talking about?" Magnum asked backing away alittle
Coripa / Raptorfern: Raptorfern walked up to him, her icey blue eyes narrowed, "A kittypet, you reak with the scent of twolegs. Your overfed, and have more fat than muscle. You are an intruder of the worst kind. You kill for sport, there for you steal prey for no reason. Rouges are less of a threat than your kind, and they aren't much better." She stood up even straighter, the scars on her gaunt face and powerful shoulders showed that she had lived a hard life, but her eyes told of a proud and cunning fighter that would have nothing less.
CasamaiSonichi / Magnum: "I'm now fat" Magnum mewed, he wasn't fat, he was normal size. "And I didn't steal any of your prey so back off" He stood up his hackles raised
Sereniasiren / Serenia: <Wasss goin on?>
Coripa / Raptorfern: Raptorfern laughed heartily, then sinisterly, "Your in (I MY) terriory little kitty, if you wish for your right to come here with lesser risk then prove to me that you are not what you seem." her tail long dark tail lashed in amusement and anger. She didn't show any other signs of agression.
Coripa / Raptorfern: <<Me and Magnum are talking, he entered Shadowclan and I wanna fight him cause I can XD. PS I'm a Shadowclan warrior so I guess yer my leader...right?>>
Sereniasiren / Serenia: <Oh, okay :] Yessire.>
CasamaiSonichi / Magnum: <<He ment to say NOT fat sorry>>
"And how can I prove that?" He asked his tail also moving in anger
Coripa / Raptorfern: "Fight me." she said with a hiss. Raptorfern didn't look concerned, happy or anything, she was completely emotionless. The siamese she-cat went into a battel stance, her delicate ears dran forward in readyness, "Unless your too frightened kitty."
CasamaiSonichi / Magnum: Magnum hissed lunging at the cat with his claws out, he wasn't de clawed, but his owners were planning on it
Coripa / Raptorfern: Raptornfern ducked but his claws still caught her in the right ear. She unsheathed her claws and whirled around, watching, planing, and most of all ingnoring the aggonizing pain in her ear. She flicked it, sending dropletes of crimson blood into the air. The she cat flexed her claws, "That all you can do kitty? Pathetic!" she spat.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Magnum hissed. He didn't lift off the ground he ran at her hopping to tackle her
Coripa / Raptorfern: Raptorfern grinned, as he drew nearer rolled to the side and stuck out a paw soon after, wich was when he was a mouse length away. She hoped she hadn't tried this trick too soon, if she did she'd get tackled. If not he'd trip and be at his most vonerable.
CasamaiSonichi / Magnum: Magnum almost tripped stumbling over the paw almost falling but being able to stay standing up
Coripa / Raptorfern: Raptorfern took advantage of his stumbble, although it hadn't gone the way she had planned, and pounced. The she-cats long claws where at their full lenght, the wild anger in her eyes was like no other.
CasamaiSonichi / Magnum: Magnum was hit falling down now and feeling the pain from her claws he took his claws and put them in her side trying to get her off
Coripa / Raptorfern: "Meow-ow-ow!" she screached in pain, turning her head to bite his paw, thus causing her to losen her grip slightly.
CasamaiSonichi / Magnum: Magnum meowed in pain when she bit him, he got his hind legs under her kicking her up and off of him, tacking this chance to lunge at her
Coripa / Raptorfern: Rptorfern made a hurmph sound upon impact. She grappled his shoulders and kicked continuely and without mercy. This kittypet would (I not) prove to be better or stronger than her. She was a warrior, he was an overfed housecat!
CasamaiSonichi / Magnum: Magnum fell back as he kept kicking him, unable to do what he planned, his stomach was bleeding now though, He jumped at her and bit her front leg
Coripa / Raptorfern: Raptorfern released Magnum and went limp, blood seeped out of her leg and a couple reoped scars. She moaned in pain, it was all rather pathetic, (I I'm too old for this.) she thought sadly struggling to her weary feet.
CasamaiSonichi / Magnum: "have I proven my self or do I have to continue" He said his hackles raised
Coripa / Raptorfern: "You are young I am old... you have more life than I," She groaned tiredly. Her sides where heaving, "But, you are still a kittypet...and I am still a warrior...and yet you have fought well..." she swayed on her paws, he blue eyes locked on to him, the fire hadn't faded.
CasamaiSonichi / Magnum: "So do we continue!?" He asked jumping at her and getting on top of her. "Or is this over?"
Coripa / Raptorfern: Raptorfern grunted and nearly fell due to the weight, but mananged to stay up right. She whirled her head around and bite down on a random part of his body. She refused to let go no matter what storm he'd conjure up in return.
CasamaiSonichi / Magnum: Magnum meowed in pain again she bit into his side, He put his claws into her and started kicking with his hind legs. "get off of offf" he mewed
Coripa / Raptorfern: Raptorfern stepped of of him, not wanting to risk having her gut ripped open but her jaws didn't loosen, if anything she twisted and pulled, "Not til you give up!" she growled through gritted teeth without letting go.
CasamaiSonichi / Magnum: magnum meowed again, The pain immense, and he couldn't get her off. "FINE"
Coripa / Raptorfern: Raptorfern let go reluctantly. She sat down and started to clean her wounds, "You know...Shadowclan could...use more...like you...and me."
CasamaiSonichi / Magnum: "what is shadow clan?" He asked also going to lick his wounds
Coripa / Raptorfern: "Its the clan I come from, its one of four, well three now... we hunt for the clan and we aren't held in a twoleg nest for most of the day since we don't have any twolegs." she looked up, "Did they take you to the Cutter yet?"
CasamaiSonichi / Magnum: "What the hell is a cutter?" Magnum asked standing up
Coripa / Raptorfern: Raptorfern chuckled, "Its where the twolegs bring cats to make it so they are no longer toms or queens. Sometimes they'll even take your claws," she examined him more closely, "You don't smell altered...but its hard to tell past the stench of your twolegs,"
CasamaiSonichi / Magnum: "I still have claws, and can have kits" Magnum mewed figuring that's what she meant
Coripa / Raptorfern: "You (I could) come live and train in Shadowclan. Although a warm place to stay and consant supply of food wont be garenteed... and once you learn how to hunt its clan first then you, no matter how hungry you get the clan must be fed first. But you will remain a tom and keep your claws."
CasamaiSonichi / Magnum: Magnum perked up. "Yeah" he said happy then felt the pain in his side causing him to wince a bit.
Coripa / Raptorfern: "And as for your wounds, there's a cat that'll treat them," she said as he winced, "Also, friends in outside clans aren't recomened...no matter how tempting, it'll only lead to disloyaly on both sides." her voice sounded hurt as she spoke, she had learned the hard way and had to kill her best friend durning a fight over territory when she was nothing more than an apprentice.
demonfox / SnowFlake and Midnight: (um...is this a one on one?)
Coripa / Raptorfern: <<No.>>
CasamaiSonichi / Magnum: <<no>>
Magnum nodded. "I'll follow you" He mewed and started to walk slowly
demonfox / SnowFlake and Midnight: (oh..okay...mind if I join)
Coripa / Raptorfern: <<I'm not the creator but I don't think she'll mind.>>
"I wont wait long if you fall behind." she stated, knowing that he'd be able to stay close easily due to her own inguries and her age. The slender she cat stalked deeper into the forest, flicking her tail to tell Anglepaw to come with them.
demonfox / SnowFlake and Midnight: (okay where can I cut in?)
Coripa / Raptorfern: <<Any where you want...what clan are you in?>>
CasamaiSonichi / Magnum: Magnum quickly followed happy that he could be in one of these...clans
Coripa / Raptorfern: Raptorfern's ears listened to everything as she made her way to her camp, would the leader approve? Or would she be punished for bringing a kittypet into the clan?
CasamaiSonichi / Magnum: "So are you the leader?" Magnum asked right behind her. "Or is someone else? And are there like..positions?"
Coripa / Raptorfern: "I'm a senior warrior, not any where near leader. There are warriors, a leader, a deputy, queens, apprentices, and elders." she replied.
Sereniasiren / Serenia: Serenia waited by the big, shadey tree that covered most sunlight, although thin strips of light passed through the cracks of the leaves. Kits, warriors, and apprentices stalked the nearby areas, watching closely at everything moving that seemed to be foreign.
Coripa / Raptorfern: Raptorfern pushed through a patch of tall grass into the camp. She looked over her shoulder, she couldn't see Magnum. Maybe he had fallen behind or decided that he'd prefure the easy life. She shrugged and walked away from the patch of grass.
Moogan1010: <hi dudes >She pounced up from her unconsiousness she looked around "Hello?" she frowned
Moogan1010 / AngelPaw: angelpaw laid thinking about her leader serina and beinbg an orphan
Coripa / Cometkit: Cometkit tor through the woods, his three sisters behind him. He sniffed the air, making sure to stay clear of Raptorfern or a patrol, "Come on, we gotta find her!" he told his sisters as he got further and further ahead.
Moogan1010 / AngelPaw: <look recent me! >
Moogan1010 / AngelPaw: Wait!>
Moogan1010: she looked around again <whos cometkit looking for?>
Coripa / Cometkit: <<Huh?>>
"Cometkit! Whats so important about this kit?" Cinderkit, Cometkit's yongest sister asked in her high pitched voice.
"She's part of the clan." Fernkit and Redkit, the eldest of the four said at the same time knowing that Cometkit hadn't heard.
Moogan1010: <angelkit is by spider spider is in the water with a little breath left > spider kit stopped breathing floating to the surface while angelkits slept,spider's face was in the water
Moogan1010: <hello?>
Coripa / Cometkit: <<Cometkit likes to pretend everyone's in danger or lost and leads his sisters on a wild goose hunt, he's just looking for his friends and making a game of it.>><<For some reason I made a warriors RP...just thought you should know>>
Cometkit halted for a moment and sniffed the air, he knew his friends wern't in the camp but he just couldn't find them.
Moogan1010: Angel stabbed her paw on a rose and made a loud noise <um my mom is sad so gotta get off ill join your warrior rp later ...>
Coripa / Cometkit: <<Aww man...>>
Moogan1010: <ill join right now and ill make a long thing!>
Coripa / Cometkit: <<Kay>>
Moogan1010 / Tsukuyomi: <hi!>
Coripa / Cometkit: <<Hey>>
demonfox / SnowFlake and Midnight: (hi)
CasamaiSonichi / Magnum: Magnum was next to her again. "Sorry got "Distracted" " Magnum said following her again
Moogan1010 / Max (from dark angel): <ask to join plz!>
Coripa / Raptorfern: Raptorfern sighed, "Typical..., come on my leader should be around here somewhere, unless she wnt on patrol." she looked at the young tom warily, wondering if she had made a mistake.
Moogan1010 / AngelPaw: Angel paw laid tieredly Sparkpaw was still moaning in pain she was expecting but not knowin who the father was she hated the pain from the bear and kits
Coripa / Brokenwing: <<Know anyone that's seen Kung Fu Panda and would like an RP of it after the movie?>>
Brokenwing entered Sparkpaw's den, his face contorted in worry. Even now he refused to speak a word, his face said it all. The braken tom sat down next to her and waited for some sigh of the hope and peace that once was in his leaders eyes.
Moogan1010 / Tuki: she had her claws out she opened her eyes and saw himshe calmed down she purred and felt safe again
Moogan1010 / Sparkpaw: <i havent seen kung fu panda :(>
Coripa / Brokenwing: <<Oh...guess I'll keep looking>>
Brokenwind layed down, he didn't purr or make one sound although he was pleased to see her relax. By now everyone thought he was mute, but as he looked at her he felt as if she knew his seceret and felt like she knew he could speak but chose not to. He adverted his eyes to her plump gut, Sparkpaw was bound to enter labor any day now but he worried that she'd die from the wounds before then. He prayed that the medicine cat had done his or her job.
Moogan1010 / Tsukuyomi: she had a groan and got up her plump gut moving she laid back down and licked his nose
Coripa / Brokenwing: "I was once a father..." His voice was fitting for his looks but one could tell it had been a while since he spoke. Brokenwing lowered his head, he had broken his promise to his daughter the day he had left her in Thunderclan, which was the day after her birth.
Moogan1010 / Tsukuyomi: She looked "who was the mother?" she smiled more interested
Coripa / Brokenwing: Brokenwing closed his eyes, "A...a kittypet," he waited for her to yell at him in rage for breaking the warrior code.
Moogan1010 / Tsukuyomi: "i knew a girl hew dated a kitty pet " she said licking his nose
Coripa / Master Tigress: <<Wrong Profile...>>
Brokenwing blinked in surprise, "I broke the warrior code! I should be serverly punished!" he said with half a growl.
Moogan1010 / Sparkpaw: "eh" she said backing away"your my best warrior ,Id rather not "
Coripa / Brokenwing: Brokenwing was completely shocked by this but he didn't bring the topic up, "I guess you figured out why I haven't spoken all this time, huh?"
<<Uhg...I can't find anyone to join Kung Fu Panda...*Sits in corner, head in my hand*>>
Moogan1010 / Sparkpaw: "yes , a promise " she said
Coripa / Brokenwing: Brokenwing nodded, "Your right...one that I broke..."
Moogan1010 / Tsukuyomi: She said "its okay you helped me feel safe!"
Coripa / Brokenwing: Brokenwing smiled, "Anything for my friends."
Moogan1010 / SpiderKit: "hm " she chuckled but she had been pregnat or expectin for 6 months and she went in labor suddenly
Coripa / Brokenwing: Brokenwing took a nervous step back, he knew that the medicine cat was out looking for herb and would be able to get back in time. He watched with wide eyes thinking back to when his kittypet mate was in labor.
Moogan1010 / SpiderKit: she screamed ,as Azuki the medicine cat ran in "whats wrong!" azuki said
Coripa / Brokenwing: "She's in-" Brokenwing cut himself off, he didn't want to talk to anyone other than Sparkpaw, though it was probly too late for that.
Moogan1010 / SpiderKit: She said to her " push,push,push" and a kit popped out , green eyes and white,black brown fur. it was preciouse " I dont know what to name her " she said
Moogan1010 / Max (from dark angel): <hello?>
Coripa / Brokenwing: Brokenwing flexed his claws, "Viper." he stated as he remembered his other children that hadn't lived long enough for him to take with him to Thunderclan.
Moogan1010 / Tuki: "cool,"she sid "viper"she reapeted after him she looked in the its eyes and gave it to him to see
Coripa / Lionfang: Brokenwing looked at the kit, the name Viper was perfect for it due to her green eyes.
Moogan1010 / ViperKit: ViperKit meowed in comfort by brokenwing
Coripa / Lionfang: Brokenwing purred and licked her fur lovingly.
Moogan1010 / Sparkpaw: she asked about his old mate and if he nedded nother one
Coripa / Brokenwing: "Lillien stills lives with her twolegs and dog. She is a beutiful cream and has the bluest eyes I ever did see. Before the dog came to live with her she was a peaceful and loving cat that never judged based on appearance." He looked down, "Although she and I have parted my heart remains loyal to her and I don't think its ready to love another queen as it loves her."
Moogan1010 / Megan Usuki: "oh" she looked down at viper ,the only kit in the clan
Coripa / Brokenwing: He looked at Viper, "I'll be more than happy to help raise her as if she where my own." he said, wanting to cheer Sparkpaw up.
Moogan1010 / Megan Usuki: "sure" she saidpretending to be cheerful
Coripa / Brokenwing: Brokenwing knew his leader wanted a loyal mate that was able to protect the clan as well as care for the kits, which he was more than able to do...except for the fact he was too loyal to his current mate although it had been a while since they last saw eachother.
Foxninja / Dewkit: can i join as a kit in thunderclan))
Moogan1010 / Megan Usuki: <yeseroni!>
Foxninja / Dewkit: woot..so how do I fit in here?))
Moogan1010 / Megan Usuki: <be inriverclan lz ,u can hang with viper
Foxninja / Dewkit: how about my father was thunderclan and my mother was riverclan, and though i was born of Thunderclan territory, I live in Riverclan with my mom?))
Moogan1010 / Megan Usuki: <sure >
Foxninja / Dewkit: Dewkit's unusual green eyes took in every sight of the nursery. Naturally adventurous, she wanted out. "Mom.." she nudged her mother. "I want to go out an play!" she whined.
Moogan1010 / mitzune: She nuded back "okay go!" she said
Coripa / Brokenwing: <<Have you watched "Kung Fu Panda" Foxninja?>>
Brokenwing looked at Sparkpaw's oldest kit, he wondered if she'd tell her daughter that he could talk or not.
Foxninja / Dewkit: Dewkit squeaked as she was knocked over. She was small for a kit her age, but she was on her paws quickly and out the nursery entrance.
Moogan1010 / Max (from dark angel): <mitzune is dew's mom>
Foxninja / Dewkit: in this Rp i guess it is acceptable. =3 ))
Moogan1010 / Tsukuyomi: gtg in 10 min.>
Foxninja / Dewkit: She looks around the the Riverclan camp, and something about it makes her uneasy. It's as if she doesnt belong.
Moogan1010 / Tsukuyomi: Mitzune was sleeping peacefullty
Foxninja / Dewkit: some of the cats glared at her, while others gave her loks full of pity. Why? she wondered, black ears flattening to the side of her head.
Coripa / Brokenwing: Brokenwing walked outside of the leader's den and walked over to the freash kill pile to get something to eat. He watched Dewkit carfully as he picked up a mid sized fish from the pile.
Moogan1010 / Tsukuyomi: she rubbed her ear and looked down
Moogan1010 / Sparkpaw: she cosed her eyes a momet sadly
Kykaru / Nukimi: < uuu alll neeedd tooo cooommeee baccckkk I have reeedd all thhheee bookss >

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