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Roleplay - Animorphs. by Renesmee Carlie Cullen / MoePoe

Animorphs.Odd name isn't it?It stands for so much more.Yeerks.Aliens.Parasites.Slugs.Literally.Yeerks are like a snail without a shell.And they are taking over the world.The yeerks worm their way into somethings ear canal and goes into your brain then shapes it's way to where it fits ten it controls your body.The only weakness is kadrona rays.The thing they need every three days to stay alive.They want to take over race after race and guess what?Earth is next.The animorphs are a group of kids who just happened apon a constuction site one night when a space ship crashed and out came an andalite.It was an odd creature with blue fur two arms with two many fingers and then hooves.Four like a horse then stalks on the top of their hed...with an eye on each one.Then it seemed scary.untill you saw the deadly scorpion tail...then it was terrifying.They stared and then the andalite talked to them...in thought speak.a type of speak that sounds out loud but you can hear it crystal clear through a wall or a building.He gave the kids the power to morph and destroy the yeeyks.Sounds cool right?All they have to do it touch an animal then they can become that animal.Seems simple and easy right?Wrong.They have a time limit.If they stay in one morph for more than two hours then they become a nothlit,or they become trapped in that morph.They have to deal with school,romance an andalite tagging along with them and aliens ruling the world.Talk about stress!

Roleplay Details

Morphing Rules:
1.If you stay in a morph for more than two hours then you are stuck in that morph.
2.When you morph that animal you have to fight it's instincts.
3.You can't morph from morph to morph with out passing throught your main body in between.
4.If you get hurt in a morph and you morph back then go back into that form again the form will be unscathed.If you die in one morph you die as a human.


Fal / Keegan Teirnay: <<I have to go right now. If you start I will post after you in the morning over here. Night!>>
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: [K...]
TwilightFan / &amp;lt; Amber &a: <May i join>
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: [Sure.]
TwilightFan / &amp;amp;amp;lt; Ambe: <So when do we start>
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: <<I'm here.>>
TwilightFan: <Let's start where>
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: <<MoePoe will say when.>>
TwilightFan / _Amber_: <Im not on much but when i come on ill check and if moepoe hasn't came on ill wait until she replies before replying>
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: <<Rennesme?>>
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: [I'm here!Let's roleplay if anyone's still on!]
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: <<I am.>>
whitewing / Erabella(Bella): :>
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: [Woot!Let's start at...Ummmm...I dunno.At the constuction site?]
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: <<Sounds good to me...Are they going to know each other or anything? My guy will be the new guy that is from Ireland.>>
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: [Okay...They can just like meet up at the constuction site by coincedence.]
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: <<Who starts?>>
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: [Me I guess...]
Renesmee started walking home from the mall."Erg...I don't wanna walk that far!"She complained.She saw the creepy construction site and smiled.She veered left and started taking a short cut through it.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: Keegan stared out to the construction site. There was his ball waiting for him just a few yards away and next to him was a 'do not enter' sign. Screw it, he thought as he climbed over the fence starting for his ball.
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: Renesmee saw someone coiming."Crap!"She murmured.She went to turn to hide and then tripped."Ouch!!"
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: "Anyone out there?" Keegan asked grabbing his soccer ball. He listened to the sounds and the direction. Scratching the back of his head he blinked.
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: "No..."She said.She started crawling away.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: "Hey, I'm not the cops or anythin' like that. I'm Keegan, new to this town." Keegan said distracted now by lights in the sky.
<<Are we going to have other characters in this?>>
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: Renesmee sighed in relife."Good.Come over here and help me up then."She said.
[I guess soo...]
Fal / Lukas Fieldman: <<I'm going to be slow.>>
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: [Sokay.]
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: Keegan followed her voice finally finding her. "Are you alright there?" He asked offering her his hand glancing back up to the sky.
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: She grabbed his hand and pulled herself up."Yeah.I'm fi--"She got cut off by a huge explosion.She turned and saw a crashed ship."Holy cow!!"She said.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: Keegan saw the crashed ship and blinked. "That doesn't happen, everyday." He commented staring at the crash blinking.
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: Renesmee blinked.She saw a door open on the ship.She jumped slightly.Thyen she saw the creture step out.She screeched loudly and jumped back,ramming into him.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: "What the...." Keegan said not moving from her spots faintly hearing his soccer ball drop down on the ground. "What the hell is that thing?"
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: She screamed again and just stood there frozen with fear.
The creature moved toward them slowly.<Please...Do not be afraid!I will not harm you!>It said in thought speak.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: "And it can talk to our minds, too. Bloody great." Keegan said taking a hold of Rennesme's arm in some sort of comfort or just to protect.
<<I'll bring in another guy.>>
Fal / Eliott Valeris: Eliott knew he was missing the show glancing to the watch he ducked under the fence seeing two people and another thing coming towards them. "Whoa!"
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: [Kay.]
"What are you?"She asked in a whisper.
<I am an andalite.My name is Prince Elfangor.>He said.<I need you three to do a task for me...I need you to save the world in my place.>He said.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: Keegan felt a laugh emerge but was too shocked to do anything. "Eh? Save the world?" Keegan said with a blank expression.
Eliott stepped forward. "Save the world? Sounds...fun." He said amazed and even excited at the alien.
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: <Hurry!Put your hand on this cube and keep it there till I say to move.We must be swift!>He said,taking out a glowing cube.He held it out to them.
Renesmee hesitantly put her hand out and touched it.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: Keegan reached for it touching the cube surprised at the feeling of it being warm and even the feeling of shock. This had to be some great pratical joke that screamed 'welcome to America!'.
Eliott touched it without a second thought. "So um...How are we supposed to save the world?"
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: <This cube gives you the power to morph any animal you touch.
By you taking it's DNa and focousing on it you can become it.But beware:If you stay in that morph for more than two hours then your a nothlit.Or stuck in that morph untill you die.And if you die in a morph then you die.Period.>He said.
"Swell..."Renesmee said quietly.
<You may remove your ands now.>He stated.Renesmee pulled her hand back.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: Keegan moved his hand back and stared to the alien. This was not a joke he realized but it must've been. "Okay...So..." He said blankly.
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: <Run!Visser three is coming!!>He said then he turned and galloped the other way.Another Andalite came out and then saw Elfangor.There was yelling when Visser Tree morphed something big.Something insanely terrifying.Renesmee stood frozen for a second then almost fell over.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: Keegan grabbed her arm dragging her behind some rubble watching. 'Not a joke,' he repeatd in his mind as Eliott followed behind them.
"What's going on?" He asked the other two.
"If you find out make sure to fill me in, mate." Keegan muttered.
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: Then she saw him pick Elfangor up."He's going to... (I eat) him...!"She said.She stared horrified as what she said went into action.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: <<See ya.>>
Keegan watched in horror starting to hear some sounds coming around. "I think we better get our asses out of here..." Keegan muttered to them both.
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: "Only...Only slightly."She said,turning and starting to run from the contruction site.She made sure to hide behind things.Considering the last thing she wanted was to be seen by that thing.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: Keegan started forward grabbing his ball forward followed by Eliott. Ducking behind items he saw the exit and nodded. "It's over there, you go first I'll be right after you."
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: Renesmee saw there was a gap in her hiding space.She gulped and ran.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: Keegan scanned the area around seeing someone approach ducking up he got the man quickly in the face. The man staggered back falling to the ground completley knocked out. Keegan followed after Renesmee and watching for anyone else.
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: Renesmee ran from the construction site and sat down near a street side,paning and crying slightly.
TwilightFan: <Im going away for a week. to rotarua =) but for sad reasons =( so i wont be on for ages, when i get back can i have a summary>
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: [[Who are you...?]
TwilightFan / _Amber_: <Meee!!!
i asked ages ago and one of yous said yes,>
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: [[Ohhh....Okay.]
TwilightFan / _Amber_: <g2g, see ya in a week>
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: [Bai Amber.]
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: Keegan gave a great pant and looked back. "What the bloody hell was that!" He said trying to comprehend what had happened. "Welcome to America Keegan." He grumbled to himself.
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: "I...I don't know! But that weird thing ate another weird thing!"She said. She put her hands to her head as if she were trying to keep something out. She shook her head feircly. "Come on,Renesmee! Wake up!"She said.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: "I don't think we're dreamin'....What is your name Renesmee?" He asked feeling his hand trying to remain calm and logical through the whole thing.
"So...from an alien we've been charged to...save the world we better go though. Theres other people out there." Eliott said.
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: ''I'm Renesmee.''She said. She stood and she saw a dog. She decided totry out hwer powers. She walked over and dropped to ehr knees near it and started petting it untill it went into a trance liek sate. Renesmee let go after a moment and stood shakily.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: "Keegan. Keegan Teirnay." Keegan nodded watching the process with a fascinated look.
"I'm Eliott." He had noticed her around even had a slight crush on her though she never noitced him.
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: She smiled. 'Nice to meet you two.''She said.She looked down at the dog as it finnally trotted away. ''Should I try to morph it?''She asked in a whisper.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: "We might want to try in private. I have an apartment around here that we can go to." Keegan suggested.
"What are we fighting anyway?" Eliott asked perplexed on that part.
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: ''Yeerks.''She said.She had heard of them on the news from some crazy guy. She smiled. ''The apartment would be great. Where is it?''She asked.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: "Thats a terrible name...reminds me of some French deordant." Keegan wrinked his nose. "Its on main....and second street. Might be better if we part our ways though and meet there."
Eliott nodded with the plan. "Sounds good. I'll be right there."
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: ''Kay. See ya'll there. I'll take the west way.'She said pointing.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: Keegan started down the road avoiding the main road except for the last. Nodding to people as they passed he acted completly neutral. Reaching his apartment he entered waiting for any sign of them.
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: Renesmee walked into the front yard from the west way. She walked over to Keegan.''Hey...''She murmured.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: <<I need to go. Be on Monday.>>
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: [Okay byyyeee...]]
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: Keegan nodded to her, "hey. Eliott's coming just down that way."
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: She nodded.''Okay,''
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: "Did anyone follow ya?" He asked glancing around trying not to look so nervous but it wasn't working out as well as he hoped. WHatever this was it was big and somehow an immigrant was dragged into an alien problem. "This situation would be funny if I was an 'illegal alien'."
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: Renesmee shivered slightly out of coldness since she had lost her jacket at the construction site. She laughed dully. ''It would be funny and no one followed me as far as I know.''Renesmee said. she was wearing a tanktop and jeans.
MoePoe / -*Sam*-: [Sam was at the cunstruction site too but she was silent the whole time and she nodded when he said to meet them at his house.]
Sam walked onto his lawn and walked over to them both. ''I'm here...''She murmured,
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: Eliott ran around the corner stopping a few feet away from them. "Alright, let's go in to talk. Mom is going to be upset."
Keegan nodded leading them all to his apartment. It was tiny filled with bags and some native artwork. Mostly everything remained unpacked.
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: She nodded na dwalked in avoiding most things in the apartment but tripping on somethings.
Sam skillfully avoided everything.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: "Did you have a jacket before?" Keegan asked looking to her with a blank expression.
Back at the construction area the men searched the area. One named Visser 3, unmorphed yelled to his men. One man approched quickly. "Viser! We have found something."
<Yes, I can see that...> Visser 3 said snatching it away taking the smell it.
Akashi: Akashi was walking through the city alone when she spotted someone. "Excuse me," she said. "Can you tell me what city this is?"
TwilightFan / _Amber_: <im back!>
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: <<Hey.>>
TwilightFan / _Amber_: <Im a little lost>
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: Renesmee covered her mouth and gasped. "I left it there. Oh my god. We are in big trouble."She said. She had actually remembered that she had dropped it in plain veiw of that thing.
Akashi / Aro Volturi: (Can Aro join?)
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: <<We were at the construction site and got our powers. Now their going to Keegan's apartment. Not sure Aro, you'll have to ask Reneesme. Cool pic, btw.>>
Fal / Eliott Valeris: "This makes it a full fledged 'oh shit' situation, doesn't it?" Eliott commented trying to find some humor back in the situation but there was none.
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: [Sure I guess you can join Aro.]
''Yeah. I dropped in plain sight of that fricken thing.''She said. ''He can morph something with a sense of smell and find us n problem.''She said.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: "What are we even dealin' with here? We know what their called but what do they do? There is so many things we don't know." Keegan said sitting on the couch and looked to the others.
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: ''He's a yeerk that took over an andalite body with gives him the power to morph anything.''She said biting her lips.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: "How is it that you know this?" Eliott asked raising an eyebrow at her and took a seat. Glancing around feeling paranoid.
TwilightFan / _Amber_: <How can i fit in??>
Fal / Eliott Valeris: <<YOu can just randomly be in the apartment.>>
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: <<Lost all my history >.<>>
TwilightFan / _Amber_: Amber walked around the builing site. (i this would be my new home) she thought to herself. (i PARTY)
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: ''How Can you not.''She asked. ''It's obvious if the Andalite gave us the power to morph then he would have it too. So technically that's how Visser Three could morph.''She said.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: "I don't even know what that thing was...He didn't say anything that would help. But we could always try it out." Keegan with a grin.
TwilightFan / _Amber_: Amber looked around and saw the two people and walked up to them. "Hi"
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: ''So you want me to try to morph that dog I aquired.''She whispered.
TwilightFan / _Amber_: Amber felt lonely again as the two people didnt even reconise her exsistence.
<I thought we haven't got our powers yet??>
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: [No we already have.]
TwilightFan / _Amber_: <o.k. i missed that bit.>
Amber had always felt lonely since getting these strange powers. She could never have a boyfriend just incase she would be found out.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: "Yeah, lets try. I think theirs a neighbor cat around here somewhere to try as well." Keegan said and looked to Amber raising eyebrow. "What do you think?"
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: "Ummm I think we should make sure it's safe. Because what if I want to chase the cat? Bad Idea."She said. "Now let's try this thing." She took two steps back and then focused on the dog. First she got yellow paws. "Holy CROW!"She said. But she continued focusing. She fell down on the paws. She heard crunching as her bones and organs rearranged them selves. After a moment she was a full dog. She barked. She looked down and saw her clothes. She was about to move them when the instincts hit. Happy. Happy. HAPPY!!!! She started running after her tail.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: Keegan watched with some amazement as she shrunk but the sound of her bones was terrible. "My god." He whispered looking to his own hands what had he gotten himself into?
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: <<I'm going on vacataion this week so I won't be going to work until next Monday. I still will get on everyday its just going to be more sporadic.>>
TwilightFan / _Amber_: Amber loked at the dog.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: "That is bloody amazin'!" Keegan said glad he was sitting down otherwise he would would have fallen through the floor.
TwilightFan / _Amber_: "Hah, put that girl on a leash, she hasn't learnt how to control her animal instincts when she changes." Amber laughes.
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: She barked again and ran off quickly then found a tennis ball and grabbed it then came back to him and dropped it at his feet and wagged her tail then barked loudly.
TwilightFan / _Amber_: "What about me?" Amber yelled to the girl/dog.
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: Renesmee turned and bared at ehr and jumped at her knees.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: "Renesmee...Can you hear me? Bark twice if you can understand what I'm saying." Keegan said watching Renesmee and somehow found this amazingly cool.
TwilightFan / _Amber_: "There there, and yes, she can her you." Amber yelled.
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: Renesmee snapped back when she heard her name. She got a hold of herself and looked at him then barked twice. /Sorry. I lost control there for a sec./Shes aid in thought speak.
TwilightFan / _Amber_: < what you mean bye Shes aid in thought speak. >
TwilightFan / _Amber_: "Pointless, you guys are boring." She walked towards them.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: "There's no need to yell...The others will hear." Keegan said and smiled. "That's bloody remarkable, Renesmee...Is there a shorter name I can call you by?"
TwilightFan / _Amber_: "I heard it's Nessie."
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: /Nessie is right. I get to be a lochnes monster.../She said in thought speak to them.
TwilightFan / _Amber_: "Go me." Amber danced around.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: "Something close to home, eh. Only we Irish hate everything but our drunken selves especially the English." Keegan chuckled at his own joke at the sadness of it being well...True.
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: Renesmee barked. //Ummm Well I am going to morph back. Look away. I saw my clothes on the ground...//She said.
TwilightFan / _Amber_: "I'll makesure he does, k Renesmee." Amber walked to Keegan and turned him around.
Squall Leon Hea / Kazachi: < Animorphs! , lol , cool!!! , I have the series , am reading one right now , awesome ,when did this RP start? >
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: (A while ago. If you want I can make a new one and ya'll all can join it and no one will be like lost.]
TwilightFan / _Amber_: "All right, you can change." Amber called.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: <<Okay. Sounds good to me.>>
TwilightFan / _Amber_: < Waiting >
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: Renesmee changed back to human and got dr5essed quickly. ''Done.''She called to them. She stayed bare foot.
TwilightFan / _Amber_: "It's annoying, the animal instincts can get in the way, but i've learnt to control them and you will too." Amber said.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: <<We just barely got out morphing skills Amber. We have only had them since like two hours ago or something.>>
Keegan took note that they would need to wear soemthing underneath that was tight. Great. Keegan sat on his couch with a thoughtful expression and then a yawn.
TwilightFan / _Amber_: < soz >
"Well, I mean like, we''l have to control them, learn together."
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: "No doubt we'll need to. 'Cause if we don't we are dead." Keegan commented.
TwilightFan / _Amber_: "Why, I mean, like why would we be dead?" Amber asked confused.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: "Dunno what their called but whatever were supposed to save the world from is dangerous. We might even end up worse than dead."
TwilightFan / _Amber_: *gulp* Amber sighed. "Knew there was going to be a down fall to these kewl powers." Amber quoted.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: <<Nessie?>>
TwilightFan / _Amber_: << ? don't think she's here ? >>
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: <<Hello?>>
TwilightFan / _Amber_: << Waiting for nessie >>
Love Lust / Autumn Taylor Lee: <<Join?>>
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: <<Hello?>>
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: "Yeah. And I'm only here until the end of the school year...After that I'm an illegal alien." Keegan said adding sarcasm with the word alien.
Lawshenk / Nykki: <<may i join please>>
TwilightFan / _Amber_: "And i will be a alli illegal alien aswell with you. YAH!" Amber jumped up and down.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: What would happen when he went back to Ireland? Would he be able to. "It's late, I might see you at school. But we should pretend not to know each other."
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: <<If you could would you like to join the RP as Jake?>>
Lawshenk / Nykki: << may i join as some who got stuck in a moprh in the past>>
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: <<I'm not the admin.>>
Lawshenk / Nykki: << ok sorry>>
Fal / Kallista (Kalli) Owens: <<She'll be on soon though.>>
Lawshenk / Nykki: << om off soon>>
TwilightFan / _Amber_: "Why, i'm beggining to like you, as a friend i mean." She blushed.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: "I'm glad. First friend here met by aliens attacking. Sounds perfect."
TwilightFan / _Amber_: "Haha, nice." Amber smirked.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: <<Could you join as Jake in an rp please?>>
"Well good night to ya." Keegan smiled and stood up. How could he sleep with these events going on.
TwilightFan / _Amber_: << What's it called >>
"Bye bye." She sighed. He was cute, but needed alot of work on his jokes.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: <<Twilight/The Cullen *PLZ join... IM all alone :( * Yay! I love you! XD>>
"Night." Keegan said opening the door for her with a smile.
Fal / Kallista (Kalli) Owens: <<Just as I asks somone takes it.>>
TwilightFan / _Amber_: < saw that, that person is a friend, ChocoholicLizzy, youll be fine >
TwilightFan / _Amber_: "Thank you." She smilied as she went through the door. She went towards her apartment.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: Keegan sighed heading towards his shower. After the shower he stripped to his boxers though he failed to fall asleep paranoia kicking in on full speed.
TwilightFan / _Amber_: < g2g >
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: <<See ya.>>
Love Lust / Autumn Taylor Lee: <<Join love? Please..>>
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: <<I'll check it out.>>
TwilightFan / _Amber_: Amber had a good night sleep. Because she dreamt of Keegan, but it turned into a nightmare when he declined her, she still liked it because he was there. She woke up with a smile on her face. She had a shower and st down for some breakfast.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: Preparing for his day he headed to school tired. The paranoia was really bad but he was determinted to try today. Whatever came after today he was prepared to face whatever it took.
TwilightFan / _Amber_: Amber was ready for school so she headed out the door. Walking to school, almost skipping.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: Keegan arrived at the school going to his locker preoccupied by his thoughts.
TwilightFan / _Amber_: Amber had got to school really early. So she could talk to the others. Once she was there she went to her locker for her stuff for the day.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: Keegan glanced at Amber with a small nod but otherwise pretended not to pay attention to her. It would be better for them. Glancing at the people he felt as if they knew about them.
TwilightFan / _Amber_: Amber felt like she was crushed when he turned around. (i Why did he think it would be for the best?) She wondered. She left her locker and went to the libary to sudy. The only friend she had, prentended that they weren't friends. (i Great!)
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: Keegan watched the people and then sighed. "Fuck it." He said he woudl cut for today, there was research to do. So he left and found an animal to morph into. It went through roughly and disgustingly as his bones crunched into each other and began to play around starting to search the streets.
TwilightFan / _Amber_: Amber knew that keegan had morphed because she felt a sudden shiver down her spine then saw a picture of keegan then a picture of the animal he had morphed to. She ignored it and continued studying.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: Keegan found the black lab very happy chasing his tail trying to focus his mind. Not working...He thought to himself finding it hard to balance his mind.
TwilightFan / _Amber_: Amber got up at the bell and walked to her class. Hoping Keegan was close enough to hear the bell ring.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: <<The RP that chocoliclizzy is gone. We'll be creating another twilight rp if you'd like to join as Jake or soemone.>>
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: <<Other tales .Twilight. >>
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: <<Are you still here?>>
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: Keegan watched the construction yard as people looked around it. <I'm at the contrustion lot...Theres people swarming around it.> He said hoping Amber could hear.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: <<Didn't see it sorry. I'm going to find a way to talk to you in Twilight.>>
TwilightFan / _Amber_: Amber came along as quickly as she cold telling theteacher she felt sick and would go home straight away, she quickly went to the nurses office and got a slip. Once she was out she changed into a golden lab and came running. <here>
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: Keegan moved away realizing he hdidn't know where to morph back. Wandering around for a minute finally he laid eyes on a small enclosed space. Morphing back he felt his bones crunch that caused a disgusted feeling shudder down his changing spine.
TwilightFan / _Amber_: Amber followed soon after. Her bones crunched and everything shivered but she was back to normal as she shoved her clothes on and her uniform in her bag.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: Keegan felt relieved after he was back to normal. "I hate that sound." Keegan complained picking up his clothes and dressed again. "We really need to find soemthin' better."
TwilightFan / _Amber_: "What do you mean?" She asked looking at him when he had his clothes on.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: "This really isn't workin' out. We need to find spandex or something that allows it to remain on our body as we crunch our bones." Keegan folded his arms in thought.
TwilightFan / _Amber_: "True but for now we have to put up with it." She smiled.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: "I get funding from my parents monthly. I'll look into it tonight. Well, I checked out the construction site and it was filled with people. But...I have a plan." Keegan said with a smile.
TwilightFan / _Amber_: "Me like, me listen." She smiled gleefully then leaned in closer to listen to him.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: "We need to find out more about this enemy...So...I'm thinking that we just go back as one of their..." Keegan paused so that he could try to find the right words. "Sniffing dogs, whatever their called, and we could find out more even lead a false trail."
TwilightFan / _Amber_: "Hmm...I like but we need to be careful we can't stay in one form for too long." She stated.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: "Very true." Keegan said thoughtfully and glanced ahead. "We could go in turns. You for an hour and then me for an hour."
TwilightFan / _Amber_: "Yeah, maybe but we should practice what we can do first." She said looking towards the ocean.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: "True...And a surf suit is very tight to the skin." Keegan smiled at the sudden idea. "What have we got to loose?"
TwilightFan / _Amber_: "Yeah, I want to try something new, like something big and something small." She said thinking aloud.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: "Where would we go for all these animals?" Keegan asked with a thoughtful expression.
TwilightFan / _Amber_: "The sea." A big grin on her face.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: "They do provide a little tour where the introduce the life around here. And I am a foreigner."
TwilightFan / _Amber_: "Yeah, I like making excuses." She smiled pulling him towards the beach.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: Keegan let himself be pulled towards the beach wondering to herself why he had been pulled intp this.
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: Renesmee had gotten sick and had to stay home for a while. She finally got free and went to the beach. She walked out and plobbed down on the sand near a gull. She touched the gulls head aquiring it silently. She smiled when she got it and got up. She smiled brightly and looked around. She was in her two peice for the beach and was getting some stares from guys. She laughed.
TwilightFan / _Amber_: Amber pulled him all the way to the shore and put her feet into the water.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: Keegan saw the group ahead and smiled. "I'll be back." He said and smiled walking towards the group quickly talking and pointing to Amber. The woman smiled and nodded as Keegan apparached. "We get to take the sea tour, free of charge." HE grinned.
TwilightFan / _Amber_: "Cool, but how?" She asked as they walked towards the boat. Smiling all the way
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: "Because I'm special that way." Keegan gave a confident smirk towards her as he walked towards the boat with her. "What's that American term? 'If life gives you lemons make...lemonade'?"
TwilightFan / _Amber_: "Yeah, something like that." She smiled looking at him as they aboarded the boat.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: Keegan paid close attention to the facts as she spoke them. ALl that they knew about animals would be all that more important.
TwilightFan / _Amber_: Amber listened but not very closely. She got bored quickly.
Lawshenk / Nykki: << can i join as some how got stuck>>
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: <<Sorry the admin said no.>>
Lawshenk / Nykki: <<when??>>
Lawshenk / Nykki: < can i join as a nekko then>>
Lawshenk / gerri: << can i join as this character then>>
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: <<This is humans only.>>
Lawshenk / gerri: << yeah this is a human>>
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: <<We'll ask the admin.>>
Lawshenk / gerri: << no offence who long will that take>>
Lawshenk / gerri: << whist im waitng any one wonna join one off my plays>>
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: Somehow he figured they would need tod o a lot more research. Trying not to act too curious he smiled when the reached a shallow end that had a few of the animals.
Lawshenk / gerri: << game on v3 is a super human one>>
TwilightFan / _Amber_: Amber followed his eyes to see some animals. "Cool, we need to get away though." She smiled.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: Keegan nodded touching each of the animal as they were allowed acquiring the morph. Keegan smiled over to her. "We need something bigger." Justa as he said this a dolphin was in the distance.
Lawshenk / gerri: << wonna join game onv3?>>
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: <<I can't right now, but will see if I can later.>>
TwilightFan / _Amber_: Amber smiled at the beautiful dolphin. "Do you like swimming." She asked.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: "Within the norms..." Keegan said smiling as the dolphin approached the boat rolling on its stomach emitting a laugh. "Perfect." He said petting it like the others were.
TwilightFan / _Amber_: Amber touched the creature with a huge smile. She loved dolphins. They were so magestic and beautiful. "I was wondering if we cold turn...into something smaller than ourselves?" She whispered.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: "Sure we could. One way to find out through...After the tour." Keegan grinned.
TwilightFan / _Amber_: "Yah!" She said before taking Keegans hand to pull him to the other side of the boat. She hoped they would see a whale.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: <<So sorry...Today has been since like ten my time five calls waiting in queue and I have to get to them and I hadn't had a break in like four hours and ready to go homicidal,>>
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: Keegan paid attentiong to the rest of the tour while searching for any other animals they could find.
TwilightFan / _Amber_: Amber didn't realise she was still holding his hand while they were looking for more animals. She just smiled looking around.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: <<Sorry didn't mean to stress out on you.>>
Keegan took his hand back when he saw a fascinating bird. "Is that what they call a Seagull?"
TwilightFan / _Amber_: "Yep. It needs to come and touch us first." She said. Frowning when she realised he took his hand away. But smiling again so he wouldn't notice.
< kk, everything is fine >
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: Keegan moved around a bit to see what he could see. This ended up an engagement in a conversation with the tour guide who seemed charmed by his accent. He came back with a grin, "we can get a whale tour for half off." He grinned.
TwilightFan / _Amber_: "You read my mind." She smiled but then pouted. "I'm not rich ya know, so I have a budget." She sighed.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: "I've got it I should have enough." Keegan said with a smile and sat down taking a moment to take in the setting. "So. Are you ready for this?"
TwilightFan / _Amber_: "Thanks." She smiled and sat down beside him. "I think I am." She said.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: "Three people to save the world. Sounds a bit loopers to me..." Keegan muttered. "Sorry, that's like crazy in Irish slang."
TwilightFan / _Amber_: "Cool, I'm part Irish." She smiled looking out to the east.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: "Yeah. A lot of us came out here a while back 'specially to California for the railroad. My family is more upper middle class so we managed to be okay with money." Keegan smiled though he fuled his trip his own way. "To get out here I actually sat on the street corner or pubs and played for hours and it worked."
TwilightFan / _Amber_: "Wow." She said looking at him. "I've been here most of my life and my family are like the middle/low class." She sighed.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: "It's interestin' to say the least here. I live in a small town actually that is close to a beach like this has a river not too far off. You'd like it. So whats it like to live here?" Keegan asked looking to her witha fascinated look.
TwilightFan / _Amber_: "Quite boring actually. The beach is the best and sometimes only thing to do here." She blushed.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: "Do you like Mexican food? I heard in California they have good Mexican food. Never even had it." Keegan said looking back out to the ocean.
TwilightFan / _Amber_: "Yeah it's nice but sometimes they make it too hot and it burns my tounge." She said smiling. (i Was he asking her out on a date?) She wondered to herself.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: "I'd like to try it sometime." Keegan commented as he stared out to the ocean still. His mind was still stuck on saving the world.
TwilightFan / _Amber_: Amber just smiled and sat there watching the sea.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: "How about the zoo?" Keegan asked after a moments thought and glanced to her with a small grin. The zoo would have plenty of animals and they could at least try to acquire them.
TwilightFan / _Amber_: "Yeah, but we would need to get close enough to touch which would be the difficult part." She sighed looking around.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: "Well. I can take a job a helper at the zoo, since I can say I like animals. Which is true...to a degree. And somehow get you in." Keegan pondered staring out at the water rubbing his five o'clock shadow.
TwilightFan / _Amber_: "If they accept you, and if you morph into that animal and I touch it. Would that work?" She asked. Looking down into the water she felt a little sea sick so she quickly looked up at the horizon.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: "I don't think it would. We'll have to try it though." Keegan said thoughtfully.
TwilightFan / _Amber_: "Cool." She smiled. The sea sickness going away slowly.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: Keegan stretched his arms as he leaned back in the chair taking in the sound of the ocean and the wind. The boat returned back to shore without events.
TwilightFan / _Amber_: "When is the Whale thing going?" She asked quickly getting off the boat. Once she was off she stretched and lay on the ground and felt immediatly better.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: "About six tonight I believe. How about some food?" Keegan said feeling his stomach begin growl. "I'd like to try Mexican...Even Cuban or whatever else this place has to offer."
TwilightFan / _Amber_: "Sure." She smiled getting up and headed towards town.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: "So...where is these food places?" Keegan asked looking to her with a small lost feeling. This place was much different and he would probably be stuck here as well.
TwilightFan / _Amber_: Amber just laghed as they got closer to town. She turned to the left and went to a nice Mexican resturant.
< g2g >
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: "I like it." Keegan said grinning. Suddenly he felt like the tourist that he used to make fun of at home. But it was a good feeling.
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: [All right... I'm left out so I'll quit my roleplay here... Anyone can take chargeof it...]
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: <<Wow, you did post two days ago...Sorry I completely missed it.>>
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: <<ES was pissed at me.>>
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: <<Lol. I feel old...I got into animorphs around 6th grade I think. There aws a guy that looked like Jake and even had a friend that looked like Marco in Jr high.>>
TwilightFan / _Amber_: Amber took Keegan inside to the counter. Then turned to Keegan. "Takeaway's or go into the resturant?" She asked politely.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: <<Seriously. I'd like to continue this one but see if anyone else would join a new one because the more people the better.>>
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: "Takeaway..." Keegan said entertained by the thought taking in the bright colors and the smells of the restraunt.
Fal / Keegan Teirnay: <<Absolutly.>>
TwilightFan / _Amber_: "Cool." She smiled as they went to the takeaway counter and looked up at the menu.
MoePoe / Alyxander: [Alyx had morphed a wolf and changed back a little to late so she still has the ears and tail and she still has the poweer to morph though.]
Alyxander walked from the forest and looked around. She walked over to the beach and sat down on the sand ignoring the looks she got.
TwilightFan / _Amber_: [We'll get there when weve got our food, k.]
MoePoe / Alyxander: [Kay,,,[
TwilightFan / _Amber_: < Hi all >
MoePoe / Renesmee Carlie Cullen: [I have to go now though...Going to Alabama for a few days,. Won't be on.]
TwilightFan / Jacob-Black: < kk, sad >
MoePoe / --*Isabella Maria Swan*__: [BACK.]
TwilightFan / Jacob-Black (Wolf): < hi, lol, >
MoePoe / ^Elizabeth^: [Hi.]
TwilightFan / Jacob-Black (Wolf): < HI! >
MoePoe / ^Elizabeth^: [HIII.][
TwilightFan / Jacob-Black (Wolf): < HEHE >
MoePoe / ^Elizabeth^: [Heee Heeee.]
TwilightFan / Jacob-Black (Wolf): < LOL!!! >
MoePoe / Alyxander: (Lolz.)
TwilightFan / _Amber_: < i think this is dead >
MoePoe / Alyxander: (Yeahhh.)

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