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Roleplay - Born Wild by Liza (real pic) / QueenVictoria

There is one place where all sorts of animals come together. A place where there are no humans and there never will be. These animals are some of the best in the world and humans are out to get them. Will they manage to follow them to their secret place? Or will it stay a secret?

Roleplay Details

QueenVictoria - Mystery - Horse
BlackWingedAnge - Raesha - Wolf
ReinaNight - Kittella - Tiger
Keitaro - Tonaka - Tiger
Shinobu - Rora - Tiger
Asokora - Kyotin - Wolf


QueenVictoria / Mystery: Mystery gallopped across the plain and towards the place she always went. It was a place where she could feel safe. A place without humans who just wanted her for her beauty and her jumping ability.
BlackWingedAnge / Raesha: Raesha sniffed the ground and smiled. She sprinted towards the direction of the neighing, loving the wind underneath her fur. She came to a stop when she saw a gorgeous horse galloping around the plain. She smiled.
"Yo Mystery!" she shouted out to her
QueenVictoria / Mystery: Mystery came to a sliding stop and turned to see her friend, Raesha. "Hey, girl!" She whinnied. It was always great to be with her friends. She trotted over to the wolf and nuzzled her softly.
BlackWingedAnge / Raesha: Rae smiled and nuzzled her back, then walked along side her. "What have you been up to?" she asked.
QueenVictoria / Mystery: "Meh, you know, running from humans, eating while I wait for them to catch up." Mystery laughed at her joke. She was way too fast for the humans, but they never gave up. They were persistant, but it was ever so annoying.
BlackWingedAnge / Raesha: Raesha nodded, knowing exactly what she meant. Humans do get pretty darn annoying after a while. Thank god none of them ever saw her in her real form. She stretched out and yawn.
"Don't worry, those puny things cant do anything to you. Plus, I could always eat them before they do." she said, grinning.
QueenVictoria / Mystery: Mystery laughed. "What about you? They absolutely MUST be chasing you. Your coat is just so soft and beautiful. Not that they'll ever know." She laughed. Humans were stupid and they both knew it. They grew up together after she escaped the human's place when she was just a few weeks old.
BlackWingedAnge / Raesha: Raesha laughed, which sounded more like a bark then anything. She shook her head. "Dearie, you know that I absolutely hate those two legged things. I'd rather eat them then let them touch me." she shrugged. "They fear me now... Calling me a werewolf or something like that. God knows." she said, bemused.
QueenVictoria / Mystery: Mystery laughed. "Who knows? Maybe you are" She said before starting to trot towards the secret place. "You coming, or not?" She asked over her shoulder.
BlackWingedAnge / Raesha: Raesha nodded and smiled. "Course."
QueenVictoria / Mystery: Mystery smiled slyly. "Now, let's see if you can catch up this time. You never could when I was little." She said with a smirk. She then started to gallop as fast as she could.
BlackWingedAnge / Raesha: Raesha laughed. "Wanna bet?" she said. She sniffed the air and looked around, ensuring that no one was around. Especially none of those pesky humans. She crouched down, concentrating, and her body started to change. She grew in size until she was nearly the same height and size as Mystery and her fur turned purple with dark blue stripes with the same striped across her eyes. Her eyes turned white that seemed to glow, she snarled and kicked off the ground. Very soon, she was the same speed as Mystery. She grinned at the horse.
"Maybe you are right... I think a werewolf would be a nice name for this form." she laughed.
QueenVictoria / Mystery: Mystery laughed and shook her head. She just kept running and laughed. She loved running and nothing could ever change that. Soon, they came to a big weeping willow. She walked under it and she came to a big clearing with exotic animals.
BlackWingedAnge / Raesha: Raesha shrunk herself back down to her normal size before trotting next to her horse friend. She sighed when she entered the clearing. She loved it here, somewhere she can free her inhibitions.
ReinaNight / Kittella (Tiger): <<May I join?>>
BlackWingedAnge / Raesha: ((sure. I dont think the creator would mind. Just post. =] ))
ReinaNight / Kittella (Tiger): <<Okie dokie, thank you.>> Kittella crawls under the bushes, her belly dragging across the ground silently. Then getting ready to pounce she spots her prey. Leaping into the air she just missing the monarch butterfly. "Aww, not again..." She hears something coming into the clearing.
QueenVictoria / Mystery: Mystery giggled when she saw another of her friends. It was Kittella, or 'Kit' by what Mystery liked to call her. "Keep working at it, Kit, and you'll get it." She called out.
Keitaro / Tonaka: (am i allowed to join??)
Shinobu / Rora: ((Can i join?))
QueenVictoria / Mystery: (Sure!)
Shinobu: ((Thanks ^_^))
BlackWingedAnge / Raesha: Raesha softly nudged Kit on the top of the head. Laughing softly, before walking off to join the rest of the animals.
Shinobu / Rora: Rora yawned as she climbed up onto her feet after she had taken a small nap. she shook her head to wake her self up properly and looked around "Awe man!" she grumbled seeing that her friend Tonaka had taken off without her "not again Tonnie" she muttered. it was her nickname for him. she sighed shaking her head once more, and begun to go off to look for him or atleast someone else to talk to.
BlackWingedAnge / Raesha: Raesha sniffed the ground, bored. There was nothing to do. She sat on her haunches, just by the tree and howled on the top of her voice. Then she stopped and sighed, and began pawing the ground.
Shinobu / Rora: Rora stopped walking as she heard a wolf howling, she recognized it almost instantly and a small smile appeared on her face as she begun to run in the direction she had heard it "RAESHA!" she exclaimed excitedly as she attempted to jump playfully on Raesha's back.
BlackWingedAnge / Raesha: Raesha fell over with an "oof." Then she turned around and sprung back onto Rora, putting her in a headlock so she couldnt get up and nuzzled/ruffled her head. "You puny one. How are you?" she asked. Then letting her go
Shinobu / Rora: Rora giggled a little at this - she didnt know why but she always enjoyed being around Raesha. "im a little bit annoyed with Tonnie, we had a nap and when i woke up hed left me...again" she said with a roll of her eyes and a shake of her head, she looked up at Raesha, her unique green eyes scanning her "Do you think he still likes me...i mean, he hardly ever wants to play with me any more" she muttered.
BlackWingedAnge / Raesha: Raesha licked her gently on the top of her head. "Don't worry little one. He'll come around." she laughed "Boys that age are like that, they're shy."
Shinobu / Rora: Rora tilted her head a little as she looked up at Raesha "w- why would he be shy around me?" Rora asked. she had a point, she was always with him, since day one she had been, theyre parents had been friends at one point, and their mothers had amazingly had the two cubs on the same day, but in such a short while, the two families had well came to hate each other - that was save for Tonnie and Rora. Rora want the cubs real name, it was Aurora. she just prefered Rora. it was something she had grown used to.
BlackWingedAnge / Raesha: Raesha laughed. "Puberty." she said shaking her head. "You'll understand when you grow up... But Tonnie's probably going through some confusing things with his body at the moment... And also you're growing up to me one very beautiful tiger... It's bound to be confusing for the poor thing."
Shinobu / Rora: Rora tilted her head to the side "wha- whats puberty?" she asked rather well.. innocently. she was on the innocent side, always had been. she looked adorable sitting across from Rae with that puzzled look on her face
((ill brb need to do something quick))
Shinobu / Rora: ((Kaaay im back))
BlackWingedAnge / Raesha: Rae shook her head and smiled. "Nothing you should know of at the moment." Then she muttered to herself. "Nothing I wanna explain to you either." She perked up and smiled at her. "So how is your hunting coming along?" she asked, changing the subject.
((no problem. i gtg though.. sorry. ))
Shinobu / Rora: ((no probs Ange ^_^ ill reply though anyways))
Rora smiled a little "its great, yesterday i caught a bird!" she exclaimed, catching a bird at her age was considered fairly good. she smiled cutely and looked as if she was so proud of herself, she had every reason why she should be proud.
Asokora / Ryotin: <<May I join?>>
Shinobu: ((here))
Shinobu / Rora: ((any one here?))
Keitaro / Tonaka: (i am)Tonaka wondered around bored as hell trying to find something to do until he found some prey and began to stalk it
Shinobu / Rora: "TONNIE!" Rora shouted as she ran up behind him and pounced playfully on his back and fell off him, landing on her back giggling, she hadnt realised he was stalking for prey.
Keitaro / Tonaka: "thanks" he remarked as the prey soon fled and got away, "Oh well i will have to get you back" he rpelies as he begins to play woth her
Shinobu / Rora: Rora laughed "hey, guess what Rae said!" she exclaimed "i told her you kept leaving me and she was all like your going through puberty!" Rora mumbled "what the hell is that?" she asked as she looked at Tonaka.
Keitaro / Tonaka: "Hmm leaving you never, and i duno i thinks its when im becoming an adult" he says looking at her and licks her and the back
Shinobu / Rora: Rora looked at Tonaka "WOW!" she exclaimed "your becoming an..adult?" Rora asked as she got up and looked at him "but that means we wont be able to play anymore" she mumbles looking at him. "she also mentioned that you might be realising im turning into a beautiful tiger whatever THAT means" she added.
Keitaro / Tonaka: "it means i think your pretty and you are your lovely" he commented becoming more mature, "Oh looks like i am becoming an adult and we will still play" he said slightly nocking her nose with his paw
Shinobu / Rora: Rora giggled a little as she fell over when he knocked her nose "hey!" she wailed as she stood up climbing onto his back "mmm im prettier then you anyways!" she said giggling as she bit playfully on Tonnie's ear.
Keitaro / Tonaka: "Hey not fair i cant get you unless i do this, and i know u r" he says as he rolls over
Shinobu / Rora: Rora giggled as she looked up at Tonaka and smiled cutely "soo, when you become an adult, youll still play with me?" she asked him.
Keitaro / Tonaka: "yeah i wont stop ever until i win" he smirked as he bagan playing with her again
Shinobu / Rora: Rora laughed warm heartedly "you..win? the two words dont go together" Rora giggled as she walked up to him, and ran her tail along his chin and smiled "im just way to good for you to beat" she laughed.
Keitaro / Tonaka: "yeah right i will beat you one day even if its differently then you think i will win one day" he giggled with her as he bagan to run around her
Shinobu / Rora: Rora smiled "mhmmm, so you think im becoming beautiful?" Rora asked Tonaka smiling cutely as she watched him run around her.
Keitaro / Tonaka: "Yeah your the best one here trust me" he says stopping and walking up to her
Shinobu / Rora: Rora just laughed "uh huh" she replied and giggled as she begun to run off, clearly she was still stuck in her childish ways.
Keitaro / Tonaka: He chased her but eventually ran into a tree knocking himself out
Shinobu / Rora: Rora tilted her head and walked over to Tonaka "Tonnie" she said cautiously as she walked towards him and gently licked him on his cheek
Keitaro / Tonaka: HE woke up due to this and licked her bag playfully and began to run away
Shinobu / Rora: Rora gasped "oh my god you totally didnt!" she said running after him, soon catching up to him and pouncing on him, sending the two cubs tumbling. she laughed "HA got yah!" she said laughing as she had him pinned to the floor.
Keitaro / Tonaka: "Fine you win again" he giggled as he gave up knowing she would just beat him again
Shinobu / Rora: Rora smiled as she looked down at Tonaka "ha ha ha ha" she laughed as she licked him on the ear before she climbed off him, and looked around "mmmm i wonder where everyone is"
Keitaro / Tonaka: "Yeah everyone has dissappeared, by the way you r so pretty" he says as he runs away again laughing
Shinobu / Rora: Rora simply rolled her eyes "i know!" she called after him as she begun to run after him, her paws running as fast as they could. she soon caught up to him, but ran along beside him.
Keitaro / Tonaka: "What happened to jumping on to me" He asks still running
Shinobu / Rora: "What? and since when was we sticking to usual? i mean, since when did you call me 'pretty'" Rora asked Tonnie as she beugn to pick up speed and run ahead of Tonnie.
Keitaro / Tonaka: "Hey not fair" he yells as he tries to catch up but just strains his legs again
Shinobu / Rora: Rora giggled as she soon reached where all the animals drank from and begun to drink from the lake.
Keitaro / Tonaka: WHile Tonaka couldnt stop and ended up in the lake
Shinobu / Rora: Rora laughed as she looked at Tonaka in the lake "hahaha!" she laughed rolling onto her back.
Keitaro / Tonaka: "Thanks" he says as he pulls her in with him and begins a water fight
Shinobu / Rora: Rora simply laughed when she was pulled into the water "TONNIE!" she laughed as she splashed him back.
Keitaro / Tonaka: The water fight lasted a while and it began to get dark
Shinobu / Rora: Rora let out a small yawn and smiled "cmon Tonnie we best get out and go to sleep once were dry" she said to him as she begun to climb out the water.
Keitaro / Tonaka: "yeah your right, although i have loved being with you" he replies getting out and trying to dry
Shinobu / Rora: Rora laughed "your with me practically every day Tonnie" she said to him as she shook her entire body trying to get dry.
Keitaro / Tonaka: "i know but it seemed that i get lonley not being with you the few hours im not with you and i miss you loads" he says licking her face
Shinobu / Rora: Rora smiled "shouldnt leave me then should you mister!" she said smiling as she was now dry, she headed over to a bush and climbed under it, into an openeing and curled up waiting for Tonnie.
Keitaro / Tonaka: He followed soon after taking her offer and cuddled up next to her
Shinobu / Rora: Rora smiled "good night Tonaka" she said suddenly feeling tired, she licked him gently on the ear and rested her head on her paws and closed her eyes.
Keitaro / Tonaka: he made sure that she was warm by being as close as he could to her and licked her back as he gentley fel asleep
BlackWingedAnge / Raesha: Rae laughed at the two's antics. Their both just so adorable and cute. She pulled along a blanket and placed it above the two cubs and smiled, she settled down not too far away from them and watched over them.
Shinobu / Rora: Rora's eyes slowly fluttered open and she glanced over to Rae smiling a little "thanks Rae" she said softly however she stood up and walked over to her and laid down beside her, curling up and snuggling up to her.
BlackWingedAnge / Raesha: Rae smiled, she then stood up and picked up Rora by the neck ((however they do it, the safe way)) and set her back down next to Tonnie. She was large enough to curl around both of them as they slept, using that previous blanket to cover all three of them.
Shinobu / Rora: Rora smiled as she looked at Rae "Rae, how comes your always here for us more then our real parents?" Rora asked, she didnt realise that her mother had abondend her soon after she was born due to being scared away by humans.
BlackWingedAnge / Raesha: Raesha smiled at the young thing and licked her on the nose, nuzzling her and cleaning her fur. "Because baby, I love you so much that I cannot stand to let you be taken care of anyone but me."
Shinobu / Rora: Rora smiled as she snuggled up to Rae "hehe, am i that adorable?" Rora laughed a little, she was growing up quickly, but not quite as quickly as Tonnie was.
BlackWingedAnge / Raesha: Rae laughed. "Yes you are."
Shinobu / Rora: Rora giggled a little to herself as she looked up at Rae "Rae...thankyou" she whispered as she snuggled up closer to her.
BlackWingedAnge / Raesha: "You have nothing to thank me for little one." she said smiling, touching her tip of her nose with her own. "Now go to sleep."
ReinaNight / Kittella (Tiger): <<Yello?>>
QueenVictoria / Mystery: (I'm here, but I lost track of everything >.< )
ReinaNight / Kittella (Tiger): <<Lol. Me too, iposted last when no one showed.>>
QueenVictoria / Mystery: (Lol fair enough. I haven't been on this rp for a while even though I meant to >.< )
ReinaNight / Kittella (Tiger): <<I see, well wanna rp?>>
QueenVictoria / Mystery: (Where did you last leave off? We'll start there.)
ReinaNight / Kittella: <<Umm hold on i'll repost.. let me find it.>>
QueenVictoria / Mystery: (Okay then)
ReinaNight / Kittella (Tiger): Kittella crawls under the bushes, her belly dragging across the ground silently. Then getting ready to pounce she spots her prey. Leaping into the air she just missing the monarch butterfly. "Aww, not again..." She hears something coming into the clearing.
QueenVictoria / Mystery: Mystery giggled at the little tiger. "You still at it, Kit?" She asked, using the tiger's nickname. She was always chasing one thing or another, but it was only natural. Mystery could tell that she just wanted to be a good hunter.
ReinaNight / Kittella (Tiger): Kit grinned big and padded over to Mystery. Giggling she sighed lightly. "I'mma get that butterfly yet, just wait and see." Her tail twitches around happily.
QueenVictoria / Mystery: Mystery laughed. "Oh, I'm sure you will. As you will with all of your other prey." She said. She laid down on her legs and decided to watch her.
ReinaNight / Kittella (Tiger): Kit grinned and pounced around Mystery. "I'mma gonna be that best hunter around!! Everyone will be so proud!" She leaps into the air and pretends to catch something.
Shinobu / Rora: ((im ere))
BlackWingedAnge / Raesha: Raesha awakened with a yawn and nudged the two sleeping beauties. "Rise and shine young ones." she said giving both of them a lick on the head
Shinobu / Rora: Rora yawned as she rolled over onto her back and looked at Rae "awe maaaan, i have to get up?" she asked Raesha as she looked up at her with her amazingly still greeny blue coloured eyes, they normally would have turned into an ambery colour by now.
QueenVictoria / Mystery: Mystery laughed at Kit. "I already am proud of you." She said happily, watching the little tiger.
ReinaNight / Kittella (Tiger): Kit smiled and sit down. She looked around yawning lightly.
Shinobu / Rora: ((here))
QueenVictoria / Mystery: Mystery smiled down at the little striped creature. "You up for a long run?" She asked happily.
ReinaNight / Kittella (Tiger): Kit smiled and nodded. "Sure." Her tail twitching.
QueenVictoria / Mystery: Mystery got up and started to canter across the plains. The wind blew her mane and tail behind her.
ReinaNight / Kittella (Tiger): Kitt smiled and got up running after her. She pranced along beside Mystery.
Shinobu / Rora: ((here))

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