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Roleplay - Rebellious and proud by Melissa Hunter / NixLacus

There is no reasoning with rebellious teens, especially when they are proud of this fact, so in order to solve that problem a school was created where the rebellious and 'dangerous' teens to society would be sent in hope to straighten them out. Will it work?

Roleplay Details

Anyone can join.
I don't mind what type of pictures
Don't mind on character race, gender ect just as long as they tie into the story line.
Can play teacher or a student
Try to be literate please
Romance allowed
(if you wish to take it further then there is a site provided by ES for the cyber scenes,
http://z10.invisionfree.com/C_Loveless/index.php?act=idx )
Violence allowed but please no killing without permission
1. Melissa Hunter (Me)


NixLacus / Melissa Hunter: Melissa yawned as she awoke in her small and simple room of her school. This place was the worse there were so many rules, though that made it fun to try and break them. Lis yawned as she climbed out of bed, it was a Saturday so there would be no lessons yet there was never anywhere to go here, getting up out of bed she just threw on random clothes and grabbed her skateboard, boarding down through the corridors.
LimeDolli / Alice Moore: (i - May I join? -)
NixLacus / Melissa Hunter: [[ certainly ]]
LimeDolli / Alice Moore: A high pitched ring echoed around the small plain room that housed Alice Moore. It bounced off the plain white walls and the off white carpet and hung around the small figure under the thick white covers as if it knew that this was the thing it's whole purpose revolved around. A small groan sounded out over the ringing from under the blanket as a small pale hand reached out and slammed down on the little black and white clock causing the sound to sizzle to a stop. Alice was sent to this school after her hard working single mother couldn't stand her 'trouble making' or at least that's what they called it. Fiercely shoving the blanket off her small frame She grudgingly sat up, her thick jet black hair wildly hanging over her face and shoulders as she squinted from the morning sun. Her father had been a senator who happened to sleep with a co-worker after a Christmas party one year, little to say he didn't like the end result and her mother was fired and left to fend for herself. Letting out a sigh she rose from the small single bed and headed to the side bathroom each 'room' had. Ha room was a funny thing to call it. It was more like a cell everything restricted and having to be done in the right way so as to no excite or inspire any unwanted behavior.
NixLacus / Melissa Hunter: Melissa aimlessly boarded through the corridors her music blasting loudly in her ear to ignore passer-bys and teachers who were now shouting at her to stop, blocking her path was one of the attempts made though Lis simply over-came this as she jumped and herself and the board now grinding down the stairs banister and to the bottom with a perfect landing; turning Lis gave a sly bow to the teacher who's face was now turning red with anger

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