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Roleplay - High School Romance by LovinTheRain / LovinTheRain

The Setting is High school in Japan.

Roleplay Details

Characters can only be Neko, Human, Vampires etc. Basically anything that looks close to human.
1) Cursing is okay, just keep it on a low level.
2) Any Kind Of Rp Allowed
3)Have Respect for everyone.
4)And Last but not least, HAVE FUN!


GenPhylar / Marcus Onizuka: Marcus walked into the main school building. he was part vampire, so he always wore shades. he was wearing a black disturbed shirt, black tripp pants, and a trenchcoat. "well, well, isn't this a good looking building?"
Kadaver: -join?-
GenPhylar / Marcus Onizuka: sure..
Kadaver: Damon walks along the side of the gym bleachers. perfect, girl's volley ball. he sat on the bottom set and watches.
GenPhylar / Marcus Onizuka: Marcus knew it was a saturday, and that the volleyball team was practicing. so he walked in and saw Damon, and sat next to him. "sup man?"
Kadaver: "Not much, just watching the practice." he said as the team finished their aerobics.
GenPhylar / Marcus Onizuka: " and I thought you got over watching high school girls on the weekend." Marcus leaned back and chuckled.
Kadaver: "who could ever get over such a fun activity?" Damon asked leaning forward watching closely as a blond headed girl spiked the ball.
GenPhylar / Marcus Onizuka: Marcus never took his eyes off of the girls. "yeah, i know."
Kadaver: as the practice began to wrap up and the coach told the girl to hit the showers, Damon stood and began to walk off in the direction of the school building.
GenPhylar / Marcus Onizuka: (dude..we need girls in this rp.)
Kadaver: -sure do-
GenPhylar / Marcus Onizuka: we should go round some up. i know of one that might join.
Kadaver: -alright-
Kykaru / Lulu kiana: <here>
GenPhylar / Marcus Onizuka: ok, start posting then.
ForgottenAngel / Emmeline Gray: (I wanna join ^.^ )
GenPhylar / Marcus Onizuka: sure. but you also have to join mine.
ForgottenAngel / Emmeline Gray: (I With that blond girl?)
GenPhylar / Marcus Onizuka: (yeah. pm me the bio.) Marcus saw Emmeline, one of his other ex's walk by. "morning Emmeline."
clarywhite wolf / ***Spaz***: join?>>
GenPhylar / Marcus Onizuka: sure.
ForgottenAngel / Emmeline Gray: Emmeline gave him a look, one that wasn't the nicest but held longing.
"Hi." she muttered under her breath, passing him by quickly, her hair wet from the shower she had just taken after her Volleyball practice.
clarywhite wolf / ***Spaz***: <Do i just come in walking in the hallway?>
GenPhylar / Marcus Onizuka: (i really dont care. i'll just try to incorporate you somehow.)
clarywhite wolf / ***Spaz***: <Okay>
GenPhylar / Marcus Onizuka: (anyway, back to the rp.)
Kykaru / Lulu kiana: She was walking down the hall, when she noticed a few guys gazing at her. She rolled her eyes, spun around for them, and kept walking. Her next class was boring, all she did was stare at the boys, it was the only thing she did most the time. Every class was boring and hard, she usually copied her nerdy sister.
GenPhylar / Marcus Onizuka: Marcus woke up halfway through class and decided to copy down some notes of his for Lulu.
beckykimberlyn / ellen marie: <<join?>>
GenPhylar / Marcus Onizuka: *sigh* all of you people: stop asking to join and just freaking join!
ForgottenAngel / Emmeline Gray: Emmeline sighed and stared off into space, nothing on her mind, yet everything. Everything hurt, her head, her muscles... She didn't want to be with anyone, and breaking up was always hard. Even though she had always hated him, she would forever miss her boyfriend and how he treated her. She closed her eyes tight and choked back tears.
Kykaru / Lulu kiana: <Marcis, am i going out with you?>
GenPhylar / Marcus Onizuka: Marcus woke up and leaned back. "so emmeline, you still single?"
Kykaru / Lulu kiana: <Or are we friends, cuz you were writing notes for me or somthing, was that for the other rp?>
GenPhylar / Marcus Onizuka: (yeah, we're still friends in this one.)
ForgottenAngel / Emmeline Gray: Emmeline turned and stared at him.
"Yeah. I- He-..." she trailed off, tears attacking her.
"He broke up with me yesterday." she choked out, tears falling out of her delicate blue eyes.
"I...-" She stood up and went over to the teacher. The teacher's eyes went soft and she gave her permission to go outside. She walked out of the room, her blonde hair blocking her face and the tears that were falling.
GenPhylar / Marcus Onizuka: Marcus didn't get a chance to ask anything, so he got the teacher's permission to get something from his locker. "you ok?"
Kykaru / Lulu kiana: She was sitting confused, she hated the class as every other class. Her sigh in content caught the attention of the boys around her again, and her face turned red in agitation not embarassment.
beckykimberlyn / ellen marie: "Lulu what's wrong?" Ellen Marie said as she walked up seeing that Lulu was crying.
ForgottenAngel / Emmeline Gray: "Leave me alone." she demanded, storming off to the bathroom, where he couldn't follow her.
(I I'm leaving)
GenPhylar / Marcus Onizuka: "wait, emmeline, i wanted to ask you something."
beckykimberlyn / ellen marie: "Oh...boy problems." Ellen Marie knew this because she had had this same attitude when her boyfriend broke up with her.
beckykimberlyn / ellen marie: <<srry i didnt mean lulu i meant emmeline>>
GenPhylar / Marcus Onizuka: "i know, but that doesn't give her much excuse to run off berfore I ask her something."
beckykimberlyn / ellen marie: "Wow you really don't understand girls. Can't you see she misses him already..."
Kykaru / Lulu kiana: She found the group of them, and was watching the girl crying.
She knelt down beside her in worry. She pulled her hair back.
"Don't mind boy problems, there douche bags at times and say things they dont know there saying. Somtimes just move on, if your boyfriend was mean or cheated or whatever, ignore him, it was his fault he left you, make him suffer by finding a new guys, make your x-bf jealous."
GenPhylar / Marcus Onizuka: "um, i'm right here, lulu. and I must say, not all men are idiots, just the ones that cheat." Marcus called from the outside, listening to them
beckykimberlyn / ellen marie: <<i thought she wuz n the bathroom?>>
beckykimberlyn / ellen marie: "He has a point."
GenPhylar / Marcus Onizuka: (my bad, let me edit it.)
Kykaru / Lulu kiana: "Hey, they still are you know. You dont know if your gonna get drunk, say somthing you dont know your saying, and then your life crummble...............I'm joking! But you could turn into a douche bag you know" XD
GenPhylar / Marcus Onizuka: "who me? never. I would never cheat on a girl I love. unless I was REALLY drunk, then I might."
Kykaru / Lulu kiana: "See what I mean, a guy even confesed that STUPID idea of getting drunk and doing that."
GenPhylar / Marcus Onizuka: "whoa, getting drunk isn't a stupid idea, and I never said I would, I said I might, but I'd have to be like, "so drunk he should be dead" drunk." "
beckykimberlyn / ellen marie: "Haha dude you just screwed yourself big time!"
GenPhylar / Marcus Onizuka: "how?" Marcus saw a teacher and pretended he was at his locker, trying to unlock his lock. (gtg for the night.)
beckykimberlyn / ellen marie: (kk i might b on 2morro:)
Kykaru / Lulu kiana: <kay, bye>
Kadaver: -sorry bout not posting had to share computer-
Kadaver: Stefan walks down the hall, he sees a teacher and ducks down a side path and into a janitor's closet. leaving the door slightly cracked, he peaks out and hears the muttered conversation between fellow school members.
GenPhylar / Marcus Onizuka: Marcus sat on the ground and continued talking to the girls.
Kykaru / Lulu kiana: <Sup?> She sat down beside Marcus, and rolled her eyes. Realing her hand threw her hair; and she messes with the rings on her fingers.
GenPhylar / Marcus Onizuka: (nm. waiting for you.) "you ever think you have too many rings?"
Kykaru / Lulu kiana: "Never, I think their cute, bitch." She laughed.
GenPhylar / Marcus Onizuka: "hey, I just making an observation."
Kykaru / Lulu kiana: "Well dont make obseravation, you might piss me off." She laughed again, settign her hand back down, and punching his shoulder lightly.
"bitch, thats you, a female dog in heat XD" She laughed while saying it, in a sarcastic way and jokingly.
Luna010 / Luna::: {{Can I join as a neko?}}
GenPhylar / Marcus Onizuka: (GAH!!! all of you!! STOP ASKING, AND JUST FREAKING JOIN!!) "well now you tell me." he looked around quickly. "hey, when she's done crying, could you ask her if she'd like to go out with me?" Marcus stood up.
Luna010 / Luna::: {{Where do you want me to start then?}}
GenPhylar / Marcus Onizuka: idc anymore...)
Luna010 / Luna::: {{I did not mean to make you mad I'm sorry...}}
GenPhylar / Marcus Onizuka: (it's not you, it's all the rpers who won't just jump in.)
Kykaru / Lulu kiana: "Idk.........You should do it though." She said.
"She would feel better if you asked her."
Luna010 / Luna::: {{oh alright!}}
GenPhylar / Marcus Onizuka: "well, from the looks of it, she wont want to talk to me for a bit."
Kykaru / Lulu kiana: "Well deal with it and wait for the moment she wants to talk to you, dumb ass XD" She laughed again, standing up.
GenPhylar / Marcus Onizuka: "thanks lulu, you're a huge help." Marcus got up and walked away.
Luna010 / Luna::: {{Funny my nickname is LuLu...*laughs to self*}}
Kykaru / Lulu kiana: Lulu was leaning against a locker, when a guy walked back and winked at her. She rolled her eyes and decided to keep strolling down the boring hallway.
GenPhylar / Marcus Onizuka: Marcus sat down bak ing clss and just ignored everyone else.
Kykaru / Lulu kiana: She kept walking, but took a quick turn into the bathroom before the one stalker dude would see her. He followed her around, and she soooo hated it.
GenPhylar / Marcus Onizuka: Marcus couldn't stay still, and waited for school to let out. (we need that one girl to be on.)
Kykaru / Lulu kiana: <I know >_> >
Vocaloid / Lady Deserei: <<Deserei is back!>>
Luna010 / Luna::: {{What one girl?}}
GenPhylar / Marcus Onizuka: finally, wait, aren't you in a different rp.
Luna010 / Luna::: {{0.o}}
Vocaloid / Lady Deserei: <<Yeah..my bad..>>
GenPhylar / Marcus Onizuka: (i was talking to deserei. and i meant this one girl we rped with yesterday.)
Luna010 / Luna::: {{Oh! alright...}}
Vocaloid / Lady Deserei: <<Yeah..I am,but the title of this rp attracted my attention..>>
GenPhylar / Marcus Onizuka: (so anyway, back to the rp.)
Vocaloid / Lady Deserei: <<U_U; fine..I'm leaving then..>>
GenPhylar / Marcus Onizuka: (no, no, you can stay. i just want to get back to the main rp.)
Vocaloid / Lady Deserei: <<Well,fine..>>
GenPhylar / Marcus Onizuka: (ok, brb.)
Vocaloid / Lady Deserei: <<'kay!>>
ForgottenAngel / Emmeline Gray: (I hum)
Kadaver: Damon stands and stretches "oy, must Have dozed off" he says and leaves the closet.
Vocaloid / Lady Deserei: "Oh,"She said looking at the girl standing across from her."Hello."
Kadaver: damon heads down the hall and to the cafeteria "might as well grab a bite to eat," he says to himself as he continues to stretch. (I the halls are almost completely empty, so... class must be in session!)
ForgottenAngel / Emmeline Gray: Emmeline looked at the girl, bliking.
"Um, hello...." she was quiet, wiping her cheeks free of any tears.
"How is it going?" she tried to keep her voice smooth and overall normal.
Vocaloid / Lady Deserei: She's not repling,so she walks out in the hallway to find herself looking at the only guy in the hall.
Kadaver: Damon makes his way to the cafeteria door when he notices he's beeing watched. he smiles, and winks, making sure it is his yellow eye that shuts and his green eye that focuses in on the girl watching him. he waves and enters the large cafeteria.
ForgottenAngel / Emmeline Gray: Emmeline blinked, sighed, and trugged off, not sure where she was headed or who she was hoping to run into. She was tired and just need someone, anyone, to ask what was wrong.
Vocaloid / Lady Deserei: Deserei kept walking.,kind stalking actually,at the guy stepping into the cafeteria.
Kadaver: Damon sits down at a small table in the back of the cafeteria he doesn't get any food though, he just didn't feel like going to the last part of class. he is alone at this table and he acts as if he doesn't notice.
ForgottenAngel / Emmeline Gray: Emmeline sighed and walked into the cafeteria, watching the boy that chose to sit alone.
GenPhylar / Marcus Onizuka: Marcus walks over to damon with a HUGE plate of food and sits down. "what's up man? what, was volleyball practice over?"
ForgottenAngel / Emmeline Gray: Emmeline looked between the two guys and said nothing, leaning against the far wall. She happened to have been in volleyball practice that day and she wanted to know what they had to say about it.
GenPhylar / Marcus Onizuka: "dude, you have to get past your ex man, move on in life. Like you see her?" Marcus pointed to emmeline. "I asked her if she was taken, she said no, and ran off crying. I was going to ask her out too." (hey angel, it's your post on the other one.)
ForgottenAngel / Emmeline Gray: Emmeline watched him, pushing her blonde hair off of her shoulders.
(there is another one?)
GenPhylar / Marcus Onizuka: (the one on one we were doing. plus, i want to apologize to you, but not in public.)"hold on. i'll be right back." Marcus got up from his group of friends and went to sit across a table from Emmeline. "hi. I don't think I got to introduce myself last time."
ForgottenAngel / Emmeline Gray: Emmeline rolled her eyes at him.
"Well no. I guess you didn't, did you?"
(I deleted it, all pissed at you. And I really don't care.)
GenPhylar / Marcus Onizuka: (come on. please? i feel bad now. i want to make things right.) "Name's Marcus. Marcus Onizuka."
ForgottenAngel / Emmeline Gray: (I no. Cuz I dont care)
GenPhylar / Marcus Onizuka: (fine. just please read the pm i sent you.) *Note: unfortunately, i have decided to quit this thread. you can still pm me if you still want to rp with me. later.
ForgottenAngel / Emmeline Gray: (What happened, hm?)
ForgottenAngel / Helena Gray: (I dont get it)
GenPhylar / Marcus Onizuka: (then IM me.)
Kykaru / Lulu kiana: <YOUR QUITING TOO, I think i am too, its too confusing.>
GenPhylar / Marcus Onizuka: (that is a good idea. you can join the one I made. il send you the link.)
Kykaru / Lulu kiana: <Kay>
Vocaloid / Lady Deserei: <<What's up,people?!>>

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