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Roleplay - twisted by Phoenix (Nixy) / kat12

Phoenix is what most would call a tease. She is bold and seemingly uncareing. The only people she cares for are her three best friends who also live in the dangerous downtown new york. Their way of liveing varys. From killing for money, or playing temptress for a day or two to find if someones a true lover or not to their devoted wife who pays the two for the dirty job. The boy of the three is abit rougher but very protective of the two. He seems to have no problem killing and almost enjoys it..Its a way of life, the only way they know.

Roleplay Details



kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): (Join?!?!)
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: <<What up>>
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): (YAY!! ok ill make a starter blakely will get on sometime!) Nixy layed sprawled out on her bed, her thong and bra doing absoloutly nothing to warm her petite body. She mumbled something involving the words fuck and shit then rolled over off the bedd and onto her feet, looking around and pulling a black tank top on. The petite raveness rubbed at her eyes then pulled out her cell dialing justins number as she saw her window she had distictly remebered closeing was wide open. "Shit..' she muttere, looking around. Her large, black cat rouge looked up at her from the floor curiousely meowing in a cute, questioning way. She pressed call and held the phone to her ear, tapping her foot nervousely, you never know who would sneak in in this part of town.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin streched partially asleep grabbing his phone. "Ya?" he asked still half asleep
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): "Can you maybe come over?" she said quitely into the reciever. She had called him many times at variouse times when she was frightened. "Someone broke in again." she said in a wavering voice, her hand wandering into the bottom drawer to grab a sharp bladed knife. "I know its like seven in the morning but..." she trailed off, crossing her fingers, hopeing he wouldnt be to pissed.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: "Sure, GIve me minute" justin said putting the phone down and getting dressed, he pulled out the 45. he kept and grabbed a small thing to eat and ran out the door knocking on her door quickly
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): Nixy sighed in relief and pulled on some short pink shorts, contrasting with her black tank top. She whent to the door and opened it, her hands shakeing abit. She had always been terrified when things like this happened ever since she was twelve and came hom to find her parents murdered obscenely. She hugged her friend with all her petite might and backed up, welcomeing him in. "Thanks..' she said, embarresed but grateful he had come.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: "sure, no problem, but i know you sleep in your underwear, you shouldn't... a lot of...strange people here" Justin told her walking inside
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): nixy stuck her tounge out playfully, "They are thongs!" she corrected, crossing her arms but takeing his advice to heart. She rubbed her hands on her arms trying to warm her lsightly shivering body. Her pitch black hair framed her angelic face though her green eyes portrayed her worry.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin hugged her. "maybe thicker clothes, instead of... " justin said talking about her shorts and tank tops. "And I know they're thongs,they're nice and all, but not in a place like this" he chuckled
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): Nixy rolled her eyes, "It comes with the job." she said with a quite non to humorouse laugh. She leaned into the hug enjoying the safety of her friends arms. She jumped as she heard a crash from the kitchen. "Shit!" she muttered, shakeing badly.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: "Ugh..damnit" justin saidpulling the gun from his side out, <<tell me who is in there lol>> Justin went against the wall and looked around the corner to see if it was a cat, or a person
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): (kk lol) nixy peeked over his shoulder the scene was almost comical, a handsome yet drugged looking man searching threw her fridge, his hands shakeing as he muttered to himself. She bit her bottom lip nervousely as the man turned to face them, waveing a knife around as if to frighten them in his drunk fatigue.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: justin went behind the..drugged peron and pistol whipped him in the back of the head. "Did you forget to lock the door? again?" Justin asked dragging the man outside.
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): "No, the window.." she admitted shrugging, she was very forgetful, "Thanks superman." she teased, watching him drag the guy out in dismay, "Poor bastard probally doesnt even know his own name." she said with a sigh, shakeing her head at the memories of when she had been that stoned before, foggy but there.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: "So, are you still going to wear thongs to sleep, and not lock your windows?" Justin asked with a chuckle hugging her again
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): "Ill work on the window part but im still sticking with thongs!" she said with a playfull smile as she hugged him back and took a shaky breath, trying to rid her thoughts of the memory of her parents mangled bodies so she would not have a break down as she so rarely did but when she did it was bad..
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: "Hm, then I'll sleep over here, wouldn't mind seeing that" Justin laughed with a playful smile, She was pretty..
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): She shoved him playfully and not to hard, "You perv!" she accused with a teasing smile though her heart fluttered at the mere thought of him staying. "Hmmm im thinking about getting a tatto today? You wanna tag along you love sick puppy or do you have other plans??" she asked with a smirk a playfull tone in her voice.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: "I'll go with you, And sureee i am such a love sick puppy" justin laughed. "But I'm still sleeping over here, i'd love to see your body" he laughed again
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): Nix rolled her eyes, "Oh i feel sooo safe now!" she laughed and hugged him before going to her room and changeing into a revealing black, tight, corsetted dress, fishnets black fingerless gloves, spiked black boots, and her celtic croos choker. She hurried out of her room and started for the door, "Come on!"
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: "Wow you look great" justin commented following her. "And why are we leaving, this early?"
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): "I have some...jobs to finish up." she said quitely "And thanks.." she said with a seductive smile, turning to give him a quick, teasing kiss on the lips before makeing her way down the stairs.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin blushed a bit, He doesn't blush a lot, But he quickly followed her. "Jobs" he askede her
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): "You know the usual, todays just pay day for this little temptress!" she teased. She reached the bottom of the stairs, a man took her into a rough embrace, supriseing her as her hugged her bear like, "Uh??" she wriggled out of his arms, fixing her dress he had pulled up way to far and looking at the money he had placed in her hand with a satisfied nod.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: <<wait is she a whore? lol>>
Justin watched a bit confused. "What..is your job?" Justin asked
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): (NO! she does a scale of things, from drug dealing to gang exchanges but not paid for sex no prostatution or how ever you spell it she is NOT a hooker!lol) "That was for a drug exchange a few weeks back. She had a way of getting what she wanted and people often hired her to get their way with her pursuasive ways.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: <<Lol the way you made it seem is she was a hooker>>
"oh drugs" justin rolled his eyes. "Drugs are boring, fuck with your head" justin said tapping her head
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): (OOPSY!LOL) Nixy gave him a meaninful glare. She didnt do it often but she thought he knew the extent of her breakdowns that the only way to keep her from completely falling over the edge was to get her high or wasted, atleast thats the only thing she had tried. "Ya, well you dont have a fucked up past that needs forgetting." she seethed, her hands trembleing once more as she sat on the bottom step and took a shaky breath, closeing her eyes.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: "Actually I do if you don't quite remember" justin said with a glare in return. She sat down next to her. "Sorry" he said
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): Nix scotted towards the far end of the stairs and brought her kness to her chest the tears were now streming down her face vividly, her whole body trembleing as she looked straight ahead with a blank expression.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin hugged her. "Nix, I'm sorry.." he said quietly.
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): She flinched at his touch and stifled a cry, haveing been dazed his touch startleing her. She looked at him for a moment then leaned her head on his shoulder.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin ran his hand through her hair, "I'msorry.." he said again
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): She took a deep breath and tried to gain control before she lost it, her hands wandered to his and squezed his gently, reasureing him that she forgave him.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin smiled kissed her cheek, He didn't say anything just silent
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): Nixy looked down and shook her head abit as if trying to clear her thoughts. "Sorry.."
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: "Don't, it's ok, don't apologize" He said kissing her cheek again
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): She grasped the railing with one hand and stod shakily her petite body swaying abit as if unsteady.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin held her side to help her walk. "want to go back home?" He asked
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): She nodded, embarresed by her lack of control and evident vunerabilty. "Tatto will have to wait.." she said with a weak smile.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin picked her up so she wouldn't have to walk carrying her back to the house. "Yes it will"
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): NIx relaxed in his arms, feeling stupid and weak as she cuddled closer to his chest, feeling safe for once. She loved how he made her feel so protected. His strong nature mmakeing up for her weakness and vunerability in whole.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin laid her on her bed and laid beside her. "You feeling better?" He asked his arm around her
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): "Ya...thanks.." she said quitely, looking away in an ashamed way, "Sorry I..." she wanted to say lost it but couldnt... instead she just looked into his eyes.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin pulled her to him. "don't say sorry, it's fine" He said kissing her cheek
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): Nix sighed and cuddled closer winceing as another memory reached her, "God why cant I just forget!!??" she said in a hiss of frustration.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin sighed, kissing her lips, "Just focus on now.." he smiled
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): nixy inhaled sharply, the kiss catching her off guard. She smiled quizically at him then leaned forward abit, feeling warm and comforted by his presence.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin smiled rubbing his hand on her back kissing her cheek. "You can sleep if you want" justin said
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): nixy smiled abit and shook her head. She leaned forward so her lips were barely brushing his, her fingertips strokeing his cheek in a tentive, careing gesture.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin pulled her close kissing her, not sure if she wanted to or not, but he did
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): Nixys hands whent loosely around his sholders as she arched forward into the kiss, her lips parting abit in welcome.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin kissed her deeply, with tongue. He liked her... apparently she liked him to.. he wasn't sure
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): nix pulled back the slightest bit and looked at him with a confused yet pleased smile, "Justin??" she said quitely as if asking if he felt the same way she did.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: "Nix..." Justin replyed quietly.. He kissed her softly and looked in her eyes
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): She smiled shyly, he had shoved the bad memories away for now. She huddled closer as a loud bang sounded outside, probally another neiborhood fight.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin ignored the bangs as he rubbed her back. "So are we getting into our PJ's agian?" justin laughed remembering she wore thongs
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): She rolled her eyes, "Depends, what are your pjs like?" she asked with a giggle.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: "Just my boxers" Justin smiled kissing her softly again. "or maybe lesss" he said being a flirt
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): Nixy smiled teasingly, "Ya, i think ill change.." she said in a seriouse tone, hopping up and slipping the shorts off to reveal her VERY reveling black and red lacy thong. She smiled and stretched onto her tip toes before falling back beside him.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: "Wow, Your getting me excited.." justin smiled seeing her body, he got his shirt and shorts off. He was in his boxers, obvious he was excited. He laid next to her. "You have a cute butt" He chuckled
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): NIxy giggled, her eyes wandering to his boxers then back to his eyes, a dareing smile on her lips as she snuggled closer to his chest. "What do ya mean excited??" she teased, her hand at the edge of his boxers.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: "What do you think?" He smiled kissing her deeply moving his hand down to her butt
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): "Oh, I dont know.." she said playfully, sighing abit dramatically.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin smiled kissing her deeply. "Your amazing you know that right?" He smiled
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): Nixy laughed, "thats bullshit." she insisted, 'But you are."
CasamaiSonichi: "It's not bull shit" Justin smiled kissed her again.
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): "Yes it is.." she murmerred kissing him back.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: "no, no it's not, if it was, i wouldn't be here right now, would I?" justin said. "Your amazing, no bull" he smiled
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): Nixy sighed and rolled her eyes, giveing in. "Whatever, as long as im with you ill go along with any lie.." she said quitely.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: "Even though it's not a lie?" Justin asked kissing her cheek
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): '"It is!!" she insisted, pulling back a little.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: "No it's not" justin said pulling her back to him and kissing her deeply
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): <<kk bye!>> she kissed him back, leaning closer.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin smiled. kissing her deeply,
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): NIxy smiled teasingly and leaned back so there lips were parted just barely.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: "So, what do you want to do for the rest of the night?" justin asked his hand on her thigh and kissed her again
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): "Oh, I dont know?" she said with a smile her pretty face lit up with a smile, makeing her green eyes shimmer, "How about a movie her at my place and lots of snuggleing?" she said with a giggle.
CasamaiSonichi: Justin smiled. "Let's stay in our PJ's though" He chuckled softly and kissed her cheek.
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): "Deal!" she agreed, smileing sweetly at him, she looked down to her thong and moved it down abit to expose her tatto of a black moon with a star at its center, many intricate tattos surrounding it. "My newest." she said with a giggle. moveing her thong back in place.
CasamaiSonichi: justin smiled. "It's nice" he said kissing her softly once more. "so what move"?
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): "Hmmmm, I dont know.." she admitted with a shrug, "You choose."
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: "Like i know what movie's there are, I never watch em" He smiled.
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): nixy smiled teasingly, "Well we wont watch it then, that will just be our cover up!" she said with a giggle before kissing him.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin smiled rolling and putting her on top of him, holding her to him and kissing her. "So....what is it covering up?"
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): nixy rubbed her hands up and down his bare chest, carresing his skin with her delicate fingers, "Oh, I dont know.." she said teasingly.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: 'Really?" Justin smiled putting his hands on her sides. "I'm sure we can find something'
<<brb school>>
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): Nixy smiled sweetly and pressed her lips to his in a tender kiss. "I love you.." she murmerred.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: "I love you to" He said putting his hands lower and kissing her deeply
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): Nixy shivered slightly and returned the kiss, her eyes closeing in bliss.
CasamaiSonichi: "You sure we want to go this far, although I really do" He chuckled softly again kissing her cheek
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): "I dont remeber distinguishing how far we were going.." she teased.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin smiled putting his hands on her shoulder and holding her close kissing her
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): im sure..." she murmmered in reply, kissing him back.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: "good" he smiled kissing her deeply for a long time
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): Nixy was nervouse somewhat but she continued the kiss, her hands, carressing down his chest.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin smiled getting more turned on bringing his hands down to her butt again
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): (You have an odd attraction to butts! lol) Nixy smiled devishly and deeped the kiss, her hands at the edge of his boxers.
CasamaiSonichi: <<heh, maybeeee>>
<<skip scene?>>
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): (Skippers!! skippedy do skippedy day!! lol)
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: <<Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy>>
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): (wb! lol)
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin was breathing heavy his arms around her tight. "i love you" He said quietly kissing her neck
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): Nixy had her eyes closed, her breathing abit heavy as well. her lips found his after she murmmered, "I love you to.."
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin smiled kissing her after she said that both still naked
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): NIxy smiled and moved her hand lower in a sential, carressing motion.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin smiled his hands on her back, He looked into her eyes. "your amazing" he said quietly
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): "MmMhmmmm sureee... You are.." she insisted brazenly, her hands wandering to his (LOwerarea! heheh!) in an attempt to shush him.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: justin smiled, He wasn't sure if they were going to do it again but he kissed her deeply
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): NIxy returned the kiss eagerly,her raven black hair frameing her face.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: "Again?" he asked between the kiss.
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): Nix couldnt help a laugh at this question, she was sore as hell but she only nodded in response.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: <<Lol skip...AGAIN?>>
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): (I guess so! lol)
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: <<LOL funXP>>
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): skip skip...im a pro at this skipping shit arent I? lol)
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: <<Hell yeah your sooooo PRO>>
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): (HEHEHE mkkmkmk so skippy skip skip ok ok wb!)
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: <<LOL>>
Justin was breathing heavy holding her close to him again. "wow" he said quietly and kissed her cheek again
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): she laughed drowsily, worn out from there twicem. She cuddled closer still fully exposed and put a gentle, carresing hand to his cheek.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin smiled. "your so beautiful" he said breathing heavy
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): nixy blushed, and laced her fingers threw his, squeezing his hands gently. "I love you.."
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: "I love you to" justin said gently squeezing her hands as well
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): mixy smiled sleepily, and laid her head on his chest, breathing abit heavy.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: "Should we get dressed?" Justin asked rubbing her back
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): "No..." she begged.. "I like it just like this.. She said quitely, her leg rubbing against his abit.
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): (AWW KITTY!) nixy giggled, "I just like you.." she revised.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: <<LOL WRONG CHARRIE>>
"I love you" Justin said. "But I enjoy your body so we can stay naked" he laughed
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): Nixy rolled her eyes at this and giggled, "Hmmmm...." she winced abit as she moved closer.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin smiled. "Do you feel ok?" Justin asked making sure he didn't hurt her
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): "Just a little sore.." she admitted blushing.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: "I wasn't to rough was I?" Justin asked
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): "No, you were absoloutly perfect..its probally just the fact that we did it twice in such a short matter of time." she said with a giggle.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin smiled. "you were amazing though" he chuckled softly
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): Nixy looked down, "I..umm..you were my first.." she said quitely, feeling she should admit this. (G2g)
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: <<bye bye>>
Justin smiled. "You were mine as well" He said quietly
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): she smiled in suprise, "really..well I would of never guessed.." she trailed off.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: "Yeah, First and i hope to stay" Justin smiled at her
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): Nixy looked pleased with his words and sighed trying to ignore the soreness of her petite body. Truthfully being so small had probally made it more rough on her. "I hope the same."
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin smiled hugging her and pulling her up so he could kiss her
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): She winced abit at moveing but returned the kiss eagerly, her hands on his shoulder.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: "I'm sorry, I was to rough wasn't I?" Justin asked seeing her wince.
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): "No, Im just a weakling." She said with a drowsy giggle. "I told you, you were perfect." She insisted and cuddled closer, ignoreing the pain in her every limb.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: "No, i was rough, and your more perfect than me" Justin said stroking her cheek
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): "No, you were amazing trust me." she insisted, smileing at his touch which sent tremors down her weakened body, "Anyways your worth any pain.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: "I'll try to be.. less rough next time" he smiled.
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): "Rough isnt bad, actually its amazeing." She argued though her eyes were closed. "I love you.." She whispered.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: "I love you to" Justin said staring into her eyes, and kissing her again
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): Nixy returned the kiss intensely, parting her lips abit and running the edge of her tounge across his bottom lip sentially. (Arent they so cute together!? lol)
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: "Don't turn me on again" He chuckled then kissed her intensly again.
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): She kissed him backwith bliss, leaning forward and intensifying the kiss abit.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin wrapped his arms around her putting her on top of him kissing back strongly
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): nixy leaned into the kiss, likeing the roughness of it, her fingers trailing up and down his chest in pleasure of the moment.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin kissed intensly still his hands going down to her (*Coughlowerarea*)
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): Nixys hand wandered lower as she let her tounge slide across his lips as if pleading to deepen the kiss, ignoreing the screams of agony her body declared.
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: Justin continued kissing her deep. 'three?" he asked between kiss a
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): "Mhmmm" she murmmerred, her fingers strokeing (Downthere)lol
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: (LOL get on messenger))
<<Skip scene?>>
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): (Messenger or skip?)
CasamaiSonichi / Justin Fetting: ,<XD>>

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