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Roleplay - Venomouse (Need Guy!!) by Phoenix (Nixy) / kat12

Phoenix is not even close to normal, her twisted past makeing her abit edgy. She is a major raver. Its a good day as nixy calls it when she meets the new boy at one of the raver parties. Hes not normal either.. He has an anger issue that he calls the venom though he is not mean to her, only when she does something that REALLY ticks him off. The point is hes dangerouse but he also has a sweet, intense careing side that only nixy has truly seen. Is it love?? Then there nixys best friend since she was ten, hes gay which is not really a suprise considering the crazy people she hangs with. Though he was with her the day she found her meth head dad with slit wrist and a knife shoved threw her mothers chest on the kitchen floor. Her brother is a tough guy kind of guy, being the oldest of the two.. He is VERY protective of his little sister and somewhat of a legend around town. His sister nixy has problems, he knows that but nothing a few meds cant fix, the deaths caused these problems. Hes seen her when she has a breakdown and its not pretty so when the new guy waltzes in to their life hes not so sure about him or how he will affect his sister fragile sanity. NIxy has an assortment of friends, from gang bangers, to pot heads they come in all shapes and sizes some closer to her than others. Life for nixy and the others is gonna take a twist join us for the ride..

Roleplay Details

best friend guy-Name: Sumomo Tori(Last name, First name)
Age: 16
New guy-
other friends-
1.Age: 16
Gender: female
Mitzuki (a.k.a. Mitz) was abandoned by her parents at 6. Ever since then she has been skipped from one foster family to the next each one saying she is too much for them to handle. Mitz goes with the flow but when she says something she means it. Mitz is also very protective of her friends.
Regular rules apply, your post MUST be more than two sentences long. Make it detailed and entertaining. This should be fun!! :)


kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): Nixy sat on the towering hill, watching the variouse teens go and come, scattering throughout the party and banging their heads to the pounding music that floated around them. A small smile formed on her lips, her painted fingernails tapping against the withering grass, sparks seething from her cigg. She sighed and threw the malbaro to the side, stomping on it with her combat boot to extinguish the flame that still budded at the end. Her startleing green eyes were lined with thick eyeliner and variouse shades of eyeshadow, her thick black lashes finishing the edgy look off. It all whent perfect with her black and purple chained mini skirt with matching corseted top, combat boots, black celtic cross choker, and fishnets, not to mention the black fingerless gloves that covered the tatto that curved delicately on her wrist.She stood and started down the hill the crowd of people welcomeing her into their intricate tarrot as if she belonged with them, melded into their danceing forms. She stopped at the edge, looking at each face with curiousity at what secrets they hid behind their hazy eyes.
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): (Ok you all can make your intro while we wait for the guy!)
xxemowolfxx / Mitzuki: Mitz looked around at the party and banging her head with the music. Then she grabs a beer and walks around the room with the beer in one hand and hitting guys and girls on the butts as she walks by them. She smiles at their reactions and winks at them.
YukinoDarkness / Sumomo Tori (Plum Bird): <<Hai!<<
Tori leaned against the drink table, running a hand through his dark purple hair.
"Where is that girl?" he muttered to himself, fiddling with his hot pink ribbon bracelet, his magenta eyes scanning the probably high alcohol induced teens meshing and girating like no tomorrow. The air was stuffy and clingly, clearly adding to the wid atmosphere.
'Really, why do I come to these things?' he asked himself as he peeked at the punch, that was probably spike.
&Because you're BFF wanted to come and you can't say no to her& his subconcious replied. He blew a lock of hair out of his face.
'Right on the money...'
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): Nixy spotted tori, a excentric smile graceing her lips. She raced forward, tackle hugging him in hopes he would fall but found that highly doubtful considering she only weighed 92 lbs. She giggled, "Ive been looking everywere for you!" she admitted , giveing him a playful shove. "Were have you been hideing?" she asked, glad she had remebered to take her meds without his reminder.
xxemowolfxx / Mitzuki: Mitz sits down on the couch listening to music and breathing in the smoke filled air. Then a guy sits next to her and pins her down to the couch and starts to kiss her, but she knocks him off of her. As she stands up so does he and he grabs her again so she gives him a right hook to the chin and then leaves.
YukinoDarkness / Sumomo Tori (Plum Bird): Tori huffed.
"Waiting for you Late-arella." he replied, before he eyed her up and down and couldn't help but smile. "Nice outfit Nix-chan! You look great! The boys are going to be all over you." he complimented, leting a figner trace her tatoo-he wasn't sure it was fake and hoped it was-.
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): "No way tori-chan, the boys are all out for you!" she tases, "And yes its real." she said with a sarcastic roll of her eyes, her gaze locked on the drunk acting girl, "Who is she?" the petite girl asked quitely, smirking abit as she punched the guy.
YukinoDarkness / Sumomo Tori (Plum Bird): Tori waved a hand dismissively.
"You know that no guy here besides me is gay, Nix-chan." his eyes then widened and he groaned. "Your skin! Your beautiful skin! Now if you get tired of it, you'll never get it off!" he dramatized, before he cut the act and looked towards where Nixy was staring.
"Meh." he shrugged, before he winced at the punch. "Oooh... That's gotta hurt. I'm really sure who she is. I've never seen her before."
xxemowolfxx / Mitzuki: Mitz looks at her hand in disgust and wipes it off on her skirt. She mumbles under breath "Dumbass." she then takes out a flask she brought, but it was not alchohol in it, but green tea. Then she looks around the room for something to do.
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): "Oh dont be a drama queen!" she said playfully. She winced abit as the guy fell. Today was the anniversary of her parents deat, no matter how hard she tried to forget it. The memories washed over her and she looked dazed, thankful she had taken her meds.
YukinoDarkness / Sumomo Tori (Plum Bird): Tori, seeing that Nixy's eyes had gotten glossy, laid a hand on her shoulder.
"Hey, Nix-chan, it's okay." he said gently, letting his other hand hold one of hers.
<<g2g be back on soon once a computer opens up<<
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): (Okies) Nixy inhaled sharply his voice bringing her back, "Ya..." she muttered trying to shake the feeling of utter doom from herself. "Sorry bad moment.." she informed sadly. She had those alot lately.
xxemowolfxx / Mitzuki: Mitz stretches as she walks around the room and sees an extremely hot guy on the ass. The guy turned around and she winked as she walked off and stated to laugh.
YukinoDarkness / Sumomo Tori (Plum Bird): <<back!<<
Tori smiled sadly.
"It's okay, Nix-chan. It's understandable." a few second of silence passed. "So... Everyone's proabably hammer beyond the limit, ne?" he said, trying to lighten the mood.
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): Nix sighed and nodded, smileing shakily at him, "Ya wasted arent they, there is no decent guys that I can see anyway." she said with a cute pout. "What do you think?"
xxemowolfxx / Mitzuki: Mitz walks up to the punch bowl and grabs a cup but sniffs it before she takes a drink. Her face scrunches up in disgust as she puts the cup back down on the table and looking for some other sober people.
YukinoDarkness / Sumomo Tori (Plum Bird): Tori chuckled.
"Frankly, I think I'd rather date a skunk than be with these losers."
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): "Agreed!" she said with a laugh, spotting the girl that had punched the man and cowering behind tori in instict. "Thats the girl that punched that guy!" she whispered loudly.
xxemowolfxx / Mitzuki: Mitz turns her head towards a girl cowering behind a guy staring right at her. She then says loud enough for both of them to hear. "I knew I was scary, but not that much..." she looks the other way with sadness in her eyes.
YukinoDarkness / Sumomo Tori (Plum Bird): Tori looked at Nixy and raised an eyebrow, before he looked back to the girl.
"Hey, you're not scary."
xxemowolfxx / Mitzuki: Mitz raises an eyebrow in reaction. "Well your friend seems to think so."
YukinoDarkness / Sumomo Tori (Plum Bird): Tori shook his head.
"No, of course she doesn't." he gave Nixy a look. "Right?"
xxemowolfxx / Mitzuki: "Do not make her lie to make me feel better." Mitz says as she takes a swig from her flask.
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): "N....no....n..not scary.." she said quitely... looking away ashamed by her actions, "Sorry, off day.." she explained realizeing afterwards that the girl would not understand.
xxemowolfxx / Mitzuki: "I know how you feel hun." Mitz says as she looks at the ground with a blank expression then snaps out of it looks back up at the two and smiles softy.
YukinoDarkness / Sumomo Tori (Plum Bird): Tori sighed.
"Please don't be sad. I'm Tori, and this is Nixy, but I call her Nix-chan. What's your name?" he asked, offering her a hand.
kat12 / Phoenix (Nixy): NIxy focused on a spot on the ground, staying silent as she was far to embarresed and abit frightened tospeak. She was never really social when she got in these moods but she was thankful she had her bestiee there to cover for her.
xxemowolfxx / Mitzuki: "Ok. My name is Mitzuki, but everyone calls me Mitz." She sad smiling softly again.
YukinoDarkness / Sumomo Tori (Plum Bird): Tori smiled back.
"That's a great name."
xxemowolfxx / Mitzuki: She lightly blushed. "Thanks hun."
YukinoDarkness / Sumomo Tori (Plum Bird): <<...I don't know what to do next...<<

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