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same as the old ESC
(Pic http://i77.photobucket.com/albums/j68/Keon2205/2a9wltv.jpg?t=1261204945)

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Zadokya / Tim Reshen: Eh I no longer really care for ES but in all of my work and stuff i did open a Art/Story/Rp/Anime Forum only for side stuff.
Nothing big or anything as far as I plan.
http://tolkensplayland.freeforums.org/index.php Check it?
kilik / K i l i k: Hmm.. Not bad. Not bad at all
Zadokya / Tim Reshen: Lol its not good XD its a quick fourm and i am going to change anyways, Just want people to start to join or there would be no point in changing if no one is in it ya kno? XD
saika / .Sai: Don't join his forum, those things die faster than a fruit fly.
Zadokya / Tim Reshen: Yea yea wtf ever Saika just cuz ur hating dont influence others.
And no i helped C_Loveless last as long as i could. And! I have also help create, mod, disign many other RP sites that last over a year long.
Zadokya / NInja Master Keon: U SAW NOTHING!!!!
SeantheFox908 / Jin sung (older): yes i did >.>..
Zadokya / NInja Master Keon: NOOOOO!!!!!
TasteMyRainbow: HEY!
SaralynnCurtis / Repo Dyakonu-Fallen: It's no use Jacey-Facey... No one comes here anymore.
Sinkaiyen / Sin Kaiyen: lolz sean your using my pic! only... different? lmao nice edit ^^
KateWatkins / Derik: Hey all
NevaehsNovember / Ariealih: Hello everyone of ES. *smiles*
Sinkaiyen / Sin Kaiyen: Hey *smiles back*
NevaehsNovember / Ariealih: I see the ES chat is dead. *sighs*
I'm Nevaeh. *attempts to smile*
Sinkaiyen / Sin Kaiyen: *nods* Sin... or Crimson... whichever is fine with me...
NevaehsNovember / Ariealih: Hmmm. Crimson? I'll stick to that one. *smiles*
What's up?
Sinkaiyen / Sin Kaiyen: Nothing much just trying to find people from this ES. Seems its dead right now
NevaehsNovember / Ariealih: Ah! I know right. I miss the old people.
KateWatkins / Erick: I miss my old rp buddies :(
NevaehsNovember / Ariealih: I'm sorry.
KateWatkins / Erick: They are on the new rp site, but they have not been on for like 100 days
CrimsonDeath / Rin Kaiyen: Don't be (lmao this is Sinkaiyen btw. this is my second account. Sin was my third)
NevaehsNovember / Ariealih: Wait, are you the Kate Watkins aswell?
KateWatkins / Erick: Me? Yeah. I kept my screenname
NevaehsNovember / Ariealih: Oh okay sorry I mixed the two of you up. I'm not functioning correctly today. *laughs*
KateWatkins / Erick: Ha that's fine XD
Sinkaiyen / Sin Kaiyen: oh-kay then...
NevaehsNovember / Ariealih: Ahh. I haven't roleplayed in atleast a good year or so..
KateWatkins / Erick: Same here!
NevaehsNovember / Ariealih: It's a shame.
ES has been invaded with the younger generation who thinks Twilight is cool and shat. -_-
Sinkaiyen / Sin Kaiyen: then maybe you should rp? just saying there's three people here *shrugs*
NevaehsNovember / Ariealih: True, Cromson.
Hmmm, but if I was to roleplay I want it to be something serious.
You know?
KateWatkins / Erick: Gotta love Twilight, Not!
NevaehsNovember / Ariealih: I was going to say Kate.. Haha. Thank god you're not a Twilight fan. *chuckles*
Sinkaiyen / Sin Kaiyen: Yeah I know *smiles lightly* I can be serious
nice one Kate
NevaehsNovember / Ariealih: Alright Crimson, lets do it. *smiles*
Uhmm. Is there a certain roleplay or what?
KateWatkins / Erick: I read the boks before they were popular, but I am not obsessed. The books were fine, but once all teenage girls fell in love with Rob Pattinson I was done. Kristen Stewart was like my fav actress and then she became Bella.....
NevaehsNovember / Ariealih: Same here, Kate.
I haven't actually read the books though.
Sinkaiyen / Hiroshi Kitsuya: Anything you want (what do I call you btw?)
yea twilight just quit for me after the movie came out. read all but the last book before then and then afterwards i never bothered to finish.
KateWatkins / Derik: My real name is actually Kirsten, but Kate was short and sweet XD
Sinkaiyen / Shayou: kewl. So I have Kate and ?
NevaehsNovember / Ariealih: Call me Navaeh.
Or were you refering to when we roleplay?
I'll call you Kristen *smiles*
Sinkaiyen / Shayou: just in General. When we roleplay I think I'll be using ur charries name.
so anything you want to roleplay?
NevaehsNovember / Ariealih: Jade is my real name. >.<
Alright. Uhmm, no, nothing in particular.
KateWatkins / Derik: VAMPIRES! Just kidding XD
Sinkaiyen / Shayou: I think I like Jade ^^
and Kristen
lolz my real name is James
same here.
I hope I get bit! XD NOT!!!
KateWatkins / Derik: K-I-R-S-T-E-N not Kristen
Sinkaiyen / Shayou: lmao i know. i spelt it wrong sorry
I do that sometimes when I think ahead of what I can type lol
NevaehsNovember / Ariealih: So sorry Kirsten. I typed it too fast. My fault.
James? Okay *smiles lightly*
KateWatkins / Derik: So if I get lost I am sorry. I am switching inbetween sites XD
Sinkaiyen / Shayou: Yeah *smiles back a little*
NevaehsNovember / Ariealih: Let me make a character for the to roleplay.
Sinkaiyen / Shayou: kay depending I might switch to my other account (Crimsondeath)
both accounts are full of different characters
KateWatkins / Derik: *runs into the room* Back! Oh and if you guys happen to go on the new es I need some help in my RP Mistaken and Misunderstood
Sinkaiyen / Shayou: Kay *nods twice* well I'm on it now
pm me my user on there is (CrimsonShadow)
NevaehsNovember / Aileh: Which picture fits her name, this one or..
NevaehsNovember / Aileh: this one.
Sinkaiyen / Shayou: hmm.... not sure. I'd say the first but...
(damnit... i have twenty minutes left... at the public library. only way i can get on till my laptop gets fixed. either this or at my cousins. think ill go there here in a few hours. i guess if you want go ahead and make the rp and pm me the link. ill make sure to get on as soon as i can)
NevaehsNovember / Aileh: Ah. I haven't made one in a year. *sigh*
ALright I'll see what I can do.
KateWatkins / Derik: I like the second one miself
Sinkaiyen / Shayou: Eh they're both really good ^^ Like the second one too. didnt know which one to say though is why i said the first lol. well ill try and be back on here soon. until then have fun. and pm me the link after you've made it ^^ thnk chu
bai!!! *waves before poofing*
NevaehsNovember / Aileh: Bye, Crimson.
Kirsten would you like to come up with a roleplay with me? *smiles*
KateWatkins / Derik: Sure :) your picture drives me wacko XD
NevaehsNovember / Aileh: Haha, how is that?
KateWatkins / Derik: All the little colored dots, I don't know where to look
SaralynnCurtis / Repo Dyakonu-Fallen: It was actually semi-active in here today... This shocks me.
SaralynnCurtis / Repo Dyakonu-Fallen: I guess since no one's here, I'll put a story up.
I was just reading the Outsiders, for the millionth time, and I saw where Ponyboy says that Sodapop works full time, and Steve works part time, so then I started thinking What does Sodapop do when Steve isn't there? And well.. here's my opinion. :)
Standing behind the register at the DX, not another soul in sight, I started wishing that Steve were here with me. He only worked part-time, so I was here alone a lot. I usually had cars to work on to keep me busy, but today, I had finished fixing two broken fluid lines in an hour's time, currently leaving me with no entertainment except standing behind a counter all day. How fun... I thought miserably.
If Steve was here, we could talk, drink Pepsi's and wisecrack for a while, but he was off for the day, goin' to see a movie with Two-Bit and Ponyboy.
Man, what I'd give to be with them right now; it's Tuesday, which means pretty much nobody's gonna come to the DX. (Tuesdays were always boring, so Greasers go to places like the movies, and Socs like to have beer blasts.)
I ran my fingers through my freshly-greased hair and sighed. I just had to do something! I couldn't sit there doing nothing for very long, so I glanced around the station and searched for something - anything - to cure my massive case of boredom.
My eyes finally fell on a radio, sitting on the end of the counter next to a rack of bubble gum. I walked over to it, and switched it on.
"...in other news..." A talk show host's voice filled the empty store, startling me for a second. I went to the next station, hearing a male country singer's voice. I wasn't diggin' country music at the moment, so I moved on to the next station in hopes of finding a good song.
"TAKE THOSE OLD RECORDS OFF THE SHELF!" blared out of the radio. I grinned. Now this, I can work with. I backed away from the radio, and quickly slipped my shoes off. I counted to three, and took off running down the candy aisle. After a few steps, I started sliding, the end result being me falling flat on my butt.
I stood up, laughing, to find that I had knocked over a rack of magazines. I didn't bother picking them up; I'd do it later. I slid back to the still blaring radio, this time finishing on my feet thankfully. Since I've always hated wearing shoes, I left them off as I ran to the back of the store, into a little room with cleaning supplies, and grabbed a broom.
"I sit and listen to 'em by myself," I sang along with the radio, as I danced with the broom down another aisle. Twisting it around, I made up my own moves, matching them to the rhythm of the song. After a moment, that got old, and I dropped the broom down beside my shoes. I searched around for something - anything - to use for a guitar. Finding nothing, I decided that my air guitar was the only choice. I started running down the aisle's, playin' my imaginary guitar like a pro, and then I sat down on a swivel chair behind the cash register, bangin' on my air drums and yelling "THAT OLD TIME ROCK AND ROLL! YEAH!"
Man, had this day turned around! I ran out from behind the counter and danced around, again with moves I had made up. Some matching the rhythm, and some not. I closed my eyes and sang along loudly with the radio, just havin' myself a good ol' time. I stopped dancing as the song ended, to catch my breath. Leaning over, grinning, I was thankful that some of the time had past. I was standing up, to go turn the radio off, when I spotted them.
Two-bit, Steve, and Ponyboy were all standing in the doorway, mouths opened in an 'O' shape, staring at me.
"Er..." I mumbled, feeling my cheeks get hot. Two-bit, of course, was the first to bust out laughing. I looked down, trying to come up with some explanation. Instead, I came up with a question.
"How long have y'all been... watching me?" I asked nervously.
"Ever since you knocked down the magazines, wise-guy," Steve said, before he and Ponyboy joined in with Two-Bit's laughing at me."
"What in the world were you doin'?" Pony asked me, with wide eyes..
"I, uh..." Glory, was this embarrassing!
"Do you always do that when I'm not here?" Steve asked. I shook my head, making my way over to the magazines I had knocked over.
"Of course not, man. I was just.. really bored," I said, my tone defensive.
"Aw, c'mon Steve! Don't act like you don't do the same thing!" Two-bit said. Steve's cheeks turned bright red before he said,
"I do not!"
Ponyboy came over, and helped me pick up the magazines. "Man, you gotta teach me some of those moves," he said between laughs. I had to laugh too.
I had to laugh too as I replied, "Sure, man. Sure." A commercial had just finished on the radio, and another song was starting. Me, Steve, and Ponyboy all turned to look at the radio, and found a pretty scary sight.
"BORN TO BE WIIIILD!" Two-bit yelled, twisting in circles with the broom in his hand.
I shook my head, laughing, and Steve grinned briefly before hollering, "So that's where Soda learned it from!"
h3 End.
Sinkaiyen / Shayou: Nice Repo
Sinkaiyen / Sin Kaiyen: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
Sinkaiyen / Sin Kaiyen: and this is me... signing off
thelastman / Sai,: yOI
alyssafrench16 / Lyss: *sighs* I don't know why I keep logging onto this site. I guess I'm just looking for a familiar face. In this familiar place. But through all my searching, I still can't find what I'm looking for.
darkpix123 / Agian Whinnd: I miss this ES. It makes me sad.
extrEMO / ExtrEMO: God I'm so late. its been at least a year since I've been on ES. I lost all my friends probably and I miss this site so much =(
Sarah Black / Macy Mae: it's still here. just with less people :)
extrEMO / ExtrEMO: yea i guess thats true, but all my old friends are more than likely gone. Eh, its just an opportunity to make new ones i guess ^^
Sarah Black / Macy Mae: That's what I was thinking * sticks out hand* I am sarah black, and welcome back... to the old ES :)
extrEMO / ExtrEMO: Why thats nice of you *takes hand* Thanks for having me here, I'm extremo, most (used to) call me ext, hombre, or aku back when I was on here during school every day ^^
Sarah Black / Macy Mae: Very nice, yeah I have been a member for very close to 4 years.
extrEMO / ExtrEMO: I've been here for about... 3 or so I do beleive, but I'll say 2 active years. I'm currently trying to get back into my poetry for this site, but I may have lost the knack for it.
Sarah Black / Macy Mae: I was always a writer, I suck at poetry XP well I guess I have a few good pieces but one of my favorites I can recite from heart
extrEMO / ExtrEMO: Thats cool ^^ I've always been a poet but when it comes to writing stuff for school and whatnot I fail miserably.
Sarah Black / Macy Mae: yeah so do I, I love reading like crazy. I read tons every chance I get. and I write on here and I do, do some story writing but it sucks for school horribly sucks
extrEMO / ExtrEMO: My school sucks so badly. >.> I read a lot too. Luckily I never got into the twilight saga ^^
Sarah Black / Macy Mae: OMG I love those books!! what kind of books do you like?
extrEMO / ExtrEMO: I like Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Eragon, and I just bought a new series but haven't had time to read it yet. The Mortal Instruments Trilogy ^^
So i guess the KIND of books I like are action/fantasy
Sarah Black / Macy Mae: noticed, I havn't read any of those yet, I have however seen the percy movie, and I never read or saw eragon.
extrEMO / ExtrEMO: The movie was terrible compared to the books, for eragon and percy jackson. If I had to choose though, I'd read Percy Jackson first, because it has 9 books vs 3 ^^
Sarah Black / Macy Mae: that's true i am reading a vampire series right now that is not very well known but I like it. I'm only on the second book.
extrEMO / ExtrEMO: What's the series? I've probably heard of it. I have some obsessed friends who love vampires so much they used to go into the parking lot and try to attract one at school >.> It was very awkward lol
Sarah Black / Macy Mae: It's called the riley jenson guardian series
extrEMO / ExtrEMO: uhh... whats the cover of the book look like lol
PaintedSkin / Destiny And Calin: Umm Hello? :)
I've read that book :)
Sarah Black / Macy Mae: I am only on the second one, but there pretty good, hello painted
PaintedSkin / Destiny And Calin: Hello :)
Call me Destiny or Calin xD
lol Their pretty good.
Though I'm a fan of the Life of Sookie Stackhouse
And Your Sarah :)
extrEMO / ExtrEMO: Hey painted, how are you doing?
Sarah I might have to read those.
extrEMO / ExtrEMO: Unfortunately, I have to go to bed. IT's near 10:30 where I live and my mom is nagging. Hopefully I'll see you all soon. Goodnight ^^
PaintedSkin / Destiny And Calin: (r Good Night and Pleasure to meet you ) *Waves bye*
Sarah Black / Macy Mae: Your an hour a head of me, good night ext!
and yeah I just started watching true blood a few weeks ago. I am on the second episode of season 3, watching them online but I can't get that one to work :(
PaintedSkin / Destiny And Calin: (r The show is awesome! )
I seen every episode. People always ask me how it ends in the book. The season three Ending is wow. xD
*rubs the back of my head*
I feel like a dork now Haha...
So Miss Sarah How are you this lovely evening :)
I got my episodes on WatchTv.Com
and WatchTrueblood for free online search..
Sarah Black / Macy Mae: Casue I have been using blogspot which has worked pretty well, I will check out your website.
I have a friend who started reading the books, but I'm not so sure I will.
after seeing the vampire diaries I read the books and wished I hadn't they weren't as good as the show I think. then again I read a book and say the movie isn't the best haha
PaintedSkin / Hollin Lucks: The Books are never as good as the movies.
I read Pilliars of the Earth the watched the show and was all TOM DIES!?!?!
That does happen in the books :(
lol Idk If you like the show alot. don't read the book. But I enjoy reading and writing so I do both.
Sarah Black / Macy Mae: nice, and yeah I like books better then the movies all the time, htat's just how it is. and there are reasons for it.
PaintedSkin / Hollin Lucks: Books go more in detailed. Movies just get the basics.
Hey think anyone would join a roleplay about a man with a child? I am wanting to make a roleplay about it. But idk if anyone will join it...
Sarah Black / Macy Mae: *shrugs* not sure, although I love the guy in your picture, very cute ;)
and yeah I love how books have more description, I mean movies have a time limit sure but still, leaving out huge parts, and changing the ending? I don't think so!
PaintedSkin / Hollin Lucks: Exactly! My favorite book they cut out characters and changed the ending. I watched it and just was like "They don't get married!" Movies like Happy Romantic endings to much >3> *shrugs*
Thanks He looks like the caring soft type yet can be strong too :)
Sarah Black / Macy Mae: Interesting, what exactly was the idea of your roleplay?
and yeah All of the nicholas sparks books have been turned into pretty good movies.
PaintedSkin / Hollin Lucks: Haha I just made it if u wanna check it out.
I'm not the greatest at plots, but I'm an amazing Roleplayer :)
Yes I agree with that one :)
Sarah Black / Macy Mae: it's interesting. not sure if it's what I'm in the mood for, I'll think it over
PaintedSkin / Hollin Lucks: :P
No one likes my roleplays xD
Oh well.
I'm bored and wanting to roleplay with Hollin..
Sarah Black / Macy Mae: *walks in* good morning everyone who is here:)
PaintedSkin / Hollin Lucks: *smiles, and bows* Good Morning Miss Sarah :)
I'm Here for a sort time :)
Sarah Black / Macy Mae: I'm going to spanish
d1gn17y / .Taylor.: hey!
Sarah Black / Macy Mae: Hi
PaintedSkin / Hollin Lucks: (r Taylor For our rp. the picture you picked is beautiful :])
d1gn17y / .Taylor.: Why thank you =D post when you're ready I'm on for a few hours! =D
PaintedSkin / Hollin Lucks: (r I'll post tonight G2g now :[ Good bye)
d1gn17y / .Taylor.: alright well i'm in England so will post when I get up in the morning
d1gn17y / Fran ((me)): anyone here?
d1gn17y / Fran ((me)): hey painted u here?
PaintedSkin / Hollin Lucks: (b Yes I'm trying to think of what to post )
d1gn17y / Fran ((me)): ok cool
Sarah Black / Macy Mae: good morning :)
d1gn17y / Fran ((me)): afternoon =) x
Sarah Black / Macy Mae: how are you ?
d1gn17y / Fran ((me)): fine thanks hun and yourself x
Sarah Black / Macy Mae: pretty good :) woke up to thunderstorms and am gonna go shopping in a bit
d1gn17y / Fran ((me)): that sounds fun x
Sarah Black / Macy Mae: oh it will be :) you and I should do a roleplay.
d1gn17y / Fran ((me)): that would be cool
Sarah Black / Macy Mae: That would be, I am leaving to go shopping in a few minutes. so I will be back on in a few hours, I will think of some ideas:)
KarloZ / Veritas: This is the most alive this place has been in a long while.
d1gn17y / Fran ((me)): Hi Karloz =D
Sarah Black / Macy Mae: KARLOZ!!!! *TACKLES*
d1gn17y / Fran ((me)): haha i think he left!
KarloZ / Veritas: I did left! I did right though. And so here I am. *Smiles* Hey Franny, I havent seen you in like ages. Sorry about that btw. You're looking good!
Am I still tackled since I left?
d1gn17y / Fran ((me)): =D it's alright.
I know a took a very LONG break from ES...had a lot of blanks. Thanks Karloz =D
Sarah Black / Macy Mae: Yes your still tackled !! Did you get my pm
KarloZ / Veritas: Yes'm. *Smiles* A friend of mine was dating an English dude while he was here, he went back to London two weeks ago, so I've been actually talking about you quite a bit lately. Weird, right? And so did I, I only started posting again this week, I usually check my PMs often though.
KarloZ / Veritas: Ok! *ish tackled* Good then. ANd on here? Sent it after I got on? Cause I replied to one earlier
d1gn17y / Fran ((me)): you've been talking about me?
really? haha =]
Sarah Black / Macy Mae: I just replied like 10-20 minutes ago
KarloZ / Veritas: Yep ^^. *Chuckles* More often than not about how I rarely had an idea of what you were saying though so dont get giddy! *Chuckles* No, good things. HOw's school or work or whatever it is you're doing?
d1gn17y / Fran ((me)): that is true =D University now =D it's great really great! did you go back to school?
KarloZ / Veritas: Really? Nice, are you still teaching? What are you doing in U? And... well, kinda. That same friend and I are trying to keep each other in school. I dropped one clas though so now Im just taking a piano class and a circuit training class. Gotta start somewhere, I guess.
Sarah Black / Macy Mae: * pouts*
d1gn17y / Fran ((me)): It's great that you're doing that though =D
Ye I love teaching...taking a break from working in a school while I'm at university. I'm studying History and Sociology =D loving it!
KarloZ / Veritas: Nice, those do sound interesting. Will you go back to teaching something in that field after you'r edone studying? And thanks.
D'awww, im sorry, Sarah. I just cant imagine when I'd have the time or will.
d1gn17y / Fran ((me)): Oh deffinately I'm training in teaching after my degree =D
Sarah Black / Macy Mae: Don't make me beg karloz. Please please please!!!
d1gn17y / Fran ((me)): What's going on?
KarloZ / Veritas: Nice, I think I would love teaching if I didnt know Id dislike the people I'd have to teach already. I think Id enjoy it though. I dont know what to go for. She always wants to RP and I always say maybe or ok, but then I always end up not doing it cause Im a big jerk -.- I dont enjoy it.
Sarah Black / Macy Mae: You don't enjoy rping?
d1gn17y / Fran ((me)): ahhh roleplaying is great with the old guys =( miss the old days
KarloZ / Veritas: I havent in a very long time, but thats because I havent done it in a very long time. I just have huge commitment issues.
.... *Crickets*
Sarah Black / Macy Mae: Fine :( I think if you started up iagsin you would like I again. Ans I son care I'd it was snooze a day or post a week it would be good jus to rp with you
KarloZ / Veritas: Haha, the old guys.
d1gn17y / Fran ((me)): I loved rping with you Karloz
Sarah Black / Macy Mae: Tell me I'm wrong. Don't you miss it just blittle
KarloZ / Veritas: We barely ever got to RP, Franny.
You're wrong! You asked me to tell you, so I did. I do miss it a little though.
Sarah Black / Macy Mae: Then just pick it up a little again ..... Please? !!!! You know I'm hard headed and stubborn
d1gn17y / Fran ((me)): I know we barely got to but the last rp I did you joined =] we did a few posts before I left ha
KarloZ / Veritas: -.- I know, you havent descisted (if thats a word) since I met you. Fran, you RPing again?
d1gn17y / Fran ((me)): Ye I am =]
Sarah Black / Macy Mae: She could join th rp too!!!!!
d1gn17y / Fran ((me)): persistant aren't you?
Sarah Black / Macy Mae: * nods* that's me!
KarloZ / Veritas: Yes, yes she is. Well what kinda RP would it be?
Sarah Black / Macy Mae: I don't know I was thinking something romance. Anything you two want?
KarloZ / Veritas: Didn't see that coming. Haha, I dont know, I dont really have anything in mind. Brb, laundry.
d1gn17y / Fran ((me)): that's the usual topic that's why haha! remember the good old days where romance never even came into the plot! alright hun
Sarah Black / Macy Mae: Anything you want Fran?
d1gn17y / Fran ((me)): erm...not sure
Sarah Black / Macy Mae: We could do a mystery or something Idk I really want to replay though
KarloZ / Veritas: Yeah, good times. Back!
d1gn17y / Fran ((me)): =]
d1gn17y / Fran ((me)): =]
KarloZ / Veritas: ^_^
d1gn17y / Fran ((me)): missed you
KarloZ / Veritas: Im sorry, I've missed you too. I see you around here and there. Facebook, when I get on. Chatango thingy.
Sarah Black / Macy Mae: I just chill in the shadows most tomes around es
d1gn17y / Fran ((me)): =] I'm glad you decided to talk x
KarloZ / Veritas: Nuh uh you dont, I see you RP aorund a lot! *ChuckleS*
*Hugs back (I think?)* Good. I tossed a coin, hehe.
d1gn17y / Fran ((me)): thanks lol
Sarah Black / Macy Mae: Eh nothing good though because everyone is lousy rpers
KarloZ / Veritas: Haha well I dont know which the x is!
KarloZ / Veritas: That's true.
d1gn17y / Fran ((me)): it doesn't matter
KarloZ / Karloz Krow: You're right, it doesnt.
*Checks picture*
d1gn17y / Fran ((me)): I think I might gooooo
Sarah Black / Macy Mae: Why?
KarloZ / Karloz Krow: Isnt it super late in England? I think that might be why. And Im just waiting for ya'all to come up with an idea.
d1gn17y / Fran ((me)): Nah it's only 9:45pm =] just bored is all
KarloZ / Karloz Krow: Arent you past your curfew?! Yeah I agree though. I might go too. Things to do, time to waste.
Sarah Black / Macy Mae: I wa thinking of redoing the broken black rose inn but that's so Olathe I'm not sure anyone would want todo it
d1gn17y / Fran ((me)): curfew? hahaha you're joking right?
KarloZ / Karloz Krow: True. See, honey? RPing just doesnt hook me anymore.
Sarah Black / Macy Mae: Yeah I see
d1gn17y / Fran ((me)): it does to me if the story line is like WOW
KarloZ / Karloz Krow: I most certainly am NOT joking, missy! Into them pretty PJs and under your blankets now!
KarloZ / Karloz Krow: Same, I guess. But I still wouldnt stick around.
d1gn17y / Fran ((me)): I will NOT! haha =]
Sarah Black / Macy Mae: Nice picture karloz. An it's just a bar/ inn rp kind or make up the stirrings as you go
KarloZ / Karloz Krow: You rebel! Thank you, it looked batter sideways for some reason.
d1gn17y / Fran ((me)): me a rebel?
hey you know I split with Dan like a month after I moved in with him he's a c**k
KarloZ / Karloz Krow: Yeah, you should be riding Harleys and wearing leather jackets you're such a rebel. *Smiles*\
Really? No, I didnt know that. I think I remember having thought he was a dick, though. I mean a cunt. England. Tea. Hehe, awesome.
d1gn17y / Fran ((me)): Ye he got a bit...well won't bore you into the details but moved in and a month later we split and I had a broken bedroom door broken belongings and no car so I had to move back
KarloZ / Karloz Krow: Wait, you moved back in with him. And let me guess, violent? Handsy? Lazy? Douchebaggy? I bet a little of all.
d1gn17y / Fran ((me)): well...just after we stopped talking I found a house when we were seeing each other and he moved in with me and I had to split up with him a month later...ye sort of
KarloZ / Karloz Krow: ... Id say Im sorry it didnt work out, but Im... not. I think you deserve better.
d1gn17y / Fran ((me)): i do! =) i've been single for a year
KarloZ / Karloz Krow: Yay! *highfives* Enjoying it?
d1gn17y / Fran ((me)): ye it's great
KarloZ / Karloz Krow: *Nods* Does get lonely but... you know, I've found it better to wait for a god one to come along than jumping on prospects and hope.
d1gn17y / Fran ((me)): ye well i'v got a lifetime
KarloZ / Karloz Krow: Yeah
d1gn17y / Fran ((me)): =)
Sarah Black / Macy Mae: Everyone dissapeared
Sarah Black / Macy Mae: anyone here? I made another rp
KarloZ / Karloz Krow: Lets see it.
Sarah Black / Macy Mae: Ts called an unsuspecting love I was thinking of adding a brother in, wanna join?
d1gn17y / Fran ((me)): rawr
Sarah Black / Macy Mae: Hi
PaintedSkin / Willow Lucks: (r Anyone ) (b Online)
Sarah Black / Macy Mae: I here
iRuska: Grrrrr :)
Sarah Black / Macy Mae: Hello all
Sarah Black / .amelia.: does this work, says it uploaded sucessfully
iRuska: I don't see it Sarah.
Sarah Black / .amelia.: hey!
iRuska: Well hello :)
Sarah Black / .amelia.: how are you :)
iRuska: I'm pretty good. Burning CDs.
Sarah Black / .amelia.: awesome
iRuska: No. Lengthy xD
Sarah Black / .amelia.: haha yeah that is true
iRuska: It's like "I'M GUNNA DRAAAAAG"
Sarah Black / .amelia.: yeah that sucks when it does that
iRuska: Yeah I know right?
Sarah Black / .amelia.: is anyone here?
iRuska: Meeee :)
RiakayaaYumine / Shukia Hitsugaya: h5 (I Pops in) Boo! (I Leaves)
RiakayaaYumine / Roll :D: Does this picture work?
RiakayaaYumine / Yuzukasa Zariachi: Hw about this one?
RiakayaaYumine / Joey :D: I have a character named Joey?
RiakayaaYumine / Axel :D: Ooh... Axel's always nice...
RiakayaaYumine / TenTen :D: What the hell? He had no icture!
RiakayaaYumine / Maylu :D: Aaaaaaand I have a feeling I'm spamming... >.>
RiakayaaYumine / Shukia Sohma: But I haven't been here in forever and I forgot most of these characters :3
RiakayaaYumine / Deidara-sama (girl) :D: ...I think I'll go now... *vanishes*
OperationRepo23 / Bullet Bill (Repo): Don't go! That's the most action the ESC here has had in months! D=
Sarah Black / .amelia.: would anyone be interested in a masquerade roleplay?
OperationRepo23 / Bullet Bill (Repo): I don't know, and the one person who brought life back to the ESC just left us... >.>
OperationRepo23 / Sakura Sohma: Hm...
iRuska: h1 BOO!
Did I scare ya?
cheesypuffeater / Calin..: (bold O.O)
Hey everyone :)
iRuska: h1 HRRRRR :3
cheesypuffeater / Calin..: (bold Calin Iz Hur!!)
(r Tho No one else is :[)
Vermalin / .:Elliana:.: Is there a reason why people still talk in here?
thelastman / Karrin: Yes vermillion, there it is..
Dalex_Raven / SilasXDally (cuddlebuddy): ...
Sarah Black / .amelia.: boo!
extrEMO / ExtrEMO: Bah! Late again, by a whole day. *sigh* Nobody gets on ES anymore. I'm just gonna go crawl in my corner now... and... cry.
extrEMO / ExtrEMO: Wow nobody still on... I DON'T WANT THIS SITE TO DIE!!!
fuzzyapple12 / amber gomez: im on!
Sarah Black / .amelia.: Hello :)
fuzzyapple12 / amber gomez: hi wanna rp
Sarah Black / .amelia.: Depeneds on what it is
Taskaru / Taskaru.: You're an idiot EMO.
thelastman / Karrin: (pic http://i950.photobucket.com/albums/ad341/Xandreau/HoodedCloakFigures.jpg)
Sarah Black / .amelia.: can't see that picture
thelastman / Dejex Barlow raveheart: Damn..
Sakurako / Carter: I kinda miss this place...
extrEMO / ExtrEMO: I miss this place too. Even though you aren't there I'm still gonna reply.
Luna010 / Vidia Lolita: Wow........ so many memories here.... I wish this place didn't go down hill like it did.... I miss my old friends.
damnedone / Angel of Sorrow: quote
Wake up, damn you! Wake up!
KarloZ / Ezequiel: Yeah, it is pretty sad to see how this place just... got abandoned overnight. Its like walking into a big old house where one used to live, or a friend. With a lot of memories, but all the furniture is gone, everything taken off the walls. You can almost see the shaded outlines of things that were never there on the walls and floors. Dust all along the corners. It is pretty sad, now that I think about it. Almost makes me forget how stupid the place got towards the end.
Sarah Black / .amelia.: * plants feet stubbornly* has not been abandoned, I'm still here
thelastman / Axel de Kal: So am I I Grew up here, this is what first got me started. I can not let go of this site! I will post here as often as I can, in hopes that are voices might be heard! I can let this go!!! ARGHHH Wake up damn you wake up! (i Cries out to the skies of heaven.)
thelastman / Axel de Kal: And so after a hundred years of torture, and killing, the king has finally died. Bella, the once beautiful land has been shattered, and never again, shall it know peace again. All notions of truth have been shattered. The once beautiful land of Bella, and the distant land of Alesia, are about to enter into an endless conflict of war. What started out as a slave conflict will now end in a blood bath, filled with blood, loathing, and lost. Now, before I tell you of the fates that befalls Bella, let me tell you about the king of the other land.. His name, Lord Glath, the black-hearted ruler of a distant land that was forgotten by time.
As cold harsh footsteps echo softly across the black halls of the throne rule, a man dress in armor paces up and down the isolated chambers of his castle. This man is holding a red shield that brandishes the Spanish logo on it "La verdad". His hair is a long waterfall of black, and his beard is long and black, like his cold-blooded heart. As he paces back and forth, a knock echoes across the vast silence, piecing it with its softness, that was amplified a thousand times fold. Turning slowly towards the door, a voice of blackness fills up the silent void, as the king speaks.
"Come to me."
Creaking slowly, the door begins to open, as a messenger dress in black rags begins to come running towards the king. As he comes running as fast as he can, he suddenly trips on the black rug, and falls before the king, flat on his face. A sound of pure disgust is ushered from the king's lips, as he spits on the young man. The king doesn't have time for fools, who are pitiful.. He only has time to conquer a land that he has had his eyes on for a very, very, very long time. Smiling only to himself, he began to chuckle darkly, as he began to picture the very thought of a new empire... A new people... For to long, the king had toyed with the ideal of enslaving another race of people, besides his own.. Even though the king was blacker then night, he would never EVER enslave his own people... No, no, the very thought of his people being enslaved brought goose bumps to his skin.
Getting on his knees, the young man begins to bow his head in apology, ashamed of himself for making such a stupid mistake. How could he embarrass himself in front of his benevolent king, who had great compassion for those who served him well? As he bowed his head to the king, he could hear foot-steps walking across the pitch black hall... Opening his eyes, the mans heart froze. (I My lord is blind!?) Thought the man, as he stared up at the king... Yes, it was true, the old man was blind, but yet still, his power was greatly feared across the land.
Upon hear the gasp of the young servant; the king began to speak softly to the young servant. What had he to fear, that his life would be taken by one of such weaker power? After all, the young Lord got what ever he wanted... Just like he wanted the king of Bella dead, so that he could invaded it, without worrying about a revolt, he knew how attached the people of Bella had become to their king, who had rule for a hundred years. Chuckling softly to himself, he began to close his blinded eyes, and began to use his second sight, to peer deep with in the mans soul, as to see if what he had to tell the king was good news, or if it was bad..
Nodding his head greatly, he began to nodded happily as he began to speak to the young servant, who had been spying on him..
"Tell me" Is the king dead?"
"Yes My lord... You where right to send Master Adrien to the lands of Bella, had it been a lesser man, then they would have fell charm to the people's beauty... Ey?" Spoke the young man, as he bowed greatly to him...
"Yes.. Yes they would have." Thought the king, as he spoke again, this time, his voice sounded like the harsh booming of thunder, has it echoed across the vast blackness.
"Go to Adrian, and give him this," Suddenly, a blue and black circle began to encase the king's hand, as the circle grew, so did the light, soon the whole room was filled with a blinding blue light.. Then, as he threw the bluish ball at the man, it turned into a bag that weigh at least sixty pounds. Inside it, was a clicking sound of money, that was like music to the servant ears.
Bowing gracefully to his king, the man did as he was told, and began to rush towards the town of Bella, where he would meet the man.
Rising slowly to his feet, the king began to lift his left hand, high above his head. Chanting a bluish circle began to form behind him. A feeling of pure strength began to fill him, as his black cascading hair began to rise before him. Smiling, he began to stand at attention, with his magical beam sword in-between his legs. Smiling brightly, he began to appear at first, fuzzy towards Adrien, then, he became clear to the young man, as he began to speak to him. Smiling a small smile, the man began to speak to the young boy, as he stared deeply into his eyes. (picr http://www.wired.com/images_blogs/underwire/images/2008/06/06/elf_wizard.jpg)
"Good job Adrien, you have please me well. In two days time, a soldier shall appear to you, and with him, shall be sixty pounds of gold.. You have served me well by killing the king.." spoke the man, as he began to fade away..
As the man faded away, a look of pure calmness washed over him, as he sat back against his chair.. Soon, very soon, a war would brake out... and with the war, he shall obtain a land that he had longed for.., A land that was rich in minerals, and was promise to his people a long, long time ago.. Smiling softly to himself, the king began to let out a very harsh laugh, as he lay back down against the throne. Entomb in a room of complete silence and darkness, the king felt strangely at ease, for their was no one there to disturbed his rest.. Nor were they anyone to tried to kill him For how could someone kill in darkness and silence, only a few, and those were the people who were giving the double edge sword curse/gift of blindness... Softly drifting off the sleep, the king began to dream of his fortunes, and thank the gods, at the gift that was given to him, by the Gods who reign above.
Now, that you've long of why the King was assassinated, let me take you back to the out-skirts of Bella, as the Adrien began to leave.
Anger Flash across the face of Gizu, as he saw what had happen to the King.. The king, a man who had done no wrong, was accused of being a criminal, and then was killed! Clutching his sword, a thought flash briefly through his mind, but then the thought past, he was of Greek descended; he was part of the Aristotles, an ancient group that had roots two thousand years deep inside this country. Gazing at the group of man, who know made his way out of the shadows, the young male decide to follow him. Nodding to his team of assassins, the group of four men began to run hidden deeply in the darkness of the Shadows. As they chase the young man down, so many things flash through his thoughts, as he followed the young man across the land near the forest... He had began to question his loyalty to the original king.. How could a wizen man of hundred and fifty years carry out a crime that could earn him a bounty on his head? It was... impossible... It wasn't possible...
"Stop!" He whispered, as his group landed among the trees. They were hidden high above the land..
A few minutes seemed to pass slowly like hours, as they waited for the man to arrive with the king's body. Revenge was on all of there mind, but know the kings nature, Gizu spoke softly to his men, as they tightly gripped there knives, trying to pinpoint the exact location to kill the man. (I (b Stay calm man Don't shed any blood.. Now!) )
All of a sudden, four men jumped down, and held knives and swords pointed at the man and his group. Speaking softly, Gizu reach for the king's body, holding back the blood-thirsty will kill the damned bastard.
"We are the Aristotles. The Greek protectors of these lands-We will not let the Aristocrats secrets fall into a thief's hands..."
Slowly turning, Gizu turned to look at the man, as he spoke softly again, before leaving him completely alone.
"This man... He wasn't a king, like yours. He was consider a father, he was loved by all who knew him on a personal level.. We, the Aristotles, are the ugliest people to walk across the land, and defying the Laws that were set up for a thousand years, King Austin IX accepted us, even though we didn't deserved it.." spoke the young guard as he turned around, and disappeared with a flash of the smoke bomb.
Carrying the body of the king back into the charred towns, a huge wailed filled up the silence of the town, as the people began to cry, at the sight of their headless frail king, who was now being held in the arms of a mask man… Walking towards the young man, who stood stun, at the events of what happen, they spoke to him. Over-whelm by pure emotions, the young man named Austin, slowly passed out... Shock at what had become of today... His father, whom he had loved, was now and forever... Dead... There was no hope left in the land... His father was gone... Gone... Forever... The Father of the land of Bella was dead, never to be awoken, and never ever to be seen alive again...
Awakening in a golden room, lying on ruby-red carpet, a young man came to... His hair was a tangled mess, and all around him, where people filled with tears that came flowing out of their eyes. A soft sigh came hissing out of the young boy's mouth, as he began to rise slowly to his feet. There was truly nothing left to do... All hope was lost... His father was dead, and now he was... Rising to his feet, he called for Zack, who handed him a red cape. Slowly, he began to walk down the rug, as he neared the throne, a look of fear and raw emotion was drawn upon his face.. So many things.... So many DAMN things, had be taken away from him.. Now, he was expected to become king, and avenged his father's wrongful death? A feeling of deep remorse flowed over him, as he kneel before Gizu, who gave him his father's crown.. Turning around, he could see soldiers dress in armor, waiting to received orders.. They had been no people crying, he was just imagining it.. Or was he? A feeling of confusion tightly wrapped across his mind, as he rested his head inside the palms of his hand... He really was king..
-p 3 years later
For three days, the young man had ridden long and hard on a horse, dressed with in a red gown. His hair whipped wildly around him, as the wind whip him harshly, the young man had to breath slowly, as not to pass out... The wind that wrapped around him was cold and freezing.. It almost chilled him to the bone. In front of him, was a lady, who had come with him, to deliver the massage with him, for she was the only one who knew the way to the kingdom that they were going to. Gasping loudly, the young lady began to speak towards the man, as she looked out across the land, which was now becoming a blur. Looming over them was a black castle that was guarded by six guards, who brandish weapons that they had never seen before.
"Move out the way men! For we bare a massage for your king!" Spoke the girl, as she jump of the horse.
Pull on the reins, the man force the man to pull up, before it stop. Looking desperately at the girl, he was relieved that the young lady was alive. As the young man took a step of the horse, he began to walk towards the guards as they peered harshly at them. Speaking in a gruff voice, one of them spoke..
"Fine, follow me..."
Deep within the castle they were led, into they were led to huge black brass doors. Carved on the black doors, where eyes, that were shut, and a young man's face was shone carved in black.. Knocking at the door, the old man began to Speak in a loud voice, that showed that he was clearly scared of what the King would said... For he was sleeping..
"Sire, I bring thee, messengers.."
(picr http://i474.photobucket.com/albums/rr107/Death749/darkpowers-1.jpg)
Slowly Creaking, the door's open, and out step I The one who knows everything Looking deep with the eyes of the two children, who were shock to see my old wizen face, and dark and grey armor, I could see fear embedded within their eyes. Speaking softly to myself, I began to raise a bluish ball that sprang forth from deep within my palms..
"I shall deliver the scroll to him.. Leave it with me, if you wish to live.." I spoke, as a darken piece of paper appeared in my hands. Mystified as to how I could perform such a wonder, I began to float backwards, as I entered deep within the chambers of the king. Just like him.. I was blind, so in the admist the darkness I also felt calm.
"What does it say?" Asked the king, as he looked deeply into my soul as he possessed the sight that could see the soul, it was gifted that I had long to possessed, but only those who had suffered, could gain it, and I have not suffered like he has.
"It says this.. "(I Thou hast awaken a monster, deep within thine enemies land. I beseeched thee to comply to my wishes. Thou shalt give us thine own corpse, or we shalt take it.. Thine Lordships death wilt cancel out thy debt. Wouldst thou not agree? Please send a reply.")
Huge Laughter echoed through out the empty darkness, as both me and my lord laughed at such stupid..
"It seems like war.. is about to happen" spoke the king, as he looked deeply within my soul
"Ay it is.." I laughed, as I burned the piece of parchment..
alyssafrench16 / Lyss: (#FF0080 What the hell....)
thelastman / Axel de Kal: I don't know Lyss... I just don't fucking know..
Malty: Jesus 0________o
First time ive been here in 179 days and this place is so dead
thelastman / Axel de Kal: Malty, There's a new E.S...
KotaNashi / Rad.: Aw, shucks.
I really miss this place.
alyssafrench16 / Lyss: (#FF0080 Me too. I wish the old members besides myself would log on more often.)
Sarah Black / .amelia.: I'm here at least once a day everday
damnedone / Angel of Sorrow: Cool.
gata: Hi
thelastman / Axel de Kal: Yo..
MissMURDER / Alice-wonderland-: Man you know I still remember like Bluepuppet and everyone that I used to talk to you, had a little group going on, on this site. (I sighs and its in a chair in the empty room) I really hope this gets back to become big again... I really liked it here.....
Imaginth / Vexa: Hi.
Whiplash / Plasmawhip: dsadsa
Kitsuwifey2010 / Noel Christuana: Hello
Kitsuwifey2010 / Kitsune Miciah: Wow so quiet....
eggshells: wow this is still up?
crimson_panda / : h2 HOLY SHIT.
EmiChan / Emi Kasumo: Oh my damn.
Retired / hayters gonna hayte: hell
akarikyuuketsuk / .Miku Hatsune.: I'm afraid so. Jesus I can't believe this chat is even alive as it is right now.
fireflys202 / Mitsuki 768: Hi
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: A little sad, no?
SilentShadow13 / - Beat -: It certainly makes one think...
Dhiamara / .:Dhia:.: "Such a long time since I last came on here."
iRuska: I miss this place... So much...
Vermalin / : Wow...
OperationRepo23 / Moko Coco: I know... It's been quite some time.
extrEMO / ExtrEMO: Yea I miss this place. The sad thing is, I bet by the time I come back tomorrow I will still be able to see this message. I remember when I waited about 5 seconds, refreshed, and my message was all the way towards the bottom.
OperationRepo23 / Moko Coco: Yeah.
This chat used to be so lively...
Now... It's like this site never got popular at all.
This site had so much less drama, I think. It was slower, but more original.
extrEMO / ExtrEMO: Wow thats depressing. Been almost four days and my old post is the second one down. )=
Sinkaiyen / Sin Kaiyen: Hrmmmm indeed
OperationRepo23 / Moko Coco: Waaaaaaaaaah!
I miss this place so muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch!
ketsu / Ketsu: Do people even still use this place?
ketsu / Ketsu: Hmmmm *yawns lightly*
extrEMO / ExtrEMO: I just wish this place was a popular as it was two years ago. I guess everyone moved over to the new RP place. I'm almost positive by the time I go there My profiles will be stolen. I don't think it'll do that much good to go now.
OperationRepo23 / Moko Coco: Well it's not. We're gunna have to dry up and move on.
ketsu / Ketsu: Three years ago almost four...this place was the shit lol.....
OperationRepo23 / Leafeon (Repo): Yeah, but like I said, we've gotta move on.
ketsu / Ketsu: *sits there waiting...*
harluxia / Ino: And I'm here
ketsu / Ketsu: So I need a little bit of infromation.....I am looking someone.
harluxia / Haru-Haru: Who might that be?
ketsu / Ketsu: Do you remember Al by anychance?
harluxia / Harley and Moe: Yes, I spoke to him not long ago.
ketsu / Ketsu: The next time you Speak with him would you pass on that Nick Is looking for him...
harluxia / Deidara: Will do my friend.
girly101 / Safire Kasumo: http://kingdomheartsgeek.blogspot.com/
Any Kingdom Hearts fans come sub to my blog! AND SHARE This with anyone else you think would appreciate it: http://kingdomheartsgeek.blogspot.com/
I am also creating a website and would like help building the articles- my latest blog post explains.
OperationRepo23 / Leafeon (Repo): Hurr...
HayleyJay / hayleyjay: Hello! This is the first time I've been on ES in oh... about a year? Boy do I ever miss this place! Time sure does fly! I doubt anyone would remember me... but it seems like this is abandoned anyways... hello, is anyone out there? :'(
SecondEcho: Hey I RPd here along time ago, like three years or something. I'm all prego and my hours at work have been cut. I need some entertaining. So I thought I'd come back here. Hey Hayley J...did you go by another name before?
wolfprincenick / Prowler: Anyone still alive???
PermanentMarker / TumbleDryer: Why do you all still come on here.
Y'all anti-social or summin?
The new website is hummin'
And y'all be bummin'
Just sayin'
silentblade / : Fuck the haters.
Sakurako / Carter: Hmmm I can not remember my password for my account over at the new site. Oh well.. On to create a new account then.
HayleyJay / hayleyjay: No SecondEcho, I've always been Hayleyjay =)
Why wouldn't we come back here, this chat is where all the magic happened. I can practically hear our old conversations. Ah, the memories...
OperationRepo23 / Leafeon (Repo): Hah. We can make new memories. The new site isn't bad.
bubblegumsweety / hiyurie: Interesing it's been a while but i've moved to the new es i mostly lurk without signing in i like to watch adn not bee seen its ... odd there but you get used to it. memories are ment for the head not for the eyes
bubblegumsweety / Jamie C. is me: ?? dead
UroSanctuary / Protector Himura: YAY! this place is back!
UroSanctuary / Protector Himura: Checking for survivors....
bubblegumsweety / Jamie C. is me: i survived barely this place is lacking in activity i'm so sad i hate the new one theres to many new people it makes me feel out of place.
MuffinMan / Junpei (L337 N1NJ4): Hello all.
ketsu / Ketsu: HOLY SHIT!....this place is old...lol
ketsu / Ketsu: Being four years old on this site and looking at it now...I shed a tear....
Ashuri / Veraine Sollis: Wow...I miss this place...
UroSanctuary / Protector Himura: Well, it's good to see a few friendly faces still. MuffinMan, I know you from past conversations, I believe I know you too, Ketsu. That's all I can say for sure.
Starless Knight: Good morning (or whatever time it may be for you) ladies and Gentlemen! How goes things here in writer's paradise? I've been away for much, much too long . . . is there anyone still on that I liked? You would know who you are! lol
OperationRepo23 / : BOING.
FBomb: Wha.
It's nice and lovely 'round this place, eh?
OperationRepo23 / Karrie Bolostov: goijewhoguwghwi!
akarikyuuketsuk / Akari Makai: People still come on here?
NikoKirumi / Kayo Netsuke: wow it appears I'm not the only one who still drops by this site
akarikyuuketsuk / Akari Makai: Ha ha I know. Same here. I'm Panda-Hero on the new site
NikoKirumi / Kayo Netsuke: ah kool I'm the same as I am here NikoKirumi
akarikyuuketsuk / Akari Makai: I feel like stalking you on the new es now lol
destinare / Dimitri*: (r (b Wow This Is Still Here!))
(i (r And Alive :3))
NikoKirumi / Kayo Netsuke: lol feel free I just posted a rp there
OperationRepo23 / Karrie Bolostov: I'm still OperationRepo23 on the old site, but I made two other accounts that I like too. DracoMalfoy and foREVer_after. I go by Repo. Anyone to object can kiss my ass. ;3
akarikyuuketsuk / Akari Makai: Repo you are awesome :D
MuffinMan / Junpei (L337 N1NJ4): Indeed, I do remember you UroSanctuary. =3 I'm still MuffinMan on the new ES; though I wish this site was a bit more popular. FIGHT THE POWERS THAT BE! and all that jazz. ^_^
OperationRepo23 / Karrie Bolostov: My Asylum is still intact. :3
UR2Bforced2 / Luna: The Blue Jay.: Stopping by to say hello.
thelastman / Xean: Hello!?
thelastman / Xean: Test.
thelastman / Xean: :D
TenstuShinta1: woah
thelastman / Xean: (i Kicks the chat.)
Fuck you Jiminy for abanding the E.S.
Scarlettmoon / Scarlett: Omg there are still people here.....I thought I was the only one left
xAngeliquex / Aria Samael: lolwut
Princess of Ra / Elle Scotts: no idea..
Black Angel / Kayame Noir Akira: I miss this old ES...
Vossler / (Riku): Me too.....
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: That's unfortunate.
KarloZ / Ezequiel: If that many people really miss it, why doesn't everybody just come back? It's not like one can no longer post. If you're one of the few who miss the old ES so much, just start hanging around here again.
Sarah Black / .amelia.: *runs in out of no where and flying tackle karloz * KARLOZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CyberBlockSTM / Block, Nightmare Andriod: Yeah, then Jim gets offended and asks why we don't like his new roleplay section, and this place becomes a copy. It's good logic, Krow, but I'm afraid it's not as simple as that.
KarloZ / Ezequiel: I don't know who you are, but I fail to see the complexity of the issue, I would hope the webmaster understands people like to visit the old ES from time to time just out of nostalgia. If he doesn't, oh well, if he takes down the site completely, what're you gonna do. I doubt he'll take it personally, but if he does make a deal out of it, again, what'reyagonnado.
'Ello, Sarah ^^
Sarah Black / .amelia.: How have you been karloz?? I have missed someone to talk to you I have lots to tell you... if your interested?
Sinkaiyen / Sin Kaiyen: Wow.... It's been a long time since I've been here.
UR2Bforced2 / Luna: The Blue Jay.: Let's see ...SURVIVORS UNITE. Whenever I come here I feel like I'm wandering an afterapocalyptic city or something.
Black Angel / Kayame Noir Akira: It wouldn't matter if someone came back because everyone is still at the new ES. It's not too fun doing a one man roleplay.
CyberBlockSTM / Block, Nightmare Andriod: Well, Krow, I'll give you a few good clues. Einzbern, Nightmares, and name starts with a J. Who do you think it is?
silentblade / : Not to mention that this site is both broken as shit and also much worse than current ES.
UR2Bforced2 / Luna: The Blue Jay.: XP Still gunna lurk around and look at old stuffs.
Zadokya / NInja Master Keon: Yawns.
Zadokya / NInja Master Keon: every time i come back here, there is always a message from Kayame xDDD n i never want to post but i end up doing it neways.
God...had so much good times here, I remember before the floods of Spam Rps n Illiterates, we used to not only RP in our own rps, but watch other RPs stories, enjoy reading peoples posts, etc. Hackers what 4 times in 3-4 years, each time taking a chunk of people with them. Then the sex RPs, divided the whole site… Some perverts, some mature, some immature, and others followers. “The Elite’s” bitched and fought making people hate each other, honestly I look back on es as a part of history. A Battle against ignorance and ignorance winning, no matter how depressed I was or how much ES fueled my problems, it stopped so much from happening, helped me forget the world around me and live in our own minds. I couldn’t have asked for anything better in a site. It died, as do all good things. But as we all know, If you build it…They will come.
UR2Bforced2 / Luna: The Blue Jay.: Amen
crimson_panda / : Why the fuck am I even here?
UroSanctuary / Protector Himura: Who knows? Curiosity and plot-review are my main reasons for coming back.
CrimsonDeath / Rin Kaiyen: I think I have to agree fully with Zadokya here.
I know curiosity is what brought me back.
UroSanctuary / Protector Himura: There's nothing wrong with curiosity
Zadokya / NInja Master Keon: But it did kill my cat.
UR2Bforced2 / Luna: The Blue Jay.: Aww. poor kitty!
KarloZ / Ezequiel: Ditto. It's easy to remember all the shitty things and bitch, but for better or worse, ES was a home for a lot of people for a lot of years, even myself. I bitched about ES day and night, old and new, but I remember my early days here with nothing less than nostalgia.
*Proposes a toast to youthful days passed and gone, to the magic that fueled them and the hundreds of intertwining plot lines that held Elite Skills Role Play together.* So many stories, so many people. It's like remembering Highschool, had I enjoyed it.
Vermalin / : *Falls down a flight of stars.*
KarloZ / Ezequiel: Oh! Oh! *SNuggles with EMily and basks in nostalgia* I remember that!
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: I'll drink to that, Krow. To dreams past, but certainly never forgotten.
KarloZ / Ezequiel: Here here, *drinks up* All there's left to hope for is that a new generation find what was once found by the last.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: *Chuckles softly* Here's hopin', eh?
So Krow, what've you been up to? Haven't seen you around much.
KarloZ / Ezequiel: Ditto.
Not much, man. School, work, focusing on Emily, largely. Things have been good. Yourself?
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: You're still with her? That's pretty fuckin' great to hear, man. I'm happy for you two.
Pretty much the same over here. Hooked up with my childhood best friend and we've been goin' strong for two years. I'm about to go back to school, so pretty much just workin' my ass off to save up for that. Pretty good all the same, though.
Retired / hayters gonna hayte: gay
KarloZ / Ezequiel: Yeah, man, thanks. It's actually just a matter of months till she moves here.
Good to hear, man. Still going for Fashion?
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: Naw. Goin' for English Education these days if'n ya can believe it. Figured I'd be an English teacher and try to beat some appreciation for the written language in these kids.
JoelIsHere / Professor Nightmare: I can believe it. The talent you have manipulating the written word- to squander it would be a truly sorry waste. Congrats on your significant other, Sorn.
Krow, what is it you're going to school for again? And it's good to know that you and Millie are well.
SweetAndOhSoME / Diaty: Way to kill the chat, Joel. xD
KarloZ / Ezequiel: Yeah, pretty easy to believe, man. Good luck with it, and later with them kids.
I'm on a long road towards a dental health career, Joel. Dental Hygiene, then dentistry, the either orthodontics or some other specialization. Plus probably psychology so I don't feel like a complete sell-out. Its my favorite subject but also not what I'd wanna do.
What've you been up to?
JoelIsHere / Professor Nightmare: Currently working on an Associate's of Business Management online, while finishing my Diploma. After I get both of those done, I'm going to be getting an MD in Psychiatry and a J.D. for Criminal Law.
A dentist? wow.
KarloZ / Ezequiel: I know, right?
JoelIsHere / Professor Nightmare: Well, if ever I have a Dental Emergency after I (s take over the world) get rich and famous, I'll call you.
Black Angel / Kayame Noir Akira: I could never do anything with dental. People's mouths are disgusting. -Shivers- bleh
KarloZ / Ezequiel: Yes they are. But Im the least squeemish person in the universe. So I win.
Black Angel / Kayame Noir Akira: Still gross. Bleh
Vermalin / : You're gross. :-)
Black Angel / Kayame Noir Akira: You're face is gross :<
Vermalin / : Yes, this I do know.
thelastman / Xean: quote
It only works on here
ikoshima / Vivien: New post.
Bam motha fuckas
KarloZ / Ezequiel: Oh whaaaaat?!
JoelIsHere / Professor Nightmare: That does not compute.
KarloZ / Ezequiel: Who is anyone to say what does or does not compute? Hmm?
Vermalin / : Yo mama.
thelastman / Xean: hi!
UroSanctuary / Protector Himura: Hello!
Niia: hi
UroSanctuary / Protector Himura: Nostalgia's a bitch.
ShadowClaw: ooh, look at that :D there are still people here
UroSanctuary / Protector Himura: And now you've left a mark on the old site. YAY!
KarloZ / Ezequiel: Here here
Black Angel / Kayame Noir Akira: I wish I could look at my old characters so I can copy them to the new site :/
KarloZ / Ezequiel: Dude, me too!
UroSanctuary / Protector Himura: Same here.
HayleyJay / hayleyjay: Wow, I miss this place.
damnedone / Angel of Sorrow: yeah.
BloodtornAngel: I miss this place, and all the friends i made on here, i just fear the new es rp site wont be the same for me. :(
MuffinMan / Junpei (L337 N1NJ4): Heyo all. :)
Ankt / Ollie Salavie: Wow.. o-o This is... Odd.
Niia / .::Niia::.: lalala
Dhiamara / .:Dhia:.: <3
UroSanctuary / Protector Himura: Still surviving!
Vincent001 / Vincent (Plane walker): O.o Keep it fresh xD
Warchild / Aika Okada: This...is still up!?!?!
UroSanctuary / Protector Himura: It is that. Somehow...

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