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Roleplay - Desert of Angar by secret moon / secret moon

The Desert of Angar is an isolated planet without any contact to the outer universe. Its inhabitants originated on Earth and migrated to Angar, hoping to find a haven to escape the wars that were ripping their homeplanet apart. Instead, they found a desert wasteland with extremely sparse water, a tiny amount of arable cropland, and terrible sandstorms that engulf the entire planet for months on end. The colonists are completely separated from contact with Earth after a sandstorm that destroyed their ships and most of their equipment. This is set one hundred years after the initial landing.

Roleplay Details

This is supposed to be about strong characters who have made the best with what they have; you get to make up just what it is that they have, such as indigenous animals, plants, and where water supplies are. Please no sex and no profanity. . . but clean romance is welcome. Enjoy!


secret moon: Marath shaded her eyes against the harsh western sun, peering out over the desert landscape. Her woolen cloak covered everything but her fiery green eyes. There was nothing, no sign of the caravan camp that was supposed to be positioned just about a mile west of where she stood. From this bluff, she should have been able to see it. . . but it wasn't there.
J. A. Clark: Marath strained her eyes, but all she could see was the sparse landscape around her. "Am I in the right place?" she thought to herself. Checking the map and the surrounding landmarks, she realized that she wasn't where she was supposed to be, that she was infact 5 miles off course. "How did that happen?" she thought. She turned and started walking to correct her error.
secret moon: "Milady?" Her traveling companion, a small servant girl named Alaris, ran up beside her, her eyes wide and nervous. "Where are we? The pack animals won't last much longer if we don't get to water."
J. A. Clark: Marath stopped and looked at the map again, Then turned to Alaris. "Don't worry Alaris. If I'm right about where we are, there's a small spring a mile from where we are now, and we should be passing it soon. We'll stop there long enough to get water." Aralis nodded and they continued walking.
Dr.Oz: Over a dune a lone figure appears. Quiet, dark against the sun. Slowly treading along and catches the sight of footprints. He stares, not seeing these in so long. He looks up at where they seem to go. Looks around then at the sun. "Middle Afternoon" he thinks, The only real phrase he can remember from his parents and those before him, those who came from the Earth planet. Looks back at the tracks. And begins to follow.
secret moon: Darkness was spreading over the land, and Marath was beginning to feel dread growing in the pit of her stomach. They hadn't arrived at the oasis yet, and they should have long ago. Alaris hadn't said a word since their conversation on the bluff, but Mararth could sense her deep unhappiness.
_proper_noun_: As the dry cold of night set in, Marath had to set camp for fear of a sandstorm making them lose thier bearings. Meanwhile, the dark figure continues to follow their tracks. He didn't want to risk the chance of losing the tracks in the case of a sandstorm. It had been so long since he had the ability to interact with others of his species. He was tired of the snake-like scorpions that he had learned to appreciate as an monotonous delicacy.
secret moon: They were sheltering in the lee of one of the enormous cliffs that littered the landscape, like the forgotten sculptures of some long-extint, giant species. The pack animals were all panting with thirst although Alaris had given them most of what was left of their drinking water. Marath sat in the farthest corner of the impression in the cliff, cross-legged on the sand and letting her mind ebb and flow without any real direction. However, even the peacefulness of her meditation was permeated by the horrible question: where was the oasis?
the heartless / Shinto: << well I didn't make this rp, but I'm sure the rpers that did this are long gone, but I really just wanted to pick out a random rp that was made years ago and see if I could revive it, which I actualy ask alot of other people to do, you never know what your gunna find, anyway, lets start this rp over>>
the heartless / Alpha: It was 100 years sence the crash, so of corse Alpha was born on Angar. The colonisation camp was moved in the middle of a crator like formation of rocky mountains. That way, sandstorms and such wouldn't distroy the colony, what little was left after the decades of fighting the enviorment. Alpha and a few others were giving special suits to keep from getting over heated and other things. But anyone with a suit had a job to do, that ment they couldn't stay in the camps. Unforchinetly for him, he and a few others were sent out to go look for food.
Walking threw the desert with the others he saw no forms of life, and nor did he really want to see what cruel monsters lived on this planet.

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