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General respect is a must. We're all members of the same site, act like. If I get too many complaints about a person, then try and be respectful and move to a different chat. I don't want this one ruined.


Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: *Smashes a bottle of wine onto the room, then looks at the mess*
Huh. That's only for ships, isn't it?
Kael Fenshir: I thought it was for death by electric chair...
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: Is it? That would make sense. You'd get them nice and moist so they could be electrocuted better. Well, good thing I have that planned for later tonight.
Kael Fenshir: Good. That means everything is going according to plan...
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: *Rubs hands maniacally*
dear / ariel alexis: This could be a ship.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: Hm...you're right. But what if someone gets sea sick easily?
Kael Fenshir: A poorly built ship, haha.
Hey, you working tomorrow/today, Kenzie?
Sorn, like I said, I'll probably just post in Wisebrook.
dear / ariel alexis: Tough shit, they shouldn't have boarded the ship, right?
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: That's chill. It'll take us a bit to get out that way, though.
Kael Fenshir: Alright.
dear / ariel alexis: I do. I think I go in at four. Yep I do.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: Where the hell is J!?
Kael Fenshir: Then I'm assuming that you'll get out at regular time. Hopefully my shits will be working by then, or even earlier than that. This connection is real awful, and it has been for almost a week now.
Kael Fenshir: I don't know! Damn that guy. When you don't need him, he's around. When you do...
Damn him!
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: He's usually on around this time. I'm pretty surprised he hasn't turned up yet.
dear / ariel alexis: It's Friday though.
Kael Fenshir: Oh, that's right; it is friday. You'll be on saturday though, right?
Yeah, he's usually on...
dear / ariel alexis: Uh huh. But I have to work at 3. Do I have to work Sunday?
Kael Fenshir: I thought you normally have sunday off. I could be wrong though...I mean, I have a shitty memory, haha.
dear / ariel alexis: Haha this is true. I don't have any days off. They can schedule me any day. I don't think I've worked four days in a row for a long time... But I do work Sunday. At five. I picked up some girl's shift today. We got busy 'cause people's power's out. It made me tired. So did rice pudding...
Kael Fenshir: Power went out? Then I'm guessing the weather over there is just as loopy as it is here.
dear / ariel alexis: Yeah. My power went out for like a half a day. So I'm okay. But other people's power is still out. My friend had to come over and take a shower here.
dear / ariel alexis: Well... you still get water... But not hot water. You know... Us Kentuckians and our love of hot showers.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: Psh. You know us New Yokers and our love for ice cold showers.
Kael Fenshir: ...I don't like cold showers.
You're a cold blooded killer!
dear / ariel alexis: Yeah I know. You freaks. I can't believe I'm even socializing with the likes of you right now. Wow. I couldn't spell dyslexic...
Kael Fenshir: Freaks! How dare you!
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: You're a cold blooded killer....baby.
dear / ariel alexis: How dare you!
Que, the sudden obsession over Incubus is your fault. Because now I have 879 Incubus songs. That's like every live song, interview... word any member of Incubus has ever breathed into our atmosphere on my iTunes. Thanks a lot.
Kael Fenshir: *Bows slightly and nods*
You're welcome, muh dear. I really like that torrent a lot.
dear / ariel alexis: *Is creeped out.* Ha.
Right now I like Incubus more than I like Bright Eyes. It's weird. And I keep finding all these little Incubus songs that I've never heard. Just wait, this is gonna mean another tattoo, dammit.
LongPastDead / Red:
Hello, ladies!
Kael Fenshir: I found this site a while ago that had every live show possible for Dinosaur Jr/J Mascis/J Mascis & The Fog/Sebadoh/Folk Implosion/Witch.
All that spanning from '83 to now.
dear / ariel alexis: Haha. That's gonna be a lot then, huh?
'83. Ha. Yeah, a whole lot.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: Hey, Love. It's about time you showed up.
Kael Fenshir: I was so excited that I only got like 100 songs from it. It was too overwhelming that I didn't know what to do first, haha.
Hey, Red.
dear / ariel alexis: Hahaha. Aww. I just did what you told me to, 'cept I don't type in albums, just artist names then get it all. I was really excited when I got Psyche Origami.
LongPastDead / Red: I know, I know. Took me a while, but I was looking through pictures and got distracted getting some new ones for my phone, I saw something that gave me another idea for your tattoo design, then I started thinking about listening to music and went surfing some of the music on my iTunes.
So, I took a few side roads? At least I got here.
This feels odd... Like coming out of the E.S. Role-Playing closet... again...
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: I'm glad to see you've come out of the closet.
When are you going to do that tattoo, anyway?
Kael Fenshir: Yeah, that torrent's pretty helpful. I enjoy it quite a lot.
dear / ariel alexis: Haha, I know. You've expressed your love for it on several occasions.
Kael Fenshir: I know. I'm sorry, Kenzie, but I've been cheating on you.
With torrent, of course!
dear / ariel alexis: Hahaha, that's okay. I've been cheating on you with tiger.
Kael Fenshir: Darn that tiger and it's friends. It's lovable friends.
LongPastDead / Red: I've already started on it, silly!
Yo, Kael! Sorry. Didn't see you had said something until a little bit ago. My brain is fuzzy from staying up until six o'clock in the frapping morning and then having wake back up again at nine to pretend like I could function correctly.
Hi'yah, Ariel! Don't know you, but thought it might be nice to say hello.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: Yay! I can't wait to see it. I hope it's real good, but judging from your other stuff, it should be. Thanks again, Love.
dear / ariel alexis: I actually got a free plushie dog from it for buying a certain brand which is... my chap stick. It's a lovable friend.
dear / ariel alexis: And hi Red. Haha, don't know you either, but yes, it is nice to say hello. So hello.
Kael Fenshir: Good seein' ya on here, Red. Even though we are already talking on Chatzy, haha.
A plushie dog, huh?
dear / ariel alexis: Uh huh. I need to name him. He shall be named... Doggie. Yes, so very original.
How much is that doggie in the window?
Woof! Woof!
The one with the waggily tail?
How much is that doggie in the window?
Woof! Woof!
I do hope that doggie's for sale!
...Where did that childhood memory come from?
Kael Fenshir: Guh wah?
Yes, guh wah.
dear / ariel alexis: It's a child's nursery rhyme. Weren't you ever a child?
LongPastDead / Red: Yeah, Kael. It is kind of weird with the whole carrying on two conversations in two different places... Though, there seems to be more than... like, five conversation topics floating through Chatzy right now. I'm too wound up in that Leigh chick hitting on me to notice anything else.
Of course it will be amazing, Love. I wouldn't have it any other way for something to put on your skin.
Nice to meet'cha, Ariel.
Kael Fenshir: Well, Red, you should just give up and do her. I mean, she really needs you.
Nursery rhyme? Psh, I read Mein Kampf instead!
dear / ariel alexis: Pfft. Whatever Dr. Suess beats Hitler any day.
Kael Fenshir: Dr. Suess was a sneaky jew!
Er...yes, he does.
LongPastDead / Red: Nah. The SS beats The Cat In The Hat any day!
dear / ariel alexis: Haha. Don't make me fill your mouth out with soap, mister!
Damn straight he does.
Kael Fenshir: Hey, it's okay. Sorn's a jew, so he's cool with it.
*Turns to Sorn and waves while wearing a Gestapo uniform* Right, man?
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: *Looks over at Kael, dressed up like a rabbi, grinning and giving him a thumbs up*
dear / ariel alexis: Thing one and thing two beat the entire axis powers. So you know...
Kael Fenshir: I used to be really into those books when I was little.
dear / ariel alexis: Damn! I regret getting rid of those Narnia books now. Stupid me not expecting to be asked to recite the fifth line from the third chapter of the second book of the Narnia chronicles.
It's how I learned to read. I would memorize the books. Especially I'll Teach My Dog 100 Words. And Green Eggs and Ham.
Kael Fenshir: Kenzie, you should definitely get some Crows on that torrent.
Kael Fenshir: Green Eggs and Ham was bitchin'.
dear / ariel alexis: Uhh duh, already did. And found I really like the song "Anna Begins."
Kael Fenshir: Great song. You really have to see them live though; it'll change your outlook on them a whole lot. That's in a good way too.
dear / ariel alexis: Mwaha. I'm evil.
Yeah. I wanna see a lot of people live though. First on my agenda: Bright Eyes. Second: Incubus. Third: Stufjan Stevens.
Kael Fenshir: I might go see The Dead in april. The ticket costs have gone down, so that's good...
dear / ariel alexis: I don't even know who's playing around here...
Kael Fenshir: Not many good people are coming over here. The Dead are coming, so that's good enough. Most of the people I'm interested in seein' are recording albums, or in europe.
Forest Saint: (i Hello)
dear / ariel alexis: Damn Europe. Damn them all to hell, always takin' our music from us!
Kael Fenshir: Saint G-Nome, it's Jared!
And yeah, damn the europe tours.
Forest Saint: (i Nice pic, Kael. I was just checking the italicizing technique. I don't want to screw up my post.)
dear / ariel alexis: Disco biscuits? That's a drug... Ha. Yonder Mountain String Band.
Kael Fenshir: Disco Biscuits? I love the Disco Biscuits!
dear / ariel alexis: Never heard of them...
Kael Fenshir: I saw them live last year. They do like, trance fusion jam of sorts. Imagine a lighter Perpetual Groove of sorts.
Hey, Yonder Mountain String Band is great. Their self entitled album was bitchin'.
dear / ariel alexis: Haha yeah, I kind of figured 'bout the genre.
And I didn't say it wasn't.
Kael Fenshir: Oh, I thought you were ha-ing them. Haha, well, they are cool. I enjoy my Yonder once in a while. I saw them live as well.
dear / ariel alexis: No I wasn't ha-ing them. I only ha you, you know this. Hehe.
Kael Fenshir: Oh, well I gotsa go. I have to leave early in the morning, but I'll be on before four. I'll probably have AIM working by then, so yeah. Sorry about bein' busy lately, hon. My brother's...eh. It worries me, is all.
Anyways, goodnight, and take care. I'll see you tomorrow, or sunday.
dear / ariel alexis: Okay. Night. Sleep good, lovely. And it's okay. And yeah. I hope things work out some how.
Night. You take care too.
Kael Fenshir: Oh yeah,
Ha you! Haha. Later, Kenzie.
dear / ariel alexis: Later, lovey.
ReikuTohno / Reiku Tohno: *jumps in*
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: Hey, Rei.
QueenVictoria / Natasha Dawn (Teen): hey all
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Hey, Queen.
QueenVictoria / Natasha Dawn (Teen): ^_^ Have you heard Lullaby For A Stormy Night by Vienna Teng?
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Can't say that I have. I assume it's good?
QueenVictoria / Natasha Dawn (Teen): I love it. it's so calm and it's so reassuring if you're ever having doubts or something
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: You have no idea how fucked my psyche is right now. I'll take your word on that and check it out. Who knows, maybe it'll calm me down a bit right now.
QueenVictoria / Natasha Dawn (Teen): lol ok then. If not, I'll have to calm you down myself ^_^ Just vent and I'll listen. Ask Reiku.
ReikuTohno / Reiku Tohno: dinner was...satisfying...
Yeah, Queen is a good listener
hey Sorn
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Eh, I feel weird venting, too be honest. Most people tend to think of me as some cold and emotionless sort of being. I understand why. I tend to be far more logical online since I have more time to think before I say, but still. I don't know, sometimes it gets a bit annoying how built up people seem to have this idea of "Sorn." This concept of how I can't be hurt by text. I think words are powerless, but when someone puts meaning behind those words they can cut as deep as any knife.
Sorry. All of that is actually completely irrelevant to my problems. I guess I got a little off topic.
ReikuTohno / Reiku Tohno: This is ESCape after all, Sorn. I have a high tolerance for people but there are some that I just can't tolerate at times.
QueenVictoria / Natasha Dawn (Teen): It's alright. Say what you want to. No one can stop you. You are your own person and by what you just said, I don't think your cold. I think you're strong hearted. You won't let words hurt you and that's a powerful personality trait.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: That's more or less why I made this. The way I look at it, I'm content to watch the rest of ES burn, so long as I have my own space where I can surround myself with the members of the community that I still like.
ReikuTohno / Reiku Tohno: Yeah, Sorn, I know you love stabbing me with bullets.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: No, I have a strong mask. My heart and mind are both more fragile than average. Because of that, I've had to coat my mask with the strongest materials I can find. Each it breaks, I end up building a new, different, stronger mask. Unfortunately, it's taking me a long time to create the new mask. This is who I really am. Everyone knows "Sorn" but so few people actually know Luke. I'm a very emotional person. Words bore into me and tear me apart from the inside. I care a lot about what other people think of me and I let what they say get to me in the worst ways. I take blame onto myself and feel that just about everything that happens is my fault. I still have the mentality of someone near the age of fourteen since the masks have been aging instead of myself. And I'm really sorry about saying all of this. Once I start, I can't stop easily.
QueenVictoria / Natasha Dawn (Teen): I don't mind in the least, Luke. And I'm willing to get to know who you are. I don't want to know your masks.
ReikuTohno / Reiku Tohno: No one is stopping you, Sorn. If it eases you up then feel free.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: If anything, it's just very awkward for me to me to not have a mask on ES. Sorn is...well, everything I've always wanted to be in the worst way. He's cold and emotionless, logical and calculating. I've been broken for longer than I should. I should have put together a new mask by now, become a new person so I can move on to the next part of my life, but I'm not able to do that and I don't know why.
ReikuTohno / Reiku Tohno: It's not only you that has a mask, Sorn. Though, you may be the only one I know that keeps it constantly on.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Well, it's hard to explain. You know my situation, Rei. You know exactly what I'm talking about. On some level, that mask is me. It's just there as a survival tactic to keep me alive. I need that mask to survive properly. Technically, it is a part of me. Well, I suppose that depends on where you stand and your beliefs. In my opinion, it's not actually me, but others would disagree.
QueenVictoria / Natasha Dawn (Teen): Okay. I've been through more than my share of hurt as you have, I'm sure. My mother died a few days after my 9th birthday, my grandfather a few months after that. I didn't eat or come out of my room for about 3 or 4 days. I secluded myself out of greif, but no matter how it hurt, I knew I had to keep going for their sake. I had to remember them and make them proud.
I do have a mask, but I don't use it as much as I used to. You know why? Because I've found that when I wear it, my life is fake and empty. Completely unsatisfying.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: My situation is...different, Queen. My masks...well, some would say they're technically a part of me. They're not actually fake, so to speak.
QueenVictoria / Natasha Dawn (Teen): If they aren't your true self, they aren't real.
ReikuTohno / Reiku Tohno: All I can say is that we need it at some point in life. The challenge is to try and not to depend on it too much if not at all. I wouldn't say I have a mask but rather a switch. When I blabbered about 19 personalities, it was more serious than it sounds. It's not a split, rather a complete switch on how I interact with people. We all have to depend on something at some point. We just have to try and not to get dependent on it like a drug.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: See, that's complicated, though. What defines your true self? Mask is a bad word, I suppose. I just use it to make it easier for those that don't know me. But really, they're not exactly fake any more than I would call myself fake.
ReikuTohno / Reiku Tohno: Maybe modes would suit better, Sorn?
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Fuck it. I have Dissociative Identity Disorder, better known as Multiple Personality Disorder.
ReikuTohno / Reiku Tohno: Well, that's definitely different from a mask. It's hard since it's hard to see which is the original.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Yeah. Well, I know who the original is. It is Luke...er, me. I simply have a weaker mind than most people. To protect itself my mind fragmented. Eventually, those fragments learned to work together as a whole. That's what most people are use to. Usually, I was never just one personality, but a number of them working together. But, about a month or so ago, all of the other personalities simple vanished over night. I woke up feeling odd and tried to reach out to them and found that I was alone in the forest. I searched for a long time, but there was nothing there. You see, since I've technically been a figment of Ben's imagination for the past four years, I never aged.
ReikuTohno / Reiku Tohno: Ah god, Sorn, that was just like the movie I watched. Losing another part of you, in your case, parts, makes you empty and hollow. Incomplete. But the thing that one character said is that, that hole in your chest can only be filled up by other people. That or this.
"Being hollow means you can never be filled, huh? You lucky bastard"
From the movie.
QueenVictoria / Natasha Dawn (Teen): You're never alone. The people around you are with you and most are willing to help.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: I don't know. I don't feel lucky. All of them served a purpose. They all joined me because I couldn't handle the responsibilities of this body alone. I needed them in order to survive. It's been so hard this past month trying to operate alone, desperately attempting to recreate the idea of "Ben" from the imprints they left behind.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Because I need a place away from people like you.
QueenVictoria / Natasha Dawn (Teen): Maybe it's time to leave Ben behind and let Luke get stronger
ReikuTohno / Reiku Tohno: I didn't get what Tohko Aozaki meant by that a bit. But it's like, you can always have people fill you up but you don't have a brim. So does it mean that you can always let people enter your life and influence you without worrying about having too much? I dunno.
Though, there was a point there when it was said that it's time for you to 'wake up'. That you are yourself with only one persona.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: I don't know how good of an idea that is, Queen. I'm not stable. That's what the others were for, to stabilize the situation. Ben was complete. Think of it like a glass breaking. The glass isn't useful unless you have every piece. It's pointless to take one piece and try to pass it off as the whole. It won't serve the same purpose.
ReikuTohno / Reiku Tohno: I only know 2 OOC's...the sandbox is Blegh...
QueenVictoria / Natasha Dawn (Teen): Maybe it's just because Luke is missing a piece of his shattered glass that you think Ben might have, that you depend on him.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Luke was the original. Sorry. I was. I'm use to speaking about everyone in the third person. It makes it easier for other people. Anyway, I was the original. I broke down and almost took my life. The moment forced my mind to frantically compensate by generating other personalities based on my faults. At least, that's what I've been told. Every personality lacked something. They all were incomplete so they needed each other to survive. The problem was, every personality began to mesh slightly, gaining traits from the others. Last year we took note of this, and we all began to wonder what would happen when we each no longer needed the others. Then, a month ago, they were all gone and only I was left. I've gotten a bit stronger, but I'm not nearly strong enough to survive on my own yet. I'm not actually alone right now though. There's two others with me. I don't like to talk about the one, but the other just showed up the other day. I've no idea who he is.
ReikuTohno / Reiku Tohno: Well, I think it would be time for Luke to get back up on his feet. Though, that is extremely harder that it sounds.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: *Can't help, but laugh*
I like how this wasn't even the problem I came here with and yet I ended up spilling it out for anyone on ES to say.
QueenVictoria / Natasha Dawn (Teen): Don't depend on them like a drug. Use them when you are at your weakest and learn from them.
ReikuTohno / Reiku Tohno: WEll, Sorn, we always get sidetracked in any OOC chat. Sometimes we wonder how we ended up in the convo. XD
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: At any rate, thanks a lot guys. Sorry to have brought this up. I guess I was looking more for people to talk to.
QueenVictoria / Natasha Dawn (Teen): I don't mind at all. Like I said to Reiku, I'm always going to be here if you ever need someone to just listen
ReikuTohno / Reiku Tohno: I don't mind either.
Just looking to get to know your fellow rpers better?
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Dick.
*Laughs for a spell before blowing out a sigh*
Despite this not hiving anything to do with my current problem, I actually feel very relieved.
ReikuTohno / Reiku Tohno: Well, I'm glad that it helps, haha.
*shoots Sorn...with a bunch of knives*
haha! stab me with bullets, will you?
(pic http://forum.nihonomaru.com/images/smilies/cowboy.gif)
QueenVictoria / Belynda: As it's meant to. Expressing how you feel is a very good way to vent and it takes a load off of your shoulders
<<< This is me, by the way.
ReikuTohno / Reiku Tohno: Nice pic, Queen.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: *Is shot with knives*
Ah, you bastard!
*Pulls out his revolver and stabs Rei...with bullets!*
QueenVictoria / Belynda: Well I'm gonna drown you both with air!
ReikuTohno / Reiku Tohno: Gah, my weakness. X_X
*punts a tortoise out of its shell and hides in it*
(i No animals were harmed during this exhibition)
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Air? No! How did you kn-
*Is cut off by the vast amounts of air flooding his lungs*
ReikuTohno / Reiku Tohno: *lungs pop*
I can breathe...ack... X_X
QueenVictoria / Belynda: Mwahahaha I am an evil mastermind! Ooo a bunny! *picks up bunny and cuddles it*
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: *Stops dying to pet the bunny*
It's more important.
QueenVictoria / Belynda: *smiles happily* Bunny! That shall be his name. Bunny.
ReikuTohno / Reiku Tohno: *spectre floats by to hug the bunny*
bunnies are teh win...save for those in space whose face open up like a venus flytrap
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: I don't know. I like those as well. Cute and deadly. That's how I like my pets.
QueenVictoria / Belynda: O.o What are you on about Reiku? *starts to drown him with air agin*
ReikuTohno / Reiku Tohno: yeah, demon space bunnies
ReikuTohno / Reiku Tohno: I'm already a spectre/spiritual being, my body died
QueenVictoria / Belynda: I shall kill your body more!
ReikuTohno / Reiku Tohno: My body is merely a vessel.
Well, be right back, I need to post on some long post RP's.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: *Punches Rei's body with explosives*
QueenVictoria / Belynda: *strangles Reiku's body with water*
ReikuTohno / Reiku Tohno: Damn, it...I need to find a new body...
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Go for a robot. They're badass.
ReikuTohno / Reiku Tohno: A robot, a doll or a homunculus...I think I'ma go for android... *looks for an android*
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Good call. I'd go with Android as well.
QueenVictoria / Belynda: omg I want a robot like the ones from Chobits ( I think that's what it's called >.<)
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Yeah, it's chobits. The persecoms.
QueenVictoria / Belynda: yea! How cool would that be, though!
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: It would be pretty awesome. I've always dreamed of being able to interact with my computer.
Anyway, I need some rest. I'll talk to you guys later and thanks for everything.
ReikuTohno / Reiku Tohno: Persocoms
ReikuTohno / Reiku Tohno: See you, Sorn
QueenVictoria / Belynda: Bye Sorn!
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: well, i found a body
QueenVictoria / Belynda: lol I haven't :'( there are no pics of persecoms >.<
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: want me to scout you some?
QueenVictoria / Belynda: Yay! Yes please ^_^
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia:
QueenVictoria / Belynda: >.< How come you found it so easily?
QueenVictoria / Belynda: ^_^ I'm a persecom now
Dhiamara / Ebony: hey anyone here???
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: i just typed chobits on google images ^_^
QueenVictoria / Belynda: *cuts Reiku with a pillow* Blah!
Dhiamara / Ebony: ((ok rather random convo to wlk in on lol))
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: Hi, Dhia, in the Sins RP, Love and I had a fight, love quarrel maybe, dunno, but we're back at the penthouse with something important to discuss
QueenVictoria / Belynda: *starts to suffocate Dhia with air*
Dhiamara / Ebony: ok thx hunni
so how r you today???
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: they mutilated my body and i had to find another one
QueenVictoria / Belynda: mwahaha good times, good times! Oooo a bunny!
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: *smashes bunneh*
Dhiamara / Ebony: *background giggle*
QueenVictoria / Belynda: nooooooo! *eyes turn red* I'mma gonna cut your little robot body up with a pillow!
Dhiamara / Ebony: *sits on the floor jjust behind the two of the smiling cheelkily amused by somewhat pointless and empty threats*
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: finished another 350+word post *whew*
QueenVictoria / Belynda: very nice Reiku
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: i have 4 left
QueenVictoria / Belynda: lol
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: i'm gonna die X_X
QueenVictoria / Belynda: Awww! But I wanna kill you! *cries*
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: i still need to reply but i ish lazy...
QueenVictoria / Belynda: lol very nice. you need to reply on our roleplay too
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: i need to reply on a lot of RP's
QueenVictoria / Belynda: lol
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: h1X_X
QueenVictoria / Belynda: lol
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: yeah, sorry, but it's the weekend tomorrow, i can RP more then
QueenVictoria / Belynda: lol it's okay. I'm only 2 hours ahead of you, so I know hat time it is there. It's 10 pm.
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: nope, 9pm, you're 3 hrs ahead
QueenVictoria / Belynda: meh. Close enough
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: hahaha
QueenVictoria / Belynda: anyways, I'm off. Bye!
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: i'll see you tomorrow ^_^
Dhiamara / Ebony: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im bored
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: hehe
Dhiamara / Ebony: ah its you mwa ha ha!
Dhiamara / Ebony: evily!
3L3m3ntal / Epsilon Reinhardt: Yay! One with the enforcement of respect
Dhiamara / Ebony: Rekui why such silence dearest?
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: i'm posting a 350+word RP post
Dhiamara / Ebony: ouch poor you *hugs*
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: in another RP site and another one, i post in paragraphs
Dhiamara / Ebony: i was once on a different rp site but then i never managed to find the site again :(
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: what's the name?
Dhiamara / Ebony: can't remember it was ages ago now i gave up like forever ago on finding it dont worry i'll just stick with this one.
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: at any rate, you may find it here
(http://jyuukyuutatari.wordpress.com/role-playing-sites-i-frequent/ Click this)
Dhiamara / Ebony: thanks i cant check it right now but i will *hugs*
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: well, it's just a list of sites i frequent, just in case you might see them ^_^
Dhiamara / Ebony: :) thanks muchly and if i dont find it then i may just join one anyway considerin i only have this site i use at the minute. *huge hug*
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: *hugs* i can find you more sites if there are specific things you like ^_^
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: *Walks in, ruffling his hair*
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: yo, i found myself a new body XD
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: I was awake for that part, Rei. Why is it so...big?
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: apparently, it had a power hungry core that needed a catalyst/replacement, it got hold of my good looks and sucked me in
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: ...
Your good looks?
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: good looks, yeah, apparently, i am a hot and sexy guy while i'm an unseen mist =_=
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Alright. I guess I could see that. You know, when not having a corporeal form.
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: yeah, as they say, unseen spirits attract unseen spirits...oh, the power hungry core was female...and apparently was lonely...and...you know the rest...
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: ...Yeah. That's an awkward story, Rei.
Oh, hey, if Kael shows up at all, tell him that I skipped town.
Then, tell him that I won't be here Sunday. He'll know what it means.
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: will do
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Aslo, Rei, I'm skipping town, so you're in charge. Hold down the fort until I get back. Try to keep this from falling too far into the abyss of forgotten threads.
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: No problem, we already have some people that go here anyway, like Queen. And besides, I'm hitting people randomly with a hammer.
*hits Sorn randomly with a hammer*
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: *Is horribly struck with the over-sized hammer*
Aw, what the hell!?
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: well, it was random. I chose from the people here aside me.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: *Tries to hold in all of his organs while glaring at Rei*
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: err......you'll live, here *gives a band aid*
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: *Looks down at the large band aid on his gut*
Oh, you're right. It's all better now. Huh.
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: yep, fixes everything
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Apparently so. Good thing, too. I was starting to get woozy from the blood loss.
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: Huh...why is it purple then? *points to purple pool*
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: *Looks down at the pool of purple liquid at his feet*
Um...I...don't want to talk about that. I was young, I needed the gold. I did some things I'm not proud of.
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: well, alright. at least, it's blood. mine is oil and battery fluid. >_>
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Well, at least your blood is useful. You can take it and use it to make your car run properly.
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: yeah, if i fit in a car >_>
Vermalin: (b Whoooot. O_o)
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: How big is that thing supposed to be anyway?
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Hey, Emily.
Vermalin: (b Hiya, oye.)
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: you are the dot, Sorn
(bold .)
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Dick.
Vermalin: (b Did you just call me a dick? O_o)
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: no, you're dick isn't visible in that dot
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Not you, Emily. I was talking to Rei the robo-douche.
Vermalin: (b Oh! I was alittle surprise. I was just like, Ooookay...)
(b ^_^)
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Yeah. Just show up to that. "Hey, Emily. Good to see you. You're a dick!"
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: you are the dot but if you want to take off pants
(bold ,)
Vermalin: (b Hehe. I very nice greeting. I guess you can call me dick now. O_o)
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: *Stares at Rei*
What the hell, man?
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: i edited it, i forgot to remove the dot,
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: You better have.
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: so with pants, you're a (bold .) but without, you're a (bold ,)
how did it come to this again?
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Um...I don't know, but it's kind of weird.
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: yeah...I think we scared Emily away...
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: *Hangs head*
Italiansweetie / Amore: Hello, I am looking for people to join this rp I just made. If you search " You sold me?!" You will get the setting and the characters I need.
Please and thank you. :)
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: *Looks around awkwardly*
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: *smashes random person flat*
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: *Is not smashed flat*
At least it wasn't me this time.
Italiansweetie / Amore: *Ish smashed flat* Oi...
Vermalin: (b *Comes back into the room and stops midway, staring with squinted eyes.*)
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: well, it was random
Italiansweetie / Amore: Can someone Unsquish me please?
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Amore, I take it you're not very active in the OOC's?
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: *Pulls out a bicycle pump and inflates amore*
Italiansweetie / Amore: Not really, I just joined this site about....*counts on her fingers* couple days ago...
Vermalin: (b Unsquish?)
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: 8 days...and you get squished... ^_^
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: 8 days. Still, usually after one or two I run into someone. That's why I was curious. At any rate, it's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Prince Sorn Adin. Is there a name you'd rather be called?
Italiansweetie / Amore: Thank you." Glares at person that squished her." Meany!
Italiansweetie / Amore: *Shrugs* You can call me Amore.
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: I'm Reiku Tohno or Rei, nice to (s squish)meet you.
Vermalin: (b I don't know how long I have been on here...O_o)
Italiansweetie / Amore: Lol. Thank you. *huggles them all, cause that is how she is.*
Vermalin: (b Whoop...!)
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: *Hugs back*
So, how are you liking this place so far, Amore?
Emily, you've been here for 111 days.
Vermalin: (b How many for my old acount?)
Italiansweetie / Amore: Its ok. Its the same as everything. There is some good rpers...then some bad ones. You get use to it. Iv already made about 3 rps....Which kinda all go *Sticks her tongue *
Vermalin: (b Gah...I've been here since I was fourteen. *Shrugs.*)
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: ES was my first RP site. So I can tell how long I've been RPing all in all.
155days - 2 month hiatus
Vermalin: (b Or fifteen....I don't remember.)
Vermalin: (b Oh yeah! That reminds me... My brithday is in three days. O_o)
Italiansweetie / Amore: Whos Emily?
Vermalin: (b Me.)
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: Vermalin = Emily
Vermalin: (b Goodbyyyye being siiixteen. v__V)
Italiansweetie / Amore: Ah. I love that name Emily...I hate my real name. >.<
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Yeah, you take the good with the bad, I suppose. That's why I like to get to know people on here. I feel that once you've worked yourself in with a group it's a lot easier to find the level of rps you're looking for.
1419 days. Take that, Rei!
Vermalin: (b Thank-you. ^_^)
Italiansweetie / Amore: And I dont turn 17 till june...
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: I don't turn 17 until a year and some change ago.
Vermalin: (b Most people think I am a guy....Hmm...I wonder why.)
(b Oh yeah. Becuase most of my pictures are males.)
(b Doofus, Emily.)
(b *slaps forhead.*)
Vermalin: (b Ven, you are 18. Wait...right?)
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Eh, no worries, Emily. Most people think I'm a girl when they first meet me on here. Then again, I usually use my girl pictures.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Yeah, I'm 18. Fun times.
Vermalin: (b I am not gender confused...Like many people are fond of telling me I am. I just perfer pictures of males? Big fucking woop.)
Vermalin: (b I need to stop cussing so much...O_o)
Italiansweetie / Amore: Lol. Its fine. My best friend does the same thing. It can be alot more fun playing the oppsite sex.. Is Emily your real name?
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Eh, nothing wrong with cussing. I do it all the time.
Italiansweetie / Amore: Wow this movie is kinda stupid.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: What movie are you watching?
Italiansweetie / Amore: BUffy the vampire slayer.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: They made a movie of that? Well see, there's your problem right there.
Italiansweetie / Amore: The movie promoted the show.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Huh. Yeah. Well, I'm not really a big fan, so yeah.
Italiansweetie / Amore: Dont worry. Me either. Just nothing to do.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Wow, you're that bored? Then again, I can't say I'm much better. I'm currently just watching humorous videos online.
Italiansweetie / Amore: Do any of you have Yahoo?
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Yahoo as in the messenger?
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: *smashes flat random person he has not smashed flat before*
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: *Looks around*
Still not me, Rei. I think you hammering out my organs was enough for one day.
Italiansweetie / Amore: Yeah. And...Stop smashing people!* Sits on the smasher*
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: yeah, i only hammer out a person once a day
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: I don't think Rei can stop hurting the denizens of ES. He tends to do it a lot.
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: Hey, I don't...well...yeah, I do... >_>
Italiansweetie / Amore: *Blinks alittle." If I get up will you stop smashing people?"
Italiansweetie / Amore: Well Im going to go...my bf just called. <3
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: dunno, bye then
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Peace, Amore. See you around.
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: i'm off to shower...don't ask how...
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Yeah. Is that thing water proof?
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: I just found out. yes.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Nice.
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: but it goes heavier because of some places water seeps in to...
Vermalin: (b I am currently failing Algerbra. O_o)
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: haha! person I haven't flattened!
*smashes Emily flat with the hammer, now heavier because of the water*
Vermalin: (b O_o)
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: it seems like I'll be smashing flat people that come in here XD
dear / ariel alexis: *Shocks Reiku.*
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: h1X_X
*falls over and squishes Ariel flat*
sorry dear
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: *Walks into the room with his shirt on*
Well, I'll be leaving soon, so if no one's on I suppose this'll be my farewell for the weekend.
Aangskate / Aang: ...You by chance here Sorn?
Kael Fenshir: He's gone for the weekend.
Italiansweetie / Krissa: *Runs around, randomly leaning on someone*
QueenVictoria / Amy Sasaka: *Throws banana at Krissa*
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: So I guess there's no need to tell Kael that Sorn won't be here on Sunday then.
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: dead, apparently
QueenVictoria / Amy Sasaka: REIKU! *glomps*
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: *feels a small person glomp his leg*
*looks down*
hey Queen
QueenVictoria / Amy Sasaka: -.- meanie!
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: hey, you were the one that destroyed my body =_=
QueenVictoria / Amy Sasaka: That wasn't me! I'm Amy. Belynda did that!
QueenVictoria / Belynda: hi all! Amy... What are you doing here?
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: want me to smash her flat?
QueenVictoria / Belynda: whose going to get smashed flat?
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: you apparently, *raises hammer* well, you were the one that destroyed my body that's why i'm in this...thing...
QueenVictoria / Belynda: Hey, you were the one that chose that body
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: no, i wasn't, it chose me because of my good looks WHILE I was an UNSEEN spectral mist
QueenVictoria / Belynda: lol how does that work? Oh and, by the way, a rat screwed your dead body's ear. Just thought you should know ^_^
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: *smashes Belynda flat*
QueenVictoria / Belynda: yay for replaceable bodies ^_^
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: *smashes Belynda's soul for using a hard to load pic*
QueenVictoria / Belynda: hehe
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: yeah, i'm off to eat
QueenVictoria / Belynda: lol ok then
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: *pics up Belynda*
(pic http://forum.nihonomaru.com/images/smilies/damn.gif)
QueenVictoria / Belynda:
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: what?
QueenVictoria / Belynda: what?
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: you posted a blank post
QueenVictoria / Belynda: you posted a blank post
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: no i didn't
QueenVictoria / Belynda: no i didn't
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: copy me again and i'm ignoring you =_=
QueenVictoria / Belynda: you couldn't ignore me. I'm just too perfect *coughs*
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: i take that as a challenge
*starts ignoring now*
QueenVictoria / Belynda: I'm sorry. Forgive me?
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: Hm, this is bad. I'm getting annoyed too easily now. Hm...
PaleMoon / Kiro Uchiha: Any one want to join a Naruto rp
PaleMoon / Kiro,s sharingan: Looks at all of you, any one?
QueenVictoria / Belynda: Pweese, Reiku?
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: i'm being honest. I don't like naruto so, not me, sorry.
QueenVictoria / Belynda: Pweese, Reiku?
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: =_= What?
PaleMoon / Kiro Uchiha: At least you honest
QueenVictoria / Belynda: Pweese forgive me, Reiku
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: no worries, i don't say bad things except to really hyper super annoying obsessive fans
yeah, no one takes me seriously when i'm serious and everyone thinks i'm serious when i play around =_=
RetroDuctape: Lol, poor Reiku. >>;
RetroDuctape: Victoria, that baby's too fat to be cute. ;x
QueenVictoria / Belynda: lol thanks. I love it
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: This. Is. ESCape!!!
*smashes the positron charged hammer and thrashes around the whole chat*
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: dead though
BlackNBlueRose / Janette (Jane): Want to remember the faeries, the pirates, the place where you can never grow up?!?!? Join Return to Neverland and retake the adventure of being a kid!!!
We need
Wendy - (Jane's mother)
Daniel - (Jane's little brother)
Peter Pan
The Lost Boys (have one but needs more)
Captain Hook
Mr Smith
Hooks crew
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: Ah, finally, some place to relax.
telearose15 / Geniveve Rose Van Alen: Aha, yeah, it's nice to have a chat room. THere's another forum website where off-topic threads are deleted no matter what. It's so annoying =[
QueenVictoria / Belynda: hehe Hi Reiku!
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: Actually, the chat threads I know are Elite Skills chat, Evil OOC, The sandbox and this, though, I prefer this. It's an escape.
Hi queen.
I'm hungry, might brb
QueenVictoria / Belynda: mwahaha I knew you couldn't ignore me! lol
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: Oh, I thought we were over that? So you are still daring me to ignore you then?
QueenVictoria / Belynda: lol nah
telearose15 / Geniveve Rose Van Alen: *twidle twidle twidle twidle*
I be bored
waiting for people to reply.... =p
cute baby-person =]
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: Don't dare me again, Queen. I can ignore you for life and ignore your very existence if you dare me to. Just a fair warning.
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: I just sound like an extremely bad guy. At any rate, off to dinner.
QueenVictoria / Belynda: lol ok then
telearose15 / Geniveve Rose Van Alen: *twidle twidle twidle*
QueenVictoria / Belynda: lol very nice
telearose15 / Geniveve Rose Van Alen: Indeed I beleive so too ;) hee hee
QueenVictoria / Belynda: lol
telearose15 / Geniveve Rose Van Alen: Bing Bang Walla Walla Bing Bang
QueenVictoria / Belynda: ooo ee ooo ahh ahh
telearose15 / Geniveve Rose Van Alen: hee hee
oo e ooh ah ah ching ching chang walla bing baaaaanng! :-D
lovely rendition, if I do say so myself
nicely done =p
Eyamma: Ah! Sorn made a new one. I feel so slow. O_o
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: *smashes random person flat*
Well, yeah...*goes back to RPing on other sites*
Eyamma: ...
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Hello, all. I'm back.
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: *smashes random person flat*
Welcome back.
Eyamma: *Stares at the flattened person*
That reminded me, are my pancakes ready...?
Aloha, Ven.
Kael Fenshir: The hell...
3L3m3ntal / Maxwell Seijura: What Kael?
Kael Fenshir: It's nothing you'd understand.
3L3m3ntal / Maxwell Seijura: Ah, I see.
So other than that, what's up?
Kael Fenshir: Not much. Pretty much the same as usual, but I'mg good. How about you?
3L3m3ntal / Maxwell Seijura: Meh, I'm alright. I got a new guitar, so I've been chillin' out for the most part.
Kael Fenshir: New guitar? Coolio. What kind is it?
3L3m3ntal / Maxwell Seijura: An Epiphone Special II Les Paul.
It's black. Lol,
Kael Fenshir: Ah. I bought myself an Epiphone Sheraton II; black as well.
3L3m3ntal / Maxwell Seijura: Nice.
Mine was a birthday present, a six days late though, because my parents didn't know what to get. Lol. But, yeah. I love the feel and sound.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Kael, sorry about before. I thought camp was canceled until the morning of and when I got back I crashed pretty hard.
Kael Fenshir: I'm not a big fan of Les Paul's, but they are still cool. I had to come up with $800 for mine which was a pain, but I love it.
It's alright, Sorn. I got your message and I understand. By the way, Jason and Kevin want to play some 40K this weekend. I'll bring my computer again.
3L3m3ntal / Maxwell Seijura: Ah, Yeah. I never understood the deal about Les Paul's until I played it... but it feels so much different from my Ibanez...
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Depends when. If it's sunday like usual it ought to be fine.
EmiChan / Emi Kasumo: Ooh...there's a new Chat?
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: I just created it to have a place to more or less hide out in. Sort of like my own little corner of ES.
EmiChan / Emi Kasumo: Ohhh...so you won't post in the ESChat anymore?
Kael Fenshir: My stupid asshole cousin heard what kind of guitar I got from my lessons teacher, so he got the same one as me. When I found out, his excuse was that he always liked those guitars. Thing is, it isn't even his style...the hell. Not many people play my type of guitar, so...yeah.
Sunday? I'm alright with sunday.
3L3m3ntal / Maxwell Seijura: What type of guitar DO you play Kael?
Kael Fenshir: Huh? I just told you a few minutes ago. I play an Epiphone Sheraton II.
EmiChan / Emi Kasumo: Yay! Guitars...>:D I should play mine, but I haven't touched it since I got my new one. XD
3L3m3ntal / Maxwell Seijura: Okay, I thought you were meaning style, Nevermind... lol.
QueenVictoria / Belynda: hey all
Kael Fenshir: Hello.
QueenVictoria / Belynda: how are you Kael?
Kael Fenshir: I'm alright, Queen. Pretty much the same, so it's all good.
QueenVictoria / Belynda: Yeah, alright. First day back at school today and I've already got a bloody assignment >.<
Kael Fenshir: That's beat. I forgot that it's monday now...
QueenVictoria / Belynda: lol. I'm supposed to write a narrative piece that included a strongly developed character >.< I've already made the character, but I have no idea what to write about >.<
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Kael, by the way, Chatzy should work for you now.
QueenVictoria / Belynda: yay! Hi, Luke!
Kael Fenshir: Stupid narrative pieces...
Stupid college...
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Hey, Queen. Sorry. I was distracted.
QueenVictoria / Belynda: lol. I would expect college would be 1000 times harder than high school
QueenVictoria / Belynda: It's okay!
Kael Fenshir: It all depends on what you take. As for me, I'm a bum.
QueenVictoria / Belynda: how do you figure that?
Kael Fenshir: Because I didn't sign up for the second semester of college. Most of my outside family hates me for not doing anything, and I pretty much tell them to **** off. I feel like being polite, so I won't swear. I'm just a bum.
QueenVictoria / Belynda: No you're not. So what if you didn't want to do the second semester? That was your choice
QueenVictoria / Belynda: and if they don't like it, they can get fucked
Kael Fenshir: Haha, thanks for your opinion.
QueenVictoria / Belynda: no probs. And I didn't mean any disrespect.
Kael Fenshir: Haha, I know.
QueenVictoria / Belynda: So... Do you like Three Days Grace?
Kael Fenshir: Three Days Grace?
Yeah, they're alright. I'm not entirely big on them, but I think they have a few songs I like.
Sorry to cut this short, but I must be going. I need my sleep.
QueenVictoria / Belynda: lol okay. It's only 6:30 pm, so I obviously don't need to sleep right now. Anyways, sleep well!
dear / ariel alexis: *Gasps for air.* I finished it. Now that nobody is around. *Pokes around for a moment.* But I finished it.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Still around. What did you finish?
RZKEngel / Asche: im bored
QueenVictoria / Belynda: I'm still here too
QueenVictoria / Belynda: lol very nice Asche
RZKEngel / Asche: BUBBLES
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: See? All it really takes is someone saying something for others to show up.
RZKEngel / Asche: kill me im bored and lonely
dear / ariel alexis: I wrote this little short thing, Little God, well, I'm writing more to go along with it. So I finished like the second little... chapter I suppose? It's not like a book, 'cause I don't do books, haha. But it's just these little scenes that get in my head. And I write them out. And I finally finished it. The second little scene.
QueenVictoria / Belynda: I'm sure it'll be great, dear.
dear / ariel alexis: Haha, thanks. But I'm not worried about that. Generally these little scenes, I feel like I'm cheating when I write them 'cause it doesn't feel like my work since I don't have to put effort into creating them. They just come into my head very vividly and then I describe it in detail. Haha it feels like cheating...
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: *smashes random person flat*
i haven't replied to any of my RP's on here...
dear / ariel alexis: And yeah I'm still around. I think I normally am. I just don't always talk on here. Just when I'm bored out of my mind or find some body interesting to talk to, I guess.
*Shocks Reiku.*
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: h1X_X
QueenVictoria / Belynda: that's not cheating. It's using what you see and letting everyone else see it too. That's not cheating
dear / ariel alexis: Haha yeah I know. But it feels too easy, some times. Haha.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Isn't that usually how writing is?
QueenVictoria / Belynda: sometimes writing just flows to the most talented of writers. I am one that is not so gifted.
dear / ariel alexis: For me yeah. But a lot of people seem to get writer's block... I have never... Only on a few papers for like school. But other than that things come to me so easily and it's just... strange. Like, I don't feel like I should be trying to put into words these little movie-like scenes my mind creates. I feel like I should be digging around to find this stuff. My friends aren't very good writers... So I grew up being the most imaginative of 'em?
RZKEngel / Asche: kill me someone *holds out knife*
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: I grew up with a vivid imagination myself, so I don't usually work to write. I get bored if I have to work or if I know what's going to happen before I write. That's why I shut off the usual parts of my mind when I'm writing and allow the characters to simply act out their own story.
Alright, I should have gone to sleep about five hours ago. Night all.
QueenVictoria / Belynda: that is a gift. Seeing things how you want them to be is rare with the people I have met. I would love to have such a gift so I can achive my goal of writing a book by the time I am 21.
dear / ariel alexis: Night, Sorn.
QueenVictoria / Belynda: night Luke!
dear / ariel alexis: Haha, well good luck with your book. And yeah I think so. But some times I can be lazy and just leave those images. But I just hope the titles of these little pieces won't throw people off. Like they do have religious themes, but not like they expect it to be. Haha. But the titles are "Little God" and "God Is With Us." So I hope that won't make any body be like eh to it. Haha.
QueenVictoria / Belynda: these little scenes are bound to lead to something much grander if you continue with them.
RZKEngel / Asche: mmmmm potato
QueenVictoria / Belynda: very nice Asche
RZKEngel / Asche: all gones ^^
QueenVictoria / Belynda: lol I'm watching Memoirs Of A Geisha
RZKEngel / Asche: my dog just bit me
QueenVictoria / Belynda: stupid Chompy!
RZKEngel / Asche: hey hes gorgeous and i love him no matter wat
QueenVictoria / Belynda: lol just as I loved a gorgeous cremello I one had. She bit my arse >.<
ReikuTohno / Rei Materia: *bam!*
ReikuTohno / Xir Kishi - Silver Streak: hm
telearose15 / Geniveve Rose Van Alen: *twidles once more (with feeling :-D )
ReikuTohno / Xir Kishi - Silver Streak: eh?
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Yeah. Damn non believers.
Eyamma: I feel perfect.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: How are you perfect!?
Eyamma: Because I am entirely without any flaws, defects, or shortcomings.
Eyamma / Maive: Ew! Why would you call Elizabeth perfect, Ven! That's just sick and wrong. Who would want to be perfect? Perfectly flawed maybe. ^.^
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Wait, what?
Eyamma / Maive: psychotic moment.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Obviously.
Eyamma / Maive: Happens frequently.
ReikuTohno / Xir Kishi - Silver Streak: Sorn, Inverse is now converted
QueenVictoria / Belynda: I am the Bubble Queen! My bubble army will eat you!
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Having fun, Queeny?
QueenVictoria / Belynda: Yep! I was being a happy loner ^_^
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: Alright then. Sorry to disturb.
QueenVictoria / Belynda: No! Don't go! As much as I like being a happy loner, I love company. Love always comes before like ^_^
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: Alright then. How've you been, Queeny?
Eyamma / Maive: *Shivers* I can't believe it's this cold in 'bamer. >.>
I doubt you'd be on a chat if you wanted to talk with yourself. Hehe. Or maybe not...*mumbles about frying fingers*
QueenVictoria / Belynda: Good! Bored, but good lol. I had lots of sugar ^_^'
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: I'm about to be bored again. My Love is getting offline.
QueenVictoria / Belynda: ES never goes offline...
Eyamma / Maive: I'm about to either get offline or get my schoolwork out of the way, since it is online.
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: I wasn't talking about ES.
QueenVictoria / Belynda: lol I know. I was being an idiot ^_^
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: And she's gone. Lame.
Eyamma / Maive: Whose gone?
QueenVictoria / Belynda: You still have me! lol I love sugar ^_^
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: Cassi. I highly doubt either of you know her. She doesn't come around here anymore, but she's an old member that's kept contact with all of us.
QueenVictoria / Belynda: Knowing me, I probably joined after she left >.<
Eyamma / Maive: I don't many people by their real name, so I can't say so. And if she hasn't gotten on in the past year, then I doubt I do.
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: She's been here for three years. LongPastDead. She goes by the name Red around here and Chatzy. Still, I call her Love because the first conversation we ever had consisted of her asking me what I would say if she told me she loved me. It's been something of an inside joke between the two of us since.
Eyamma / Maive: I think I've heard of her. Is Carlos and her friends? Or (i were) would be more correct.
Xillie: i'm sooo bored.... anyone have any RPs that need another character?
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: I know they were friends. I've no idea about their current situation. They never dated, if that helps narrow down the list.
QueenVictoria / Belynda: lol. I can't remember the first person I met here nor the first conversation I had. I can hardly remember where I have a class even if I was told the previous day >.<
Eyamma / Maive: Yes, that sounds similar, he told me of his friend Red, and I believe he said her real name was Cassie, but something happened between the two of them. He never told me if she was from ES so it could be another Cassie that goes by the name of Red, who knows? *shrugs*
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: I guess it helped that we brought it up a lot to bother her friend because we kept referring to it by such things as, "That special night" or "The night I found out how much you 'love' guys."
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: For the record, Red's real name is Cassi, not Cassie and yeah, it's probably the same one. Oh yeah, she did get real pissed at him about dating Ava.
Eyamma / Maive: Bwahahahah. Did she like this little nickname you gave her?
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: Love? Yeah. She calls me that in return. Or did you mean her friend? Eh, her friend warmed up to me. I'm one of about two guys that she actually likes.
QueenVictoria / Belynda: I feel like going horse riding
Eyamma / Maive: Hmm, well I can't remember the exact spelling, but I'm fairly certain it was the same person.
They stopped talking for another reason...something about him believing she was ignoring him? If you don't already know the story I'm not sure if it's my place to go on.
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: Eh, whatever. I don't need to pry into her life. I'm sure if it was that important she would have already told me.
Eyamma / Maive: I meant Red, I just wondered if she found it as humorous as you did. ^.^
But of course, everyone enjoys Ven's company. >.>
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: Exactly. She's my Love. She'd better enjoy it.
Eyamma / Maive: Mhmm, and since I don't know her personally I have no idea how it effected her.
She does, in your mind.
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: Oh, she'll enjoy it.
*Cracks his knuckles, but looks around to see if she's watching*
dear / ariel alexis: *Reads.* Uh huh, Red is the name I know from Carlos.
But psh, Carlos is a Colombian douche bag any way. One that we all love and adore.
QueenVictoria / Belynda: how can I break up with a guy really softly?
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: Ladies, I leave you to handle this. I'm off to sleep.
dear / ariel alexis: You can't.
dear / ariel alexis: Aww okay Sorn. Nightnight! Have wild dreams and stuff.
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: My dreams are always wild. Don't worry.
QueenVictoria / Belynda: Night Luke!
*cries* Dammit! I've been with my boyfriend for over a year, but I don't love him and I don't think it's fair to him.
Eyamma / Maive: ...Ven, I never knew you were a sadist? O_o
Carlos likes beacon. Heheheheh.
dear / ariel alexis: Oh I worry... *Pokes Sorn's cheek for no apparent reason whatsoever.*
Eyamma / Maive: Fair well, take care.
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: *Just before she touches his cheek he breaks apart into a cloud of butterflies that go flying off in different directions*
dear / ariel alexis: Then tell him the truth.
And beacon? What Eli?
Eyamma / Maive: Queeny, it's going to hurt him no matter what, the best thing you can do is be clear and honest to him.
QueenVictoria / Belynda: Hmm... But I really don't want to hurt him
dear / ariel alexis: Well that was by far the coolest exit I've ever seen. *Chases the butterflies and catches one, bottling it up.* Now I always can have a little piece of Sorn where ever I go. Both corny and creepy.
Eyamma / Maive: Just mention it to him, Kenzie. You will see, but I'd do it on the phone. O_o
dear / ariel alexis: Hehehehehe. Right now, Eli?
Eyamma / Maive: *Pulls our her box of photos*
Not as creepy as my way of keeping a piece of everyone with me. ^.^
Sometimes you have to hurt someone to do what is best for them, decide which one you think will favor him more in the future. Finding out you never loved him when he becomes too attached or feeling pain now but at least knowing you told him the truth.
dear / ariel alexis: Oooh. *Looks through Eli's box of supreme creepiness, leafing through each photo then stops.* Woah... how'd you get this one of Que's first potty training session... three minutes ago?
Eyamma / Maive: *Shrugs* If you think he is still awake, it's like what, two in morning for him right now?
Just mention the word, and watch the magic. ^.^
dear / ariel alexis: *Shrugs.* I just sent him a text about him being a douche bag. *Waits to see if there shall be a reply.*
QueenVictoria / Belynda: Hmm... Thanks, Eyamma. I gotta go. Bye!
dear / ariel alexis: Bye. Look how we drifted from ESC to ESCape. Ha!
Eyamma / Maive: He didn't reply to mine, which was...an hour ago? But maybe your Kenzieness will wake him up, as he beholds your words in awe. O_O
*Snatches the photo away, caressing it gently* Don't touch! *Mumbles* Mmmmmmy preciousness.
Eyamma / Maive: No problem, hun. Fair well.
*Shifty eyes*
We're ninja's!
dear / ariel alexis: Haha. Yeah right. He's probably like one of those people that sleep like stone.
*Giggles uncontrollably and falls out of her chair, still giggling.* I like you. Let's be friends.
dear / ariel alexis: I sent him another text telling him to wake up. Ha!
Eyamma / Maive: *Stands over Kenzie, still cradeling her picture*
Is this the moment where we kiss?
-_- Yes. He does. Have you ever been on the phone with him when he falls asleep? Oh yeah, and he mumbles in his sleep. Teehee. xD
dear / ariel alexis: *Looks up to Eli.* Why yes, yes it is.
Ha! And nope! Hahahaha. He mumbles! Ha! That's funny.
Eyamma / Maive: *Closes her eyes, leaning forward too far and falling flat on her face*
We can try that again sometime...>.>
*Getting back up and brushing herself off before extending her hand*
Friends? ^.^
I only do because of Emily, since you know she is really a guy. >.> They both refused to say goodbye so he fell asleep on the phone.
It was funny. Hehe.
dear / ariel alexis: *Leans in expecting her lips to be met by another pair but then finds those lips have met her feet.*
We can.
*Licks the offered hand.* Friends.
Yeah. I know. Haha loser.
*Thinks.* I really hope that some way, things will work out for Carlos. I worry about him a lot, probably more than I should, but I can't help it, it's how I am. But... I hope things will turn in his favor.
Eyamma / Maive: Deal. One day, we will try again. :)
*Sniffs her hand* Your saliva smells like apricot. O_o
So do I, Kenzie, in fact I find myself thinking about his current...predicament far too much. It's really terrible that he is stuck in Cali, I know I can help him but he really is worried about getting caught. I just wish we could like, appear one night at his house and duct tape his mouth, throwing him into the trunk of our car. >.> Has anything happened with your plans?
dear / ariel alexis: Apricot? ...Good. The plans are going as... planned.
Well. Not really. They haven't moved. *Thinks.* You have AIM?
Eyamma / Maive: I have a feeling I am falling into the web of a master mind and her scheming. >.>
*Pops up browser* I'm on right now.
My screen name is; Eyamma.
dear / ariel alexis: Why would you feel like that? *Shoves the master minding and scheming in her back pocket.*
Eyamma / Maive: *Giggles* I have no idea! Must be the medication I am on.
*Continues stroking her picture*
dear / ariel alexis: Yay medication! Yay!
*Reaches out to touch the treasured picture.*
Eyamma / Maive: No, not the picture!
You can have my medication though...*Hands an empty bottle to Kenzie*
Woops, I think I am about to over dose. O_o
dear / ariel alexis: Aw... Okay yay!
Uh oh. Take some more medicine, then.
Eyamma / Maive: Hey now! *Crosses arms* Don't pout. Don't. That is my kryptonite. >.<
Brilliant *Desperately searches through cabinets*
I can't find it *Find a bottle of sleeping pills*
Ah, perfect. *Chugs the whole bottle*
dear / ariel alexis: Okay. *Smiles.*
All better?
Eyamma / Maive: *Dies*
Yep, I'm fine now.
dear / ariel alexis: See? Told ya!
Eyamma / Maive: Jeesh, why didn't I think of it before. Dying solves everything!
...Whoa...that sounded completely emo. -_-
dear / ariel alexis: *Points to you.* Emo!
Eyamma / Maive: >.>
RZKEngel / Asche: wat?
Eyamma / Maive: O_O
dear / ariel alexis: Yay Pooh!
Eyamma / Maive: I know, right? *Cuddles Pooh picture*
dear / ariel alexis: *Cuddles Eli's picture.* Huh? What? Yeah, I know this is late.
ReikuTohno / Archer - Emiya: I must be really really bored since I'm on here.
dear / ariel alexis: Must be.
ReikuTohno / Archer - Emiya: checked inverse yet?
dear / ariel alexis: Yah huh.
ReikuTohno / Archer - Emiya: how about Aetharaen?
dear / ariel alexis: *Looks.*
ReikuTohno / Archer - Emiya: (http://s13.zetaboards.com/Inverse_Polarity/forum/3001888/ It's a work in progress)
dear / ariel alexis: I see. *Thinks.* Hmm... I suppose I'd say you need a desert land.
dear / ariel alexis: Actually, rather maybe you should have a different section within that topic that incorporates the elements into different lands, eh?
ReikuTohno / Archer - Emiya: pardon?
you mean the fire water wind earth elements?
dear / ariel alexis: Yeah huh.
*Thinks.* I just thought it was strange you only had one element. Ice.
And yeah, fire, water, earth, lightening, wind, etc, etc. You could probably include several in the same continents.
ReikuTohno / Archer - Emiya: that's just the type of land lol
worlds must have frozen wastelands >_>
dear / ariel alexis: Worlds must have deserts!
ReikuTohno / Archer - Emiya: yes, you're right, i'm going to add that in between the two main continents
dear / ariel alexis: Cool. I've been working on a role play. Still plotting it out and all.
ReikuTohno / Archer - Emiya: there, i've created your desert *ominous voice*
dear / ariel alexis: *Looks around.* I didn't know we had those, here...
dear / ariel alexis: Yay desert!
ReikuTohno / Archer - Emiya: yeah, oh, and i made it so when we post in the admin discussion, our posts count, and there's a money per post system as well but the only posts that count are those for admins and in the world of Aetharaen
dear / ariel alexis: Money per post? What do you mean?
And that's cool.
I was thinking, you know, for Aetharaen, you should have a topic in each, a "races" topic. There people should be able to post ideas for races for each land. It'd be less of a hassle on you to have create them all and will open the door for several races as well as unique... If people get into it like that, that is.
ReikuTohno / Archer - Emiya: there would be no limit on races, but here is the catch, you can't use any spells or abilities (shapeshifting for werewolves, example or flying for winged creatures or breathing fire for dragons) until you bought a spell that allows you to, kinda like you have to build up your character first before you can fight, same goes with weapons :P
check your account, there's something there called spectra
dear / ariel alexis: Ahh, okay.
And will do.
dear / ariel alexis: ...Don't see it.
ReikuTohno / Archer - Emiya: under your Avatar, "Spectra:"
dear / ariel alexis: I still don't see it.
ReikuTohno / Archer - Emiya: enable scripts and cookies
dear / ariel alexis: Ahh okay.
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: Rei, in regards to Aetharaen, do we need to post a character sheet sort of thing like Avalon?
ReikuTohno / Archer - Emiya: Char profile?
ReikuTohno / Archer - Emiya: most likely, also, if you're in one RP [Area of the world] you can be in another, because you can't be in two places at once
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: You mean that I can't be in another area, right?
ReikuTohno / Archer - Emiya: yeah, you can't RP in another thread when you're in another thread, that way it won't be confusing and stuff
added a desert btw, request of Ariel
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: Coo. That's how I thought it was going to be. I look forward to it.
ReikuTohno / Archer - Emiya: muhahahaha, thanks, also, as I've said, races are not limited to choices but char profiles need to be approved first before they are allowed in the world of Aetharaen (i just love how typing that name kinda twists my fingers)
dear / ariel alexis: I look forward to you, Sorn.
Aetharaen... Reiku... you're going insane. *Shocks Reiku.* I guess it's because you haven't had some good shock treatment lately.
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: You look forward to me?
dear / ariel alexis: Yes, I do. Every time I see "Prince Sorn" in my recent activity I become a little bit more alive inside.
I guess.
dear / ariel alexis: *Taps on the glass jar, watching the single butterfly inside dance around, flashing its brilliant colors.* See, look. I have a part of you where ever I go, Sorn.
Am I creepy enough yet?
ReikuTohno / Archer - Emiya: h1 X_X
dear / ariel alexis: For the love of my sanity, please change that "than" to a "then" under the Settings & Atmosphere.
It drives me crazy.
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: Has that really been bothering you that much?
dear / ariel alexis: *Hugs Sorn.* You don't know how insane it's been driving me. Even when it's not visible, I still know it's there, staring me down.
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: Huh. I can tell you're going to be a very useful editor.
dear / ariel alexis: Haha. Yeah. I can't let things like that go. And whenever I post a mistake I have to go back and edit it, even if it doesn't matter to me or to any body. Not to mention I proofread things about a thousand times.
Can you believe my ex was dyslexic? Drove me absolutely insane. It was ironic.
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: Well, I think having someone there to back me is good enough motivation. I'm going to see if I can track down what I have so far. Mind giving it a once over?
dear / ariel alexis: Nope. Now hand it over.
ReikuTohno / Archer - Emiya: typos bother me a lot too but i just keep it in >_>
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: I don't think it'll work out in a PM. Mind letting me email it?
dear / ariel alexis: I was hoping you'd say that. All my colors don't show up in PM.
Yeah, Enri. I don't go around correcting any body unless they ask me to.
dear / ariel alexis: *Thinks.* I'm actually the person that'll text message on a phone with proper grammar.
ReikuTohno / Archer - Emiya: a yahoo email! *pounces*
dear / ariel alexis: Ah! Why are you pouncing the Yahooness of it?
Got it, Sorn.
ReikuTohno / Archer - Emiya: i txt msg with proper grammar but not spelling
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: You've got your work cut out for you, Ariel. I wrote that about four/five years ago so I'm sure it's just riddled with errors. I sucked even worse back then. Anyway, have fun. I'm going to go work on the next part.
ReikuTohno / Archer - Emiya: to add to my YIM
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: Well then, I'm going to hide mine from you, Rei.
dear / ariel alexis: Okay, Sorn. *Starts reading.*
And I don't have YIM.
ReikuTohno / Archer - Emiya: Sorn, i know two of your yahoo emails
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: Damnit, Rei! You tricksy bastard!
ReikuTohno / Archer - Emiya: remember that conference that you declined to? I was in that conference
dear / ariel alexis: By the way, Sorn, I'll probably be really hard on you, but take that as a compliment, because I'm hardest on the people I know can do better.
ReikuTohno / Archer - Emiya: also Sorn, your other yahoo mail was the one sending PM notifications from c loveless
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: Ariel, I love when you're hard on me.
But on a more serious note, yeah, I'd want you to be. Like I said, I wrote that my freshman year of high school. I expect it to suck and need to bring it up to speed as much as possible.
dear / ariel alexis: Hehehe, well in that case I'll be extra hard on you.
And okay, good.
Forgivenpromise / Sadden Dawn: well hello Sorn. we haven't talked in a while. i haven't been on much since i was at the ER. so how are you and such?
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: I'm doing alright...you know, apart from the open wounds caused by Ariel's whipping of me. How about you?
Forgivenpromise / Sadden Dawn: Whipping? wow. uh im okay not too great after alot of health conditions. i was informed of my father being abusive to me when i was young. sadly, and i regret ever calling him father. leaving me, my little sister, my stepmother to party with his friends.. he's a prick. i thought i would never hate until now. sorry i just felt like i needed to let that out please excuse me for that.
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: Yeah. Whipping. I just made her my editor and I forgot how obnoxious editors can be.
What were you in the hospital for, anyway? No one felt the need to inform me of such.
ReikuTohno / Archer - Emiya: i had not known of that as well, *prods Sorn's wounds*
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: *Cringes*
They're still tender, Rei. Ariel likes to be rough.
Forgivenpromise / Sadden Dawn: well mainly the passing out many times, no sleep, migrains, heart attacks/strokes is a possible problem, ive been having problems with my heart and breathing, throwing up a few times..ect...
not much fun.
ReikuTohno / Archer - Emiya: I hope you get better Dawn O_O
Sorn, tell me about it *points to own shock collar*
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: Yeah. Heart and breathing problems don't exactly sound like something anyone would opt for. I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you get better.
Forgivenpromise / Sadden Dawn: thank you both but they say they cant do anything really.
pretty sad to be shot down again. ive had these problems for years.
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: Eh, plan for the worst, but hope for the best. That's what I say about shit like that.
ReikuTohno / Archer - Emiya: isn't there anything that would help? a heart transplant maybe?
Forgivenpromise / Sadden Dawn: well the thing is they're not totally positive about the heart attacks but im sure it has happened.
ReikuTohno / Archer - Emiya: well, i hope things turn out well for you
Forgivenpromise / Sadden Dawn: thank you both, as do i hope. it's quiet tiring.
ReikuTohno / Archer - Emiya: Best wishes, Dawn.
Forgivenpromise / Sadden Dawn: so how are you Reiku?
ReikuTohno / The Newt: needing sleep apparently, it's 9am and i haven't slept yet
Forgivenpromise / Sadden Dawn: you should get some sleep then.
ReikuTohno / The Newt: i will, good mornight Dawn
Forgivenpromise / Sadden Dawn: same to you, take care.
dear / ariel alexis: Sorn, you around?
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: Yeah.
dear / ariel alexis: You know when you're using the word "use" in past tense... It's "used."
We used to go camping.
Did you know there is a 'd' there?
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: Um...yeah?
dear / ariel alexis: Okay. Then you didn't a while ago. You kept using "use to." So I was just making sure.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: Alright. I don't know if I'll be home much tonight. Probably only for a few hours just before midnight, just so you know.
dear / ariel alexis: Sorry. *Goes back to doing what she was doing.*
You're gonna hate me when you get this thing back.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: I figure as much, but I also figure I need it. I'll try and get a few pages done in those two hours when I get home later.
Treykun / Trey: I neeeed people for my rp Red Moonlight...its a band rp.
ReikuTohno / The Newt: Sorn still being whipped?
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: You know Ariel doesn't like to let up.
dear / ariel alexis: Yeah, that's okay. I don't need you for this really. Sides, I have work tonight. I think I'll print out a hard copy. Any way. Just to give you a little brief. Like I said, it feels eerily close to Oliver Twist to me. Uhm. I don't think that's a bad thing necessarily, but people might question how original the orphan kid taken in by thieves is. I mean, obviously it's different from Oliver Twist and not an exact copy or a copy at all. Maybe I'll find an excerpt for you and send it to you so you can see yourself. But any way... I haven't even read it all yet, though. So don't worry about it. I'll tell you what I think after I've read it over for like the sixtieth time. Uhm. Like I said, I'm gonna pick on you because I know you can do better. So... It's not really 'cause I think it sucks, but... Okay well because it does suck in comparison to what you could make it. I know you have a lot more to offer your reader so... I'm pretty blunt and to the point about things and I'll also tell you when I like things. I just don't want to be too harsh on you without warning. But as for right now, I can't say much about the content simply because I'm pretty much analyzing the grammar. I'm trying to do it page by page, then I'll go back and read it as a whole. So right now I'm in the grammar and first thoughts stage. Which this is probably where most of the work gets done.
dear / ariel alexis: Reiku is just jealous because he's not being whipped. We know you like it rough Reiku.
ReikuTohno / The Newt: *hears whips cracking*
dear / ariel alexis: *Shocks Reiku.*
ReikuTohno / The Newt: h1X_X
i don't like it rough
dear / ariel alexis: Suuuure Enri.
ReikuTohno / The Newt: h1>_>
dear / ariel alexis: Stop distracting me.
ReikuTohno / The Newt: h1...................
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: Good. That's what I need, Ariel. Thanks a lot for this. If you get through it and think is real close to Oliver Twist, mind telling me where exactly? I'm afraid I've never read it so I've no idea.
dear / ariel alexis: Yeah. I'll even send you what I think is close to it rather than you go out and find it.
But you're welcome.
ReikuTohno / The Newt: *showering*
Dhiamara: thats a yes
ReikuTohno / The Newt: *drops in*
Dhiamara: welcome back dear fit friend
ReikuTohno / The Newt: How are you Dhia?
Dhiamara: me ok nice to talk to you again
how was ya shower???
ReikuTohno / The Newt: it was cold :P
Dhiamara: aww *big hug to warm you up*
ReikuTohno / The Newt: *hugs* thanks but it's fine, i just need to eat some breakfast later
Dhiamara: noooooo dont leave me *cries*
ReikuTohno / The Newt: about 30 mins, lol
Dhiamara: :( fine
ReikuTohno / The Newt: well, what time is it there?
Dhiamara: 10:20 pm
ReikuTohno / The Newt: 6 am here
Dhiamara: ooh big difference
ReikuTohno / The Newt: yes, big difference :P
Dhiamara: hehe
ReikuTohno / The Newt: i'm rarely on ES so if you have a messenger, i have 3 messengers
Dhiamara: Ih vae 5 messengers but my most used i'll pm you it ok?
ReikuTohno / The Newt: you can me, I'll post it here, i don't care XD
YIM: phoenix_fire.19th_angel
MSN: silver.knight.reiku@hotmail.com
AIM: Reiku Tohno
i have 3 more but i rarely use those :P
Dhiamara: added!!! :D
ReikuTohno / The Newt: ? why can't i see it >_>
Dhiamara: logut of ya msn then log back in and my invite should be there
ReikuTohno / The Newt: too lazy @_@
komeiryotu / Komei Ryotu: ello anime fannerinas
Basye / Prince Marth: any good rps out there?
Dhiamara: well reiku i have sent you mine on pm
komeiryotu / Komei Ryotu: well I am not really sure this is my first time
ReikuTohno / The Newt: alright, i'll add you after breakfast
komeiryotu / Komei Ryotu: mmmm breakfast
Basye / Prince Marth: Oh thats fine and welcome.
Dhiamara: kk
komeiryotu / Komei Ryotu: thnx so anyone familar with this place
ReikuTohno / The Newt: familiar with what?
komeiryotu / Komei Ryotu: like idk rp
ReikuTohno / The Newt: familiar with RP? or with ES?
anyhow, brb breakfast
komeiryotu / Komei Ryotu: okay...
ReikuTohno / The Newt: back
QueenVictoria / Belynda: *jumps on bed happily*
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: Why so happy, Queeny?
QueenVictoria / Belynda: Cuz I'm jumping on my bed! *does a flip*
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: Oh? I don't know, I figured there would be a reason why you were jumping on the bed at least.
QueenVictoria / Belynda: You jump too! *pulls Luke onto the bed*
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: *Sits cross legged on the bed*
I don't know about that. I'm not really feeling active.
QueenVictoria / Belynda: Okay then! *sits down ith Luke* So what's up?
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: Nothing really. I'm just sort of feeling lazy and cuddly. You?
QueenVictoria / Belynda: Bored lol as per usual. Bored but good.
Eyamma / Brandon Boyd: Boxing clever. :)
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: Boxing clever?
QueenVictoria / Belynda: ???
Eyamma / Brandon Boyd: Placebo-Pure Morning.
Sorry, listening to the song. When I listen to certain songs I am prone to randomly say them.
QueenVictoria / Belynda: I'm listening to Nobody's Girl ^_^
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: Ah, alright then. I just had no idea what you were talking about and was very confused.
QueenVictoria / Belynda: lol. You weren't the only one
Eyamma / Brandon Boyd: Hmmm...*whispers* sometimes, I have no idea what I'm talking about either. >.>
Nobody's girl, eh? *Tackles*
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: Who did you just tackle?
Eyamma / Brandon Boyd: Both of you.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: But...I didn't think we were sitting that close to each other.
QueenVictoria / Belynda: and now I'm listening to Just Like You by Three Days Grace.
Eyamma / Brandon Boyd: Well maybe I'm a fat ass and can cover both of you?
QueenVictoria / Belynda: lol. Baby's gone! Now I'm a tough bitch
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: *Rubs her chin thoughtfully*
True. You are quite obese.
Eyamma / Brandon Boyd: *Seizures*
Look what you've done! *Holds up her underwear*
Whoops, wrong thing. >.>
Eyamma / Brandon Boyd: My point, exactly.
QueenVictoria / Belynda: You two are stuffed in the head lol
Eyamma / Brandon Boyd: That just made me jizz in my pants.
QueenVictoria / Belynda: h2 .....
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: Yeah. Eli does that from time to time.
QueenVictoria / Belynda: h2 .....
Eyamma / Brandon Boyd: You know me well.
QueenVictoria / Belynda: I'm confuzzled! >.<
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: Why are you so confused?
QueenVictoria / Belynda: no idea! >.<
Eyamma / Brandon Boyd: So you don't know what you are confused about yet you are still confused?
Now I'm confused...
QueenVictoria / Belynda: Welcomee to my world ^_^
Eyamma / Brandon Boyd: *Looks around her world*
What? No food stored here? Jeesh, not even that magical elf that is in mine. Damn that thing is annoying.
QueenVictoria / Belynda: *Never ending food storage magically appears in a purple mushroom*
dear / Brandon Eurie Boyd: Some times? When doesn't she jizz in her pants?
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: Good point. She does do that a lot.
dear / Brandon Eurie Boyd: I should know.
Eyamma / Brandon Boyd: Teehee, yes, you (i should) know.
Mushrooms! Eck. They attacked my mother. I am deathly vengeful towards them.
QueenVictoria / Belynda: but it's not a mushroom. It's a purple pineapple! *Shifty eyes*
dear / Brandon Eurie Boyd: Mushrooms are really good raw. They have a very smooth taste.
Eyamma / Brandon Boyd: DON'T SPEAK OF IT!
QueenVictoria / Belynda: PURPLE PINEAPPLE!
Eyamma / Brandon Boyd: *Glares*
That was very close, chitinous.
QueenVictoria / Belynda: PURPLE BUMBLEBEE!!!
Eyamma / Brandon Boyd: *Tackles Bee and wraps a cloth around her mouth*
There. Silence.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: *Sits on the bed, very lost*
dear / Brandon Eurie Boyd: *Sits on Sorn, right there with him.*
QueenVictoria / Belynda: *dies*
Eyamma / Brandon Boyd: *Shits*
QueenVictoria / Liza (horse): *bites arm*
dear / Brandon Eurie Boyd: Sorn, it's your turn to clean up after the animals. *Watches the horse walk through the room.*
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: No!
Eyamma / Brandon Boyd: Well, this is where I take my leave. The dog is FINALLY back, so I'm heading off.
*Kisses Kenzie, Ven, Bee* See? Strawberry! Anywho, nighty night freaxx. Love you guys more then transexual porn.
dear / Brandon Eurie Boyd: Yeah. I did it last time, Sorn. Definitely your turn.
dear / Brandon Eurie Boyd: And I love you more than MLPP. *Kisses back.* Night, deary. Sleep well.
Eyamma / Brandon Boyd: Whoa, that's some major love right there!
You go to sleep sometime, I wouldn't want to take advantage of you. Wait, never mind...stay up. :)
dear / Brandon Eurie Boyd: Hahaha, okay fine, mom. I'll go to bed... some time.
And major love, indeed.
QueenVictoria / Liza (horse): Bye!
dear / Brandon Eurie Boyd: And ooh. Definitely stay up, then.
QueenVictoria / Liza (horse): *Steps on Rei's foot*
ReikuTohno: h1X_X ouch
QueenVictoria / Liza (horse): :D
Dhiamara: *jumps on reiku* guess who...:P
ReikuTohno: ????????????
Dhiamara: *giggles* How are you???
ReikuTohno: whoops, sorry, was on another site
Dhiamara: tis ok *pokes reiku in the side* so how are you???
ReikuTohno: good, you?
Dhiamara: im fine so wuu2???
ReikuTohno: RPing
Dhiamara: lol wouldnt have guessed sorry i was away cause im currently in school.
ReikuTohno: it's fine, do you like medieval fantasy?
Dhiamara: well i was only ever in one ages ago but it was quite cool why???
ReikuTohno: bcos that's the theme of the RP site i'm in :P
Dhiamara: ooh cool
can you send me the link
ReikuTohno: sorry, took a shower, lemme get you a link, though, there are strict rules alright?
ReikuTohno: (http://landofavalon.com/boardrules/ RULES)
(http://landofavalon.com/topic/234282/ Newcomer's guide)
(http://landofavalon.com/index/ Main site)
Niia / Yumi Sama: hello?
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: Hey, Niia.
QueenVictoria / Belynda: Luke! *tackles*
3L3m3ntal / Ralin Corthass: Who's Luke?
QueenVictoria / Belynda: Sorn
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: Hey, Queeny.
3L3m3ntal / Ralin Corthass: I thought his real name was Ben though....
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: That depends on who you ask.
Niia / Yumi Sama: hii sorn lol
hi tim
3L3m3ntal / Ralin Corthass: Sorn, what the hell IS your name? I'm sure you've known mine is Tim.
Hi Darlene.
QueenVictoria / Belynda: I'm Belynda. Or Belle
Niia / Yumi Sama: Hi Belle
so how is everyone
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: My birth name is Ben. My real name is Luke. I'll respond to either or simply Sorn.
3L3m3ntal / Ralin Corthass: Ah... Okay then. I'll make a decision eventually.
Any objections to me joining P:R?
QueenVictoria / Belynda: I'm on the computers at school, by the way, so if I disappear, I've either been caught or I had to go ^_^'
Niia / Yumi Sama: Idgi. How is Ben ur birth name but Luke be ur real name...Im confused..
Ima just say sorn. Sorn is so much easier..
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: If you can think of a way to join right now, go right ahead if you think you can keep up. If you'd rather wait a bit for a spot to make itself more clear, you can do that as well.
QueenVictoria / Belynda: I gotta go. Bye!
3L3m3ntal / Ralin Corthass: Okay... I'll probably make my own intro, and find a way in.
Any rules on the Corveyans?
Niia / Yumi Sama: Byee belle
Eyamma / Vortigern: *Peeks in* Phew, no one is arguing in here...Wait, that's probably because no one is on...
Niia / Yumi Sama: im on
Eyamma: Salutations.
Niia / Yumi Sama: hii
Eyamma: I can't believe we are the only two on here. You'd think a Sorn created OCC would be buzzing with people, at least as much as ES.
3L3m3ntal / Ralin Corthass: Hey, Eyamma, what's going on in P:R?
Eyamma: Well, when a Valan girl attacked the town square everyone teamed up on her, but Sorn ended up ending her life. So we all got hauled off to the castle and are waiting right now in there as prisoners of sort. Someone came in and told us to be ready for the king, because he would be speaking with us. And I believe Sorn is getting his wounds tended to. There are two other characters that I'm not exactly sure how they are part of the story line. But so far Kael was about to get attacked by a bunch of bandits, we aren't sure why he is there. All we know is he is blind?
3L3m3ntal / Ralin Corthass: Alright. Sounds cool. So, are you all in a dungeon or just waiting freely?
Eyamma: A dungeon. :)
Umbra / The Knight Umbra: Is this like the other two?
3L3m3ntal / Ralin Corthass: Okay, cool. Because Sorn said I could integrate myself into the story, but I wasn't sure what had happened. So maybe I'll come in as a criminal awaiting his hearing.
Thanks! :)
Eyamma: Are you speaking of the other two OCC's?
If you are, then yes. It is. Sorn made the original ESC, but deleted it at one point so Keon remade ESC. But after a while I'm assuming Sorn wanted his OCC chat back so he made another one.
Eyamma: No problem, dear. See you in P:R. Whenever you post, that is.
Umbra / The Knight Umbra: Is Sorn the creator of this site?
3L3m3ntal / Ralin Corthass: Working on a post now.
Eyamma: You're pretty new, aren't you Umbra? And no, he's just been around here for a while. The creator of this site is, Jimmy Ruska. Although he rarely checks on the Role Play section, so problems will mostly go uniformed.
And alrighty, Elemental.
dear / Ari Alexis: Hey Sorn?
ReikuTohno: I'm still waiting for his bullet stab to inform me when I should join on P:R
*goes to sleep*
Eyamma: Well, hello there, my dear Kenzie.
Sorn isn't on at the present moment, I believe.
dear / Ari Alexis: Hiya, Eli. *Tackle hugs.*
So he's not lurking?
Eyamma: *Hugs back* Heheh. :)
I haven't seen him say anything, so I don't think so, but I can't say for sure either way.
dear / Ari Alexis: *Sexes Eli up.*
Well okay. Thanks.
How are you?
Eyamma: *Licks* ^.^
No worries, hun.
I'm tired as bloody hell. I'm probably gonna' hit the sack soon. But I'll be right back, alright?
What about you?
dear / Ari Alexis: *Licks back.*
Why so tired? And okay. And okay again.
I'm tired as well, but not sleepy tired. I was supposed to start working on my tattoo again but... I decided to work on editing Sorn's thing instead. I was wondering if he wanted me to give half of it to him now.
3L3m3ntal / Ralin Corthass: Wow... oh how perverted that is... -_- Lol.
Hey, Eyamma would your myspace name be Kash?
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: *Hangs head in shame*
I can't believe someone said my name and I didn't pop up. I feel so bad.
Niia / Yumi Sama: hey everyone
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: Hey, Niia.
Niia / Yumi Sama: how are yu sorn?? u seem to be acknowledging mii more today lol
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: I usually acknowledge people that say hello, especially in here. I feel that I should do at least that. I'm pretty good, though. Just got back from hanging out with Kael. You?
Niia / Yumi Sama: abit tired. its almost 1am and i cant sleep cuz im sick and have a stuffy nose.
dear / Ari Alexis: And you should feel bad, Sorn.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: That sucks. I usually don't go to sleep until later, though.
*Cries because of what Ariel said*
Niia / Yumi Sama: oh.well i got school in moring so ima be off this. night
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: G'night, Niia.
dear / Ari Alexis: Thanks to you being so inattentive, I had the loneliest moment of my life. To find that there is not some body watching at all times...
Eyamma: Oh and yes, Elemental. My myspace name is "Kash".
ReikuTohno: hm
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: Hm indeed.
Niia / Yumi Sama: hello =]
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: Hey, Niia.
ReikuTohno: Yo. (pic http://img18.imageshack.us/img18/2964/orbgp7.gif) Ah, a nice blood orb.
Niia / Yumi Sama: hi sorn hi reiku. How are you both?
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: You're blood orb sucks!
I'm doing alright, just a tad physically lonely. Yourself?
ReikuTohno: Just finished a blood orb for a game, you?
ReikuTohno: Sorn, it's actually SUCK MY BLOOD ORB!
Niia / Yumi Sama: lol im good listening to music
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: I shall suck nothing of yours!
ReikuTohno: Bah! *Takes all the oxygen around Sorn* MY OXYGEN!
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: *Pulls out his TimeSweeper and vacuums up his own air*
Niia / Yumi Sama: sorn..are you a guy or a girl..jus wondering cuz its a girl picture...
ReikuTohno: HE's a GIRL. I mean, SHE's a GUY. Well... >_>
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: I think Rei actually summed it up fairly well.
ReikuTohno: True. Now where's my award?
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: Um...
*Hands Rei a trophy shaped like the symbols for male and female bent into question marks*
Niia / Yumi Sama: ..im lost...
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: To answer your question, I do have a penis, but I tend to drift between associations with both genders.
ReikuTohno: Hah! I win. Wait, this makes me look like I'm gender confused. D=
Niia, he's a guy. ^_^
ReikuTohno: Well, physically, that is.
Niia / Yumi Sama: so technically ur bi?? or change ur sex?? ahhh i feel slow..
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn.: Okay. I have male genitalia, so by definition I'm male. However, I exhibit traits of both the male and female gender and quite often reside within the gray area that lies between the two, though I can shift from one side to the other. Usually I refer to myself as simply male even when I'm in that gray area, though I will start referring to myself as a girl if you catch me when I'm in the other area.
Niia / Yumi Sama: ok.. *still kind of confused but understands a bit* so right now yur a girl??
ReikuTohno: Well, he is what his pic usually is. Sometimes an android. >_>
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: I am usually what my picture is, but that happened to be the last picture I used in here. Right now I'm male.
Niia / Yumi Sama: Ah ok. i like the male picture its sexii lol..
So what makes yu a girl??
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Nothing particular. Just a shift in my personality.
Niia / Yumi Sama: Oh ok so can i consider you bi?
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: I'd go with pansexual. Bisexual implies that I view both genders with equal attraction. That's not the way I look at it, I just don't think that gender should get in the way of things like love.
Niia / Yumi Sama: oh ok.
Well i understand now.
Sorry i asked so many questions
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: No, it's chill. I understand that my situation is somewhat odd so I'm always more than willing to explain myself. Of course, I tend to mess around before actually explaining.
Niia / Yumi Sama: lol ah i see. well i have an odd thing about me too. only its physically.
and it doesnt have to deal with anything like your situation.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Oh? Care to explain?
Niia / Yumi Sama: I rather show you lol. just let me find picture
Niia / Darlene (real niia): basically i was born with out a radius bone so my arms are shorter than "normal" so yea. but atleast i have a good ppersonality and looks lol
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: To be honest, it actually probably would have taken me a while to notice that in the picture if you didn't say anything about it.
Niia / Darlene (real niia): lol yea ppl usually dont notice till i take of my sweater or tell them because my pictures usually dont show my arms.
Scaredheart / Ona: She's pretty.....Anyone would miss the arm thing for looking at your face dear.I'd never notice it cause I always look at faces......Your really pretty.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: I was actively trying to find the flaw in the picture as well. Huh.
Niia / Darlene (real niia): thank you. hey sorn can i have ur aim saw it on ur es profile page
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Obviously it's out there and you already know it. Go for it.
Niia / Darlene (real niia): yay!! lol
Umbra / Umbra, The Holy Knight: Hello?
3L3m3ntal / Ralin Corthass: 'Ello.
Umbra / Umbra, The Holy Knight: Hello 3L3m3ntal
3L3m3ntal / Ralin Corthass: Evening Umbra.
Tell me how is it that you're a Holy Knight, but Umbra means shadows?
Umbra / Umbra, The Holy Knight: Lucifer means bringer of light.
3L3m3ntal / Ralin Corthass: But Lucifer is also Revered as Satan., and was once the angel of death.
Umbra / Umbra, The Holy Knight: But he was once one of gods angels, but was cast out, his name does not change, satan is but a title
Anonymousbody / Fiona: Lucifer, wasn't the angel of death... I thought... azurel? (DUnno if that is spelt right) was.
3L3m3ntal / Ralin Corthass: Indeed, indeed.
Azriel is now the Angel of Death, but Lucifer once was.
Anonymousbody / Fiona: Are you sure? >_< I thought they all had their own little jobs and Azurel had always been the one of death. I thought Lucifer was some thing else close to god.
3L3m3ntal / Ralin Corthass: Lucifer was, Its weird how Lucifer works. Because he was one of the High Seraphim that protected God, but also the Angel of Death. He was pretty much the Badass Archangel that wanted it all. He tried overthrowing God with one third of Heaven's Angels. Michael cast them out with a bolt of Lightning into Hell.
Erebus / Vacil Whitaker: It all depends on how you view it if you have different beliefs, I can not recall what lucifer is, yet i remember how he was banished, now I really need to go
Anonymousbody / Fiona: O_O WOW He is badass >_< Still like my azurel though.
Erebus / True Lucifer: Yea...
Anonymousbody / Fiona: O_O
Erebus / True Lucifer: One of the better pics i have found of him...
Anonymousbody / Fiona: O_O I like his wings. All big and what now!
ReikuTohno / Xir Kishi - Silver Streak: trivia: it's spelled Azrael
Anonymousbody / Fiona: Thank you. I have no idea how it was spelt. >_<
ReikuTohno / Xir Kishi - Silver Streak: not to be confused with Azazel, that's a different angel. I had a paper with angels as my topic and I could say they interest me.
Now, I bid you good night.
Anonymousbody / Fiona: O_O WAit which angel is which then! >_<
ReikuTohno / Xir Kishi - Silver Streak: Azrael is the angel of death as I remember in relation to the religion where Lucifer exists.
Azazel is his version in...Zoroastrian religion, I think.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: You just can never get to sleep, Rei.
Anonymousbody / Fiona: O_O Your smart. I claim this at the moment. Sorry to bother you. You can sleep now NIGHT NIGHT.
ReikuTohno / Xir Kishi - Silver Streak: I'm not. If I were, I wouldn't be failing second year college. :P
I just like to read a lot. Good night. ^_^
ReikuTohno / Xir Kishi - Silver Streak: Yes, Sorn. I can't.
Anonymousbody / Fiona: You better do some studying!!! quick like! Can't be failing that stuff!
ReikuTohno / Xir Kishi - Silver Streak: Also, I think Azazel may be a fallen angel. I'm not really sure not but I know that Azrael is the angel of death. I used that name in reverse for a character of mine. Not really reversed though, Learza Zrael.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: And now I'm helping to keep you from bed. Heh.
ReikuTohno / Xir Kishi - Silver Streak: Nah, I pretty much hate school anyways. I want a car, I'm already turning 18 this march. I want a car.
Anonymousbody / Fiona: Oh no!!! O_O X_X lol I haven't been sleeping well for a week or so >_< Its lame! I stay up till 3 AM or later... >_< Don't you have college though?
ReikuTohno / Xir Kishi - Silver Streak: That you do, Sorn. That you do. Not really. My demon succubus familiar is keeping me up as well.
dear / ariel alexis: Oooh. *Pokes Sorn.*
Anonymousbody / Fiona: Don't like school? I want to go back to school >_< I have other issues at hte moment tho that are keeping me from being in it!!! A car sounds nice...
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Alright. As long as she's helping as well.
Hey there, Ariel.
ReikuTohno / Xir Kishi - Silver Streak: Since I was already considered failed, I don't go to class anymore. It's 2:30pm here by the way and I'm just about to sleep.
dear / ariel alexis: Am I the demon succubus?
I'm Sorn's demon succubus. Ha! *Pokes Sorn second time.* Hiya, little boy... That came out creepier than expected.
ReikuTohno / Xir Kishi - Silver Streak: Hey, dear.
Anonymousbody / Fiona: PM?? Really?? Is 1230 AM here... O_O
dear / ariel alexis: Hiya, Reiku.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: *Pokes Ariel back*
That you are. And yeah, that was real creepy sounding.
dear / ariel alexis: *Is poked.* Hey now!
That I am. And good! I like it that way. *Sounds like a serious case of child molestation right there.*
ReikuTohno / Xir Kishi - Silver Streak: dear, you aren't my demon succubus familiar.
Yep, 2:30pm, I'm from the Philippines.
Anonymousbody / Fiona: That makes sense. ^___^
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Please don't child molest me. Wait, how can you even do that?
dear / ariel alexis: Good, 'cause I'm Sorn's. I can't be two places at once, ya know?
dear / ariel alexis: Oh there are ways, Sorn. There are ways.
Are you younger than Que?
Rhasslairiel / Alyssa Marina: 0.0 How many of these things are there?!
*Comes in, looking around curiously*
dear / ariel alexis: Only three in my activity. But otherwise, I don't know.
*Puts her hands over Rhass' eyes.* Hey! There's some top secret stuff in here, lady!
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Actually, no. I'm older than him. I never even noticed that before. Heh.
And Rhass, this is one that I made to avoid the other two when there were...less than desirable people there. Plus, I can tell people to leave this one without people bitching like they use to in ESC when I would tell people to leave.
dear / ariel alexis: Hmm... Is your birthday after the very first day of August, or before?
Rhasslairiel / Alyssa Marina: Oooooohhhhhh.... Okay then. I was confused when I saw it. I thought there were only two.
*Hand covers her eyes and squeaks* Okay... should I leave?
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: It's after the first day of August.
Ariel, didn't we already work out that you were older than me? It came up a while ago.
dear / ariel alexis: What?! Leave?!
Why we rather like your company here. *Turns back into her creepy self.*
Rhasslairiel / Alyssa Marina: M'kay then... I just won't look around. *Bites her bottom lip and looks down shyly before sitting down crosslegged on the floor, hissing quietly at her side*
dear / ariel alexis: If your birthday is after the first day of August then I don't believe so. I am one day older than you are. And that is some thing I probably would have remembered. But you never know, it's possible, but I doubt it.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Wait, what? My birthday is September 16th.
dear / ariel alexis: Oh. I thought you were saying it was the second day. But you were just wording it like I had.
September 16th. How lame. Then maybe we did declare this. I tend to remember August-borns better.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Lame? More like super-cool!
dear / ariel alexis: The enthusiasm just happened to make it... ever so slightly lamer than before.
I don't remember Que's birthday, seeing I am extraordinary with numbers and all.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Neither do I, to be honest. I'm going to venture a stab in Que's chest and say November 23rd. I know it's in November.
Rhasslairiel / Alyssa Marina: *Laughs a little bit quietly*
dear / ariel alexis: Stab him good, now, okay?
I thought either September or November. I always get those two mixed up because I have one sibling who's birthday is in Sept. and one in Nov. Then one in Jan. Another in... March? Another in... some other month. And the other? I don't even know. ...Too many siblings!
dear / ariel alexis: Wait... one of them had a birthday in this month! It's February.
dear / ariel alexis: ...Wait. Nobody wants to hear this.
Sorn, I expect a birthday gift from you when the time comes. It had better be peanut butter!
Rhasslairiel / Alyssa Marina: *Gasps and claps her hands over her mouth*
dear / ariel alexis: Why are we gasping and clasping our mouths?
*Follows in the fashion of Rhass.*
Rhasslairiel / Alyssa Marina: I was supposed to make peanut butter cookies tonight!! *Snaps fingers*
dear / ariel alexis: I'm not a fan of peanut butter cookies, surprisingly.
Rhasslairiel / Alyssa Marina: Well, I made chocolate chip ones last night and brought them to school today. People want more so I said I'd make peanut butter ones and... shoot...
dear / ariel alexis: I would not share my cookies at school! I would share them... among myself. Ha!
Rhasslairiel / Alyssa Marina: *Grins* Well, I'm kind of the cookie girl in my class because I bake so many cookies all the time for my five little brothers... So, and apparently my cookies are good because I have secrets to make them thick and stuff. :P
dear / ariel alexis: I make snicker doodles. I'm not big on making any other cookies.
Rhasslairiel / Alyssa Marina: Mm... I make tons of kinds. :P I made about 700 cookies to hand out on Christmas... went a little overboard.
Rhasslairiel / Alyssa Marina: *Finally finishes copying down the recipe*
Needless to say I got no sleep that night. :P
BloodyTearDrops / Razor Snipes: Ello
Scaredheart / FAN SIGN!!!!!!: Sorn,surpize!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eyamma: That's fucking weird. I would be scared to be Sorn right now. *Shifty eyes*
What a fan sign anyway...shouldn't it say things you LIKE about him? Jeesh, bloody psycho. O_o
Scaredheart / FAN SIGN!!!!!!: It's my Fan sing to him adn it says what I liek about him,hes smart.......and nice...........*grunts*oh just leave it be,it's my way of doing things anyways...
Eyamma: Lmao, fine...
OH! One more thing, sorry, it's just too terrible.
You called him an idiot, but you didn't even spell idiot right. *Giggles* How ironic, whose the true idiot?
BloodyTearDrops / Razor Snipes: Ello anyone wnat to be my nurse on Reality Challanged?
Scaredheart / FAN SIGN!!!!!!: Me!!!I was playing with him,also everyone knows my spelling sucks *giggles*
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Still need a nurse, Drops?
QueenVictoria / Belynda: *jumps up and down randomly.*
RZKEngel / Asche (shapeshifter): ugh im so bored
i just donated $3000 to the bush fire apeal
midnightraiin / Sakuya Arisato: *glomps Asche* there are many places like this...
RZKEngel / Asche (shapeshifter): yep its good cause if you get sick of one person you move to another
midnightraiin / Sakuya Arisato: Ah good point there xDD Never thought of that.
QueenVictoria / Belynda: BUBBLES!
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Well, to be honest, this one was created so I could kick out people that I don't like.
midnightraiin / Sakuya Arisato: Ahhh. Lol. VERY smart idea!
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: What happened to the two Chats thing?
Order of ES...fails. xD
Oh well, randomness is funner than order.
RZKEngel / Asche: huh?
Eyamma: *Grates her face in a cheese grinder*
BloodyTearDrops / Razor Snipes: *tugs on Sorn's shirt*Sorn? Sorn? Oh Hey Sorn? Am I aloud to stay?*looks worried*
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Yeah. You can.
BloodyTearDrops / Razor Snipes: *smiles and sits on Sorn's lap*Thank you
Eyamma: *Pukes on Sorn's page*
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: That's...lovely, Eli.
Eyamma: You are welcome. :)
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: *pretty sure her face was just grinded in a cheese grater*
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: And now we can use it on our pizza.
Eyamma: Sounds tasty. ^.^
You can use my blood as the sauce!
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Well, if you like Sweet pizza...go for it. :)
I'm due for a new face Friday morning, anyway.
BloodyTearDrops / Razor Snipes: Ew*makes ick face*
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Sweets pizza sounds delicious.
Eyamma: Yes it does. *Pulls out her cheese grater*
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Heh. Actually, (i my) pizza is pretty good. I'm told I'm a pretty fantastical pizza creator. I like to experiment with toppings...
THough, I must say...I've never thought of using my own face...daring...BRILLIANT! xD
Pappy, if we used you're blood...it wouldn't be fit for children. xD Alcohol levels would be way too high.
Eyamma: That's true, grandough.
It will be labeled a 'mature pizza'
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Bwahaha! Sounds perfect. :)
Eyamma: *Pokes*
You are looking rather red today.
BloodyTearDrops / Razor Snipes: *giggles*Wow
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: *pokes back*
Well, I feel rather red too. Especially where my face should be....
Rhasslairiel / Alyssa Marina: *Falls in*
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Huh. That's odd. I've no idea why you'd be feeling like that.
Eyamma: *Pulls out her waffle face*
I got this for Emily on ebay, it was a million dollars. But she didn't like it. :(
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Oh, Grandpappy! It's perfect!
*puts on waffle face and huggles Emma*
No idea, eh, Sorn? Well, of course it has nothing to do with the cheese grater...because that didn't raw out my facial area at all. Nope didn't sting at all. xD
Rhasslairiel / Alyssa Marina: *Sits back in her corner, covering her ears*
Niia / Yumi Sama: hey everyone =]
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: 'Ello, Nia and Rhass. :) How are you this fine day? Do you like my new face?
*points at waffle iron face*
Grandpappy got it for me!
*points at Emma*
Eyamma: *Dances before breaking her back*
Ooops, pulled a muscle. O_o
Niia / Yumi Sama: yes i do =]
im good thank you. andd you?
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: I'm spectacular, Nia. THank you for asking. :)
Oh, Grandpappy...you know...your little muscles are getting worn out...maybe you should take one of your 'chill pills'. xD
Eyamma: *Ruffles grandough's hair*
What would I do without you? *Gulps down a bottle rum*
My chill is already setting in. ^.^
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Heh. Break more bones, probably, Grandpappy. xD
I'm sure Verm would take good care of you. xD
Yay for chill.
Eyamma: Yeah, she'd make sure to break the rest that weren't already broken. If you'd call that taking care of.
BloodyTearDrops / Ashen Knitemare: Hmmm.
Scaredheart: Anyone on?
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: This isn't a very popular chill spot, is it?
Silliness. Or is it sillyness? Nah...silliness. Probably.
*glares at the silly word*
Rhasslairiel / Alyssa Marina: Silliness, darling. :P
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: XD
Well, I thought it must be...but that silly word just kept evading my thoughts. Or something.
I blame the cosmos. Mars is too bright.
QueenVictoria / .:Christina:.: Sweets! *tackles*
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: *ish tackled*
*tries to sit up, pats Victoria's head*
'Ello there, Victoria. :) How have you been?
By the by, white tigers are totally my favorite animals. :)
QueenVictoria / .:Christina:.: I'm good :D
OMG I love White tigers. I have a poster of one beside my bed on my wall and I call him Bob. Or Ice. Either one.
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Bob the Ice-tiger.
Or something.
Yeah, they're pretty PA.
QueenVictoria / .:Christina:.: I gotta go. Bye!
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Bye, Victoria. :)
Kael Fenshir: Hello.
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: FISHY!
HA! I just PM'ed you!
Kael Fenshir: *Hugs Oats back and pats her on the head*
Hey there, Oats.
Lunadrakla / Mist Trap: You all hear a tiny voice in your minds!
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Ooh. I just heard a voice in my head. Which isn't strange at all. Maybe it;s my conscience... I think I better go check out Friendly Fairy. xD
Cold gone, Fishy?
Kael Fenshir: Yeah, my cold's gone.
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Well, that's good. :) I'm glad to hear it.
Kael Fenshir: Yeah. Everything's been alright though, I guess. How are you?
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Not too shabby. xD Thanks for asking.
Kael Fenshir: That's good. Anything new?
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Yeah.
1. I rearranged my room. xD
2. I'm having a Scary Movie fest with some budizzles to celebrate Friday the 13th. xD
3. I had a crap load of chores to do today in order to have that fest at my house.
I'm sure there's other stuff, but, eh. Anyways, anything new with you?
Kael Fenshir: Sounds pretty crazy. Well, I hope it all works out and you have fun. As for me, nothing really. Just a few things that bum me out once in a while, but whatever.
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Psh...things that bum you out bite eggs. Which is a bad thing by the way. xD
Oh! And it was pretty crazy. You should've seen me moving my furniture around all by myself. It was great. xD
Kael Fenshir: Haha, so you moved all that crap around?
Yeah, they sure bite eggs.
Lunadrakla / Mist Trap: The little voice speaks once more.
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Hahah. It's funnier when you say it for some reason. xD
Yeah. My bed. My shoebox. My dresser. My desk. My bookshelf. And I vaccumed.(sp) And swept. And dusted. Then repeated. Everytime I moved something ...it got dirty again. T.T But, I'm happy with the end result.
Kael Fenshir: I do like your approach on persuading others to join your RP. Thing is, I don't really RP anymore. Yeah, I'm in one right now; but it's going slow. I'm sorry.
Kael Fenshir: Nice. I should probably clean up my room one of these days...
Lunadrakla / Mist Trap: Oh...Okay...*looks at toes* Well can you at least look at it? I'm told that I don't do too good of jobs when it comes to details and names of rps....PLZ!!!
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Hah. That's what I had been saying for like two months. I'm glad I finally got it more or less out of the way. xD
Kael Fenshir: I would, but it's far too late for me. I really need some rest since I'm getting up earlier today.
Good to hear, Oats. My room's a big mess, and it's almost to a point where even I am willing to say something.
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Silent Bob.
Messes can be comfortable sometimes.
Kael Fenshir: Sorry to cut this short, but my eyes need rest. I will say goodnight to you both. I shall return later today, so no worries. If you see Kenzie, tell her that I miss her.
Thank you, and goodnight.
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: G'night, Fishy dear. Sweet dreams. xD If I see her, I will most certainly tell her.
Lunadrakla / Mist Trap: GOOD NIGHT!!!!
Actually, he does have a point...I should probably get to bed myself...sorry Harmony...I'll try to be on later today, but tonight for sure. K?
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Well... I have a kind of party thing...so I probably won't be on tomorrow. I'm not sure.
G'night. Sweet dreams.
Lunadrakla / Chrystil: Okay...I know I asked you all to join Friendly Fairy, but there's an rp thats like dieing. So PLEASE JOIN ETERNAL FOREST?!
Scaredheart / Ona: Constance steps in the room,a slight breeze following her as she enters,slowlys she looks around for someone to talk to.She see's nothing and frowns;her brows furrowing and the corners of her mouth lagging down deeply,she takes a breath adn sighs.Forceing a smile she calls out "Hello?"
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Sweets chomps the rest of her icecream cone in a quick bite. Savoring the taste, she tosses the wrapper in a randomly appearing trashcan. Hearing the call of a familar voice, she looks down from her cloud and sees a girl far below. With a huge smile, she activates her rainbow and slides down. Sliding onto the floor of ESCape, Sweets gets up and rubs her back slightly.
"I really ought to think about installing a cushion," she mutters, then beaming at the girl, she exclaims,"Hey, Constance!"
Scaredheart / Ona: Constances face suddenly glows with joy,she's heppy thats she's not alone.Seeing sweets she jumps once and glomps her softly.she smells the icecream on sweets adn giggles at her soreness."A coushin might be nice,love".She takes a step back adn holds sweets at arm distance "How was your day?" she tilts her head to the side slightly adn blows her bangs out of her face,her fairly large hazle eyes searching sweets for the same joy of friendship she feels.
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Sweets is slightly surprised by Constance's warm greeting, and embrace. Grinning brightly, she laughs and nods. She makes a mental note to begin her cushion blue print as soon as possible.
"It hasn't been a bad day," she replies, her grin barely wavering as she speaks. It's a hard feat to grin and speak, but Sweets manages to pull it off.
"How was your day?"
Scaredheart / Ona: Nothing much ,love."she smiles and drops her role play mood.
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Haha. Cool with me.
*drops Shaman disguise*
Wait...since when was I wearing that?!
Scaredheart / Ona: *sings out*Awkward.......
Anyways,sweets.how well do you RP?Sorry to ask but I'm looking for litrate RPers that can stand some unlitrate RPers...
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: I like to think I'm pretty literate.
Scaredheart / Ona: Ok,think you'd like this RP
"Tempus Drift"(Paused)
Settings & Atmosphere
Ok when your in the empty theather its mondern times,your in NY so you can go places just don't do alot of posts out side of the 1800's and the theater.
Empty Theater-Your in monderen times in Ny adn Ona is renting the Theater so your with her for the most part.
Full House-you have just been teleported to the middle of a play (I'll tell you what play what part and such) and you will have to improvise and get off stage!
People entering Theater-You just teleported adn your going to have fun!
Peoplle leaveing Theater-plays over sorry but you can go up stairs to the dressing rooms!There you can meet up with anyone thats in the 1800's and is part of the plays.Some will know you and Ona others will look at you funny and such...watch your back people have been know to pull some nasty pranks...
Traveling over town...
1800's-Your in a small twon in New England,your located near the center of the town.you can go to the bar,Curch,Street Fairs,and if you want you can start to preform in the street adn hope people will watch you and like you.
Monderen-Your in NY,Manhatten!Have fun play around,if your from this time you can go to your apparment or to one of your friends!
How it works-
Teleportation:There is a space time tear or rift over the stage of the theater,when it opens anyone on stage is trnsported threw it to the 1800's.People from teh future have a time redluance that takes them back when the rift opens agin.If they are touching something from teh past it will transport with them back to the future.
The murals:Along the way we will all see our selfs in the mural that si painted in teh passage way.You can wonder around in the theater and find your own belognings if you like.
The passage way:the passage way is a small passage around two hundred meters long that leads to the stage from the dressing rooms.It has a thick red carpet floor with bare spots and it smells like mold adn damp carpet.There is mouldings on teh side of the wall,below it is creamy white pain and above it is a deep crimsion red pain.On the curved ceiling there is a mural of angels adn humans and demons,the humans are singing and teh angels and demons are on oppiset sides of the mural.
The Wlk in to the theater:1800's-it has glass doors with gold handles adn a white marble floor,a satir case leads to the upper levels ,it had a red carpet on it adn there are beams f yellowish marble that hold the ceiling up.
Monderen-iron handles on a glass door,the floor is still marble and the beams as well the carpet is gonce and the lighting is florsent.
Lexie Brown:Rasshle
You can make your own and I'll add you in..
1800's:you can be either a preformer or one of the audince!Either way it's cool.You will have to wait for others to come on and transport to you or you can transport to monderen times with us.If your rich you will have to obay one rule,never give out money!If your poor also one rule,never try to get with a rich person!
Ok the rules are simple,you must be litrate.If your in the 1800's avoid useing anything from the future and you can't make calls on your cell phone.I don't want this to be all romance a little bit is ok,but if you over do it I'll step in,also no cybering.No instant kills and no beating the crap out of someone for no reason.
I'll post upddates as to whats going on every saturday unless I can't.I want everyone to have fun,you Ddon't have to stick with Ona the whole time your welcome to go on with out her but if your new and want to join please ask and stick with me Ona or GiGi,if nither are on try to stick with someone to find out what exactly is going on...
Whats going on:
Ona,Luna,Lexi,and Clow are in the theater.Ona is on the stage adn the others are seated.Our shadow,names Fern, has just thrown a pare of glasses over the railing and thats about it.
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Sounds interesting...
3L3m3ntal / Ralin Corthass: j0, you guys interested in checking out a roleplay?
Scaredheart / Ona: *smiles*I thought you mit like it.We haven't gone all that far.I'm still takeing people but this is my last week I'm going to do that.All shifts/Drifts are stoped till then.Then it's when ever someone calls one or Demon starts to take controle of it..
Scaredheart / Ona: Sure,Tim.Your really good at them.So yeah for me.
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Well, I'll check it out if you want me too. :)
Scaredheart / Ona: Only if you want to join or find it of intrest.Don't want to force you into it.
3L3m3ntal / Ralin Corthass: Okay, thanks. (http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/90745 Endpoint) - My best friend's first ever roleplay.
(http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/90271 Project: Aurora)
There's one.
(http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/91273 Crimson Haven)
My newest.
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: And what happened to posting in Click? T.T
*glowers unsuccessfully at Element*
I'll totally check it out, Constance.
3L3m3ntal / Ralin Corthass: I'm sorry, I'm working on it Sweets. It's just, working on the build up, don't worry though. I will.
3L3m3ntal / Ralin Corthass: Well, I'm off. Later.
Scaredheart / Ona: Tim,you fucking bastered.Its perfict.I hate you,I love it.It's awsome,I'm a huge history freak with the hollocaust,it's my favirote lesson!I'm in this one totaly!!!!!!*eeeeps as loud as i can*Just give me time to do it...
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Haha. I was kidding. :) Don't worry about it.
Bye, Element.
Scaredheart / Ona: See ya,Tim.
Scaredheart / Ona: I would ask to join Click,but I'd epic fail at it....
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Why do you say that?
Scaredheart / Ona: Cause,have you seen my posts in Tempus Drift or Iona.I suck!>.<
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Well, if you really wanted to join, I'd be more than happy to help you out when you needed it. :)
Though, I'm sure you'd do fine. :)
Scaredheart / Ona: Pfft!I'm horried compare to others,plus I'm good for about three posts a day thats it,then I'm dead as a door nail.Thats unl;ess I'm hyped on caffine or takeing my pills...o0
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Well, Click. is slow moving. Like a snail.
I have the same problem.
Scaredheart / Ona: ..I have one thats a snail also its the one I showed you.But thats mostly my fault.
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Haha. Yeah. Snails are great. :)
Scaredheart / Ona: YES they are!I love it cause it gives me time to think and work on my posts *laughs*
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Yup. So, I'll talk to you later. :)
We should talk more often. Good night.
Scaredheart / Ona: See ya sweets.*waves*Alone again....
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Bunnies! Bunnies! Bunnies everywhere!
3L3m3ntal: Lolz.
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: *gives Element a bunny*
Happy Valentine's Day. :)
3L3m3ntal / Timothy Miles: Happy Valentine's Day to you too Sweets! *Gives a box of Chocolates* Do you have a Valentine?
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: I have several Valentines. xD Budizzles 1-4. And wifeys 1 & 2. Haha.
Unfortunately, you don't get that joke. But, it'd be funny if you did. *sighs*
*recieves chocolate*
3L3m3ntal / Timothy Miles: Lol, just explain the joke to me then.
I'm happy, I has meh a valentine
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Yay! Good for you, Element. :)
And, nah, it'd take to long to explain...and in explaining it...it'd lose it's oomph.
Just trust me when I say, it's supposed to be funny. :)
3L3m3ntal / Timothy Miles: Okay okay okay, I'll trust you
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Hahah. Goodie goodie gumdrops.
Gumdrops are sparkling and pretty. Someday...I shall make a gumdrop house.
3L3m3ntal / Timothy Miles: Okay then.
Josie174 / **Jamie**: Hi I'm just here advertizing my rp. Its called Through My Own Eyes. We really need ppl. Thanks!!!! : )
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Yup.
I'm trying to figure out what kind of RP's everyone is into.
So, in all of your opinions, what makes a good RP?
3L3m3ntal / Timothy Miles: I think it needs literacy, an established plot, a motive, and a present villain. If the villain isn't established a roleplayer could establish that villain. But, Literacy and Establishment are the essentials. And dedication.
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Yeah. Pretty much the basics.
3L3m3ntal / Timothy Miles: Yeah. Agreed.
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: :D
Well, I'm trying improve my RP creation skills. xD
Everybody is, of course, being very helpful. :)
3L3m3ntal / Timothy Miles: Ah, What can I help with?
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Well, if you have any advice for RP creation, I'm all ears...Well, actually, I only have two ears...I'm made up of many other things...but I think to would be plenty. xD
But, as is, you've already helped. :)
3L3m3ntal / Timothy Miles: Ah, Alrighty then. Lol
Cool, nice to know I've helped, if there's any other way I can help, just let me know.
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Will do, Element.
Element, may I call you Mint? Because I do in my head anyway.
3L3m3ntal / Timothy Miles: Alright, that's fine. Lol.
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: YAY!
3L3m3ntal / Timothy Miles: Lol, I suppose that makes you happy...
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Nah, I just thought I'd celebrate because I was depressed. xD
Cha. Nicknames are fun. xD
3L3m3ntal / Timothy Miles: Oh, I'm sorry. Why are you depressed?
Chya, no kidding.
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: I was being sarcastic. I'm not depressed.
Psh. I don't do (i depressed).
3L3m3ntal / Timothy Miles: Oh, okay. Well... don't confuse me like that!
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Hahah. But...it's fun. xD
3L3m3ntal / Timothy Miles: No, that's mean. lol.
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Psh. I didn't do it on (i purpose).
3L3m3ntal / Timothy Miles: Mhmm, sure you didn't lol.
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Glad you agree.
3L3m3ntal / Timothy Miles: Lolm Yep
I PMed you.
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Okay.
3L3m3ntal / Timothy Miles: Okay. Replied
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Ha. How about I just keep checking my inbox, so you don't have to tell me each time? xD
3L3m3ntal / Timothy Miles: Okay, that's cool. xD
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: I'm almost done with my dedication Journal!
I do hope I don't forget anyone!
3L3m3ntal / Timothy Miles: That's good Sweets.
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Yes, yes, it is. :)
3L3m3ntal / Timothy Miles: Well.. I feel like... shit.
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: O.o Why? o.O
3L3m3ntal / Timothy Miles: Just... a bunch of drama you luckily missed.
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Drama.
Don't let it get to you, Mint.
3L3m3ntal / Timothy Miles: It had to do with Minnow and Kas
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Oh...
Well, if you want to tell me about it, my inbox is always open to PM's. xD
Though, I must refuse to cloud up ESCape with drama if I can help it. :)
3L3m3ntal / Timothy Miles: Yes, yes I know
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Haha.
All righty then. As long as we're on the same page. xD
3L3m3ntal / Timothy Miles: Yep
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: So, are you going to tell me what went down or not?
3L3m3ntal / Timothy Miles: I'm not sure... I might.
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Okie doke. If you decide to let me in, let me know.
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: 'Ello!
*voice echoes and rebound back at her*
*sits down in bean bag chair*
Scaredheart / Lithium_Soul: Hello?
Scaredheart / Lithium_Soul: Anyone?
Scaredheart / Doctor Who (Time Lord): The doctor steps in "Hello,what is this?A non-contium?
fattestpirate: Umm
Scaredheart / Doctor Who (Time Lord): Hey!
fattestpirate: Hi
Scaredheart / Doctor Who (Time Lord): How are ya?Do I know you?
fattestpirate / Bouncer: Eh, can't complain. Nobody listens to me anyways. xP
How're you?
And I don't know...
Scaredheart / Doctor Who (Time Lord): I'm good myself.I'm most commonly know as Const.....
fattestpirate / Bouncer: Cool. Most call me Pirate, or some other form of my username.
Scaredheart / Doctor Who (Time Lord): Got's a name I can call ya.I try to give everyone a personal nickname from me.
fattestpirate / Bouncer: I don't care what anyone calls me.
fattestpirate / Bouncer: Name's Ryan though...
Scaredheart / Doctor Who (Time Lord): .....Ok.....So what type of RP's do you like?
fattestpirate / Bouncer: Good ones :P
Scaredheart / Doctor Who (Time Lord): Meaning?
fattestpirate / Bouncer: I don't know. I'll do any type as long as it's interesting....
Scaredheart / Doctor Who (Time Lord): Ok,souds like you'd pretty much fit anywhere in any RP.*laughs a bit*wish I was like that,i have to have action and Scifi to an extent.
fattestpirate / Bouncer: I see.
Scaredheart / Doctor Who (Time Lord): *smiles*So what do you do for fun,besides RP.
fattestpirate / Bouncer: Randomly waste gas, go hang with friends, what ever xP you?
Scaredheart / Doctor Who (Time Lord): Write,sing,play panio and read.
fattestpirate / Bouncer: By "gas", I mean gasoline. Either randomly burn it or just randomly drive around. PYRO!!!
Scaredheart / Doctor Who (Time Lord): neat see ya.
fattestpirate / Bouncer: Time to "run".
Talk to you later.
Scaredheart / Doctor Who (Time Lord): K,byes.
BloodyTearDrops / Ashen Knitemare: rawr
Scaredheart / Doctor Who (Time Lord): Hey.
BloodyTearDrops / Ashen Knitemare: 'Ello
Scaredheart / Doctor Who (Time Lord): How are you?
BloodyTearDrops / Ashen Knitemare: Rather bored.
Scaredheart / Doctor Who (Time Lord): Me as well,want to join a RP?
BloodyTearDrops / Ashen Knitemare: Depends on what its about.
Scaredheart / Doctor Who (Time Lord): "Tempus Drift"(Lunas post)
Settings & Atmosphere
Ok when your in the empty theather its mondern times,your in NY so you can go places just don't do alot of posts out side of the 1800's and the theater.
Empty Theater-Your in monderen times in Ny adn Ona is renting the Theater so your with her for the most part.
Full House-you have just been teleported to the middle of a play (I'll tell you what play what part and such) and you will have to improvise and get off stage!
People entering Theater-You just teleported adn your going to have fun!
Peoplle leaveing Theater-plays over sorry but you can go up stairs to the dressing rooms!There you can meet up with anyone thats in the 1800's and is part of the plays.Some will know you and Ona others will look at you funny and such...watch your back people have been know to pull some nasty pranks...
Traveling over town...
1800's-Your in a small twon in New England,your located near the center of the town.you can go to the bar,Curch,Street Fairs,and if you want you can start to preform in the street adn hope people will watch you and like you.
Monderen-Your in NY,Manhatten!Have fun play around,if your from this time you can go to your apparment or to one of your friends!
How it works-
Teleportation:There is a space time tear or rift over the stage of the theater,when it opens anyone on stage is trnsported threw it to the 1800's.People from teh future have a time redluance that takes them back when the rift opens agin.If they are touching something from teh past it will transport with them back to the future.
The murals:Along the way we will all see our selfs in the mural that si painted in teh passage way.You can wonder around in the theater and find your own belognings if you like.
The passage way:the passage way is a small passage around two hundred meters long that leads to the stage from the dressing rooms.It has a thick red carpet floor with bare spots and it smells like mold adn damp carpet.There is mouldings on teh side of the wall,below it is creamy white pain and above it is a deep crimsion red pain.On the curved ceiling there is a mural of angels adn humans and demons,the humans are singing and teh angels and demons are on oppiset sides of the mural.
The Wlk in to the theater:1800's-it has glass doors with gold handles adn a white marble floor,a satir case leads to the upper levels ,it had a red carpet on it adn there are beams f yellowish marble that hold the ceiling up.
Monderen-iron handles on a glass door,the floor is still marble and the beams as well the carpet is gonce and the lighting is florsent.
Lexie Brown:Rasshle
You can make your own and I'll add you in..
1800's:you can be either a preformer or one of the audince!Either way it's cool.You will have to wait for others to come on and transport to you or you can transport to monderen times with us.If your rich you will have to obay one rule,never give out money!If your poor also one rule,never try to get with a rich person!
Ok the rules are simple,you must be litrate.If your in the 1800's avoid useing anything from the future and you can't make calls on your cell phone.I don't want this to be all romance a little bit is ok,but if you over do it I'll step in,also no cybering.No instant kills and no beating the crap out of someone for no reason.
I'll post upddates as to whats going on every saturday unless I can't.I want everyone to have fun,you Ddon't have to stick with Ona the whole time your welcome to go on with out her but if your new and want to join please ask and stick with me Ona or GiGi,if nither are on try to stick with someone to find out what exactly is going on...
Whats going on:
Ona,Luna,Lexi,and Clow are in the theater.Ona is on the stage adn the others are seated.Our shadow,names Fern, has just thrown a pare of glasses over the railing and thats about it.
Scaredheart / Doctor Who (Time Lord): Anyone alive?
SweetAndOhSoME / Tania: I wish my head didn't hurt. xD
Erebus / Erebus Fallen: Sorry to hear that sweets
SweetAndOhSoME / Tania: Heh. Thanks, no worries. :)
BloodyTearDrops / Ashen Knitemare: No I am rather dead.
SweetAndOhSoME / Tania: *dumps revitalize potion on Droplet*
3L3m3ntal / Alexandre Corthass: j0
SweetAndOhSoME / Tania: 'Ello, Minty.
3L3m3ntal / Alexandre Corthass: Hello...
Candy Cane.
SweetAndOhSoME / Tania: Woot.
For Candy Canes are awesome.
Haha. Sugar Lilly calls me Candy as well. :)
fattestpirate / Bouncer: ...
SweetAndOhSoME / MTEP: Bah humbug.
Who wants to do a disease portfolio?
No one ever talks in here...
It peeves me...and pleases me...both at the same time. Tsk. Strange.
3L3m3ntal / Alexandre Corthass: What?
SweetAndOhSoME / MTEP: That depends on what you're asking what about, Mint.
I am doing a disease portfolio for anatomy and physiology. Five articles. Summaries. Blah. Blah. Blah. DOn't want to do it.
In accordance with nobody ever talking in ESCape...it bugs (peeves) me because I like ESCape better on the occasional occasion that someone is actually talking in it. xD It pleases me that people tend to leave ESCape alone because it's easier to follow conversations and do other stuff at the same time. It's not overcrowded with nonsense. Though, nonsense can be quite fun.
3L3m3ntal / Alexandre Corthass: Ah, alrighty then.
SweetAndOhSoME / MTEP: Yes, it was much more mysterious before I explained myself, wasn't it?
Eyamma / Humanoid Tarshock: *Dies*
Hehe. I got death all over Sorn's thread. ^_^
SweetAndOhSoME / MTEP: *cleans up death*
There! All better. :)
*glares at the stubborn stain*
Eyamma / Humanoid Tarshock: Too bad I can only die once...
Where's someone to kill. O_o
3L3m3ntal / Alexandre Corthass: Lol.
SweetAndOhSoME / MTEP: I don't know...
I'm an angel...so... I must already be dead...don't you think?
3L3m3ntal / Alexandre Corthass: I'm more of a demon. So yeah...
I was dclared legally dead for eight minutes once
Eyamma / Humanoid Tarshock: Then rub your death all over this place!
*Giggles, running off to find someone to kill*
3L3m3ntal / Alexandre Corthass: Now, why would I do that?
Eyamma / Humanoid Tarshock: *Sticks tongue out*
You're no fun!
3L3m3ntal / Alexandre Corthass: Although I should... because of "A Chance to Wish" So now I have to restart...
*Spreads death over ESCape*
Eyamma / Humanoid Tarshock: Heheheheh.
Wait, whaaaaa?
3L3m3ntal / Alexandre Corthass: Echo... *Echoes*
SweetAndOhSoME / MTEP: *echoes louder*
3L3m3ntal / Alexandre Corthass: *Echoes louderer*
SweetAndOhSoME / MTEP: *speaks*
3L3m3ntal / Alexandre Corthass: *Speaks back* Hello to you too
SweetAndOhSoME / MTEP: I spoke first, so technically, you're still echoing me.
So, I win.
Anyways..xD I'm good. How're you?
3L3m3ntal / Alexandre Corthass: Okay, I echoed first. Lol, I'm good though.
SweetAndOhSoME / MTEP: Tch. I spoke first.
3L3m3ntal / Alexandre Corthass: I'm good. Bored, and tired though.
SweetAndOhSoME / MTEP: Sleep?
3L3m3ntal / Alexandre Corthass: Meh, too lazy to sleep.
Lazy to sleep.
That makes sense. On like the fourth plane of crazitude.
3L3m3ntal / Alexandre Corthass: Yep, I know.
SweetAndOhSoME / MTEP: Of course, you know.
It only is logical.
Eyamma / Humanoid Tarshock: *Burps*
My stomach (i burns)
Bwahahah. ^_^
SweetAndOhSoME / MTEP: Look, Grandpoppy! You went and got death all over Sorn's escape plan!
And, I just got done cleaning.
Eyamma / Humanoid Tarshock: Sorry, grandough, for some odd reason *takes a gulp from her bottle* alcohol and death are BFF's. I keep trying to break them up, but they won't budge. >.>
*Smudges a piece of her death off the escape plan, mostly making it worse*
SweetAndOhSoME / MTEP: Hahah.
Well, it's time for me to go. Nice seeing you, Grandpops. xD
Eyamma / Humanoid Tarshock: Here *tosses a lucky coin at her grandough*
Maybe it will bring you better luck then me. :) See ya' around.
SweetAndOhSoME / MTEP: *catches coin*
*hugs and runs away*
SweetAndOhSoME / MTEP: You know, all the cool people seem to have fled ES.
'Cept me!
*laughs and takes the rainbow escalator up to her little cloud*
Erebus / Vacil: Anyone a part of or interested in Essentia (http://purityandcorruption.webs.com http://purityandcorruption.webs.com)
3L3m3ntal / Alexandre Corthass: Hey, Sweets, aren't I a cool person?
SweetAndOhSoME / MTEP: Haha. Yes. Why?
Erebus / Vacil: You wish Tim XD
SweetAndOhSoME / MTEP: What the pineapples?
You're not even gone?
I am so confused by ES drama.
So confused. T.T
3L3m3ntal / Alexandre Corthass: No, you said it seems all the cool people left, and I thought you thought I was cool, and hadn't left. lol
XD Nice one Tom.
SweetAndOhSoME / MTEP: Oh, heh, yeah. I was just being dramatic.
3L3m3ntal / Alexandre Corthass: Oh, okay then. lol.
I'm working on laws and a preamble for a perfect Utopian society. -_-
SweetAndOhSoME / MTEP: Haha. Good luck with that one.
I belief in the goodness of all people, and all, but I have to say, that facts show Utopia would only be possible in a small, close-knit group of people.
3L3m3ntal / Alexandre Corthass: Yes, that's true.
But it's for English II.
SweetAndOhSoME / MTEP: Ahhh..
Fun. :)
I heart English. xD
fattestpirate / Bouncer: Anyone alive here?
Erebus / Vacil: (http://www.purityandcorruption.webs.com http://www.purityandcorruption.webs.com)
SweetAndOhSoME / MTEP: It's like another ES.
Sort of.
SinnerLust: Nightmare Fortress
Settings & Atmosphere
There is a kingdom on a island somewhere in the four seas. All was well until one day it was attacked by an army of Demons via sodomy during which the Prince of this kingdom was taken prisoner by the Devil King. With the last of his strength the Prince casts a spell that takes this island to another realm - making it invisible - so that this "carnage" is maintained. The only people to escape the attack are Fritz, a member of the royal guard, and Kisshou, the commander of the guard. Thus begins their quest to regain the kingdom, kill the Demons and save the Prince. But it won't be that easy... the Demons are always ready for a thorough tumble!
I'm not going to rp in this, but i will be looking over everything. you do need at ask me to join and if you dont and i see you are rping all your post are going to be deleted.
I want no GM at all no killing with out asking and not being all god like plz. and no lovey shit this is a fight rp
the classes that are:
Human aka the royal guard
demons aka evil ((THEY ARNT GOOD EVER)
Human or Demon: ((there is not half's)
Age:demons plz be over 6,000 lol
as for the kings there are to be gmed only be some.
Eyamma: *Wipes eyes*
What? I'm still alive? Hey! This isn't the bathroom.
Uhm, *Passes out*
BloodyTearDrops / Ashen: *Walks in yawning*Bloody hell whats been going on in here?
ZIzzyZ / Zizzy: Hello?
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: Well,it would seem that I'm alone in here tonight..
Erebus / Vacil: Fine I will leave
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: What?!Why?
Erebus / Vacil: Nevermind, read your post wrong
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: What did you think I typed!!!!!!!?*momentarly hyper ventlates over the leave thin*
Erebus / Vacil: ...ok...
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: *stops and sit down* what's up?
Erebus / Vacil: Nothing really I got shot today, you?
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: Shot? How bad is it?
Erebus / Vacil: airsoft
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: Bruise?
Erebus / Vacil: Yea
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: Uhhhmmmm. Hope you feel better in the morrow...
Erebus / Vacil: How are you?
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: Eh.....So what ya been up too?
Erebus / Vacil: Just Eh??? Nothing, just working on my site
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: ?How's that working for ya?Yeah just EH,I'm a bit better than a few hours ago but it's spartic,comes in burt's of joy then a huge long fall to hurting...
Erebus / Vacil: ...not good...very few are joining, most main people in the plot...you used to be generically happy 4-5 weeks ago?
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: I can't hold it up anymore, my mask has finaly fallen and I'm losing everyone I know...I never relized how depressed I was till my friends told me,pat broke me down (action wise) and told me what I do,I'm so,different. I'm beyound the crazy stage of being different and I don't know what happened to crash my ship and burn my mask.....
Erebus / Vacil: ...im sorry
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: On to other things......plus I'm fine.....anyways what to talk about that's not so down......
Erebus / Vacil: No Idea
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: *giggles a bit* Well,ummm,I'm clueless...whats going on in your...wait!You said you'd tell me your issues last time...
Erebus / Vacil: ...damn your memory...
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: is pretty Damn good about somethings.Did you think I'd forget,I care way to much to do that Tom. PM them to me now....don't want you avoiding it..
Erebus / Vacil: *spontaneously combusts* Oh would you look at that *turned into ashses*
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: *sighs* Tom,no joke. I want to help,I trust you,why can't you trust me?
Max Million / Maximilian Von Krieger: <.<>.>
Why did I not see this before?
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: Because it's hidden until you've proven yourself worthy.
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: *looks at Sorn* Point taken.....
Max Million / Maximilian Von Krieger: Have I proven myself worthy?
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: If you've found this place, then you have indeed.
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: to me? Nope,nor has sorn or anyone else really,I'm just really open and don't care if I get hurt at all......
Max Million / Maximilian Von Krieger: Woot!
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: *wait's for the PM* He poofed again I bet...oh well.....I can't do a thing about it....So what did you do today Sorn?
Erebus / .Erebus Fallen.: Havent poofed yet
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: Don't poof. please.....
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: *Gives Maxie a thumbs up*
I was just hanging out at my girlfriend's house. It was pretty chill. Hence my good mood.
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: Yepp that would do it I guess.
ZIzzyZ / Zizzy: Am I allowed in this one too?
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: I would assume you were *giggles* Welcome?
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: If you want. I just made this for when people are on that piss me off. Before when Elite Skills Chat was mine I started deleting the posts of people I didn't like and everyone got all pissy about it, so I deleted it and made my own. This way, I can kick people out without a fuss.
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: *contuies to wait for PM*
ZIzzyZ / Zizzy: Okay.
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: So how was everyone's day?
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: or no one can anwser me...
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: Well, I've explained how my day's been in several places at this point.
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: Yes,you have but no one else has. Am I really that bad at being social?
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: I think the issue is more of people just not checking up on this room. The other two main ones both seem quite active at the moment, so no one's really casting their gaze this way.
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: I'm not bothering with ESC anymore,it's to clickish.....
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: Do you mean cliquish? I suppose so. I don't see it very often simply because I move in between the various cliques on ES.
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: I don't really have one,not on enough I guess.That or the fact that I've never had one in real life or in my head or anywhere at all. Must be another me thing...
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: So,hows your gaming going?
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: Sorry. I was out of the room. I haven't starting gaming yet. It's on and all, but I've been distracted.
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: Oh,ok. No problem,I'm used to being the last one to talk before a long awkward silence......
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: Sorry about that. I usually forget I'm talking to people when I leave the room or simply plan on not being out of my room for as long as I end up being.
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: Eh,it's ok. I usally forget stuff as well,but people get over it. Well I have to go to bed now..night.
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: Alright. Sleep sweet, DG.
3L3m3ntal / Ralin Corthass: (http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/92324 This Darkened Heart)
It's a good escape from reality, and a good thinker... I think lolz.
So what's up?
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: Thanks Sorn. Hey everyone,who all is here?
Erebus / Erebus Fallen.: *yawn*
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: Hey,Tom! *huggle glomps hoping to plow you into the ground*
Erebus / Erebus Fallen.: *was successfully plowed into ground*
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: *laughs* Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Erebus / Erebus Fallen.: Hey...
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: *jumps up and down for a second* I'm sooo happy today,but I know this is what happens before a fall so I'm going to get as much out of it as possible,PM by the way. How'd you sleep,what ya dream of,how was brefast?!?!?!?!?! *feel's like I'm insane for acting this way* Tell me all? *huggles you more*
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: Also,I'm on Essentnia right now. Did you get my profile from Iona for that one?
Erebus / Erebus Fallen.: Keep thinking of all the good things, death was in my dream
Erebus / Erebus Fallen.: Im on threw my phone, cant multi task, pm, are you here truck?
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: *drops happness* Why? You ok? Going to be ok?
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: PM,replied. Truck?
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: Who's Truck?
Erebus / Erebus Fallen.: i will be fine, truck is an aquatence of mine, about the size of a truck
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: Ok.......*baffled*Did you get my profile for Essentia from Iona? It's the same one.....
Erebus / Erebus Fallen.: Pm...
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: Already Replied. *Baffled over it*
Erebus / Erebus Fallen.: Im on my phone and i cant multi task
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: I relize,but did you take my profile off of Iona and use it for Essentia? There the same one's. I'm going to change the one for Essentia, the people I play in the two are very different.....Am I still part of the Demonic family?
Erebus / Erebus Fallen.: I will soom, and yes you are, pm
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: Replied. Ok,so I'll fix it.......
JoelIsHere / Eldor Shadowmage: Tom, You might want to look over my Life and latest post in Essentia. Eldor is looking for a way to charge you with Tyranny and Cowardice.
Erebus / Erebus Fallen.: Replied
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: Replied back, Tom, want me to get his post and repost it here for you to read?* Feels like being a sectary*
Erebus / Erebus Fallen.: Nice...not quite to plan, but it works
JoelIsHere / Eldor Shadowmage: Mmmmhmm.
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: "My rank as Guardian matters not to me, The only post that matters is that of High Lord Lightblade, one that cannot be stripped from me, unless I am slain in battle, and Lightblade falls. Farewell, Fallen One, From what I hear, Lightblade Castle still holds people in need. I will Speak with Belivantha and then take my leave, After telling my Bride to be goodbye, of course. You have me as an ally only after my mother is put to death, Shadowborn. The King will listen to one of his highest remaining Vassals over a woman anyway." Shadowborn, what was Eldor thinking? That was an insult beyond calling him a demon! Seeing an odd weakness in The Dark Supreme's eyes, anger, or maybe fear, Eldor laughs and asks, "You stripped me of my rank of guardian out of fear that I would join the Demonic Army, didn't you? You're afraid of me, turning to the Shadow and slaying your people! Well, Fear not, I will not attack you or a single Terras, Glacies, or anyone else under your protection unless You strike first. The wrath of House Lightblade is directed only at the Chaos. I also say that if you attempt to harm Serena by removing her from the post of Elemental Supreme, I, along with any who will stand with me, will kill you, Fallen One. Hopefully you realize that all of the gold, silver, gemstones, and other valuables that come from my home will cease to come, and I will not send any more. As I said before, Farewell, Shadowborn. May you find sight in the light." A blessing and an insult, both in the same sentence.
Throwing open the door that led from Erebus' quarters, Eldor Heads back to Belivantha's quarters, where he writes a letter,
Belivantha, It appears as if the Chaos that permeates my very being cannot be destroyed by purification. It merely allowed it to be controlled. The Fallen one has stripped me of my position of Wind Elder, So I am left as High Lord Eldor of House Lightblade. Protect my Serena, I fear for her safety, The Fallen one has threatened to strip her of her post as well. I wish to charge him with Cowardice and Tyranny in the Name of the king, yet I cannot do this, For If the Fallen one strips her of her post, it will endanger her. If ever you need the assistace of House Lightblade, call for me by messenger. I will come as soon as I can.
'Til we meet again my friend,
High Lord Eldor Lightblade
Life in the Shadow of the Light is naught but Dreams.
((His last post. In, The Guardian Cathedral))
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: I'm going ot change this picture to something more....sectary like *giggles*
JoelIsHere / Eldor Shadowmage: Constance!
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: What?I got the wrong post?
JoelIsHere / Eldor Shadowmage: No! Nevermind...
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: (i sneaks in and hides behind Contz)
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: So why was I yelled at?
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: I need slight help with Gither profile...
ReikuTohno: hm
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: May hap I can help?
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: REI!?
Well... Kio came up with a good Idea, making Gither a The Shadow Swordsman... but he's also a fire mage, so I have no clue how that would work... >.<
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: EJ. *bows head* How are you? Speaking of Kio,I have to get him and Dalex to post or my RP's are going to die....
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: >.< No help for poor Kilik...
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: I'm not sure what you could do.Darn BRB in like thirty min...
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: 'Kay...
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: Back for a moment,I'm going to poof in and out till the dish's are done....
JoelIsHere / Eldor Shadowmage: TOM!!!!
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: He's on his phone, Joel. Mean's he might poof or dissappear for a time then come back.
Erebus: *yawn* back for a short short while
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: Tom Shadow Swordsman and Fire mage? Yes or no?
Erebus: That is fine for gilther right?
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: Darn,I missed him...
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: Yes, Gither.
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: I didn't 0o?
Erebus: On for very short time, what am i needed for?
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: Me? Nothing,just want to talk about nothing really. I dunno,why am I wanting to talk to you,what the hell am I rambling about anyways,why am I talking still......*looks at you baffled by my self*
Erebus: ok...well im on my sisters laptop, is there anything needed to be done on Essentia?
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: Ummm I'm still reading everything. I have my Bio almost filled out, other than that,nothing that I know of. I love the site by the way,I lovers purple.....and it's really neat! I changed my profile a bit and got a new picture up. She's kinda like a Demonic...sorta....I might try to red tent the picture.....
Erebus / Erebus Fallen.: Ok, only dont copy paste from word, it messes with the post, im gone
Erebus / Erebus Fallen.: And yea, I like the purple too
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: Bye? I'm not copying and pasting from word,I don't even have word....
BloodyTearDrops / Ashen: 'Ello
Erebus / Erebus Fallen.: Hello Ashen
BloodyTearDrops / Ashen: 'Ello Erebus
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: CHICKENS!
On the ceiling... (i points at ceiling, and chickens on ceiling)
Scaredheart / Scar A. Heart: *huggles Neon from behind*Boo?!
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! OH DEAR GOD! MURDER! MURDER! SOMEON- oh it's jus' you again Contz... ^.^'
Scaredheart / DG: *giggles* I lovers doing that to you sis.
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: You scare me to death each time...
Roady / Oreo: Is this mug open?
Scaredheart / DG: *laughs* But your alive sis. I wouldn't do it to kill you,just for some fun. I lovers you to much to harm you. *runs off and buys a radio for the ESCape room. Turns it to Cd and places a CD in it. "All Over You" by the spill canvus starts to play* I love this song....
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: o.o I actually know that song!
Scaredheart / DG: Really!?!?!?! I love that song,have for the past six week's anyways. *smiles and turns it up just a bit more* "I'm all over you,I'm not over you. I just want you to love me baccckkkk" I can't hear it enough....
Roady / Oreo: Hot ES gossip? Really now?
Scaredheart / DG: Not so much. this place is still less used than ESC and Evil....But I like it here...
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: h1 BAM!
Scaredheart / DG: Pow!?
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: h2 BOOM!
Scaredheart / DG: *falls down* What with the yelling!!!! *smiles and pulls out my dagger*
Scaredheart / DG: Anyone still alive?
ZIzzyZ / Zizzy: I am.
Scaredheart / DG: Hey Ziz. How are you?
Roady / Oreo: Hey y'all.
Scaredheart / DG: 'Ey,Oreo. How are you?
Scaredheart / DG: Or don't talk back, am I the only one that keeps a eye on this room? *turns the radio on and listens to song's*
Roady / Oreo: Sorry. I'm fine.
Scaredheart / DG: That's good. *smiles* so what ya up too?
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: hey didnt realize this exsisted i thought ESCape was just ESC XD
Kiandra / Silverwind: away from the idiot... yes.... thanks dg...
Erebus / Erebus Fallen.: *yawn*
Kiandra / Silverwind: hey erebus.
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: hiya tom
Eyamma: xfggjbh;ladfjkghsl;kjdrfhkljdsgsgsgjkgjilp
Erebus / Erebus Fallen.: Hello Kodi and Kiandra, Kodie, your info on Essentia?
Kiandra / Silverwind: ahdkendjfkhsjdnjgfrmkdvnkehfhndkevmklv o.o
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: still workin on it bud ive been out of the house mostly im sorry
Scaredheart / DG: Anytime? *is baffled*
Eyamma: sdklfjs;lkdajfg;adkljfg;kasjd nv'lweqrtgbm vksjegvjpnerpanhrl;kfntgvtijg4rg'jymstrl;hyt'elujmngy;ojerigo;ihn b;'rmjn;tgk,srt'vyjht YAMS.
Erebus / Erebus Fallen.: Ok...
Get on it as soon as you can
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: alrighty i promise i will ^^ ive also had science fair ive had ta work on XD
Scaredheart / DG: *looks at the sudden flood of people and walks to my hiding place again*
Eyamma: You (i are) scared.
Erebus / Erebus Fallen.: http://www.purityandcorruption.webs.com if you were a part of essentia, or wish to be a part, here is the new site, and if anyone needs me, im in eesentia chat
Kiandra / Rira: *sniffs dg out and licks her face.*
Scaredheart / DG: *smiles at the pup* Hey love....how are you?
Eyamma: Love love love love love love love love love love. CUNT.
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: Ems was sayin that too yesterday Amma
Kiandra / Rira: good, what about you? * licks her again then pants happily*
Scaredheart / DG: *scratch the pups ears lightly* Just, don't like crowds....to many people for me*giggles*
Eyamma: Love? No shit, everyone says love on here.
Hey love, how are you lovie, will you fuck me sideways love? Yeah, nothing new there.
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: no Cunts XD
Vermalin / EmilyO_o: (b Cunt..)
Kiandra / Rira: oh, do that, a little to the left, down...* her leg begins to bounce as she leans into the scratch*
Eyamma: Cunity cunt cunt
Scaredheart / DG: *giggles and scratch's just right* Nice pup...
Kiandra / Rira: ahhhh, so good.... *her leg begins to bounce again.*
Eyamma: what?
Scaredheart / DG: CRAP!!>.< I lost connection to Essentnia and I can't get the URL back, anyone have it?
Vermalin / EmilyO_o: (b She's getting an orgasm off DG scratching her..)
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: (http://purityandcorruption.webs.com Essentia)
Erebus / Erebus Fallen.: http://www.purityandcorruption.webs.com
Eyamma: That's what it looked like...
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: i took care of it Tom
Kiandra / Rira: aint an orgasm, just... you know, haven't you ever pet a dog just rite and it's legs begins to bounce?
Eyamma / Alaughte: 'aint'
Kiandra / Rira: aint what?
SkyWindKicker / Sky R. Wolfbat: ???
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: she hates it when you use ain't
Eyamma / Alaughte: It's like nails on a chalkboard to me.
Kiandra / Rira: my bad, didn't know...i wont say... you know...
Scaredheart / DG: Thansk both....*explods* TOM! IT WONT WORK!!I CAN'T DELETE THE POST!!!! *falls out* Gah!
Vermalin / EmilyO_o: (b Ewie, aint. Grr.)

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