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Roleplay - ESCape by Sorn / Bleeding_AngelX

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Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: here Liz theres ma piccy
Scaredheart / DG: *giggles a bit* Dalex, you look.....insane.....
Vermalin / EmilyO_o: (b You obviously don't now what insane is then.)
Scaredheart / DG: Well, he looks slightly insane. I just don't know what insanity looks like....
Eyamma / Alaughte: I like you're trench.
Mine is on ESC. But I'm downloading some new one's now, the one I have up is from last halloween. O_o
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: insane thats prolly my most sane piccy and i donthave one of me insane really save for maybe this one still not insane just a camara fuckup tat turned out cool
Vermalin / EmilyO_o: (b Who the fuck took those pictures?)
Eyamma / Alaughte: You take excellent pictures, actually. ^_^
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: alrighty Liz and thanks my friend took the piccies XD with his old shitty cam i doubt we coulda gotten the cool effect with his new one XD
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: this one we were tryin to get the shot we saw in the mirror XD
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: and we love this one but we need some one to get like a roof top photoshoped rather than the room XD
Eyamma / Elizabeth^.^: Heh, I actually really enjoy that one.
And pfft, insane pictures. Emily and I have...well, I think it speaks for itself.
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: haha cute
Eyamma / Elizabeth^.^: Huh
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: the expressions on ur faces are cute XD
Vermalin / EmilyO_o: (b Boobs fall from the ceiling.)
miroakukirara / echo2: can someone join the doll house?
Eyamma / Elizabeth^.^: Yes, but mine is more of a wide devouring mouth then an expression. But emily, daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayum, she sexy. O_o
And gross.
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: *stairs at the boobs* XD wow that was random
Vermalin / EmilyO_o: (b Your eating a bear and it looks like I'm about to suffocate with laughter.)
Eyamma / Elizabeth^.^: It liked it.
Max Million / Maximilian Von Krieger: Hmmmm?
Vermalin / EmilyO_o: (b Mmmmm?)
Max Million / Maximilian Von Krieger: Eh?
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: Lucky ass bear XD
Vermalin / EmilyO_o: (b ELIZABETH LOOKS LIKE A CAMEL! And I'm just squinting my face. Lmfao.)
Eyamma / Elizabeth^.^: I am a camel, Emily. We've already discussed this. :)
What, how is the bear lucky that it has it's head bitten?
Vermalin / EmilyO_o: (b Ewie.)
Eyamma / Elizabeth^.^: Thanks, Emily, thanks. At least that's not as bad as you calling me a homosexual man. >.>
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: id say ne thing bitten by you liz hasta b lucky XD
Eyamma / Elizabeth^.^: Exactly, because my teeth are as dull as my brain. They are lucky because it isn't Emily with her razor sharp slicers. O_o
But were you trying to compliment me, Dalex? Thanks, but it was a bit of a strange...compliment. I'm not sure why anyone would feel lucky to be bitten.
Vermalin / EmilyO_o: (b O_o)
(b *sighs.*)
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: XD yea i make strange compliments altho your a strange girl there fore i guess it works out it was kinda a compliment on ur cuteness and sayin id let you bite me with out directly saying it XD
Eyamma / Elizabeth^.^: Touche', I (i am) eccentric. To this world anyway.
I'd be careful about that offer, Dalex. When I bite, I don't stop.
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: Kinky sounds like id like it even if ya took a big chunk out
yea im a bit eccentric too
Vermalin / EmilyO_o: (b *Walks back in the room with a smile but turns on her heels quickly and walks out.*)
Eyamma / Elizabeth^.^: :) Mhmm, we'll go with that.
Emily, dearest, what's the matter? *Sets her into her lap, rubbing her head*
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: *grins and nips at Liz's neck*
Vermalin / EmilyO_o: (b O_o)
(b *Glares at Dalex then punches him in the jaw.*)
(b Back off.)
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: *takes the glare and the punch* nice one Ems little harder next time but that was a good punch *recorrects his jaw*
Vermalin / EmilyO_o: (b *Jumps up from Elizabeth's lap and deepens her glare.*)
(b Are you sure about that?)
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: sure what ever ya got i can take it it seems something is bothering you and if this helps then i am glad to be of assistance *grins*
Eyamma / Elizabeth^.^: *Watches with a blank expression*
Can't we all just be friends?
*Silently reaches for her chainsaw*
Vermalin / EmilyO_o: (b *Shakes her head and sits back down on Elizabeth's lap.*)
(b I don't want to kill you.)
(b *Smiles widely.*)
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: Liz ya should makes me a fansign both of you should ^^ ill make ya both one
ehh Ems im thinkin my death wouldn't be such a bad thing right now
Eyamma / Elizabeth^.^: I'll make ya' one just because I never have before and it sounds fun. ^_^ Anywho, I might soon.
*Snuggles her face into the crook of Emily's neck and purrs lightly* Make me purr, Emily.
Vermalin / EmilyO_o: (b We can make one together.)
(b But I better get off before your bro bro gets home. Lmfao. So I'm getting off now.)
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: XD you could but maybe i wants one from each of ya? ill try and make two ^^ if i have any good idears ^^
Eyamma / Elizabeth^.^: Alright, well I will tonight or something. EMILY IS SITTING BESIDE ME. xD
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: Hi Ems *waves* alright ill try to get creative
Eyamma / Elizabeth^.^: Nothing sexual.
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: well i know that i was thinking idk yet maybe writting your names under my eyes with eyeliner or sum idk it will be creative but not dirty XD
Scaredheart / DG: Back....
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: WB DG
Scaredheart / DG: Thanks Dalex.
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: yep
Scaredheart / DG: Eragon
Settings & Atmosphere
Shade of fear
Wind howled through the night,carrying a sent that would change the world.A tall Shade lifted his head and sniffed the air.He looked human except for his crimson hair and maroon eyes.
He blinked in surpise.the message had been correct: they were here.Or was it a trap? He weighed the odds,then said icily,"Spread out;hide behind trees and bushs.Stop whiever is comeing...or die."
Around him shuffled twelve Urgals with short swords and round iron shields painted with black symbols.They resembled men with bowed legs and thick,brutish arms made for crushing.A pair of twisted horns grew above their small ears.The monsters hurried into the brush,grunting as they did.Soon the rustling quieted and the forest was slient agin.
The Shade peered aroun a thick tree and looked up the trail.It was to dark for any human to see,but for him the faint moonlight was like sunlight streaming between the trees;every detail was clear and sharp to his searching gaze.He remain unnaturally quiet,a long pale sword in his hand.A wire thin scratch curved down the blade.the weapon was then enough to slip between a set of ribs,but strong enough to hack through the hardest armor.....Eragon was on his uncles farm,he had been left by his mother at birth for his own safety,one after noon while hunting in the spin he piked up a egg and out of it came a dragon,he is a dragon rider,but this is not the storie of him.This is the tale of the other three,the king brought the youngest pesent boys to touch the eggs so he might have his three dragon riders,their family's lives at threat.But some how a few girls sliped threw.What now the eggs have been stolen by the new riders and they are headed to find Eragon and help him in this war.
no instant kills,I want a fight scene not a "he died" line.
Your post must be longer than three sentences
You have to stay with us if you join!
If you want to join fill this out
Not takeing more riders.Anything else is open.
For Dragon Riders
How you got the egg:
Dragons name:
Dragons age:
Description of your Dragon:
There are 5 races.
If you need something in a different language give me what you need and I will try to translate it for you to any of the languages listed
Places you can go...
Hadarac Desert
Farthen Dur-the hide out of the rebels
Ellesmera-Elf home land,you can only go here if taken by a Elf.Or you are a Elf.
Alagaesia-is Eragons home land and is in the spine.
Name:Minea Rolfa
History:Minea was raise in town close to the docks,her whole life she had always wanted to prove she was different,that she could do better.now she has her chance.
How you got the egg:When Minea touched the red egg she gasped at the shock she felt,suddenly her world was bigger a small mind was twined with hers,she was a girl and had snuck in to try and get the egg now it seemed to call to her,she took the egg the next day escapeing to Algasia with it she is hiding in a town now that she doesn't know and headed to Farthen Dur.
Dragons name:Lybritha
Dragons age:new born/hatchling
Discrption of your Dragon:She is a red like fire with a fad of yellow to her back
Personatly:Lybritha is fun and always trying to do something,she doesn't listen very well and she loves to play tag.)
Name: Dimya (pronounced Dim ee ah
Sex: female
Race: human/rider
History: She was a human girl who was taken in by the Varden. She has no idea who her parents were, or of her origin. The Varden Leader, Ajihad, had adopted her, so technically speaking, she and Nasuada are sisters.
How you got the egg: She had used her cunning ans stealth to slip passed the guards whom were guarding the egg. The one that caught her attention was one that was neither red nor black, but it seemed to be a mixture of both. She touched it gently with her right hand, and it began to hatch. The Gedwey Ignasia was impritinted upon her right palm.
Dragons name: Rubin
Dragons age: young
Discrption of your Dragon: His scaled appear neither red nor black, but, it seems, a mixture of both. He has powerful jaws with rows of razor edged teeth. His snout is narrower than most dragons. His eyes are a deep violet colour.
Personality: serious, protective, sensible. The perfect personality to balance out Dimya's cheerful, adventurous, mischievous nature.)
Name: Keahi
Sex: female
Race: Rider
History: Keahi grew up oblivious to all of what's been going on. Her small town knew nothing of dragons and riders until Keahi found her egg.
How you got the egg: Keahi stole the egg, thinking it would be worth some money for her family if she sold it. She didn't get a chance to sell it before it hatched into her very own dragon.
Dragons name: Ryu
Dragons age: still young
Discrption of your Dragon: green scales that shine like emeralds. His wings are thin, but powerful and give him incredible speed. Ryu isn't particularaly large for a dragon, but he makes up for his size with his agility.
Personatly: Keahi is smart, cunning, and friendly. She does whatever it takes to help those who need her. Ryu is impulsive, never stopping to think things through. He's very protective over Keahi, but has a short temper. Both are extreamly loyal.
Scaredheart / DG: Smoof! I need Shade's and elf's and humans and Urgals >.< No one is in this RP at all.....
Roady / Oreo: I am.
Scaredheart / DG: Roady is and Ninija is, but I have no Elf's or Shades or Urgal's or humans........Gerrr!
Roady / Oreo: .........?
Scaredheart / DG: Wait,wrong person...sorryz your not in it lol. I need people in it though.
Roady / Oreo: What is it?
Scaredheart / DG: Eragon. I need people for my Eragon RP...
Vermalin / EmilyO_o: (b Bye peeps.)
Scaredheart / DG: See ya Verm.
Scaredheart / DG: Amerika
Settings & Atmosphere
In the early 20th century a war broke out between the crumbling Russian Empire and the United States over the territory of Alaska. In the end, it was decided with a mutual peace. This caused the Russian Revolution to happen sooner, putting Lenin in power in 1911. The US, subsequently annexed Mexico and Canada, then went dark.
No one got in, or out...no work, nothing.
These events led to the prevention of both world wars, and to a strong alliance between the German Empire, the British Empire and the Soviet Union. This friendship culminated in the division of Europe between the three powers, with the exception of Ireland.
In early 1951 a new US flag and seal was presented to the leaders of the nations of the world. With a promise that in one year, new US ambassadors would be dispatched to Europe. And, a year later in 1952 they kept their promise.
The ambassadors, however, were not human.
They were yellow and red eyed, gray skinned, razor teethed monsters, the effects of a deadly contamination in the 1920's.
The ambassadors declared war on the powers of Europe on behalf of their Congress and President.
Fast forward one year, to 1953. War rages in Africa and South America as the forces of the German Empire, British Empire and Soviet Union battle the forces of the newly opened United States of Amerika.
-No GM, PP or IK
-No Cybering, but Romance is allowed
-It's 1953, but the tech is around our time. Just, the culture is 1953...think Fallout.
-Ask to join
-We'll think of more rules as we go along, most likely...
Soviet Union-led by Lenin (The attempt on his life was never made, so he never suffered a stroke), it controls all of the USSR we knew of, plus China and Mongolia, and Sweden, Finland and Norway.
German Empire-Led by Kaiser Ferdinand I, it controls central Europe, Hungary, Italy and the Iberian Peninsula (Span and all that).
British Empire-Led by King George IV. Controls Belgium and northern France, it still holds all of its colonies, including Australia and India.
United States of America-Led by President Jeremiah Roarke. All of north America, is home to the race called the "Ghouls".
RunedLife: Hello! *smiles*
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: hello Runed
Scaredheart / DG: Hey, Runed.
Erebus / .Erebus Fallen.: Hello Runed
Scaredheart / DG: *looks at tom* Gerrr,man,Gerrr.
Erebus / .Erebus Fallen.: ???eep???
Scaredheart / DG: *shakes head* loser *giggles* I think i made my point with what I said in ESC ro do I have to say it again,and again, and again....
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: cnt u 2 get along ?XD
Scaredheart / DG: Shut it,we get along just fine...rightl....Tom.
Erebus / .Erebus Fallen.: Yes Fine (o-ooooo-o)
RunedLife: Hiya, Dalex, Scaredheart and Erebus :)
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: yea u 2 that was a joke Runed Kodie works fine ^^
Scaredheart / DG: PM Tom...*giggles* whats with the face? *jumps on your back and huggles you* Oh nad Runed,Call me DG..
Erebus / .Erebus Fallen.: and no one got the o-ooooo-o
Erebus / .Erebus Fallen.: Call me Ere
RunedLife: Okay. Nice to meet you Kodie and DG.
RunedLife: And Ere!
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: (i comes crashing through ceiling landing on random person) @.@ Ow... Remind me never to be the boulder in the catapult again...
Scaredheart / DG: No,no we didn't. Care to explain?
Erebus / .Erebus Fallen.: *was landed on* owwwwwww o for dot - for dash, morse code
Scaredheart / DG: And whats it say? *huggle's you* I sent you another PM doof!
Erebus / .Erebus Fallen.: o-o S ooo O
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: O.O TOM! (i climbs off him, and begins dusting him off) I blame the people who aimed the catapult... O.O Wait!? Is there a new person? I smell a new person! D:
Scaredheart / DG: *laughs and takes you off to random place nad leaves you traped there* now mores code your self out,love.
clarywhite wolf / Haru-Ko Harumi: Advertising sorry need joiners xD
Erebus / .Erebus Fallen.: o-ooooo-o 0100000100110000100100011000001000111000001000011 *helicopter picks me up and brings me back
Scaredheart / DG: *watch and laughs a bit* ok you win......*sneakly glomps you with just a little force* So you ever going to read the other PM I sent?
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: Contz PM.... (i skips off to ESC)
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: Ere dosent . work better for dot? ...---...
Erebus / .Erebus Fallen.: No thats a period kodie...and isnt there something you should be doing???
Yes, I still dont know how to respond to it
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: yes im sorry *slinks away to work on his essentia bio*
Scaredheart / DG: *laughs* Really?! Wow *laughs till I cant breath* you have no friggin clue how happy I am at the moment thanks to you.......
RunedLife: I guess I'll introduce myself properly...Hi! my name is Kaitlin.
Erebus / .Erebus Fallen.: Hello Kaitlin, you have a specific intrest in rps?
Scaredheart / DG: Hello and welcome to ESRP (Elite Skills Role Play) It's a pleasure to meet you nad have you at our humble site. Watch your self people here are slightly crazy, but fun most of the time. Have you ever RP'd before?
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: Tom, you shall never speak of what I said about Tanner in ESC to him... ever...
Hi Kaitlin, I'm Neon or Kilik.
Scaredheart / DG: *giggles*Neon,you didn't tell me not too.......*holda up a hand* I promise on my love for peoples I knows taht I wont.
Erebus / .Erebus Fallen.: You shouldnt have to worry about that, I dont give out info
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: You better not tell Contz... >/////< You how many times over I would faint if some one told him that? Many times...
Scaredheart / DG: Replied Neon. *looks at Tom* for real,it's confused you that much? Or what?
RunedLife: Hm, I like fantasy, some action and a little bit of romance.
Crazy huh? sounds interesting. Um, actually, yes, I have roleplayed before. I have been rping for a little while now.
Erebus / .Erebus Fallen.: I just dont know what to say
Scaredheart / DG: That's good to hear Kaitie, so you like fantasy? Lot's of people do,hopefuly you'll find a RP you like here on ES. tom, are you for real? *considers what to respond to with that said*
RunedLife: Hiya, Neon or Kilik...I think I'll call you Kilik *smiles*
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: Pm Contz. Tom, you know what's funny? There's building in my town called Tanner Hall... XD
Kilik works.
Erebus / .Erebus Fallen.: (http://www.purityandcorruption.webs.com Kaitlin, this is my fantasy rp that became to big for a single thread)
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: i think ill call you Kait ok? *looks at ere then walks back off to work more on his bio*
RunedLife: Ok.
Scaredheart / DG: Tom,is it a bad thing you dont know what to say?
Erebus / .Erebus Fallen.: Bad as in what?
Scaredheart / DG: I dunno....i'm not sure......I'm just going to wait...
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: SILENCE BE GONE!
Scaredheart / DG: Morning all.
Foxninja / Ebony Wing (human form): hehe, cunning title.
Scaredheart / DG: (I Si), it is so....
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: I don't think it's that cunning. SilentShadow, if any of you know who that it, use to refer to Elite Skills Chat as ESCape because of the abbreviation of ESC. He said it reminded him of the escape key.
Foxninja / Ebony Wing (human form): I think its cunning. Its my opinion..
Scaredheart / DG: I agree with Foxy.....
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: Eh, alright.
Scaredheart / DG: *pats Foxy's head* Eragon,we need to find a person to play Eragon. But so far the only people I've seen on ES are you,me, and Sorn-la.
Foxninja / Ebony Wing (human form): yes...we need an Eragon...
(i taps chin in thought)
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: And I have no real interesting in an Eragon rp.
Foxninja / Dimya and Rubin: drat...
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: Sorry. I'm not a big fan.
Foxninja / Dimya and Rubin: The movie sucked. The book kicked ass.
I'm waiting for the fourth book to come out.
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: I hated the movie, but liked the first book. After that I lost interest.
Foxninja / Dimya and Rubin: I'm a big fan of dragons and fantasy. I couldn't put it down once it began, and I immedietly made my way to Eldest. I made my mom buy me Brisingr so I could read it.
Bleeding_AngelX / Prince Sorn: I'm a fan of fantasy. Not so much dragons, persay. I don't know. The story seemed rather...played out. It just wasn't enough to hold my interest. It was cool enough, yeah, but I've read a lot better.
Scaredheart / DG: Sorry about the poof there.I steped on my power cable...-_-'
Foxninja / Dimya and Rubin: (i chuckles) power cables of doom
Scaredheart / DG: (I Glares at Foxy) Um-hum...
Foxninja / Dimya and Rubin: (i flinches at glare and backs away)
Scaredheart / DG: (I smiles and sits down) Power cable of Doom huh? What about my Waffle Iron of Doom? It's so much better....
Foxninja / Dimya and Rubin: I like doom waffles! ^o^
Scaredheart / DG: (I Giggles a bit) You know I'm in the mood to be logical.....
Foxninja / Dimya and Rubin: I was in the mood to be logical...but after two doughnuts and a can of soda...
Erebus: *yawn*
Foxninja / Dimya and Rubin: hey, Erebus, do you like Eragon?
Scaredheart / DG: (I gigles) Hyper much Foxy. Hey,Tom! *waves like mad*
Foxninja / Dimya and Rubin: yes, very much so.
Erebus: I was already a part of the Eragon rp
Scaredheart / DG: (I giggles more) Yo,Tom. I'm on Essentia if needed. Also I'm on Avalon,I don't know whta to make of that site...
Scaredheart / DG: Yeah,he droped out of it. I remade it and restarted it.
Erebus: Hey constance
Foxninja / Dimya and Rubin: ohhh (i smacks forehead) sorry, too hyper to think straight
Scaredheart / DG: (I giggles and throws a knife at Tom head but miss's him by three inchs) So what's up?
Scaredheart / DG: Foxy,you just need to calm down,love.
Erebus: Yea, I gave up on Avalon
Foxninja / Dimya and Rubin: I am calm...(i hyper eye twitch)
Scaredheart / DG: I'm going to try and be part of Avalon....(I hands Foxy my ADHD med's)there..
Foxninja / Dimya and Rubin: (i looks at meds) what are these?
Erebus: I hope it works for you, *pulls knife out oe wall*
Scaredheart / DG: (I giggles and explain the ADHD med's) Cocain. They help you calm down when your ADHD.......(i looks at Tom) Any better today?
Foxninja / Dimya and Rubin: I don't have a short attention span I just..
ooo look shiney! (i sparkly eyes at knife)
Erebus: So far, so good
Erebus / Erebus Fallen: *gives knife to foxninja*
Scaredheart / DG: (I huggles Tom really,really,really,really hard) you sure?
Foxninja / Vermilion Fox:
Scaredheart / DG: I like mine better....0.0
Erebus / Erebus Fallen: *loosing O2* yea
Scaredheart / DG: (I stops huggling so hard and just huggles) I'm not sure if I believe you or not yet.........(I looks at you in my funny way)
Erebus / Erebus Fallen: One only knows, what the other chooses to make known
Scaredheart / DG: True...(I is annoyed by that fact)
Erebus / Erebus Fallen: How are you?
Scaredheart / DG: (I roll's eye's and holds out a Pen then think's of stabing you) Annoyed by the fact that I (i CAN'T) Read your mind....
Erebus / Erebus Fallen: Im sorry
Foxninja / Vermilion Fox: http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/92091
Scaredheart / DG: (I laughs a bit) Not your ault,I'm just not that kool.....(I giggles and poke's you nose) You sure you don't want to read your mind aloud for me?
Erebus / Erebus Fallen: Heh...no
Scaredheart / DG: (I sighs) Ok, be that way..... (I think's) ......wanna talk over PM?
Erebus / Erebus Fallen: No
Scaredheart / DG: .....to bad....(I looks at you and is now angery) I don't think you should isolate your self like you do....
Erebus / Erebus Fallen: Id rather protect the ones around me
Scaredheart / DG: (I Glares) I know,but in order ot protect others you must first protect your self and show that you have weakness. There fore making your self stronger.
Erebus / Erebus Fallen: Most know my weakness, and quite a few have utilized it against me
Foxninja / Vermilion Fox: neeeeeeeeeee!
Scaredheart / DG: Yes,but you share so little of your self......I hate the fact that I must know so much of everyone, you seem to be one of few that I don't know as wella s I would like to. I want to know wht you htink nad feel and see and why you say the thing's you do. I want to basicaly live in your head for a week.
Scaredheart / DG: Tom? You alive?
Erebus / Erebus Fallen: Back
Scaredheart / DG: Where'd you go? (I wonders if you cought what I said before you left)
Erebus / Erebus Fallen: Break
Scaredheart / DG: Ok, did you catch what I said? How was your break?
Erebus / Erebus Fallen: Yes I caught what you said,
Scaredheart / DG: (I smiles) now you know why I'm frustrated with you. I don't understand you. I'm not frustrated with anyone else on ES but you for that simple reason. I feel funny for that but it's me. I understand Sorn some what I think, or at lest in my own way I do.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: Doubtful.
Scaredheart / DG: Yeah, but you don't frustrate me, I get that your on your own in ways. Dont go messing me up or I'll stalk you an try to figure you out..........bad habit of mine.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: I'd really rather you didn't. My mind's not a fun place to venture through. It's rather easy to get lost in the forest without a proper guide and I doubt you'll find one easy to come by.
Erebus / Erebus Fallen: Its in my character to keep info from others, it serves two purpouses
Scaredheart / DG: It's in mine to do foolish thing's. Sorn I'd still do it even at the risk of getting lost. People don't mess with my mind, it's pretty simple I think...Easy as hell to get and easyer to mess with.
Erebus / Erebus Fallen: Who was that too?
Scaredheart / DG: The first line was to you the rest to Sorn-la. I'd get in his mind if he'd let me even at the risk of getting lost. As for you, I'd live in your head just to figure you out......
Erebus / Erebus Fallen: I dont withdraw info because it will hurt less when I am gone and...
Scaredheart / DG: *Waits* Contuie...
Erebus / Erebus Fallen: for my paranoia
Scaredheart / DG: (I looks at you in my funny way AGAIN) you don't need to be Paranoid, I doubt anyone's going to take anything out on you....(I thinks back and sighs) Ok, well I see a point to it but still....(I goes to wall and starts to bash head in for stupid actions I've done my whole life)
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: I'd rather not have someone lost in my mind.
Scaredheart / DG: (I stops bashing head in) Sorn, I doubt I'd get too lost. I'm good at that. As odd as I am I know what I can and can't do for the most part. Plus I think it's be intresting to go in your head, you just come off as such to me.
Erebus / Erebus Fallen: *grabs constance to stop her from bashing head* they are only mistakes if you see them like that
Scaredheart / DG: Oh, in that case. My whole being is a mistake....for real it is my dad had a condom and everthing......I was a mistake that was never ment to be. There for my whole life is a mistake which would make my mistakes, MISTAKES!(I does a fake happy face and Jazz hands)
Erebus / Erebus Fallen: no your life is not a mistake, everything happens for a reason
GenesisEpidemic: (i walks in) Uhhhmmm.. is this a bad time?
Scaredheart / DG: No,Neon. I'm just having a moment....(I gathers self ) It's all good. Tom, not EVERYTHING has a reason.....I would know.
Erebus / Erebus Fallen: Constance, you are not a mistake
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: 'Kay, jus' wanted to make sure. By the way, I was a mistake as well. I'm also a bastard, my parent were unmarried when I was born, they never got married actaully, he wound up getting kicked out when on my 5th Christmas...
Scaredheart / DG: ..(I blinks) Did you not just here that I was never spoused to even be alive, my father and mother know and tell me what I am. It's a small factor of life. Not (I everything) has a reason, I have no reason to be attached to almost anyone I know,I also have no reason for what I say and do. Yet you can see I do and say what I think. (I pat's your head) Ok, I'm fine now, let's drop this before I lsoe it again....
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: Anyone else feel nostalgic on here, or is it jus' me?
Scaredheart / DG: Whats the meaning of that word?
001 / Omega: a desire to go back in time, usually happy time
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: A bittersweet longing for things, persons, or situations of the past.
Scaredheart / DG: Eh, I would but it'd just kill me when I got back to reality...(I has had that feeling for a long,long time now)
cacophonous / Cacophonous: Hello, why is there another chat?
001 / Omega: yah, i wanna go back to the time when i was a kid with no worry, no nothing, just the playground...hell maybe i just don't want to do my homework.
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: I know why I have feeling... it started last night, it's the reason I had to actaully get sleep...
Contz do you have Gaia?
cacophonous / Cacophonous: I like my life the way it is now. I do not want to go back. I am finally happy.
Scaredheart / DG: Yeppers I have a Gaia...do you?
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: Yeah. Kilik Licius
Scaredheart / DG: I'm Ona...Meet ya there?
Erebus / Erebus Fallen: Damn phone
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: Already there Contz. ^.^'
Scaredheart / DG: Tom.......your on the phone AGAIN?
cacophonous / Cacophonous: I am very cold. Anyone care to lend me a blanket?
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: Contz, you find me though, I'm bad at finding people on there... and Al's on...
Erebus / Erebus Fallen: Well when you have parents like mine, im lucky to have the phone
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: I don't have a cell phone... I have house, nothing more, oh and my nice little laptop... it does so much good in emergencies... -.-*
Scaredheart / DG: *Hand the girl a blanket nd warmer* There. I don't know how to find people......I'm new I'm Ona_Heartless tell Al to find me.....also I'll try and find you..
Scaredheart / DG: (I huggles Tom) I'm on Essentia if you need me or if you want I can stay here....
Erebus / Erebus Fallen: Do what you wish
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: Found you Contz....
Tom, do you know if Tanners going to get on tonight, that way O know if I should stay up or not...
Scaredheart / DG: FUCK!I just got hit with a virus from Gaia....
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: o.o... Tha's not good Contz...
Erebus / Erebus Fallen: Get AVG its a great anti virus
Scaredheart / DG: NAW DIP SHER LOCK! I jsut got my computer Virus free a montyh ago...(I exploads into a million pices)
Scaredheart / DG: link please
and is it free?
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: Sorry... (i crawls off somewhere)
Erebus / Erebus Fallen: Type AVG free into google
Scaredheart / DG: Neon! Get back her. i'm sorryz.....I should have held my tounge....now I'm running my anit virus prgram right now (I laughs darkly) Let's see how the stupid virus likes that one...I must have turned my protection off last night and forgot to turn it on, thats why I got the virus from Gaia....it's good now..
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: Tom! Do you know if Tanners going to be on or not tonight?
Erebus / Erebus Fallen: couldnt get a hold of him
Scaredheart / DG: (i looks at Tom in my funny way) PM...now....
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: Alright...Thanks Tom... (i crawls off to a dark hole)
Scaredheart / DG: (i pulls Neon out of dark hole) Whats up sis? I'm on Gaia...nope i'm getting off Gaia,it's to much for my poor compy to handle ta the moment.
Erebus / Erebus Fallen: PM and im on Gaia
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: -.- nothings wrong... I'm perfectly fine...
Scaredheart / DG: -_-' I just got off Gaia...Neon,you ccan't lie....
Scaredheart / DG: Replied.....Ok,tom If I call you I have like 7 min on my phone so I can't tlak for too long.....(I sighs) My mother use it for one day and my three hours are now 7 min....
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: (i sings 'What they say won't make us go away. So fucking blow those words out the backa your head, I've heard all and I'm done with that shit. Ya tell me lies and ya get what ya get, so blow those words out the back of your head...')
Erebus / Erebus Fallen: ok...Pm...and im off gaia, forgot its boring
Scaredheart / DG: eh. Ok,Tom PM and I'm fixing to call you...give me a second...
Scaredheart / DG: I can't call you >.<
Scaredheart / DG: Ok,my computer is slowed to crap so I'm sticking to this one room for now and no more pages. The virus is still on me and it''s taking its efect...*wants to kill the virus herself*
Erebus / Erebus Fallen: ok
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: Do I seem fine?
Erebus / Erebus Fallen: Depends on how you view "fine"
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: How do you view it?
Erebus / Erebus Fallen: I view fine as how somebody usually acts
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: And, do I seem fine in your view...
(i sings 'I believe I can see the future, Cause I repeat the same routine. I think I used to have a purpose, Then again, that might have been a dream. I think I used to have a voice, And now I never make a sound. I just do what I've been told. I really don't want them to come around, oh no. Every day is exactly the same. Every day is exactly the same. There is no love here, and there is no pain. Every day is exactly the same.')
Scaredheart / DG: TOM!!!!!!I spent my lst min's on you....(I happy) And glad to do so,sorry about how fast I talk.....
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: (i sings 'Isn't it fun, to play with a gun, and to see all the friends, the two of you can make.')
Scaredheart / DG: Neon,tell me everything now...
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: (i blinks) Tell you what?
Scaredheart / DG: Whats eating at you?
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: Nothing... nothing at all... what makes you think anythings wrong?
Scaredheart / DG: PM..
Kio / Kio Tazamaki and Reinheit: Oh poo
Scaredheart / DG: *slaps Kio* Sory!You scared me!*looks sorryly at the slaped Kio*
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: h1 BANSHEE!
Scaredheart / DG: BANSHEE?What's that mean?
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: it's creature... not sure really hold on I'll look it up... I know they make a really horrid sound, that's where they got 'Screamed like a Banshee' from...
Scaredheart / DG: Oh...
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: A Banshee is a scottish ghost. It's said that it's the messenger of death. It's scream signifies a coming death in the household.
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: (i blinks) Sank you Sornu, saved me looking it up... ^.^'
cacophonous / Cacophonous: Hello empty room!
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: *glomps Caco*
cacophonous / Cacophonous: Ouch that hurt. But thanks. =)
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: *huggles* sorry
Scaredheart / DG: Back...
GenesisEpidemic / Black Mail!: >////< Black mail....
Scaredheart / DG: Why are you blackmailing yourself, Neon?
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: i have black mail too XD
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: Because I need to tell Tanner that... >.<
Scaredheart / DG: *Dies of laughter at the Max blackmail* Yeah,ya do sis...
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: XD yea
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: I know... >///< But the minute he gets on I'm not going to be able to...
Scaredheart / DG: Go,you can do it!
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: Yeeeeeeeeees?
cacophonous / Magenta: I really like that picture Max. And have we met?
Scaredheart / DG: OOOOO,Max, did you know *looks at Dalex*
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: Awwwww.... Spirit you meanie... you took away my fun... (i sniffles)
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: Nope, I don't think we've ever met....
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: yes he Knows he really dosent care as long as i only post it every once and a while DG
Max she saw the black mail of you i have
*pokes Caco* HI! *waves like an idiot*
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: Is it the one where I admit the only girl I'd have sex with is Mika?
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: yes Max it is
cacophonous / Magenta: Well I am Ashlyn or Caco or Cocoa whatever you please. And Hello Dalex.
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: how are you Ashlyn? *huggles*
cacophonous / Magenta: I am well, though I am very cold at the moment.
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: Ah, well, I'm proud to admit that.
Caco will do fine.
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: aww *wraps Ashlyn in a blanket* get warmer ^^
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: <.<>.>
cacophonous / Magenta: Why thank you. You flirt quite a lot Dalex. lol. So, Max how old are you?
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: here max i got you a present
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: I'm 17...
Which is strange, since I'm ES Old Guard.
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: gahh i dont try to flirt it just kinda happens *tips his hat to Ashlyn*
Scaredheart / DG: *busts out laughing at teh blackmail* Nice Dalex!!!! I ish 16!!! =3 My birth day is in one week and I'll be 16....so techinaly I'm 15.....>.>....<.<...0.0
cacophonous / Magenta: I am 20 years old but only just my birthday was a few months ago.
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: yea im 16 XD
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: WOOT! SECOND OLDEST!
EmiChan / Emi Kasumo: *Ish like a week older than Maxxy* I'm 17.
Scaredheart / DG: I'M 16!!!!!!!!(I in a week...)
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: actually Master Max you are 3rd XD woot fourth oldest
Scaredheart / DG: I'm the youngest......
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: Curse you Emi!
cacophonous / Magenta: Oldest yet again.
EmiChan / Emi Kasumo: Curses back at yah, Maxxy. :P
It's not my fault my mother had me on the 12th of January.
Ich liebe Danemark. :P
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: o.o What am I? Besides gender confused...
EmiChan / Emi Kasumo: I got a 68 on that German History test. XD Haha.
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: I got a 95...
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: I got a 0? o.O
EmiChan / Emi Kasumo: Lucky bitch.
I only missed 6 Questions!
How am I supposed to remember that Hitler got married on April 1945, and that JFK visited the Berlin wall after Peter Fechter died, and etc.
See, I stick to the language. XD
Scaredheart / DG: Last history test I had on Germany I got a 98 on....Thats only because I epic failed three question and missed something on the Essay question......I could've had a 100 but no I had to screw up on the muulti choice question....
EmiChan / Emi Kasumo: My German teacher, Georg...Er...I mean Mr. Aldridge, is a meanie. >.< He knew I wasn't prepared for that test.
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: EMI IS BANGIN HER TEACHER!
Scaredheart / DG: WTF Dalex?
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: You know all of that if you're Max.
I got 5 points off for not spelling a word right.
EmiChan / Emi Kasumo: O.o...Ew...I have better things to do than fuck my 58 year old German Teacher.
cacophonous / Magenta: *sigh* Anyone care to entertain me?
EmiChan / Emi Kasumo: Wow. I like..never spell anything wrong in German. :P I just suck at the history.
And Georg hates me. Mainly because I call him by his first name, and I emphasize it:
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: XD Emi ya started to call him by his first name so i assumed
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: *tap dances*
Is this working?
EmiChan / Emi Kasumo: Working for what, Maxxy?
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: Caco asked to be entertained...
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: *starts tangoing with Max* how bout this?
EmiChan / Emi Kasumo: *Sprinkles Entertainment on Caco* Hmm..I wonder if this will work.
Maxxy, have you seen Neko-Chan at all?
Scaredheart / DG: I can do a descriptive wrting of people dancing if you'd like.....
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: Uh, yes...but that is, a rather sensitive subject.
Scaredheart / DG: Max!!!!I gave a shorty post,sorry. I'll try to fit more in on the next one.Also do you want me to go ahead and psot or are we waiting for someone?
Scaredheart / DG: Smoof,silence be gone!
cacophonous / Magenta: Ah thank you all you are very entertaining
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: your welcome
Scaredheart / DG: She lied......lol
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: who lied ?
Framedsabotage / Briar Moss: Why is there another OOC chat room. It is not right I tell you, not right! Who wants to start a random action roleplay with no real storyline?
Dalex_Raven / Rock N Roll: i could but um im leaving Frame
cacophonous / Magenta: AH!
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: o.o Contz?
Erebus: Damn comp...
AdyinFaye / Aden: *wanders in* OH GOD NOT ANOTHER CHAT ROOM!
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: TOM! (i waves) Now where'd Contz run off to...
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: No, this is not just another chat room...
This is run by Sorn.
AdyinFaye / Aden: ah...okay...*sits down*
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: h1 BAM!
(i yawns)
AdyinFaye / Aden: *glomps neon* Heehee I'm on painkillers right now...they make me loopy......
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: Alrighty, I need some help with something very important...who wants in?
Scaredheart / DG: Back...I was called?
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: (i glomped) You aren't Tanner, you can't glomp meh...
Yes Contz... I jus' remembered I had TG written on my arm... ^////^
Scaredheart / DG: *shakes head*
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: What? It's written with red Eyeliner Contz...
Scaredheart / DG: Ok....Was Tom here?
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: For a second... all he said was something about a stupid computer...
Scaredheart / DG: *is sad now* Oh...
Erebus / Erebus Fallen.: Damn Computer, get your facts right
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: (i flails arms dramatically, sticking his tongue out) Oopsy, got a word wrong.... XD Tom did you see where I told Contz I have TG on my arm... I got bored in class and Tanner poppen into my head...
Scaredheart / DG: (I eeeps! and jumps on tom head) sorry about the lost of talk over the phone. My min's went out.
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: >.>
DG...way to ruin my fun...
Scaredheart / DG: Max, I'll not have you asulting members of this site regaurdless of what they have done. Imay not be a mod or anything but I do belive in civil actions...
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: MAXIE! D:< Fear meh! ^o^... o.o
Erebus / Erebus Fallen.: Good job Neon?
Yea its fine, although DeaDra got jealous when I called you.
Erebus / Erebus Fallen.: Oh god Neon...*vanishes until its safe again*
Scaredheart / DG: Ok,new rule for me? No calling Tom....?????
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: *yawns* Not going to work.
Alright, I'll give you your moment now DG. BUT, if that owner doesn't comply...
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: XD It's 'safer' Tom... Sorry 'bout that...
Scaredheart / DG: Yes,yes. you may do as you please if the owner doesn't complie. But I'm not going ot let you harass them if they can do nothing about it. Not only does it give you a bad name but ES.
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: DG, you do realize...that this is not the first time it's happened, right?
And I'm talking to Sorn tonight to get him on board.
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: I say we eat them! D:< ALIVE!
Scaredheart / DG: Yes, but still, anything done should be done so with a level head. Thats why I don't handle the Cyber stuff, it get's me way to heated up and I can't think logicaly. So I let people who can handle it cool like do the job.
AdyinFaye / Aden: good plan neon.
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: I still say we eat them...
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: DG, do you remember the time ES had a police force?
Erebus / Erebus Fallen.: Back
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: ES had a police force?! SWEET!
Scaredheart / DG: I wasn't around for it but yes. I've heard of it. *glomps Tom in a attempt to get him to stay* So am I still allowed to call you or is Dedra going to kill me if I do?
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: Yes, and I was apart of it.
So I very strongly suggest you stop lecturing me and let me monitor the situation. Like I said, I'll talk to Sorn tonight.
Erebus / Erebus Fallen.: The Old Guard I take it Max?
No you can call me, I talked some sense into her.
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: Maxie, whether you this meets your standards or not. I like this one.
Scaredheart / DG: Ok,droping it...also whats with the pornish stuffs, Neon? Tom,if it's going to be a issue I don't have to call you.....
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: That definitely does not meet mys standards...
The red head is a girl...
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: No, we had no name. The Old Guard are simply people like Sorn, Kael, Tensu, Kayame, myself. etc...
This police force was after that.
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: o.o pornish? o.O
Maxie it's obviously a dude...
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: No, if you look closely she has breasts.
Erebus / Erebus Fallen.: Ahh I see
Constance, again its no trouble
Scaredheart / DG: The red head is a girl,Sis.
AdyinFaye / Aden: its a chick~
not even a cute one at that...
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: -.- that line you mean? (i smacks Maxie) He does not have boobs!
Scaredheart / DG: (I doesn't belive tom really but is not going to fight) Ok...
Scaredheart / DG: Trates of Female on the red head.
1) the line is boobage
2)The ahdns are smaller and very femine
3) the waist line is not that of a guy
4) jaw line is too soft for a male
5) HOLY SHIT!!!! it has an attoms apple.........
AdyinFaye / Aden: FACT: females do have adam's apples just they are hardly noticable.
Scaredheart / DG: Point taken....just a little surprizeing......
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: Contz! What do you think of this picture?
Scaredheart / DG: Pointy chin, a femalish trate but a guy can have it. I like it simple because it has my fav colors in it.....
Scaredheart / DG: Hello?
Roady / Oreo: meow.
Scaredheart / DG: *pets the Roady* Hey, sweetie.
Roady / Oreo: ^_^
Scaredheart / DG: Humm...I'm going to make a romance RP...just for fun.....
Roady / Oreo: Gangsta.
Erebus / Erebus Fallen.: Well if I am not needed I will take my leave
Roady / Oreo: Errrrrrrrebus.
Roady / Oreo: h1 EREBAH!!!!
Erebus / Erebus Fallen.: Ok...*inches toward exit*
Roady / Oreo: lol. bye.
Erebus / Erebus Fallen.: *fades*
Scaredheart / DG: *sighs* Crap,I'm not here when he is...darn it!
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: (i yawns his hair now wet from his encounter with his shower) Yo!
Scaredheart / DG: *sigsh and is depressed* Hey Bro....i made a romace RP lol. Now to find a guy......*thinks..*
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: (i raises hand) Though I wish I knew someone who could make a role play where I could use Kilik Knitemare...
Scaredheart / DG: ...he could work........it's a vampireish thing...lol but the vampires are blood thirsty killers....
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: No no, I'm saying a different, not mainly romance Role play... hmmmm... I'd make it, but everything I do now a days has a plot... >.< I could jus' say 4 teenagers, in a city, friends, one changes gender on a whim, others, do something, I dunno, and then some thing happens and some one comes after them... and throw a twist in later...
Scaredheart / DG: Sounds good to me bro.
Framedsabotage / Frame Neko: And a double back kick with that twist? I want to join!
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: Would you join if I made it? o.O
Scaredheart / DG: Duh....
Framedsabotage / Frame Neko: *Breaths deeply* Or you could join a random roleplay room where everyone can freely change the environment and situation as long as it is reasonable, sort of like the one I created earlier and we could like do anything in their randomly involving characters and situations like really really really really fast!!!!! *Deep breath*
Scaredheart / DG: *looks at Frame funny* No my type or thing, love.
Framedsabotage / Frame Neko: *Looks put out* It can have love.. And really I was just suggesting to Kilik..
Scaredheart / DG: it's ok just not for me.....
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: ummm.... o.O I think I'll work on my plot a little...
Scaredheart / DG: night yall....
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: Night?
Framedsabotage / Frame Neko: http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/92471 - I made a nice intro.
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: I'm working on the description to that role play right now.
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: ... Tom, by any chance are you on? >.<
Framedsabotage / Adrian Moss:
Dmark91 / Sargon: need players for Kingdom Hearts: Circle of Torment. Please join!
QueenVictoria / Lizalie: Bubbles!
Shvar: .: Hey Peeps. ^.^ Just an Advertisement Here - For Those That Like Heroes, I've Created an RP, Just For You. :D So, Join? Pweeeasssseeee? :.
Dmark91 / Sargon: WHAT'S ITS NAME?!?
Shvar: .: Erm... It's:
The Return of The Damned - Heroes
Okay, sheesh, calm down! :.
Dmark91 / Sargon: sorry ^^ hehe
Shvar: .: Was That False Enthusiasm? XD :.
Dmark91 / Sargon: Thats a No-No ^^
Shvar: .: Yay You! I'm giving you a Prize - a.k.a, *Huggles!* :.
Dmark91 / Sargon: ^^ haha you can join the ZOMBIES!!! BTW
CrimsonRose / Haruhi: morning...
Dmark91 / Sargon: morning ^^
CrimsonRose / Haruhi: *sighs sadly*
Shvar: .: Yeh, sure I will. :.
CrimsonRose / Haruhi: how is everyone?
Shvar: .: Everybody is... Well, I'm bored. Nice Blinking Picture, by the way. :.
CrimsonRose / Haruhi: ...thank you...
Shvar: .: So, How're you today? :.
CrimsonRose / Haruhi: misriable...
Vermalin / EmilyO_o: v ncbmbvmvn gfj tdy uiyjkhgd
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: o.o .... BLARG! (i runs off)
Vermalin / EmilyO_o: gfjmdhfmkh,
fattestpirate / Bouncer: Nice, Emily
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: A word with Kilik? o.O Did Kilik do something wrong?
Scaredheart: Anyone know whne you start to feed your puppy soft food? Mines six week's and I can't find the anwser.....
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: No, sorry Contz, when I got my dog, she was two years old... ^.^'
Pancake. Yup pancake.
Bleeding_AngelX / Sorn: But...but then people would eat it.
Roady / Oreo: *climbs on Sorn* Not me.
SweetAndOhSoME / Twilight Destiny: Poor pancake. :(
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: o.O Silence?
I guess if anyone gets on and needs me, jus' say my name three times...
RZKEngel / Asche (normal): whos a pancake
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: The world? o.O
RZKEngel / Asche (normal): random
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: XD hmmm... wow, no Tom to bug me to get my first post for Gither up...
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: Silence yet again...
Same as before, my name three times if you need me...
SweetAndOhSoME / Twilight Destiny: That reminds me of Beetle Juice.
Icky bug man. T.T
But Skillet is wonderful like blueberries.
JoelIsHere / HighLord Eldor Lightblade: Hello Sweets. Have you seen your wife, Kiandra?
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: YAY! I like blueberries! ^o^ Sweets, I'm making that other site I was thinking over making. I can't hold myself back...
SweetAndOhSoME / Twilight Destiny: I have a wife?
Named Kiandra?
Nah, I haven't seen anyone of that name, Joel.
Edit: Wonderful blueberries. :) Who doesn't like 'em?! xD And, really? Good luck with the site then. :)
JoelIsHere / HighLord Eldor Lightblade: Oops. I meant mine. Im texting, eating, talking on the phone, and here all at once.
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: I've seen her Joel...
JoelIsHere / HighLord Eldor Lightblade: Thanks.
SweetAndOhSoME / Twilight Destiny: What is this other site you were thinking over making, my wonderful blueberry Skillet?
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: I had an Empire Role play, and it failed, and I've been think lately, I had so many character's on the list, so now, it's got 6 empires now, compared to 2. It's called Aliston. It's far from finished...
SweetAndOhSoME / Twilight Destiny: Sounds fun, Skillet. :)
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: (i nods) The picture I'm using now is what I'm using for Blaire, he is a Helio... Which I'm to lazy to type out what that is again for a second time... (i looks at post in Aliston)
SweetAndOhSoME / Twilight Destiny: I'll just trust you on it, then, Skillet. It's a cool picture. :)
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: (i nods) I have others like it...
SweetAndOhSoME / Twilight Destiny: Awesome. That's a cool green. :)
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: Blue... The person who did these I awesome... I need to watch 'em on DA...
SweetAndOhSoME / Twilight Destiny: I love the color blue. :) It's probably my favorite color most often.
JoelIsHere / Joel: *streaks in ESCape* Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!*leaves*
SweetAndOhSoME / Twilight Destiny: T.T
You have contaminated ES.
JoelIsHere / Joel: I know.
SweetAndOhSoME / Twilight Destiny: Good.
I'm glad you know.
*hands mop*
Now, clean up your mess, Mister!
JoelIsHere / Joel: *is still Naked* ...Sweets, why do you want me to do this in the newd? Are you attempting to have me make conspiracy theories about you, or does it just turn you on?
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: O.O.... GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! (i runs into wall purposely)
SweetAndOhSoME / Twilight Destiny: I'm blind. Can't even tell your nude. The blindness passes occasionally, but luckily, today, it chose to come about.
Put some clothes on and then mop, Mr. Conspiracy.
JoelIsHere / Joel: *Cleans up Sarah Palins Daughter* There. I cleaned up my mess. *cures Sweets Blindness* Im still nude. *leaves*
BloodyTearDrops / Ashen: 'Ello
3L3m3ntal / Ralin Corthass: *Is fully clothed* Okay then... Joel, why the hell are you naked?
SweetAndOhSoME / Twilight Destiny: Hi, Droplet.
JoelIsHere / Joel: I say it turns Sweets on.
BloodyTearDrops / Ashen: 'Ello sweet you are the only one whom seems to bloody notice me or atleast acknoledge me
3L3m3ntal / Ralin Corthass: ;Ello Ashen. I just got on... Sorry :(
SweetAndOhSoME / Twilight Destiny: I have a shirt with an on button in the middle, and people always joke about it 'turning me on'. It's silly. Got it from a computer convention. xD
Well, I'm the only one who counts, Droplet. xD I love how you say bloody as an adjective. It's great. :)
BloodyTearDrops / Ashen: 'Ello Tim *nods softly*
3L3m3ntal / Ralin Corthass: Lol, Okay then.
Ello Ashen. Since, we're going with casualty, what name shall I call you by?
BloodyTearDrops / Ashen: My real name is Asher*smiles brightly*
3L3m3ntal / Ralin Corthass: Alrighty then, I shall call you Asher.
If you prefer full names, mine is Timothy. Or if you like Sweets' name for me, it's Mint.
BloodyTearDrops / Ashen: ooooooo I'm going to call you mint now*smiles* I like that name
SweetAndOhSoME / Twilight Destiny: T.T
If you go spouting your Sweet Nickname, I'm going to have to pick a different name. xD
BloodyTearDrops / Ashen: Okay Okay I will call him something else hum can I call you snowflake because your white hair?
3L3m3ntal / Ralin Corthass: Sorry Sweets... I thought it would be passed on. My mistake *Hangs head*
That's fine Asher.
SweetAndOhSoME / Twilight Destiny: Nah. I'm just kidding. Call him Mint if you want, Droplet. :)
JoelIsHere / Joel: I NEED ROLEPLAY!
BloodyTearDrops / Ashen: YAY!!!!!!!!!!
SweetAndOhSoME / Twilight Destiny: T.T
But, he is my Minty Fresh.
3L3m3ntal / Ralin Corthass: Lol, *Belongs to Sweets*
JoelIsHere / Joel: Gotta go.
SweetAndOhSoME / Twilight Destiny: *beams proudly*
Most certainly.
3L3m3ntal / Ralin Corthass: Lol. Yep. *Smiles happily*
I'm obscenely Happy.
SweetAndOhSoME / Twilight Destiny: How can happiness be obscene?
That's just ridiculous.
3L3m3ntal / Ralin Corthass: Well.. It's a long story.. lol
*Takes the "ESCape" thing literally.*
SweetAndOhSoME / Twilight Destiny: Hm...long stories.
I have time to listen.
Unless...it's a gross kind of obscene...then...my inbox is closed at the moment. xD
But, it's not really.
Glad you're happy...I think.
3L3m3ntal / Ralin Corthass: Lol, no it just has to do with, I got back together with Sarah... finally, after months and months of repairing everything
SweetAndOhSoME / Twilight Destiny: Aw. Yay!
That's a short story.
But, still, I'm happy for you.
3L3m3ntal / Ralin Corthass: Well, I kinda condensed the story.
It happened on Valentine's Day pretty much though.
SweetAndOhSoME / Twilight Destiny: Aw.
That's sweet.
3L3m3ntal / Ralin Corthass: Yeah. I felt insanely happy, because I walked her home, and, told her how I still felt, and kissed her, and yeah, she said she felt the same way, and bada bing, bada boom.
SweetAndOhSoME / Twilight Destiny: Bada bing? Bada boom?
Oh, Mint. Jeez.
Well, glad for you.
3L3m3ntal / Ralin Corthass: Lol, Yes, I shall coin those phrases as mine! *Coins Bada bing bada boom as his own phrase*
SweetAndOhSoME / Twilight Destiny: Hehe. 'Bout time you got some phrases to your name.
3L3m3ntal / Ralin Corthass: Lol. Yeah, I know, right?
SweetAndOhSoME / Twilight Destiny: Correct, Mister Minty Fresh.
ESCape is constantly dead-ish.
Because...it was infested with...
SALMON! Yup, pink salmon. And green, too. xD
ReikuTohno: i just realized now that Sweets' current character sounds like one of my previous RP's
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: CHICKENS!
fattestpirate / Bouncer: DUCKS
Ninjai / Etna~: (http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/92591 Clash of Summonings) Join or DIE!! Lol nah, I wouldn't kill you...yet.
fattestpirate / Bouncer: I'm to poor.
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: Yo...
fattestpirate / Bouncer: Meow?
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: Like my picture bro?
fattestpirate / Bouncer: Yeah.
Vermalin / EmilyO_o: (b Blah blah.)
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: Blurg!
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Sweets half-hops into the room, her eyes sparkling with that regular mischievous smile. It had been a great day, and she couldn't wait to include her ES buds in such a wonderful day. Sweets eyes swept the room.
"Empty as usual," she muttered, half-hearted. Even that wasn't enough to dim her mood for long. She wasn't sure why, but today was simply wonderful. Sighing with contentment, Sweets bounced over to a familiar cloud beanie chair and sat down, relaxing.
Dalex_Raven / Train Nightstrife: hi sweets
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: It's that person, with the thingy! XD
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Hey, Dalex. :)
Oh, Skillet.
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: Hiya sweets! ^o^
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: What's going on, Skillet? :)
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: Working on Aliston... (i yawns) Got two people to join... ^o^
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Sweet. :) Glad to hear it. :)
Scaredheart / DG: Hey, I'm on.....
BloodyTearDrops / Ashen: (b When it becomes more than I can handle!) -Please join this rp if you don't mind.-
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: CONSTANCE!
Scaredheart / DG: *falls to the ground from the force and laughs* Sweet's!!!!!HEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: How are you?
*helps Constance up*
Scaredheart / DG: Good,you? *stands up and huggle's you*
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Uber, of course. :)
Scaredheart / DG: You have an Idea for me?
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Oh yesh, I do. I shall PM it to you, if you don't mind. :)
Scaredheart / DG: Sure,I'm good...
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: Contz! (i gnaws on PM inbox)
Scaredheart / DG: Ok,I'll go check my PM's...*giggles as I go look.*
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: *skips around room*
Scaredheart / DG: Did you PM me the idea?
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: Contz.... We might have a problem...
Scaredheart / DG: What is it?
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: Anxiety, I'm having one of those Seizure like anxiety attacks of mine.... it's moved to both of legs now...
Scaredheart / DG: Neon,I want you to pick up the phone now and dial 911. Also I want you to go ahead and crawl to the floor with the phone. After that just wait for the ambluance. Ok. Now do it.
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: PM Contz... and it's not a real seizure, my mind mimics it, jus' like it some times mimics an asthma attack...
Scaredheart / DG: Ok, then I want you to go get a cup of water and drink it down,cold water. It might help....
KillerDemon / Kasandra the Conqueror: *raises eyebrow* meh?
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: I'm better, now that I know some one doesn't hate me yet...
Scaredheart / DG: *has check PM's and replied* OK, so whats up with you love?
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: I'm cold now... (i slaps leg) Bad anxiety! D:<
Erebus / .Erebus Fallen.: here
Amethystadept / Akihiko Sanada: Tom, go to YIM. We need to talk.
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: T.T God damn eyes! Grrr... (i wants to punch herself but won't and decides to punch a plushie of a cardboard box)
Erebus / .Erebus Fallen.: Well im off
Scaredheart / DG: madNeon.....????
Scaredheart / DG: Tom! Stay.....
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: No... worse... one thing I never thought I'd feel... though I don't like it... the one thing I think is stupid for others to think... >.> I'll be on YIM... (i wanders off)
Scaredheart / DG: Neon, PM.......
SweetAndOhSoME: Yo.
Erebus / .Erebus Fallen.: Salve
SweetAndOhSoME / Queen Sendia: How are you?
Erebus / .Erebus Fallen.: I am somewhat well, you?
Roady / Oreo: *climbs onto the couch and lays there*
Dalex_Raven / Train Nightstrife: RAWR!
BloodyTearDrops / Ashen: Dalex wanna join my rp its called (R When it becomes more than I can handle!)
Vermalin / Kearny: (b DSGanbvsasrt6 revx)
(b Yeahhh, thats riiight.)
Dalex_Raven / Train Nightstrife: *tackle hugs Ems*
Vermalin / Kearny: (b *Slams into the ground from the tackle.*)
(b Er...Hallo, Kodie.)
Dalex_Raven / Train Nightstrife: *pats ems head* how are ya ?
AdyinFaye / Aden: hello my lovlies.
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: Yo!
AdyinFaye / Aden: my love! *hugs neon*
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: Love?! o.o (i is hugged)
AdyinFaye / Aden: hehe I told you I own you.
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: My Tanner owns my heart love... He always will...
AdyinFaye / Aden: I own you on thursdays, and full moons.
Bleeding_AngelX / Luke Belle: Luke decided to make himself known by clearing his throat, rising up from his seat in the corner. He recognized Neon well from Sorn and the other was no stranger, so he felt less pressure on himself. "I don't suggest dealing in absolutes. You will only get hurt."
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: XD That works. (i pokes) You seen anything interesting happen lately?
AdyinFaye / Aden: nopw but I am in a fight with someone right now.
JoelIsHere / Joel: "Only a Sith deals in absolutes." -Obi-Wan Kenobi
AdyinFaye / Aden: Hahah joel you dork.
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: (i dances) Even Joel will have no effect on my good mood...
Scaredheart: *walks in mumbleing* He better be on or so help me god.....
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: COOOOOOOOOOOOOONTZ! (i hugs tightly) I'm incredulously happy!
Scaredheart: Over?
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: Tanner told me he loved me back last night... >///> and it's keeping my happy, despite my current situation, which he knows about...
Scaredheart / Lithium_Soul: That's good to hear.
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: and I didn' go to school, cause I was so dizzy I couldn't stand straight... my mom still made me do my chores though... >.>
Scaredheart / Lithium_Soul: I'm sorry love. When will you tell?
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: When I get the best chance to... Hopefully next week... >.< I'm still a little scared to do so... and I feel bad now... I'mma go talk to Rei... I'm still happy, jus' feel a lil' guilty...
Scaredheart / Lithium_Soul: About?
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: I couldn't not tell him, and he felt bad because he couldn't help... >.< and I feel bad about it... (i sighs) He said he'd like to kill them... (i squeezes Enri plushie) Sumimasen...
Scaredheart / Lithium_Soul: *not sure what to say...*
AdyinFaye / Aden: *yawns then winces* oww...
JoelIsHere / Joel: (http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/90582 The Tales of Eldor Lightblade) Boredom. There is a Cure. Help Cure Boredom. ROLEPLAY!!!
Scaredheart / Lithium_Soul: I'm nearly anything but bored,Joel.
JoelIsHere / Joel: I gotta go.
Firedaemon / Michael (Fire) Daemon: *He walks in looking around wondering why he was ushered here.* "A'ight you told me to come so here i am."
BloodyTearDrops / Ashen: Walks into the room and looks around for someone to talk to.
Scaredheart / Lithium_Soul: *Constance flys to fire and glomps him with as much force as she can* HEYY!!!!!!!
BloodyTearDrops / Ashen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=II3hwm077pY
Scaredheart / Lithium_Soul: Dvid!*waves from Fires back* What's up?!
BloodyTearDrops / Ashen: *pokes David's side*
SweetAndOhSoME: Droplet!
How are you?
Scaredheart / Lithium_Soul: SWEETS!!!*jumps off Fires back and huggle glomps sweets* Hey love!
BloodyTearDrops / Ashen: Please do*Smiles and looks at the yellow stain on his pants and laugs really hard*
BloodyTearDrops / Ashen: ello Sweets
Firedaemon / Michael (Fire) Daemon: "Ello constance. long time since i saw you...earlier today."
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: OMSP! Constance! What's up?
*falls onto ground as is huggle-glomped*
Amethystadept / Ethan Chronos: *walks in holding a cup of Earl Gray* Hello everyone.
But, I'll get you later. xD
Scaredheart / Lithium_Soul: *laughs at Fire* Yeah, o so long right....*huggles Sweet's* Sweet's, fire. Fire,Sweet's. You two are some of my best friends......P...Fire you try to huggle me first I try and kill you....
BloodyTearDrops / Ashen: *giggles harder*Yes yellow stain
Amethystadept / Ethan Chronos: *smiles* Safe from the tackle! *gives Sweets a midair Hi-5* This'll do!
BloodyTearDrops / Ashen: *points to the stain on David's crotch*
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Heh. Hello, Fire! Nice to meet one of Constance's bff's. xD
Firedaemon / Michael (Fire) Daemon: Smiles big and had a huge innocent look on his face. "why would i ever try to.." Leaps at her, lands infront of her and gives her a great big hug and lifts her from the ground. "...give you a hug?" Looks at who was talkign to him. "Nice to meet you to." Smiles
BloodyTearDrops / Ashen: It's not highlighter you peed your pants when you were sleeping*Smiles*
Scaredheart / Lithium_Soul: *Yelps and kicks you in the balls just like at school* you moron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*sinks my teeth into your shoulder and growls*
Amethystadept / Ethan Chronos: 0_o That's going to burn later on.
Firedaemon / Michael (Fire) Daemon: He hangs on to her and ignores the pain.
Amethystadept / Ethan Chronos: I wouldn't do that unless I wanted to feel more pain. Constance can be quite dangerous when she tries.
Scaredheart / Lithium_Soul: Fire,I'll get you at school for this one...*glares at you* I will....and you know I will. So unless your willing to avoid me for the next two week's your going to put me down adn take three steps away from me and stay OUT SIDE (R MY) (B BUBBLE..)
BloodyTearDrops / Ashen: 0.o
Firedaemon / Michael (Fire) Daemon: Squeezes harder till he could feel ribs then let her go and stayed where he was infront of her. He was still smiling. "Ehh i finally gave the hug i been wanting to do for a while so ha."
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: *tackles Allygator*
hehe. Sneak attack. xD
O.O You kick your best friends? ...I must be on the guard around you, Miss Constance. xD
Amethystadept / Ethan Chronos: *starts chuckling* Well now Constance, I'd say he won that one. Isn't that fun?
*chuckling stops as he goes flying into a wall* I surrender!
Firedaemon / Michael (Fire) Daemon: "She kicks me because i try to give her hugs....and as a result i dont think i will produce kids in the future."
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: SWEEEEEEET!
BloodyTearDrops / Ashen: *Sniffles*Sweets and Al I miss my Dom...
Scaredheart / Lithium_Soul: I only kick him when he invades my space uninvited...*dusts self off,takes a step close to Fire and kicks him three times in the shin then once as hard as she can in the balls, turns on her heels and walks over to give AL a hug* whats going on Al?!
Firedaemon / Michael (Fire) Daemon: He just stood there. "And by now it doesnt even hurt....thats a bad sign."
BloodyTearDrops / Ashen: *Pokes Fire*That had to hurt I mean she just gave you the wammy in your baby maker.
Firedaemon / Michael (Fire) Daemon: "I will get a midic to look at the damage later. It i numb from the first few when i hugged her."
Amethystadept / Ethan Chronos: I'm doing okay Constance, thanks.
*chuckles again* Everything has it's price Fire. It seems you paid yours for giving her a hug.
Scaredheart / Lithium_Soul: *giggles darkly* Fire,you'll never have kids........I feel sorry for your GF, now you'll never have kids in real or anymore in RP......*she smiles and throws a stick at Fires head* Enjoy it while it lasts, you piss me off here Pat, I can kick your ass pretty bad....maybe even more than in real life.....
Firedaemon / Michael (Fire) Daemon: "Hmmm lucky this character has too many kids to begine with and on the here i have no problem fighting back." Smiles with an evil tone to it.
Scaredheart / Lithium_Soul: *looks at you and smiles just as evily back* Well then,you get to see me when I also don't hold back.......I'm sure anyoen here can tell you I'm quite a match for such a young RPer.....but then again you've fought before so....I'm going to be foolish and risk it...
Firedaemon / Michael (Fire) Daemon: "Go ahead. most of my old rps was a fighting rp, being a demon in a wizard world..."
Scaredheart / Lithium_Soul: *smiles evily* RP style or just action reaction?
Firedaemon / Michael (Fire) Daemon: Lets do RP but let me get one of my other voises for this.
Scaredheart / Lithium_Soul: Gerrr,your not going to fight me. One of the....i want number 9!!!!!I WANNA TALK TO 9!
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: A small cat walks into the room and sees Constance and it starts to purr and rub iself against her legs.
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: SKILLET! HEY!
Aw...poor Droplet! Dom got grounded, right?
Scaredheart / Lithium_Soul: *with a slightly baffled expression she bends down and picks the cat up* Hey? What's up little buddie? *she pet's the cat and lightly scratchs it's chin*
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: The cat meows and looked her in the face and it got an unusual evil grin on its face and scratched her face.
3L3m3ntal / Epsilon Reinhardt: *Glomps Candy Cane*
Scaredheart / Lithium_Soul: *she took a breath and let the blood run down her face,with a slight breathless lugh she put teh cat down and walked off to hr own closet to get something* Two can play that game love...
BloodyTearDrops / Ashen: No Dom is sick
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: The cat stood up on two feet and leaned against a wall. "Yes im sure two can." The voice comeing from the cat was slightly humanish but with a purr to it only a cat could pull off.
3L3m3ntal / Epsilon Reinhardt: CANDY CANE! Hi.
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: *ish glomped*
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: Yo!
Amethystadept / Evil Butler Al: 'Ello again everyone.
Scaredheart / Lithium_Soul: *walks back in with my pocket knife and a smaller dagger from my collection* Ok, kitty,kitty...*finds the cat and reachs down to grab the scruff of it's neck*
BloodyTearDrops / Ashen: *Cries hard*
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: o.O ... this sour cream tastes like peanut butter... (i blinks) Tha's kinda scary...
Amethystadept / Ethan Chronos: No kitty cruelty! Don't do it constance!
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Hey, Allygator! :)
Aww, it'll be all right, Droplet. :)
What's up, Skillet?
How're you, Mint?
Scaredheart / Lithium_Soul: *look's at Al* Fine,I ont...*drops the cat in a deep well* Let seee you try to get out of this one Pat...*sills the welll with a cat proof lid*
BloodyTearDrops / Ashen: nooo Dom's friend Travis had to rush Dom to the ER he has been throwing up all night and I am super worried about him*hide face in hands*
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: A bat flys out of the well after poping off the lid and turns into the cat again infront of the well and got into a kung-fu fighting stance. "Comeone do it again."
Scaredheart / Empathy and Anger: *loses it and splits myself* (R Pat,I'm anger. the one you heard of.....*she smiles evily and sits down on teh couch with a cocky smile spread over her face*)
(B Anger,watch it. Constance will stop you if you go to far.....I'm empathy just incase you didn't know,Pat.)
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Aww. I'm sure he'll be fine. :) I'd tell you not to worry, Droplet, but I know that's useless. Still, I hope you don't worry (i too) much. Things have a way of working out for the best sometimes.
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETS! O.O My sour cream tastes like peanut butter! O=
Amethystadept / Neko Chronos: Ah, it's the twins again! *waves to them*
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: "Hey you said you wanted to talk to voice #9 This is the slightly serious but mostly just an ass to all."
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: CONTZ! I say we...
Scaredheart / Empathy and Anger: (R Anger smiles at Al, he is the one that let her out the first time, so much thanks to that boy "hello.." her smile fades to a scolw and she turns to Fair. "So,love, your the boy that this foolish girl trust so well.......I just heard hwta was going on and asked if I could speak with you, Empathy no worries. i'm not in the mood to kill..." She smiles and gives Empathy a wink,laying her head back slightly as she stares at the ceiling.)
(B "Anger..." Empathy sings out in a warring tune then she walks over to thecouch and hangs her hea over anger's shoulder.with a smile she kisses her check. "Love ya sis..")
3L3m3ntal / Epsilon Reinhardt: Asher, what's wrong?
I'm good Candy Cane... just tired.
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Hahah. Silly sour cream! Doesn't it know it is supposed to taste like sour cream?!
You better let it know. You don't want it to embarrass itself in front of all the other sour creams.
Amethystadept / Neko Chronos: Sure thing... so, what's happening?
BloodyTearDrops / Ashen: *looks at Tim*Dom's friend Travis had to rush Dom to the ER he has been throwing up all night and I am super worried about him*hide face in hands again*
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: "Well hello anger. So after hearing about you for soo long i finally get to meet you." The cat starts to morph into a human being, The first thing that changed was the face of the cat into a young chisled face with a strong chin and high cheek bones. Eyes of red. His body was pure muscle, it looked like someone that fought for a living. His fingers have caluses of a swordsman. He was waring a red t-shirt and black jeans and no shoes. "Welcome back intot he world Anger."
Scaredheart / Empathy and Anger: Night people.I'm off to bed and anger will speak with you later,Pat.
Amethystadept / Neko Chronos: Ah, I'm saying the same thing as at Evil Ash. He'll be just fine. Everyone gets sick like that.
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: XD I know... it's all good though, it was still yummy... XD AL! I banish you with Tootsie rolls! D:< (i throws Tootsie rolls at Al)
Amethystadept / Neko Chronos: *catches one* I actually like them. They taste pretty good after all. *opens it and eats it* Oh, and for the attempted banishing... *jump kicks Neon*
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: (i flies into wall) I'm telling Tanner! D:
Amethystadept / Neko Chronos: *chuckles evilly* I'll do the same to anyone who defies me! I'm not afraid of the reienforcements you're calling!
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: Wha' 'bout Whitaker? ^o^ (i rubs face)
BloodyTearDrops / Ashen: You wouldn't hurt me Al would you?*looks all innocent with my red teary eyes*
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: T.T
Allygator...leave Skillet alone.
I will send my tarantulas after you.
Amethystadept / Neko Chronos: Yeah, Tom I won't mess with and I wouldn't hurt you Ash 'cause you're awesome *smiles*
BloodyTearDrops / Ashen: *clings to Al*
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: Sweets, I wanna eat a Tarantula on day.... ^o^
Amethystadept / Neko Chronos: Bah, forget it *finishes the Tootsie roll* I'm bad at being evil.
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: O.O
My tarantulas are gargantuan...I don't think they'd fit in your mouth.
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: Al, if I asked you to help me eat something in ESC, would you help? without knowing what it is?
Amethystadept / Neko Chronos: I'd want to know what it is first to be careful, why?
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: I want someone to help me eat Nick... >.<'
Amethystadept / Neko Chronos: I'm already full on tea and cheesecake Neon, sorry!
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: I think it's a bad idea to ask someone if they'd eat something with you right after you say you want to eat tarantulas.
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: BOOM! Rabbit go boom...
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: O.o Poor rabbit. o.O
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: SWEEEEETS! D:
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: SKILLET! *hugs*
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: I need your help finding me the perfect ES husband... ^.^'
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: ES husband?
Why do you want one of those for?
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: I have 4 ES children, and one on the way... ^.^'
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Oh, golly. Quite a big family. Hm...I don't really know much about the whole ES family thing.
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: So, tha' mean you can' help meh? o.O
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: I'll try and help, of course...but...I probably won't be that effective of a wing...woman.
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: XD Hmm... where to start... whom to start with... hmmm...
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Who do you know well on here? Start with them. xD
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: (s Timothy), Tanner, (s Tom), (s Al), Dion, and a few others, whom I don' remember, 'cause it's too late at night to think... XD and the ones marked out are not available... ^.^'
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Well, start with Tanner and Dion.
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: (i blinks) He'd say no, Dion would, and I'mma wait a month then, cuase Tanner caught his friends house on fire and is now grounded... ^.^' I sure know how to pick 'em... XD I still love him even if he caught it on fire with fireworks... ^o^
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Yeah. Well, good luck.
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: Yup... SWEETS! I think this place needs a disco ball, what do you think?
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: A disco ball sounds sweet.
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: Now to find one... hmmm... (i begins looking under furniture)
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Heh. Do husbands usually lurk under furniture?
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: (i blinks) not that I know of, but maybe disco balls do. ^.^
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: I thought those ?habituated? ceilings. ((Resided on?))
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: I'm gonna wander of to somewhere for a while, I might be back... (i wanders off)
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: h1 BAM!
fattestpirate / Pirate: *somehow dies*
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: D: Bro, you can't die! T.T
fattestpirate / Pirate: *his ghost revives him* :P
Alegra / Henrie: Truth Or Rumour? [[Remade]]
Settings & Atmosphere
Reina is a sixteen year old in high school, but the only thing that's not normal about her life is that she's having a relationship with her teacher. They've been secretley dating for about a year now, and one day, they snuck off to his house after school and one thing led to another. A few weeks later, Reina discovers that she is pregnant with his child, and immediatley rumors start flying. Reina and the teacher are both afraid of what is to come. If anyone conirms that the rumors are true, Reina could be expelled and her teacher could be arrested.
GenesisEpidemic / Kilik Knitemare: Yesh! ^o^
fattestpirate / Pirate: *runs in circles and crashes into an imaginary wall, falls over and gets hurt* :P
fattestpirate / Pirate: so random...
GenesisEpidemic / Spitfire: AIR GEAR! D: (i fan girls)
fattestpirate / Pirate: huh?
GenesisEpidemic / Spitfire: Air Gear, you've never heard of it? o.O
fattestpirate / Pirate: I think I live under a rock. I don't hear of much.
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: Air Gear is an Anime, it's amazing...
fattestpirate / Pirate: Oh. Well there's the problem.
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: What? What's the problem? o.O
fattestpirate / Pirate: I don't really watch Anime
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: o.o (i twitches) Wha? (i twitches more falling over) How do we get along? (i loves Anime) You should at least try to watch Air gear, it's got Simca. (i nods)
fattestpirate / Pirate: I don't really watch anything.
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: o.o (i twitches more) Read? Like Manga?
fattestpirate / Pirate: I have.
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: Then read the Manga to it...
fattestpirate / Pirate: heh?
Vermalin / Kearny: (b .........)
fattestpirate / Pirate: Hiding in here too? :P
Eyamma / Elizabeth^.^: ........
Dalex_Raven / Train Nightstrife: hi Liz *glomps*
and Ems *huggles*
Eyamma / Elizabeth^.^: Dalex! *Tackle hugs*
Sorry I never made a sign for you, the last weekend was a bit of a busy one for me. O_o
Dalex_Raven / Train Nightstrife: same actually XD but ill get around to it when i finds ma cam XD
Eyamma / Elizabeth^.^: You lost it? *Holds in giggles*
I actually like your pictures though. ^_^
BloodyTearDrops / Ashen Knitemare: Dalex your post in my rp
Dalex_Raven / Train Nightstrife: srry bloody XD didnt lose misplaced XD well actually im not at home and i think it is XD and thanks i did not take thoes tho a friend did and bbl *huggles Liz* gota go pick up pizza
Eyamma / Elizabeth^.^: Ah, I see. Well 'misplaced' whatever, I hope you find it soon. ^_^
Yeah, it usually helps to have a friend take them with you, anywho, later.
Dalex_Raven / Train Nightstrife: *kisses Liz's cheek* alrighty and i know where it is XD im just not at home
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: BOOM! D:
Dalex_Raven / Train Nightstrife: wtf is that?
Vermalin / Kearny: (b Who she wishes to be.)
Erebus / Vacil: Dalex...Dont you have a post to at least make...
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: It's Etna... Did I spell that right. You know, who Jai uses a picture if all the time... ^.^'
Vermalin / Kearny: (b A Cosplay of Etna.)
Dalex_Raven / Train Nightstrife: yes i can make a post ere and i will ^^
Roady / Oreo: Dalex..........
Dalex_Raven / Train Nightstrife: yes roady?
Roady / Oreo: Hi.
Dalex_Raven / Train Nightstrife: g2gf bye bye all
Scaredheart / DG: MAWHAHA!!!I'm giving you all the evil librian look....!!!
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: AHH!
The evil librarian!
Scaredheart / DG: *giggles* so what do you think of me in my glasses sweet's?
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Very cute. :) I like glasses. They're pretty.
By the way, Miss Campus Counselor, the college RP is done. Check it out:
Scaredheart / DG: YEAY!!!*screams with joy* It's going to be so fun!!!!
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: I hope so. :)
Scaredheart / DG: I'm sure it will be!
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Glad you think so. :)
GenesisEpidemic / Gen RL: CONTZ! I've figured it out, my other side is Leon... >.<
Scaredheart / DG: Wow, really? Your other side is my bro and your my sis.....wow....
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Hehe. Incest!
GenesisEpidemic / Gen RL: Insect? o.O Where?
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Over there!
*points at lady bug*
GenesisEpidemic / Gen RL: Sweets, who would you say looks better. Me, or Leon?
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: You, because I heart you. xD
Though, actually ...you look rather similar. xD
GenesisEpidemic / Gen RL: XD Yay!... o.o... he's emo at the moment now... (i sighs) Poor poor, emo Leon. XP I'mma little mean aren't I? >.<'
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Nah, you're not mean. :)
GenesisEpidemic / Gen RL: ... (i scoots out for a minute) I don' think I will return...
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Ight. Bye, Skillet. :)
GenesisEpidemic / Leon Knitemare: (i runs in and tackles Sweets) I think we have yet to be formally introduced. I am Leon, how are you this fine day? (i looks around)
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Uber. :) Hows about you?
GenesisEpidemic / Leon Knitemare: Pretty good, I pushed Neon away... my cute guy senses were tingling... ^.^ She really needs to stop procrastinating on Aliston, it will get no where if she does...
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Yeah, procrastination does that. :)
GenesisEpidemic / Leon Knitemare: Maybe I should help her tonight... She really needs it...
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Then, help her out. :)
GenesisEpidemic / Leon Knitemare: Or maybe I'll let her suffer....
Neon: What kind of man are you?
The type that would push you down the stairs if he could Neon, if only I could...
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: O.O
Don't push my Skillet down the stairs!
GenesisEpidemic / Leon Knitemare: o.o Who said I was serious? >.> <.< >.> <.< You assume things too much...
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Who said I was serious?!
Oohhh. What now?
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: (i blinks) I wish he would learn to behave himself, he make me look bad... he got me in trouble once, or I should say us... -.- he climbed onto the roof of the ceiling in order to skip class once... he succeeded... until we slide down, and almost fell of, and giving me a heart attack in the process...
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Oh jeez! That doesn't sound fun!
Silly boys. xD
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: (i nods) Silly indeed, my friend also got punched by him once... o.o it's not very fun when your friend has you on his kill list... and We must go for now...
SweetAndOhSoME / Sweets: Bye, Skillet. :)
ZIzzyZ / Zizzy: hello?
Scaredheart / DG: 'Ey Zizzy.
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: COOONTZ! I'm getting glasses, well, I already wear glasses, only when reading though, these will be wore all the time though...
fattestpirate / Bouncer: DUDE!
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: DUUUUUUUUUDE! XD
fattestpirate / Bouncer: :P
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: You have brother by the way Pirate, his name is Leon, and he says, that if you ever touch him, you are dead... he's quite pleasant, no? ^.^'
fattestpirate / Bouncer: Of course.
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: By the way, he is my other side... ^.^'
fattestpirate / Bouncer: Ah
JoelIsHere / Orion Maldion: Neon, HELP me kill Dave!
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: Why would I help kill David?
Druecilla / Renjimo: hello
fattestpirate / Bouncer: I'll help, Joel
JoelIsHere / Orion Maldion: ...
JoelIsHere / Orion Maldion: Thank you, man, I owe you one.
fattestpirate / Bouncer: Why're we killing him?
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: Oi, Bro, need your help on a user name for me... one with Neon in it...
fattestpirate / Bouncer: Dunno NeonJohnny?
ShadowSwan / Jude Clyde: Anyone needd someone for an rp?? *Hopes*
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: o.O I'mma find a way to use Neon Knitemare on Gaia... Leon doesn' wanna share an account anymore... ^.^'
fattestpirate / Bouncer: Someones Looking for you in ESC
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: Who?
fattestpirate / Bouncer: Amethystadept was looking for you...
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: taken care of...
Druecilla / Renjimo: rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
JoelIsHere / Orion Maldion: (http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/90582 Fear it. It is a great and powerful link to youtube.)
JoelIsHere / Orion Maldion: Not really. In truth, it is a great and powerful link to my roleplay. Biiiiigggg difference.
Druecilla / Renjimo: if you have myspace add me mine is www.myspace.com/ambermezzell
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: h1 (http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/92798 Corin)
JoelIsHere / Orion Maldion: Neon, If you see Al, tell him to post in Essentia. You might want to as well... I just killed the king and took his throne.
GenesisEpidemic / Leon Knitemare: (b why would Neon need to post, Kilik is a commoner, and Gither a low ranking Guardian... how would the kings death effect them?)
Scaredheart / DG: *walks in ragged adn breathing hard*Darn.....kid's........cousin's....are deadly....
Erebus / .Erebus Fallen.: ...
Scaredheart / DG: *brighten's up and glomps you*'Ey Tommy Boy!!!!!!!!*smiles*what's up?!
Erebus / .Erebus Fallen.: Can you get on YIM?
Scaredheart / DG: sure, I guess I can......
Scaredheart / DG: Rawr!I'm Evil, FEAR MEH!!!>.<
GenesisEpidemic / Leon Knitemare: (i yawns) (b I am beginnning to dislike most of the men whom surround Neon...)
Scaredheart / DG: ....bleh,bleh, I'm Draclua, I want to drink your blood!
Scaredheart / DG: Really,Leon. What about me and the otehr females?
GenesisEpidemic / Leon Knitemare: (b only the men surrounding her are hurting her... The only one that isn't is Maxie and Tanner.)
Scaredheart / DG: Tom hasn't......
GenesisEpidemic / Leon Knitemare: (b Are you sure of that? She's hurt for some reason...)
Erebus / .Erebus Fallen.: Constance, she keeps believing I hate her, because of my distant attitude
Scaredheart / DG: Leon,do me a fav and tell her I want her to comeout please.....Also,good bye baiting suit pic......
GenesisEpidemic / Leon Knitemare: (b she can't trust anyone like that Whitaker... though it might have been something Kio said... and I can't Contz, she won't reply...)
Scaredheart / DG: Tell her it's me.......I'm on YIM, tell her to please get on.....*worried* What did Kio say?.....*glares*
Erebus / .Erebus Fallen.: Leon, I would prefer if you no longer refer to me as Whitaker
Scaredheart / DG: *sighs* I miss her......She'll be back soon right?
Erebus / .Erebus Fallen.: Tell her to come out and I will try and get Tanner on
GenesisEpidemic / Leon Knitemare: (b I hold no respect for you at the moment Whitaker... I am sorry. Contz I have just told you! I'm not going to force her if she doesn't want to come out... and he told her that she was self absorbed... she had been talking about me, and he thinks she's lying...) (sighs) (b I do not hold any respect for some one whom I do not know has hurt Neon... that means even Kio...)
Erebus / .Erebus Fallen.: Ok Leon, then you will no longer use my real name
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: (r What? What'd I do now? >.>)
Vermalin / EmilyO_o: (b I'm interupting something.)
Scaredheart / DG: Kio, is a jackass. A nice guy at time's but he doesn't understand thing's like this. People who A) Have never had this happen to them. or B) Can't compherend this, just can't believe it can happen......I want her back, please just try and tell her that we love her and want her to come back as soon as she feel's up too it. I know I love her and miss her verry much already...
Erebus / .Erebus Fallen.: Neon may I speak to you in YIM?
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: I'm on... message me if you want...
Scaredheart / DG: *huggles Neon* you tryed to leave us......whats wrong? Why are you hiding?
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: (r ... That's it? I might let Leon take over for now... if you REALLY need me... I'll make sure he lets me know...) (i fades)
Scaredheart / DG: Neon,no.......
GenesisEpidemic / Leon Knitemare: (b Wow... no love for Leon... oh well... I'm used to it...)
(r Sorry Leon)
(b shut up and don't talk if you don't want to... -.-)
Scaredheart / DG: Leon,i want both of you. It's just that I've talked to Neon more it seem's......*huggles you*sorry,Bro...plus you tryed to take my towle once -_-' it wasn't nice to do....
GenesisEpidemic / Leon Knitemare: (b I've never stole your Towel, I'm gay...)
Scaredheart / DG: Tehn who.....Neon?That doesn't seem right.......who did then?
GenesisEpidemic / Leon Knitemare: (b I have to go for now...)
Scaredheart / DG: See ya Bro......and sis..
Firedaemon / Michael (Fire) Daemon: *Walks in* Nice pics
Vermalin / Kearny: (b Reform.)
Dalex_Raven / Train Nightstrife: there ya go Ems
Vermalin / Kearny: (b Awww, you little cutie pie. xD)
Dalex_Raven / Train Nightstrife: XD
Vermalin / Kearny: (b All I can see is the snowman sitting in the chair. O_o)
(b I like your ajcket.)
(b >_>)
(b *Steals it.*)
Dalex_Raven / Train Nightstrife:
Dalex_Raven / Train Nightstrife: XD yea ma grandma likes snowmen and i look so much bigger than the room in that pic
GenesisEpidemic / Leon Knitemare: (b Hello?)
Dalex_Raven / Train Nightstrife: Hallo
3L3m3ntal / Epsilon Reinhardt: Yes, Hello.
Vermalin / Kearny: (b O_o Same picture but flipped.)
3L3m3ntal / Epsilon Reinhardt: Yep.
GenesisEpidemic / Leon Knitemare: (b Timothy...)
3L3m3ntal / Epsilon Reinhardt: What?
GenesisEpidemic / Leon Knitemare: (i sighs) (b why are so many of the men around Neon ass holes?)
NathanRiggs / Aletta Reins: hi peepzzzz
3L3m3ntal / Epsilon Reinhardt: Hey, isn't that a contradictory statement?
A) That was an asshole statement, considering I don't know who the hell you are.
B) I'm an asshole to everyone, get it right.
GenesisEpidemic / Leon Knitemare: (b I'm Leon, another personality off of Neon...)
Vermalin / Kearny: (b Reality check, please.)
NathanRiggs / Aletta Reins: reality is nonexistant at the moment plz try again l8r
3L3m3ntal / Epsilon Reinhardt: Okay, that's absolutely obscene then... (I Leon)
GenesisEpidemic / Leon Knitemare: (b obscene, how?)
3L3m3ntal / Epsilon Reinhardt: I'm talking to Neon, but you're a personality, therefore you're a figment of the mind, exposing the side of Neon that is known as Johnny. Therefore I'm talking to a paradox within the human psychology. Unless Neon is Schizophrenic.
GenesisEpidemic / Leon Knitemare: (b Wow, you are funny! -.- Asshole...)
NathanRiggs / Aletta Reins: lol... :D
3L3m3ntal / Epsilon Reinhardt: What? I'm right, and it all logically works out. and since I can't be cynical or sadistic because of Sarah, I'll use logic.
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: (r What the hell are you trying to say Tim?)
NathanRiggs / Aletta Reins: hez trying to tell you that your crazy....
GenesisEpidemic / Leon Knitemare: (b Congratulations! You deserve a cookie!) (i claps)
NathanRiggs / Aletta Reins: well thankyou :D
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: (r Aletta, he was being sarcastic... >.>)
NathanRiggs / Aletta Reins: and your point is...? LOL
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: (r My point?! My point?! >.<) (i hits head against wall) (r shut up Leon!)
3L3m3ntal / Epsilon Reinhardt: Guys, knock it off, this is a supreme deficiency in intellect amongst peers, none of it works out. None of it makes sense. Neon, you're showing schizophrenia, especially with Neon.
NathanRiggs / Aletta Reins: ...hehehe, here you need this more than i do*hands him cookie*
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: (r SHUT UP! >.<)
(b Give me that damn cookie wench!)
(r FUCK!)
3L3m3ntal / Epsilon Reinhardt: *Takes the cookie and eats it* Thanks Cindy.
NathanRiggs / Aletta Reins: *gulp* i have more... yea!!! tim remembers me!!!
3L3m3ntal / Epsilon Reinhardt: Lol, of course I do.
GenesisEpidemic / Leon Knitemare: (b Dear Timothy, can I have your wind pipe as a trophy?)
3L3m3ntal / Epsilon Reinhardt: No, you can't. And, Leon, how can you be a man? Your picture that represents you is of a female. The hair, facial structure, and the hands, all female.
You're a contradictory character I find.
Dalex_Raven / Train Nightstrife: He Is Correct in that statement "leon"
GenesisEpidemic / Leon Knitemare: (b Oh? Are you sure of that? Miyavi, he is blantly male, yet looks female... it is possible, trust me...)
NathanRiggs / Aletta Reins: hmmm...
Vermalin / Kearny: (b Suuuure.)
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: (i wanders off tugging at hair) (r hope you all had fun pissing him off...)
Vermalin / Kearny: (b Good.)
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: (i yawns) Yo?
Scaredheart: (I walks in shaking and ice hanging from my nose) I got snow and freezing rain.....I had to walk the dog's too.....
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: *A cat with a lot of black fur walked in purring and stood on two feet.* Well hello...Hmm you look cold.
Scaredheart / DG: *looks at the Cat* I'll tell Anger your here...*walks out to get anger*
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: "Aight. Do whatever you want." *He yawns and leans against a wall and starts to sharpen his claws.*
Scaredheart / Aloysia: (R Anger walk's in with a evil grin on her face,she carries her new Scyth at her side, "constace finaly got me a name and a picture of my own, I don't have to share with my sister Empathy anylonger...." She walks over to the cat and places a small bit of cat nip at her feet "Oh so charming what I've heard of you Leo..." With a black hearted laugh she walks over to the couch and take's a seat.)
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: *He looks at the scyth and the catnip and he fights his cat instincs to go crazy. He scoops up a handfull of catnip and sits on the couch next to anger and sniffs it and gets a snall high from some.* "Howd you know i liked this stuff?"
Scaredheart / Aloysia: (R She laughs at the cat and pet's his back"your a cat. Why wouldn't you like it?" she rools her eyes at his momentary ingorance, silly cat. She looks at the room and sighs slightly "So cold,so lonely. I'm going to get mmore people in here, it's to calm, choas is much better..." She take's a moment to poof out to get people to some in the room.)
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: *He shakes off the high and throws the cat nip away and sits on the couch again and lays down and falls asleep.*
((BRB and i will not be fast, stupid internet connection))
Scaredheart / Aloysia: (R Alyosia walks back into the room "CAT!....no one is coming. Ah,well what can I say..." She looks at the Cat and chucks another packet of catnip at him,hoping to keep him too high to think properly.)
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: *He gets up* "Thats fine with me." *He completely ignores the catnip. "So which form would you prefure, this one or my human one. Because i have learned over the years to ignore the urge to get catnip."
Scaredheart / Aloysia: (R Aloysia grind's her teeth aginst each other and keep's her cool. With a fake smile she say's "Either one,I have no prefrance" Her mind reeling out ways to get out of the conversations sure to come from Leo. She happens to know much from Constance, the worthless girl is worth something...)
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: "Now.." He folds his legs up and starts to morph back into his human form, a form that he doesnt really like, "We both know a lot about each other. We both know each others weaknesses. And We both are possibly about equal in power. What a delima if we are to start fighting."
Scaredheart / Aloysia: (R Aloysia smile's to the Boy "true,but constance has yet to tell to much of me.....Yet she seem's to tell you all of me. As for your self, Patrick is a ok guy,but if he doesn't stop hugging Constance, I'm going to have to hurt him myself. I don't want people to mess with (B MY) girl...." She takes a slight moment to pulla star hair back from her face. It seem's that a figth might be a real thing..)
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: "Ohh you get the idea i got my information on you from someone else. Because of our last encounter and i was able to get a slight insight into your mind i was able to quickly turn into you and learn all about you, using your own mind. I know you like i know the back of my hand." He smiled with a satisfying grin. He knew he was going to be getting to her and he wants to see how dangerious this women really was.
Scaredheart / Aloysia: (R Aloysia's eyes went wide for a split second "Ahhh,well, I'm not sure that I quite care for that...." inside her blood was boiling to kill the Boy, but she knew what would happen if she tryed it alone... "So, Constance said the person I wanted to meet would be voice number ten, I think.." A evil grin spread over ehr face,she wasn't going to get back in to a corner by this Boy.)
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: "No, you was wanting to talk to voice 9. some of the anger, the ass and the intelligent voice in the family. That would be me. Nice to meet you, i am Leo Tashushwan A.K.A. Voice #9" He gives a slight bow as if he was meeting the Queen of England.
Scaredheart / Aloysia: (R Alyosia growls in the back of her throate "Don't bow to me fool, I'm nott of Royality....Constance and I share the fact that we do not like to be treated as above anyone....it's annoying. "Aloyisa grins to the Boy, she can't help but think of how simmliar Constance and herself are. Empathy is the same. "I must go make Empathy a character as well, she has asked me to.." Wiht out another word Aloyisa dissappers in thin air,not a trace of ehr left behind.)
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: His form morphed into Alyosia. And he mocks her while she wasnt there then turned back into the cat and got crazy with the catnip she had thrown in the room.
Scaredheart / Ethereal: (B Empathy walk's in in time to see the Boy mocking her twin sister "hump,jack ass much.." She crosses her arm's over her chest and waits to be noticed.)
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: Turns back into his human self, dusts himself off, "Hello Empathy."
Scaredheart / Ethereal: (B Empathy humh's and crosses her arm's. Taking one hand she point's to the name on the bar "I have a name now,thankyou" Her voice is that of a pissed off five year old.)
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: "Well sooooorrrrryyyy....when i was you and learning about you, you only had the name of empathy that i could find."
Scaredheart / Ethereal: (B Empathy looks at the boy,her face in full pout "your a jaack ass!" She runs to a corner and sits in it.)
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: "Yes that is my description." He closes his eyes and it was obvious he was re-doing some things in his mind and he opened them and they was a different color, they are now a dark blue color. "Im sorry, when i was your sister for a few minutes i kept some of her mentallity. Hello..." Looks at bar "...Ethreal?"
Scaredheart / Ethereal: (B "Mean's soft one in Africa......." her voice comes as a clight mumble for the corner. "My sister is not what you think she is.........constance told you wrong on her and me, we can fool her easly. As soft as she is...." with a smile Ethreal get's up and walks out into the light,her eyes glowing with teh color of fire. She smiles her widest most innocent smile she can give.)
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: He turns into the cat form he likes so much and he walked over to her on all fours and does the rubbing around the legs while purring.
Scaredheart / Ethereal: (B Ethreal smiles and swiftly kicks the cat in the rib's "love,you know nothing of me. I'm much more....physcotic than the other's....) BRB go to go work..
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: Comes back and does the same thing only this time he bites her. "I know everything about you now." ((aight.))
Scaredheart / CampusCounselor(Off Duty): *walk's back in*You relize Empathy poofed after that right?
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: Yea i know...thats why i havent typed anything...
Scaredheart / CampusCounselor(Off Duty): Hi, i'm logic......or the Campus Counselor for Dream College. I think you might want to join that as a student, Patrick.
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: I have been role-playing for around 7 years now i...no offence, i dont think i need to re-learn.
Scaredheart / CampusCounselor(Off Duty): From the RPing I've seen you do, you do. You might want to do it for the sake of getting back in the habbit of typing more than is needed. She want's you as a Professer?! The girl need's help at time's....you do relize all her character's are her personatly's, DG is her. None of us really know who the original Constance was, kinda lost track over time. but we all agree it's best that she stays in controle for the most part.
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: Ohh come on i rp just fine thank you. *looks hurt*
Scaredheart / CampusCounselor(Off Duty): *smile's in a knowing way* sorry love,you don't meet my own personal standard's. I'm a bit harsh with Role Playing, something I'm working on. but your right,your pretty good as it is...
Dalex_Raven / .Spirit.: RAWR!
BloodyTearDrops / Airrage: you ever going to post dalex?
Scaredheart / CampusCounselor(Off Duty): *smile's and wave's to Dalex* 'Ey love. How are you?
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: I type what is necissary and nothing more, unless i want something to be going on in the back ground
Scaredheart / CampusCounselor(Off Duty): Simply stated, you need to d more than that. It make's RPing with you better, make's thing's intresting.
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: What rping with me wasnt interesting?
Scaredheart / CampusCounselor(Off Duty): It was for a time, but most people like lot's of detail, such as feeling's and time and weather or a sight... no offence ment, but you lack that when you RP..
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: <GASP>
Scaredheart / CampusCounselor(Off Duty): What? i'm just saying what I truely think........
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: *Hiss at her* Fine i will think of the student thing."
Scaredheart / CampusCounselor(Off Duty): *smile's nicely* Thnakyou, Leo.
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: I said i will think
Scaredheart / CampusCounselor(Off Duty): i know, it's better than you not thinking at all...
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: So what do i have to do to get into the school and when is it starting
Scaredheart / Campus Counselor(On Duty): ((Got on Duty cause I'm getting a lot of questions from a lot of people)) Give me a sec to get the form...
Scaredheart / Campus Counselor(On Duty): (B Professer)
Write how you found the college,what your teaching. Also a bit about what you look like and what your personatly is. Write what your doing and wait! =D
(R Student)
Write what you want to learn and why, write how you got to the school a bit about yourself and what you look like and your in! =D!!
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: so the write everything, thats in role-play right?
Scaredheart / Campus Counselor(On Duty): It's a Role Play that (I Teach's) you (R too) Role play. =D
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: Ahh...so would it be cool if i stay in cat form?
Scaredheart / Campus Counselor(On Duty): Yepp, any race or being is adimmited as a student. You have to be approved by me or Sweet's as a professer.
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: Well apparently im not good enough to be a proffessor
Scaredheart / Campus Counselor(On Duty): It's not that, it's simply the fact that we want people who are older on ES, this college is about ES and how it work's. I'm looking for a elder of ES to teach the ES history....
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: well when does this start?
Treykun / Trey: I need a king and a guy elf for my rp the heros
Scaredheart / Campus Counselor(On Duty): When you post, it's going right now. Please try adn read other's post's first. It doesn't matter how much you post, as long as it meet's the need's. You have to cover the basic's I gave you, you can put more in if you'd like.
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: ...so i can just go there right now, put in my post and wait for me to get a curriculam list or something...
Scaredheart / Campus Counselor(On Duty): Yepper's. Make a post, Swet's will get your list, We'll assin you a profeser who will teach you. Just pick your major and list it in your post somewhere....
Josie174: Hi! There is a couple rps I'd like to advertise. The first one is Through My Own Eyes I started it a month ago and I'm in need of a main boy. So please check it out. And the second one is Tru Life we have started but there is spots that are still open!!!!!!!!!!!
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: what are the majors...do i just go in and basically say i want to learn how to rp better?...........
Scaredheart / Campus Counselor(On Duty): The Major's are:Character Construsction, Making RP's,and...wait let me go get it..
Scaredheart / Campus Counselor(On Duty): Character Construction- If you want to learn how to make your character ‘just perfect’ or how to make the perfect bio, this is the major for you. You’re professor will work with you to show you how to create the perfect characters for many different types of roleplays and situations.
ES History- Are you fascinating by Elite Skills? Do you want to know how it started or what changes its gone through over time? Then, this is the major for you!
RP Creation- If you want to know how to make a great Roleplay that everyone will be lining up to join, this is the place for you! Your professor will work with you to show you how to set up a setting and make your RP appealing to the passerby.
Proper Posting- This major probably covers one of the widest areas. It’s all about making your character post the perfect posts. What rules should you follow when writing up your next scene? What things should you avoid doing in your post?
….Of course, in all of these majors, literacy is important. You’re professors will show you how to stick with the proper grammar and post like a pro. :) ….
-If you have any other ideas for majors, contact the Dean.
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: i need to school link or something
Scaredheart / Campus Counselor(On Duty): Click the Role Play button, whne you reach the page you'll find a search bar. In the search bar type "ES College" it's cap's sentive so type it just like that..
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: ((Something like this, dont want to post it just yet unless i get an ok on it.))
Leo Taskushwan was looking around at the college from the outside. He was standing on the green grass that made up some of the grounds and he started to walk towards the front door, getting some looks from passerbys. It wasnt everyday you see a black cat walking on two legs into a college. He went up to the front desk and looked up and cleared his throat. When he noticed the person behind the desk was confused he jumped onto the top and looked at her. "Yes i would like to join this college to major in..." Looked at list. "Proper Posting."
Scaredheart / Campus Counselor(On Duty): Yes, that work's just fine. Sorn is going to join as a professer...=D you'll make a great student, Patrick/ the 10 anger's.
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: the 10 angers?
Scaredheart / Campus Counselor(On Duty): 9..9 I mean..
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: ahh ok. and i posted
Scaredheart / Campus Counselor(On Duty): ok good.
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: did ya look?
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: hea just wondering, who was it that was looking to say something to Fire?
Scaredheart / Campus Counselor(On Duty): Yes, I looked and Neon was...but she's hiding behind Leon for now...her twin personatly like our's. Leon is her male side hwo happen's to be gay...
Bleeding_AngelX / Professor Adin: Twin personality?
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: So im guessing Fire wont be seeing her for a bit? i think i read on one of these things she was wanting a ES husband..just tell her Fire is looking also...??? i guess
Scaredheart / Campus Counselor(On Duty): ok,I will mintion it...I'm mad cause Tom's gone for a whole week......
XxSkyelerxX / Amanda Scotts: Why'd you make this'un, Sorn?
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: Why is Tom gone for a week?
Bleeding_AngelX / Professor Adin: Because before when I had Elite Skills Chat, when ever I told people I didn't like them and kicked people out, people bitched at me. I made this one so that no one can complain when I instate rules.
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: That sounds like a good reason...
XxSkyelerxX / Amanda Scotts: Oh, mkay.
Scaredheart / Campus Counselor(On Duty): he's taking a trip some where...
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: Ahh..i ish bored....
Scaredheart / Campus Counselor(On Duty): *throws you some cat nip* go to Elite Skills Chat, there's more people in there........
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: Yea but they are busy playing Truth or Dare. i liked what we was doing before you went all Counselor. *Rolls around in catnip getting drugged.*
XxSkyelerxX / Amanda Scotts: What were we doing, again? o.o
Scaredheart / Campus Counselor(On Duty): *giggle's* But I'm being logical, and I like it for now.....Amanda it wasn't anything Bad, gosh....
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: I was meeting Empathy and Anger. And there is nothing going on at the college to blah. i wanna do something other than join in on a game of truth or dare*is now fully enjoying himself in the little pile of catnip*
XxSkyelerxX / Amanda Scotts: What?? o.O
I just forgot what we were doing!
Scaredheart / Campus Counselor(On Duty): *laughs out loud* Nice Leo......Amanda, want to join us? *think's* I'll go get anger who's like really happy and calm at the moment....
Bleeding_AngelX / Professor Adin: I certainly hope it wasn't anything untoward.
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: "Woot." *cant think straight now* "Which one is...Anger again?" Staggers as he tries to walk...He tries to morph back into his human form but gets messed up and becomes halve cat have human. "Humm...This is awkward."
XxSkyelerxX / Amanda Scotts: I'm so confused. >.<
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: *Goes ful human* "Whats so confusing?"
XxSkyelerxX / Amanda Scotts: She keeps talking to me and I have no idea what she's talking about. >.<
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: "Well constance asked if you wanted to join us in the Anger/Leo conflict and meetings..
XxSkyelerxX / Amanda Scotts: No idea what that is, so... No.
Scaredheart / Aloysia: *coughs as she enter's* Patrick! STOP IMING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: "No"
Scaredheart / Aloysia: I'll block you bastered...
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: "Aww come on thats no fun"
Scaredheart / Aloysia: I signed off *stick tounge out*
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: "And when you sign back on your going to be spammed with IM messages. So HAHA."
Scaredheart / Aloysia: I don't keep a history, so anything that's sent when I'm gone I never get....HaHA!
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: Ish sad now "That stinks. But atleast i got Anger to come back out."
Firedaemon / Leo Taskushwan: "Well im going to go for a bit. Play some games. Im bored." Turns from a cat into the intersting form of a ghost and goes through the wall and is gone.
Erebus / .Erebus Fallen.: What the hell...
Scaredheart / Aloysia: *smiles at tom and turns to the leaving cat* Aww go fall down a well Pat........a very deep dark well.....
Erebus / .Erebus Fallen.: I take it he is a friend of yours?
Scaredheart / Aloysia: Patrick from school..........I'm going to kick him in the balls when I get to school...two day's from now....let's see how he like's that *steam rises from my head* Spam my IM will ya.......*turns and glomps you* Hey!!!!!!!
Erebus / .Erebus Fallen.: Ah hah...ok...
Scaredheart / Aloysia: *glomps you* HEYYYY!!!!!!!!
Erebus / .Erebus Fallen.: *Is plowed into ground* Good times...owwww
Scaredheart / Aloysia: *get's up and scream like a five year old on drug's* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! i got Sorn in this one RP, his post remined me of this book I used to read a lot and I got it back out and I started to read it again and now I'm uber excited cause I can tell the book line by line but it's still such a thrill to read, *takes a breath* And I'm so enjoying it and also my frined Gigi is going to come over and my school is closed tomorrow so I have a extra day off!!*is red in the face and breathless now*
Scaredheart / Aloysia: *takes a few breath's* Sorry, back to normal now.....
Erebus / .Erebus Fallen.: Thats good *gets up and dusts self off*
Scaredheart / Aloysia: *smile's and blush's* sorry about plowing you into the ground....How are you?!
Erebus / .Erebus Fallen.: I am fine, so far
Scaredheart / Aloysia: So far?
Erebus / .Erebus Fallen.: I cant tell the future, and I am home with my parents, that usually turns out bad
Scaredheart / Aloysia: Sorry. Wish I could help you.....Also sorry about huggling you all the time, has to be annoying...... Well, umm......*smiles sadly* i though you were going to be gone this week.......
Erebus / .Erebus Fallen.: Not till tuesday, and its ok...
Scaredheart / Arena: Oh,ok.........
Erebus / .Erebus Fallen.: Wow its rather uneventful today...
Scaredheart / Arena: Yeah...*smile's* I'm kinda,umm awkward today.....my fault.
Erebus / .Erebus Fallen.: Why are you awkward?
Scaredheart / Roni: I'm not sure.....just am.. *smile's*
Erebus / .Erebus Fallen.: Ok
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: Hmmmmm?
Scaredheart / Roni: *smile's and wave's at Max* 'Ey...
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: Howdy...
Scaredheart / Roni: Constance smile's at the two guys and walks over to the couch and sit's down " Max, how old are you on ES? We have a ES College now and were seeking a ES history teacher......" She smile's widely, her mind passing over the mental file's that hold everthing on the college. She wait's for his responce.
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: I've been around for two years...
Scaredheart / Roni: She nod's her head and think's "How old is ES?" she tuck's her leg's up under herself and sit's up straight.
Erebus / .Erebus Fallen.: I will take my leave...
Scaredheart / Roni: No!Don't go......
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: Gut.
5-6 Years.
In ES years I am rather old. The only person around from the original year is the Webmaster himself.
Scaredheart / Roni: Humm,so who do you think would be best suited to be our ES History teacher?
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: Someone new...
Scaredheart / Roni: Someone for (I new) for ES History?
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: Yes.
If you ask someone old, then you're asking someone who experienced it. And on ES, that means you'll get a biased opinion on the events.
Scaredheart / Roni: You have a point, but how can someone new know ES history? Wouldn't they just have to make it up?
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: No, they'd need to actually consult those who made it. There are members of the Old Guard around who are willing to share.
Bleeding_AngelX / Professor Adin: An actual member of the Old Guard wouldn't do well because we look at the old days in rose tinted glasses.
Scaredheart / Roni: Ok, so we should look for someone new......got any idea's?
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: Don't know...
I'm not too fond of the newer members.
Bleeding_AngelX / Professor Adin: I know what you mean, Maxie.
Scaredheart / Roni: Sorn,you got a Idea. Zizzy would be good,wouldn't she?
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: Who?
Bleeding_AngelX / Professor Adin: I am rather fond of Izzy. She's a pretty good writer.
Scaredheart / Roni: I don't think you know her Max, Sorn does. She would be good if she opted for the job......
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: Well, if Sorn thinks she'd do a good job, then I'll back her.
Bleeding_AngelX / Professor Adin: For this job? I don't know. All I know is that she's a decent writer with some good potential. She could use some work on creativity and roleplay design, along with making her writing flow better, but the material is there to work with.
Scaredheart / Roni: Next time I see her on I'll ask. Or repel, repel's good too. We could have two History teacher's....*shake's head* I'm thinking too far ahead, I'll just ask Zizzy if she wouldn't mind. If she doesn't want to RP with it then I'll go to Repel. After that I'll just have to think of whom else could do the job...
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: Repel?
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: Wait a minute...
How about Brian?
Scaredheart / Roni: Another member you don't know Max.
Scaredheart / Roni: Brian?
Bleeding_AngelX / Professor Adin: I don't know Brian. Repel is also a new member with a lot of potential.
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: Yes, my boyfriend, Kou.
He's trusted, I know you've met him Sorn, but at the same time he never experience ES history.
Scaredheart / Roni: ....Hummmmm,you couls ask Him. As long as we don't end up with like five or more History teacher's it will be fine, no more than two. Anymore than that I have to ask Sweet's...
Bleeding_AngelX / Professor Adin: I did meet him, albeit briefly. I've never really had any lengthy conversations with him.
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: I'll toss him your way. I'm sure you'll like him, he's a femmeboy.
Scaredheart / Roni: Aww Darn, I'm going to have to restart a RP....Rhass just got grounded from ES for the next six month's..shes in my Tempus drift....
Bleeding_AngelX / Professor Adin: I do enjoy the femmeboys.
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: I hate to say this buddy, but I think he makes a prettier girl than you.
Scaredheart / Roni: Send him my way when you get the chance, or Sweet's if she's on.
Bleeding_AngelX / Professor Adin: I'm aware I don't make a pretty girl. Do you honestly think I would dress like a guy if I had the body and facial structure to pull off being a girl?
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: Well...yeah...
Bleeding_AngelX / Professor Adin: I rest my case.
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: Eh?
Bleeding_AngelX / Professor Adin: I believe I said I rest my case.
Scaredheart / Roni: *giggles* nice Sorn....
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: <.<>.>
Alrighty then...
You know, I really miss those days when I was asked every five minutes to be a villain in some RP.
Scaredheart / Roni: I need a villian for my redone RP...it's still being made....Rhass left so I get to remake it...
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: Describe said villain...
Bleeding_AngelX / Professor Adin: Those were good days. I was guilty of doing that a few times myself.
"Hey, Maxie! I have a part in my roleplay that'd be perfect for you!"
"It's a villain, isn't it?"
Scaredheart / Roni: His/Her main goal should be to kill everyone in the Theater. He/She should be movelent and dasterdly, a genuis and cunning, I want Him/Her to be crafty at setting up traps in teh theater and murrderus...
Scaredheart / Roni: lol I always wait till something gives me a chance...
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: I'm in...
Tensu actually came to me a lot with that request...which actually surprised me.
Scaredheart / Roni: Weee.... Also it's a time change thing....so you have to be able to adapt to teh different time's. It's between moderen New York and mid-evil Europe......
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: I can totally do that...
Scaredheart / Roni: Then your perfict.
Here's the remake of the setting so far, it has a whole story to go wiht it...and a plot that HAS to be followed......some what..
"Tempus Drift"
Settings & Atmosphere
There's this place in New York, near manhatten. On a street called "leona St." there's this old run down building, it's a theater. Year's and year's of weather ware and people spraying it with paint, it's run down. It's out side's look like crap,the door's have cardboard over them and wooden boards have been nailed up over the window's. The manger of the estate it's on is out to seel it and cheap. Aloysia is a small town singer, she grew up in Liberty,North Carloina. She's eight teen now and has moved to New York as a dancer for BroadWay.She's just moved in down the street from the Theater, being as inquistive as she is the temtation of the mystery that the Theater poses is too much for her. She quickly find's her self saving up to buy a hammer to take down the boards from the window, then she see's the sign that say's "for sale" over the door's.
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: '>.> Maxie...
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: So...how does that tie in to Medieval Europe?
Scaredheart / Roni: NEON!!!*glomps*
Scaredheart / Roni: The tempus Drift, once in side the theater you can be "drifted" From NY to mid-evil Europe with in second's. It's a time rift located over the stage of teh theater that's kinda like a black hole only it bring's stuff threw on both end's and can suck stuff up as well as spit it out, you can olny be drifted from insed tha theater, out side you can't tell snything's happened....thats a extreamly simple explnation of what it is...
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: Mkay, and what is the back story of my role?
Scaredheart / Roni: Your character is traped in the drift. And has gone insane from drifting too much, your character think's taht if he kill's pother's and trap's them in the drift as well he can get free from it. But that wont work, so you kill your first victume and trap their body in teh drift nad still find your self stuck, your drifted no matter where you go. Like if you went to the mid-evil market place and a drift occured you would be drifted from there to insdie the theater in moderen day NY.So you end up killing a lot fo people, I'm thinking you could make your own legendary killer if you'd like. (B So I'm goign to have to pre warn people that you can trap and kill them wither they like it or not........your in charge of whom you kill, hell if you want to kill my character you can. Kill whom ever you please, just remeber you have to commite suicide in the end. Or let someoen else kill you.)
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: So, my character is just the victim of the drift?
Uh...does he have any redeeming qualities? Like awesome powers or anything like that? Maybe some scrap of a soul left?
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: I'm sorry Maxie... >.<
(i is glomped) 'Ey Contz! (i waves)
cacophonous / Genocide: Hello All.
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: <.<>.>
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: (i nods) Yes, I'm sorry if I made you angry... >.< (i bows deeply) I'm very sorry...
Scaredheart / Roni: * it was edited* Umm you character is juts a normaly physco guy thats traped in time and murrder's a whole lot of people. If you want power's tell me and I'll see if it would work or if it's just tooo....I dunno, just not going to work, my original had no power's. Just a set of hand made dageer's with teh ingraveing "Let time kill" on the side and a singature of slashing the throate and draining the blood out into a cup and leaving it back with some food.
Scaredheart / Roni: It's a book I started to write but stoped after a while,now I'm making it a RP.....
cacophonous / Genocide: How is everyone today?
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: I'm pretty good, Caco...
Scaredheart / Roni: ' Ey Caco...
cacophonous / Genocide: Good. I am well also. Though I seem to be inflicted with this horrible sickness of boredom.
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: Keep the daggers, they seem kick ass.
Hmmm, would like...lightening from my fingertips work? If not then the ability to see in the dark would help.
Druecilla / Hailiesona: hmmm
cacophonous / Genocide: I may die within the hour if noone can entertain me. I came on here to be cured though I am not sure it is taking full effect.
Scaredheart / Roni: Seeing in the dark work's, lighting,not so much... Dagger's are a keep,ok. Also can you give me a preve of your character and his Bio? So I can make the story line accuret.
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: Um...like...how old would he be? If he's been drifting for so long, wouldn't he be like...really old/
cacophonous / Genocide: This is slightly entertaining, though I do not know what is being discussed.
Scaredheart / Roni: No,time trvel traps you in one age,you can make that up. His brain will have aged but his physical body wouldn't have.
Scaredheart / Roni: A RP called Tempus Drift that I'm remaking.
cacophonous / Genocide: May I read what it is about?
Scaredheart / Roni: "Tempus Drift"
Settings & Atmosphere
There's this place in New York, near manhatten. On a street called "leona St." there's this old run down building, it's a theater. Year's and year's of weather ware and people spraying it with paint, it's run down. It's out side's look like crap,the door's have cardboard over them and wooden boards have been nailed up over the window's. The manger of the estate it's on is out to seel it and cheap. Aloysia is a small town singer, she grew up in Liberty,North Carloina. She's eight teen now and has moved to New York as a dancer for BroadWay.She's just moved in down the street from the Theater, being as inquistive as she is the temtation of the mystery that the Theater poses is too much for her. She quickly find's her self saving up to buy a hammer to take down the boards from the window, then she see's the sign that say's "for sale" over the door's. She smiled at herself and walked over to her home,calling her mother na father she quickly got the money to buy the Theater. She ended up owning the Theater, after a few year's in the town she found a moth off work, now it was her chance to discover the Theater. Little did she know, the Theater had a "Tempus Drift" over it. A Tempus drift is a small time tare in space, it can be located near about anywhere on earth. One just happened to form inside the theater over center stage, what happens is the "Black hole" will suck everthing on the stage and place it in mid-evil Europe on another stage, never the same one back to back. Aloyisa starts to work on the theater, in hopes to open it up by the end of the moth and make it her own, the locals of her neighborhood are talented in many thing's, some fight,sing,dance,draw, and act. The commuinty is running down and houses are being forclosed, Aloysia knows that a theater that make's money would be a good chance to save the people around her from poverty.She starts her work as fast as she can,first she take's down the board's.AS it goes along she find's out about the drift and is drifted from time to time, eventuly her new freinds start to help her nad also get drifted. Unforrtanly for them all a man was traped in the same drift many,many year's ago.
This is what I have so far, I need Max's Bio to contuie.
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: Ah, so, if he was like...19, he'd still be the age of 19, but be like...80 mentally?
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: >.>... <.< .... >.> .... <.<
Contz, do you think I a more.... Cute or pretty?
Scaredheart / Roni: I've yet to fill in the mid-evil england part's or the twons and travels over Europe....
Scaredheart / Roni: exactly Max, Neon your neither, your Beautiful!
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: >.< How Contz?
Scaredheart / Roni: You have wondeful eyes and your personatly rock's! I think your beautiful....
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: (i blinks) I like my eyes... I'm getting glasses, not that I don' already have 'em... XD
Scaredheart / Roni: Caco, what's your oppion?
Max Million / Darius Soldat: He good?
cacophonous / Genocide: That sounds really interesting
So Max's character is suppose to be evil?
And where does this go?
Do you know his aim or object?
Or is he going to fill that in?
Scaredheart / Roni: He work's! This is going to go at the point that Max is going to go on a killing spree and a geanral adventure around both time's. Alyosia is going to hopeful complete her goal of saving that people around her from poverty, if max doesn't kill her...His aim is to be released from the tiem drift.
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: Maxie, how come all your pictures are Rape worthy? o.O
Max Million / Darius Soldat: Yup...I'm just a bloodthirsty prick...
May I take liberties? Like, try and give him redeeming qualities and what not?
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: h1 MAXIE!
Where's the furry? I forgot his name... o.o
Max Million / Darius Soldat: Hmmmm?
Me or Tak?
Scaredheart / Roni: Sure,just inform me of them..
cacophonous / Genocide: I would like to join; it sounds like a lot of fun. May I be Max's crazy friend? I am very good at being a crazy bitch; just trust me on that matter.
Max Million / Darius Soldat: You know, just remnants of his sanity and past life popping up every so often.
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: Maxie... the furry, with no shirt... and and unbuttoned pants... and... the one that gave me a bloody nose...
Max Million / Marco: Marco?
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: (i drools nodding) Uh huh...
Bleeding_AngelX / Professor Adin: Maxie...
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeees?
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: o.o I wanna see Marco when I come back from dinner in ten minutes... (i runs off)
Bleeding_AngelX / Professor Adin: Thank you, Maxie.
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: No problemo Sorn...
Scaredheart / Roni: Caco,yes. Sorry guy's I had to run and fix something, Sorn-la can you help me with intergrating Max and Caco inot the story line?MAX,I'm going to do a copy of your Bio and mitch match it a bit to fit the story,that ok?
Bleeding_AngelX / Professor Adin: DG, I said in the other chat that I'm not up for anything mentally taxing. My psyche is already weak from dealing with my friend.
Scaredheart / Roni: Sorry,I'm jumping from stove top to computer,I musta missed that. Sorry'z Sorn-la! Hope thing's cool down for ya.
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: Mkays...
Bleeding_AngelX / Professor Adin: It's chill. It's already cooling down. My mind is just reeling from it.
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: DG, Ima gonna go for now, If you have it ready when I return, I promise it'll be the first thing I post in.
Scaredheart / Roni: Ok,See ya. Caco will be your younger sister...
cacophonous / Immaculate: I have always wanted an older brother.
Scaredheart / Roni: Well now you have a phyco blood thirsy older bro! =D
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: o.o No Marco? (i sniffles) COOOOOOOOOOOOOOONTZ!
Scaredheart / Roni: What?!*worried*
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: I like furries... like Marco... I will rape Marco...
Scaredheart / Roni: ..???o0
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: (i licks the wall)
Scaredheart / Roni: ok????Neon, are you on something?
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: Actually, I cans tick around for a bit longer.
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: (i blinks) I had caffeine! (i pokes Maxie) Marco? Is he gay?
Scaredheart / Roni: Woot. ok look at your story..
His name, Darius Soldat, He preformed in the Theater. One lazy after noon when the drift finaly opened he was sucked into it half way, his mind and soul were not part of it but his body became intergrated into the drift. He had went home to his apparment the same night,eating with his siter and mother. They had had a good night that night and he went to bed full and sleepy. The next morning he awoke in Mid-Evil Europe. He has been drifted back and forth ever sence. The constant change in time and setting has left him mental unstable, he is bi-polar and devous at time's. There is a possibatly of a split personatly diorder.He has come up with the theroy that if he traps another body in the drift he will be set free from it, as such he has become blood thirsty amd murrder crazed.
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: Sounds like the real me...actually...
Nah, I'm partially stable.
Scaredheart / Roni: lol wow.....nice, ok so I'll just add that, also Caco is your younger sister that also ended up in the drift, she was qwalking off stage wiht you......editing!
cacophonous / Genocide Rains: Is this a good picture?
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: Alrighty...
Who is involved in the RP besides us?
Scaredheart / Roni: Me,you,Caco. I'm fixing to try adn Recon Sorn and Repel, and Zizzy....wait...that make's me the bottom of the food chain.....darn....
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: >.>... <.<.... >.> ... <.< .... >.> Maybe I should jus' poof off...
cacophonous / Dithyrambic: Or this one better?
Scaredheart / Roni: Perfict!Go Caco! I'll show yall mine...
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: Sorn might be joining?
Scaredheart / Aloysia: Ok, this is my character,if I have the right picture up....
cacophonous / Dithyrambic: I very much like this one might only be because the girl is cute and I really love her legs, not sure. But the other is more serious.
Bleeding_AngelX / Professor Adin: I might be doing what now?
Scaredheart / Aloysia: I was fixing to try and get you to join lol! Just fixing to ask,I didn't mean for it to be read as "sorn is joining" sorry got to watch my wording when I type faster than normal.
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: ... No one cares if I poof? >.> (i crawls off)
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: <.<>.>
cacophonous / Genocide Soldat: Ah here, good, yes?
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: No one would care Maxie... isn't that funny, Some times the people here should burn... I really think they deserve that... 'cept you of course Maxie... ^.^
Scaredheart / Aloysia: Back,sorry I poofed, my mother called. Sorn still alive?
Scaredheart / Aloysia: I care Neon! *glomps with as much force as I have*
Scaredheart / Aloysia: You run away.........
JoelIsHere / HighLord Eldor Lightblade: ... Why? I want her body...
cacophonous / Genocide Soldat: That was rather rude neon. I get ignored as well. And I do care if you poofed, though you never did you only crawled but I suppose that is close enough.
Scaredheart / Aloysia: *jaw drops to the floor*...........wow....ummm...you take advantge?????but thats imoral so you run away.
JoelIsHere / HighLord Eldor Lightblade: Shes not my real sister.
Scaredheart / Aloysia: Just walk away....
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: Of course I ran away Contz, I've felt ignored way too much on here lately, Tanner is the only one who truly doesn't... >.>
Scaredheart / Aloysia: "Tempus Drift"
Settings & Atmosphere
There's this place in New York, near manhatten. On a street called "leona St." there's this old run down building, it's a theater. Year's and year's of weather ware and people spraying it with paint, it's run down. It's out side's look like crap,the door's have cardboard over them and wooden boards have been nailed up over the window's. The manger of the estate it's on is out to seel it and cheap. Aloysia is a small town singer, she grew up in Liberty,North Carloina. She's eight teen now and has moved to New York as a dancer for BroadWay.She's just moved in down the street from the Theater, being as inquistive as she is the temtation of the mystery that the Theater poses is too much for her. She quickly find's her self saving up to buy a hammer to take down the boards from the window, then she see's the sign that say's "for sale" over the door's. She smiled at herself and walked over to her home,calling her mother na father she quickly got the money to buy the Theater. She ended up owning the Theater, after a few year's in the town she found a moth off work, now it was her chance to discover the Theater. Little did she know, the Theater had a "Tempus Drift" over it. A Tempus drift is a small time tare in space, it can be located near about anywhere on earth. One just happened to form inside the theater over center stage, what happens is the "Black hole" will suck everthing on the stage and place it in mid-evil Europe on another stage, never the same one back to back. Aloyisa starts to work on the theater, in hopes to open it up by the end of the moth and make it her own, the locals of her neighborhood are talented in many thing's, some fight,sing,dance,draw, and act. The commuinty is running down and houses are being forclosed, Aloysia knows that a theater that make's money would be a good chance to save the people around her from poverty.She starts her work as fast as she can,first she take's down the board's.AS it goes along she find's out about the drift and is drifted from time to time, eventuly her new freinds start to help her nad also get drifted. Unforrtanly for them all a man was traped in the same drift many,many year's ago. His name, Darius Soldat, He preformed in the Theater. One lazy after noon when the drift finaly opened he was sucked into it half way, his mind and soul were not part of it but his body became intergrated into the drift. He had went home to his apparment the same night,eating with his siter and mother. They had had a good night that night and he went to bed full and sleepy. The next morning he awoke in Mid-Evil Europe. He has been drifted back and forth ever sence. The constant change in time and setting has left him mental unstable, he is bi-polar and devous at time's. There is a possibatly of a split personatly diorder.He has come up with the theroy that if he traps another body in the drift he will be set free from it, as such he has become blood thirsty amd murrder crazed. His sister who had walked hom wiht him that night is also stuck in the drift, she has somehow kept her sainty. Along this line we start our adventure......
(R Neon!your not ignored, everyone on here get's ignored at time's. Don't worrie so much over it, you'll be fine love.)
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: No, I won't... Tom's fucking with me... if he keeps going... I'm not going to be able to trust him...
Scaredheart / Aloysia: *growl's* I love Tommy to death,but NO ONE messes with you....
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: CONTZ! Forget it! Leave Tom alone, it's okay... I swear... I've settled it...
Scaredheart / Aloysia: ok.....
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: So, shall I post?
Scaredheart / Aloysia: You can....wait.......whats your first post? Can I preview it so I know whta I'm posting......or a ruff draft of it..
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: Hmmmm, how about you post first, then I build off of that?
Scaredheart / Aloysia: ...ok....I'll show it here first so you have an idea...
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: Alrighty...
Scaredheart / Aloysia: Rawr!I'm multi tasking!
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: I'm... Nervous? XD
ketsu / Ketsu: Max is still on ?
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: -.- (i punches Nick) BITCH! (i walks to other side of room)
Scaredheart / Aloysia: He better be...
ketsu / Ketsu: *gets punched and flys into the wall with a loud crash* OW!! wtf was that for
Scaredheart / Aloysia: Cause she loves you?
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: -.- Funny it got that for you to speak to me... Bitch... >.>
ketsu / Ketsu: ....Wtf...Grr. *gets mad and sends out thousends of Sakura flowers into the room floating around the room*
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: -.-* Tha's not scary Nick...
cacophonous / Genocide Soldat:
ketsu / Ketsu: I am not supossed to be scary but i am deadly..."SAKURA NO NO MI JO (( Demon Charry Needles))" *sends thousends and thousends of Charry needles out of the flowers and sends them all aiming for the vitle points on Neons body*
Scaredheart / Aloysia: *screams and faint*?????
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: -.- Fuck you Nick... (i poofs off to Evil)
ketsu / Ketsu: thats right run bitch...*dissapers into ESC leaving the sweet smell of flowers behind him*
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: 'Cuse me? -.- You are one of the people that made Leon come out! So... (i curls up)
ketsu / Ketsu: i dont give a fuck about you NEon...leave me alone...*dissapers*
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: (i poofs)
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: DG...PM me your preview, mkay?
Scaredheart / Aloysia: Aloyisa walked slowly to the Theater, it was her first time ever going in side it. She felt the butterfly's bouncing inside her and her hands were clamy. She smiled widely as she reached the big door's, a hammer in one hand and a small pale in the other. She put the pale on the cold wet concret and took the hammer in both hands. The wood looked soft and dry rooted, it might have had termites in it a while back; to her it seemed it would fall apart if the wind blew it hard enough. Taking a breath she aimed for the center of the board's and struck, nothing. Her heart was rasing wiht aderlin and her hand's were griped so tightly around the handle of the hammer that her knuncles shown white as bone. She struck the board again, nothing. She started at them harder with ever impact. A few moments later; sweat acculmated on her fore head and above her lip, she heard teh crunch of the wood. Suddenly she was flailing her arm's out to catch her self as she flew threw the board's. The sharp broken edged scratching her side's and leaving trails over her stomach and arm's. She felt the hard impact of the ground aginst her back and her head, she let out a soft scream of pain and opened her eyes back up. the dull sun light beamed in from out side, exposeing only part of the room to her eyes.
Aloyisa pushed herself up on one arm and came to her knee's with ease. She grunted slightly as her back poped back inot place and she stood up straight,looking for anything at all. She wasn't sure why she was looking about teh palce but her breath cought as she saw it. A small counter was infront of her, a old ninteen seventy's phone was on it along with a note pad. The floor was a goldish marble color and slick as oil. She slolwy made her way to the counter; her shoes making a soft clicking noise on the floor, she reached over it and picked up the book. As she went to turn a page dust flew up in the air adn was allumnated by the sunlight. Making thing's just a little fuzzy for her to see.She started to flip threw the book and looked at all the old name's. The last people who had entered the Theater....
(R Sorry Max it's all I could get out for this post...)
Scaredheart / Aloysia: ummm just a little late on that Max...
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: Hmmm, PM it still...I'll have to post later, I'm kinda being climbed on by four year olds...
Scaredheart / Aloysia: OO,I know how that is......ok PMing it. Good luck with the kid's. I had to baby sit yesterday, got a black eye from it..
Bleeding_AngelX / Professor Adin: Psh, no excuse. You should power through it.
Scaredheart / Aloysia: *tie Sorn to a chair and corner's him* I'm hyper on med's and just plan crazy!Now do you think you want to join the RP OR NOT!*smoke rises from my head*
Max Million / Aleksander Zanikov: Oh, I'm not baby sitting.
My nieces and nephews just love Uncle Colin's stories.
Bleeding_AngelX / Professor Adin: Um...let's go with not if you need an answer now.
*Shatters into a number of butterflies that take flight and gather allowing him to reform away from the chair*
I'm leaving in a moment, anyway. My ride is just a tad late, so I've been waiting here.
Bleeding_AngelX / Professor Adin: Max, you should tell them the tale of how the great Sorn saved you from the vile dragon.
SweetAndOhSoME / Dean of Dream: Constance! I babysat yesterday too...
But... I didn't get a black eye...
Bleeding_AngelX / Professor Adin: Hey, Sweets, I applied for your rp school thing.
Scaredheart / Aloysia: *sighs* I didn't mean right now, just ment I want an anwser sooner or later......I have cousins........I baby sit for free and get a bloody nose while I'm at it. Jake loves to start fight's and I always end up under a pile of five 6-10 year olds......
Scaredheart / Aloysia: SWEET'S! Sorn's want to be a professer!
Scaredheart / Aloysia: lol nice one Sorn, Max you got saved?HUmmm,now I want to here this.....
cacophonous / Cacophonous: I never did say hello to you Sorn. So hello.
Bleeding_AngelX / Professor Adin: Hey, Ash. I can't talk for long.
Scaredheart / Aloysia: Caco!you wanna post? Whats you character's name by the way.....I'll have to add more detail to her in the plot..
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: Uncle Colin's stories? o.O XD
SweetAndOhSoME / Dean of Dream: Um....you want to be the professor for Character Creation?
cacophonous / Genocide Soldat: I already showed you my character.
cacophonous / Genocide Soldat: That is fine Sorn. Where are you heading off to tonight?
Scaredheart / Aloysia: *glomps Sweet's* Wanna join a RP? *smiles and kisses your check*
Erebus / Erebus Fallen: I am done with discussions for the night...
Scaredheart / Aloysia: *baffled* Tom,where'd you poof to?
Erebus / Erebus Fallen: I was here the whole time, just silent
Druecilla / Drusilla: *Stumbles in weakly trips and starts to fall*
SweetAndOhSoME / Dean of Dream: Well, I wouldn't mind joining, but, I'm getting off soon and I'm already in too many RPs for my schedule...so I might not be too steady of a poster. Still, if you want me to, give me the link, and I'll check it out. :)
Scaredheart / Aloysia: Ah,ok.....*smiles* Then you know I'm on something right now cause I took the wrong med's...I took my dad's stuff by accident..
Scaredheart / Aloysia: (http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/91421/http:/Tempus drift/www.eliteskills.com)
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: TOM! Don' lie you was in my closet... ^o^ Now where is Marco (i hold up hand cuffs) He's next...
Scaredheart / Aloysia: click tha link...-_-' I'm still trying to figure out how to do that....
XxSkyelerxX / Andrea Lasonen: ...
Scaredheart / Aloysia: AMANDA!*wave's*
XxSkyelerxX / Samantha Johnson: Hey Courage.
Erebus / Erebus Fallen: *falls upon floor* Not the closet...not the closet...not the closet...
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: (i holds up hand cuffs) Put Tommy, it's fun playing with you... (i sniffles)
Scaredheart / Aloysia: *looks at Tom*...wha??????? *picks him up and takes him to my own safty place that no one but I can reach*
Druecilla / Drusilla: *Falls flat on my face and passes out*
Scaredheart / Aloysia: *runs back ot here and picks up Dru* Dru,what's wrong. Tell me what the sympton's are!
Druecilla / Drusilla: *is still passed out*
Scaredheart / Aloysia: *whips water over her face* DRU!DRU! Dont faint!
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: (i still holding hand cuffs) No playing? (i sniffles)
Druecilla / Drusilla: *coughs real hard*
Scaredheart / Aloysia: *pats her face and holds her up a bit to smak her back* Just breath, I took CPR if it's needed* Prays I don't need it*
Druecilla / Drusilla: *keeps coughing and covers mouth*You put your mouth on mine and i swear i will make you a ghost that doens't dare want to haunt me
Scaredheart / Aloysia: *smiles*that got ya up...
Scaredheart / Aloysia: Silence be gone!
Druecilla / Drusilla: *Sits up and leans back against the wall*
Scaredheart / Aloysia: *picks you up na ists down,handing you tomato soup*
SweetAndOhSoME / Dean of Dream: *dances around*
I suck at remembering things.
3L3m3ntal / Maxwell Seijura: Candy Cane! *Glomps*
Scaredheart / Aloysia: Sweet's, whats up?
SweetAndOhSoME / Dean of Dream: MINTY FRESH!
*falls over*
Scaredheart / Aloysia: Candy Cane? Minty Fresh?
3L3m3ntal / Maxwell Seijura: Lol. *Helps Candy cane back up* What's up?
SweetAndOhSoME / Dean of Dream: I ish Candy Cane...to Elemental...
And, Elemental is Minty Fresh to me. :)
And, just trying to figure out how I'm going to do my test with only half the questions and no book.
3L3m3ntal / Maxwell Seijura: Okay then, how does that work out? Lol
SweetAndOhSoME / Dean of Dream: Well, I got most of the questions from my friend, then my phone died. And, I brought home the wrong book. T.T
But, oh well, I'll just guess.
3L3m3ntal / Maxwell Seijura: Ah, that sucks.
RZKEngel / Asche Gurlukovitch: need people for 'in a forgotten world'
SweetAndOhSoME / Dean of Dream: Eh...yeah...but whatever.
Stuff happens sometimes.
GenesisEpidemic / Neon Knitemare: BOOM!
Scaredheart / Aloysia: She walks in wiht a slight gash on the side of her head. Sighing she picks up a affcan from the couch and wraps up in it then sits in a corner on the floor shivering slightly "damn snow,damn sister. Damn snowball's...."
Scaredheart / Aloysia: LIVE!
Scaredheart / Aloysia: É lover' s åóåßò üëïé, áëëÜ don' þèçóç ô áõôü…
Scaredheart / Aloysia: Ï Èåüò, åßíáé É ðñáãìáôéêÜ ìïíáäéêü ðïõ hwo åßíáé óå sunday' ôï s. ¼ëï ôï og óôçí åêêëçóßá Þ êÜôé; ÎÝñù üôé ðñÝðåé íá ðÜù áëëÜ É can' ô áìÝóùò. I' ì uber óõãêéíçìÝíï üôé Ý÷ù ôñßá inch' s ôçò ðëåõñÜò ÷éïíéïý Ýîù ç ðüñôá ìïõ!
Erebus: ?
cacophonous / Genocide Soldat: Hello all.
cacophonous / Genocide Soldat: Hello all.
Erebus / Erebus Fallen: Hello
cacophonous / Genocide Soldat: How is everyone today?
Erebus / Erebus Fallen: I am well, how about you?
cacophonous / Genocide Soldat: I am well also. Its snowing here a lot.
Erebus / Erebus Fallen: Looks like is bout to snow here
cacophonous / Genocide Soldat: It is like a snow storm out here
EmiChan / Emi Kasumo: Same here.
cacophonous / Genocide Soldat: Why don't we all just chat here?
EmiChan / Emi Kasumo: Mhm..Let's.
Ninjai / A. Etna: -sits down on the ground- So hey people.
EmiChan / Emi Kasumo: Hey, Jaiden.
Ninjai / A. Etna: Hey Emi.
EmiChan / Emi Kasumo: I wish Keon was on more often. Maybe he's delete their posts.
cacophonous / Genocide Soldat: I don't understand why they do that do they really have nothing better to do?
EmiChan / Emi Kasumo: Because they need lives.
Ninjai / A. Etna: I'm guessing they don't. -Sighs- Oh well. Dumb assholes.
EmiChan / Emi Kasumo: They need to get laid because they're fags.
EmiChan / Emi Kasumo: HAH.I sound like a 10 year old kid right there.
Bleeding_AngelX / Professor Adin: Just don't talk to them and use this one. If they get in here I'll just lock it.
Ninjai / A. Etna: :P I need to get laid too but not badly enough I want to ruin people lives.
Ninjai: SENSEI!!! -glomps- Hi there. Anything you are planning for today?
EmiChan / Emi Kasumo: Uhm..that's great, Jaiden. O.o
cacophonous / Genocide Soldat: Hello Sorn. We did figure that much out they are just so annoying.
Bleeding_AngelX / Professor Adin: Hey, Kohai. Actually, I am. I have free passes to a sneak preview of The Watchmen, so I'm seeing that later.
Ninjai: Oi you are so lucky!! But I hope you have fun there. I wish I could go watch too.
fattestpirate: Hi
Ninjai: Hi Ryan
fattestpirate: What's up, Jaid?
EmiChan / Emi Kasumo: Eww, it's Ryan.
fattestpirate: Aww, I feel so loved, Sadie.
EmiChan / Emi Kasumo: Sure you do.
Ninjai: Nthing much here
EmiChan / Emi Kasumo: Did you tell my mother to die, yet?
I still can't get your number >.>
fattestpirate: I dunno how to contact her.
275 1102?
EmiChan / Emi Kasumo: Ohhs. Okay.
275 is a Derry area exchange. >.>
fattestpirate: Yep. I used to live in Derry. I kept my number.
EmiChan / Emi Kasumo: Derry sucks now. >.> XD
fattestpirate: Why?
I got to go to my aunt's house today.... She lives in
Like I'm sure everyone cares.
EmiChan / Emi Kasumo: Londonderry is for fags. >.> My friend moved there. >.>
Derry's just...stupid. >.>
Ninjai: ^^
EmiChan / Emi Kasumo: I should just move to California with my brother. XD
fattestpirate: Better than Chester :P
fattestpirate: I really don't know what Chester has anything to do with anything.
Ninjai: Emi, you and me both know we may end up killing the state if we join together
EmiChan / Emi Kasumo: Chester Academy...Living hell, never send any kids there.
Haha! I can imagine that Jaiden!
8:56 AM, in California.
*Emi's brother goes outside*
Drake: O.O What did you do?
Emi: >.> Uhm...Me and Jaiden kind of..broke California.
Jaiden: *Waves from a crater*
fattestpirate: Then, Jaid, you should come here, 'cause this state needs to die. :P
EmiChan / Emi Kasumo: I already killed the state. >.> Because it's ghey.
Ninjai: :O
fattestpirate: I think it needs to die again....
EmiChan / Emi Kasumo: See the snowstorm outside, Ryan? I started it. It's all artificial. Tee hee.
Jaiden and I will kill a state, then we'll go to another one and eat ice-cream there*
fattestpirate: Is it still snowing there?
EmiChan / Emi Kasumo: Yeah.
fattestpirate: Same here. We've got too much.
EmiChan / Emi Kasumo: We should burn snow. .>.> It's artificial, I made it. XD
fattestpirate: Sure. I'll come over your house with a flame thrower, some gas, and starting fluid. :P
EmiChan / Emi Kasumo: O.o NO!
Scaredheart / DG: Boo!
fattestpirate: Fine, you come up here.
Ninjai: bye ryan. txt me soon
EmiChan / Emi Kasumo: NO! I aint going to Loconia.
Scaredheart / DG: *looks at you both slightly baffled*
fattestpirate: ohhhh, if Derry's so bad, Lets burn that. :P
And Okay, Jaid, Bye
EmiChan / Emi Kasumo: Arightly. Let's do that.
Scaredheart / Roni: 0o ...............................
fattestpirate: Okay, Meet me at Parkland in an hour. :P
EmiChan / Emi Kasumo: DG...Say hi.
Scaredheart / Roni: lol hey Pirate guy, we talked before!
fattestpirate: Hi
Scaredheart / Roni: "Tempus Drift"
Settings & Atmosphere
There's this place in New York, near manhatten. On a street called "leona St." there's this old run down building, it's a theater. Year's and year's of weather ware and people spraying it with paint, it's run down. It's out side's look like crap,the door's have cardboard over them and wooden boards have been nailed up over the window's.
The manger of the estate it's on is out to seel it and cheap. Aloysia is a small town singer, she grew up in Liberty,North Carloina. She's eight teen now and has moved to New York as a dancer for BroadWay.She's just moved in down the street from the Theater, being as inquistive as she is the temtation of the mystery that the Theater poses is too much for her. She quickly find's her self saving up to buy a hammer to take down the boards from the window, then she see's the sign that say's "for sale" over the door's. She smiled at herself and walked over to her home,calling her mother and father she quickly got the money to buy the Theater.
She ended up owning the Theater, after a few year's in the town she found a moth off work, now it was her chance to discover the Theater.
Little did she know, the Theater had a "Tempus Drift" over it. A Tempus drift is a small time tare in space, it can be located near about anywhere on earth. One just happened to form inside the theater over center stage, what happens is the "Black hole" will suck everthing on the stage and place it in mid-evil Europe on another stage, never the same one back to back. Aloyisa starts to work on the theater, in hopes to open it up by the end of the month and make it her own, the locals of her neighborhood are talented in many thing's, some fight,sing,dance,draw, and act.
The commuinty is running down and houses are being forclosed, Aloysia knows that a theater that make's money would be a good chance to save the people around her from poverty.She starts her work as fast as she can,first she take's down the board's.AS it goes along she find's out about the drift and is drifted from time to time, eventuly her new freinds start to help her nad also get drifted. Unforrtanly for them all a man was traped in the same drift many,many year's ago. His name, Darius Soldat, He preformed in the Theater. One lazy after noon when the drift finaly opened he was sucked into it half way, his mind and soul were not part of it but his body became intergrated into the drift. He had went home to his apparment the same night,eating with his siter and mother. They had had a good night that night and he went to bed full and sleepy. The next morning he awoke in Mid-Evil Europe. He has been drifted back and forth ever sence. The constant change in time and setting has left him mental unstable, he is bi-polar and devous at time's. There is a possibatly of a split personatly diorder.He has come up with the theroy that if he traps another body in the drift he will be set free from it, as such he has become blood thirsty amd murrder crazed. His sister who had walked hom wiht him that night is also stuck in the drift, she has somehow kept her sainty. Along this line we start our adventure......
No god modding!!
No falling for a person just as you meet them!
No instant kill's, unless you,you know fall over a ledge or get spikes with something.......
Darius can kill you with OUT your premission.
Keep cussing down.
Cyber,you die....
Disobay any of the Six rule's, your out!
Aloyisa Hensley.
Darius Soldat.
Genocide Soldat
Layla Taylor Hart
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Genocide Soldat
Darius Soldat
Layla Taylor Hart

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