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Roleplay - Vampire R Us ((anyone can join)) by Gavin(light)Damien(dark) / OwlEyes55

At Lyle School for Troubled Kids, there may be MORE to the kids than people think That's right: they're all vampire! Well, mostly. Demons, ghosts, angels, werewolves. They all inhabitt Lyle But, when Kylie Thomas, the new girl in town, comes to Lyle, what will be in store for the half-vampiress?

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No GodMod
Kylie is me
Have fun:)
Swearing is aloud
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SkyWindKicker / Claude: -now this, I like >3-
wisemensay / Donna Ice: -join as a vampire?-
curzon / Eric lock: <join as a vamp>
ketsu / Ketsu: ((join as a Lycan))
SkyWindKicker / Claude: (same as the below ones)
wisemensay / Donna Ice: -wait I want to be a werewolf -
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: ((all of you can join write your info:
short bio:))
SkyWindKicker / Claude: name: Claude
age: 19
species: Vampire
short bio: You'd expect Claude to be your average vampire, but he's not. He's not a human drinker, more of a animal drinker truly. He seems to have a thing for humans and doesn't want to be mean to them, though he doesn't say that to others.
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: ((I'll go ahead and do mine))
name: Kylie
age: 17
species: half-vampire
short bio: Kylie was born a human, but when a hooded man stole her from her home, she was changed Now 17 and a beautifully crafted half-vampiress, she will attend Lyle and TRY to make an effort to be a good vampire...But she usually gets into fights and is very hostile if she doesn't like you But also shy and sweet and sarcastic
RavenWings / Leah read this!!!!: [can I join?]
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: ((sure))
RavenWings / Leah read this!!!!: [Thanks]
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: ((do the short bio thingy Claude and I did))
wisemensay / Donna Ice: Name: Donna Ice
Age: 18
Species: Werewolf
Short Bio: Donna, the werewolf who made the word lone wolf an actual thing. Do to a disabilty she was born with she is more like a creature of the night then vampire are. Pale, sunglasses an a attuide she likes her solitary and despises it.
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: ((you guys wanna go ahead and RP?? We can if you want))
RavenWings / Leah read this!!!!: [ok]
Name: Leah
Species: Vampire
short bio: Leah is a really young vampire and she looks sweet and innocent but you probably don't want to make her angry.
curzon / Eric lock: Name:Eric Lock
Age: 18
Species: Vampire
Short Bio: Eric is one who is always fun loving and liberal. Soft spoken at times he may seem a flirt though he barly understands what these words mean. He is everyone friend and all know he dosn't like conferstion for the results often end up in his favor.
RavenWings / Leah read this!!!!: [btw, I might not be able to get on much next week, sorry]
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: ((I wont be on Friday-Monday:/ going to New Orleans..and not much tues-sat maybe..Going to cousin's))
RavenWings / Leah read this!!!!: [can we rp?]
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: ((si)) Kylie walked nervously into Lyle School It was her first time at a Juvie inspired school, and she was as nervous as a rabbit in a snake whole Shaking that stupid simile from her head, she walked into the office and got her schedule *Well, an hour to kill before school starts...Better check out my dorm* she thought Carrying her backpack loosely on her skinny shoulders, Kylie walked up the stairs and unlocked her dorm Inside, she didn't look at anything, simply stared a few seconds, then left, heading to the library
RavenWings / Leah read this!!!!: [gtg sorry]
RavenWings / Leah read this!!!!: [wait never mind]
Leah smiled as she walked into the school. She was going to be the youngest one there she could already tell.
curzon / Eric lock: Eric had a mind of his own and when he should be asleep or perhaps if he was worried about his grades studing, but like always he was nethier and easily found his strange place gliding through the quad a stupid song playing about his head that would once in a while find it's way pass his mouth as a small hum as the breath ruffled his bronzed hair and his golden honey eyes scanned the place with content.
SkyWindKicker / Claude: Claude growled a bit to himself. "Hate these stupid facilities." he said out loud as he walked in.
RavenWings / Leah read this!!!!: Leah skipped into the building. She was trying to seem really sweet and innocent.
iVlad / Vladimir Tod: Vladimir walked into the school.His mother made him move because she needed a job.He sighed and walked through the halls of the school looking for someone to talk to.
wisemensay / Donna Ice: Donna found no need to seem different she was and even now cared not for as she leaned against the tree her sunglasses darker then the night a growl sitting on her lips ready for use. Separating herself from people was how she survived and she found pride in such actions.
People where troublsome no matter what breed where weak and upon accepting them she only called danger to her side. Or so was her motto and she felt no need to change it though, deep down behind her bullet proof barrier she did long, as any creature, for company.
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: Kylie sighed and went back near the enterane, running into Vlad "Oh, I'm so sorry" she said, blushing tomato red She'd dropped her books and gathered them quickly, feeling like an idiot
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: ((Gotta go:/ sorry guys RP and fill me in whenever I get on again...Prob. today))
iVlad / Vladimir Tod: Vlad fell over,being bumped into by a girl.He got up and smiled."It's okay." He said, a wide silly grin upon his pale face.
RavenWings / Leah read this!!!!: Leah saw a girl who was separating herself from everyone else. She waved at her.
curzon / Eric lock: Eric tilted his head as he listen to two body collide and laughed lightly. So early and chaos still found a way to slip through the crack. HE shook his head the golden hair sprawling about and smiled.
wisemensay / Donna Ice: From beneath her dark sunglasses her eyes narrowed for a moment as she placed her hands strangely pale for her breed deeply into her pockets and ignored her. She wasn't one to be friendly but then again she didn't want to make enemies. She lifted her chin in acknowledge meant to seem slightly friendly.
RavenWings / Leah read this!!!!: Leah smiled and she skipped off. That girl was smart.
Collateral / Collateral Yagumay: **Looks around, and watches everyone quietly, he is reluctant to speak as he is new to this place, waits for a responce**
RavenWings / Leah read this!!!!: Leah saw someone else staying away from the crowed. She walked straight up to him and said, "Hi, I'm Leah."
Collateral / Collateral Yagumay: Collateral looks at the girl that has approtched him, he glances at her and exclaims 'Nice to meet you Leah, i am Collateral, strange place this isnt it'
He continues to scout around to make sure there is no danger, always keeping an eye on this 'Leah'.
RavenWings / Leah read this!!!!: "I guess its weird." Leah said looking around.
iVlad / Vladimir Tod: Vlad continued to walk."Well that was kinda strange." He said glancing at the floor.
RavenWings / Leah read this!!!!: [......]
Collateral / Collateral Yagumay: Smiles at Leah and Vlad, 'sorry for my defensive mannar, i will settle soon'
wisemensay / Donna Ice: Donna arched her fine golden eyebrow deep in thought. The girl was strange seemingly too innocent. She made sure to note this as she kept the world in her view as she broke it down. She ran a hand through her hair as she moved her head up lying it against the tree in thought.
RavenWings / Leah read this!!!!: [sorry, I really have to go now.]
iVlad / Vladimir Tod: Vlad peered out a window seeing a girl leaned up against a tree.He smiled at her knowing she couldn't see him.
Collateral / Collateral Yagumay: Walks over to the girl lying against the tree, exchanges glances and smiles 'the names Collateral, and you are'
Luna010 / Luna*Vamp*: {{Can I be a full blood vampire?}}
wisemensay / Donna Ice: A small snarl ripped past her lips as she rotated around moving away from the tree. It had been small barely audible even by sharp ears but her lips had moved.
She ran her eyes over him and hidden beneath their protection lay a glare.
"Ice." she simply said only offering her last name. What was it with people being friendly today. She bowed her head politely to him.
Collateral / Collateral Yagumay: Turns towards Luna 'Greetings Luna'
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: ((I'm back...What'd I miss?))
Luna010 / Luna*Vamp*: {{*Bows* Am I in?}}
iVlad / Vladimir Tod: Vlad paced his way toward the Library, sighing a little. "I hope thwey have books worth reading." He said to himself.
Luna010 / Luna*Vamp*: {{I just wanted to know if I can join in as a full blood vampire?}}
wisemensay / Donna Ice: Donna shook her head, the man... she had already let his name slip away, had a sort attention spam and was less polite then her. She rolled her eyes and began to walk away, she wished for solitary and the libary at this time would be best. She was certin anyone in there would pay no heed to her and leave her liaberty alone. She slipped in side and smiled slightly as she inhaled the blessed smell of old books.
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: ((Erm, sure)) Kylie set her backpack down at a table and began to browse the selection of books "Of course" she growled to herself, picking up the first volume of Why Vampires Hate Half-Vampires She discarded the book and went on, passing a corner and seeing the boy she'd run into Trying to surprise him and, maybe, make her first friend, she silently walked up behind him "Hi" she said in a low, smooth, shy voice "I'm Kylie I didn't get a chance to introduce myself when I, er, ran into you"
Luna010 / Luna*Vamp*: {{Where do you want me to come in at?}}
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: ((anywhere))
Luna010 / Luna*Vamp*: {{kay! Just dont wanna talk to myself lol...}}
Collateral / Collateral Yagumay: He felt the cold winds on flowing across his hair, and listen to the girl mutter the words 'Ice'.
He felt a coldness about this girl, a empty soul...
'You been here long?'
iVlad / Vladimir Tod: Vlad jumped a tiny bit, suprised by her voice.He turned around to meet her eyes. "Hey Kylie, my name is Vlad." He said in a light tone.He was a bit shy.
wisemensay / Donna Ice: Donna stopped and looked at him, she wanted to search for solitary but...
She narrowed her eyes and cursed the politness she had been raised to follow.
"Long enough to know my way around." she answered him back. She wondered why he had spooken and made a small humming noise in the back of her throat.
Collateral / Collateral Yagumay: Watches Ice as she spoke, obviously not one for speaking. A sence of distance was between him and Ice, he smiles at the girl, and wonders why she distances herself from everyone, a mystery that may be revealed with time, but for now he is not wanted.
He moves away from Ice and leans against a tree, gacing around at the new faces that have appeared.
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: Kylie smiled yp at Vlad, being about a foot shorter than him "Are you new here?" she asked, tilting her head to the side a little "I'm new here" Kylie grinned brightly and looked around the library, frowning "What are you? Like..what species?"
curzon / Eric lock: ERic quickly spotted a man leaning against the tree and his dear friend, whom hated him, Donna and raced over.
"DONNA WHO IS YOUR FRIEND!!!" he yelled loudly.
Collateral / Collateral Yagumay: Looks over at Kylie, eyes scanning her, figuring her out from a far.. seems like a friendly girl, kind of shy.
wisemensay / Donna Ice: Donna crossed her arms as she realized he had tooken her perch and resisted the growl playing in the back of her throat.
"why do you ask?" she repeated again. THe felt the wind ruffling her blonde hair and this agitated her more.
So far this morning the day wasn't going for her and that was never good. She wrenched upon the sight of Eric visibly stiffing as she bit her lips to stop from snarling.
Collateral / Collateral Yagumay: Feeling under threat he stares at the new arival of shouting.
Collateral / Collateral Yagumay: He looks over at Ice, watching her blonde hair ruffle in the wind and exclaims 'No reason, just wondering.... that is all'
He feels the tension between Ice and the new face, and smiles.
curzon / Eric lock: Eric flashed a smile to the male he hoped he could find entertament her though he knew Donna the lone wolf of the campus would give him little other then annoying her she wasn't fun and she often hit him which was never good for ethier sides.
"Oh hello I am Eric and whom are you?" he asked.
iVlad / Vladimir Tod: "Vampire." He said softly."What about you?" He looked at the floor, sighing.
Collateral / Collateral Yagumay: Collateral quickly looks up 'Eric' he exclaims, 'nice to meet you....... i am Collateral'
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: Kylie looked at Vlad funny, then became serious "Half-vampire" Most vampires hated her, but some kinda of vibe Vlad gave off made her think that he may accept her
iVlad / Vladimir Tod: "Oh,cool." He smiled.Vlad wasn't one to criticize people.
curzon / Eric lock: Eric nodded his head with his smile growing as he bowed.
"Nice too meet you well I can see you've meet lovly Icy. Are you two dating. Unlickly since Icy here is the lone wolf." he laughed at his pun.
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: Kylie smiled, loving the fact that she was right for the first time since she can remember "You seem quiet.." Kylie said, lowering her voice "But, it may just be me" Suddenly, the wailing words of Attack! Attack! poured from her pocket 'Won't be mistaken for another love song, I won't go away, I won't be done wrong. Tell me, tell me to, to live like you, tell me, tell me, and I'll follow through.' Kylie blushed and quickly switched off her phone, embarassed "Erm, sorry That was my brother"
Collateral / Collateral Yagumay: A long grin spread Collateral's face... He let out a chuckle.
'I am afraid to say i am not dating Ice' Collateral glances over at Ice and smiles.
after turning back to Eric and laughing 'I think i will enjoy being here'
Collateral leans against the tree once more that Ice was previously standing against.
wisemensay / Donna Ice: Ice snapped her head from Eric to him almost growling as he leaned against her tree. She ran a hand through her hair in thought shaking her head as she ran a nervouse hand through her blonde hair.
(b "Damn it Eric.") she growled turning to him.
curzon / Eric lock: Eric flashed Donna a small smile and shrugged running his own hand through his bronze hair as he looked back to his new friend.
"Thats good! Maybe we can be friends." his eyes sparkled at the thought.
"like me and Donna!"
Collateral / Collateral Yagumay: Collateral looks at Ice, sensing her annoyance. He takes a step fowards and waves his hand across the tree
'It is your if you so wish.... darling'
Collateral lets out a short burst of laughter
Collateral / Collateral Yagumay: Collateral looks at Eric, and exclaims 'If you wish'
wisemensay / Donna Ice: Donna head snapped back to Eric she was certin he was the only person capable of getting a reaction from her.
(b "Friend my ass!") she snarled at him and fell to her spot almost sticking her tounge out at Collateral but she caught herself out and just let a small growl out.
(b "Not darling.")
Collateral / Collateral Yagumay: Collateral scales Ice's body and exclaims 'So does 'ice' have a first name ... or shall i keep calling you darling.... darling?'
Collateral smiles ... bearing his white pointed teeth.
curzon / Eric lock: Eric pouted lightly as he turned to Donna.
"ME no friend?" he squeaked and then went into a moodswing as he turned to Collateral.
wisemensay / Donna Ice: Donna turned her head away from Eric and let out a deep breath as she began to calm down however on the sight of his fangs her defenses snapped into action as she stood straight a growl fallin to her lips.
She knew the danger of vampires Eric had taught her this much. She shoved her strangly pail hands deeply into her pockets and ignored the early wind that was tugging at her as she moved her head back, behind her sunglasses her eyes where running inbetween them.
(b "Just Ice.") she stated again in a way that fit her name perfectly.
Collateral / Collateral Yagumay: He takes a step foward smiling 'There is no need to be afraid'.
The cold breeze moved the edge of his long black coat, revealing a Titanium daggar, Silver in colour, held in a all black leather pouch, next to these were 6 or 7 red vails.
Collateral reached inside his coat quickly, and pulled out a red vail... unscrewed the small cap and drank the red thick liquid.
He smiled his fangs now covered in a red substance.
'You see, as long as i have these, i have no need to feed'
wisemensay / Donna Ice: Within her she could feel instinks screaming. She couldn't move to the side so she leaned closer against the tree. Her nose wrinkled as the scent moved pass her on the breath she noted how Eric did nothing and this didn't make her feel any better as a small growl escaped her lips.
She moved her eyes running over part of him and she knew he could not see them through the thick black.
She raised her pale elegant hand to run though her hair as she breathed through her mouth.
(b "How reassuring.") she stated back to him.
curzon / Eric lock: Eric ran his eyes over the length of the male with a small smile as he slipped off an away. What he was doing he knew was a way to slip past her tough exterior in the most quiet way.
Collateral / Collateral Yagumay: He watched her fondly, watching her hands flow through her striking hair.
'Please do not be afraid i care not to harm you'
Collateral turns his back on Ice and watches the sky.. a clear sign he trusts her.
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: Kylie, looking dishearted, scurried to get her things and found a way outside Seeing three people at a tree, she stopped dead in her tracts and prayed they wouldn't catch her scent
wisemensay / Donna Ice: Donna felt herself relaxed as this sign of trust however she knew she wouldn't be doing anything like that anytime soon. She turned her own gaze to the sky in thought and felt the nagging feeling of annoyance that she had been bothered.
She sighed once more and lowered her head to look back to his back thought the image of the sharp fangs still danced in her mind.
She bit the corner of her lip and sighed once more growling slightly as she felt angry at herself as spoke.
(b "Donna...") she mumbled.
Collateral / Collateral Yagumay: 'Greetings' Collateral exclaimed still staring at the sky...
his head slowly turned to face the new girl that had appeared.
curzon / Eric lock: Eric smiled at the new girl as he thought of a new friend.
"HELLO!!!" he declared racing over to her with a wide smile as he plobbed down at her feet.
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: Kylie stepped back, her green eyes wide "Hello..." she said, a light pink blush on her usually pale cheeks "I'm Kylie..I'm new"
curzon / Eric lock: Eric jumped back up to his feet. Energy was very visible in his golden eyes as he looked down at her with a smile.
"Hello Kali, I am Eric." he stated as he bowed down to her.
He rose and ran a hand through his hair.
"and welcome."
Collateral / Collateral Yagumay: 'Donna.... sometimes letting people in isnt a weakness it can be a strength' He turned and smiled at Ice ... now to be known as Donna.
He glances over at Kylie .... 'I am Collateral... im am new here too...'
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: Kylie's eyes narrowed a little She hated when people got her name wrong "It's KYLIE. But nice to meet you too" She turned to Collaterl "Nice to meet you also" Her backpack was suddenly heavy
Collateral / Collateral Yagumay: (R Very nice to meet you Kylie )
He glanced at her... and a cold feeling raced down his spine... somthing wasnt right about this 'Kylie' ... something about her .... species...
wisemensay / Donna Ice: Donna shrugged pertending his words didn't bother her as she felt anger roll through her like a storm as she felt herself drenched with in. Each burning drop almost welcoming as true as her pulse.
Her tounge a vivid pink ran across her lips. (b "I'll take that into thought.") she leaned against the tree and just listen.
Collateral / Collateral Yagumay: Collateral felt the anger in Donna's voice... however this was not the issue.... not anymore... this new girl... this Kylie...
Collateral walks over close to her... staring deep into her eyes....
(R So ... Kylie... what are you?)
curzon / Eric lock: Eric bit his tongue and nodded as he caught scent of hr. His eyes flared for a moment but he felt more peace with her then the werewolf Donna as he placed his hand out bowing slightly.
"My apologizes Kylie." he siad softly his golden eyes going soft also.
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: Kylie froze, afraid She didn't want what happened to Sie, her brother, to happen to her.. "Erm, v-vampire" she lied, her face paling
curzon / Eric lock: Eric tilted his head as he wondered why she was lying. He chuckled and then looked to his newest friend his eyes narrowing as he felt hostile for some reason.
Collateral / Collateral Yagumay: Collateral walked up real close, his and her Noeses almost touching.... bearing his sharp white teeth... his eyes glazed over a dark black...
(R Hmmm.... Your sent is like no other vampire i have ever smelt before)
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: Kylie's voice shook "I...I'm a half-vampire" She was suddenly afraid for her life, wishing she'd never come outside
curzon / Eric lock: ERic barred his teeth at Collateral and pulled him away from the new girl his eyes flaring dangrosly.
"Thats close enough!" he hissed.
Collateral / Collateral Yagumay: feeling the hands on the back of his shoulder makes him lash out suddernly at Eric, missing him by only inches.
Shaking he walks away from the girl... eyes still pitch black... he reaches into his coat and pulls out a vail of red liquid and chugs it down... and lets out a loud sigh....
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: Kylie stepped back, whimpering It was happening all just like her other school She had to get out of here, but the shock of having Collateral so close and Eric defend her was so thick she couldn't move
Collateral / Collateral Yagumay: Eyes returning back the their usual state, he turns to the girl and exclaims
(R Honesty... will save your life...I beleived you were a warewolf... or something of threat)
Collateral's breathing was heavy... and uneasy
Collateral / Collateral Yagumay: Collateral walks over to Kylie... and holds out his hand...and stares into her eyes with a trustworthy stare...
curzon / Eric lock: Eric hissed back at Collateral and snapped his gaze to Donna his teeth still flared.
"Keep an eye on him wolf or else." he snapped and sighed turning to her as he began to relazed his golden eyes softing as his teeth retracted.
"Are you okay?" he asked softly watching Collateral closly.
OwlEyes55 / Sie Kaelk: Sie could see the courtyard from here He could also see his baby sister in the middle of what looked like a hostile fight He sprinted to her and smiled when she gaped and ran to him He picked her up and spun her around "Hey Kylie" He looked up at the others and glared "Keep your hands off of her" he mouthed, already hating Collateral
Collateral / Collateral Yagumay: Collateral retracts his offering hand ... and stares at this new face not saying a word.
wisemensay / Donna Ice: Donna growled at Eric words but she knew what would happen... she lowered her head and moved closer only lightly took a step letting her breath out slowly she wished she had left earlier.
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: Kylie smiled sweetly at Eric "Yes, I'm okay Thank you for that" She glared at Collateral, her green eyes flaring in a way that would make a human's heart stop She turned back to Sie and smiled "This is my older brother, Sie"
curzon / Eric lock: Eric turned to the male and bowed deeply to him. He felt saddness wield up in him as he heard the word brother he turned his gaze to Donna in thought and then smiled.
"Hello I am ERic." he siad.
Collateral / Collateral Yagumay: Collateral sighed at Kylie, eyes never leaving Sie's ...
(R Hmmmm)
He turns his back and walks towards a small mound of grass... exchanging a glance with Eric on the way past.
(R My apologies friend)
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: Sensing Eric's saddness, Kylie tilted her head in that cute way she had Sie chuckled "What's the matter?" she asked, her voice child-like Kylie had a way of acting so hostile one second, and then like a child the next Sie stood by as Kylie walked up to Eric
wisemensay / Donna Ice: Donna ran her eyes over Eric as she had heard the word older brother and turned her head. She wasn't about to stay any longer. With long strides she swept away, a place full of vampires wasn't the place for her.
She moved off to find her solitary as any lone wolf would do.
curzon / Eric lock: ERic bit his lip for a moment and then laughed.
"Oh nothing!" he said as he smiled at her.
Saddness was somthing he no longer felt, he thought almost bitterly as he looked her brother over.
Collateral / Collateral Yagumay: As Donna walked past Collateral grabbed her arm lightly
(R You dont have to leave... please.... stay)
He felt a weird feeling when he looked at her....something that had never presented itself before...
He rapidly released her arm... and look away
(R F.f..forget it ... forget what i said)
Collateral swiftly moved to the tree and faced the other way.. staring at the grass...
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: ((gtg sorry))
wisemensay / Donna Ice: Donna stopped as she felt his hand it made her jump almost recoiling. She sighed and looked over at Eric and then him.
It would do him no good to stay when two other creatures where angry at him.
She filtered silently over to him and stood silently behind him for a moment.
(b "Come on.") she simply said turning her back to him and walking a clear invitation to follow.
Collateral / Collateral Yagumay: Collateral turns and watches Donna walking away, and decides to follow...
(R Why so nice all of a suddern)
wisemensay / Donna Ice: Donna tilted her head back in thought.
(b "I was told to watch ou.") she stated figuring it was the best answer at the moment.
Collateral / Collateral Yagumay: Collateral stops and turns to Donna and exclaims ... (R 'Dont worry about me... for now i must go, i may be around this place again possibly tomorrow... will i be blessed with your company?')
wisemensay / Donna Ice: She sighed shaking her head in thought as she moved a hand up running it under her sunglasses and over her eyes.
(b "A damn vampire of all things.") she cussed silently and let her hand drop.
(b "sure whatever.") she said nodding her head.
iVlad / Vladimir Tod: ~ sorry I left without telling you. ~ Vlad walked around the library waiting for someone he could get along with.Nobody really ever liked him.He sighed.
Collateral / Collateral Yagumay: Collateral looks at her.... a strange feeling overwhelmed him.
Collateral opens his mouth to say somthing ... but stops.. turns and begins to walk away, pulling the collar of his long black coat up as he walked.
wisemensay / Donna Ice: Donna shook her head and rolled her eyes.
Yes he was strange indeed she decided as she moved into the library in search for her solitary. She stepped in and inhaled deeply enjoying the scent of the old books as a small smile graced her lips she looped through the aisle intill she found one to her liking and ran her pale hand over the back of a small poetry book.
iVlad / Vladimir Tod: Vlad sighed as he seen no books he liked.He didn't read normal books, like everyone else.The books he read were twisted and a little romantic.He sat at a table and put his head down, sighing.
wisemensay / Donna Ice: Donna closed her eyes as she pulled the small book out of its place and closed her eyes as she ran her hand over the indented quill writing.
She open her eyes and fell against the bookcase glad for the faint lighting as she moved her sunglasses down.
"I felt a funeral in my brain, And mourners, to and fro, Kept treading, treading, till it seemed That sense was breaking through." she read aloud almost in a trance as her voice glided softly out.
iVlad / Vladimir Tod: Vlad heard a soft voice behind a bookcase, reading a rather interesting poem.He smiled a bit, got up, and peeked around the corner, listening.
wisemensay / Donna Ice: She swiped the hair out of her face as she kept going.
(b "And when they all were seated, a service like a drum kept beating, beating, till I thought my mind was going numb.")
She was in her own world now this was her peacful solitary where everything slipped away.
(b "And then I heard them lift a box, and creak across my soul With those same boots of lead, again. Then space began to toll")
iVlad / Vladimir Tod: He was amazed with the poetry.Not only that, but the graceful sound of her voice.He slipped into sight.He knew she wouldn't notice.He stared at her, a smile across his pale lips.
wisemensay / Donna Ice: She could fell the gental smile tugging at her lips now as her eyes danced.
(b "As all the heavens were a bell, and being, but an ear, and I and Silence some strange Race wrecked, solitary, here.") she finished and let out a smal sigh of content closing her eyes as she raised her head and nearly jumped as she sighted the man her eyes flaring as she slipped her glasses down she relaxed closing the book as she watched him.
iVlad / Vladimir Tod: Vlad's eyes widened.He slid back behind the bookcase, hoping she won't think he's some kind of freak.His breath passed through his lips slowly.
wisemensay / Donna Ice: She leaned her head forward her hair sliding down her mouth partly open as she than tilted her head. She took a step forward her curiosity flaring. She was afraid to speak in case she spooked then man. She bit her lip and moved closer she wanted to see what he would do.
iVlad / Vladimir Tod: Vlad closed his eyes, sliding down so his knees were touching his forehead.He waited, seeing if the girl would walk away or approach him.
MaverickFrost / Robert Alling: (may i join)
wisemensay / Donna Ice: Donna bit her lip as she moved closer but kept a safe distance as she knelt down. Usually it was the other way with her. She would be the one slipping away but this time this silent boy and the fact she had been social lately had flared her interest.
(b "hi...")
iVlad / Vladimir Tod: He peeked over at the girl."Um....hello." He said in soft tone, almost a whisper.He was blushing a little, but his cheeks were hidden.He looked down at his shoes.
iVlad / Vladimir Tod: (( BRB ))
wisemensay / Donna Ice: She bit her lip a little harder as she tilted her head she had a feeling she should leave but...
"Are you okay?" she asked in the same soft voice she had used to read her poetry.
SkyWindKicker / Claude: -sorry, was busy yesterday, mind filling me in?-
iVlad / Vladimir Tod: (( Anybody here? ))
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: ((I am))
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: ((Hello?? Anyone here?))
iVlad / Vladimir Tod: (( I'm here ))
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: ((You wanna RP??))
iVlad / Vladimir Tod: ((Yeah, sure.You go ahead and start.))
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: Kylie sat quietly at a library table It was late and only the librarian and her were in the dark, big room Kylie flipped the page in her book and it seemed to echoe in the loneliness of this poor, vacant room She sighed and put her head down, exahusted She hoped that maybe, if she fell asleep, someone would wake her..She didn't even finish the sentance before she was asleep
iVlad / Vladimir Tod: Vlad walked into the library.He wasn't going to read, but he just needed somewhere to chill out.He saw the girl he'd ran into the first day he came here.The one that said she was half-vampire.He smiled at her, and sat across from her not trying to wake her up.
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: Kylie's dream was one of her past. She could barelly keep from screaming aloud as the horrors struck her all over again Blood, so much blood..Her dad, Ramon, his fist held the knife that caused the blood Kylie...only 6, lay on the floor beneath him, clutching her stomach and screaming He'd stabbed her..She'd have barelly survived if it had not been for the vampire that stole her from the hospital room..Kyle awoke with a sudden, agonised cry Her green eyes were wide and teary, her belly aching and stinging almost as bad as it had that day She saw Vlad and everything crumbled But, she held it together and wipped her eyes, looking at her book on the table "Sorry.." she mumbled, her voice tear-soaked
iVlad / Vladimir Tod: Vlad looked at her with sympathy."You alright?" He asked, his voice soft.
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: Kylie smirked softly at her book "Yeah" she sighed, suddenly interested in a strand of black hair "Bad dream.." She looked up at Vlad and smirked again, humor shinning in her eyes "Are you stalking me?"
iVlad / Vladimir Tod: Vlad's eyes widened, realizing watching somebody sleep was kind of weird."Uh...uh....I was just....uh...." He stuttered.
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: Kylie laughed, strangly wishing he WAS stalking her "I know you're not Just teasing...So, uh, why were you watching me sleep esactally?" She stood and stretched, her shirt riding up to show a flat stomach and the small indention that led to her *cough* PARTS down below She wasn't wearing a belt, so her pants were loose around the waist and tight on her legs, giving her a nice shape and flattering her already intense curves
iVlad / Vladimir Tod: Vlad tried to not look down at her exposed stomach.Instead, he looked at her pretty green eyes, and opened his mouth to speak."Well, I was trying to find somebody to talk to...." He said, smiling.
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: Kylie plopped heavily into the chair next to him, getting close She would've sat in his lap..but his legs were under the table She grinned at him and leaned her head on her hand "Well, I'm awake Wanna talk?" she asked, sipping a RedBull that sat by her book
iVlad / Vladimir Tod: "Sure." He said happily, smiling.This was the first time he ever tried talking to a girl, since he was so shy.He brushed a lock of hair out of his eye, and waited for her to say something
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: Kylie hesitated and blushed "One favor...Sit so your legs arent under the table" She wasn't sure how Vlad would react, but it was fun sitting in people's laps She liked it and it was hilarious seeing their shocked faces "Please?" She pouted cutely like she did for Silas and she'd always gotten her way with him
iVlad / Vladimir Tod: "O-Okay..." He slid his chair back, until his legs weren't underneath the table."Why?" He added curiously.
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: Kylie grinned and jumped up, plopping into his lap She curled up like a little kid and the contored of her body fit perfectly with his, making it even more comfortable She leaned her head on his shoulder and looked at him she bright green eyes "You don't mind, do you?"
iVlad / Vladimir Tod: Vlad blushed, his eyes wide."Well uh....not um...really...." He said. He actually really liked that she was on his lap.She was really cute, so he was happy.Just shy.He was still blushing.
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: Kylie smiled and brushed a hand through her long hair "Why are you blushing?" She sat up, still smiling sweetly
iVlad / Vladimir Tod: "Well, uh...I guess I just uh.....kind of think...that uh...you're cute..." Vlad blushed harder then.He can't belive he let that slip.....He wasn't thinking, because he was way too flustered.
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: Kylie blushed too, her face tomato red She, somehow, slid closer to Vlad and decided to tease him a little She leaned up and kissed his cheek, playing with a strand on his hair She smiled and pecked his forehead, blushing even darker *Why am I doing this???* she thought But she liked it
iVlad / Vladimir Tod: Vlad's eyes widened more, shocked.*Why would a girl this cute like ME?* he thought in his mind.He blushed darker.He just sat there, but usually he'd run away, embarrassed.
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: Kylie then got up and went to her bag, pulling out a mirror and fluffing her limp hair She pulled out a can of hairspray and sprayed it, then shook it out for the 'messy look' She then straddled Vlad and sat back on his knees, her back against the table "Anything you wanna talk about?" she asked with a cute smile
iVlad / Vladimir Tod: "Well, not really...." He said, just wanting to get close to somebody.He managed to put a little smile on his pale lips.
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: "Hey, do you wanna hang out at my dorm? It's a little messy but I have some cool CDs we can listen to" Kylie offered, standing She smiled and held out a hand
iVlad / Vladimir Tod: He took her hand, standing up."Sure, that sounds fun." He says, smiling bigger now.
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: Kylie pulled him to the other side of the table and pulled on her backpack, then led him upstairs, still holding his hand, and to her dorm room Unlocking the door, she flipped on the light to reveal a couch, coffee table, old TV, and a brand new stereo that took up a big table by the couch She dropped her bag at the door and put in a 'SlipKnot' CD, then went to the kitchen She poked her head out and grinned "You want anything to eat or drink?"
iVlad / Vladimir Tod: "No, I'm fine." He says, his stomach growling.He lied.He hasn't had any blood for a day, but he didn't want to be a burden.
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: Kylie squinted at Vlad and brought him a glass of blood anyways "I heard your stomach" she said, smiling up at him "Take a sit Me casa Aye Su Casa" She grinned and flipped the CD to a mix
Tyasuke / Sokai: (May I join?
bio info: A half breed of vampire and demon. He is a quite boy who doesn't talk much to anyone. He likes to sit in trees and stare at the sky but most of his time he spends alone.) Sokai sits in a large tree within the school's courtyard. Sokai often skipped classes for he didn't much care about school itself. He stares at the clouds rolling by wondering why he was even hear. His eyes held no emotion as he stared blankly at the sky
iVlad / Vladimir Tod: He grinned. "Thanks." He said, slurping it down.
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: ((Owner's not here..)) Kylie then turned off the CD and put her glass down She sat in Vlad's lap again and looked at him seriously She'd never had this much fun with a guy before and..she wondered if it would last "Vlad..do you"-she stopped and blushed redder than a tomato, burying her face in his shoulder-"do you like me?" she whispered, almost inaudibly
iVlad / Vladimir Tod: His eyes widened again, and his heart skipped a beat. *Oh my god....* he thought."Y-Yeah...." He said, briefly.
Tyasuke / Sokai: (Well, says anyone can join so I'll join in until someone says otherwise lol) Sokai jumps down from the tree. "Wonder what I should do now." He asks himself walking towards the exit of the school courtyard. "To think it's almost been four years already... I can't believe I haven't found him yet." Sokai sighs reaching the exit
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: Kylie sat up on her knees, stradling him She pushed him back against the couch and got so close she blew her sweet breath on his face She smiled and blew lightly in his ear "I like you too"
iVlad / Vladimir Tod: He stared at her, amazed.She was SO pretty, and she liked HIM.**Wow..shes so....cute...** He thought.
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: Kylie sat close to Vlad, her body pressed against him She blew in his ear again and smiled, turning so she could kiss his neck She kissed up and down his pale neck, smiling as she played with his hair "Well, love?" she whispered against his collar bone "Anything you wanna say or talk about?"
iVlad / Vladimir Tod: He was blushing REALLY red."N-No...." He said.He wasn't good at starting conversations.He shivered as she kissed his neck.
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: Kylie pulled back and smiled, then leaned in closer to his lips "Do you mind?" she whispered, her lip brushing his
iVlad / Vladimir Tod: "No...." He said.He liked it a lot.A girl never lked him that way....ever.Usually they just ignored him.
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: Kylie smiled and pressed her lips to Vlad's The feelings that flowed through her was electric, lighting a fuse She pressed hard into him and tugged a little on his hair, begging for a reaction
iVlad / Vladimir Tod: He deepened the kiss, putting his hands around her waist.He smiled during the kiss a bit.He was finally happy, TRULY happy....for once.
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: Kylie tangled her fingers in Vlad's hair, grinning also She liked him A LOT And his kiss was the best kiss she'd had since...ever
iVlad / Vladimir Tod: He licked at her bottom lip a little, spicing up the kiss, smiling bigger as they kissed passionately.
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: Kylie shivered and barelly opened her lips to let her tongue touch Vlad's Another shock made her shiver and she laid down, pulling him on top of her
iVlad / Vladimir Tod: He slipped his tongue inside her mouth, shivering a little.He explored every little inch of her mouth, loving every second.
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: ((brb...Packing for New Orleans in the morning)) Kylie shivered again a small moan rose to her lips, making her kiss Vlad even more passionatley
iVlad / Vladimir Tod: (( okay )) Vlad held her closely, still making out with her.He loved her.He really did.
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: ((back)) Kylie pulled back and almost started crying from these unfamiliar tinglings and feelings "I love you!" she gasped, pulling him back down to her mouth and pressing against him hard
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: ((anyone on?))
diewithyou / Billy: <<may I join>>
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: ((owner not here))
diewithyou / Billy: <<oh, Well I will wait til then>>
iVlad / Vladimir Tod: (( Back <3 ))
iVlad / Vladimir Tod: (( anyone here? ))
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: ((I'M HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!))
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: ((Is anyone there??))
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: ((Dude....Is anyone online??))
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: ((I may not be on much..I'm going to my cousin's))
RavenWings / Leah read this!!!!: [anyone on?]
SkyWindKicker / James N.: -I am, but I'm hardly on to start with-
RavenWings / Leah read this!!!!: [hi]
SkyWindKicker / James N.: -*wistles at you*-
RavenWings / Leah read this!!!!: [..............]
SkyWindKicker / James N.: -nvm, I'm board |3-
RavenWings / Leah read this!!!!: [I have to go. I may be back though]
RavenWings / Leah read this!!!!: [anyone on?]
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: ((I am))
RavenWings / Leah read this!!!!: [anyone on?]
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: ((Me))
RavenWings / Leah read this!!!!: [Hi!]
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: ((Hey:] Where is everyone??))
RavenWings / Leah read this!!!!: [Don't know...]
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: ((:))
RavenWings / Leah read this!!!!: [wanna rp, has anything happened sense I was gone?]
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: ((NOPE And I have no idea what to RP about))
RavenWings / Leah read this!!!!: [You could meet me, that would be an interesting scene...]
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: ((How so?))
RavenWings / Leah read this!!!!: [beats me, I gave it my best shot...]
OwlEyes55 / Kylie Thomas: ((Meh, okay You begin))
RavenWings / Leah read this!!!!: Leah was walking around, happy as could be, or she was planing something[bad], you never can tell. She wasn't paying attention and she ran into a girl she hadn't meet before.
RavenWings / Leah read this!!!!: [anyone on?]
RavenWings / Leah read this!!!!: [anyone?]
KarloZ / Ezequiel: Weird, why is this atop the RP list?

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