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Roleplay - Bite Me! Yaoi by Kappa. / YukinoDarkness

When Dracula was vanquished, no one knew that he could be reborn, since he was, well (i dead). But, as it happened, he (i was) reborn. It's, jsut a problem he was reborn into a thirteen year old that refuses to drink blood, depiste what his mother says. And it doesn't help that he's a complete wuss.
Enter, Chi Kyandi, a Japanese boy who just turned thirteen, and, therefore, has to accept his vampire lines into his blood offically. Unfortunately, he refuses to (i drink) blood. But, luckily, he doesn't nessecarily (i have) to drink blood regularly, until he has his first bite. But, none the less, his family, and the voice in his head that keeps calling himself, 'Dracula', are intent on getting him to accept what he refuses to.
Enter X(you choose the name), a (heritage(not a magical animal)) boy who is (bold INSANE) about vampires and their habits, and whose life dream is to become one. Of course, upon meeting Chi, who has recently moved to Greensburg, he instantly expects that he is one of them. Sharp canines. Vibrant yellow eyes. The odd, strange attraction that the girls seem to hold over the timid creature. He completely puts aside the fact that the vampire walks in the day and is fine with eating garlic, and sets on investigating this supsicious character, totally disregarding the other's privacy and trying to tempt him(after concluding that he was, indeed, a vampire)with his blood.
Will X succeed?(Of course) How will Chi react to having a human, much less a (bold boy) stalking him and insistently trying to make him suck his blood(Freaked out as hell)? And WHO is the UKE and WHO is the SEME?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!

Roleplay Details

Chi Kyandi: Seke(Uke & Seke)
X(give a name): U/S/S
No godmodding
They are thirteen
No shapeshifting


YukinoDarkness / Chi Kyandi (Blood Candy): <<I KNOW he doesn't look like a seke, but just roll with it!!<<
YukinoDarkness / Chi Kyandi (Blood Candy): <<*waits*<<
Kyoshi: Hello
TheHidden / Kon Gregor: ((Name: Kon Gregor
Age: 14
Seme...or if you want Chi to be seme that’s fine and he can be uke
Heritage: A long line of loud, boisterous, and suspicious Irish folk
Hope its okay if I join. Figured it was since no one else has))
Kon lay flat on his back in the tall grass, his light eyes searching for some kind of movement in the coming night. Nothing but silence and a gentle breeze greeted him. The trees overhead made the night seem even darker as the sun sunk behind the hills. After a few minutes he sat up, complete darkness now swallowing him. “Hello?” He whispered quietly into the still night. He pulled the pin-cushion out of his pocket and pulled out a shiny silver needle. He pricked his finger and waited. Nothing but silence. Shivers ran down his back as his imagination let loose. ‘They could be out there. Sneaking up on their midnight snack.’ He licked his lips appreciatively and looked around. A branch snapped somewhere nearby. He stood up in anticipation. But no mythical creature emerged from the woods to come for him. Frustrated he squeezed his finger, making a few drops of blood emerge. He waved his hand around, trying anything to attract what he hoped lie in wait for him.
YukinoDarkness / Chi Kyandi (Blood Candy): Grass rustled under gentle footsteps as four figures made their way through the forest.
"I can't wait to see all the girls here!" commented a tall, raven haired teen, licking his lips happily. "I bet their all just waiting to be-"
"Darin, manners." said a young looking girl, making the teen pout.
"I was just talking about sucking their blood, Mom!" he whined, before his eyes shined dreamily. "I can just see that thick, red liquid spilling down their slender necks as I take away some of their life source, the ruby substance staining a pretty, white blouse as I suck-"
"Uwaa!" Chi whined, covering his ears, tears coming to his eyes, stomach roiling. "Stop it! I'm going to be sick!"
"It's something you need to do soon too, Chi." a young looking man said softly, making Chi look down at the ground sadly.
'That's right...' he thought. 'But I won't! I won't ever drink blood!'
(i Oh you will) said the ever present voice in his head. (i You WILL drink blood, or I'll kill you)
'As if you could. You're a voice.'
TheHidden / Kon Gregor: Kon let out a sigh of frustration and stood to his full height, brushing the grass residue resulting from lying in the forest off his clothes. He heard a branch snap somewhere nearby and he jerked toward that direction, his heart suddenly pounding in his chest. As much as he squinted into the night though, he could see nothing but trees and darkness. “False alarm.” He murmured, disappointment in his voice. The crazy red-headed fourteen year old that stood in the woods had a crazy fascination for vampires, a species long believed to be extinct or just altogether a made up character. But Kon believed otherwise. He had been pursuing vampire leads for a year now. Right now he thought he was on the trail of a young vampire family, and didn’t realize just how right he was. The young clan was tramping through the woods not far away at this very moment, anticipating a meal of humans. All but one at least. Kon was obsessed.
YukinoDarkness / Chi Kyandi (Blood Candy): The next day, Chi was shooed off to his first day of school at Greensburg High, not looking forward to it at all.
'I don't see why I can't be home-schooled...' he thought to himself, sighing as he trudged to his new morning dwelling.
He was already bored by just the prospect of going to the human filled building. Not that he disliked humans- it was just... Everywhere he went, girls seemed to crowd him, and it was annoying. Especially when they touched him. As a result, the boys would always bully him, another negative. Human schools had never given him good experiences.
TheHidden / Kon Gregor: Once the snooze button was pushed more that it could be, Kon’s mom finally went into her sons’ room to drag him out of bed. She was a large woman, of about average height, with curly red hair that usually was carelessly put in a ponytail. Just as Kon became aware of someone’s hands touching his ankles, it was too late. He found himself pulled off the bed before he had time to react. “You’ll be late for school. Hurry up.” His mother instructed gruffly, before she shuffled off to attend to the eggs that were frying on the stove. Kon, face against the floor, muttered an incomprehensible response. He had stayed out nearly all night in the woods. Slowly he picked himself off the floor, groggily starting to move about. His eyes glanced up at his clock and he let out a yelp of surprise. Soon he was moving much quicker, running around his room like a mad man before he ran to the kitchen, grabbed a cold egg off his plate, and rushed out the door. By the time he was halfway to school he had managed to scarf down the egg and make it so that he would only be five minutes late for his first period class. His hair was a mess, in his hurry to leave the house he hadn’t bothered to try to tame it. He wore a pair of black straight jeans and a T-shirt he had found under a pile of clothes. His chucks squeaked as he entered the school building, still at a run. He didn’t stop till he was at the door of his classroom. He took a deep breath, attempted to comb down his hair, and walked into his math class. For a moment all eyes turned to him, but the attention soon drifted as his teacher scolded him tiredly. She knew it wouldn’t do any good. He was Kon after all, he would still come to class late even if she gave him a years detention.
YukinoDarkness / Chi Kyandi (Blood Candy): Later on, Chi was quietly sitting in the back of the school, quietly eating his sandwich, already exhausted from the first three periods. He glanced up when he sensed he was being watched, only to see a group of girls staring at him from around the corner. He sighed and hung his head as they squealed and ducked away.
TheHidden / Kon Gregor: Kon entered the cafeteria and frowned as a swarm of girls brushed passed him, squealing and giggling. He groaned and rolled his eyes. He got in the food line which slowly shuffled along, women in hairnets plopping food onto your plate. He picked up a tray when he could and picked out the best of the poor selection of food for his lunch. After he paid he turned to try and find a seat. There were a few empty tables, and then there were the cliques all at their separate tables. A friend, or rather an acquaintance waved at him, and Kon managed a smile and waved in return. But still his eyes scanned the place for a seat. There seemed to be some commotion towards the back, a group of girls who were watching a boy who sat at his own table. He didn’t look like the usual kind of guy girls stayed around here, just a cute kid. Kon shrugged and made his way over. Maybe his vision was just poor. As he got nearer his eyes widened and his heart pounded against his chest. He blinked and looked again. Shaking his head he took a seat across from the boy. “Hello.” He said, keeping his eyes on his tray.
YukinoDarkness / Chi Kyandi (Blood Candy): <<He's sitting outside ^^'<<
Chi's head whipped up, blinking at the sudden company, before he shifted and looked around. Was this a trick? Were the other boys going to gang up on him?
"...H-hello." he returned uncertainly, chewing on the inside of his cheek nervously.
TheHidden / Kon Gregor: [[ Oops…my bad >.< ]]
“Im Kon.” Said the red-headed boy, risking a glance back up at him. Again that same strange feeling. Where had he felt it before? Somehow it seemed familiar to him, the boy himself seemed familiar to Kon. He squinted, thinking and studying the boy. Embarrassed by his action he whipped his head back down to look at his tray. He absently began picking at his food. A giggle made him look up again, to see the girls watching him and the boy.
YukinoDarkness / Chi Kyandi (Blood Candy): Chi mumbled to himself, wondering if he should be talking to the other.
(i You're such a wuss... i) Chi pouted at the light jab at his small amount of pride.
"I-I'm Chi." he returned keeping his eyes on the ground as he said this.
TheHidden / Kon Gregor: "Nice to meet you Chi." Kon grinned lightly at the boy, whose golden eyes insisted on looking at the ground. "Are you new here?" Kon comtemplated. Even the misfits had friends to sit with, so he figured either this kid was new or just kept to himself.
YukinoDarkness / Chi Kyandi (Blood Candy): "Yes." he verified, taking a bite out of his sandwich.

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