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Roleplay Listing Page 103

The unordinary/ordinary teenager life.
Resident Evil: New Legend
Chaos of Instinct (Needs RPers!)
The Terror House
♘ The World in Chaos (open ) ♘
The Mage,The Neko, And a Demon (Needs demon!)
The twins(girls needed)(restarted)
House Party
Romancing the beach
who are you agian
Death game/ ready to die?(NEED PEOPLE!!!! NEED SPY!!!!)
Please, need vampires! :D
Demon Fire Cage Match
The Unexpected
Deadly Demons rise from Hell
Will you still love me? (needs rpers!!!!!!!)
The Simplest Lives
Iona Conference
Forbidden twins! (needs rpers)
wall to wall
2 ghosts
Iona: The Page of Azraman
Reality for the rebels. (Need people!)
Twilight *Jacob and Renesmee mainly.*
One Piece New Adventure
Lost Souls (Hunters remix)
Nagato's story<akatsuki fan-fiction>
School for the Unwanted (needs rpers!)
Shadows of Hope
Runaways (Please join! Need two guys and one girl!)
Witch Season. -No longer Accepting.-
Band: Awaiting The after party (join please)
Tail of the Comet *Warriors fanfic*
Prince x Prince
A best friends love
Gothic Fantasy Diary
Loving Nightmare? One on One
school for the crazy (needs guys)
Locked in [ Filled. ]
Forests of Doctrina
the heart of war (players wanted)
Elemental Secrets
On Your Own
a harsh jungle
Life can be harsh!
The Halo Effect [anyone can join]
Reality Check [Private RP for mangatensai]
Neko Schooling(found)
Childhood Friends.
When We Grow (Needs rpers!)
what is life with out love
Element school (NEED MORE PEOPLE!!)
whos controling who
Tokyo Meyhem. [Dance Roleplay.]
Love and Hate the Dark Waters ( anyone welcome!)
demensional war [open]
Flames of Justice;Passion of Evil
Tutoring!?<1v1> (restarted
The Sharpest Lives
New life
Creepy Pervert CHaT
Dark Kingdom vs Light Kindom
Angel Arc
Elemental Outcasts
So.... we are sisters?
Untitled we need some one to be the dark one
6,000 years into the Summer
vampire castle
The followed
love or death >
How could this happen?
The New Guy Anime (need a guy, please =])
Deadly Disease: One on One
temprary Elemental other
Love Like Winter
The Kiss Of A Vampire
Let's Party Tonight
The Labyrinth: Jareth The Golbin King
Vampire Kisses -starts after raven and alexander meet-
Death note Black Rose (enyone allowed) detectives needed and killers

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