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Roleplay Listing Page 119

Welcome to Hell
The Issue of Cybering (everyone, please view, extremely important)
cam gigandet
slaves for life!!
Super assasin V2
The Forsworn (JOIN the FUN)
Angel of Darkness [Join]
Plague at the Dollhouse
endless rain
Dungeon Depths
1on1 'hyperactive mode' rp
never expect it!
Laringtone School for pecular children
sonic: the chonicles of nekos
Ask but don't tell.
Macabre Danse
Alone and confused (PLEASE JOIN)
Fire Emblem [Remade]
Expect the Unexpected *OneXOne*
the lost emerald
a devils love......((one on one))
Welcome to DJ Spike's Rave
Untold Story (Legend of Zelda RP)
Sweet Revenge {New}
Its either I do or I dont [[Arranged Marriage]]
Renaissance Koh Samui Resort & Spa [Accepting]
Twilight: A Jasper Bella Story
One x One Literate RP desired.
Serene Existence
Thug Life [M]
Can you teach a new dog, old and new tricks?
can you say hyrbid?
Careful Horror -- NEED CHARACTERS
Super assasin V3 (( Please Join))
I Never Miss
Walking through fire (need RPers!!!)
super assisin v4
.: Inner Turmoil :. (Open - Rated M)
the fall of vampires
Love is a lonely Thing (one on one Romance)
Legend of Z-S-Saria?
scorn of an empress might of a beast
for the love of god
Dark hearts
Dragons, Knights, War, Peace (Needs People! Everyone Welcome)
Tru Life(OPEN)
Emotastic!(Human pic rp)
The Agents of the Lab(NEED PEOPLE!)
Stay With Me(Guys needed)
Twilight Adventure (Need Characters)
At a party
I was yours...(Need People PLEASE)
Mystical Roleplay
resident evil degeneration:the other story
school before the war
love is blood (( one on one))
Crimson Wedding
Glass House remake..NEW.. (( NEED PEOPLE! ))
Best Friend to the end?
A love story---please join---
School for the insane
I will be the Death of you (Romance/Horror)
Together Forever (open)
Lost Dreams
home improvment
Langston High (open!)
Different Twilight.
Jewels Academy
hedghog wars.....((sonic rp))
The disappearing islands [please join!!!]
Succubus (1x1)(Guy Needed)
Steel Hearts Bounty Hunting Service ((Closed))
Batman: Agent of Chaos
Yes Master... (oneXone)
Vampire's bleed to
Yaoi Rp (Needs SEME!/Mature) 1X1
Slave rp (oneXone) ((Closed))
Crime is her middle name (( ppl please))
Beginning of an end...
.: Virus - The Survivors :. (Open)

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