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Roleplay Listing Page 120

.: The Dark Knight II :. ( Batman RP. Character Positions Open! )
Karma? Doubt it (Need RPers)
The Slave House
The taste of blood.
.: The Elder Demon - Lock Down :. (Open)
the waves of the sea...........
shadows above life
Friday the 13th (a shape shifter story) *NEed Rpls*
final fantasy: another world
Outbreak! (( Join!))
Nameless Souls
Behind The Masks** Need Rpers Yush!!**
Loving Herdio
the last angel
blood and wine.........((one on one))
Get Out. . . Leave
Goth boy (one-on-one)
child play
I have no clue
Naruto new fight
<< any one up for a one on one >>
Goths, romance, bands, EVERYONE RP, lovers, uhhh ya XD GO US!!! WOOO
Asking For Trouble (need mother and daughter)
School Romance [[ Need more boys! ]]
I do..only cause I was forced to..[[Arranged Marriage]] [[Need boys bad! ]]
***Kandi Kids***
New Naruto Rp (Open)
Please My RP needs Batman(Bruce Wyane)
They Called him a FREAK
A Mysterous Past
A Mysterous Past
Mel's Diner: Open for Business
PaperMoon (Soul Eater Rp)
Gates of oblivion
Wanted: God Of men.
-How to shoot a Romance Movie-
Homeless Saviour
Mysterious Emotion (Yuuri Rp)(Very M)
Age of Darkness
Waking the Demon
The Crimson Sword
Remember Me
Kingdom Hearts:Dark Blade Legend
~Love in All Years~ (Arranged Marriage/Harem) Need boys bad!
Moonlit Mansion [[ Accepting ]]
School Romance [[ Need boys, and girls ]]
Black Phoenix (Need RPers)
Host (onexone)
~*The Orphan Palace*~
1X1 ((closed))
Demons Unlocked...(re-made)
True Immortal (closed)
Forbidden: 1 on 1
One on One
1X1 ((closedl))
Night School for the Unnatural.
Just another high school -please join-
HEROES <<any romance allowed>> realpics
One on One {Vampire} -Looking for male- || Please join! ||
A werewolf life for me!
kissing tutor
Battle Scared (*NEEDS PEOPLE*)
blood for blood!(new join)
Be Obedient (yaoi)
Lesbian Bisexual or Straight
The King and The Slave
Party day
Heartbreak Hotel (redo)
Circus Dolls. [Needs rpers, expecially 2 guys!]
The last dog on earth. *need people.*
Beauty: 1 on 1
One on One
~~~LEAVING!~~~ ***BYE BYE*** ~{[*waves*]}~
Black Rose Seraph
Dangerous neighbourhoods - Blades Vs. Rippers.
Help me or kill me?
A slave for love
the hotel of paranormal
Crystal Choronicles
*Fantasy Wolf Rp * ...Cake If you Join.....
*The People From Under Ground* ~Slave/Master RP~ (Accepting)
Like stars in the sky, you shine .. ( Fantasy )

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