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Roleplay Listing Page 125

1 x 1 Yuri (realy need girl)
Final Fanstey VII: last man (NEEDS CHARACTERS)
school of training
i love you brother.......
Fun and Games. (Plz Join)
Avatar the Last Air Bender RP
The Music Academy: Side quest
Grims Tale (PLZ JOIN)
Ever After (Modern Cinderella)
YURI!!! ^_^
Celestilor- Land of the Night Sky
Her Fallen Angel (one on one)
Need someone to Be my Angel.
Legend of Zelda ((remix no saving zelda ^^))
.: Networked Wires of Metallic Seduction :. (Open - Needing Owners!)
Twin Trouble[Need People](New)
The colliding worlds.
Its A Pirates Life for Me
The Lost Wolves...
Heavens Perfume (Pt. 1 Heavens Tears)
The Road (join plzzz)
City of Insanity
Tournament of Gods
Tournament of Gods
Plot Twist
end of the world
resident evil:last battle ((needs ppl))
Love Triangle
Naruto Yaoi ((Dead))
The calling. (please join need other friends)
Falling into Darkness
Falling into Darkness (needs people)
Vampire war (( Need ppl. ))
|~|Bite Me.|~| [Private.]
Blood - The music is all around us,all you have to do is listen _
Blood of an Innocent
vampires bite
a new breed of demon (D,gray-man RP) (need people) (restarted)
Love and the city
The Love Era (New need guys)
Pokemon Sinnoh Grand Festival
Music Academy Side Quest 2
Hybrid Island (( remake. ))
in love...(one on one) need male
Nisa's Dilemma
looking for a 1x1 RP partner
fallen angel (full)
Welcome to Wonderland
Ranma 1/2 (Yaoi)
I'm bored so check this out kay?
A Demons Love (PLEASE JOIN!!!!)
Abandonment [Need People] (New)
Blood in the Feilds
A 2x2 [Needs a guy and a girl.]
The forbidden
sea of blood ((needs ppl!!!!!T_T))
Star Ocean
Neko Ninja teams
a 1x1 romance/fanasy [CLOSED]
The Legendary Sword
A lost cause? (1on1..on1?)
worlds ends (( 1 on 1) ((new))
Accident to Genetic Experiment
vasilines adventure in vagina town
Romance one on one [full]
Welcome to Romance High! ((Needs Rper
Orin Acadamy
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix [Need Rpers]
Assassins align together (Join Please)
OOC; For A School for Us.
Looking for rolplayer (Yuri/Yaoi
Masked Dance
Ouran High School Host Club
Repo: The Genetic RP
A Brand New High School~
Revamping Drifter's Haven >_<
If I can be serious for a minute
.:Life can Wait:. Anime Role-Play .:Love can't Stay:.
~ Orphanage Role Play ~
Let's pretend to be homosexuals
Born to Kill [[Literate]]
mature yaoi 1 x 1 (need male)
Frozen Wasteland (( NEEDS PEOPLE!!!))
super human 1 on 1 (closed)

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