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Roleplay Listing Page 126

One word story
Valoriaan Wars
baby sitting a teenager(need ppl and girls)
The games (PLEASE JOIN!!)
King of the Ring
super human 1 on 1 ((please join))
hells street!(*new* read all, join)
The Sight [New]
Lunar Orphanage
Anime Academy:First Year
One on One ((chase123)) [full]
Slave Marketing </3
unlikely meetings
Just a 1 x 1
the chains that hold me down (1x1 closed)
Million Tears (Needs RPers!)
CupCake Mystery
The Dawn of Revolution
Yaoi 1X1 (open)
What lies in the dark.
... I want a 1X1 yaoi
Peaches and Strawberries
The Shadow Falls
A Tricksters Quest. ((1-on-1)) ((NEED GIRL))
earths last hope
dating service!!!!
Lost Worlds (RPG style RP)
can he be tamed(need ppl)
when darkness fades
Pokemon: Love, fighting,drama, and POKEMON
Song of the Nightmare *people welcome*
New Moon:D
Gears Of War - Multiplayer Kingdom.
Roleplay. please join!
Prom ((OPEN ))
The Minors Guide to High Society
Vampire Princess.
darkest shade ((band rp))
knights of nextius:the cross
Frontier of Dark Arts (Star Wars)
neko castle
Highly Trained Assassin
The Vampire Diaries --need peoples--
Yaoi 1 on 1
Self esteem? (need people!)
Running With Scissors [Vamp RP] (Needs Guy!)
Angels with vampire slaves
As a Banished Angels
important message for all ES members, please read
escape need more rpers
the hotel of paranomal=)
~Cant run forever ~
the kid and the mansion( teenager and the mansion is the continue story)
Just Rest..
world of elements [need elementalists and demi gods]
high school love
Anime school dorms *open*
Another vampire/ high school rp
super human 1 on 1
Ouran High School Host Club // Black Rose
Shugo Chara // Kokoro no Tamago
Disgaea // Endless Night
Black Tears
Elite Skills Chat 2
highschool drama...
And If I Die Before I Wake. -Literate-
demon slaves and masters
(1x1) vampires are they real?(need guy!!!!)
One Red Rose....
Can I ever fit in?
resident evil: last stand of the world
Similar Differences
Story of my life...
One x One - Romance And Fantasy RP - Female Character Needed
RoomMates [[ Need Guys ]]
The Outcast of Trevor High
Bedtime Story

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