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Roleplay Listing Page 128

Hunger [Full]
DearS (One On One)
shards of dispair ((band rp ^^))
Unwanted Love
Note; Cybering
Twin Trouble
1x1 4 me and tsuki
Anyone up for a romance?
Final Fantasy (Don't follow the real story line) <PLEASE JOIN!
I know you belong with me
A New Romance Blossoms (Locked with Riceball)
world of zombies
Ignore this. I am only doing this cause I need to print this up at school
FF roleplay. need rpers.
1 x 2 yaoi (need 1 male)
in my dreams
(())The Three Stones of Tymnora(())Please Join-Need white stone
Yuri Dorm *full*
Pretty women(oneXone YURI)FULL
2 Girls,6 Vampire Boys,1 Mansion.What Could Possibly Go Wrong?- need peoples!-
maids love (1 X 1)
one on one? anyone? [[always looking]]
Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge;
Let me teach you... (1x1, Yaoi)
Fly too high...
stuck in a mansion ((2 on 1))
Dark Lover [New]
Castles in the Sky
1x1 search
Witch Season. [One On One.] [Found.]
~TWILIGHT~ Pre (Carlisle Cullen's past)
For The Love of Ray J ( Needs Ray J and Girls )
Misery loves company(NEED GUYS)
Sick At Home
When Death Comes With Friendship (needs RPers)
In The End(New Rp, Needs Rpers)
World death
D&D Role Play
Cruise gone wrong -Closed-
Highschool Romance
Fire's of the makai
Summer Days [[1x1]]
PM me for a 1x1 romance
The Elfin Princess (1x1)
Survival... *NEW, PLEASE JOIN*
Slave RP
Love Barrier
Love Berrier
Rules of Cosplay
Faithless Trust
My Guardian (One on One)*Closed*
Sisters stick together (rpers needed)
any one want a one on one << wonna join please post>>
SSS Secret Secondary School *NEW*
Love Berrier [1x1]
Final Battle
Elite Skills Chat--Games
Blah! 1 on 1
super hero in traing (( full with or with out Nexus))
maids in a mad mans house
Charter Academy (anyone is welcome. *NEEDS PPL*)
Midnight Hour
Super Heros In Training V2 ( 1 on 1- vacant )
Elf- Witch High
Trip to death (NEW :D join please >.< need more guys )
Rosario+vampire:a new vampire.......
Sex Life
Mixed Rp- no planning. Just live a made up life in this RP :D (NEW)
A Summer Romance (OneXOne Need Girl )
A Love - Hate Romance (For Hailey! xD)
A tough life
Accused ... *PLEASE JOIN!*
Dreamer Gardens (Need more peeps^^)
As I Fall (open; guy on guy; REAL PICS!)
XOne on OneX
Sadistic Love.
a vampires battle.....
High School Drama
I don't want to die <1 on 1>
The Weight of the World
Invisible Trust
horrid party 1x1 full

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