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LEts try this again
so thats ware babys come from
Final Fantasy Roleplay 9 based.
half and half ((1x1)) (( GUY NEEDED BADLY!!))
What love to hold?
knights of japan
ture master oneXone female
Sumerton High School
Darker Inhabitants ((anyone can join NEED RPERS))
wanted oneXone need girl
blood oneXone
Suburban Lifestyle
Vampires.....? (need rpers)
Soul hidden in shadows (full)
hunt oneXone need girl
Drugs,sex,fun lifestyle
princess oneXone need girl
Welcome to Highschool Hell
Systematic - SasuNaru (Yaoi, AU, Needs Rpers)
And the World Went On... ((Please Join))
Books of War (Chapter 1) Universe Echoes War
just my day
Twin Love
days go by
days go by
The Beasts Underneath
A Love Triangle?
Seth's imprint. [One on One]
Twilight: Off the screens
1x1 for me and sam
How did that end up happening?
Nekos on the run
Total Annihilation (Need People)
Living dead girl
Miharu high
Sitting all alone... like always...
Reign of Revenge [NEEDS PEOPLE!]
Your In Love With Who ? (Roleplay ?) (parts taken)
-Freak Show- [[yay for new-ness]]
The Survival Of The Finals
Negative time
Slave RP 1x1 (Needs Master
The city of Avius: Darkness Returns
Anyone On [OOC !]
Another High School Rp
1X1 ((open))
closet case
Vampire Horror Town, ( Join )
miss or match
lord of the rings the new age
hmm okay...bordom
Dance of the Year
.: Chaos in Paradise :. (Vampire RP)
Around The World
4 Seas Restaurant JOIN
the safe haven
Neko and Master 1x1
Vampire Princess.
Sleepover on Sunnydale Terrace (need RPers!!)
Land of Pardise!
She loves me,she loves me not,,SHE LOVES ME!! 1X1
Fun in the Sun Chat!
Summer can be a bummer.But not here!
Tokyo High JOIN!
Start From Scratch!!! (Read Synopsis!!!!!!)
Private School. [New]
Razor Blade Scar...
The lord of demons [need all positions]
Moonlight Fields (anime)
How'd it Get this Far? (Need RPers, JOIN!!!)
Devilish Acts .: Yaoi:. Please join!!!! (Need Rpers)
Love at First Sight!!!!
game over((needs good rpers ^^))
evil vampire onXone need girl
Okay Help please
life oneXone need girl
vampire kisses oneXone need girl
girl&boy huh? 1x1 ((guy needed))

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