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Roleplay Listing Page 141

Forbidden highschool love. ((1-on-1))((Need girl))((PLZ JOIN!))
Hybrids [[1x1]]
Sweet, Sweet Sushi ((OnexOne))((NeeD GuY))
Unbroken love 1X1 *guy needed*
Family matters
Angel of the lost.((1x1))((need girl))
Death by Love-Bomb. ((1-on-1)) ((need girl))((Literate))
Miscellaneous child (1X1)
1x1(Need Guy ^^)
what are you ( school rp)
No one wants me to stay....
Tower (Please Join !! anyone..?)
High School Drama(OPEN)
the garden of souls 1x1
Shallow University {need people... PLEASE JOIN?????}
Lawe Boarding School ~Please Join~
Incest 1 on 1 open
Absolute Boyfriend
Love.Must I say more? onexone <OPEN NEEDS Forest Preston>
midnight moon 1x1
The Demon Within! Join
*NEW*a diffrent twilight*Really Need Rpers*
Gekkeju Senpi
flower who speaks 1x1
SpringBreak! Open!
Never Normal. --NeedManyPeople--
Leader of the Death Angels [[Needs people...]]
Tales of the Magical Hobo ((full))
Summer Heights High
Dragon Riders - Medivial Times(New)
Like Bewitched
The Haunting...
.: Demonoid Phenomenon I - Ghost of Slaughter :. ~ [Open, Roles Free]
Hunters (End Game)
Clan Of Cousins [Redon, looking for members]
To Be Chosen... (join it, plzzz???)
Broken Finger (NEW) (Assassin Role Play)
Dollhouse*OPENED 2 ALL*
Teen Lovers Yaoi 1-1 Open
Fullmetal Alcemist 2009
child born to kill (naruto)(1x1)
At War(FULL)
Sunset -A Twilight RP-Open
Fallen Earth((please join dont ask))
Middle Earth-the between world((please join dont ask))
Before The Cullens
The teenager and the mansion OOC
believe me please 1x1 ((guy needed
Errors in imprinting.
android 1x1 need girl
[OPEN]Street Rats - The Adventures of Adele and Aidan
knights angel need girl 1x1
X-files RP
Turn of the moon
Only The Girl Next Door Nothing More*OPEN*
vocaloid:the new girl
The Dark Side Of Life
medievil medow.. (anyone can join)
Battle of the Bands!
Summers High (OPEN!) NEED PEOPLE!
Curzon! This is YukinoDarkness, I need to talk to you
Suicide Club
hunters house ~goes with the hunters vs vampires series~
What We Fight For...(Killzone2)(Need People!)
hunters vs vampires (the forsaken forest)
asylum occ
vampire venue (goes with hunters vs vampires)
1x1 /yaoi/
The Vampire kids. << Vampire RP ( NEED PEOPLE BADLY)>>
Best of Both Worlds
One weird Family!
I saw you and fell for you in the course of ten minutes.
WV BAR OOC. (Go to the Fangs and Claws Club for rping.)
Stoned to Death (1X1)
Copy....(( please join))
What you are, I was. What I am, you will be.
my family (family rp) (need ppl)
I Know Your Secret -New please join-
OOC For Secret Vampire Life
knights of cursed blood
highschool?? for vampires?? (need teachers and students both girls and guys)
holding on (1x1) guy needed

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