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Roleplay Listing Page 144

In My Memories 1x1 [[need guy!!]]
Under the light of the red moon (yaoi and bi)
School,school,school(no. not school, need more people)
ooc Advice Column.
One x One
What Would You Do?(OPENED Need ppl)
The Worst Family Ever (Full! Sorry!)
Sonic chaos:time and space
death before breaking up (one on one)
Post at random
Nephlim and the Damned (( NEW! Need people! ))
Fantasy for all [just join]
Into the night 1x1 {Open}
knights quest -need fighter-
Destination Of The Tears Exodus
Dantes dark clone (Need rpers)
Demon Lord Marrys Kinami Daughter Of Satin(Still Needs Demon Lord)
TraPpEd *New* (Rpers Needed)*Guys especially*
_Seeing Double_{1x1} Guy Needed!
Fukuyama Music HighSchool
Wings of Heart -NEW Please Join
legend of zelda: the dark hyrule
Los feeds de Sangre Roja Domingo a la noche(The Red Sun Feeds Blood To The Night
I have a secret I wish to tell you...
Stonewood Military School
Shonen-Ai High School (Literate)(we need people!)
Shonen-Ai High OCC
An all human school with one vampire boy
Advertise here
Vampire Requiem
Musical Soulmates.onexone
The Dark Vampire Closed
Pop Star! 1x1 ((guy needed))
Moon light (1x1) (needs guy)
lovers quest 1x1
Wich side are you on?
house of the dead:the door of fate
The Rival Wolf Packs. (( Need pack members.))
succubus taget
Burning Winds
life is boring.....so no one cares anymore
Demon Slayer (NEEDS MAIN GUY!)
Hell Vision
She Loves Me Not (One on One)
Never touched. (Guy?)
Escape. oneXone
Slave for life or not?
One Night Only (Needs People)
new skill 1x1
Romance and Demons.
Keshiki Bachelorette
Romance high. (Boy needed, 1-1)
Romance in the Forest. (Man Needed ,1-1)
Bound by Obligation
im bored(1x1)
Kingdom hearts: A nobody tale * please join*
The one thing she cannot have. 1x1
.: Scream ~ Your Worst Nightmare :. - [Closed - Zombie RP]
{1x1}{needs guy!}{OPEN}
Nekko's Strive ((Need Guy 1x1))
Let me be your light
Spring Break [Check details, something special is waiting! xD]
Elementary ((Fed to the Dogs of OOC!!Come join in on the fun))
Is this worth it?
Cyborgs facility (VERY OPEN)
Park at Night (1x1)
World History chat :p private
The stone(Needs people!!!)
1 on 1 (Anything is possible)
World History.. this is private too,..
Demon's lives..Or loves? 1x1 (Guy needed)
Underground Angels ((Closed)) 1x1
I dont bite....much ( thief of my hearth)
Shadows of Light
OOC For Summers High RP
Hiding - A Magical war starts. (Needs people!!!)
blue blood
house of the dead :the forgotten
Clone Gone Wrong[needs RPers]
Junior Year - Sequal to Elementary School
Nightlife Club[Full]
Yaoi Fun 1-1 open
^_^highschool^_^*NEEDZ PPLZ!!! BADLY!!!!!!!*
Being Vamps with a couple of friends.
Eastwood High open
*Sigh*...Highschool...(1x1, Guy needed, please?)

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